Saturday, May 4, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Page: 10

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Text Content of Page 10 of Cedar Rapids Gazette on Saturday, May 4, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 4, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Thf Odar Haplils (.a/rtir Sal Mal I, mi PEANUTS_ Gentlemen, I urn submitting a story to your mayo: I no tor consideration I have been a sub:*.Tiber to your magazine for many yearn lf you don't publish my otory, I un) cpi ny to cancel my subscription, So there,too! beetle bailey HOW ARE tme noodled BEETLE T By MOHT WALKFR Thll£ ONE MAS voar £ome of ne BiAevcuy I-"-    •    v'f* 1 AMANDA PANDA Al HK FRI DAV COMES SAruRPAV, IMI. PAV IMAI WI. f.MOP 7 XCO Bv MARCIA COURSE I LET'S see if ann EGGS got ^foken TI ( From that Prop'    •——^    ' GD rx CP o 0 u> z LD 1 a STEVE CANYON W/’ By MILTON CANIFF Read Dennis the Menace Daily in The Gazette Classified Section NANCY LOVE TO DRAW By ERNIE BUSHMILLER I TOLD YOU TO STOP DRAWING AND PRACTICE YOUR J PENMANSHIP At KOSS I Capital of Idaho ti Twin — on the Snake River II Command 12 Constellation 13 Papal capes 14 Short firearm lh Digger ola sort 17 Conical heap 18 Fnglish <ab i 19 Term in bowling 23 Whirlwinds off the Faroes 24 Require 28 Peer Gynts mother 27 Present month i ab i 28 Atmosphere 30 Demented 32 Heart < anat I 33 (jold < Sp > 34 Masculine nickname 37 Over < poet I 39 Permits 43 Paver < contr I 44 Heating devices 48 Sign of the* zodiac 47 Silver was found at Coeur d in 1884 49 Coronet 51 biplosive noise 53 Maker of head covers 54 Television s forerunner 55 Welcome 58 Manifest derision 57 Pithy IM IWN 1 Chemical compound 2 Citrus fruit 3 Indolent 4 Soothsayers 5 Bitter vetch 6 Coxcomb 7 Get up 8 Speech impediment 9 Medicinal wash IO Sleeper s sounds 13 Presage 15 For fear that 20 Brazilian macaw 21 While 22 Drag 25 Cyprinoid fish 27 False god 29 Moth 31 Like i sultix i 34 Fruit 35 Lamprey fishermen .36 Surgical saw 38 Half-em 40 Puffs up 41 Cylindrical 42 Fly aloft 44 Weird 45 p'ixed look 48 Protuberance 50 Passage in the brain 52 Craggy hill 53 Height i ah ) “He doesn’t have to give his report — the company’s financial standing is written all over his face.” DICK TRACY BUZ SAWYER r WEY, YANK,THIS 15 MY BOY FRIE Kit?. WHAT YOUR NAME?Jg fjowN Singer. Bv ROY CRANE BUT I UNDERSTAND THAT I THE COLLECTION IS MERE IN ISTANBUL AND I THOUGHT MAYBE VOU MIGHT MAYE AN idea where— WALT DISNEY’S SCAMP KT ~    ^ CHEEPS PREFABRICATED ; THIS NEST/ ^ Bv walt disney 7 right an inch. Y GOOD. NOW THREE ^ I INCHES TO THE LEFT V MPA SIT... NOW Bv CHESTER GOULD (Kit ASO APT « INT! PPM I i 3" 4 J 6 7 8 9 IO ll J* 13 ' ii 16 f> • 18 * 21 22 ■ 24 ps rn * I OO CM 29 I VI 31 32 , S t 34 35 36 J ,7 38 rn I 40 4l ii 43 _ rn 44 45 ■ 44 47 48 I 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 4 GRIN AND BEAR IT By Lichty LIL ABNER WE IE SO HAPPY SKARIN' YORL V LIFE IN (hyidellsport- ( LPL ABNER X IS NICELY BLONDIE lin'mry— : DAG WOOD A MR OI NWI “F TY ^ RETURNED your call today I Rf 1 RBN I DION T CALL any)’ MO D'NWITTYM / V ? I THEN YOU "7>V SHOULD > ry \ ( c all Him S? y\ ( ho'*' ) \ \ Bv AL CAPP f HOPE IT DON'T    IN 1 --•> ' SOUND PUSHY, H HY I DI Kl SPORT BUT IS THAR ANY BYE AVON t MIZZUBLE U'L X IS EQUAL ff J j SPOT ON YORE A? CAM A I 600-ACRE ESTATE J PLAY WITH J X WHARHEKIN J - V MV SON// "Considering to quit telling HE WAS NICE ENOUGH TD RETURN A CALL YOU ) DIDN'T Bv CHICK YOUNG THE LEAST NOU CAN Y CX) IS RETURN ONE / ...WH KXI THINK THE ^ THE CHANGES ARE NE VV SCRIPT CHANGES I PRfAPHd AMP ARE ALL RIGHT MAR/? J YF5- I POH'T NO-1 THINK "I HELLO?,'.OH-MAVIS.'COUlP A iAii/*itA» AIV ' t    nrvAiiCO    DI    IT    AcTC    7    I I SPEAK TD BOOMER PLEASE* IT'S RATHER IMPORTANT, j—\7/ what it costs to feed him, I'll thank you me your father's bark is worse than his bite!" Bv LBONARO STARR ...OH IM AFRAiP THATS V../T5 MOTf is NOT POSSIBLE AT THE AHY WHG *00*6* MOMENT PEAR.    HAS    AHvrwG 7 HA X HAPPEHfO JV&OOHt**' « wfut-'E-e ?.,N I BELIEVE YOO JOST SPELLED LAZY    v INCORRECTLY^ 'OH, yEAH?7u well, WHY y DON'T YOO J y LOOK IT ^ XOP? MARK TRAIL IT- Bv EO DOOD •immumiIwuu, , «, '"ii. Kip SACKEL? HURRIES IO BUI ID A FIRE AHO DOESN T HAVE TIME TO STAKE OUT HIS POOS And scowler sees his j IF CHANCE TO JUMP AMPY \ MOOSE Bv BOB WEBER moose:... get OOT OF THAT HAMMOCK // YOO ARE JOST PLAIN L-A-Z-E-E/ LAZ EE J GET A ^ dictionary and look IT UP, r>