Saturday, July 20, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 20, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- Chance of showers anil thunderstorms to- night. a i r and hut Sunday. Ian tonight in 70s. High Sunday 9.1- 100. t'.IMH UAl'IDS, iuWA. SAltillAV. W. CITY FINAL 15 CENTS AbbOCIA'lr.U 1'Khbb, I HI, .NtW YOHK 'HMKS Transcript Judiciary Unit Studies Articles Under Fire defense of President Nixon claiming a "complete absence of any conclusive evidence WASHINGTON lAP) An I demonstrating presidential apparent discrepancy in dates! wrongdoing" or justifying the in a White House transcript, "grave action of impeach- brought renewed complaints1 meiit." from house judiciary committee1 members Saturday" that Ihev; WASHINGTON (API Artic- CI.K.MENTK, Calif, press secretary, Ronald Xiegler. lUl'I) The Western White said Doar was "out of House Saturday made public- j order in the extreme" in mar- have not been given the whok Watergate story in their im- peachment inquiry. les of impeachment holding President Nixon personally and directly responsible for the Wa- The partial transcript, scandal are under con- ihalling facts on the .side of im- peachment. However. Vice-president Ford said. ''I think they (the commit- tee i have worked very hard to do a responsible job. He said he i would not engage in an "arm- twisting, lobbying" effort for Nixon in the House. Jenner Joins In The committee minority coun-j sel, Albert Jenner, joined in I sented by White House lawyer Isideration by the house judici- James St. Clair as part of alary committee. March 22, 1973, conversation be-; The articles are part of a j thought Doar had done a good j tween President Nixon and H. I package presented by Special job in pulling together a casej Dear's conclusions and several! Republican members said they! R. Haldeman, appears to refer to an event March 23. that took place j Counsel John Doar, who says from the mass of material, the evidence in support of them "I think it was a fair time for St. Clair offered it Thursday! [warrants impeachment. Doar's analysis of that evi- as a last-minute piece of evi- dence intended to show Nixon did not know or approve of hush money payments to Watergate burglar Howard Hunt. government agencies, tax fraud "Gave Him 35 Years" I and contempt of Congress. In the excerpt provided by St. More discussions and a pre- dence continued Saturday in an- other closed-door session deal- ing with charges of illegal in- telligence gathering, misuse of Clair. Nixon, commenting about either Hunt or G. Gordon Liddy in connection with the Water- gate breakin, said "the judge gave him 35 years." But neither Hunt, nor Liddy sentation of arguments against impeachment by the minority staff are scheduled for early next week and Wednesday the committee will begin its fateful deliberations, with the possibili- was sentenced by U. S. District of a vote on whether to rec- Judge John J. Sirica until the following day. Sirica sentenced Liddy to a prison term of from six years eight months to 20 years, and a fine. Hunt drew a provisional 35- year term, later reduced when he cooperated with Watergate ommend impeachment by Sat- urday. The committee sesssions are expected to be televised. Drops Role Any recommendation by the investigators. "That figures." said Rep. Dsnielson (D-Calif.) of the dis- crepancy. "That is just part of the pattern that has been going has not committee to the full house, which would decide whether to impeach Nixon. If the majority votes impeach- ment, the charges will go to trial in the senate, with a two- thirds vote needed for convic- tion and removal from office. In his opening presentation on. The cover-up ended." "Serious Matter" i L. r> s -j to bihzation oi its armed forces cscalation of warfal.c. and moved troops toward the, An cmcrgcnCy NATO meeting border. jin Brusscls on Grcccc Turkish land, sea and airiand Turkey to begin the talks forces struck at dawn in a Britain, winch ruled t'y- prongcd attack, storming ashore ;prus until I960, in the island republic in the! Greece and Turkey are allies north near the port of Kyrenia in NATO and the conflict thrcat- and in the south atLimassol. ened to 'Undermine the eastern Waves of Turkish planes wing of the alliance, struck targets near Nicosia. j The U.N. security council A little more than seven hours an emergency meeting after the invasion began, the at the reclucst of Grcccc and Turkish government in Ankara announced that Nicosia had fall- en to the invading army. There was no immediate confirmation from correspondents in Nicosia. Conflicting Reports Neither side released casualty figures and there were conflict- ing reports of surrender on each side. Turks in Ankara Hail News of Cyprus Invasion Tele-photo (A So in Curious Situation over Cyprus, Keeps Eye on Russians U P I Correspondent Wilborn Hampton reported from Nicosia that bitter fighting erupted on the Nicosia-Kyrenia road, a twisted highway that runs about Blast Cause; By William L. Ryan AP Special correspnndenl American policymakers are playing their cards in the tan- gled Cyprus situation with an j should have more to fear in terms of a need for such mili- tary conveniences as Greece and Cyprus could provide. But, while the West European minced apprehensively into the situation, finding it painfully awkward. There can be little quarrel with the American effort, after ,1, c allies were about unanimous in the coup was an accomplished eye to the Soviet Union as well, fi ft t ,ed f military clash as to the fa Greeks, Turks andjpresident Makarios, the U. S. Cypriots themselves. All through the last week, before Saturday's invasion and between Greece and Turkey. 18 miles from the sea to the capital. Turkish paratroops landed 1C miles inland near Nicosia and fanned out over the moun- tainous countryside between the capital and the northern coast. The Greek Cypriots sent tanks and armored cars streaming north to fight the invaders. The Greek Cypriot radio said four Western diplomats. Sisco Talks The invasion came less than an hour after U.S. Undersecre- tary of State Joseph Sisco con- cluded two hours of talks in An- gara with Eccvit, Defense Min- ister Hasan Esat Isik, and For- :ign Minister Turan Gunes. After the talks Ecevit liad a mef meeting with his cabinet and then a further 10-minute talk with Sisco. Witnesses said Sisco left the second meeting looking angry. He then flew to Athens. Sisco had arrived in Ankara Friday night after previous talks in Athens with Greek gov- ernment leaders. He alsa Jiad met British leaders earlier in the week in an urgent attempt to head off invasion. Greece agreed earlier in the week to replace the 650 Greek officers on the island after pres- Suing Church reports the Russians havej For Refum of Donations sure mounted within NATO. Turkish planes had been shot Turkey later dismissed the of- down Ifer as "a maneuver." Greek Contingent placed seven divisions of troops on alert, the U. S., plagued by a quarter-century of cold war pho- MIAMI (AP) A Miami man Such a clash could tear asunder the eastern anchor of NATO. Highly Diffident.. Still, Washington was men in Cyprus had joincd singularly diffident about how A pall of smoke hung over the tne There was no outright condem-' Under a preamble had begun to appear in j so-called "green line" in central' who says he didn't get the bless-nation of the Cyprus coup dividjng be. 9 j Nixon with violating "the obn'gation of nis constitu- tional oath faithfully to execute DECATUR. 111. (AP) Office of President of the fieials are trying to learn thejUnited States, and to the best of his ability preserve, protect and defend the the .draft lists four subject areas: I A ;aged buildings for blocks! Watergate, i n c 1 u d i n g the 14 OTUOeniS iaroumj breakin, the cover-up, the pay- On CvprUS Trip, A car loaded with pro-jment of hushmoney, the de- ;pane gas exploded early FridavJstruction of evidence, the inter- KENT, Ohio (AP) with attempts to inves- (Photo'i on Picture Page) jtjgate jt. "For all this Richard "The transcript speaks for of a railroad yard explo- self." !sion that killed two men, injured more than 130 persons and dam- Kent State university students are on an archeological expedi- tion to invaded Cyprus, school but railroad and fire officials officials said Saturday. arc unable to agree on what set Nixon is personally and di- rectly the draft article states. Abuse of power, a catch-all most curious situation. In the wonderland of diplo- macy, things as Alice would have put it got "curiouser, and curiouser." The Cyprus takeover by Greek-officered in- surgents produced a ings, benefits and rewards he was promised has sued his others protested, Washington pictured itself as "trying to! the Greek and former church for return of the situation." in donations. In a handwritten suit So once again, as it had times before, the U. S. as! communities. Explosions [gunfire boomed through Hoffa Can1! Seek Office DETROIT (AP) James R. Hoffa says a federal judge's dc- Ihe Friday. Hugh McNatt, 42, said: jthe leading democracy in the1 situation: "On SeP'- 7< 1971- T delivered! world found itself stepping out N. spokesman in Nicosia said the U. N. peace-keeping force on the island had made Of character solicitous of the V wherein the Americans seemed to the Alia- h two proposals for r c h in re- a. !.CL but the Greek o caught in a sticky web of con tradietory aims. Officially and commcr- ipaltah Baptist c h u r i to the that blessings, benefits and rc- _ HIP II wards would come to a person I S is patrol- for wards wouiu come 10 a puisoii; r relation! 10 percent of their l Igime, in glaring contrast with the attitudes of the Western allies. for a cease-fire commander of the turned them down. cision is just a temporary set- back in his fight to regain power in the Teamsters union. U. S. District Judge John H. Pratt refused Friday to over- turn a presidential clemency restriction barring the former Teamsters president from re- to union office before :1980. could provide a quttU? Hoffa planned to run for the wealth. I did not and have of how the government _ received these benefits. jean be the detente the Russians] Archbishop Makarios. The is-. They are believed digging at off the blast. a copper mine site 50 miles: The explosion sent glass covering wiretapping, northwest of Nicosia, the into nearby homes and Ellsberg breakin and the use tal. Hied houses as far as 10 tnc internal Revenue Service "We have no information that from the Norfolk 100 McNatt. an electrical to call irreversible at mo- land republic has a population challenge President Frank Fitz- simmons for leadership of the described as "part of a pattern they've had any problem." yard. More than school official said. freight cars were destroyed. Of massive and persistent abuse of the injured were power for political purposes. J, ConareSSman den'S lhc Hospitals "The pattern of conduct has! steadily better relations with the Soviet Union. Quite Another Yet in the Cyprus blowup theldeclined to say what blessings I menls when the chips are down, of 80 percent ethnic Greeks and Tn'i o n in American stance was obviously.1 he expected. The Soviet Union never hesi-20 percent'I urkish Cypriots. im dictated by fear of that same1 "That's between me and to act in the context of na- ..To Uoffa hc Soviet Union. Detente is one'church." he (old a newsman. ;tional interest. appeal" of the decision, thing, but any threat to H'sic Fragility di failcd: attorney argued last This week the arms solve a crisis touched off that the restriction or- the USSR or to the to give the money after. We areidercd by President in ported treating 133 persons at the direction of Richard only 17 were Two railroad employes who Is Convicted NEW YORK I API After two trials. Rep. Frank Brasco hours thc Slx .YY.) was convicted Friday mpn wm, m conspiring to peddle his wilh burlls. once over post office mail- hauling contracts to an under- M. Nixon and on his behalf, act- (Continued: Page 2. Col. 7.) North Atlantic Treatv Or- ganization allies in Europe talks recessed; Greek-led coup. M-inn-l toll unproductive to Cyprus not to makeicommuting Hoffa's prison scn- vn, innnr conference was in ad- war but to restore Pre- tencc was illegal and without Bulcn, Eccvit ncws. precedent. v His. then He will bless' much closer geographically to have been a hot-weather break'men in Ankara. However, Pratt said McXatl -aid he has dronued for hi8n-powered diplomats had1 In Athens, the Greek cabinet1 acted within his powers. 1 'nnt thn miHcmnmnr tin I'm til of in niTHTJfpnrV SOSSlOn tO world trucker. Nine trainmen were asleep in a bunk house near the propane car. The cook in an adjacent Brasco, elected to congress a IMG faces up to five years in, prison and a fine. Union as cf 252 million. Tass (crated by nuclear arsenals. lat a naval led by thc carrier Forres- }marking .................._ I was steaming toward Cyprus in i aid in possible evacuation of: m spokesman put damage million. I A spokesman for the cily, which has already been de- clared a disaster area twice this year because of floods and tor- nadoes, said the federal govern- for manslaughter is 15 years incut again would be disaster relief. asked for manslaughter in the death of Wesley Parker, 11. A jury of 10 women and two men which had deliberated j Parker, an aerospace worker, since July II relurncd the ver-, and his wife are members of I lie! First Assembly of Clod church, Prosecutors charged the liar- a Pentecostal sect which be- stow, Calif., couple threw away licves in divine, healing. They) Wesley's insulin because Ihcy have three- oilier children. Today's Index Comics .........5 Church Crossword ............5 Daily Record Deaths ................2 Kditorial Features ..........I Financial .............II Marion..............II Movies...............Ii Sports........9, II) Television .................8 Want Ads .12-15