Cedar Rapids Gazette, January 12, 1974, Page 14

Publication: Cedar Rapids Gazette January 12, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 12, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa (the Cfcchtr I'npicU t . ■» '■' It\s A Drag Jay Nelson, H. of M44 Oakwood avenue SF. walks home from school, pulling his hooks behind him in a plastic bag The* sub-zero weather in recent days has been a drag for everyone. The mercury registered 2H degrees below zero at the1 Cedar Rapids airport at K a. rn. today. Clean Sweep Fore And Aft Lyle Stallman, Fairfax, an iron worker on the K('R(i-TY building at Second avenue and Fifth street SF. improves his looting by sweeping snow from tin* steel girders Go/* Me Photo by John Mc Ivor Gazette Photo by John Mdvor AP WirephotoUncanny Contraption (.oldie Williams of Austin. Texas, isn't getting set for a party He's soberly returning empty beer cans to a local distributor who pays cash for all those aluminum cans he lias collected The make-shift trailer on his bicycle is made from an old wheelchair MackGold Oil gushes from the .I < Williams Well No I on the Williams farm just outside Mi F.rie III After two-and-one half months of drilling. Hilbert W Rose, a wildcatting cowboy from Oklahoma who had leased a JO acre plot. struck it rich at the huh foot level The gusher shot iii I feet into the air Rose figures there are at least JOO ooh barrels of oil down there W hile John Horn, center, looks on, 2-year-old Fattily chin ks out the wire braces on her mother's teeth Delnirah Horn, 22. who goes on record us saying she hasn’t any will |iower, had lur dentist wire tier jaws shut. Dec 21. (cost $200). so she could lose HS pounds So far she has shed IT pounds on her diet of liquids, mainly instant |na soup. diet colas and tomato juice She refused to tell either her husband or newsmen how much she weighs The Horns live in Gibraltar, Michigan UPI TelephotoBraced for a Long Siege ;

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Publication: Cedar Rapids Gazette

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Issue Date: January 12, 1974