Saturday, May 7, 1892

Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Page: 5

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Text Content of Page 5 of Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette on Saturday, May 7, 1892

Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette, The (Newspaper) - May 7, 1892, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Qfofrar glaptfrg 7, 5 WANTED. hou-vwork In a small K. Taylor, Third avenue. Itlrl for fain nily. gener Mrs. VWA.N 1 Ity cyp :is ulcrk. bookkeeper .i ttpeaks three languages. Can f J -or. coJK't'lor nRuases. Can furjilsh ijvtvr- riit-rs, rveoiimiendutlons and Doiul If 'neces- sary. Address BGay.etl.! QtHcMri want jpubilr thai weimckKoods 11. L. 1 _______' nil Second ave. jxislt drei-s M. W. C' and MB...I. D.Anderam.. Care of (in _- and paper Mien ft Haziiltliie.Cialarlhmlds. la. ol Apply utWlgpIn's Art cal'icry oppusiiV I'ostotHce. IUXM ulrl wanted al once-. Apply at 310. Tlfth Ave. .M. A. Hlirlty. 'yy rent, a IIUIL-U all or.', rooms Gazette. Lowell. Eli experienced .iveiiue. Blrl at 21 ifctMtry rook- ai Marshall's rustuurunU W First avenue. wo of children. Mrs U. Tetter. Itffi A avenue an to help Apply at once 10 A general store w Kin tor lnundry and rk at. Ins. Ll solicitor, dill lomor- KIKIIII.TI. Ki in bull lillllll- WANTKD-Uirl for neutral housework. Call at residence between Mnettx-ntli and Twentiutli streets on First avenue, or at t lie of c. It. Morln Jt Co. W, elia at Tlie Pullman house al one Klrl for No. TV North 7th St. al hoiisewnr T. T. Lynch. W at tho I'alace Hotel. ly payments. Vnunu'. I1. O. block. Dr. Fitzgerald returned today from visit to Grand Mound. F. E. Morgan of Pella.and F. G. Pierce of Iowa City, are i" the city today. Mayor .John IJ. Henderson Has returnee from nn extended tour through the east. Mrs. J. Fairbanks and Mrs. C. P. Shef- field of DeWItt, Iowa, were visitors in the city yesterday. The freight and passenger departments of the B., C. R. ,t N. arc playing ball thin of Allen, re- Ih'is morning from a short busi- ness trip tp Chicago. A Vtutoli tifenr Was brought to the cltr this morning, charged with breaking and entering a railway cur. T. 11.'Sinclair Co. have purchased Jacob Kocker.t Co's. meat market at Marion and will hereafter conduct It. Oscar Vanderbilt of tin; Northern Pa- oilic, Kam B. .Tones of the Northwestern, and F. S. Ctipron of the (irand traveling passenger agents, are In the city today. A lam: number of Cedar Rapids mem- bers of the A. II. leave Tuesday morning next for Ottumwa to attend the state encampment. Elizabeth M. Hunter lian filed an FOB KEMT, you h.'iiM iiuin- room ]4. O'l Yc-tl.-r. In- n-kv I-'urnItllPi; oy 11. L. oh [full runiKhuil and Hirer un- L rooms..-it l-yr 4th Knst oh VUK riven tie. LXJK -1- on Second -.Ire l-'lrst mid A. UIH! unrunii.siiocl __lt .sontti, brt.wet-ii avenues. Inquiry ;tL V. M, [full uiirumlnliud rooms s-lutrii! J- or rn suite for ovtrr Sinclair mar- ket. Apply Sinclair niarkyi.._____ yoK 13 ruorus. Klcttrle Uglns and ill] modern conveniences. CT. G. 9 iud. Struct. FOK SALE. VOIt nillcli cow of S. H. Smith at Farmers' Insiiriiiii-e Co'.-i ol IfUli SftLK 01C TKADK- Tlirw Ircnli talnlly milk fur suit-or triido for fat di-y i-inrs. Iwiulrn intMH. :in Si., w. xz OK on by I'lilniur._______ ytlltSALb -A room coitace on Oak -1- Hill streetcar line. Apply ul 225. South Gth street. VUlttfALK-lu-nMim house for cusli. Kur- -1- city water, small barn, beautiful Khadc, llirwundone-hlilf lilocks from busl- nyss part of the city. Inquire- within. :jw A avenue West. apglicatiwjor a divorce from her baiid, Henry M. Hunter, on the ground of desertion-. William Elsom has resigned from the superintendency of the Electric Street railway company. As yet, no one has been appointed to fill the vacancy. A gold watch mysteriously disappeared .his morning from Taylor's jewelry store. It Is supposed to have been stolen by ome one who had been making pur- A telegram was received last nleht rom Mt. Vernon. saying that the bull to he played there today between he Golden Eagles and the Cornell team, vould have to be postponed until next Saturday on account of the uulitness of the ground for play. Kflie Ellsler is a charming actress, lln- bued with dramatic instinct. Her voice is sweet and appealing: her methods quiet yet effective. Her delineation was a dainty cameo standing clearly forth, a more thoroughly emotional and heart- touching actress does not tread the American stage, and she rises to heights of power which holds audiences In her thrall. Miss Kllsler. supported by the veteran. C. Coulduck, will produce COLLEGE NOTES VARIOUS HAPPENINGS AT THE EDUCA TIONAL INSTITUTIONS. opera house VotC A Hue 4-yvur-uld liorsv. H size. Will be sold cheap. Call at 1'ost- shoe store. funuturu and atlas of Iowa, in "'Irsl. string West. Ar. OK ber of desirable lots In i-, :t uuin- Greene and College, and Coe College additions to Cedar Kuplds. additions Lave snivcraee.clty water, electric lights and electric cais.Terms easy, for and prli-es cull on N. K. Beechluy. assistant treasurer, over C. K. Nii- tional Bank. oplieads. Rood for cisterns. Hold barrels, Inquire at Wlllliini brewery. _ Volt urid loi.s at auction prices. SIKI Young over postofHiH'. If UK papers urtecu por at Gazette office. MISCELLANEOUS. and furniture stored by II. L. 1'ahm.T. oh liiki-n In Tor new, by II. 1, I'alin.-i-. oh Of) Per Cent Discount for So e Young ov i M day.-, on city r poslo'lllce KXKKKT Jewelry rpyjatrlnif. luxon. GAZETTE NEWS STANDS. Hall's Book Store.......No. 12 South Third St. Albrights Book ...No, !I5 Seoond avo lJustira Hook Store.... No. 20 South Second St. Mateer's News Stand..............The Clifton. trench s Urujt .store...........No.-It! First ave l'D Drug Store... .No. iiM South Hi THE CITY IN BRIEF. Personal and Local Paragraphs About Minor Happenings. Emil J. Hall departed last evening for St. Paul. A. B. Van Albada left last night for Chicago on business. Miss: Artie Porter of IVs Moines, is a guest of Mrs. M. A. Oxiey of Kenwood 1'ark. The funeral of the late Mrs. Greene will take place from the residence Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Kuv. G. L. Brokaw, secretary of the Iowa (Christian Missionary society, was the guest of Lovi Marshall Friday evening. Mrs. .1. K. fowler, who was taken with pleuro-pneumonia. Is now well on the way to recovery but not yet off her bed. Rev. ,1. II. Palmer is in receipt of a beautiful bronze medallion of Gen. Sheri- dan, presented to him by Col. Henry S. Dean, department commander of the G. A. C. for the state of Michigan. The colonel and Mr. Palmer were comrades In arms and a warm friendship has ever since existed between them. The medal was struck as a souvenir of the Four- teenth encampment of the A. R., and bears the Inscription: Ann Arbor; Welch Post, G. A. R., No. 137-1SM. Valuable in itself, its associations render it doubly MO and Mr. Palmer Is naturally verv proud of it. Keoknk Gate City: There was a fine story telegraphed from Des Moines which also appeared in the Register, that Miss Chatty McDonald, a school teacher at Rowley, Iowa, had been forcibly abduct- ed by W. W. Bain of Brandon. Iowa, who compelled her to go to Cedar Rapids and marry him and that the two were found living In Des Moines, where Miss McDon- ald, under terrorof herlifedidnotdareto inform anybody that she was under duress. The whole story was exceedingly gauzy. Even so old a body as Herodotus com- menting on Helen in the Trojan war was wise enough to know and say that if a woman was carried off It was because she was willing, and everybody who read about this Bain-McDonald abduction was prepared for the second part of the story, which is that Miss McDonald says, she wasn't abducted at all, but she married Mr. Bain of her own free will because she was In love with him. Hazel Kirke at Greene's Tuesday. May 10. George Hull, a heavy weight German living In the colony south of the fined SM in the municipal court this morning for disorderly conduct. Ho made, a desperate resistance when ar- rested last night, and the officers wore compelled to drag him along the streets. Hull was drunk and entered several houses, insulting the lady occupants. Three plain drunks were lined 85 on pleas of guilty, and two similar cases were continued for testimony. W. C. liyors and D. II. DeGenr, two railroad engineers, will speak at the Marion Y. M. C. A. meeting tomorrow. Secretary Smith left at today for Des Moiues to assist in the anniversary services association tomorrow. Dr. Dr. R. Garton will deliver an address to young men at -1 p. m. The Doctor Is nn interesting speaker, and as this will be the last -opportunity inauy of the young men will have to hear him, hu will undoubtedly have a large audience. Miscellaneous Items from Cornell College the State University and Coe Collegi Reunion of the Alumni of the Class o Junior Literary Society. Quite a reunion of the alumni of thi of ".M was witnessed at chapel ex erclses Thursday morning. J, H. a-nd W. A. Uttell, W. II. .lordon. C. F. Clark- Will Jackson and C. F. Stookey have al been very busy the past weel; shaking hands with the friends and patrons ol their Alma Mater. The foot ball teams are beginning to win their laurels. In a game with the Y. M. C, A. team Wednesday afternooi the Coe team gained I'll scores to 0 of the Y. M. C. A. This afternoon a second gamt Is being .played. Jas. W. Good left Wednesday evening Jot Minneapolis, Minn., as one of the Iowa delegation to the Inter-state orator- ical contest. MlssCooper, class read a. very In- ttirestlng paper before the Y. M. W.W. 3. A. monthly missionary, meeting of Thursday evening upon the topic, Mor- monism." It was a very creditable pror ductlon and rendered the meeting a suc- These missionary meetings have been of unusual Interest all the year through. The Junta, or junior literary society, icld Its last regular meeting of the year it Miss King's last Saturday evening. After tho program, consisting of papers and characterizations from Shakespeare's ijay, King hear, thanks were voted Miss Ivlng for her able and generous assist- ance through the year. Next Friday evening the society will render :i special jrogram, reviewing the work of the A Marlon correspondent for a Cedar Rapids paper writes this article: "Dr. A. S. Marshall of this city, and rof. Stookey of Coe college, were pas- sengers yesterday, principally In the in- terest of the college. It appears that the college bus an opportunity to get posses- sion of a lurge collection of stuffed birds, TO of which are mounted, at the nomi- nal figure of SlOO, which they wish for the museum. The above gentlemen called on Jos. Butler of Springville, tha noble-hearted banker at help the college out. and in the afternoon with Springvillo. to returned homo the requisite amount, SJOO. as a generous gift from him." Cornell Items. Mrs. Prcs. King lias been called to Ohio by the sickness of her mother and sister. Mr. C. T. Smith, of Cedar Rapids, visited with his parents over Sunday. Mr. K. 11. Jacobs, -tit, has been assist- ing Kev. Dr. Rhea In special meetings at Marshalltown. Miss Irene Chaffee, has been elect- ed teacher in the intermediate depart- ment of the Clarence school. Misses Elsie Kigby ;ind Mae McLeve) visited with Miss Webb at IJeWItt over Sunday. ROYAL IS THE Best Baking Powder The Official Government Reports: The United States Government, after elaborate tests, reports. the ROYAL BAKI.NT, POWDER to be of greater leavening strength than any other. (Btd- The Canadian Official Tests, recently made, show the ROYAL BAKING POWDER highest of all in leaven- ing strength. (Bulletin 16, Inland Rev. Dep.) In practical use, therefore, the ROYAL BAKING POWDER goes makes purer and more perfect food, than any other." Government Chemists Certify: "The Royal Baking Powder is composed of pure and wholesome ingredients. It does not contain either alum or phos- phates, or oilier injurious substances. EDWARD G. LOVE, PH. D." Royal Baking Powder is undoubtedly the purest and most reliable baking powder offered to the public. HENRY A. MOTT, M. D., PH. D." "The Royal Baking Powder is purest in quality and high- est in strength ot any baking powder of which I have knowledge. WM. MCMURTRIE, PH. D." e offered in this school. Instruction and eetnres will bo given by university pro- essors, within the scope of their several peclalties. The law department literary society as highly entertained last week by thi- lancellor In a paper on tint celebrated ise of Hardell vs. Pickwick. Thetreat- ent was from a lawyer's standpoint, although the chancellor was of the opin- ion that the case as given by Mr. Dick- ens was purely for Its humor and not for tho purpose of pointing out defects in legal procedure. With the opining of spring the interest in athletic affairs is reviving. Class ball teams are organlxud. and an inter-class league formed that has already played three games. Xiiic applications for ten- nis courts have been made, which about all that the campus accommodates. Baso hall games are arranged as follows: of Miss Grace Cousins and A. E. Young" botli of the class of -sn. Mr. A. C. Reeder has been offered a fine position In musical work at Truer. _________.______ Roeder has already won an enviable MRS. WM. GREENE PASSES AWAY i" I'is chosen work. Herueath at Family Good Woman Loved by All Who Knew Her. The announcement of the death of Mrs. William lircene, causes universal sorrow. She died this morning at o'clock at the family residence. 2M Fifth avenue. Mrs. Greene contracted a severe cold last Christmas day. This was followed by the grip and other complica- tions, resulting last night in her death She was a great sufferer throughout her sickness, but hore It all with such pati- ence and was ever so mild ami gentle, that the remembrance of her Christian fortitude can never be forgotten by those dear friends and relatives who were with her during these last months. I-ouisa M. Higley Greene, the second daughter of and Prudence Higley was born in West (iranby. Conn., April thS MThe6 Home Field ______ the Fair Grounds, Saturday, May T. The following arc the officers of the day- Major G. W. Read, Chief Marshal; Pro- fessor Andrews, S. R. L're, L. anil O. VV. Anthony, Judges at Finish: Woolston. ISM, Field Judges: morning by coming in fur a short visit. The new teacher in elocution ami sical culture. Miss Kathrine Oliver, pliy- 4, 1827. She removed witli her father's night. introduce her work by an entertainment In the auditorium May isth. The Carpathian Liteary society of the high school gave a very interesting pro- gram last Tuesday evening. The recita- tions and orations of their seniors gave evidence that much thought and care had been given to the work of preparation and that the graduates well deserve the diplomas granted them. The Gladstone banquet was the social event of last week. The boys with their invited guests met in liowman halt re- ception rooms and spent an exceedingly delightful evening. The Gladstone's are royal entertainers and the guests were only sorry when the time came u> say Chancellor McClain, K. and F. Furbish, IS93, Professors Veblen, Weld, Dr. L. K. Fnllerton of Waterloo, pres- ident, of the Towa St.ate rlental society, and Dr. E. L. Brooks of of the state board of dental examiners, were in the city last night, the guests of Base Ball Yesterday. CHICAGO, May men won In a lively contest with the "giants." (Score: it. B. E. Chicagos........01 300030 u 3 New Yorks.....01100001 8 5 and Kittredge, Rusie and Boyle. CINCINNATI. May Cincinnatis and Bostons played one of the most re- markable games on record. For fourteen innings both teams battled royally and not a run was scored. It was a pitchers' eontost and the game was full of sonsa tional features. Score: Cincinnatis. col- Bostons......OOOOOOOOOOOOO Earned 0; Bostons 0. Base 4; Bostons hn i n t 3' 4; Bostons, 4 Meet will be held at Batteries-Chamberlain and Harrington Clarkson and Kelly. LOUISVILLE, May Phillies bunched their hits in the lifth inning an made enough runs to win the game Score: rr L. I. against Iowa lege, at Crlnnell: May 3d. S. U. I. against Iowa Agricultural college, at Dos Jameson and in and quiet, and enjoy the accu- mulations of an honorable past, are Wil? liam and Kouis-i M. (Jreene of Cedar Mr. Greene, after having lived good and useful life, and having done much toward the upbuilding of the city, died In Mrs. Oreene was a highly intelligent accomplished lady, well known and jreatly respected in our city. Prior to husband's death she was one of the prominent leaders of society and was forcmoat in all charitable and evangelical work. She, with her husband, was one of the founders of Grace church and, until the time of a de- vout member. Ten children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Greene, all but two of whom survive her. She was an affection- ate and exemplary wife, a faithful and loving mother, and honored by all who knew her, as having fulfilled the duties of a tine woman. As yet the hour for the funeral has not been fixed. It has been reported about the city that Geo. H. Smith, having been made special reporter of. tho United States fed- eral courts and the superior court, would abandon his school of short hand, but such is not the case. His court duties occupy but a small portion of his time and when absent from the school room, the work Is left in competent hands. The standard school of shorthand is growing right along, and those who contemplate taking a course in shorthand nnd type- writing will lind the spring and summer mouths an "xcellent time, as the school I he Suite Register highly compliments Parsons on the faithful and flflic- laiinor In which he lias discharged ills duties as secretary In the legislature. family to Marion, Iowa, in 1842. Novem- ber -4, 18-M, she was marricdrat Mutton. s- -v- to William Greene, of BurlfjuiloIOwhkrefM'H manner In which he they went at once after their marriage. Two years later they removed to Cedar Rapids. The Portrait and Biographical Album of Linn County says: "Among tho heroic men and noble women who came to this county at an early day, and who have witnessed its development, enduring toil and hardships with- out murmer or complaint, and, succeed- ing, are enabled to pass the sunset of life are sure to come to the Cornell boys front.. The Cornell mixed quartette are gain- ing a high reputation by their many pleasing concerts. They now have en- gagements at DeWItt, Clinton and Lyons. I he ardor of the base ball enthusiasts was temporarily dampened by rain last Saturday. Instead of a hearty, rousing will not be crowded as it will In and winter. the fall We are snowing and selling more car- pets this spring than ever before. The reason for this is, we have a larger stock better styles and lower prices than any other store in the city. Come figure with us before you place your order for any- thing in the way of carpets and curtains. Newcomb's Carpet House. game with the S. I. at Iowa City, they were destined to a twenty-mile ride in the mud and pouring rain.. It was a sorry looking crowd that drove into Mt Vurnon that evening. But their spirits have revived. Tomorrow they cross bats with the Golden Bugles of Cedar Itapids on Cornell grounds, if the weather per- mits. The. large number in the senior class this year necessitated some change In the customary plan of having all the members of the class deliver orations on com- mencement day. From forty to forty-live orations are rather too many to inflict upon the patient audience. The faculty have given the seniors the privilege of choosing between an oration and a thesis. The majority have, decided upon the for- mer. Hut the juniors must orate and the chapel now resounds with their eloquence. The students are taking a lively inter- est In politics this term. Several demo- cratic and republican meetings have been held. The republicans have Just com- pleted a permanent organization with E. M, I ostcr as president and C. T. Dike secretary. A constitution has been adopted and the boys are ready for earn- est lively work. The, are becomlng'well informed upon the political questions at issue and in their debates the subjects arc handled without gloves. They hope to send a delegate to the convention of college republican clubs at Ann Arbor May 17. State University Notes. The university summer school will open on June Monday following tht an- nual commencement. Tliis school will afford an excellent opportunity to teach- ers in the public schools to take short courses in the branches of study In which they are most interested. The library and laboratories of the uni- versity will be open to all students of the summer school. The enterprising teacher can find no better way to spend a few weeks of his iummer vacation than will Hayes, Time Keepers: II. F. Kallenberg Starter: H. Myers, isu.1, Clerk of Course- C, D. Reimers 18W, Scorer; J. H. Stotts, 1892, and. T. Havre, Assistant Marshals- and E. A. IS'.ni, D. O. Hoi- brook, ISM, Inspector. President Sclmefi'er and Hon. D. N, Richardson have been in the cast for the past three weeks, visiting at Cornell, Harvard, and other colleges and uni- versities. Their object has been to se- cure good and competent men for the chair of English, and for the chair left vacant by the resignation of Professor Wambaugh in the law department. They will return on the 7th inst. and re- port thoir action to the board in June. As yet nothing official Is known. Cer- tain it Is, however, that no pains will be spared to lilt both these chairs satis- factorily before the opening of tho next school year. n. u. E 1 1 Fitz One morning young John and his Mary Were counting their aggregate pile. "llo you think Its says Mary. "For a said John, with a smile. "Why, said the fair, blushing Mary. "If we chose the right spot" said John. "Can you find such a said Mary "In Riverside Park" said John. Gem freezers, best ever Eaton's. THE GUN CLUB. The following score in the badge shoot was made in the weekly contest of the Gun club yesterday afternoon: 10 10 n n 01 10 7 JO 10 10 8 11 00 8 00 00 7 00 00 10 7 Philadelphia 0 0 0 0 f, o o l Louisvillcs.. .0 0 0 l o n 0 i Esper and Clements, gerald and Grim. ST. Louis, May home lean scored an easy victory. Score: r H. H. st. r, o o ;t 3 i o is Brooklyns .0 0 0 o 0 o <t o 2 and and Daly. CI.KVKI.AXD, May Baltimore could not hit Young and wen shut out. There were no brilliant ulavs Score: f, It H f Clevelands.....0 0 o o o 1 u 0 r, Baltimores.....0 0 0 (I 0 0 0 0 3 and O'Connor; lleah and Gunson. Weekly Bank Statement. NKW YORK, May weekly bank statement shows the. reserve de creaswd The banks now hold in excess of legal requlr. incuts. Ratifications Exchanged. LONDON, May of the Bering Sea arbitration and modus vivend convention were exchanged betweei Great Brltian and tho United Suites to- do-v. Diehl-----1101001011 Bates-----0 1 1 0 1 1 o 1 1 l Saner... .1100001110 Love.....1101110111 Dnmont. .0 1 0 1 l o 1 1 o 1 Lobenst'liO 110001010 Taylor...0 1 1 1 1 00 1 l o Honders'nl 1 1 1 1 1 1 l l o Stone-----0 001011011 Henderson and Love shot off their tic, the former 7 and the latter 4. ThnGcmlce Cream Freezer has a cranky, trlpple action and achromowith it. Eaton sells them cheap. About tins time of year Mantles and Grates are selling. Eaton has a nice stock. Wc have just received another large invoice of carpets at prices lower than any other prices quoted before this sea- son. We. are showing all wool Ingrain carpets as low as 45 cents a yard and all the rest of the stock the same. Give a call before buying, pet house. P. Newcombs car- Tho F. N. lawn sells beats them all. mower that Eaton cut F. N. lawn mowers run easy fast and are Sold cheap by Eaton. Hmlf Fare To Council Bluffs. On account of the democratic state con- ventional Council Bluffs, May 11 the Chicago Northwestern railway com- pany will sell from all itsstatlonsin Iowa on May 9, 10 and 11 round trip tickets to CouncllBluffs at one regular one-way fare. Tickets good to return on or before Sponges at C. E. Polllns. Brushes at C, Pollins. A. T. Cooper went to Nora Junctioi last night on legal business. Although there are several beautiful additions to Cedar Rapids, some of which are reached by electric cars, we think- that people living Riverside Park will use the but very little as they are so close to the business center that they are not a necessity. The saving in this item of expense should be consider- ed carefully by laboring men and others who contemplate the purchase of a home. The trees on some of tho lots in River side Park are alone worth more money than is asked for the property. Try to buy some, of them from those who have bought lots and see how nearly correct wo are in this statement. Put a Mamie and Grate in your new home. Eaton sells them complete with tiling. Perfumes at C. E. Pol I Ins.'" IN OUR LOCATION, NO. 43 SECOND We are now. in tlie new location and ready for business but on Friday, May Gtli we will throw open our doors to the public arid. extend a oordial. invitation to all to attend Our Grand Opening The store will be in holiday attire and every lady will be presented with a handsome souvenir, and with every boy's suit we present. a Buffalo 'Bill Target Gun, A Pair of Stilts or Pixley Jack Knife. The men also will be remembered with a dinner bucket or a handsome memorandum book. Yes, we want you all to coine and sec us in our new quarters on opening day. REMEMBER THE DAY, FRIDAY, MAY 6TH, AND THE NEW LOCATION, PIXLBY CO The Clothing Manufacturers, 43 Second Avenue, Cedar Rapids, lovra. Don't forget when you look at mowers to sec the F. S. at Eaton's. Compounding prescriptions, a specialty, at C. E. Polllns, 26 South second street. Patronize Home Enterprise. Sec the 85 trunk now on the market at the trunk factory on Second avenue, cor- ner First street. The best quality in the market for the money. W. II. Plait. Great Closing out Sale of Baby Carriages. We have fifty baby carriages that will sell regardless of cost in order to make room for the Immense line of new- furniture now coming in. W. E. Davis. No. 20 First avenue. can get I'lymouth Rock, Gelatine and Schumacker's winter wheat Hour at F. R. Wltwcr'a grocery. Refrigerators at wholesale prices. We can save you from 5 to 20 per cent; it will pay you to see our stock and get our prices. Lawn mowers cheap. New Process Vapor Stoves KUBI-A.S :uid-Hi .Suui.h R Palatial Home Sacrificed, 1 Koom 2. IVq QBlco Block. Cedar A In The Air. Our lease expires June 1 st. We don't get possession of our rooms until July 1st. For oue month we will be in the air and we can't carry much luggage. WB want to Unload, _ Books, Pictures, Stationery, Fancy goods and "MJall aper, all go if price wii 1 move them. Geo.A.MULLlN