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Publication: Cedar Rapids Gazette April 12, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 12, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa —Gazette photo bv Larry Tanner i hrce Indian Creek school second graders demonstrate the Hawaiian dance, the hu-lcilu, at a Hawaiian luau held recently at the school. Girls are, left to right, Melissa Bradley, 8, route I; kathy Yoder, 8, 1125 Indian Creek road, and Susan Justice, 7, route 3. The luau culminated a unit of study on Hawaii by the second graders. Besides the dance, the stu-dents played Hawaiian games. -Impeachment- (Continued from Page I.) 1971 and had been aware of White House interest in the tax problems of movie star John Wayne. Jaworski Tax Probe of Dozen Persons: Saxbe WASHINGTON (AP) - The special Watergate prosecutor has been authorized to proceed with tax investigations involving more than a dozen persons, Atty. Gen. Saxbe says. But presidential tax lawyer! Frank DeMarco, the only person identified by Saxbe, said he has not been contacted by anyone from the prosecutor’s office or the justice department. Saxbe told reporters Thursday that special prosecutor Leon Jaworski inquired about a week ago as to whether his jurisdiction covered tax matters and DeMarco, who prepared President Nixon’s tax returns for 1989 through 1972. Saxbe said he told Jaworski that the charter spelling out the prosecutor’s responsibilities was broad enough to cover the issue. Asked by a reporter whether Jaworski might also have authority to investigate Nixon's tax returns, Saxbe replied. “I think that's basically what he asked, isn’t it? Why else did he write me a letter*’” The attorney general also said that Jaworski has asked him several times to request tax-re-turn and other information on .several Watergate figures from the IRS. ‘‘I authorized Mr. Jaworski and requested on Mr. Ja-worski’s behalf information on a dozen or 15 who I have not named,” Saxbe said. Arraignment Set TOLEDO — Jerry R. Sehutter-le, address not given but he is employed in Waterloo, was charged Wednesday in a county attorney’s information with drunk driving. He is to appear in Tama county district court Wednesday for arraignment. Schutterle was arrested March .‘JO by a Traer police officer who reportedly observed him run a red signal light in Traer. He reportedly refused blood alcohol and breath tests. Marijuana Bust Big Break for Ul    A J.* x and bit her lips as she rubbed nknown Artist her cves —Boyle— (Continued from Page I.) LOS ANGELES (UPI) - Robert Rossi, a struggling artist, got a big break from an unlikely Thank Prosecutor Kenneth and Joseph Yablan-. source - an arrest for mark ski' Jr-> the tvvo lawyer sons of; juana possession.    the slain union leader, clinched Rossi, 35. had no money to,and unclenched their fists and pay the $315 fine imposed by stunted- They refused to talk to Judge Carlos Velarde, so he of- newsmen later, fered one of his canvases, “Hoi- However, Kenneth Yablonski, lywood Cowboys,” as payment. wbo had found the bodies five * Rossi was lucky enough to da>'s aftcr his parents and sister have been brought before a were slain as theY dept in their I judge who is an art collector. rural Clarksville home in south-The judge said that in his!western Pennsylvania, em-opinion, the painting was very braced Sprague. .good and obviously worth more “You know how ha!W 1 an\” than the amount of the fine, and ke sa*d' teafs swelling in his he would check with the county eyes. There s no words that I. purchasing agent to see if it can express, could be accepted as payment. His. brother, better known as Pictures of Rossi and the P and now general counsel painting appeared in newspa- f(J ,hc 200.000-member union/ pers and on television, and thcTi so congratulated Sprague dhd publicity has given sales of his "bispered, Thankyou. works a boost.    “Goodbye” Hollywood Cowboys” was Boyle left the courtroom es-, put chased by a real estate corted by marshals, turning broker tor $450, enough to pay fjrst |0 wave to his wife and the tine and Rossi s back rent. murmer “Goodbvo ” I vc sold paintings for next Sprague built his case against to nothing just to survive, ’ he Boyle primarily on the testimo-said. •Now I'm hearing from a ny of William Turnblazer, a number of galleries. Even Frank former president of IMW Dis-Sinatra s secretary wanted to trict 19. embracing Kentucky buy the painting. Maybe people and Tennessee. Turnblazer has are finally discovering that I plod guilty to federal charges of have some talent.”    violating Yablonski’s civil rights. This carries a life sent-! ence. Turnblazer said Boyle gave the “kill Yablonski” order at a ..    .    June 23, 1969, meeting in a hall- ro! lowing Mass wa.v ,he UMW building in NEW YORK (AP) - Terence Washington. DC. Cardinal Cooke, a priest, a nun Boyle called rurnblazer a Park Renovation Plan Gets Park Board Okay Marion's park board approved no fires except in fireplaces the general plan for city park and-or designated areas. renovation at a meeting held No removal of wood from Friday in the park.    park areas without a written The board authorized its engi- permit; no cutting of live trees, neering consultants, Shive and picking, digging or removal of Hattery Associates, to proceed plant material; horseback rid- with preparation of plans and ing in an area between IO and 20 specifications.    fcet of Dry and Indian creeks or The board adopted a set of designated trails only; no per-,    .    ,    .. f    f son shall play, practice or other- rules and regulations for its wise hjt ;)l golf half in any mnn- parks. The rules and regulations ner m any park; go into effect immediately. i>ark road speed limits are 20 They are:    miles    per hour; no liquid or No bikes, scooters or motor s°Hd fuel propelled rockets, or vehicles in any park areas ex- model airplanes with or without cept on roads; no snowmobiles cables except by written per-in any park area; all parks mit; no musical instruments or closed to the public after IO |sound equipment that includes p.m. and until 8 a.m. unless :sound amplifiers without written written permission has been permit; no services shall be granted; no person shall litter !’endered or merchandise sold the grounds with any form of or made available for pecuniary waste material; all litter must 'Profit, or business of any kind be deposited in the receptacles transacted, or entertainment provided therefor;    j8iven    in any park without first No possession of firearms, BI! ob,t,a™"? wri!lcn Permission. guns, slingshots, missiles of any Vlola,,on of an-v Park rules ‘s kind, javelins, bow and arrow '//^demeanor and is punish- no hunting or trapping on park able bv ,UP.10 a $l0° f,nc or 30 property; no consumption of a1- ays in Jai ' coholie beverages in any park    *    *    * areas; no overnight camping or P^rk C lea nun parking of vehicles, trailers or    y trucks without a written permit; Judicial Group Re-Sets Session On Magistrates The meeting of the Linn county judicial magistrate appointing commission has been re-set for April 25 at 1:15 p.m. The commission will select six part-time magistrates for two-year terms beginning July I. Salary is $4,800 per year. Anyone interested in applying for one of the positions may contact District Judge William Eads, chairman of the commission, any time before the meeting. To be eligible for the position one must be between 18 and 72 years old. Ten persons have applied, nine attorneys and one layman. The law requires that the commission give first consideration to persons licensed to practice law. The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Fri., April 12, 1974 Survey Reports Decline in Rabbit Population in U. S. Australia Ups Defense Stress Of Independence CANBERRA. Australia (AP) — Defense Minister Lance Barnard told parliament that Aus- Slated Monday Students from Linn-Mar and Vernon junior high schools will be helping cleanup Squaw Creek park in Linn county and possibly some of Marion’s parks and Oak Shade cemetery Monday. The project- is part of a program sponsored by the CROP committee. Highway Unit Slates Information Sessions AMES (UPI) — The Iowa highway commission has scheduled two public informational meetings in northeast Iowa later this month to discuss plans for possible n e vv highways through the area. A meeting has been scheduled in Dubuque April 23 to discuss the feasibility and necessity of constructing a highway from Waterloo to Rockford, 111. That evening, a second meeting will be held to discuss the possibility of building a route from Davenport to Dubuque to Lacrosse, Wis. Both meetings will be held in the Dubuque city hall. By P’rank L. Spencer CHICAGO (UPI) - In this season of the Easter bunny, official notice has been taken of a decline of rabbits. But shucks, you say, if there is a rabbit shortage all we have to do is wait awhile, such is their reproductive ability. This biological truth, however, is swiftly being reduced to a theory. Your typical cottontail doe can produce six to nine bunnies every few weeks — the gestation period is 30 days — but she is downright particular about where she produces them. Public Attention According to the Illinois Natural History Survey, which this week brought the rabbit decline to public attention, cottontails require “favorable habitat” to multiply in their accustomed style. And in Illinois, as everywhere else, the bulldozers have been closing in on the rabbit warrens. In Illinois alone, according to the survey experts, there was a decline of almost 5 million acres of “favorable habitat” in one recent four-vear period. During this period, the experts said, the rabbit population dropped 69 percent. And the trend lines in all parts of the country indicate a continued rise in bulldozing, a steady depletion of rabbits. Surely, you say, some group will discover the plight of the cottontail and rush to protect these creatures. Don't bet on it. Few Friends The ordinary rabbit has few real friends. And practically everything is his enemy. Among predators, rabbit is a favorite food. Coyotes, according to a Nebraska study a few years ago, prefer them to chicken. And whatever his reputation for speed, dogs and cats seem to have no trouble outflanking the average cottontail. It turns out that of all his enemies, the one most dangerous to the rabbit way of life is the farmer. Nowadays farmers put every square inch into cultivation. This means no patches of brush for the rabbits. The only people who have expressed much interest in preventing a complete rabbit wipeout are the hunters. They want to keep a few around so they can kill them. Offer Doctorate GRINNELL (AP) - Grinnell College has offered an honorary doctor of humane letters degree to exiled Soviet author Alexander Solzhenitsyn. In a letter offering Solzhenitsyn the honor, Grinnell President Glenn Leggett said, “Grinnell college wishes to honor your great human and literary accomplishments.” ... ,,    TT ., , Sponsors will be recruited by .ralias alliance with the Imted ^ y0ungSters to pay for the States is still important.    work to be done. Funds raised But he said Australia is now' through this effort will go to required to deal with local situations that may require it “to as- CROP. The project begins at 9 a.m. and continues until noon. Mrs. Mark Carter is in charge cr t an independent strategic in- 0f ^e Marion CROP operation. fluence and to pursue political    *    *    * policies more independently of YMCA — Saturday's activity U. S. views and interests." schedule at the Marion YMCA is: Non-aquatic — grade school open gym 9 a.m., junior high open gym 10:30; pool — pre- Stuck Elevator Traps Carolina and 13 deaf, teenaged schoolchildren were trapped for an hour in an elevator in midtown Manhattan. The unusual congregation was formed shortly after the conclusion of an Easter mass the cardinal had offered for the youngsters on Monday after liar. Sprague, after the verdict. said Boyle “was the liar.” UNI Room, Board Will Be Increased (HflStf*'    ' COUNCIL t AMES (AP) — An increase in room and board charges at the noon. The program was taped University of Northern Iowa for for use Easter Sunday.    the fall term this year was After the taping,’the group approved Friday by the state boarded the elevator of the board of regents, building housing the fourth floor Current rates most residence television studio. Cardinal halls on the Cedar Falls campus Cooke was bound for other are $370 a year. The new rate duties and the children were would be $990 for rooms with headed for hotdogs and ice double occupancy, cream nearby.    “The increase is fully jus- Between the second and first tified, since we haven’t had an floors, the elevator car stopped increase in some time (1972). and stayed there until rescuers and prices have been going up,” opened the doors of the stuck explained Regent Donald Shaw, car. Cardinal Cooke was helped Davenport, down from the car through a Similar increases will be hole in the floor. The children made for summer rates, mar-climbed out through a hole in ried student housing and for Barnard announced a five-; year defense plan to cost about $12 billion from 19/4 to 1979.    school working mothers 9    a.m.. He said the government    will    polliwog working mother    9:45, buy about $495 million worth    of    grade school recreational    swim new equipment, including two 10:30. The Marion Y will be frigates from the U. S., medium closed Saturday afternoon, tanks from the U. S. or West    *    *    * Germany, and naval patrol air-    Marion    Barber    Service    closed craft from the U. S. or Britain. April 22nd thru 29th. Vacation — The minister said the Labor Adv. government sees no reason to    *    *    * change its 1973 assessment that    Wanted    part    time    bartender. Australia is not threatened in Stickney's in Marion.—Adv. the foreseeable future.    - “I shall not be pushed into 20 YEARS AGO — Defense much larger demands on the sources said that the automatic taxpayer to satisfy those who radar warning net along the rely on vague assertions about Arctic rim of North America future possibilities of threats would cost an estimated billion and shaky analogies from the dollars and take until 1957 to past,” he said.    complete. THERE’S A DEMAND FOR CASH REGISTERS! NATIONAL cash register, excellent condition. $100 or best ofter. 364- 3655.________ SOLD TO A WATKINS COUPLE. “Had the register in the basement for a year. Then decided to advertise it. No trouble at all selling it,” said Mrs. Fodes Santas. TO ORDER YOUR ACTION-AD DIAL 398-8234 Daily 8 to 5 — Until Noon Saturday the car’s roof. other room and board options. \ rn open until 8 pm. v-W- C First National Motor Bank 7th Avenue and 3rd Street in Marion J Spring begins the Fashion Season. Let Both Sides NOW help you satisfy your Fashion desires and your direction will be . . right on! DOWNTOWN IN THE v IOWA THEATRE BLDG. 11 For a limited time offers a special sale on DOWNTOWN CEDAR RAPIDS 106 1ST STREET S.E. TELEPHONE 3642122 ONE PRICE includes Kryptok or Flat-Top Bifocal clear lenses and choice of any frame in our vast inventory, wires excluded. iNKklflKAAfi OPEN ALL DAY MONDAY THRU SATURDAY —-- Many other styles I sizes of terrariums available in our gift shop. LIVE BABY EASTER BUNNIES eo. an excellent children s pet We would like to thank all of our customers for helping make our spring open house a success SPRING OPEN HOUSE WINNERS Toro Mower—IUMEAR NETOLICKY Ortho Whilrybird Spreader—IRMA KOPECKY Gilson Shredder—leonard Stener Scotts Spreader—James A Pierson Scotts Spreader—Robert McAvoy Scotts Spreader—Harry Jensen Plastic Bags—Edward Saucer Plastic Bags—Burmta Lowder Ortho Whirlybird Spreader—C. D. Berry Ortho Lawn Food—Joseph E. Hruska Ortho Lawn Food-Betty Anderson Ortho Whirlybird Spreader—Tithe Wanning HAWKEYE SEED WILL BE CLOSED EASTER SUNDAY 803 Third Ave. SE Delivery 364-4176 HOURS; Mon., THurs., Fri. 9*9 p.m. Tues., Wed. 9*5 Sat., 9-5 Sun., Noon ’til 5 ;

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  • Carlos Velarde
  • Fodes Santas
  • Frank Demarco
  • Glenn Leggett
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  • John Wayne
  • Joseph E. Hruska Ortho
  • Joseph Yablan
  • Kenneth Yablonski
  • Lance Barnard
  • Larry Tanner
  • Leon Jaworski
  • Mark Carter
  • Melissa Bradley
  • Robert Mcavoy
  • Robert Rossi
  • Susan Justice
  • William Eads
  • William Turnblazer

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Publication: Cedar Rapids Gazette

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Issue Date: April 12, 1974