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Publication: Cedar Rapids Gazette May 7, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 7, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa MEN S FAMOUSBIRDIE SOCKS REGULARLY 1.50 PAIRPHOTO ALBUMS MUSIC BOX MUSICAL PHOTO CUBE COASTER SET Well known brand name stretch socks in one size that fits all. Solid black, brown, navy or burgundy. These “Birdie Socks ' are known for their long wearing qualities. Cedar Rapids: Downtown Street Floor and Lindale Plaza Iowa City: Mall Shopping Center on Six at Sycamore REGULARLY 4.00 EACH Photo album is magic cling. 6 solid colors. Photo cube holds 5 photos. Music box hangs on the wall and plays popular tunes. Save now! Cedar Rapids: Downtown Street Floor and Lindale Plaza Iowa City: Mall Shopping Center on Six at SycamoreFAMOUS NAME MEN’S DRESS SHIRTS REGULARLY 9.00 TO 10.00 Famous name brand short sleeve dress shirts! You'll recognize the name. Available in sizes I 4'/z through I 7. Choose from a bold, handsome selection of solid colors. Or, pick a fancy pattern or print. Great savings! 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Sizes are 28 through 38 Buy two pair and you save I 1.00! It s almost like getting a pair free of charge! REGULARLY 7.00 TO 8.00 It's the number one selling sneaker for men and boys! Suction type soles. Cotton duck in white with black The perfect shoe for sport or leisure wearing Cedar Rapids: Downtown Street Floor and Lindale Plaza Iowa City: Mall Shopping Center on Six at Sycamore Cedar Rapids: Downtown Third Floor and Lindale Plaza Iowa City: Mull Shopping Center on Six at Sycamore IO The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., May 7. 1974Rare Disease Clogs Lungs With‘Gravel' TORRANCE, Calif (AP) -Leroy Hickman is breathing easier now that doctors have removed four pounds of sandlike matter from his limns. Hickman, a 32-year-old building contractor, had been having breathing problems for about a year, and it finally got so bad he couldn’t ho.'d up his end of the work. “I was getting short of wind all the time,” he said. “And one day I accidentally cut my thumb and my hand turned a little blue ,    Rare Disease Doctors at Harbor General hospital diagnosed the problem as a rare disease that causes the lung to fill up with granular protein material. They attached a device that looked like a miniature jackhammer to Diekman’s chest to shake the granules loose and then flushed the lungs 18 times with a salty solution. “I think the best explanation is that it’s a disease associated w ith some change in the environment,” Dr. Madman Wasserman. chief of respiratory diseases at Harbor General, said of Diekman’s ailment, pulmonary alveolar proteinosis. “It’s a little frightening, isn’t it?’’ Young Victims Wasserman said the disease turned up in people in their 2(!s and that the victims “come from all over the country and from all occupations. “We don’t know whether these people are making this stuff at a rapid rate or whether they do not have a normal mechanism to dissolve the . material.” He said the flushing treatment does not cure the disease but enables the patient to live a normal life until the granules build up again, usually in about a year or two. Diekman said he was shocked to set* all the granules that came from his lungs but that he feels a lot better now that they're gone. “I’m back to work now. I’m even toting a bit of lumber,” he said.Age-Old Frozen Germs Revived Bacteria frozen in a state of suspended animation in Antarctica for at least 11,000 years revived when exposed to air and were grown in active colonies, two California scientists have reported The researchers, Dr Roy E. Cameron and Frank A. Vlorelli, of Darwin Research Institute (DRI), Dana Point, California, told the National Science Foundation the bacteria were found in permanently frozen ground and sediment cores drilled at two separate sites about 60 miles apart in the McMurdo sound region of Antarctica. Using aseptic techniques and sterilized hand drill, chips were removed from the center of the cores. The samples were then inoculated into culture .. media. Minimum age of the cores in which the bacteria were found was estimated by geologists at the drilling site to be 10,000 years. “The geologists told us the deeper sections of the cores, in which bacteria were also found, could be as much as a million years old.” Dr. Cameron said. Political Bombing, But Which Target? SAVONA, Italy (UPI) -Police said they were convinced it was a political bombing but could only try to gu<*ss what the target was as there were several options The building where the bomb went off houses the office of a Christian Democratic senator on the third floor. A Communist party office is next door. Also next door is a movie house showing a film about the last days of Benito Mussolini Says Unit Must Take Impeachment Ads CHICAGO (AP) - A federal appeals court says the Chicago Transit Authority must accept advertising thai advocates President Nixon’s impeachment_ Try a classified ad today and prove to yourself how resultful ll can be! » ;

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Publication: Cedar Rapids Gazette

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Issue Date: May 7, 1974