Wednesday, July 17, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Page: 78

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Text Content of Page 78 of Cedar Rapids Gazette on Wednesday, July 17, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 17, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Wed., Jaly 17, 1174    9£ Fresh Fryer Parts Breasts or Drumsticks lh. Fresh Thighs 49 lh. --* ■ Nyy-* - - Fresh Fryer Necks lh. Fresh Cut Up Fryers * tv* yr <A Fresh Whole Fryers A I A BLADE CUT 'Ii 13 t V. BmuCcm RumpRmut OR BOTTOM ROUND ROAST LB ■ I . . y((* ! f ■* iY ' i Vu ■ . iWMiiiMP KiMi MHH UHM! HHH < ^ ■Mi HH ■HHMHI ii'.: FRESH . 4    *    r* Pork Roost PICNIC STYLE LB. ryerLeg QUARTERED^ oo*«* LB. Ham FULL SHANK HALF LB. SI B Wilson Bacon Tic! Bits 170 Collins Rd. NC 2727 16th Avo. SW WHIR! ECONOMY ORIGINATES Opes Sunday IO tai ML Me.. Tm. & Id IO a*.-IO p m Diary, fri. I Sat. 0 aa ta IO po. Freak Around Quick 3-LB. PKG. OR MORE LB. Ovuifttdij ,V- U.S.D.A. GRADE“A 5 TO 9-LB. SIZE »» LB A&P-7 VARIETIES Chipped Meats AAP SLICED-5 VARIETIES Luncheon Meats EACH 1-LB. PKG. AAP SMOKED Liver Sausage IN OUR DELI DEPT. Bucket of Chicken LB. THnSTJTTJT Only 3 Legs 3 Thighs ^2 3 Breasts F cs * 3 Wings eaeh Whole Bar-B-Que Each HENRI S    3 DIAMONDS TAS-TEE;    . SOUO V 4 SALAD V    WHITE TUNA SALAD DRESSING Ii CREAMETTE ELBOW MACARONI SARGENTO SHREDDED CHEDDAR SS* CHEESE 16-OZ. BTL. 55* “ 75* 24* ~ ‘I®* VALU ABL C COUPON IS WORTH 50c PURCHASE OF LIMIT ONt COUPON PER FAMILY.    ... REDL EM,ABLE THRU JULY 20, ISM.    ^ ^ AJP^ || | gJJQQ U UNTO V A LUA BL I COUPON IS WORTH 50c \\ M VALU A BLL COUPON PURCHASE OF INSTANT SANKA COFFEE ■    •    or    ...... BUSED jam •’I ■ IS WORTH 10c VALUABLl COUPON PURCHASE OF JONES PORK LINKS OR " ? JONES ROLL SAUSAGE ^ ■> ' 1*LB.', «.    ,    **.•    V- PKO. LIMIT ONE COUPON PER FAMILY. REDEEMABLE THRU JULY 20. 1074.    Mf R J COUPONJ l! I I A IS WORTH 10c ll M PURCHASE OF , . WILSON CORN KING FRANKS LIMIT ONE COUPON PER FAMILY    •    • REDEEMABLE THRU JULY 20, 1074 AAP |> COUPON wm WILSON SLICED BACON I i ii. pkg. kl?*. Kl VALUABLE COUPON This COUPON IS WORTH 10c TOWARD THE PORCHA,! OF I ■ V    \ri t '"rn ALLGOOD -'    SLICED BACON ■ ... SUUCUOAWWn .. VKG LIMIT ONE COUPON PER FAMILY    >i    I    I    lwi vwwyyrv" r."'- , ...' i REDEEMABLE THRU JULY 20, 1074     A4( ,    |>    UJQO    REDEEMABLE THRU JULY 20, 10T4.    | lr© COUPON LIMIT ONE COUPON PER FAMILY COUPON