Cedar Rapids Gazette, May 24, 1974, Page 30

Publication: Cedar Rapids Gazette May 24, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 24, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa <tUr (fI'tlnr ltnpida tf'ttieWf- 1$ Captured Hoarded man with shoulder-length hair is in police* custody in New York City after lit* hijacked a helicopter at gunpoint Thursday and deniandt*d $2 million in ransom, rile hijacker forced tlie* craft s pilot and co pilot to fly it to an abandoned helicopter pad atop the fan Am building in the borough of Manhattan, where In was apprehended Helicopter hijacker is led out of the fan Xiii building iii New A ork following his rooftop capture' by police The man, identified as |)a\ id frank Kamaiko, about 25, barefoot, with long hair and torn jeans, was subdued on the building's heliport. UCI TelephotoFreed Marie Sossi, district attorney of (ienoa. Italy, is hugged by his wife (ira/ie, left, and his mother shortly after his return home* to (ienoa Thursday night. He had been kidnaped five weeks ago by clandestine leftist organization Hee Brigades. There was no word on tin* fate of eight imprisoned leftist terrorists whom the court had agreed to set fret' in exchange for Si(ssl s lite UPI TclrphptrPrisoner After Shootout Isl at li troops lead away blindfolded ( usbar ( alban, one of two Arab guerillas captured during a shootout I hursduy Six guerillas were killed by the Israelis as the band attempted to cut across the (iolan Heights on a mission against settlements iii Israel Family Group ai/i AU* Mhotos by I lib ft AA* I lo Louise Is a accounts for this par k /oo \t left bit (ament shy concerning her new tubs which long lens picture, right taken Thursday at the Bever is the |ti oud lather Loo Loo is ti and Louise is ii The IWM culls »iti' (irs! nMh«'<l curly Tm,lay May in ,hl.  ........ ( ' <1.0 Itapids ;

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Publication: Cedar Rapids Gazette

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Issue Date: May 24, 1974