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Publication: Cedar Rapids Gazette April 8, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 8, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Television Today By Jay Sharbutt The Award Awards Show NEW YORK (AP)—An ob-s c u r e television producer, Everett Scrimshaw, of Bum-f u d g e o n , Fla., announced Monday the creation of a new awards program to honor the best awards shows on TV this year. “It’s called the first annual ‘Award Awards’ show,” he said. “It covers all categories — the Oscars, the Emmys, the Tonys, the Grammys and whatever else comes up.” Scrimshaw, who recently got his own award as the outstanding escapee of the Bum-fudgeon Home for the Weird, was asked how he came upon the unique idea of the Award Awards. “I was drinking,” he said. And, he added, “it struck me, as did my wife, that even with all these awards shows on TV, nobody’s ever really paid tribute to the people who make them what they are.” * * * Scrimshaw declined to say with whom he’s negotiating for the TV rights to the Award Awards show. He said it’ll be broadcast from the new Bum-fudgeon Civic Center right after the Halloween sock hop. “It’ll be a black-tie affair,” he emphasized. “There’s enormous interest in it. Snidely Foon, the haberdasher here, alrcady’s having a run on boiled dickies.” Scrimshaw made public a few awards categories he's planned. They are: Most Dramatic Gasp When Name Is Announced. Best Dash up the Aisle. Best-Looking Sioux Princess to Decline Award for Absentee. Most Years Spent Awaiting Award in Same Rented Tuxedo. Arthur B. Summerfield Trophy for Best Envelope-Handling. Best Dramatic Reading of Ad Lib on Cue Card. Most Humble Producer. Best Tight Close-Up on Face — given TV cameraman with fastest reaction when streaker interrupts ceremonies. * * * Back in the real world, meanwhile. CBS has canceled the top-rated “Sonny and Cher” program, which premiered as a summer replacement in August 1971 and joined the regulars in December that year. The cancellation is sad news, but industry observers noted the popular show was in trouble last February when its stars said they were canceling their SV^-year marriage. Fred Silverman, CBS’ programming chief, wouldn’t say if the marital rift was the reason the show was axed. “It’s a very, very complicated situation,” he said, declining to elaborate further. He said a replacement program would be announced later this month when CBS makes public its fall program lineup. * * * A reminder for baseball fans: NBC is televising tonight's Atlanta-Los Angeles game live, preceded by a halfhour program about the highlights in the career of home run king Hank Aaron. NBC says baseball authorities have lifted the television blackout of the game for Los Angeles, but not Atlanta, where the game will be held. Pair Injured In Accidents Over Weekend Traffic accidents over the! weekend caused minor injuries; to two persons, and resulted in: the filing of charges against one driver. Allen R. Pesavento, 26, of 1425 Thirty-sixth street SE, was charged with changing lanes in an unsafe manner after an ac- --City Briefs — The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Mon., April 8, 1974 Jurisdiction Proof Asked Little Controversy Aired In Two Suits At Cedar Demo Convention Landfill — Linn county land-    reported a fishing rod, two fill will close early Friday be-    reels, and tackle box worth $43 cause of Good Friday. Closing    were taken from the rear of his    jwo    lawsuits    will    be    dis-    TIPTON    —    Little    controversy    given    all    those    who    want    it    with time will be 3 p.m.    truck Sunday while it was    missed    bv    federal    Judge    Ed-was    rcPorted    as    Cedar    county    the    possibility    of    alternate    ser- *    *    *    parked at his home.    Ward    McManus    unless plaintiffs Democrats convencd to es-vice as determined by a board Any size living room sham-    *    *    *    in    the    cases prove their com- tdblish platforms for the local, of review. nioinfo foil hin ii.ricHin state and federal levels over tile GI benef pooed for $9.95. Any bedroom! The Sensational Rotary en- plaints fall within the jurisdic- $7.95. Can clean velvet and satin gine Mazda is here. All depart-upholstery and repair cigaret | merits open at Metro Mazda, burns. Diamond Carpet. 366- 4425 Center Point Rd. NE.—Adv. 6226.—Adv.    * * * tion of the court. benefits would be inweekend.    creased to fall in line with infla- The Chicago, Rock Island and    0n lhe    '<*al tevel. delegates    lion under another resolution Pacific Railroad company must    resolved    that    financing of the    passed by delegates. provide evidence by April 16    Cedar county    Democratic cen-    It was resolved that campaign cident in the 4600 block of First    .    .    „    _ ,    ^ avenue East.    6226.—Adv.    *    *    *    provide    evidence by April 16 cdar C0un!.v Democratic cen- Officers said his car struck a    *    *    *    TaPe    Player    Stolen    —Brian    that    it    is    headquartered    outside    fral ('°rnmittee be done bv those contri bution' rom an;, one per- motorcycle driven by Thomas] NARFE - Retired Federal Hartz- 3025 Carriage drive SW. the state of Iowa.    „ nim f IT p rn    f    ani    candiru    o/Urtv    *    ^    ° B. Whitlatch, 18, of 1270 A ave-! Employes will meet Tuesday at said someone took an $80 stereo And the Schien Body and nonth,y to the centi a1 commit- an, canc t pa .. nue, Marion, as Pesavento the Longbranch for a 12:30 taPe deck and a $6 tape from,Equipment Co. of Carlinville, ee neasulrr-    Officers    Named changed lanes.    lunch.    ^'s car Saturday night while it 111., has to show by April 19 that was also resolved that the Delegates to the convention Whitlatch was treated at    *    *    *    vvas P^ked in the Mercy hospi- damages in its suit against an °fhce °t overseer of the poor e]cctecj james £ Ballas. Tipton. Mercy hospital for a leg lacera-:    Battery    Taken    —Michael    taI parking lot.    Ackley    farmer    amount    to    more    and ,he Cedar county ricpart- tion, police said. * * * A 14-year-old bicycle rider. David Cole of 1833 Washington avenue SE, suffered bruises when his bicycle was struck by a car driven by Myrvin Pope, 64, of 648 Soutter court SE. Police said Cole tried to make the Cedar ment of social chairman of the Cedar county Wheeler, 1216 N street SW, told    *    *    *    *    than    $10,000.    mem or social services be rn- Democratic central committee. police a $54 battery was re *    Foundation    —    Chedar    C.R. Accident    Iowa’s^ comitje^ 1 m'J ° Named co-chairman was moved from his car Saturday ^ alley chapter will meet at 7:30    rajirmd’s rase stems .......... Bettv Lou Jedlicka of Tipton. night    p.m. Tuesday rn room 11-05 at Tae railroads case stems    No    Fault    Plan    Ba rh ar a Murray nf West *    *    *    Mercy hospital Sister Judith fro™ an October, 1973, incident    Barbara    Amiray    of \ est *    *    *    I v nosPIldl- sister_ Juaitni .. .    Dailv    a    truck-    Delegates    resolved    adoption,    Branch was named secretary Pella Tulip-Festival Motor    ^Mhe I«Si on the slate level, of a nofanll and Don Laughlin of West Coach Tour May lith. Travel vices» w*u Present the program    insurance plan modeled after Branch was selected treasurer. land conduct a tour of the new muiT , OI °1UUX , •    ,    ,, .. „ /    .    ,    ___ ! involved in an accident with the Alassachussets plan. & Transport 393-8747.—Adv. Mercy trauma center. a left turn in the 1700 block of; Alateen - Kenwood unit will    *    *    * Bever avenue SE just as the . f    Tuesdav    in    Fashion    Cleaners    —    Water    re- Pope car overtook him. The car Zcly line Sect mS peltent coats.-Adv. struck the bicycle in the rear. left Magistrate Court * * * Gas Stolen —Police said 200 gallons of gas worth $110 were taken from seven trucks belong- Two Are Fined For Assault Two men appeared in magis-    Fishing    Gear    Gone    —Brwin trate’s court Friday on charges    Fbana,    1505 Richmond    road    NE, of assault and battery.    I Kenneth White. 1233 First FOUT C.R. M©n street SE, pled guilty and was given a 30-day suspended jail i sentence. He was charged with assaulting Linda White on Jan. 29. A second charge of assault chucrh. * * * Health services to correct spinal nerve root irritations. Associated Chiropractors, Iowa ing to Buresh Rental, 2901 First Theatre Building.—Adv.    avenue SE, while parked at the Conopus Club — Linn county company’s lot over the week-sheriff Walter Grant will speak end. on the needs of county law en-    *    *    * forcement Tuesday noon at the Clothes Taken —Linda Melsh, Embassy club.    314 E avenue NW, said a pair of *    *    *    slacks and two pairs of jeans valued at $35 were taken from a dryer at Easy Laundry, 331 E a train on the First avenue SE It was resolved that the Iowa and Fourth street tracks.    public employes retirement sys- The railroad claims damages torn (IPERS) be improved to caused by the subsequent provide benefits at least equal derailment of the train is in to other retirement systems. Are Accused of Damaging Car avenue NW. * * * Gold coins bought — sold — appraised. Jerome’s, IE Tower.—Adv. ♦ ♦ ♦ excess of $30,000. No Evidence In his order, McManus noted that the rail company has presented no evidence that the “location of a majority of its tangible assets and actual business operations” are outside the state of Iowa and thus within gates the jurisdiction of the federal _ court. The Schien company seeks; damages totaling $10,135.85 from Robert G. Ibeling as a result of an August 21, 1970, accident in which a Schien truck collided with Ibeling’s cattle in Franklin county. The company claims it suf- The delegates favored maintaining present limits on truck sizes and weights and resolved that the Iowa tuition grant program should be expanded to include community college students. Burglars Hi! Country Club a Third Time IOWA CITY - For the third time in just over a month burglars entered the lounge at the Fairview golf course by throwing a rock through a glass door. Approximately $40 was taken from two cash registers inside the building. About the same amount of money and the same Cash Stolen —Joseph Haley, SWISHER —    Four Cedar    349 Twelfth street SW. reported    fercd    losses    of    $5,635.85    for re- and batter> against him was    men    were    arrested    Sun-    his billfold containing $100 in oair of the truck and $4,50) for dismissed on    motion    of    the    charees    of tamDerine    cas^ was ta^en ^rom a dresser    ^06S    use    ve^*c^e state. He was    charged    with    as-    aay on cnar&es    01 tampering salting Linda White on Jan. ll. I with a motor vehicle. Lynn Rutledge, 311 Sixth According to Johnson Sheriff street SW, pled guilty and was Cary Hughes, the arrests result-fined $40 and costs. He was ed frorn Sunday morning stake-charged with assaulting Paul ou^°( Dance M°r ballroom Television Listings Underwood on Jan. 6. 9—KCRG-TV, Cedar Rapids 2-WMT-TV, Cedar Rapids 7-KWWl.TV, Waterloo J—KTVO, Ottumwa 4—WHBF-TV, Rock Island 6—WOC-TV, Davenport 8—WKBT, la Crosse IO—KROC-TV, Rochester I 2—KIIN-TV, Iowa City 13—WHO-TV, Des Moines 40—KDUB, Dubuque Drug Charges Are Dismissed in an upstairs bedroom Saturday night or Sunday. The billfold was later recovered minus the cash. * * * Beautician needed, day or evening hours, full or part time. Hughes said. “On March 2, a Becky’s Fashionette, NW side. Johnson county patrol car was 365-9649. — Adv. vandalized at the same location.    *    *    * External damage was done to the siren and aerial. in Swisher. Dispute Costs Lawyers for the defendant claim the actual cost for the repairs was $2,602.85. “Certain-j ly,” they claim, “neither an error in the estimate nor the rise in inflation could result in a j difference cf over $3,000.” McManus ruled that the “burden is on the plaintiff to support Walkathon Meeting —Persons hjs contentions by competent means of entry were involved in On the national level, dele- two previous breakins, March 3, resolved amnesty be and March 17. Our new drive-up windows are now open! interested in helping with the proof.” were March of Dimes April 27 walk- Monday Night ■ it Semester 7.00 6 OO 1 ruff on n Match Ak th* World Turn* Ak the World Tgrnj Three on o Match Ak the World Turn% Three on n Match f lee trie Conicein / Five persons appeared in “A number of items magistrate s court Friday on , taken from the interior of the    i a{hon invited to an informal    , charges of possession of con-patrol car, including confiden-    meetjng with chairmen of the. Grand Jury Gets trolled substances.    dial    arrest    records.”    event at the home of Linda The charges against the five. Charged Sunday were Mike    Gutz, 323 Crescent street SE. at Lynn Rutledge, 311 Sixth street Eichorn. 20; Grant Rolland    7:30 p.m. Tuesday. Interested SW; George Mulholland, 1001 C Lache, 19; Robert Earl Duns-    persons may call 365-3997 or 362- Dis DIS I Nf Ak, Wealhfr, k 3 Ne Ak, Weather, < * Ne a s Weather, k * * OT.Ioch Edition 8 Newk. Sots Wenthi IO- Ne Ak. Weather, 5>pt 17 Uncle Smiley 13 f veAitneii NeAk 40- Lokve BS Ni I aday BS N< r odoy I aday et Deal I OO 7:30 I per Poor OO 6 IS 6:30 ie* Joo Revue 'apt Kangaroo ekarne Street apt. Kangaroo . apt. Kangaroo Newly Afd Gar Guiding Light Days at Live, Newly Afd Gat Guiding Light Dayk of Lives Guiding Light Davk of I ivek In School Newlywed Cor 1:30 ? 1? f Sanford and Son 3 Let k Make a Deal 4 - Dukty i Trail A Hollywood Squares k Nashville Music 10—Bobby Goldsboro 11—Consultation I) Sanford and Son 40- Great Soorts Legends 7.00 9 Rook CS Guosmok e Baseball L a Atlanta R 00k tes Gunsmoke Baseball L A Atlontg Gunsmoke Baseball I A Atlanta Special of the Week 13—Baseball — L A Atlanta 40 Rookies 8:00 9 arc Movie Once Upon a Time In the West’' *    ? Here s Lucy 3— ABC Movie — ‘ Once Upon a Time In the West" 4 -Oral Roberts 8 -Oral Robert 40 ABC Movie "Once Ucon a ' me In the West ' 8:30 2-Dick Von Dyke 9:00 1 Woman of Year 4—Woman of Year 8- Woman of Year 10:00 2—Action News 7 News, Weather, Spts. 4 News, Weather, Spts. a IO O'Clock Edition * —News, Spts . Weather IO- News. Weather, Spts. I? Day of Night 13 Eyewitness News 10:30 2 - CBS Movie - Wuthering Heights" 7—Tonight 4—Wild Wild West A Tonight 8—CBS Mo vie-Wuthering Heights" IO—Tonight 12—David Susskind 13—Tonight 11:15 9 - Eyewitness News 3— Newsbeat 40—Newsline 11:30 4 Rawhide 11:45 9 — f Troop 3- Stand UP and Cheer 40 Modern TV 12:00 2 I ast Word 7 —Tomorrow A —Tomorrow IO—Tomorrow 13—Tomorrow 12:30 4—Country Music Tuesday Morning 6:30 2—Sunrise Semester 4—Gorner Ted Armstrong 8:30 9:00 13 ■ e Douglas Joker s Wild Dinah's Place k id Power -Joker s Wild Dinah's Place Joker s Wild Dinah's Piare Sesame Street Dinah s Pioce 8 IO 40 I 2:00 In My Life E nae of N ight Doc tor s Girl In My Life t doe of Night Doctors t doe of Night Doc tors Girl In My Life avenue NW; Michael Krecitch. worth, 20, and Kenneth William 2003. Fairfax; Richard Fisk, 401 Davidson. 20, all of 704 Second Twenty-ninth street NW and street SW. Siegfried Kehl, 1352 Highwood The stake-out was conducted I drive NW; were dismissed fob after information that occupants ; lowing preliminary hearings. of a number of cars at the The five were charged with previous dance did damage to possession of marijuana on the squad car. When these vehi-! March 23.    des attempted to leave the _ _ parking lot, officers stopped the cars Sunday night. The four men were released^ Ion their own recognizance Mon-1 day morning. Campaign 7 •I ran 9:30 2 Gombit I jeopocdy 3 — Dr. Brother j 4 Gombit a Jeopardy 8 Gambit IO -Jeopardy 13 Jeopardy 10:00 9 —All My Children ;    2—Now You See it 7—Wizard of Odds 3—Galloping Gourmet 4 Now You See It A—Wizard of Odds 8 —Now You See it 10 Wizard of Odds 12 In School 13—Wizard of Odds 40—Not for Women Only 10:30 9 Brady Bunch 2—Love of Life 7—Hollywood Souares 3 Brady Bunch 4—Love of Life 6—Hollywood Sauores I -Loved Lite IO—Hollywood Squares 13—Hollywood Souares 40—Brady Bunch 11:00 9 —Password 2—Young and Restless 7—Jackpot 3—Password 4 Young and Restless a Jackpot 8—Young and Restless IO—Jackpot 13—Jock pot 40—Password 11:30 9 —Split Second 2—Tomorrow 7—Celebrity Sweepstakes 3 -Split Second 4—Tomorrow A -Celebrity Sweepstakes 8 — Tomorrow IO—Celebrity Sweepstakes 13- Celebrity Sweepstakes 40 — Split Second Tuesday Afternoon 12:00 9 —Eyewitness News 2—News. Weother 7 News 3 News 4—Dick Von Dyke A—Noon Edition 8 Noontime IO—News, Weother, Sots. 12—In School 13—News 40—All My Children 12:15 3—Town and Country IO—Vlrgimo 13—Cartoons 12:30 9—Let s Make a Deal 2—As the World Turns IO 13- 40 2:30 Genef ol Hospital Prire Is Right Another World -General Hospital -Price Is Right Another World Price Is Right Another World Another World General Hospital Soy Bad Check Paid for Stolen Car Paint Job Feld Supports Right-To-Work Forgery Charges Charles Hartman, 1230 Wilson avenue SW. vvas bound over to , the grand jury following preliminary hearings last week. in magistrate's court on charges of j forgery. He is charged with writing a check for $35 to Rick Campbell on March 16 on the account of Irene Frame and a check for ! 535 to Rick Campbell on March 22 on the account of Margaret Gunzenhauser. Onr I if A To Live Match Gam* How To Survive a Marriage One Life To Live Match Gome How To Survive a Marriage Match Game .e a 40 How To Sun Marriage How 10 Survive a Marriage One Lite To Live 3:00 9 Love. American Style 2— Tattletales 7 Somerset 3 Love, American Style 4 Tattletales A—Somerset 8 Tattletales IO—Somerset 12—Supervision 13-Somerset 40—Movie 3:30 9 Gilligon's Island 2— Dr. Ma* 7—What's My Line? 3- Ail My Children 4 Mike Douglas A—Cartoons 8 Bewitched IO- Not for Women Only 12 Bridge 13-FlopPV 4:00 9 Star Trek 7- Bonanza 3 Not for Women Only A Jeanme 8 Star Trek 10-Bonanzo 12 -Misterogrrs 13 — Merv Griffin 4:30 2- Bewitched 3 — Let s Make Deal 4 - Hogan s Heroes 6—Mery Griffin 12 Sesame Street 5:00 9- ABC News 2—Consequences 7 —Dragnet 3—Newsfeatures 4 Gilligan s Island 8—Consequences IO —Munsters 40—A BC News 5:30 9—Eyewitness News 2—CBS News 7—NBO News 3—ABC News 4—CBS News A—NBC News 8—CBS News IO—NBC News 12—Electric Company 13—HBC News 40—Newsline A 16-year-old boy has been charged by police with stealing a car and then forging a check to pay for having the car repainted. A traffic violation led to his arrest. The boy is accused cf stealing a 1965 white car belonging to Winifred Koutnik, 3223 Mound avenue SE, Thursday, and of forging his grandfather’s name on a blank check and cashing it for $164. He allegedly used $60 of the money to have the car repainted blue, and stole license plates belonging to Marguerite Couch, 2205 Forest drive SE.    * The youngster was arrested by Marion police Saturday night for failure to yield the right of way and violation of his instruction permit. Marion police impounded the car and when the boy couldn’t get it back, he called a detective in the Cedar Rapids youth bureau and admitted stealing it. He was processed by the bureau and released. Adwiftif m*nt C.R. Man Accused Of Striking Officer Donovan Young, jr., 19, of 428 Fourth street SW. was arrested early Sunday and charged with assault and battery and resisting officers. Police said they observed him driving recklessly in the 3500 Hotdog Champ NEW YORK (UPI) - College Michael J. Feld, candidate for student John Connolly con-the Republican nomination forjsumed nine hotdogs in two and Drive through convenience is back. Our doientoiun drive up windows are now open Monday and Friday 8. IOAM 6PM, and Tuesday through Thursday 8:30AM - 4PM. That s over 41 hours each week. So, drive up to one of our drive up windows. And if you have an extra moment, notice the new decor. It s only a hint of the beautiful, new facilities you'll find inside Bohemian Savings. We’re what you want Bohemian Savings Second district congressman, said Sunday night he strongly supports Iowa’s right-to-work law. Speaking at a candidates’ meeting at Mt. Mercy college in Cedar Rapids, Feld said, “In this day and age, when everyone is so conscious of an individual’s one-half minutes Sunday to win the annual event held at Nathan's Coney Island. Bronc IX MDU AUH. ; JOH) Center Po ) Third St. Rd. N.E. block of First avenue East and freedom and rights, it is incon-tried to arrest him for a traffic ceivable that there are some violation. Young shoved the of- who advocate forced mem-ficers and struck them, police bership in a union in order to said.    work. “This is absolutely wrong,”! I’.usiness Entered    continued Feld. “If an individu- TIPTON — The K and K farm jai wishes to join a union, that is equipment store was broken his business. But to force a per-) into here over the weekend. A son to belong to a union to hold .16 gauge shotgun and $2 in a job is bossism at its worst.” change were stolen.    _______ __ Keep comfortable... RUSCO WINDOWS & DOORS Order Now! 364-0295 515 8th Ave. SE J Read Entertainment Pages Daily Via The Gazette Relieves Tormenting* Rectal Pain And Itch, Helps Shrink Swelling Of Hemorrhoidal Tissues ... Due to inflammation. Gives prompt, temporary relief from such burning itch and pain in many cases. similar successful results in many cases. 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We can’t insure you against running out of gas— But we can insure you against many other crises. Call us today for home, auto and business insurance. WITWER INSURANCE 701 MNB Phone 362-3030 As the 33rd President of the United States, Harry S. Truman was the living symbol of plain-talking honesty and determination. But there was a Truman few remember, whose fight to drive corruption out of Missouri almost led to the kidnapping of his daughter and his own death. Special . 6:00 pm Monday 1119 ;

  • Allen R. Pesavento
  • B. Whitlatch
  • Bobby Goldsboro
  • Cary Hughes
  • Charles Hartman
  • David Cole
  • David Susskind
  • Dick Von Dyke
  • Don Laughlin
  • Donovan Young
  • Douglas Joker
  • Everett Scrimshaw
  • Fred Silverman
  • George Mulholland
  • Hank Aaron
  • Harry S. Truman
  • Jay Sharbutt
  • John Connolly
  • Johnson Sheriff
  • Joseph Haley
  • Kenneth White
  • Linda Melsh
  • Linda White
  • Lynn Rutledge
  • Margaret Gunzenhauser
  • Marguerite Couch
  • Merv Griffin
  • Mery Griffin
  • Michael J. Feld
  • Michael Krecitch
  • Mike Douglas
  • Myrvin Pope
  • Richard Fisk
  • Rick Campbell
  • Robert Earl Duns
  • Robert G. Ibeling
  • Siegfried Kehl
  • Walter Grant
  • Winifred Koutnik

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Publication: Cedar Rapids Gazette

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Issue Date: April 8, 1974