Cedar Rapids Gazette, June 12, 1974, Page 8

Publication: Cedar Rapids Gazette June 12, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 12, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 4A Tfcf Cedar Rapids Gazette: Wed., Jane 12, 1974 WIN AT BRIDGE By Oswald k James Jaceby Some hands are fun for rubber bridge players, but a real headache at match points. South wins the first heart trick with his queen. A rubber bridge player counts nine certain tricks and leads either a club or a diamond. If he goes after the clubs he will wind up with ll tricks since West, who holds the club ace, won’t be able to clear his hearts and EAST ♦ 9874 f J8 ♦ A 7 6 2 ♦ 753 NORTH    12 ♦ KQ3 f A63 ♦ J4 ♦ K J962 WEST ♦ J 6 5 2 f K9742 ♦ 53 ♦ A8 SOUTH (D) ♦ A IO V Q10 5 ♦ KQ1098 ♦ Q IO 4 North-South vulnerable West    North    East    South 14 Pass    2*    Pass    2 N T. Pass    3 N T.    Pass    Pass Opening lead-* 4 there will be time for South to set up diamonds also. If he attacks diamonds East will win the trick and lead his eight of hearts, whereupon South will have to settle for his contract without any overtricks at all. How would an expert play this hand in match point duplicate? He would attack diamonds first, but he would do so by playing a spade to dummy at trick two and then leading dummy’s jack of diamonds. If East is smart enough to play the ace it is too bad, but the chances are that East will duck quickly. Then expert South will play the king! The reason for this play is to make sure about the location of the diamond ace. If West held the ace he might let the jack hold, but he could never fail to put it on the king. Then, having located the diamond ace, expert South j would go after clubs and wind up with ll tricks and a good duplicate score. WtCDRD Sen** The bidding has been: 12 West    North    East    South 14    Double    Pass    3? 34    Pass    Pass    ? You, South, hold: 4 654 VJ7432 4AQ97+3 What do you do now? A—Pass. Your partner doesn’t have much of a double and you should let your opponent struggle at his spade contract. TODAY’S QUESTION Instead of passing, East has bid two spades over your partner's double. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow 1,600-Year-Old Body of Woman ‘Window on Past’ ST. LAWRENCE ISLAND, Alaska (AP) — University of Alaska researchers say the body of a woman dead for 1,600 years has been found on St. Lawrence island and that the discovery provides a "window on the past." The body was found a year ago by Eskimo hunters near Kelegak Point on the island in the Bering sea. It was buried in artificial frost to save it for scientists. Anthropologist George Smith says the woman was still recognizable when flown to the university in Fairbanks. Her brown, leathery skin was still intact, and short, black hair still on her head. Dating of the remains was done by measuring the levels of radiocarbon in the tissue. Ecologist Discovers ‘Woodburyi' Plants SAN JUAN, P R. (UPI) -Ecologist Boy Woodbury, an adviser to the commonwealth department of natural resources, announced he has discovered two previously un known plants, one of the orchid family and the other of the tomato family. The two plants have been named Lepanthus Woodbury! and Solanum Woodburyi. ON THIS DATE in 1943 the Trans-Canadian highway was opened to traffic. Knit Sport Shirt Special! regularly $l4l«|16 Bulletin Ball...Great addition to Dad’s De jk Revolving cork ball holds pens, pencils, notes, etc. as a convenient space saver for dad’s desk. Takes up very little space, always within reach. Sturdy base, metal lined pencil holders. 6.50 ARMSTRONG MEN S GIFT BAR—STREET FLOOR Serve Yourself People Feeder, truly unique gift idea! A unique gift — the People Feeder dispenses a handful of goodies out of a container on a swivel base. Ideal for parties, rec room or office. 12.50 ARMSTRONG MEN S GIFT BAR- STREET FLOOR Now available at Armstrong’s! 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Publication: Cedar Rapids Gazette

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Issue Date: June 12, 1974