Saturday, March 2, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Page: 9

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Text Content of Page 9 of Cedar Rapids Gazette on Saturday, March 2, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 2, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 'Crazy Joe1 Falls Embarrassingly Flat "Crazy Joe" with Doyle and Eli Walkich Ditto De Laurcntiis prodw UHW us Laurentits undue- lion released by Columbia pic- hls rcleasc tUreS. At the tfjf OK lures. At the Paramount tcr. Hollywood rating: K Under 17 requires accompany ing parent or giirirdimi. By Doc Halllday Joseph Gallo was a roobslt who in the early 1970s tried take over the New York Cii crime operation. Legend has that he kept a live lion in th basement of his gang's hea quarters to frighten rival h men. It is said that before goin on muscle jobs he would mak faceg at himself in a mirr< "just practicing looking mean. Although the name Gallo i never mentioned in the film, is understood that "Crazy Joe is the story of Joey Gallo. Bu the film never lakes full adva taga the bizarre quirks Gallo's personality and 11 whole enterprise falls cmbaras ingly flat. Double-Crossed ..As it begins Crazy Joe (Pete Boyle) and his brother, Rich (Rip Torn) are trying to gain larger share in the operation i. their don (Luther The raid the don's mansion, tak hostages and gain a parley I negotiate their demands. Bu they are double-crossed and th war is on. Before the conflic can get beyond the skirmis stage, however, Joe is arreste and sent to prison for ten years While in prison, Joe reads ir depth such existential writers k Camus and Sartre and comes t see himself as the embodimcn oE the existential man, free o society's rules. Joe also develops an Bnlight ened attitude towards race re lations and was eventually to try to make the mob an equa opportunity, employer. H makes friends, with Willy, black convict (Fred William Death Struggle .When Joe gets out he joins forces with Willy and together they engage in a death struggle with the really big crime boss, Don Vittorio (Eli In the few years since Peter Boyle has achieved stardom, he has shown a remarkable range of acting skill. One would expect him to be the ideal choice to play a character 'like Gallo Back by Popular Demand Smart's Frontier Inn presents: IN PERSON ABOUHASON THE TURKISH MAGICIAN appearances on David Frost, Today, What's My Circus Time, Faa- tosy; and numerous newscasts. A unique form ol entertainment.. CONTINUOUS SHOWING Fri., Sat., Monday 2 Open at 7 Miles West el Cedar Ripiis on Hijtaj 30 Phone 446-6161 son) who wants to muscle in on New York organized crime after Die weeks ahead, "Ik-re will be a conciliatory, cooperative lone in those messages." "Whoop and Holler" WASHINGTON Pres- ident Nixon is taking turns talk- ing tough and Ihca tenderly the Democratic congress. The pattern is going to continue, says his chief lobbyist. Nixon talked tough at a news conference Monday about veto- ing energy legislation. Then Tuesday lie met with Casper Weinberger, secretary o health, education and welfare "j wwn and directed him to echo the no responsible action on the said retailers will not President's wrath Tilings look promising in the first scene where Crazy Joe is shown doing an imitation of Richard Widmark while watch- ing a. gangster movie. But the promise is never fulfilled. Boyle can never seem to find any solid ground upon which he can build a sturdy foundation. Passable Performances Wallach, Tom and Williamson give passable performances but no one in the cast is given any help at all by the script which is shockingly poor, nor by the di- rection which is superficial, nor by the editing which is terribly inept. It is difficult to believe that producer Dino De Laurentiis is responsible for both "Crazy Joe" and a fine film like "Ser- Nixon To Continue Tough, Tender Talk to Congress s wrain proposals, he'll call drop consumer prices when progress on pending education altcn'io" to that. If he doesn't wholesale beef costs are re- and health insurance bills 8el a reasonable trade bill, il is my guess he'll rcallv let out a "liut Ihey davc been quick to raise prices even he Said. B1Mauull. Kallem said beef prices ad- Timmons, by the nature of his Chicago newspapers job, opts more for the concilia- Thursday showed that stores lory approach and said recently there are underselling Iowa he was happier with the tone of storcs on k b thlS R .I O nf Iho llninn ____, _. 7 Chiding, Conciliatory Weinberger came from Nix- on's office to a While House news briefing, where he berated a senate committee as irrcspon sible on education legislation and eluded a house panel foi inaction on health insurance. Wednesday, it was back to the more conciliatory mood of Nix- on's Jan. 30 State of (he Union message. This time he sent Peter -Brcnnan, his labor secrc tary, out from an Oval office meeting to speak soothingly o: cooperation on minimum wage legislation, despite evident dif- 'erences between the While House and congress. William Timmons, head of the seven-man White House congres- sional liaison staff, said in an interview that when other rec- ommendations go to congress in Theater Time for Saturday COMMUNITY THEATER 'Play It Again, Sam" 8. PARAMOUNT "Crazy Joe 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. IOWA "Serpico" 8, 10. WORLD "Sting" 1-45 shorts TIMES "Chariots of th PLAZA "Superdad" :45; "Son of Flubber" STAGE 1 "American Gra iti" STAGE 2 "Paper Chase" STAGE 3 "Busting" 2-30 8, STAGE 4 "Cinderella Liber- ty" EASTOWN 1 "The Day of the Dolphin" 1, EASTOWN 2 "McQ" MARION Features 'at 11, 1 3, 5, 7, 9, 11. COLLINS "Teenage Tramp" "The Step- daughter" 'IThe Law- yer" Long Sleep Ends" TOKYO (AP) Mt. Chokai, a volcano in northern Japan thai Wants Retailers To Help Control Prices for AMES (AP) Kood proccs- isors and retailers must try to "But Uiis doesn't mean Dial if the bcc'f industry avoid congress fails to act on his ini- "further catastrophic fluctua- tiatives or slicks him with badltions" in beef an cxecu- legislation that he'll roll over ,ive of thc lowa calllemen's art play FMay "It by summer there has been! cxcculivc vitC' Poll Says Nixon Revolt Caused Ford Seat Loss 7 me central committee. DfrROIT conscious dgainst Confucius and. the latel jt .dppvars that jf Huallg is loo revolt against President Nixon Defense Minister Un Piaolbusy on political affairs at responsible for a Democrat- which is sweeping the Peoples to return to Washington, they believe Chairman Mao Tse- tung is behind the campaign my guess he'll really let out a whoop and a holler." But Timmons doesn't want lo sound like he's making threats: "I'm still optimistic we can get legislation." sorcs on sron a this year's Stale of the Union much as 70 cenls message than with the harsh words toward congress of 1973. DES MOINES (AP) Fur- Cost of Living Council regula- tions to profit margins on a storcwide basis "arc totally ineffective in controlling profit margins on he said. Government price controls and the pricing practices of lackers and retailers are mak- ployes. The amendment 30 YEARS AGO States' rights-advocates, in conference, blocked use of servicemen's fed- eral absentee ballots within the Republic of China feels there are important These experts feel Mao for to Pcrform usinfi the campaign to shake llcmc as _____ country out of complacency. _, This view is preferred to the GrbmVKO Arrives nc that moderates Iml hv Chtai _ _ ror Cairo Visit one that moderates led by Chou En-lai arc fighting the radical wing led by Chiang Ching and the new No. 3 member of the Politburo, Wang Hung-wen. Confuscd China is confused and they cau- ion against jumping to conclu- would return to Damascus at sions. They say Chou En-lai has 'he 'end of his visit to Egypt. shifted somewhat lo the left and t is too early to say what the Cairo uupun UJ i outcome might be. The next six isler Ismail Fahmy. veeks or two months may clari l'Me nr" fy the situation. miu icimicrs alU Illim- Iher action on a public emp- ing "huge numbers" of cattle loyes collective bargaining bill was deferred Friday in the Iowa house until 'next week. The only acti6n on the meas- ure Friday was correction of an amendment adopted earlier to prohibit secondary boycotts in disputes involving public em- by R e p. (R-New 'Hart- ford) was discovered to be faulty after it was adopted. It was corrected by agreement be- tween proponents and opponents of the bill. Further action was deferred because the floor manager of the measure, Rep. Brice Oak- ley had to be ab- sent because of his wife's ill- feeders leave the business, Kal- lem said. "In Iowa alone, we lave approximately fewer cattle feeders in business today than we had last summer." He warned that the beef in- dustry will be "concentrated in the hands of a few" if the trend continues. "Whether the public thinks it is desirable or not, only well financed big businesses would be producing beef in the future. You can be sure they won't do it at a Kallem said. C.R. Drug Numbers To report a violation: Michael Dooley 377-8081 If you need help: Foundation II... 362-2174 (4 p.m. lo midnight) Experts Think Mao Behind Anti-Confucius Campaign WASHINGTON (AP) Of-lsador Huang Chen, has been in ficial China watchers here say Peking since last November and no reason has been given for his absence. Huang is a member of the central committee. The Cedar Kaplds 5 Gazette: Sat., March 2, .1974 Kis- The official China watchers _ay they are not sure the ircsent campaign has any liv- ng politician as a target. Mao appears to stay above the fray his longtime sermon hat stability is bad. The world s in disorder and that is a good hing for the advance of the rev- olutionary system, he says. The China watchers here do not detect any change in China's foreign policy. They do lot believe that Chou is the real )utt of criticism that is daily heaped on Confucius. No Change There is no sign of improve- ment here in U. S. China rela- tions but also no signs of deteri- oration. U. S. Ambassador David Bruce has been called back from Peking to serve as a consultant for Secretary of State on energy problems. State department officials say lis recall has nothing to do with internal developments in China. But his counterpart, Ambas- been of great Gromyko told newsmen before leaving Damascus. "These talks are not yet completed and will resume in a few days, after my visit to Cairo." Gromyko's announcement meant he was following closely the movements of U.S. Secre- tary of State Kissinger and in effect adopting Kissinger-style "shuttle diplomacy" in his bid to keep Russia in close touch with the drive for a Middle East settlement. CA1RO (llpn AIRO (UPI) I'oreign Minister Andrei Gromy- arrivci1 in Cairo Thursday from Damascus for an official talhs wiih ian and said he Gromyko was welcomed at by Foreign Min- 'Our talks in Damascus have ic victory in Vice-president Ford's congressional district, a Republican-financed poll shows. The Detroit Free Press made the disclosure in Friday's edi- tions. It said the poll taken by Market Opinion Research of De- troit for the Republican Na- tional Committee shows 60 per- cent of those who voted for Democrat Richard VanderVeen actually felt his GOP opponent was better qualified. Republicans had held the seat since 1910. Despite VandcrVeen's "dump Nixon" stand, the poll said 70 percent of the voters knew how they would vote before hearing his platform, the Free Press said. The newspaper said the poll was being withheld by the party until after Tuesday's special congressional election in Cincin- nati, Ohio. 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Po NOW) Unsolved MyslDflosollho Past CHARIOTS OF THE GODS? _0 COMING MARCH 8 "THE EXORCIST" Plus Bonus lato Snow Paul Nowman in "The Lawyer" B-COLOlt 30 YEARS AGO Speaker Martin (R-Mass.) canceled all outstanding cards of admission to the house of representatives as federal officials agreed on a temporary security plan to guard against any new terroris- tic acts by a fanatical band of Puerto Ricans. Head- Stone Tonight! coming: "ROCK N ROLL BOOGIE BAND"