Saturday, July 6, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Page: 9

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Text Content of Page 9 of Cedar Rapids Gazette on Saturday, July 6, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 6, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa lie had maid: At his b Maxarios, WHO is ukn ar of Cyprus, accused th Bua W in tun- tin- lu.uuu-.strong (ircekiconttolk-d by (.iritis ollittrs. C'Miriot army or national has 'become the mainstay and icling as the body is officially called. the .supplier of the criminal Makarios.' v.ith the H Ma- jjoveniinent .stems from karius said Saturdoy Night taiy junta ruling Greece of aim- the activities of these officers a move to curb the aclivi- ing at the "undesirable in-a g a i n s t the democratically-lies !llt' officers, he sent a Irociuction of (iiilcitiirship into elected Cjpriol t'livcrnintnt. Jeagtb.v letter to Creek Prcs- I'yprus." ident H'hacdon demand- He admitted "it is tine t Ho adij'n! -lh. recall of but "id of them. tried to turn tiie conscript Greek 'tween tin- Creek and Cyprus' -Makarios charged that; Cypriol national guard have nut been tar- "Alllolls n'sponsi-j an organ of the state into an in- monious what has bcen hwn-j tcrnal occupation army." Makarios' p u b 1 i r ciiari brought into the open a long He added that "a major cause ing in Cyprus. Cadres of the! ,as been the altitude and military regime control 2-Hoily maintain and direct the EOKA lii icfl 'iVorl Dear, irld of Ammi simmering quarivl between Ni-ithe national guard, mdisputab cosia and Athens, which involvement in KOKA rise to persistent reports of an'lneu" supporting it in various! imminent junta-backed coup to'ways and their inciting the or- topple thc archbishop. iganizatioa to resort to terrorist i r- .Makarios dismissed these re- activities aimed at abolition of! JU I'GGr ports. i the Cyprus .state." j 1 boes in 2 Hours PlZZO 9--Jimmy (Jean I'-All In FmnUy 7-Lr.ieroeticv 3-Pofindge Fa orts of million in equip-! commodity donation program ment and services for the been operated, and Beaver struction and industrialization of okla- wllicn has war-ravaged Egypt anv tvPe nf government A third agreement will en-ifamilv food program. saki' 10 YEARS AGO -Lt. Gen.! George Grivas, the old German investments t> i jEgypt by providing mutual pro-iu- UOL" UIUbL ntdy buu" rfgict: tection against nationalization I stamps.______________ Cyproit underground leader, clared that if the great powers L.ICU cu iiictb 11 uic eicaL uuvt cio t LI i_-u denv Cyprus the right of self-de- and measures which pre- viously deterred Foreign mvcst- termination and union with they would fight and iously ment. NOTICE OF HEARING ON PROPOSED bPEClFICATIONS AND FOttrA OF CONTRACT FOR THE CONSTRUC- TION OF REINFORCED CONCRETE BOX CULVERT AND SANITARY SEWER EXTENSION Notice is hereby qiven That ar nine o'ciocK a m on Juiy 24, ar the coun- cil Chambers, Citv Hall, in ihe Citv of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, there will be con- ducted a hearing on lhe orooosed Plans, soeeifications and form of contract which !he Council has heretofore filed with the City Clerk of the City of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and on the cost of and the neces- sity for the construction of box culvert and sanitary sewer extension at the fol- lowing locations: On 66th Avenue SW from Ihs existing pavement to the Cedar Rapids and Iowa Citv railroad tracks, the estimated cost of said improvement being 34J.925.00. At said hearing any interested person may- file written objections to the pro- Dosed olans, specifications or contract form or cost of such imorovement and may be heard orally in opposition thereto. Dated Ihis 3rd day of Jutv, 1974.. John E. Arthurs, Citv Clerk Published in Tho Cedar Rapids Gazette i on July 6th and 13th, 197J. NOTICE OF HEARING ON PROPOSED PLANS, SPECIFICATIONS AND FORM OF CONTRACT FOR THE CONSTRUC- TION OF STORM SEWERS Notice is hereby qiven that at nine o'clock a.m. on Julv 54, 1974 at 1he Coun- cil Chambers, City Hall, in the City ot Cedar Rapids, Iowa, there will be con- ducted a hearinq on the proposed plans, specifications and form of contract which the Council has heretofore filed with the City Clerk of Ihe City of Cedar Rapids'. Iowa, and on the cost of and the neces- sity for the construction of storm sewers at the following locations: U8 Ln. Ft. across Landfill road and Sewaqe Treatment road to Soulh river bank and 200 Ln. Ft. Easterly in existing ditch, the estimated cost of said improve- ment being At said hearinq any interested person may file written objections lo the pro- posed plans, specifications or contract form or cost of such improvement and may be heard orally in om the inquest pointed to suicide, j in the tweed suit he was wear- Burton, coroner for the Westjing when he disappeared, on a London borough of Hammer- smith declared an open verdict in the case oi' Sir Peregrine Circle Quilt bed in a room he had used as a private study. The family said Briton: Strengthen Pact To Stop Nuclear Spread LONDON (AP) British Foreign Minister James Cal- laghan has called for a strength- ening of the world treaty to stop the spread of nuclear weapons. j "There are rumors many On the political side, the com- _________munique said both sides wel- i corned Middle East troop disen- gagement accords as "first pos- itive steps" toward peace. The Bonn government joined Egypt in stating that "thc legitimate rights of the Palestinians" must the room was locked when Hen-jmore counlries are thinking of ORDINANCE NO, 74-20 ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS FOR REINFORCED CONCRETE BOX CUL- VERT AND SANITARY SEWER EX- TENSION IN THE CITY OF CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA. Bv direction ot Ihe Citv Council of the Cilv of Cedar Raoids, Iowa, notice is hereby qiven that sealed bids will be received at thc office of Ihe Cilv Clerk m the Cilv Hall, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, until nine o'clock a.m. on Julv 24, 1974, and at that time oublicly opened and road in me Council Chambers at lhe Citv Hall lor reinforced concrete box culverl and sani- tary sewer extension on Avenue bw from the existina pavement to the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City railroad tracks. Soecifications are on file in the office of the Cilv Clerk and Cilv Engineer, and may be examined at the office of the Citv Fnrjineer, Citv Hall, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Payment for said work will bo bv Citv ALLEY LYING IN BLOCK 53, ORIGI NAL TOWN. NOW CITY OF MARION, LINN COUNTY, IOWA, BE IT OR- DAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF IHE CITY OF MARION, LINN COUNTY, IOWA: Section 1. That a portion ol the North- South alley located in Block 53, Original Town, now City of Marion, Iowa, de- scribed as follows: Beginning at the Northwest corner of Lot 1, Block 53, and proceeding South 120 feet along the boundary line of said alley and said lot hence West 10 feet to the Southeast corner of Lot 3, Block 53; hence North ]2o feet along the boundary line n' said alley in said Lot 3 to the Northeast corner of said Lot 3; hence East ID feet to the point of beginning, be and the same is forever vacated. Section 2. That all Ordinances or parts of Ordinances in conflict with the provi- this Ordinance are tiercbv within thirty davs after comoie- .tion and acceptance by the cilv council. repealed. Each bid must be aernmniinied by Citv of R.ioids, Iowa. The succrssful bidder will Do rcru lo furnish a Surelv Bond s.itisfnclor the Cilv i" a Surelv Company iiuthoi to do business in the Stale of Iowa, c( inn the full nmount of the contract., By virlue of statutory iiuthonlv provisions- <i preference will he oiyc product', nrown and produced within ci.itn o[ lo-.V.l. aticr lir No Dids i The knev, City Clerk STORM SEWERS IN" "THE CITY OF CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA... By direction of the Cilv Council of Ihc Cilv of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, notice is hereby given that sealed bids will to received at the office of the City rierk m the City Hall, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, until no o'clock a.m. on July 2J, 197J lie publicly onened and read in th rd this 3rd day of Jul NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING by Quit Clnlrv lU'tilnnlnn -I the Norlli" (NT I i Council Chambers at the1 Cily Hall l 5iHTev.lul bidder will bo required 11 in dirnish <i Surely Bond snlisf.irtnry tn i niy in a Surely Company M to do" business in Ihc Stnlc ol Iowa, tover- .1 i Inn die full amount of Ihe conlract. virtue o( '.t.ilulorv aulhorlly .mil 'Islons, a nrelnrcnre will he olven to (irmvn and producod vjilhln Ihe niker-Heaton disappeared and j nobody had opened it since. Henniker-Heaton was 68 when he disappeared. His son .testified that he found an empty pill bot- tle next to the skeleton and a note to his mother asking that she did not make a fuss over fu- neral arrangements. The son also testified that his father shot himself in 1967, ap- parently in a fit of depression. The coroner said an autopsy found two bullets from that at- tempt still in the remains. Another witness, Dr. Sydney Abelson, said he treated Hen- niker-Heaton for depression and that he was hospitalized seven times for drug overdoses be- be respected in a peace settle-: ment. ing closely with the Americans in exchanging nuclear secrets. Callaghan said the govern-! ment has abandoned a favored by former by fire Ln a Prime Minister Edward Heath Ohio, mine was abandoned. 30 YEARS desperate Cedar Rapids Emergency Numbers Ambulance.........366-7654 Fire...............398-5343 Highway Patrol 364-5171 After Hours......363-5629 Police.............398-5353 Sheriff.............398-3521 Medical Society ....365-2527 (If you have no physician) Foundation II .......362-2174 (Crisis help, 1 p.m.-midnighl) (Clip and carry in your billfold) for a combined British-French moving into this field." he force to be held He did not list them. In his first interview since the Labor government took office in March, Callaghan said that gov- trust" for Europe. "A joint Ang-j lo-French nuclear force is politi- cally quite he said. Callaghan said the Nixon ad- ernment rules out one-sided ac-jministration has assured Britain tion to remove the U.S. Polaris its offers of peaceful nuclear j tween 1965 and 1971. base from Britain. "It would happen only as part of a multi- lateral disarmament negotia- he said. 1958 Accord He said Britain is consulting with thc Americans to renew the 1958 nuclear cooperation j agreement before one of its sec- tions expires at the end of this year. He said this signals Bri- rcsolvc to remain in thc i nuclear club and to go on work- Believe It or Not t ileurrc1. cm of said Ml o! l for oneiiinu bid1 "or nlMiWs'or1'! vn niter tlic mo rinht In rclrct or iinv intnrmnlltv I In orcrpl .inv i onsldcrctt Ilio Cilv. r.l dnv or Julv. till inlin r Arthurs, fltv Clerk i ltu cents each iialteni for first-class mail ami special handling. Send In Laura Wheeler, The Cnlajr Rapids 4'2 Necdlecnttl llept., Hox 181, Old Chclsej! Staliim, New York, N. Y. 1111111. Print pattern number, name, address, zip. ON THE ISLAND OF TIMOR, INDONESIA: MADE FKOM A SMGif PflLM LEAF fHeCLOCK ON THE CHURCH OP WESTACRE, EMfiLANn INSTEAD OF HAS ON ITS FACE THE' WORDS -WATCH AND PPAY Gbbmitted Jules COSCONAR ON THE ISLAND OF MAJORCA', BUILT INSIDE A MOUNTAIN technology to Egypt and Israel will not speed introduction of nuclear weapons into the Mid- East. "Thc Americans told us they believe (hey have sufficient control over what they're fac- ing." he said. Due for Revision Thc non-proliferation treaty negotiated by the U.S.. Russia and Britain is due for revision next March. Callaghan wasi asked if he thought the signers j should help countries which do not adhere to the pact, known as NPT. "Yes, we have got an obliga- tion to share the benefits of nuclear technology with he replied. "But the new explosions give an added urgency to this problem." He added that, if nuclear na- tions withhold help from non- nuclear countries, "yon might just encourage them to go on" by themselves. 'Callaghan hailed the U.S.- Sovict pact to lower thc thresh- old on underground n u c 1 c a r test shots to 150 kilotons begin- ning in March. 197G. Bui lie added that Britain favors a total ban on all underground testing subject lo safeguards against cheating. "iilif Hupiils tstoblisheri fn VH3 bv The GoIcMe Co and publliritd riallv anrj Sundov (it 500 Third ovc. SU, Cedar Rapids, lowo 51406. Second floss postage paid nt Cerior Rapids, lowo. Subscription rotes bv cariipr 95 cer.ts a week. Bv moil: Night Edition and Sundov 6 Issues S3 75 o month, S39.00 o vcor: M lernoon Editions nnd Sundov Issues 13 85 0 month, 140.00 a veor. Other stoles and U.S. territories 140.00 o vear. 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