Cedar Rapids Gazette, May 22, 1974, Page 8

Publication: Cedar Rapids Gazette May 22, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 22, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa gA The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Wed., May 22. 1974 Kingsford ICE CREAM I Vi-gallon plastic pail Charcoal___ Bondware 9-inch White Paper Plates AIP Varieties Pleasmor Cookies I O-Pound Bag with coupon below I 50-Count package 69 79 The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Wed., May 22, 1971    9    A Bright-Red Vine-Ripened € T amated 29 Golden Jumbo California regular 39* packages S h'awberries Quart box Fancy Washington JVI u I 67' c 10-oz. Bottles k Pepsi-Coia mUeVar a mJKm p I BU Mf* SasBWt- DEL 6-pak Clin. 39 c Hot Dog Buns MONTE CATSUP Dewy-Fresh Frozen Wiedemann Jonathan Apples 3.79* /? 'cne/nuztv LEMONADE plus deposit With Coupon Below regular packages 4 a c With Coupon Below trounce bottles With Coupon Below BEER 6-oz. cans 41# c 6-pack With Coupon Below WHOLE WILSON CERTIFIED FRYERS FRANKS per pound I 2-ounce pkg. Marfa Stuffed OLIVES 59* Skip's Ripple Style Potato Chips Jumbo twin-pack box 53/£-oz. barrel jar Jeno’s i, C Ritz Assorted Color NAPKINS CUT-UP FRESH FRYERS per pound 38 Save 40<t More on 2 packages with the Wilson Franks Coupon in tonite's Gazette. 160-count package 33 c Fresh Thro#-Bean or Potato Salad Oscar Mayer Chopped Ham or Ground Turkey Burger IO" Coupon This coupon is worth 10$ on the purchase of any 8-ounce pkg. of the following Oscar Mayer Cold Cuts Sliced large Bologna Chopped Ham Sliced Beef Bologna New England Ham Old fashioned loaf Ham and Cheese Loaf Good at Me Toe thru Tuesday May 26 Umtt I Pfc9 with Coupon pint carton per pound 59* Ham and Cheese Loaf I 2 ounce S package 19 Oscar Mayer Sandwich Spread or 57° Braunschweiger 8-ounce chub 1 rn Bush brand Oven-Style Baked Beans Cheese Pizza Franco- American Spaghetti_ Doumak Toasting Marshmallows regular 143/4-oz. package 59 49 c with tomato sauce and cheese I 514-ounce can pound package c Kellogg's Great for Roasting Hormel Smokies Hormel Little Sizzlers Banquet Chicken and Dumplings, I2-oz. pkg. 12-oz. pkg* 89 57 $ Golden Shore I.Q.F. SHRIMP 89 tall pound can 29* Rice Krispies IO-ounce package 24-ounco package Me Too Salisbury Steak, or Turkey -•    '    '    ’Va    '    ..    .    ' Si 29 BUTTER Crown Hamburger Style Pill Chip Pickles ,4.„    * rn M# WptfM 10-ounce bottles PEPSICOLA 6-peach Of) ' plus carton WA# deposit Good (JI M*- lot/ ttiru luoi May 28 Limit: 2 trtns. with coupon    NV Kingsford CHARCOAL IO £ 69° Good at Me loo thru Tues. May 28 Limit: one bag with coupon NV Me Too Hamburger or Hot Dog Buns 2 regular AfiC packages iV Good at Me Too thru Tue». May 28 Limit: 2 pkgs. with coupon    NV 2-pound package '**81'^%''!*'    %•    '    s,    i    ■    At.    it/- Del Monte CATSUP 4    4-ounce i I bottles one- pound print us 0 Quart Jar 49 %e7or rn > y*v    4 "TABLE OtkltMi ON. MINIMf REPRODUCTIONS JP Dewy-Fresh Frozen rn- 4-ounce bottles Good at Me Too thru Tues. May 28 Limit: 4 bottles with coupon NV jCE>    '-tw*    tfX- Lemonade 6 * .r." 49° Golden Valley Tomatoes Good hi Me loo thru filet , May 28 i.ta»Nlti A mm w/lli i ou|ion    N* no. 303 tall <of»s SURI YOUR 5-Pc. i SET TODAY RINO SUE Tray Table With Ihii Coupon and >>.00 Mtocoty Order _ Coupon expires Tues., May 28 j 99 ^    v    oupon    expires    lues    ,    may    <ro 21-Piece" ■ '    1 479 59* si 21 pieces of Crisp Fried Chicken, ready to serve Kidney Bean or Potato Salad Western    jpi jb . Macaroni    59 Old Fashioned Natural Casing Wieners Fresh-baked Hamburger Buns Tasty Long Johns Freshly-Baked C Apple Pies quart carton 09 per lb. pkg* of 6 pkg-of 6 $129 family size each I 17 SI 99 c c SPECIAL PRICES IN THIS AD ARE IN EFFECT THRU TUESDAY NIGHT, MAY 28th Store Hours in Cedar Rapids & Marion Wttk Days 8 AM to IO PM Sunday 9 AM to 9 PM In CEDAR RAPIDS and MARION our stores will be open on Memorial Day, Mon., May 27 FROM 8 A.M. to IO P.M. ;

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Publication: Cedar Rapids Gazette

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Issue Date: May 22, 1974