Monday, June 25, 1855

Burlington Tri Weekly Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Text Content of Page 1 of Burlington Tri Weekly Hawk Eye on Monday, June 25, 1855

Burlington Tri Weekly Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - June 25, 1855, Burlington, Iowa w nurnher of the Tri- ye tfcat we shall tmw for the The offices of the Bally Tol- and the Hawk-Eye, and their re- subseription lists, have been uni- ted, and ft Daily Paper will be issued, comwcticing Thursday morning next. We the lible auspices, very From tbe two Ibte we are enabled to start with a lafge weekly Kubseriptton, and a fair daily list. But the of a morning paper is The Slave Dick. Quito KM was c-reftted iiater- ilay lasl, by; the appearance pur streets, of a colored "owin sertiee who wa of Jorootmo Hrtnrv cH.-trged wt'b un Africtn iQto port w th to mak-> him a sluvo m Mr, up in tb'U. S. nf- and the OUO bonds to answ-r. K. N. MEETING IN BOSTON. BOSTON, 23. A meeting of the K. N s, in 1 1 in this city was sddrossed by iieaatur Wilson ani Uov. trardmn-. Tho fitrmer confine J his speech to the su'i- j-.'CE uf the Nittonul assc-rtinjE tlwt it des re ot Hie d. -legation to Avoid the uf slavery wtiieh was forc-d upon them by South tliey wre W, ta it 1? of thi; committee two the Pacific iiail- by the "Dviaocracy, which eveu thd Waslitrgtoii Union fa'ot and fall back. Tha oaxt fatal blunder was lib ence if New York controvetsy, the softs, or free soil Democrats, aod fhe Hards or N tiooal Deaotocrsits. Pierco fos- -those wn whose wicked welt destroyed our benutiful Aod thus another awful blow was gtrack at the Detneoratie tion, from which the Sentinel very eorreotfy ttnn'cs if will not recover. Scatinel mounts of the liquor shops ia New York have placards before their doow in- forming the passer-by that the "Tribune" of that city is not taken there. of tha dem- oeratie ra'tjoriiy of nearly one imoikptl ia House, while tha njajort'y will be as large tbe otbcr way ia flouss. Fmd Soil been than ioubled in nit the Si-ate elections whioh have been taus gorae Against tba Cogr ot YIHB LATK CHICAGO The City Coaoeil of Chicago orj Tuesday last, allowed bills lectured by tKe eity for fete riotsj aaaountiiig to f Thia is (jttite a aaag Kttlc stwa for a two days riot ..........__ The Coijltnbtts and Cio- has deelaved a scmt-an- of five per effit. jwyable in in New York nod as to cash. puale the L >est judges. It Buderstood at CineitJBati that the Grand Jury will fiod a new bill of IB- dicttuoofc against Arrisoa, the torpedo mar- Con, Sam'J Galloway has accepted invitatfon lo addrem tbe Literary So- at NEWSPAPER! fctoo in Virginia aad South Catohna. la view of these untoward fatfts, f he Sen- tinel counsels tfec par- ty to itjfelf from all further respon- sibility lot the faults or follies of ad- BjiDistratioo." As tbestcaw packet City bound for St. Paul, was patstog dowt) Eirer, two or betovr na, sitting upon the promenade deck, asleep, at the pound of the whistle, started with a jump and fell overboard. Us imme- diately cried for botpj the boat iraa atopped and an attempt to lower a boat for his feat from entanglement with it was tome before it was in tbe water rtnd HQftnned, and bef the man could be ha was out of ai hat and over in tbe coat pocket wasfoand n map, whieb was Itjrstoittft o? pftssm ns that bad been shown a short time bf ayooog man from Ohio and for Fabfiefd lews, at4 io map wa< toe nftiae David P. BacAett, Du- on platftrrm supported the majority reaolu- donsprinctpaliy Doming Status the m party h-td been defeated aoJ tboy wertj opposed liy H representatives of 110 eU-ctorat votes in States whore tbe parry had triumphed. The Dolegutea from Georgia in for Geo, Law fur President, six from Paan- and oae from New York., in favor of Mr. Diokenson. Mr, a-iid tliat George G told tbe South tltnt there w is not a town or city wo'ti support tbe 5t ijority ptutform, and Mr. Brooks of the N. Express bad said tbax vshofe North would support the platform. It was in the to pat bun (Wilson) <Jowa wad turn oat, Gov. Mafdiwr d iclared that if such result he would 'cave. Mr. W. was se- op. the from Ne-vv York, charg-ti w'uhke-ping thetniss from ilio eouoo 1 24 hours cwratnenoed. 23. to- OVEE TUB FALLS. NIAGARA A'V t tbe Aracrican A day this A. M. 110 in the act of from A the Kapids carried hoat Us j is ankoowo but Uf U to bave been, os his wuy f ?ora. Canada with LIQUOR LAW IS CONNECTICUT. MmDLBtojc, June 2 S. Parlee cf tbe iMoDoflnuugh and iWsener'mtz tried to-day fcr violation of thu Liquor Law. The fenner galUy ou four latter on three. They fach, f j which ihej appealed 'these were preaenled to test tlio of tba Liqao; Law, NEW Ns, Juno The steamship Daniel Webster from San Juan Do with 84 tu tbe 15th. arrived here lo-day and Saa Pmaobso dntes 'ins steamer Staroftlw West for N. witb 500 passengers aoti in gold. [California not reached us.] The WAP D? bas ftirtber which entirely discredit tixe statement of tha Capture of Eutt Laramw. DEATH Juua 2U. Judge S. many ywrg a justie? of tbe Supreme of v died at bis S5 years. aged people of with whom is dug r thuy are Id be uwtt-d, is proiifiy at' ev in wbioh gfeatly the of Uoioo .tf: aot awrutrn it Utah shivll tt. owtobi-M waffioiew to her io a to will probably disposed' of in of, w.-tys. Stts will oa admittedt kft'1! ou'i or frolyg 'toy ftbolfshed Q. If eliecoToes in is (or will that oomity, must exist between the States will require regulation by the OttiiWBMi of utfth.eaa tweithrdugh other witb waay of as they may deem atro ihua tbu iofectloB by wimgije will spread per- haps than moft artwillsngfo ttcknowloUgc. If she kept oot of Uaioiij then what will fee her stai' V Will the Uuttpd States their wo 2ft Uooco, or will they oadefliilw to of lha sdta tn ef or mis i II bar ug> hop ad iBfssioo sha herself what of C'ftu she tuH rei'y You lottktHt styinglUtb antl doiug ooiMwif thaestabliahttt'Di of our has "become canocis d aft'! box, jittt to us and. HOW Wwa the usual f rofcalBa el are we rwt entUled to sftiae as the other for s-'tme ditogf r, think, on tht plication of 'rf Siatfecy if fr" upon her soil by MksewH uiofeb if not shall she _" penJenr, or shtill she admittfd what of of freedom which cries States t" The wttote South will rnrtn cause with the or attompt bfi mftde to Co the npoti bitf ttttd iht; srep come iwta per the Union i and wlfl tomb Tha cloud that tookf largerthun a ittan's fetfud, wn of apd >t watch events" tfcit "cast their shadowt before." iy hrtfiis wo nothittg Kiiion of tho cruol wo the murderous rite of thc'tiiittitjt ft riiory .i. i' The editor of ihe President home Denvfcvatio party tn dusirous of patting end to fttl uitdua influence foreign in whioh titf isvtlio rtnnarkis: ocra'.ie would it very much in the predioamettt who wtshinjj to jftfKfr tret-, took his WAI upon he pfH'fnrmeti tho opfpaUen, tt3 t' hati said he, board soiacthing drap.J -A-J ?l i tnL- '1 f f'jj MlNI3TER.r- In C'ottrt OB, Wardens of for three of a dow.w j. Jewell lar eibJy Miteritig the Baston s, Kilbourne vrnsj, eotered hstj by removing In tbe ?oft> openod, atci and a gold ta- ken It "v had been leftsometiow and taken therefrom by tbe roitlmg the robhcryj with a fie aa he has dane, on coEvenient CASE AX ths Journal, that two coldreil gltlw Itruught btfore JudgfiHWan, of tW? Oonrt, Monday moro'.ngj by tf wtlt of to inquirn irtto the Jcjjal detection by Uwr ma from New Or ea girls when iroffiuest io a deai.-e to with their master and Here to- do so. thrrt he hoped tiiiii would tho matter, anil that all would The party uppfviw; the writ wfts ruled to p'iy the costs or ll a The Now 0rteam Picayune do of travel is already sotting ward, bf aaid oMtera Masonic Hotioe- Them nlif bo a M t us (MittKifty) evcn'wg, incf., ftt f Af tlw Annual f wiB tajte at tFie a full is earncstty a she4. (1w M. jaiw 22 W. NBWMAH, Sto- Eural At 0lea TUB titueiis nf are informal thai Glenn Ganfen will ing 4th uf July, fnundl far the may f fsfttf each; wrJl the the As tlw the fester (4 roflde f Or nit >ut mmmg 1 wilt a. Mit'MrttiMeMnAV yi of the fealurci Mr H. Buckley, ftif cejin cftov f''i iwwt i baa: )Us thtf, an.! tion righ frttii of 41 B4II nwwilin will te in Mr t, D Mr W. Armstr tfr( Po coofttr Jn tbo ParilKon be found Two Tbourand witb which thr.v tevt tfew if of ti -Jr

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