Wednesday, June 12, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Page: 9

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Text Content of Page 9 of Cedar Rapids Gazette on Wednesday, June 12, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 12, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa By All-in I! Wrbb Detente Panmunjom's Sole Function The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Wed., Jme 1Z, 5A I tunic means bul Hit- v ilium- "..n! !lu-> imut Mill I- Villllilli'll I'aimmnjniii loilay i-, largely ;i "I'-miirv. kept aliu- m a Miiall i-'illccliuii cjf buildings anil spired iicriddic I'xcrvixrs in Wiii-niiK Mdrs i Kin-fan i-millirt HiniaN. II diifs tin- inli liy IUIIK piTltnK ill" Klli-lifss lilliirllliitnl a MIII nl nnxi'd M.s. MIIII anil sin-Jill uiiimy. I'UiirliKiumi Illc L'l years xlMCf lilt- siLjiiHi" nf annis- lirr. llif <-ax! nf lias rliaiiL'fil Tin- arc miu hy L'. S. Army Maj. I'fH. Uilllam ihi' I'liilcd N'aiiiius (I'NCi ami Kin-fan Maj Con. Kim snp. Sessions Alike Kxci'iit for individual i-liarai-icristifs Kim's ten- ilfiicy In speak ul about 1211 ilcvilirls. Mil. foil's Inyini; with his pipi.' _ Hifji- sessions have liffll likfiimsl nf the inecliiiKs held al this imt-iif-llu'-wav post straddling the A recitation of statements in English. Chinese anil Korean, then lionie. The Slllh session was calif d by the North Koreans to complain that American helicopters hau intruded into their air space. The talks or recitations inside the one-story bine conference buildim; (the table separating McLeod and Kim sits exactly astride the DM7 boundary) are form things. Outside it more of a social scene. South Korean newsmen were more interested in the.k'oose- stepping of the green-clad Xortl- Koreans as they changed tenant every hour. North Korean cameramen seemed more fascinated by the lone American newsman. No Secrets The journalists mingle freely and spend time pumping each other for information as to what's going on on the other side. Occasionally, they lean through the windows of the conference room a fishbowl happening, where secrets are impossible and resultingly are- never tried. I'anmuiijom has Us lighter UimiU-lHs of The Ninth Koreans once showed up with a slightly taller tin1 I'. N. stalf was a little taller Kinally they settled on a standard height except the North Korean stand now has three tiers to only two for the f <iiif I'. S military policeman said ;i lavorile pastime is lor t arh side to one more I epreseiilalue in than is allowed lint few seem to Radio Station Once on Air In Sigourney By Kathy Grant SIGOURNEY How many people remember Sigouniey's radio station? Or, how many people even know that many years ago Sigourney had a radio station that broadcasted music and events for several hours a day? W9DAT were the call letters for the little five-watt station that broadcast from the. Friday building, now known as the White building in Sigourney. The late Harley Stroud was owner, builder, operator and announcer of the station, lie built the radio station on his mechanic's work bench iu the building where he worked repairing radios and other items. The antenna was four wires attached on top of the Friday building and the old water tower nearby. Slrond's radio station was buill around HI22 and was one of the first stations in the state of Iinva, After he built his radio, he tuned in on the frequencies of other stations until he found a frequency that was open in this area, anil that was llif one lie would broadcast on. Slroud played records, presented news, had live per- formers and the Sigoiirney Sympliony Orchestra played live during the hours the sla- lion was on Illf air. The station operated fill- several years, until the Federal Comninnications Commission was formed and required all stations and station operators in be licensed. Slrond did not wish to obtain a license, so lie disrouliniied his station. Slroud started in the elec- trical repair business around IMHi. In addilioii to repairing radios, he repaired airplanes and then flew in them to make sun- Ins repairs were correct. In Ifl'lil, hi1 began carrying iiinil on Sigoiirney rmilc two. mid carried nniil inilil Ins death in KIM. ON THIS in Italy's Premier Cilulln Andrcolli and his cabinet resigned dim MI: a political crisis. And after the I' N had put its building, tin- Ninth Koreans erected theirs a larger one. of course, on the mil. Again on oof sei-med ID rare Confrontation YrsliKts The vestiges of Kast-Wesl confrontation arc still there The signs inside the conference room reading "I1 S lack on t'NC helicopters." Hill al the lablt-s. while Kim was yelling his statement, a Filipino quietly cleaned Ins pipe. A biiiiiiiig Auxli ilium puffed Chinese ii a thin nxar, lelegale propped his sides at I lis hand and neu-r and relax moved fi Still, they do go on meeting, and that in itM'll -.p'-IK of a soi I for Panmuniom's task ol dfteiitf Am! the little force that mans both d three hours under garden an skies. Kveryune had Hie day Ih lin nil the lltllf Ui- fully I 1( imperialistic agg systematic wre violators of the Ki lice agreemrIII other side. cssors are kfis anil rean arnils- room and all went a walling lor the next bo ovokeil at- iifrican general nil Koreans nil'i outljnrst one ol the rare bri-aks of llfl'Ol'lllll. The tables are the ones uilh tin- -Tcpxi-Cola" umbrellas illian oonus DON'T FORGET DAD'S DAY SUNDAY, JUNE 16 -N what is a BONUS? A WEEKLY SERIES OF SENSA. TIONAL VALUES PLANNED Hi COOPERATION WITH ONLY THl lust or- MANUFACTURERS. EACH 10NUS ITEM MEETS OUR RIGID SlANDAROS OF OUALItY AND WILL BE SOLD Al LOW IONUS PRIC.ES ONLY WHILE SPECIAL QUANTITIES LASI. 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