Cedar Rapids Gazette, January 5, 1974, Page 16

Publication: Cedar Rapids Gazette January 5, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 5, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa i * Stiff, i'    i    Ai    *»    V (The Cf cclitr RttpuU (fy^cHeTime On Her Hands UPI Telephoto Pity pour Melodic Kins, a hostess iii a Los Aneles hotel She has nothing but time on her hands. She has been picked to set the I .ILMI clocks in the rooms of the hotel ahead one hour to conform with the change to Daylight Saving Time early Sunday. Sharron Let' Banchereau, 19. sits in the Amarillo, Texas, police station with the child she is suspected of kidnaping. Tilt' child. John Glenn Lawrence, 15 months old, was allegedly kidnaped from his North Las Vegas home Monday. The young woman is being held in lieu of $100,(MMI hound on federal kidnaping charges. Big Curve Railroad track was bent out of shape as a southbound Amtrak ( oast Starlight train smashed into a truck loaded with wrecked cars and derailed Friday at Newark. Calif Pollee said at least five persons were injuredSunny California? Motorists were stalk'd in the snow near Newhall, Calif , about 39 miles north <tf I,os Angeles, after a major storm hit Southern California Friday This scene is on 1-5, the major highway connecting Los Angeles and San Francisco. The highway was closed due to heavy snow AP Wirephoto Tracks For Home Kris Kenney, 12. of 3021 Terrace Hill drive NL, makes tracks for home through the* snow after skating ut Noelndgc park Friday afternoon —— UPI TelephotoAnything Goes Anything goes iii the fuel crisis A skater on Kansas City’s Loose Park lake uses a dog to pull him across the ice as a friend follows under conventional power Temperatures hovering around zero for a week or so have frozen most of the lakc*s around Kansas City — AP Wirephoto mumm Goiett* Photo by Doon* Crock ;

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Publication: Cedar Rapids Gazette

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Issue Date: January 5, 1974