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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 7, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- C Ii ii n c e of rain through Saturday. Low tonight, 50s. High Saturday in 70s. VOLUME 92 NUMBER 149 dtedaf flhtpufo CITY FINAL 15 CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, FRIDAY, JUNE 7, 1974 CONTEMPT THREAT YSSO( I ATED IM: KSS I IM, NKW YORK TIMES NIXON FORREST CITY, Ark. (AP) -A tornado ripped through this east Arkansas town of 12,500, killing at least four persons, injuring more than IOO and leaving hundreds homeless. “We are still going through the debris, but we do feel like we have all the victims out,” Police Chief David Parkman said Friday. Parkman said damages were estimated at $5 million. The bodies of two young women were found in the shoulder-high rubble that once was a 45,000-square foot Gibson’s discount store. A 25.000 square-foot supermarket was also destroyed, and both stores were crowded with shoppers when the tornado struck Thursday evening. The dead were identified as Inez Spears, 19, Lois Smith, 17, and Harvey Hampton, sr., and Johnny Davis, both in their 70s. Hampton was the father of University of Arkansas football player Harvey Hampton, jr. Two Funnels City Patrolman C. E. Kennedy said he followed the progress of the twister and that it stayed on the ground for 2Vi miles. He said he saw two distinct funnel clouds and that they seemed to converge near the stores. He estimated that the storm was traveling about 30 miles an hour. “It was yellowish-brown,” Kennedy said. “Stuff would go up in the middle, then fall out! the side. ‘‘You could see halves of homes. TV’s, beds, couches j ... just going straight up. Every time it hit a power line | sparks would fly and the line would blow. Natural gas lines also hurst and some caught Br?‘    . .    ..    ...    PHILADELPHIA    (AP)    — Bailiarm. The youth is the son of]returned Thursday night to the At one point a live electric' wide dropped on Kennedy’s pa- was set at    Friday for    a Philadelphia police sergeant .I    Friedland estate    in    Gladwyne, trol car. He was not injured, but a teenager charged    in the ab-    FBI Agent Richard Kent said    in a suburban    section    known    as said the incident “jolted me.” duction of a socialite who was    there were about 15 agents and    the Main Line. State police said they con- re|easecj unharmed    four hours I    policemen “in the immediate firmed that 48]personshad beerii    ^ was ^j^ped Thurs-area of the drop. The whole! the social and cultural scene of ;!t Forrest City and°that leather day- Authorities said $60,000'thing, roughly, took place-within Philadelphia. The family made Refusal "Borders on j Obstruction" - Judge WASHINGTON (AP) — A vi- “I will determine what will sibly angry federal judge said be put to the jury, not you, not Friday President Nixon’s refus- the President, not Mr. Ehrlich-al to live up to an agreement man,” Gesell told St Clair. over access by John Ehrlichman    l)ismissa| to files ho left behind in the White House is “totally often- Ehrlichman, the man to sive” and “borders on obstruc- whom the plumbers unit re-tion.”    ported,    is charged with violat- Release of Conspiracy List Okayed WASHINGTON    (UPI) - Judge John Sirica Friday lifted Th, pnmmoni fr,m n    < iii.    >”g the    civil    rights of    Daniel    his protective order that had The comment from U.    S. Dis*    p.. ,    , vrhl.lfri„f    sealed President    Nixon’s name trict Judge Gerhard    Gesell    ‘    '    as an unindicted    co-conspirator came at the end of a 2-hour    Gesell    had    said earlier    that    s_ -,„_A A    --------- hearing, ordered by Gesell, that could lead to a contempt citation against the President. Gesell adjourned the session saying that he intends to write an order and opinion bearing on Nixon’s refusal to yield documents subpoenaed by Ehrlichman. Ehrlichman, meanwhile, sought to subpoena Nixon to testify — an action that apparently could interere with his Mid-East trip next week. But Gesell blocked issuance of the summons. Lawyer Kept Out Referring to the exclusion of Ehrlichman’s lawyer from the room where Ehrlichman’s files were kept, Gesell said he could not agree to a procedure where the lawyer waits outside with Ehrlichman coming out periodically to confer. “I don’t see how I can agree to a procedure that is so totally offensive,” Gesell said. he might have to dismiss the charges against Ehrlichman if in the Watergate cover-up. Sirica’s order, however, does Nixon refused to provide ma- not automatically make the material pertinent to his defense tenal Public- The documents are in the possession of the “The dismissal the President’s / I supreme court in connection action seems to be pointing for h . ,    , is a course I should not follow    :!\    f spe5„ Prosctu“,r * until I other opportunity have exhausted every i?hu,t *•I forcc 'N,x0" * ***“ portably,” Gesell saidPf,?lbpoc"afd m^cr.als aHd.l 1 will be up to that court to decide if they are made public. Specifically, Sirica removed his order that had sealed the transcripts of discussions with special prosecutor Leon Ja-worski and White House lawyers in May and briefs filed by the two sides about the same time. Assistant .special prosecutor Jobless Rate Rise in May; 5.2 Percent WASHINGTON (AP) - Higher unemployment among    "f0*1 teenager, hn„ci«a ,h„ n-i™!: Richard Ben-Venistc told Sirica teenagers boosted the nation’s jobless rate to 5.2 percent in that the grand jury material May, the first increase in four if'* would be tbe llsl of unin‘ months, the government report- dlcted "^conspirators - was in ed Friday    an aPPcndlx to a memo that the special prosecutor had filed The turnaround is expected to continue in the coming months, rising to between 5.5 and 6 percent by the end of the year, It is offensive, sir. it borders jaccording to administration foreobstruction.” the judge casts- UPI Telephoto SAUDI VISITOR — Prince Fahd ibn Abdual Aziz Saud, Saudi Arabian interior minister, confers with Secretary of Defense James Schlesinger at the Pentagon. The prince is in Washington for talks on ways to increase cooperation. Held in Woman's Kidnaping (;lose ci'! !n Iowa City Gun Mishap added. Gesell told St. Clair he does not think the President “understands the consequences of what he is doing ” “Lawyering” Over St. Clair responded by saying Nixon has a constitutional responsibility to protect national security and, therefore, had control of what state secrets should be made available. Gesell rejected that ar The labor department said 4.7 million Americans were unemployed last month, an increase of about 170,000 from the previous month. Unemployment has hovered in the 5-5.2 percent range since January, after rising from a, three-and-a-half-year low of 4.81^’* naming of certain individ-percent in October. It was 5.21ua,s as co-conspirators,” inpercent in January and FebruKdicatin8 that Nixon was not the ary, 5.1 in March and 5 in April. ordy Person on the list. Total employment in May, at ^be names were expected to million, rose ^ made Public eventually when May IO. Others on List? After it was reported Thursday that the grand jury had voted 19 to 0 to include the President among the unindicted co-conspirators, St. Clair asked Sirica to release the entire list saying, “The reasons for the continuance of the protective order are no longer compelling.” He referred to “the grand “If you want to cooperate,” I Gesell said, “come forward with persons were admitted to bos- |ransom was recovered. I Police said three other men were held and were being questioned in connection with the ab- (Photo on Picture Page) *, ,    .    T„nn in duction of Mrs. Jack Friedland, addition, more than SO persons]^ from her suburban estate were treated at the Forrest City K“r, busband ls.tp1rcslde.nt„ K -hospital and released.    hood Fa,,‘’ sevIfl^h    u    s-Inaping, extortion, theft by ex- A spokesman said most of j supermarket cham.    tortion    and    weapons    violations. An FBI spokesman said! Municipal Court Judge John 15 minutes. IO Blocks Away Mrs. Friedland had been released about IO blocks away minutes before the arrests. Wyatt was charged with kid- those hospitalized at Memphis were in critical to severe condi-|Frank Wyatt, 18, was taken intojPoserina set the $1 million bail tion.    custody while walking down a | during a hearing early Friday 150 Homes Destroyed Philadelphia street. The spokes- and scheduled a preliminary State police also said 150 to man said tbe r31150”1 money hearing for June 12.    j^rs    jcric(jjancj was working in 2511 homos had been destroyed "3*    ba"k.    ^I    being    questioned    or||he    garden (hree men ,wo millions in the food industry here and in Florida. Working in Garden “She has been through a lot and she wants to rest and she will not make any statements at this time,” said Arthur Goldberg. a security manager for the Pantry Pride stores, a Food Fair subsidiary. About I p.m. Thursday, when i.    55    -    Si:    a    zSTrSZ ployment has expanded by two scbedldcd t0 8° on ir'al ^Pt- 9 million    No    “Leave” toys, birth 14, gof a Tes’so^o    through this    lawyering anyage tajrty -nungs^of On Apr,, .7, 1973, according in in respect for    Irti, st /-lair    cent    in May    while the work firearms. The boys accidentally    .    ‘    ’ Gesell    toid "*•• k    increased    bv 12 minutes discharged a 44 caliber mag-    When you make    a commitment    wee*    increase!!    Dy 1Z minutes, discharged a .44 cantar mag    mak{,    j( (o Weekly earnings averaged me You broke it ”    2151 52 last month’    an    ‘"crease St. Clair said he    acted on °r « 78 ,r»m April    and    $9.07 President Nixon’s orders.    from a yearago. •'You are saying he (the The sensoria rush of teen- President) will not comply with •*«« lnl° the labor markct m IOWA CITY -Two Iowa City a roggestion. We aren’t going to] both 1J —1 - ’ —-'0O throUffh this lawyering any average nouny earnings 01 The Friedlands are leaders 1° t b u r s d a y num revolver in an Iowa City office. The bullet pierced the wall of the building, traveled through both sides of a truck parked outside, went through a nearby salvage yard and across the parking lot of WC’s restaurant, before slamming into the windshield of a pickup truck. Sitting in the pickup truck the court’s order?” Gesell asked St. Clair. “I think that’s a fair reading.” St. Clair replied. Contempt creased the size of the civilian labor force by 370,000 in May to 90.7 million, the first increase since January. But, as more youths entered the labor market, they found it difficult to obtain jobs and the White House transcripts of Nixon’s taped conversations, Nixon said anybody named in an indictment as a co-conspirator “would then be immediately put on leave.” Asked if Nixon would apply that standard to himself, Deputy Press Secretary Gerald Warren said with irritation, “I’m not going to accept questions such as that relating to the President of the United States.” Asked if Nixon still has faith by the storm. Earlier reports | tucked ^_t^__sleeve_o£ >by ^FBI    |    wearing    stocking    masks’,    a„ ~    ,    4, .    .    ..     —    w    ~-i    in the legal system, Warren was Kirby Potash, Iowa City. Ehrlichman said he declin^i,difficult to obtain jobs and the replied, “Indeed he does.” Ile said he was .sitting in the    at the files without his teenage unemployment rate Position Weakened truck eating his lunch when.jattorney bemg present.    rose from 13.8 percent to 15.8 i^pgaj experts said the grand “AU of a sudden there was a Gesell had accepted an agree- percent jn May.    jury’s inclusion of the President hole in m^ windshield and glass ment to auow Ehrlichman and!----wakens his \pna\    for stud 350 ’homes’haTta'en’"des-1'which was slung over Wyatt'slMr, Friedland. mother offburJ^^d STS. Z    ** 'TT L'T t "“J WAS,™^    PaiX^    ^ troyed and as many as 2.000 -house    ,    “    , J T lfnal bul sa,d be ,Gese1"' l”' L WASHINGTON ( AP) - 1 ‘‘" poenaed tapes and documents. suffered at least minor damage. 5/^r\     They    bound    her    eon.    Huger. 5 £»'""'«*"■•»»» andre’ the President, would make .he ^    Jaworski’s    attempt    to    pry (4 U. Bill Lawson of the slate J (J [_JQ\/S J) / (j(J rMe OH a™‘ an elderly gardener with 'KV , resuonded to the fma df'l!M)" °n «>'*« material Iians Word Aul ie.    (ape rccordmgs frum thc whU(. military department said Gov.    ^    ^    wire    rope She was then forced 1 o' ro. "ho res(»nded to the would be used as evidence called off their laths on reducJ e js Kheduted to be heard Isl • I.    .    r    I    I    into    a    brown    Ford    S    token    repo    a    Kunshut' lalkod l,b Gesell reiterated that stand tag competitton on transatlantic^. |tM. wprumc ^ ncxt Klemdienst Suspended    "    ” J into a WASHINGTON (AP) | away. Kent said the kidnapers tele-a crime, was accused under an Pbom>d ^er husband shortly obscure statute making it illegal to withhold information or docu- a congressional Dale Bumpers had ordered 50 national guard members from the Forrest City area to go on duty to prevent looting. Vaska (’ope, wife of the mayor. said Sam Smith junior high | Former Attorney General Rich-school was heavily damaged and j ard Kleindienst Friday received Alta McDaniel elementary a ow-month jail sentence and a School was    $100 fine, both suspended for re- Supt. Bill Irvmg    ;    .    ;    fusing to answer “fully and ac-i uC^hleh school    ^curately’’ questions about the hjm and special junior nign scnooi.    antj.trust    caS€    before    a    sen.    ^on    javvorsw] „..,h    «.■"»    pm    <»«»»    a.    ..... (Continued: Page 2, Col. 6.) Friday. I flights. ments from committee after 2 p.m. at his downtown office and told him his wife was being held for ransom They in j structed him to go to a phone Indict Patty; Bank Robbery (Continued: Page 2, Col. 6.) Today's Index Comics Crossword Dully Record Deaths Editorial Features Farm Financial Marion Movies Society Sports State . Television Want Ads 20 20 3 3 6 ll titled to the light sentence as a man of highest integrity. Hart said that, when Klein-dicnst testified before the senate judiciary committee in 1972, he “was not bent on deception ” Rather, the judge said, Kleindienst was attempting to protect someone else, an apparent ref- SAN FRANCISCO (API —jcharged with the robbery were Asked if thc grand jury inves- Thc charee    wa0    brought    afterT*00**1 sev<-’ral blocks away and The FBI hunted Patricia Hears!    am«ng the six SLA members!ligation included the possibility me cnarge    wa.    Drougm    aner    killed rn a May 17 shootout with „h., was involved in her own lengthy negotiations between vva11 ,or d ca,K    Friday    as    a    suspected    bank    rob-    .    .    A    c    us    :    was    mvoiveu and Special Prosecutor    Receives Call    ber    following    her    indictment    in    security camera photographs kidnapmg’ Brownin* said‘ “We the April holdup of    a San Fran-    of a smiling Miss Hearst toting j certainly wouldn t rule that pos- cisco bank by the    Symbionese |    a carbine in the bank were I sibility out. In this case I dont Liberation Army.    {among    the evidence considered|think you can rule any possibili- The armed-robbery    indict- by the grand jury in determin- ty oul unt,| vou know what the cial prosecutor’s staff involved 1^^ about two miles away ment returntnl by a federal ing whether she willingly partic-! facts are in the ITT investigation have urn. h tau K rinJirn-t mom'y in ,he car and lhen leave T 'S.    ?    •?    *°    Passl'rsby    shot    •*,d Angeles on kidnaping and rob the fait tha ause they felt Kit    ,    thc    car    for 20 minutes.    front    material    witness    to    su-1 seriously wounded during the * ( h a, with SLA criminal ad hould have been charged with, Kcn| sald k-rtedland got the speiled felon    holdup.    members    Emily    and    Bill    Harris    I    that the t« since resigned, reportedly be cause should perjury, a felony.    money “in $100 bills and letvs” “Above Reproach”    and drove his Mercedes-Benz to Terming Kleindienst’s offense ^ Mrs. Friedland was released a short time later and i n Philadelphia, leave the grand jury Thursday changed ipated in the heist. erence to President Nixon’s a technical violation of the law order that he drop a big anti- Hart said his motives were loy.|called her husband s office 21 {trust suit then pending against ally a"d an attempt to preserve 15 the International Telephone & the reputation of another. 12,13 Telegraph Corp,    I    He said Kleindienst was WASHINGTON (AP) Minimum Possible Navy Secretary J. viewed as an honest and respon-j William Middendorf has been 15-19       man    • • with a family life, confirmed by the senate to be 8 The sentence was the mini- above reproach ’’    secretary of the navy. A former 9 mum possible    Under    terms    of    his sentence, | New York banker, he has 23-17 I Kleindienst, the second U. S. Kleindienst is on a month’s pro- served as ambassador to the cabinet officer ever convicted of batlon.    j Netherlands. In addition to the robbery, she Miss Hearses father said of was charged with use of the indictment, “I naturally firearms in thc $10,690 Hibernia don’t like it but there s nothing I Bank branch holdup The two jean do about it. I really don’t charges carry a combined max- have any comment beyond unum prison sentence of 35 that ” years    “Not    Ruled    Gut” Photo Evidence month, focusing on whether executive privilege entitles the President not to release evidence requested for the coverup trial “The argument that Mr. Ja-worski will make will be essentially that executive privilege does not and cannot cover criminal activities by any member of the executive branch of the government,” supreme court expert Philip Kurland told NBG News. Ford Still Convinced He added: “What the grand Miss Hearst is wanted in Los j jury action does » to document that the activities were activities and therefore mily and Bill Harris]that the tapes should be pro in connection with a bungled duced as outside whatever exec-shoplifting attempt.    utive    privilege    might exist.” The armed robbery count was; Ulair, rn confirming the the second and most serious fed eral charge filed against Miss Hearst. The first was a firearms : violation allegation that she On recommendation of U. S. j sprayed a suburban Los Angeles Miss Hearst initially was not Attorney James Browning, U. S. charged with robbery because District Judge Oliver Carter d»s-of the possibility she was I missed the material witness coerced into the crime by the warrant against Miss Hearst SLA. which kidnaped her Feb. and continued her bail at 4 Four persons previously $500,000 (Continued; Page 3, Col 5 ) loifciaj'x Chuckle sporting goods store with auto-j The good Lord obviously inmate weapons fire May 16 She tended us to listen more than and the Harris’ are wanted on talk — otherwise He would have 18 state felony charges, mclud- given us two mouths and one mg robbery, kidnaping and as-lear.    co*vn^t sault    *-......—-—......................... ;

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Issue Date: June 7, 1974