Thursday, January 25, 1883

Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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Text Content of Page 1 of Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette on Thursday, January 25, 1883

Evening Gazette, The (Newspaper) - January 25, 1883, Cedar Rapids, Iowa N. 0. Lawton Has received To-pay, by Express, 700 Pieces of Hamburg and Swiss Edgings! ALSO A FINE LINE OF Irisl Poiit Lace! These Goods are all New Stiles anfl Patterns. NEW YOKK STORE VOL. I.--NO. 14 CEDAK RAPIDS, IOWA THURSDAY, JANUARY 25, 1883. A MURDEEOUS MOTHER. An Awful Tragedy Euactol in Mil- waukee. pightv and one hundred feet high, on to trucks of the Eckhart branch of the Cumber- land Pennsylvania railroad Seven dead bodies were .found amid the wreck. more are missing. Each train cousmted of a conductor, two bnikamen, fii'einan and en- all fifteen human beings, not ono of whom can be found alivi- to U-ff the fearful tale. It is supposed the othar bodies are either among the wreck or the men jumped to save their lives, and are lying down the mountain somewhere, either dead or badly hurt, and, if exposed to a night like thin, they will surely freeze io death. The loss will fall heavily on this road, it being recently built A-SINKING SHIP, The French Republic Abandoned by Its Ablest Counselors. Hesitation of All but Threo of the Causo of tho Trouble. Wloteale Haniifdetmets of FINE SHOES. Coner First CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA. For tie Retail Trade 'I Olf, j Anil Have SO SECOND-SHADE An .Insane "Woman Butchers Her Three Helpless Children. Attempt of the Miserable Feimtle to Kill Heart Broken Father. I MILWAUKEE, Jan. woman has mnr- dered Inn- three little was u telephone j message received at the police heidqnariera in this city shortly before noon yesterday. At a i quarter after 12 tho patrol wagon returned, j bringing a Polack woman named Lena rhew- anik (given by some as living at 400 Sizth street Hor hands were smeared with j blood, and the front of her dress was dyed in gore. A satanic smile playod about her mouth, and hor whole appearance was that of an insane person. She was fair-haired, young, and her features were not repulsive. She is about five feet three inches high. Overhcrhoid wan a bed quilt, and when she had been placed before the fire in tho woman's ward, she told a part, of her story in broken Gorman. Sho stated that hor husband, .Tohn Ohewauik, was emploved at tlio Milwaukee Bridge com- pany's works, and the patrol wagon was uc- oordiugly dispatched for him. The children, she said, wore all girls, aged respectively Mf vears. IS months, and 4 months, old. hen asked how she raurderod them, she said she stabbed 0110 in the bro-ist, and another in the shoulder. They cried 'but little, as sho made quick work of the butchery. She smiied as she pronounced the iMt words. The woman used a draw shave two small carving j knivott. With tho former she shaved tho tlesh j Off tho children's bodies, and with the latter j she stabbed and disemboweled them. While their bodies wore shockingly mutilated, tha I heads were untouched. When asked had uuiaed her to do so fearful a deed, she replied; i "I read it in the book." Her insanity is in the j religious form, and she thinks she has made a. great sacrifice. She kept smoothing back her hair with her bloody hands, and looked at the crimson stains and smiled. Her eyes had a j wDd look. Tlie sight was so terrible that the officers turned awav sick at heart. While the patrol-wagon was gone for the unfortunate hnshaud several rep'irl-1-s visited tho timement-hoitre wliere the Dnii-herv oo- j cm-red, and were appalled at the siglu pro- sontrd to their Raw. Fit-sins; thrmixh "U allin- from Sixth street, and a i basement room in tlio rear of winding, (hi-floor of whirl'was lluoilt'd WMI towd and tumbled ln'il. willi i blood, lay lilt-thre-bodies. Nu sight could meet the i-yc. Tlie httli- .'lies were stabbed, hat-lied, choppuil. ami their arms and lefr, sevi-red from the frail j bodies. A carpenter's drawing-knife and two buiaJl-Bizod carving or butcher kuives had boeu used in their slaughter. The names of the children wore Anna, Clara and Helena Cempirok. The eldest lay on tho bed stark naked, with three stabs through the heart, made -with 0110 of tntvknives. The body- was cut, hacked, and dismembered, an-1 pre- sented ft revolting appearance. The tecoud child lav a little opart fi-oiu ihe other, with the lower portion of mo body horriblv cut ( m.-.usci) of flesh had hoeu clipped from the hips and r.bdomen with _ the drawing-knife, Tho youngest, a su-cot child, ao weroalso the other two, liaU botn arms and j legs cut from the Itody, and was mhi-rwiM-niii- tilauxl All of tli.- w.-n- more- j besmeared with blood. Acconling to tlieiinigii- I bors, the ages of Lho children were and vears, and I-4 niontiis. A lira. Kroddicli, who lives in tho nf Ihe -tales that she happened to go inwi the apartment where the murder was ceinmiiusl, ai.u ilieie saw not only ilie three min-ii'.'red children on the htd.bui'foiitid in the ;-.c-t of hanging to ihe knob of an door with a strip of cotton cloth. The knoii of the door io which sliu was hanging wa-i only about three leet from the Hour. Jlri K. cut hfii" down aud asked her why she had eoln- mittol the crime. Her reply was that people i who live in th-.: worlii have trouble always, tint when dead their troubles are ended. It would ooem that after committing the i-rime she took pails water ami Hooilc-d the to remove tbo stains of blood, it is supposed The room where the tihildi-on lay w.ih it olio and quite dirty. It uontaim-d a crib, a bed, a stove, and some cho.-.p funiilure. Ad- The Death of the Faithful Whj the Sultan's Captain Heard No Cries. Gents' Furnishers, ABE SO-CALLED. Their new bcini( corner SECOND A VKNV SpnniSiitiisiflElept Pattern Already Roods to arrive during month of January. I-argo line of READY-MADE CLOTHING, Hats, Caps, Neck-wear, Etc j Agents for the celebrated WILSON HKO.'S SHIKTS. Remember the "Nobbiest Store in in Calder'a new block, just across from Postoffice. Huston Dealers in All Kinds of And WhnlrKnle Dtwlrrs In Butter. Cheese and Flour. Onondaga Dairy Salt DOMMOMSE COMPACT. firaud Block, Cctlur In. joining was another apartment, evidently used as a eittiug room. To the right was another room, a small, dark bod room in which hung j recontlv-wiished clothing. The sitting room wae cold and and contained a renter table, while on the walls hung a- picture i of the Savior ami onu of liie Madonna. _ j The husband. John (Jo.upirek, is a machinist by trade. He ift of inc-diiliil and about :li years of at'e. Ho to'n' the reporters that bin wife got iipalxint li o'clock in mo-ning, j and he observed tiiat she acted hiruugoiy. She coinmeuced to got hreakt'ast, and thej took two I prayer-bctokl aud went and com- j monced to pray. Ho requested her j to hurrv up tho breakfast and i eaid ihe could not until she had tinished reading the prayer-books. Ho i his breakfast and left tho houce for the shop at j about The children wore all in and asleep wheu he Iti'L In regaril to his (ainily, I he stated that he married h.n wife in Bohemia and came to this country about three ycurs ago. Ever since his arrival in this country thoy have bad trsublc, as thei p lias been considerable Bicknccs among the children. In answer to a question as to whothor or not his wife had evor shown any signs of insanity previously, he replied that pho had not, but then recollected about Christmas time sho had read something in a paper that seemed to have had a grout effect on ho'r. afternoon the woman was re- moved to the county jail. While in the sta- tion policeman was detailed to watch hor, as tt foared that sho would again make an attempt to end her life. Her husband refused to go homo, saying ho could not bear to nee tho sight, he "sat behind the stove in the station sobbing, with his head resting on one hand. As the officers were taking hor through the station she saw her husband, aud drawing away from the officers she over to him and s'miled A few tmnuttu, con- sultation was held in Bohomiflu between them. She told him what she had done, and he asked her why she had done it Sho aaid tho prayer book said sho must do it A man wan doto-ilod to watch her at the jail. Tho husband was given hiv dinner at the station. A DEADLY DASH. Plnnce of a Coal Train on a West Vlrclnla Bond Over a Beven Men Killed. KETSEK, W. Ta., Jan. of the most terrible and fatal railroad accidents that ever occurred in this part of the country happened on the George's Creek Cumberland railroad, running from Cumberland to Lanaconing, yos- tcrday. It seems that three coal trains, con- sisting of three locomotives, tlfty-two hoppem and seventeen gondolas, all loaded, started j from Cumberland about 2 o'clock, all coupled together, ono engine in front, another in the middle, and one in the rear, this being the safest way to gat down grades thia bud weather. In going down ono of the atoep grades, about ten miles from started down tbo steep incline at a fearful rate of speed. The trains kept the track until they got on to a "trestle-work having reverse cnrve. The front engine flew the track, dragging all the men, eixty-nine cars, and lo- comotives after it, all going rolling and tomb- ing down iteep hill, which was between HAMBCTIO, Jan. to the stats- ment of another survivor or ;he ilisuutar to tho stesniBhip Cnnbrin. the Oimhria's ligliw wore all burning properly. The hroach made by tho collision no that the C'imbria im- mediately lay over, with a of her doclt under water. thiny-niue personc hrnnglit into Cuxx Hav0u hid of two boata. Thu other neviMrtoun puruons aaved wore brought in by tin; Tliijtrt. LONDON, .Ian. of the Hamhnrg papers received horo show that t-he Ciniliria was struck forty feet from hor After making ihe In-each the Sultan scraped along tho Cinibrm and completely rolled up her irrai platen. It in evident that ihc blow have been a tremendous onu The papers a brief report of tho made by tho Sul- tan's captain before tho British consul, givuif tho ptu't liiying tlie blame on tUe in large type, with notes of exclamation. One of the rescued by theThotn cont-.unudthirty- eight persona, thfl nther only nine. Tho latter had been towing about nice hours and wnu water-lodged. All tho occupanto could do wsa lo keep tlipnisolvM from being wtulied away by the tliwartn. The blatummit con- cernini; thu of Capt HHIMUII. who aeon.nn tlie lirkhsc m the Inn! and of the iirnt officer, who wan binm Hwinliniiig after the Cim- bria had snnk, couuliulcs with the worila: "Trell his zum until NEW YOIIK, Jan. dispatch from Httra- bnrg, dn.od vesturdiy afteruooo, to the agents ,if Hnmliurg Steamship company in city, siiys: tnurt1 of the t. imbria have been laiiilcil liert-. Four Jof. the sttjsmcrs thut want to ihc Imvo not yot returned We hope thut wiling vosxelB passing wontn-ard hnve picked up some of the pouple that wwe on the 8llip.v A geutlnniui couueciod with a steamship cumpanv, ''I think Bnvi-fl hive :'ll lioo'i ii'.-cnuiitod for. It wxa fri'c.jr.g wbnn tht- t.'ini'iria v.t-tif and tbu pci-jons in rite wvr'1 chilled to dp.ith. 1 believe tiiu iif (V.ith was over in HL-.icil my creiloucc to tin- storv MA ilii- uiiilain of the Snltan, that he heard' n.i for holp. Pnopln xo sinld'Mlv in icy wuwr niwli-r such ti'nor ai-i- nut ublo tr> cry OH! very loud, ftml. if the- Snltu.i H'O .iway from tlie vic- tims, thi' fvebln crii-s" for help wunid have hai'dlv liucii heard, eiipcciuily S3 the people on the Snltan WBI-O thetn.-'elvjn piinic stricken, and feartul of tlic reaiilt to that steamer." The HiiMbnrger Xnuhrichwu says the cap- tain ot 'he Sultun. in his official befnre the fug in he hud been going at nine knots an hour, and during the fug reduced the Buood four knotfc. thu lowest rate of upeed consistent with keeping nteeringway on the vessel He neither heard nor any kind of until, suddenly, it a distance a little moru than two sbip's lengths, the green light appeared. He immediately, in ac- cordance witn the rnlos of tho road, endeav- ored to give way. He thought he should be able to get clear, wheu some incorrect steering occurred aboard the Cimbrin, and suddenly he saw the red light of another btoamer. (It should be remarked hero that prob- ably the Cimbria's red light waa dis- plaved bv the alteration of her coarse.) Almost simultaneously with the appearance of tho light he frit Dur- ing the time the leak of his vessel wae repair- ing he constantly gave signals by a Mne light aud blowing tlie steam whistle. WUon tho repairs had been niTected he approach'id iienrly to the scent of the collision as he could' without endangering bin own vessel Owing to tin- Joiis-o fug he s.w nothing. He waited about nmii h nioriting. A3 a proof of the of hin statement he points to tin- latwiuss of tho rime ut whk'h he an-ived at Ciixbuveii. U the great point in the oflidal i.ivt-iiigal.ion will be to prove lilt) accuracy of this statement According io thu Mta-i-nie.ii uf persons intd- ucqnitiiilril witii Uie Snl- 'tan, b'otii ho I'.iul Us oflii-ai- are thorouRbly compotcnt anil (nrrtnl snilurs, and specially notcn ftir tin- of strict discipline. The sceuta on tho C'itnbria after she had been struck uru ijy survivors us ter- rible- in the Oin red Indian bnuid- iahed bis an aflicor of the and to his flhrouds beg- ged his neighbor" lo push him inUt tho yea, he being ton much chilled to move himself. They rcfusntl to do so. when ho lot him- uelf" fail hi-aillong into Uio waves. Line elderly womnn, holding hor bible iu her orampcd and singing loudly funeral hymns, waa wushod awity from the deck. Two zirls belonging tii the Saubian Singing troupe, Saving secured lifc-belte, swam about a long time, frantically crying "Help! help! help! Tho people in the rigging cried: "Come to tho rigging; wo can not Tho girls, half benumbed and no longer able to awim, cried out for the last time: can't and disappeared bPtitatb tho waves. INQUEST ON THE 7IOTIMS. Landlord Aiitlsdi-l HiH Testi- mony to tlio Jnry. MILWAUKEE, Jan. it.-r-Tlie on the Tictims of the Newhall lire waa formally com- menced yesterday in tho jury-room of the municipal court, city-hall building. The pros- ecuting attorney and Coroner Kuopper arc conducting tho investigation. Only reporters, lawyers, and interested parties are the room whore the inquest is being held. The jury made up as follows: Robert Davis, aged Gb, retired builder; J. B. Thomp- son, ageu a contractor; Daniel Waits, aged 4iJ, minister; T, S. aged -iS, railroader; J. C. Uorrigau, agod farmer: aod John O'Uonneli, nged .V.I contractor. The deposi- tion of Mr. Bleckor a rehoftrsol of his version of the escape of the Tom Thumb party, his wife ami himself. Ho said that they were not awakened by any person connected with tho hotel, and the place waa all atlame wheu they discovered thtir perilnnft situation. Landlord Antisdol boing placed on the aland, could give no cxplrmtitinn of the causn, but that the fire was the work of an incendiary. TVhen aronsod, the fire had got such headway that all he could do was to save himself and familv, When the Inter.wan snfo, he. wanted to return into the building, but was prevented by his sous. Ho noliccd a very strong smell of gn8 and UTtbasrablo heat leads him to believe that somoboilv who eot tho flrc had turned on tlie pas, and that an explosion of the latter spread the fire with lightning rapidity through all parts of the building. Indian DeprPilatlonn. SAN ANTONIO, Jan. portion band of Apaches is committing depredatiom near Dpi Hio, UIO miles west of here, auil la. diaas in Urge. numbers are reported ou thd Moxioiu dide.' The Sensation Created by the Pren- ence of Kx-Empi-oss at PariH. PAKIB, Jan. eabinot council waa held at which, it is reported, the members of the cabinet tendered Uieir resignations. None of tho ministers attended tho bureaux of deputies yesterday. The differences in the cabinet arise from a discussion of the third clause in the govern- ment expulsion bill, allowing the government to place tho Orleans princes now in active ser- vico on the retired hat It is understood tho minister of war refines adhesion, it is aturmod the other' members of the cabinet favor Ballues' more stringent amendment de- creeing immediate .caahioring of tho priucoa. The latter'6 harsh 'enactment is a stumbling block over which': the ministry promises to break beforo long. The Duclorc cabinet is virtually defunct. Tho political panic" in unabated, and tho fund- holders are throwing their stocks on the market. The want of guiding star is uni- vereaUy fslt The possibility of a military pronunciamonto talked of. Through- out the bourgeois claaa there is a rntcliuii against the regime of doctors and journalists, and a yearning for the saving sword. It is certain that the chambers will adopt Floquot'e proposal Gumbeita's death throwu thu whole working machine of France out of gear. It in certain H ministerial crisis in imminout. The idea of having i'riuco Jerome tried by the senate appears to have been abandoned. Priiiou Jerome to see a whole troop of friends under the pretext that thoy were his counsel Tho judge ri'inatrnction has allowed .Tolibois, the Bouapartist deputy, to act as his counsel, also making three advocates, but ho tins inti- mated that this will be thfl The police mado a search in the office of The Petit Cor- poral for a manuscript artk'lo which uppi-ared jn thut paper urging tin; Imperialists to bu act- ive and pressing in proclaiming Priuce Victor emperor of France. At tho third cabinet council, at fl yeetorday morning, matters ware left practically nusot- tlcd. The cabinot will roach a decision this morning. Late evening it wm< an- nounced that all the ministers, except Du ClHt-H, Billet and had resigned. In ciise present :mhinot is indefinitely over- turned, a FreycineH''ioqinit ministry is spo- ken of. It is hardly possible to overrate tho danger- nils this ministerial crisis hus Hiimed. Three cabinet couriciis occurred Til.jsday. When Uie news came iliat the spec- ial sbuwad a majority agauirtt tho government, tho ministers of war aud marina again re-Digued. President Orevy urged them resign. Me said: "i'on are a soldier and vou are a saibr. I am quitti suru voit would never desert ynnr posts under fire, but if von retire now and k-avo mo without a cabi- net thatwonld be ik-sortinn." dent to fill any vacancy which occur in the office of genera! or lieutenant general of the army through death, resignation or retirement The effect of the meaaure, in cuse of the death, resignation or retirement of Gen. Sherman will bo to advance Oeu. Shoridau to the generalship oftho.irmv, and probably Hancock to the place of lieutenant general STJIM FOR DAMAGES, Proceedings iu tUe Gougar-Mandler Slander Suit at Lafayette, Indiana. ties, the uncertainty of the fate of the govern- ment bills, T.-nd thi .newspaper have disturbed the public mind, and created disquietude among the propertied cliiss. Hold- ers of rentes and other securities have thrown them on the market, fearing that revolutionary measures may depreciate them. Even Prosi-. dent Grevy seems to have been affected by the recent scare, as a guard has been stationed at tlie garden enrrunce of tin- .filyseos, with mufl- keta loaded with ball cartridges. The cx-c.nipri.-ss Eugenie announces that she ignores the republic, and comes to Purs to dis- play liur sympathy with Prince .leromt Bar prp'seuce is a topic almost as exciting as me arrast of the prince. It is said that Eugenie was of the manifesto. Hor adher- ents cliiim that her presence means a etrution in behalf of the family of Nupok-on. A subscription has been opbned iu aid of the families of the condemned Monarchists. The ex-empress is staying at the Hotel du Bhiu, in the- vary apartments occupied by Napoleon before his election as president. To an interviewer she said: "I aave conse tti Franco, using my right to to a prisoner, m'y sjiupnthv and forgetfnliieM of all past discords, I also come to comfort Princess Muthilde. What I am doing is only a family affair. I will make no political manifestations in the prusunCH of tho govern- ment of which I know nothing." Tlie rooms at the1 hotel are taken for a week ia the name of Countess Pierreford. Many noted Bona- p.irtiftte flock to the Hotel du Rhin. It is stated that both Eugenie and the Princess Mathilde have received polite that they would do wall to botiiko themselves out of the country. Another authority says: The ox-empress wishes it distinctly understood that hor presence hi France at the pres- ent iuucturo must not be interpreted as having any political significance. Do Caflsag- nac writing in The Pays eays: "The empress with chivalrous generosity has forgotten Prince Jerome's past hie revolt, in- trigues, and merely considered her place where tho name of Napoleon waa being persecuted. This step by an admirable, noble woman, is perfectly natural and logical" "JOURNALISTIC. Jan. II was an opinion often expressed that the Gougar-Mandler slander suit would never a trial, and that if it ever did come ty a trial it would be on u cold day, and so it was. Thfl case was set for the 22d inst. Judge Gould, of Csrr'oll county was unable to roach tho city until too late, for a morning uoasinn of court He called court at half-past 1 in the after- noon, with all the available spara occupied by curious spectators, ilrn. appeared iu court with her husband was the only woman present, ft has been the ex- pression that in its i-ouduct the rase would ho a bitter aud relentless light bttwoou tlie law- yers, and micli, indeed will be the characlor of the rriiil asjindicatcd by the so far. The bar is largely represented, Ita 'ablest members nre employed in the case. Mrs. fiongar is by Wilson ,t Ad- ams, U. P. it J. <J. Davidson, W. Witt Wallace aud Colonel ft. P. Dclmrt, Mr. Maudlcr, the defendant, is championed by C'jCfroth 4 Stuan, S. F. JlcHugh and B. w. Laiigttou. Tho usual ilitlidulty of obtaining a jury was obviated by what is termed a "struck jury." A selection" of forty citizens was nride by the county clerk. Each side had struck uiT twelve, leaving hi.ttei'ji. the lirst twelve of whom constituted the jury. The defense oh- jiirled to the jury, on the ground that ono of rl'f forty M-ne not qualified, as ho was a non- rsMdoct of Indiana. Hevrrnl other objections wore made, but they were overruled. Judge Coll roth, in his opening statement to tin- jury, snid that Gongar sued Capt. Mmifller and charged him with saying tlmt sho aud Capt "Wallace on Hiltutay night, Nov. Hi. went to office and committal Hilnltery. Capt Maiiiller ailmitHXl minis, kOd further savs that .Mrs. Gongar had the irpntation of buing an A JJi'C-at has born attracted to rha case on account of the prominence of (ho parties The trial wiU probubly lai-t ren or twelve uays. Mi's. GungHr is tlie editress of a jiromini-nt temperance and wo- uiiins' stiff rage pauer, a.tid is well known in tie lecturo liclJ. Tin-re waw ti-.creasrd attendance on tin.- suit yectcnlny, but the audience wnsjrvnriy disappointed, as no lobfimjny was The hiwytji-h ronsumu'd the forciwO'i in stating t'nt to tho inry. aitorney itatcd that they would provo Wal- lace's presence ut Mrs. Qougar's home during hor husband's absence; that thoy had frequent meetings, and on prpviuiis oc-casione thev Inul '-eon Kf-n to viMt W.illace's oflii-e. re- m.ini-iiK some time. The plaintiff will setup that there was a conspirni-v formed to trurluet1 mil Hmirt-h her character, ami that on the night when ac: i? alleged to have been committed she was .it place. A1J afternoon with the exception of about ten minutes was occupied in arguing in w points the part of the the desire being to all testimony not bearing directly on the- suit at bnr. Th'o defendant hw already snmnifinad ovar fifiy witnesses, and tho casois likely to be lensrhy." Most of Wadnoedny will bi) (ii-vored ro lu-guniont. Many ladies attend- yesterday, iccoinpauying tho plaintiff. SENATORIAL CONTESTS. McPlicrson in New Jersey and Keiuia in West Virginia. PRICE, 3 CENTS. gallons per nonr started at ones, and all the minors in tfce district assembled to render assistance. The body at the water wad so croit that the pumpa lowered it very ulowly. On the after- noon of the 13th the water was only breast high in the drift, where the men were sup- ponod to be, and en attempt was made to reach them but the vitiated air drove the relief party back On the morning of tlie 14th two searchers came up the abaft cheering, and reported that near 11 they nad heard the words: 'It's all right Wo" are all right" Word noon name up a shaft that the lost bad been foil-id. were unprovided us L'arriagoi on which to raise the men to Uie surface, and about half an hour lato- John was brought up alive. He had been caught while going to warn bin i. the danger when he might have escaped. Soon four others were brought up, all greatly ex- hausted, but in a fair way to recover. When the cago roue again the terrible truth was learned that the remaining twenty-two had perished. The whole party had boeu caugh t in the drift water, which had risen so high tint only by clinging to timbers could they keep their chin above water. One by one during me siity bourn struggle they had dropped off i.-x- hausted, and been drowned in the flood, the strongest only holding out until relief GUSTAVE DOSE. Death of the Famous French Painter and Sculptor. NEW Yoia, Jan. cable dispatch from Paris announces the death of ,1'aul Gutttat. Dorc, the celebrated artist. He was boru ut Jan. and (rim educated par- tially in the schools of that place, completing stndiea at Paris. At an early ago lie con- tributed comic uketthes to The Journal Pour Rcre, find gradually ventured upon greater worlih. In ho exhibited three pictured which wero pronounced remarkable for oue uf his age, and in produced a heroic pictnro called "The Battle of Inkerman." Ho was the moat Gorman in style of any of the prominent French artists, and won world-wide fame ait the illustrator of Rabelais. Another great work, and one familiar to the people or all countries, was his illustrations of the ing Jew.'' The illustrations of Dante's 'Divina and the remarkable pictures des- criptive sold on monthly payments. Two lots on Mt. Vernon road. SIMMONS POPE, Rooms 4 and 5 No, 1 3 First Avenue. Necotlatlonft .or the Sale of The !Vew York Worhl. NKW YORK, Jan. have been rumora in newspaper circle in Now York for several days which, though as yot unconfirmed, bear some semblance of truth. It is roportod that the proprietors of Tho "World newspaper having been offered a proper price have- concluded to sell that journal to John B. McLean, of The Cin- cinnati F.nquiror. It has been an open secret in New Yorlc for many months that Mr. Mc- Lean desired -to this property. Hitherto, however, the price could not be agreed upon, the figures asked Minnesota Senatorial Content. ST. PAUL. .Inn. Only onu ballot was taken vOHterday, resulting: Wiudom, HI Wil- snn. :M; Colo, 1K-. DimneU, 10; Hnbbard. 11; Kemlrod, Farmer, Stark, 4; Davis, .1; Oilman, 1; Dover, 1: Case, 1. The M iohlRaii Svnntor.thlp. .Tan. Yesterday but one ballot was taken. Total vote, 115; necessary to s choice, W; Ferry, 48; Stout, IU: Hanehctt, liurrows, 4; Cutcheon, Laccy and Hannah, each L': llieh, Palmer, Joy, Stoen- bridge, McMillan. Dlair, Baldwin, Henry M. Duftield aud Victory P. Collier, each 1. The In Xp LINCOLN, Jan. Yesterday's vote, the eighth ballot for United Htatcs senator: Boyd Conner, iJ; Milliird, Hi; Thayer, 14: S.umdors, Mandcrson, S; Morton, 4; Ci-uimz, Lake, 2: Dorsey, 3; Stickol, I; scattering, ii. Jerae.v Hcnator ITff'I'ht'rHOn. TBENTON, Jan. bouse and the sen- ate voted sopuratolv vosierday for United States senator, and Vio'u. John fl received ono more vote than waa necessary to secure his re-eleetimi. by The World proprietors being consid- ered above tho proper price. The bnsi- uesa of tho last year having, it ifi said, proved unsatisfactory to TheTVorld the .editor-in-chief desiring to make a change, the salo is now aaid to have been agreed npon. Tho prico is said to have been and .George Alfred Townsend will take suporvision.__________________ Freddy. NEW YORK, Jan. Fred Oobhsxdt waa expected to arrive here yesterday by the train, but up to 10 o'clock last night he had not put in an appearance. He has tele- graphed to the Hotel Brunswick, whore he lived, that ho would have no further use foi Iiis apartments in the hotel, and his personal effecta have been removed and placed in stor- age. Our Canuck ICG Carnival. MONTREAL, Jan. ice carnival opened here yesterday with clear and cold weather, the thermometer being at zero. Tlie festival com- raeuccU with Uie contra-.-tora' drive, and there wore over sleighs in lino in tho procession American gueets took part in tho opening cer- emonies. The influx of visitors is very large. In tho afternoon there was a curling contest on the St Lawrence, Kid the coasting track waa inaugurated by five thousand young people. An Artvanre for Hhermas and Ilan- cor.k. WASHINGTON, Jan. Steele of Indiana has introduced in tbo houeo a bill to suspend the operution of the proviso of section revised statutes, to authorize the ynwi Kenna Elected in Went Virginia. WHEELING, Jau. The election for United States senator took place in the two houses of t! i! k'gislamre yoslerrt.iy forenoon, with the fallowing resuff: Senate .lobn E. Ktmna, iM.'inuci-at. 17; George K. Loomis, Republican, 7; John T. Jarnuv, Giotuibiicker, i Tianna, '.Hi; Looimft, '21 Jarney, DENVET., Jan. Tho senatorial protilem still continues unsolved. The following is tho Ust ballot: Pitkiu, IT: Hamill, Kontt, 2; Tubor, 17; Bowmj, 5; Ht-attoring, 10. Ausns, .Inn. liicha'rd Coke, priis- ent member of tho Uniied States ucnute, was rt'olfcted ft unnairtioua voto ,from both Ke- pnblicans and Democrats. Hun HUM. TOPEKA, Jan. Tho preliminary ballot for United senator yesterday resulted in fa- vor of P. B. Plumb by an ovorwholming maj- ority, ho receiving the votes of every Itepubli- can 'member except, two. The two houses meet iu join! convention to-day to declare the re- sult The vote in the bouse stood as follows: Plumb, .SH; Martin, iO; Boyne, 41. SIXTY HOUESDfWATEE. Only Five of a Party ofTwcnty-seven Workmen Irom a Flooded .lliiie. MttJBOUHNn, Australia, Doc. the morning of Doc. 1U a great flood of water broke into the old workings in the Australian gold mine at Creswich, whore there were tliirty- nine miners at work. In a few minutes the lower levela were flooded while the waters roae thirty feet in the shaft. The twelve man who wore employed at that point fled for their livoa along the drift to a station, which they reached in safety. Thoy were hoisted to the surface in a cage which was lowered to them. The twenty- seven men in the other parts of the workings were unable to roach tho shaft, and the only hope was that they might be able to reach and ascend a distant winze leading to an upper level The scene tho top of tho abaft was pitiful Jfothers, wives, children and friends gathered there, waiting, almost without hope, for from below. throwing bin principal picture since exhibited in the Dnrn gallerv, in London. At tho Turin exposition, in 1SVS, he exhibited A colossal vace oruauieutud with 15U fitpiroi. Ono of works a ( ijronp. "Tlio Prize of a yoiinR hero dying beneath die ol (flory." was ducoraWd witb the of the lesioa of honor. Any. l.'i. ISiJl. Harper Bros., New Vork, i-j printing Poe's with elttorate illux- bv Dore. tlie givat h-ie bcr-ii ('iigapej on of ;tnd ere lie died he hid tininhed the moiiuim-ut to tiio whicii in couaidered one of tlie worku of art produced in inodorn time, for manv yearn M. Core hnn been cci'u'd the first pluee in the ronlis uJ OONGRESSIONAL WOEZ. Iron Tnrlff. Transporta- tion, and tlu- BUI. MEXATli. WASniNOTOS.jTiin. Merrill, at 11 o'clbik to proceed to tlie connideration of the tariff, mying tint if the motion were agreed to, ho would assume that tho senate preferred to take up the bill early each day rather than hold evening The morion adopted without oppohition, and the began tho consideration of the mctala scbmlulc. Mr. MOler of Nc'V York, moved to mike Ihe duty on iron ore and drosB, or residuum from burnt pyrites, SI per ton, instead of 50 eetiti-, an in the bill. A long argument followed, during which 31r, Beck naid he would wov< to put iron oro and pyrites on tho free Mr. Camdon moved to make the duty on iron ore [JO cents. Hfr. gavo notice he would move to atrilio out the whole paragraph aud put the articles embraced iu it uu the Trto iron ore. di'o.-K or residuum from burnt pyritoH or of iron in itfl nntural Htate cbntainLiR than IS per cent, of eilica aud copper contained therein. ifr. Brown save that ho would move to mako the duty on thenfl articles 20 per cent, ad valorem. Pending u vote ou Mr. Camdeu'B amendment, the senntl.- hold an executive uenoion, and soon after adjourned. HOUSE. Mr. Buttcnvorth of Ohio, introduced a hill providing for tlie appointment of seven <-cm- miwiom-rc, at per day each, to investigate all relating to tho establishment and maintenance of a reasonable audjurit inwr- dtate tntuwport-tiou laritf t'or passengers and freiglit.-i by niilroail" or other modes of trans- reterred to the committee on Pacirie railroads, Mr. Voung of Ohio, introduced a bill author- ising the president to extend the patent grained for hiothndu for increasing tbo capacity of oil wollfl. llr. Valentino reported Anderson's agricul- tural commission bill: referred. Mr. lianney, from' the committee on elec- tions, reported a resolution in the Joues-Slirlley Alabama contested else, directinn a special comniitu-t; of three members to take evidence iu tin.1 m.-xttoi1. The house then went Into committee of the whole, with Mr. Page in tho chair, ou tho naval bill. Afior fifteen minutes discussion. Mr. Calkins' ameudmont for a gradual abolition of the pay corps of the navy was adopted. After rejecting sovcrnl other amendment, thu committee passed from the first paragraph of tlie naval bill aud the clerk read the Kicoud paragraph, providing for sea. seivico and t'or compulsory retirement Immediately a dozen members were on their feet with points of order, aud a lively debate ensued. Tht chair overruled the point An appeal was taken, but tho decision waa to (54. Mr. Blount raised a point of order against the clause making sea service a pre-requioite of promotion. The chair sustained the point. Mr, Robcyon offered an amendment to the retirement clause, providing tluit it shall be in effect only until the limit of tho reduction in the line which via fixed by tho act of Aug. A long discussion followed upon the question of attaching general legislation to ap- propriation bills. Mr. Curtin of Pennsylvania, offered in amendment, providing that tho provision ol the retirement clause shall not apply to ofn-.-ori' of the navy who sorvod in tlie late civil war, Messrs. Bobeson and Cui-tin's both adopted, but tlio whole retirement clause, an amended, vras, ou motiou of Mr. Calkins, of Indiana, stricken from tho bill without division. Mr. Knott, of Kentucky, offered an amend- ment providing that promotions shall bo made according to seniority. Adopted. 3DT. Talbot, of Maryland, offered an amend- ment requesting the president to select from tho army aud uavy five officers, to constitute a board fo'r the purpose of examining aud re- porting to congress which of the and arsenal! best adapted to establish a gov- ernment foundry for the manufacture of guns adaptod to niodarn warfare, together with an estimate of tho cost of a gteam hammer of strength sfDnciont to mannfacture gang of lurce caKber. Adopted. Mr. Ellis of Louisiana, offered an amendment authorizing the secretary of the navy to con- stitute alii! introduce aa part of the equipment of tho navy tho life-saving dress adopted by tbo life-saving service. Adopted. After competing tho codideratioii of four- teen of the other twenty-aix pages of the bill, the committee rose. Triumph. BEELIH, Jan. Booth appeared lual night as King Lear, and wag called before the curtain eighteen timea. H. O. BRADLEY, Loan First Avrtiiii', driiinl HAS SOME OF THE FIXK8T City and Suburban Property Mill-. inclUiliilK "0 lit Bnulley 4: ud- iMUnii to Jtnpidf. Owiiinv tlie Inrjjor imrt o( the property bnndled, I nan 11 aV< TERMS TO SUIT PURCHASERS. Uon'l Korffiii Number: 65 First Ave., Up-stairs. lousiness LUTZ BROS., Popular Marble ami Dejilorh. A iiiHf i-tocl; iilwajf im OUicti ami nhop op- IWHitL- Marlon, lown. OU1 und new them tMlfnre buying. J. W. WEYAND, Attornev at Law, Real Estate Broker, Loani'il and miuic. Rooms I aud 2 Postoffice Block. G-. H. Van Vechten, BANKER. First Avenue and Second Street, Sells Foreign Drafts. Makes Collections. Sam. Hollan's FREIGHT TRANSFER Will llttl'Ull tn General Freigbt aid City Express Bnsiiiess Pn-iiiliily, anil nil cnllf nt any OiVico T, M, GIBERSON, Attorney at LJW, and Insurance Agent. PHIL H, FRANCIS, Attorney for U, S. Collection Agency. ROOM H POSTOFFICE Stoaeian, Mel Mian, Attorneys Solicitors, t'in-l Avenue, Coilur HapM-, Special Attention Given to Patent, insu- rance and Railroad Litigation, HALL FOR KENT. Cedar Rapids Steamer Co. No. 1, Having Leased MANSFIELD'S HALL Fur the period of one year, -n-e are pre- to let it for sociables, fairs, hops, ete. For terms of rental, inquire of J. L. Krehs, 'Waterliousc Block; J. E. Brown, Tivoli Be-staurant, or F. Cobtirn, No. 70 Ninth avenue. Music and hops furnished on short notice. _ __ J. F. SWAB BRO., DEALERS IN Creamery and Dairy Supplies. ASK FOIt THE EARLY BREAKFAST COOK STOYE, The Beat in the World.

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