Cedar Rapids Gazette, January 24, 1974, Page 7

Publication: Cedar Rapids Gazette January 24, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 24, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa For Belier Health include the Left-Hander In the List of Minorities «.v I1*'. S. I,. Aiulrlmaii our extremely r i g Ii I handed world, left handers especially children, must often suffer .,    ,    through the problems of desks proltlems .ii one for r | K |,, handers, dinrlions   this In this age of awareness of iniiioritif-I religious, racial, ethnic how many of us ever consider tin very small minority iii country: The left-hander? geared to people using the rigid hand and a certain amount of ‘-• ss than Ii.5 percent of male ridicule for hoi ng different adults and lour percent of fe j Luckily, we don’t see as much male adults are left-handed. In |ridicule for “being different” to day as in years past, hut left handl'd children still need active assistance from their parents and teachers to come to grips with this right handed world and realize their full potential Handedness “Handedness” refers to a child’s preference for one hand over the other in everyday ac tivities such as writing, cutting, throwing and so forth. At about 18 months of age a child goes through a period of bilaterality when he shows preference; this is followed by a definite use of the dominant hand at about two years of age. However, many children don’t establish domi nant use of one hand for three (children. Left-handedness Is to four more years.    found more often among twins Estimates on the incidence of than in the general population left-handedness vary widely be- though in most cases only one cause of the number of persons lWm ,s ^ banded, who show no .striking preference    Develop for either hand. However, 6 5 Not only should a child be percent for men and four per- allowed to develop his own nascent for women is a generally ral handedness, he should also acceptable .statistic. The in- be encouraged to do so. While cadence is higher in c hildren left-handed children may be and gradually decreases as permitted to use the preferred adulthood is reached. Sex dif- hand, they often don’t receive ference is not so striking in the same training as children Tine Cedar Rapid* Gazette: Th urn., Jan. 24, 1974 who are right-handed. This is ironic since their need for training is greater than the right-handed child since our .society is geared to right-handedness. Parents and teachers of lefthanded children must make a real attempt to take the child’s! handedness into consideration1 when teaching and explaining things. Even something as relatively simple as teaching a child to cut meat is difficult for the left-handed child if his special perspective isn’t considered. Feed the Birds DR. 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Publication: Cedar Rapids Gazette

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Issue Date: January 24, 1974