Monday, April 29, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Page: 6

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Text Content of Page 6 of Cedar Rapids Gazette on Monday, April 29, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 29, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa NATIONAL WI ATNf R kltVIC* fOttCAS? ic 7 AM I St * - *0 ~ 7H 3000 v^oTi 79.77* von* OO The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Mon., April 29, 1974 Joseph Sirowy Mrs. Charles Brainard Joseph Sirowy, 69, of 11051 Ethel B. Brainard. 83, of 611 Twenty-fifth street SE, died Sun-Twenty-seventh street NE. a Tornado's Toll: $250,000 (Continued from Page I.) phoned the Johnson sheriff’s but skies were partly cloudy ,    _    ..    ,, ,    i    ,    ,    I    office to report tnat a small over the rest of the state. day after a long illness. Owner Cedar Rapids resident ll years, requested to report to the outbuilding had been plucked Three to four inches of rain 1______s„„    „r    .._____ I    a    I    or)    Cun/Tntr    o    Inn    rr    SPhOftlC:    In    Cleoid in nnnnlr-inr. .    _    .     r WT2977 MU ‘ 8 lOWIST TEMPERATURES V^r-%    JkT - _ 40 f\ \ Vy NtWOnUANfe ^ 3000 0 * MIAMI w WI ATH! t f DICK AST Rain is expected Monday night in the Pacific Northwest, New Mexico and Oklahoma. Clear to partly cloudy elsewhere. and operator of a    service    station    died Sunday    following a    long    schools to    assist    in    impairing    f rom    ,-j s S p 0 j on b j s property    fell in the Des Moines    area for 35 years, he retired in    1961.    illness.    storm damage    and jauntily redeposited atop    where about 40 families    were Mr. Sirowy was born Nov. 16. She was born July 24, 1890, in Persons affected by the di- his chicken shed. Both struc- forced to evacuate their homes 1904. near Cedar Rapids and had    Newport. She was married    to    saster could    receive clothing    tures were    relatively    un-    because of flash flooding. No inlived in Cedar Rapids most of    Charles    L. Brainard Jan.    5,j    and other supplies Monday at    damaged.    juries were reported. his life. He was a member of    1910, in    Anamosa. Mrs. Brain-    headquarters    set up by the A large part of the    roof    The national weather service he Junior American Czech    ard was    an insurance broker    in    Red Cross in    the West Branch    from the Carl    Frederick house    reported that 3.80 inches of ram Lodge CSA.    Olin for 19 years    and    was score-    town hall.    on a    farm four miles east of    fell in Des Moines as of 7 a m. .utliving are    his wife. the    tary-treasurer    of    the    Olin    leie- Numerous    reports    of damaged    Iowa    City was reported lost to    Monday. Dubuque had    1.76 former Sadie Horak, to whom phone Co. for 15 years.    i™meiuus lepuns oi aamagea ,    /    *    . , J    r,' iAc    ,    „ he was married Sen 12 1928- c    u re* buildings and uprooted trees the wind.    inches, Cedar Rapids 1.57 and L    daughters Mrs    iirVv    SelL 811 ,? , WaS .    I S u' were reccived Sunday nighl by    Bob    Campion    farm    Ottumwa and Burlington about, a a1, t    l C aul s .    .st church. t b e sheriffs departments of to rural Johnson county, a half inch. machine shed was blown down    There is a chance    of    more o   and a tree trunk driven ra jn in the southeast Monday af- erandchildren- four sisters T 'm T' f or A g ?, nlzall ,°. n: dence 34 miles southwest of brough the front porch, the ternoon and Monday night. ip Spd-president of Arthur Mc- j ovva on highway I. a trail- sheriff’s department said. Highs Monday should be in the ft- OLI! j f’lillmicrn I nit Af tho Amortpan I    ,     ! pa    al aa    j er and several outbuildings    Flooded    Streets     60s northwest to around 75 Cedar    Rapids,    and    Mrs,.    Milo    fe^cd    tothe BlaynepMiner unit     wcre    destroycd    b Y    high    winds,j    Flooded basements     an( i    ^ ut heast. Uws Monday    night Novy, Iowa City;    and a    brother.    j n    Q]j n .     a    mem her    of    IFWC    of     poss    y . a tornado -    There    were    streets were common in    Iowa     sl £ he in the 40s. Harold    Fairfax    memDer    ot    ir v\c,    oi    no injuries.     ritv c.. nf j a „ nioh * in th _    _ ft „    Pair skies should    prevail la la, hair tax.    Q lin and a c h ar t e r member of    City Sunday night in the alter- Tu dav with highs mostly in Services: Brosh chapel at 2 Sorosis club    Trailer Rolled    math of a three-mch rain which .. J! y un n gns m0Sliy m p.m. Tuesday by the Rev. Rich- c    JL    ,    i    u    * ard    Ernst. Burial:    Czech    Na- 1 Survivin g     are ‘bree    daugh-, Miraculously, no one was hurt drel, rural Solon, and Mrs. Olin and a lifp mpmhpr nf thp V u auc , P Harold Van Hofwegen, Spencer; order of Eastern Star and past j' At"“te "aul Hastes'^rcsi- a SOn a h-u Cr / r Ra P lds; tcn matron of that organization:    , u    milM    „„„, 8 .„    ‘ grandchildren:    four    sis Mrs. Vlasta Rabik, Bessie sea-, Cullough Unit of the American lacek and Mrs. How ard Phillips. : Legion auxiliary, and trans filled Ralston creek to bankful. A basement wall at the resi de 60s. Highs Sunday ranged from 82 tional. Friends may call at the J". Mrs Kenneth Millsap and when the mobile home belong- denc( , #f ^ ua.ha Chafer at Mason ««»    Dodge —Daily Record— Traffic signal violation Daryl Tolefsrud, Hiawatha; chapel after 5 p.m. Monday. Mrs. Gordon Feekes, Cedar ing to the Larry Steven family, ,,    ,    ,    .    ..    ,    ,    .. X*     tha ,    Rapids,    and Mrs Joseph Wolfe, of rural Hills was rolled over “J and water flooded the Rpnn*    R° letslUcl w iv iawatha r'friends    mav    if    thnv    wish Hp    Marion;    12 grandchildren, seven s e v e r a I times with family 1 r ...    , . Bonnie    Bowers, Walker; each friends    may,    if    they    wish, do- *    ____ ___i m «,-nk rt ,.o    I Curb-high water prevailed in The Weather Marriages Dissolved High temperatures Sunday, low temp-erasures overnight and inches of pre Jeanne C. and Donald W. Anchorage    52 34    L. Angeles    74    58    Moore.    Mary and Clarence E. ■    S?    Va    rn    M' 8 ™' i    Ii    J!    Bl ister.    Candice S.    and Lester Bismarck    57 34    .OI    Min'apolis    75    44    ,, T ,    . Chicago    76 42 1.11    N. Orleans    82    62    G. Howe. Cheryl    Ann and lined $20 and costs. Jerry ,nate to the American Cancer So-Franks, Springville; Karen r ; p » v Keeney, 1515 J street SW; each; fined $15 and costs. Larry Gooden, 1523 Sixth street NW; fined $10 and costs. Driver’s license violation— Miles Chaplin, 3709 Twelfth avenue SW; fined $20 C. R. Weather Mrs. John Entringer Mary Ann Entringer, 51. of a t 1295 Thirty-second street NE. I Friends may call at Turner and,widow of John Entringer, died eas t. after a lingering    _ 6, 1922. in 1 great-grandchildren; and one members inside.    I     , ” ft "    "‘    Burlington great-great-grandchild.    Heavy    damage    was    reported     ma " y    areas    whcre st0 ™ drains ' 8 the Warren Carpenter resi-l c0 “ ld . not ca r ry . watcr away at noon Tuesday by the Rev.;hence seven miles east to 70 at Cedar Rapids. Overnight lows were from 45 at Spencer to 59 at Des Moines and Services: Turner chapel east; 4 , 0 the ^ ar ren Caipenter quickly enough. Approximately DofTIQgB from rn ..UUU luesudv uy me nev.    o PUPra J.thni Hinae oC 80 cars wer e reported stalled in r .    * k Jt> Lloyd Dutro. Graves,de services “ dere “ veral ^buddings also areas whore s|ree(s were f|o0(J . Storm Minor 1:30 p.m. Olin cemetery. WLre 10Sl - A farmer in the Hills area cd Cedar Rapids since 1940. Denver ..66 35 .31 New York 73 60.03 n Pra l f l LckHp Wimmer linda c °sts. Kenneth Sprinkle, Coral- c a tnrdav Duluth ... 69 3? . Phoenix 88 58 t j Ltsiie wimmtr. Ijloaa Ville-fined $10 and costs    paiuraay Honolulu    85 71    seattle    60 45    L. and Terry Gene Sacora.    Pa- Ii i,    *    2*    illness    Rum Ort Houston    78 49    washington    85 63     mo | B c anA n ra i B I Pink .rt    failure    to    report    accident    — illness.    Born UCI ''    Leland Sauer, Quasqueton; Dubuque, she had resided in Fires    fined $15 and costs. High Sunday ............. 71    jo:15 a.m. Saturday. I’n-    Studded tires — Linda Col- Low overnight ..............45    known to rubbish across from    'ins, Solon; Larry Beatty, Noon Monday ........63    3737 Oakland road NE.    Shellsburg; Kenneth Davis, Mm    H4    1:01 p.m. Saturday. Needless    1220 Vernon Hill boulevard SE; call at Kirkwood boulevard and each fined $15 and costs. Striking fixtures adjacent to Burning    street — Marion Lawrence, 2 p.m. Precipitation ...............157 oklahoma avenue SW’. Total for April ............ 5 57    1:27 p.m. Saturday. Normal for April ......... 2.79    leaves out of control at 307    Walford; fined $35 and costs. Normal thrnueh \nril    7    81    Twenty-eighth    street    drive    SE.    Right-of-way    violation — rn * .    1071    .....ii nj     2:42 P m Saturday. Backfire    John Harris. 3000 J street SW; I Ota I tor 1974    ......... 11.IL    through carburetor et 1233    fined $20 and costs Mrs. Chris Christensen Carrie Christensen, 88, of 1004 —Nixon— (Continued from Page I.) In Knoxville, a 50-by-1 Oft-foot Inside City section of roof was ripped from The slorm caused some nb . the north wing of Ridge nursing home, Keith Baker said.    flooding    or    property    damage    re the ^ est lems tor Cedar Rapids resi- ovvncr dents, but there was no major Mrs. Entringer had been as- Tenth street SW.' wife of Chris and authenticity of the Iran- He said the 29 residents of the ipor|ed sociated with several real estate Christensen and a Cedar Rapids; SL T , B f;     w , in f     csca P cd    ln J ur .V. but were public ! As the week began, two top Total for 1974 Barometer, rising Humidity at noon     r _ Wind direction and velocity at 1 4 V) 7 n 11.02 through carburetor at 1233 fined $20 and costs 30.05 Sixth street NW.    Faulty    equipment — David R a pids- 90%    3:50    p.m.    Saturday.    Air-e-vac    Wolfe,    1713    Third avenue SE; fined $10 and costs. Iowa Deaths Waubeek — firms in the Cedar Rapids area resident 32 years, died Saturday for 15 years. She was a member night following a brief illness. of Immaculate Conception Cath- Born Aug. 15. 1885, in Static church.    vanger, Norway, she was mar- Surviving are two daughters, r j e d to Mr. Christensen March Mrs. Larry Ryan, Shreveport. 3 1908 . in Boone. Mrs. Christen-La., and Darla Entringer. Cedar ;; en was a member of St. Mark’s Republicans said it would be inadequate for Nixon to turn over   r  Saturday. Leak in Gazette weather station at 2 gas tank at street and p m. W at IO mph    Second    avenue    SE. Sun rises Tuesday, 6:04; sun 4 48 i ) rn - Saturday. Malfunc-scts, 8:04. at 717 Year Ago Today — High. 67; low, 50; rainfall, .37 Traveler's Forecast Tuesday Weather, Hi-Lo Bismarck ...... Fair    63-42 Chicago    PtCldy    68-52 Cincinnati.....Cloudy    77-51 Cleveland    Shwrs    68-46 Des Moines    PtCldy    68-50 Detroit  Shwrs    65-45 Indianapolis ... Shwrs 77-51 Kansas City..... Shwrs    70-57 Milwaukee    PtCldv    60-40 Mpis.-St. Paul PtCldy 63-46 Okla. City .    Tshwrs    78-58 Omaha........ PtCldy    75-51 St. Louis ....... Tshwrs    75-58 Sioux Falls........Fair    67-42 Degree Days Saturday ................. 0 Sunday ........... Total to date Through April 28, 1973 Percent of normal year Total normal year Mississippi Stages (Flood stages in brackets) Lacrosse (12) 8 8, fall .2 Lansing (18) 10.5. fall .2 Dam 9 (18) 20 2. fall 2 McGregor (18) 12.6, fall .1 Guttenberg (15) 12.1, rise Dubuque (17) 13.9, fall .1 Davenport (15)    12.2, change Keokuk (16) 12.3, fall .2 Stoddard. 79. lion of alarm system Sixteenth street NE. 5:54 p.m. Saturday. Children with matches to logs at dead end of Stoneybrook lane NE. 6:28 p m. Saturday. Burning at ‘ Hrabak’s leaves out of control at 1324 cemetery. Chelsea. Norwood drive SE. 8:23 p.m. Saturday. Unknown to grass at Rockford road and Fourteenth avenue SW. 9:31 p.m. Saturday. Resuscitator call at 1295 Thirty-second street NE. . 12 49 a in. Sunday. Unknown to leaves at 519 Indian road SE. I 05 a rn. Sunday. Uausc under investigation at 416 Tenth street SE , . ,    ,,       Improvements    Conv shaken up. Several inches of m i Ss j oner Richard Phillips said ram poured through the opening     Pojm    road    NE    was    flood . 'btb 0 " 1 *:,    .    ,    .    ed briefly in the 4000 block area, transcripts to    the committee.    The Knoxville veterans hospi-     and a |    d catch basjn near That view was    taken by former    tai offered to take in the 71 rest-     McKin , ey    school causcd    water i i     and s ™     dcn ! s * f the home ' bat , Baker    to damage    a    neighboring    retain- Javits (R-N.Y.)    in separate tele-smd they were cared for in     in _ ,, a son John I Fn f“ vv “ B * T'T*     M * rR 5 vision interviews Sunday.    other parts of the home Sunday     a .     ftf    mlH    nn    thp a son. John J. En- Lutheran church. Chicago and Rir .u Qracn „    I    i    nioht    We    had    a    lot of mud on the • tringer. jr., Cedar Rapids; four North Western Women s club tho trim ? Rjat supply- nl 8bt.    streets all over town.” he grandchildren, and her mother. and pi Kahir auxiliary    ;     8    transcripts    of    the    tapes    The    tornadoes    and    high    winds     added particularly near the in- Rose E. Doty. Cedar Rapids. I '    .     a    , dlt ' inn .    .     r    "auld not meet the order of the accompanied a series of heavy , ersection of Elajne driv e and O Dose, Services:    Tuesday at 1:30    ,     co, r; mi '' ees    subpoena.    He    also    thunderstorms that dropped as avenue NW. said that “the case is close.” much as four inches of rain in    Kenwood    Ditch ........... , Fr ' d .., H I I    husband    are    four    daughters. 54. I uesday at 1.30 at Jordans p.m. in Immaculate Conception     6    ’ :  ____  WUU*    d    Stclb    Haynes. Grove Baptist church. Burial: church bv the Rev. William P 3 re, . ia f ! ; l vncs nJ Colorado a 5 0U t whether there was suf-some parts of the state d»c{?*'central City.* r ^’ r ' - la'onard. Mre. En,ri^”ad    ^    to P m ? Nixon;     Evacuated Belle Plaine James H.t willed her body to the Universi- lf ,    .. e ’    J.'. ‘ s , 1 A 8111 bac4 committed an indictable of- » . There were very few sewer backups. Phillips said, and the A few light showers were re- Kenwood and Vinton ditches ported in southwest and south were running full at times. Wednesday at 2 ty of Iowa medical department. ^ obstette G     H     an A.    ^. rS '1 4ense - Burial: Rector (TrinnHc mav if thpv wkH rnn leonard Spipker, Cedar Rapids, i Richardson re c icned Ort IO *    » Friends may, if they wish. con two sQns CeciJ w Cedar r ,. thpr th ^ n fir : g th n    ,    central Iowa Monday morning,! The amount of rainfall during Traer Adele Hoeppner, 86 H ,bu R‘    charitx    of    then    p aD jj- anf j iflcjjp u Blue f    * u u 1    ''P 01    —-- th^    u/n<»kpnH    varied    «;harr»lv    in Wodm i.v ;u 10:3.- Mt Over. choice. Brady-Kuba funeral    .    i    _7 C    P ro secutor Archibald Cox. He ton’s. Burial: Buckingham ccm- home is in charge of arrang- ^ rass - a bro t bc L Bernard Ben-i was interviewed    on NBC’s etery     m0 nts.    son Minneapolis; 22 grand- .. Meet the --.,7-7-1 grandchildren    *    Asked    why    he    felt    the    possibil' Lutheran church south ol    K    IS^irCjCP...... Homestead. Friends may call at Hoover-V’alentine’s until 12:30 Tuesday. . Springdale — Lyle Emerson, the Arab-Israeli conflict. But (Continued from Page I.) Services: Turner chapel west at 3 p.m. Tuesday by the Rev. David Larson. Burial: Cedar I. a.    c ,    ,    cd Methodist    church. Barker’s 9.34 a rn. Sunday. Illegal     t burning at 1435 Wilson avenu :18 p m. Sunda> Ceiling tile V ‘V tV' L * 0 fell on dryer at 527 Third ave- ,7,,.-,.h v, 2 nue SWU 6 580     8 -02 pm Sunday. Needless 6 ; (i H7 rail behind 1215 Fifth avenue 99 24 6 631 Keystone the weekend varied sharply in ■ j 9 A J    different areas of the city. The JOORe S Urfler    ? a uge at The Gazette recorded I ,    1.57 inches, the airport recorded wa, -    Nullifies Food Gris’S against Nixon was close Ri-i aaa    ■    ■    ■■    ,1 ne “sara »I, Stam P Guideline 'it*... 74. Wednesday at 10:30, Unit- they said he felt the Russians|£ 1emona, u Fri , ends , may f; aU at P a ttern. The direct answer is ll In response to an agreement!^^ ° fh calls blamed on the Branch' ChUrCh ’ Barker ’ S ‘ must be made aware of the'^^ ^ 1 Z casket will ^ th \ nk that thc evidence is rcach f cd ^ay between law-,     Lightning strikes Blanch.    conseauences    if    the    peace ef- 1 Tuesday, the casket will sufficient in any given situation; lyers for four food stamp recipi- .    . R    . 52 Wednesday s! fort' is «ibotaged     not be opened after the service ’ milk, ITT. cover-up of Water- ents and a state official. Feder- 1 Ligbttiing apparently struck a 2 - Inhn Lutheran ofRcial turc^s in Damascus    7~7~    ,    Sate. to directly implicate the a1 Judge Edward McManus ™dow frame at the Nancy church. Friends may call at .. r ‘ m vko is exixVtcd to ^ rs * ^^ ar * es P - V °l z President. But the cumulative Monday issued a consent judg- Bates residenc e 3229 Carlisle Fellmet s, after noon Tuesday. sal ° ’’tom ko is expected to    nattprn nf thncn thinnc cur ment vniriinp lnwa'<; npw fond street NE. at about 6:40 p.m. Brandon — Mi-    visit    Syria    sometime    this week. Mae B. Volz. 74. of 318 G ave- P attern of these things sur- Tie ding iowa s new food .    ijghtnine    jumped Steinbeck, 69. Wednesday at 2. possibly coinciding with Kiss- hue NW, died Monday. She was rounding the President, in each s amp regulation.    to    a    bed    frame,    causing    damage (i i.) p.rn Sunday Lightning Methodist church. White’s, In- inger’s arrival as the go-between born Feb. 6, 1900, at Palo. On case involving somebody next to At issue in the case was a    curtains to bed springs at 3229 Carlisle dependence. ^      j    j n    negotiations    for    a    disengage-    Oct.3. 1930, she was married to    responsibility,    creates    a    A     a ^ ge .^     r 4 eg t u '    Seven    minutes later lightning SE Everett G. La Rue, ment cf Syrian and Israeli Charles P. Volz at Iowa City. rea ^y troublesome question. Iation, in which standard utility    Fleetrie    Licht ,      „_____ .Mrs. Volz was a lifelong resi- A failure on his part now to ables were used to determine ^ p 0WPr Co transformer at tract SE     i 30 P m - Monday. Cremation The purpose of Gromyko’s trip dent of the Palo community meet tb e requests for tapes the cost of stamps instead of ac- p niirf h gfreet SF rausinc \\at«-r in "y 11 May _ was not disclosed But hiv visit until moving to Cedar Rapids in justifies an adverse inference on ,ua4 * u t 1 I i tv payments. The ___   f ._______ Legislature Senate Convened IO a.m. Voted 42-2 to pass conference j committee report on bill to re-ouire landlords to return security deposits when renters move out. Concurred w i t h house amendments and    gave final April 27    -    To    the    families    of    legislative approval    to three Theodore    Cray,    6028    Langdon     bl,ls - including one    to rewrite treet NE    _ Tip . ton ( 47    ii rn Sundav    Licbtniii£     1 1 ■ WulncsdaJ at 10.30, Sheets    ,    ,     tI    , ,lrik.'    to IranUorm/r    and Son Friends may call after I forces on the    Golan    Heights. 1239 Fourt 7:20 pm ________ ______ Decorah 15o and Center    Point    road    derson, 82. Tuesday at 2, De- ;E    corah Lutheran church. Burial in Pontoppidan cemetery. Sterne’s. - William O. Ed Victor air-condiiioncr blow er at High- , l,ecwr *® ~ Andrew G. An- reflects Atoscow’s eagerness not March "     r    ,    this    very    question.”    j    change    was    effective    March    I C edar at C.R. (13) 5.9ft. rise .63 Coralville Pool level Monday    671.94 Births — Mercy Lake Sigourney mundson. 87 -iey Holds'. Hopkinton- tr ode Like, 10:30. St. minor damage, firemen report- to leave a Middle East settle- Surviving are her husband:     Ja vits.    on    CBS Face the Na- tv plaintiffs argued, and    jg spokesman said there ment entirely to Kissinger. tw0 daug hter5. Myra Nemec 4lon • . sa,d that turning over assistant a 110 r n e y general were scatt ered power outages .amu re. . Kissin * er and Gromyko were■ and Mrs Harley Gladwin, scripts would likely be Loma Williams agreed, that throughout the city and two Ville, ('alif. A ! a A"? U ? Cir    Cedar    Rapids;    a son. Harold y^ e 4 d „f s ., lr I?    f     3    0    the P rocedure was in violation cases w here a primary cable off merits difterences in negotia- y 0 j z Morongo Valley. Calif.; 12 sa ^ d 4b at if the house voles an of the Federal Food Stamp failure cut off Dower - Elizabeth Gel- tions tor an agreement to limit grandchildren;    13 great- ,m pcachment, Nixon should act of 1964. as amended.    number    of homes lh Pue.saa' at missiles with independently tar■ L n j„L 1If | r(in . .    “     4 ------- ;I .....-    numoer    or nomes. for a Luki Catholi •hurch. Rosary Monday at 8, Jocttsch's Hills— Elizabeth Knebe! independently geted nuclear warheads. U.S. officials said Kissinger was )9. {carrying “modifications”— grandchildren: and a R H. Phelps, Cedar Rapids. Services: 1:30 p.m. Wednes brother lSte P down temporarily while he „    .    , is on trial in the senate.     Terms of the agreement, as Last week the judiciary com- l s P e!led «“ ln MMonday s order, j mittee voted 34 to 4 to grant a include: avenue SW, a son; Lewis Novak, 2726 B avenue NW, a daughter. April 28 - To tin 1 families of Richard Tavegia, 1600 F avenue NW, a son; Lyndon Wolf, 700 Thirty-fifth street, Marion, a son. April 29 — To the families of Terry I'almer, I OIB Harold drive SE, a son; Bruce LeClere, 3311 Forty-fourth street NE. a son. tate child abuse laws. Held Dt mocratic and Republican party caucuses. Recessed until I p.m. House Convened IO a m. Completed legislative action on a bill to increase maximum mileage allowance for public employes using their cars on the job to la cents a mile. Pa sod 51-37 and sent to thc senate a bill to create a state stabilization or "rainy day” 'uesday at ii si" Joseph's : which'they would not describe day at Beatty-Beurle chapel by whj(e H#use ' f g( fj i The plaintiffs in the suit will hutch. Ro»iev Mondio at 7:30,! ■    ., s . )roDosa i s , 0 ttM , the Rev. Neville Clayton, pastor    nrioinallu    th..    reimbursed    for    excess    food George I , Gay. Iowa City. I 1,1 L •»•. PWPOMB » J." UK .    r hr istian    church     more    da > s - Originally the dead- .    „ Power Is Off Power was off for about 150 customers in the Worthington acres area SW from about 8 West Union 77. Burnham and Francis Loftus, arms limitations talks moving    cemetery    line    was    last Thursday, d Wood.    i    again.    Burial:    Spring    Grove    cemetery     Rm(    , n in Covington. Friends may call: Sets Ri'ey Net Worth At $149,690 But in granting the delay, stamp costs through reductions P m< un,d 11 P °V’ due 40 a 4ree in future purchases. The four on a P rimar y cab * e - women are Florida Polk and Another 25-30 customers were :, t7 "i the ,' ai v Sund ^ d av hc chapcl af,cr 10 a m Tues ‘    sXm light touched on the European < a -•    dino.    said    Ihey    hoped    the    re-     El “ a 7_ th ..     R « bls ® n '    Twentv-fourth    avenue c rn Security Conference and prospects for a 35-nation F^ast-West summit, and Monday’s longer meeting covered these greater depth. Births — St. Luke's fund as a repository for st ile April 27 — To the families of general fund revenues which Merle Brevier, Center Point, a exceed estimates for any fiscal daughter; Richard Srhafer, 1145 v( '® r -Longview drive, Marion, a Recessed until 1:15 p.m. daughter.    '    ^ r-tii April 28 Tommy L. Nunn. 2102 North Towne court NE. a s P<*ed*nf son; Jerry A. Klingaman, 2930 f ^ avenue NW; Linda State Sen. Tom Riley (R-Cedar Rapids), a candidate for the nomination for Second district congress, Monday disclosed his personal financial Martin Smith. a ssets and liabilities. The report showed Riley and srael Planning Deportation of 'Crazy' Arsonist .....  ......    .    JERUSALEM (API — Denis C avenue NE. a son; Elmer "j;, 1,31 S. 1 .''::',,     his    wif e    Nancy    have    assets    of    Rri, an . an Australian religious ave-    ^ainpb^U    3804    Pirfe     aad »“«•«    «[    Enatic confined to Israeli men- __,     lhe y    hoped the re- p' airiebure . jVniee* Mnrrii' bl°ck of Twenty-fourth avenue . . c .    quest    for    more    time to review c , p,. ’    '     c    ';SW. due to lightning severing a Memorial Services I the subpoenaed material «« E!f«! t iv" immediately, the cable. o tnnipc in M,| ler. Harry A. — 10:30 an indication that Nixon plan- . deoartment of social ser Major problems were expense topics in ; am wednesday in Chapel of ned to supplv everything called depar ment of s etal aer , . w . Branc v 1 ^g Memories bv the Rev. Francis | for in t h P snhnoena'    vices, whose commissioner cnc f a m    Drancn, me —    R.    King    of    Olivet    United    Pres-;     R    .    ‘     itf    ,    Kevin Burns was named as de- s P°^ esrnan sa * d - A power loss bvterian church. Burial: Cedar! “ u4 ^e committit appeared r en d an * ; n ek p rasp w ;|j usp *u p occurred at about 7:30 p.m. in Memorial. Friends may call ai unanimous in its concern that     c "  U3t west Branch Moscow and Ata- Cedar Memorial funeral home the White House response might old re g ulat,on governing compu-|^ esl « rancft ’ MOscow ana Ma nue NE, a son. Out of Town Births Tree drive NE; Marsha Devore, $18,782. or a total net worth of ‘n| hospitals for more than four 1311 Highwood drive NW; $149,690.21.    years a f ter setting fire to Jeru- John Repiei, 1546 Bever avenue j n making the disclosure, alem’s Al Aksa Mosque, is to Riley also released his ‘after noon Tuesday and at the|^ dH d transcripts EvenThe tation of utllit .V deduo4ions -    {‘f 3    F ° We . r lchapel after 9 a.m. Wednesday.j    ^ ^ P ? .    ,     e    The    ruling    applies    to all Moscow and Atalissa by about food stamp recipients whose P m - costs increased during March    Branch trees and tree and April due to the regula-    J ,m bs    were down on primary (ion change. All similarly af-     lines    Parts of    the community feeted will be reimbursed.    (were    provided    electricity by Judge McManus ordered that; abou4 ^ a m - and 4b e rest came Rep. Charles E. Wiggins (R- each county food stamp office -back on by 2:30 am. llRDCl o i iv i & a. in. ftvu*ivau0T Masonic services will be con- Presidents strongest supporters ducted by Crescent lodge. All seemed agreed that unless the Master Masons are asked to committee has a role in verify-moot a! the chapel at III 15 a.m. jng |hat a]|    ma , eria|    js included in the transcripts, they would not be acceptable. Wednesday. Group Urges Full Amnesty Be Given Calif.) proposed last week that be notified withlrT30 days of the and costs. IvliC ^     1113    1973    v    deported    to    his    homeland.!    The    Hawkeye Area Chapter of the committe c and the White regulation revocation. Palo; fined    Iowa income tax information,    the    interior ministry announced.    i the Iowa Ci yj| Liberties Union     Hous e jointly consider presiden-    For the next 90 days, accord-' ^    and    costs.    Miles Chaplin,    He earlier released his federal    A    spokesman said Rohan. 33.     has urged Congressman Edward     tial claims that some sub *    »ng to the order, food stamp of- 1 nest    Delson    503 Vt CAvenue NE    income tax information.    had    recently been re-examined    \lezvinsky to favor legislation    P 0 ™ 3 ^ material was not rele-    fj ces are to display a notice of The Iowa tax firm showed aland    confirmed as a permanent     for -universal and unconditional     vant ' was sub ject to claims of    the change in a conspicuous Larry Davidson, a son, April 24    each fined $30 Grandparents ait* Mr. and Mrs.    James Reynolds, Morris Davidson, 630 Hillview    $25 and costs drive, Marion. Marriage Licenses    David Randall, 3038 C avc- Marilyn Ives and Kenneth nue NE; Donald Beach, 5800 net income for 1973 of $48,563.65 mental case Glaus, Susan Brunson and    First avenue NW;    Kim    Shields, I of    which    Riley    claimed    Rohan    set    the    1.200 year-old James Neilly, Shelly Stinnett    hoi First avenue    SW;    Maxinej$24.839.37    as    taxable    income    rn 'soue    ablaze    Aug    21.    1969, and Irving Longerbeam, Paine- Wasson, 3930 Johnson avenue    , la Sankcy and Roger O’Bannon. NW; Edward Heying, 3211 Bftcr deductions.    j    out    hing    off    a    storm of anti- all of Cedar Rapids. Sandra Forty-fourth street NE; Robin:    Riley,    Monday,    renewed his)Israeli protest throughout the Plotz, Cedar Rapids, and Steve Crees, 2128 North Towne Putnam, Camanche. Kathleen! NE; Randall Hartman amnesty for those who various ways opposed the unconstitutional Vietnam war.” Mezvinsky is a member of the j n executive privilege or was na- place and notify in writing all tional security information. w h 0 come into ‘the office. Floral Fantasies from our tkillod art itf PIERSON’S fl s °hSP IWO ELMS BLVD. NW FLOWERPHONE 3M-182S But in putting forth his proposal. which will be considered  -------- r —.......—    .    ..    .    , .    ...    this week, Wiggins emphasized ? lane: SUgg estion that all office holders!Moslem world. The mosque, subcommittee^ot tne nouse judi- (ha( „ in al) j nstances f j na ] reso . Unmm . „    ^ . •. , . unH ; Tu , Ifth    Rl    ..     r i 57 voluntarily make public such in- which was badly damaged, is clary committee wnicn is study- lution would be - th h d f Hemming^, Spirit Lake, and Twellth street NW; Ruth Die- ,     J    .    »•    i.i om v     a    mg the oroblem ot war re- .u Cedar trich, 4023 Vine avenue SE; formation until such action iSj ane ot Islam s most hallowed     p    the committee, not the Pres-i Jack Harville, Rapids. Florist for Over 61 Years ! each fined $20 and costs. JGMIX K. EAPEN Convenient Downtown Location 308 3rd Ave. SE    365-0511 required by law. shrines. sisters. ident.” ANNUAL LEBANESE DINNER “Delicious Middle East Foods ' SUNDAY, MAY 5 Served Buffet Style, Adults $3.00, under 12 $1.75 ISLAMIC CENTER, 2999 First Ave. S.W. Reserve Your Tickets Now, Coll 362-6047 z < o h- when words aren’t enough send sympathy with flowers FLORIST and GIFT SHOP 364-8139 PHONS ANSWHUD 24 HOURS tVlRY DAY NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER will be observed at ST. MARK’S LUTHERAN CHURCH 2100 First Avenue Northeast April 30th. I he Sanctuary and Chapel will be open all Day & Evening. You arm invitod to spend some timo In Prayer.