Friday, June 21, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Page: 26

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Text Content of Page 26 of Cedar Rapids Gazette on Friday, June 21, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 21, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa >' Mf) INC ucklcberiy A /Musical Adaptation WM**- —EXTRA— BUGS BUNNY Assonate Product* Novice Funnymen Debut on ‘Comedyworld’ Ii* Vernon Scott HOLLY WOOD (DFM) - ll '»n«* comedian is good, would 35 comics Im* better? Producer Greg Garrison will learn the answer by the end of summer Garrison, producer of "The Dean Martin Show" for a decade, is coming on strong tins summer with "Comedyworld", a crowd of funnymen plus film clips of the most revered comics of tin* past Lur III weeks, NHC viewers will see brash new comedians, many of them getting their first breaks, others who are moving up tin* success ladder and a few (Rich Little) who already have followings. I looked at 4(1(1 comics,” said the ruggedly handsome (larrison I traveled to New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston and London I wanted to see the new young talent iii familiar settings where they were doing their numbers for audiences Its inhibiting for a producer to sit down and ex ped a'comedian to be funny without an audience ” Martin Association Garrison is a bright, witty man himself. And after years of close personal association with Martin, he has a pretty fair idea of what is funny and what is riot Curiously, he doesn’t employ his own sense of humor to gauge the laugh-provoking po tential of prospects for his show "I try to determine whai will make an audience laugh,” In* said “The comedian or com edienne doesn’t have to make me laugh I’m unimportant. I listened to some rather wellknown comics and some youngsters who never ap peared before more than 20 people in their lives "None of them have 25 minutes of top material. Even the best pros find it hard to cover that span and be hilarious the whole time. But I taped each of the ones seen on the show for IO or 15 minutes to get from two to four minutes of good stuff. Peripheral Vision "I have great peripheral vision When I audition the kids I watch for the reaction of the people around me to see wha! they’re laughing at ” Weary of hearing viewers, network brass and sponsors complain about (fie dearth of new faces on tin* tube, Garrison is gambling on his finds. No one makes Garrison laugh more easily than Martin. But his taste also runs to Don nickles, the early Jackie Gleason, Dom DoLuiso and Phil Silvers in the old “Sgt Bilko” series "I’ve already completed all 111 shows," Garrison said "Now that we're on the air I have agents calling me wanting to get their clients a few minutes on the series Too late Ifs done. Next case.” Hosting the show are Jackie (looper, Barbara Feldon and Nipsey Bussell Trophy Lounge . presents this W 0 *' Sat. Night V r “PHOENIX” SII H SVM) KW —_____ _______ k Trophy Lounge presents Friday Night “KAYNE” Sat. Night “STEAMBOAT WILLY" 51 9 H Street S. W, The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Frl., June 21. 1971 MARION ROLLER RINK 320 35th St. FRIDAY and SATURDAY 7:30 I I 45 (2 SESSIONS) SATURDAY AFTERNOON I 4 SUNDAY ADULT NIGHT (16 & OVER) 7.30 I O OO Sunday Afternoon 14, 4 6 WEDNESDAY FAMILY BUCK NIGHT (7 9.45) ★ LADIES FREE * MONDAY NIGHTS 6-8 A 8-10 SKATE RENTAL 40 (Bl (.INS MON,, JI NI (rd) PHONE 377-3767 or 36S-407S K-MART WEST NOW! 4^ Where mere you in '62? Ends Soon! PG •ss*- NOW!^> TONIGHT {OPEN 7 P.M. Science-Fiction Spectacular! ad i HAve sees 1 me future AND IT DOESNT WORK SEAN CONNERY ASK YOUR CHILDREN! Why is this the most popular picture in years? THEY WILL BE GLAD TO TAKE YOU TO SEE IT . . . and you ll forever thank them! Blur JACH ,„J0M LAUGHLIN • DELORES TAYLOR TECHNICOLOR*    GP ll A IAI I GREAT FUN miff I FOR EVERYONE! The same prgducer and the same proud, warm feeling that made "Sounder" last year’s best-loved film where the lilies bloom Ak OPEN TODAY of 1:30 PM PLAZA 393-8439 MATINEES DAILY! Continuous Shows from 2:00 P.M. TEAMED WITH TECH HOUR* G LUXURIOUS LIVING ROOM THI ATRI WITH ROCKING-CHAIR SCATS WORLD DOWNTOWN 363-6321 HELD OVER! 2ND DIG WEEK! CHILDREN UNDER 14-SL00 ADULTS *2 00 Sin bad battles the creatures of legend IN THE MIRACLE OF • 4TH BIG WEEK!* EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT LOVE ON A ROLLER COASTER o'; DEAN NANCY HARRY KEENAN JONES • OLSON • MORGAN • WYNN * IN 70 MM SUPER WIDESCREEN PRnDBRiWWStOPE___________ P« MAW) ) I    WWStNM WORLD’S MIGHTIEST ADULT FILM PANORAMA BLUP NOT ANIMATED _ ( not animated COLOR STEVE MCQUEEN ■CL •tied MIM Mi WW NCU am a$*% A am ated Starts TONITE AT 7:00 8:30-10:00 §362-3269( PARAMOUNT Tonight! Open Sot. at 1:45 P.M. DOWNTOWN WITH 6 TRACK STEREO SOUND Younq bodies ^on theprowL^^ rn r#£rpAr\ U BY THE I EJ    MILEI    I BRING A DATE TO SII IT! f "EVERY FANTASY YOU’VE EVER I NAO ABOUT II SEN IS P A PART OE •*THIS COMEOY Summed TIMES 3^4.8613 IN COLOR S ADULTS ONLY! DUSTIN HOFFMAN ALLAN SHACKLETON prtt*»ts a him Ay CHUCK VINCENT rt*rr/aq DARCEY HOLLINGSWORTH with JOANN STERLING MELISSA EVERS *»A CHRIS JORDAN THE WORLDS MIGHTIEST ADULT FILM! Sorry, no patMt accepted for fbi* engager"«n» IOWA PREMIERE SHOWING at 2:00-3:35-8:00-9:35 — X — No One Under I 8 Admitted    _ — NEXT ATTRACTION “PAPILLON” 364-3412 EARLY MORNING SHOWS! Sat. Only — Features at 9:00-11:05-1:15 3:20-5:30-7:40-and 9:45 TODAY! at 1:30-3:35 5:40-7:45-9:50 DOWNTOWN SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICE FOR PLAYGROUND REGISTRATION CARO The Greatest Of All American Adventure Stories MWM An ARTHUR P JACOBS Production ■    /Wark Twains “HARVEY SCALES AND THI I SOUND’’ will be at LAZY LEOPARD LOUNGE THURS., FRI., SAT. 321-9Hi Ave. S.i. PLAZA — "Snowball Express” — 2, 5 JU, H OS; "The World's Greatest Athlete” — 3:50, 7:20. STAGE I — "American Graffiti” - 7 45, 9.50. Saturday matinee — "American Graffiti” — 2:35, 4 40, STAGE 2 — "/ardu/." — 7:30, 9:30. Saturday matinee — "/ardu/” - 2:30, 4 30. STAGE 3 - "Billy Jack” -7 40, 9 50 Saturday matinee — "Billy Jack” - 2:30, 4 40. STAGE 4 — "Where Lilies Bloom” — 7 45, 9 40 Saturday matinee — "Where Lilies Bloom” — 2:45, 4 40 EA STOW N I - "The Exorcist" _ 7:15, 9 30. Saturday matinee — "The Exorcist" — 2:15, 4 30 EASTOWN 2 - "Paul and Michelle" - 7, 8:50 Saturday matinee — "Paul and Michelle" - 1:30, 3:20, 5:10. MARION — Features at ll, I. 3, 5. 7, 9. ll. COLLINS - "Walking Tall” - H 20; "Charly" - 11:45; "Where Does It Hurt?” — 1:30 TWIXT TOWN - "( old Sweat” — 9:10, "The Valachi Papers" — 10:50; "Dead Pigeon on Beethoven Street” — I. TWIN WEST - "Dirty Mary Crazy Larry" — 9 25; "The Culpepper Cattle Co.” — 11:15; "Four Flies on Grey Velvet” — 12:55 TWIN EAST - "The Naughty Stewardesses" — 9 25; "Women for Sale" — ll 25; "Angels, Wild Women - 12:55^_ ON THIS DATE in 1942. in World war II, 30.000 British soldiers were taken prisoner as the stronghold of Tobruk in Libya fell to the Germans 9 First Appsarowsl direct From lo* Angwin REE 5:30 MATINEE Due to A Ate const (he Bill St NI to A, turn rt UNIQUE MOTEL Only 2 Minute* Downtown BS) A Av*. II36S-906 Theater Time For Friday COMMUNITY TH KATCH Hie Effects of Gamma Rays "ti Man in the Moon Man golds” — n PARAMOUNT "Blue Summer” — 7, H 30, IO Saturday matinee — "Bin** Summer” - 2 15, 3 50, 5:25 IOWA — "Huckleberry Finn" - I 30, 3 35, 5 40, 7 43 9 50 Saturday matinee — "Huckleberry Finn" — 9 ll 05, I 15, 3 20, 5 30 WORLD — "The Golden Voyage of Sinbad” — I 30, 3:20, 5 20, 7:25, 9:25; shorts _ 3 Eg 5 Kl, 7 IO, 9:10 TIMES — ‘ Panorama Blue” - 2, 3:25, 8, 9 25