Friday, June 21, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Cedar Rapids Gazette on Friday, June 21, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 21, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- CliaiuT n[ rain to- niRlit u n <l Saturday. Low tonight, Hiuiis N.-iltirday, 80s. IIAI'IDS IOWA. FKIuAY .II.'.NK 21. 1971 CITY FINAL 15 CENTS ASSOCIATKI) PliKSS. t.TI, .NEW YORK TIMES High Court Lacks Tape Jurisdiction: St. Clair u i i j Leased Wires IIP called an "mlrabraiiph dis-. I VIS WASHINGTON President attorneys asked Ihe su- and Jaworski, who Ipchmcally court Friday to turn works lor him Watergate prose-, T h'' ,-uior Leon Jarwoskr.s disclosure of confidcn- Inr CI presidential tapes presidential 'wASHINGTON Is lack jurisdiction Hie special o n s highosI-ranKing atl- Holh James St. (.lair, _SI s.lid visens, was sentenced Friday to Pi'psident's chief lawyer, andjL also one to three years in pris- filed briefs m tonncc- (iourt fnrj0n for obstructing justice. lor additional tapes for use in h K i judiciary committee which isif.esell also imposed a Watergate cover-up trial, scheduled for September. !Sllc.h a move would "represent i Maximum penalty on the The supreme court will heari.m expansion of the court's ju-'charge would have been five, oral arguments July 8 on Ihci ;years in prison and'a fine, question of whether Nixon can I (Continued; Page ,i. Col. lij f ..As t0 the spcci- withhold the information. St. Clair's brief argued the! I court does "not have the power to ern section of the stale causingixopthe. 33, was treated at Sl.ifirp department pulled back the was out of mci buy'the same goods and scr- extensive, properly damage. Cuke's hospital and released from dmvnpd building bdwcpn Cedar Rapids hccinip spparal- "l" vires that could he obtainpd fnr one man died in a storm- injuries suffered when she (.ou.s> Woyming Inrause fivp sup- survival about seven years ago. related incident in Clinton. hit on the head by flying debris, snws M-apppd inside. porting structures were blown ,jis p r P x i p r said. "Thai are; rommndities other 25, Clinlon. What could havp been a series Thursdav'hv a nvin to have been senrehe, incrpascd LC, percenl injuries of twisters ripped through lui- winds werp ap- .js n ivpcalcdK." I I" 1 night when a cnunly Thursday mghl. first husband had just put HIP nn! lornadip. but a fun-.....nm. j Volunteer Death thpir stanchinns and in May compar cent i in April. a spat was blown touching down al Andovpr. then ,.mvs stanchinns and was rppnrlptl near the Thl, prrcpiit im-reasp in procppding soiilhpaslprly jn HH> house three llf hiKhways 13 and in M.-'V was alni'isl dou- Mhrniigh Kiillon, 111., jnsl across slnrm hit." Marion al about in; prr-nl ,n April. ,v- IMssinR Ballpark border from Clinton. CasP.v said. p.m. Thursday. luriinm I" HIP ll'Vt'l nt rise lhal was driving past a base- Towns Spalpd Off "We didn't see any twislpr. was rcpnrtpd at Ihe Iwn previnus park llO-milp-por-hour Andovpr and Fullnn but il looked awfully black. WP Municipal airpnrl cr at the arion or McBride field air- iinths I.I pen-put in March winds smashed the snaletl oil' by aulhoriliesjhoaded for the basement and I 3 in Feliruary .sending Hie board carppning Friday bpcausp of s.iw il ilhp ..piulablp nf the area. power lines and trees. i The shirm did iml dainauc A vnliintppr sean'her died oi The leaning againsl sunslrnkp last week as HIP IPIII l.iva rock 2511 (pet from a peraturp snared above Illil nts antl horse drop- -Mi pinqs indic-alptl many searchers bpcami had passetl thai way. Time (iupstion l.son'x 12-minulp state- HIP judge, his lawyer spent a full half-hour asking lhal Cnison IIP plaeptl nn proba- tion rather than senl tu prison. Alloriicy David Shapiro told thai 1'iilson should nol lie I'agc 3. 8 i Nii'lson. in Irnm the sur vival group Jetf wanted In stay Coinics where IIP was bill Korky ihrid- Cmsswi'nl I'd to hike out of Hie area ;m r tConlinui'd: Pagp 2. Col n, Hlackfool. said HP was been In help searen. i; Hi li 'I IX