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Publication: Cedar Rapids Gazette January 7, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 7, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa (the Cf ceint I'npitUSurprise Landing His Eminence, Archbishop Iakovos of New York City was surprised Sunday during the Epiphany celebration in Tarpon Springs, Fla., when he released a dove and it flew back and landed on his head. The dove, which later flew off. signifies a rising of the soul to heaven in the ceremony. It was snowing and below freezing Sunday afternoon at New Boston, Mich , not the kind of a day you’d expect to find people in the* icy Huron river. But it was a special day for Mrs. Lee Belcher, 50, of Lincoln Park. She was iH'ing baptized by total immersion. “If you’ve got enough faith, you won’t get sick.’’ she said The Rev. Lloyd Smith. left, and the Rev. Walter Mullins of the Little Ida Church of Ecorse performed the ceremony. Ho me-for-the Holiday Congress ut a ii Disco vers What Voters Think By Art Buchuald WASHINGTON — One of the reasons for having a holiday season is to give congressmen and senators a chance to go home and find out what the American voter is thinking. In the past, our lawmakers have gone through the motions of talking to their constituents, but this year they’ve traveled home with a certain amount of trepidation. “Hi there, Mr Coleslaw. I’m Congressman Upchuck and I’d like to have a few words with you.” “Don’t want any.” “I’m not selling anything. Mr. Coleslaw I just want to find out how you feel about the great issues of the day so I can do my job be*t-ter in Washington. Now. how s everything been working for you? “Ain’t been working." “Well, we’ll have to do something about that, won’t we?” “What can you do about me not working?" “Congress can do a lot of things. Pass a law, offer a resolution, filibuster if we have to Do you mind if I ask why you’re not working?” “That’s what makes America great Give us a shortage and we'll make money on it ” "Upchuck, will you get out of here." "Now. wait a minute, Mr. Coleslaw I want to know everything that’s bothering you. I would not In* serving my district if I didn’t know your doubts, your fears, your hopes. Tell me. Coleslaw, besides being out of work and having no money, what else irritates you?” # rookm in W anhinqlon “Too many crooks in Washington, starting with that guy who keeps saying he ain’t one " “I’m glad you brought that up. Coleslaw. Would you be for or against impeachment?” “I’d settle if he just paid his income tax." “I would like for you to see a speech I made on that very subject, printed, of course, in the Congressional Record." “Didn’t I see you in the last election with his arm around your shoulders?" “That was before Watergate. Coleslaw. I wasn’t the only one who had his picture taken with you-know-who." “Only congressman in my district who did.” “Well, I have to Is* going now. I hope in the next election you’ll remember that I did come to see you about your problems.” Place I worked at made shoelaces for shoes made in another place Other place couldn't make shoes because they couldn't get leather from the leather company. The leather company couldn’t get leather because* there was no diesel fuel to get the cows to market. Truck drivers wouldn't deliver diesel fuel to diesel filling stations because they was losing money driving 55 miles an hour That’s why I ain’t making shoe laces.” V.norwi i rinim Mr!im “Mr (’oleslaw. you’re a victim of the energy crisis! Do you know I warned the country about the energy crisis three years ago'* Here is a speech I made on the floor of the house in 1R7U I said unless we tightened our twits and put our shoulders to the wheel that sometime rn the next 51) years we might have gas rationing Well, how do you like that for on-the-nose predicting?” “What did you do alieiut energy besides predict?” “Well. I introduced a bill a year ago giving the oil compania a special tax disc ount as an incentive for finding us more oil.” "Heard the oil nim pan les have done pretty good since the crisis.” “Yup Say, you got any other speeches I can have?” “I certainly do Here, help yourself I'm very flattered you want to read them,” "Read thenrT Heck. I’m goin’ to burn ’em to help save on firewood ” Copyright IV/! 10% AngH»* Tim*% BUCHWALD May Apply Pressure William E. Simon, director of the Federal Energy Administration, speaking on Alii ’s “Issues and Answers” from Washington Sunday, said he will investigate ways of pressuring reluctant oil companies into limiting gasoline sales to ten gallons per customer She Climbed Grand Teton    —“ Helen Bigby, a 28-year-old part-time librarian, is believed to be* the first woman to climb Grand Teton jieak iii the winter. The 100-pound former New Yorker made the summit with her husband and five tither climbers in Paul Petzoldt’s annual expedition. At The Ready A British soldier with his automatic gun at the* ready on broken down perimeter fencing at London's Heathrow airport watches while giant airliner takes off during Sunday’s intensive security exercise*. today HfciA. (Mb. DDAY I IS I Lynn Smith. Monticello, Mum., reached to update a sign Sunday to indicate 291 smokers had pledged to forego the habit Monday Smith pushed a drive to designate it as “D-Day”, meaning Don't Smoke* Day He said he* wants to stress the* ne*e*d for unpolluted air AP Wirephoto AP Wirephoto Don't Smoke Day AP Wirephoto .y ... v-x-x"' UPI Telephoto UPI Telephoto ;

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Publication: Cedar Rapids Gazette

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Issue Date: January 7, 1974