Wednesday, April 22, 1970

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - April 22, 1970, Burlington, Iowa Hawk Eyetems Welcome To The Battle By The Pros In the following letter to The Ralph district servationist for Des Moines expresses the feelings of many pros who have labored long in the battle to save oar At first I had a feeling of desolation sort of like being left off the I saw the journalistic culmination of the local efforts of DayApril After 22 years of efl fort on my own part and literally thousands of man years of service and devotion to the cause of soil and water con1 servation by conserva tionists in to see the Soil Conservation District program com pletely ignored as a Friend of Environ ment was a little hard to Sober has shown me that I am indeed thankful that a large segment of the populace is at last becoming concerned enough to join tjhe battle that a large number of rural oriented lowans have carried on for the last 20 to 30 The Soil Conservation district pro begun in Iowa in the early started in Des Moines county in Feb ruary of A dozen or more devoted local farm men have served with no salary to direct the district as commis sioners since They have done everything within their power to encour age their neighbors to join them in making better use of their Des Moines County Soil Conserva tion District is primarily a landuse It is operated from the grass Its cooperators voluntarily fol low conservation plans to use their land while halting runoff from the progress has been Working with a total of nearly land users in 25 we have probably brought under control of erosion no more than onethird of the area of the the district has been quietly helping people to do this job on a vol untary Agricultural land is now being recog nized as the greatest source of pollution to our It likely always has been But guiding their efforts at the local through soil conservation have been doing something about the if you the condition our streams might be in had these rural people not gone to the trouble of controlling one third of the Soil Conservation districts have been hamstrung for a generation be cause they have not been able to get the public stirred up about erosion of our natural Without public too little supporthas been forthcoming in either state or national legislative bodies to provide a large enough program to Get the job We are grateful to the press for the thousands of inches of freely over the We are grateful to the many educators who have shown concern for the need of conservation the public has tuned jut our warnings through the press with aut finding a cause for And Educators have found conservation not popular enough to integrate into their we are the guys wearing the white Conservation of the environment is It is It is We professional and nonprofessional conservationists may feel like We told you so we are so relieved to have this groundswell of public opinion backing up what we have been that we can only and welcome to the May we offer our expertise to yours to get our environment back in order Earth Day hi Burlington got off to a flying Flying at James Madison middle school was a brand new Earth Day which was presented to Mayor Ray Eastin on behalf of the city at a Madison assembly program which opened the schools daylong Kevin graduate student at the University of was the main His subject was Various dramatic skits con cluded the During the day various classes had other programs Throughout the schools observed Earth Day by doing their own with cleanup Earth 1970 and antipollution programs An 8speaker panel for to nights walkin program at Memorial auditorium was diminished by one speaker earlier Wednesday when County Sanitarian Reed Davis was called to an urgent meeting of the West Burlington city council to discuss a problem arising from a dump Tom general chair man of the Earth Day observ is to be master of cere monies at the auditorium panel which includes Raymond co ordinator of the Upper Missis sippi River Conservation com mission for the Department of the and Burlington veterinarian and chairman of the county health who will speak on Where do we go from here Those attending the pro gram have been urged to leave their polluting cars at home and walk to the audi bringing along a bag with which to collect litter they spot during their Earth Day headquarters on near reported that it was getting a good response to little envelopes in which contributions equal to the price of a package of cigarettes are at least removing some smoke from our Unique among citywide Earth Day has spawned all sorts of unusual Sherman Lundys Apollo Central students thought up two One science class went out Tuesday evening and collected pop They turned in the amount they received for redeeming the pop to Earth Day head Another Apollo science thought up and at their own a leaflet which they planned to pass out house tohouse and throughout the downtown district Wednesday afternoon Southeast Iowa college stu under the leadership of the student held mock funeral procession pointing up the threat of mans s e 1 Mourners began their procession near Clark field house and marched to the picking up litter along the West Burlingtons business district got a cleanuppickup as Girl West Burlington high school junior class mem bers and the confirmation class of Paul United Church of Christ gathered litter and They also planned to duplicate the pickup in the THE BURLINGTON HAWKEYE 133RD 242 PHONE 7548461 APRIL 1970 28 SECTIONS PRICE lOo Army Mutineers Grab Trinidad Ammo Base PORT OF SPAIN Troops loyal to the Trinidad government fought today with a band of 200 army mutineers who seized the Chaguaramas army arms and ammunition base Tuesday in support of the black power Uncon firmed reports said Britain had sent in A spokesman at the residence of Prime Minister Eric Williams said one mutineer and one loyal soldier were killed bringing to five the number of deaths since violence broke out The nation was placed under modified martial Several naval vessels were dispatched today from San Puerto in case it should become necessary to evacuate American Reports circulated in Port of 12 miles from the Chaguaramas that British troops had landed there from Land From Frigates The reports could not be confirmed immediately because Chaguaramas was declared an emergency But they said the British troops landed from two frigates dispatched from nearby Fredericks the main shopping was deserted today and all shops closed under an emergency state of siege proclaimed by the govern Passersby were questioned and made to empty Student Tlushin Ohio UPI Students at Miami University Tuesday night staged a flush in which caused a water shortage in this Butler County Wayne engineer for the Oxford Water said the continuous flushing of toilets and running of other water outlets in the dormitories wasted hundreds of thou sands of gallons of Wright said the flushin was apparently staged to protest the arrest of 170 students last Wednesday during a disturbance on He said the shortage became apparent within a short time when residents began complain ing of low water pressure or no water at Aerial Act Ends Topless Maine Carmen Morales broke tradi with her circus night when she abruptly ended her act Miss was per forming atop a 30foot pole balanced on her fathers head at the Kora Shrine Temple Circus when onepiece sequined costume broke loose from around her neck and fell to her She quickly slid down the ignoring the show must go on and was covered by a red coat offered by ringmaster Austin The audience applauded their pockets by heavily armed Police fired over the heads of a crowd estimated at about and dispersed them when they gathered to watch a fire in an old deserted building across from the Red seat of the No one was Fireman Pete Braithwaite died today of injuries suffered Tuesday night when someone threw a Molotov cocktail at him while he was fighting a fire in the East Dry River slum area outside the Everything Closed All government stores and businesses were closed because of the fear of more The prime minister was meeting with his cabinet and was reported Guards were posted around the hospital where four loyal soldiers were treated for wounds in th6 Chaguaramas army Tension increased as rumors swept the the small coast guard contingent at Chaguaramas had joined the that troops from the Organization of American States OAS had that American Marines were about to They were only rumors but they spread In White House sources said several ships had been dispatched from San Juan but called this normal proce dure and a preliminary They indicated the ships would be used if necessary to evacuate They said there were a considerable number of Americans in Trinidad and About government troops were stationed at Seizure of the base was carried out in defiance of the governments declaration of modified martial imposed by Sir Arthur McShine to curb black power militants seeking more Rumors circulated the black power militants also had seized control of the twin island nations army but these reports appeared to be An army spokes man today spoke only of rebels seizing the Dispatches from San Puerto Rico said the Navy helicopter carrier Guadalcanal and the landing ship Spiegel both with Marines sailed out of San Juan before dawn Navy sources there said they were bound for The Guadalcanal normally carries about Marines and 150 The Spiegel Grove with a lesser number aboard is capable of disgorging tanks and small landing Whether troops actually would land would depend on the Trinidad and Tobago govern The last troop landing came in 1965 when former President Lyndon Johnson sent 400 Marines into the Dominican Republic to protect foreign including Trinidad and a member of the British Com monwealth which obtained inde pendence in is made up of about 40 per cent 35 per cent East 18 per cent mixed and the remainder made up of whites and Black militants demand a bigger voice in running the island The black power movement in Trinidad has conducted marches for more than a month and many have erupted into WEATHER FORECAST Mostly cloudy with scattered showers or thundershowers likely ending on Low to night 50 high Thursday Decreasing cloudiness and turning cooler RIVER STAGES down steady down HAPPY EARTH DAY On the day when local and nationwide attention was being focused on how man has violated his vandals decided to make their first strike against the new trees placed in the downtown area This small leaf linden tree at Main and Jefferson was broken off between midnight and Penalty for the tree damage can be 30 days in jail and a SNAKE ALLEY may never be the four Head Start classes swarmed over picking up paper and debris Wednesday morning as part of the local Earth Day Photo by Grant Minhull A flag made at James Madison school flew over city hall proclaiming Earth Other pictures and a list of photo contest winners on Page Man Pauses For Diagnosis Of His Environments Condition By United Press International lowans from all walks of life are stopping today to look at what can happen to an environ ment when pollution is left un Today is Earth and from the amount of publicity given the event and the number of communities holding Earth Day few people will toss litter or pollute today with out at least thinking about what they are Earth Day protests involve persons from junior high school children to middle aged busi nessmen and are especially pre valent in communities with colleges and university campus In Cedar Washington High School students walked to school rather than drive cars which are now regarded as a major On the Iowa State University campus in cars were banned entire ly from the campus areas with students manning barricades to keep cars Garbage collec tion and survival marches will oe and Drake University students in Des Moines plan to plant an elm tree to replace the schools land mark Chancellors Elm which was cut down this vic tim of Dutch Elm Prominent Speakers Environmental teachins will be held most colleges throughout the with promi nent national speakers and local experts all giving their views on the chance of survival with out immediate steps to curb Among the noted speakers ap pearing in Iowa are Harold D who will speak at the Stephens Auditorium in Ames and Paul a national leader of pollution who will speak at both Iowa State and Wartburg College in The Earth Day idea was or iginally proposed by Gay lord D and im mediately drew support from enthusiastic educa politicians and concerned Chicago Mayor Richard Daley officially declared today Earth Day in New Jersey William Cahill was to sign a bill creating an environmental protection de partment in the state depart New York Nelson Rockefeller officially estab lished a New York Environ ment Proposes Institute Illinois Paul Simon proposed that the state set up an environmental institute at a major public High school children in Cape were on highways picking up litter tossed from passing Others were busy with similar tasks across the Students in Los Angeles hung black balloons from marking sites of environment seminars and Groups in other areas planned to confront suspected polluters with dead fish and other tokens of a disturbed Funeral marches for the living and the yet unborn were on the The White House said Tues day President Nixon welcomed the days events and feels the activities show the concern of people of all walks of life over the dangers to our govern Skywriters Will Participate Skywriting planes were to inscribe the word air in the atmosphere over Los Ohio State University students planned a guided walk along the Olentangy residents were set for a premature funeral for the children of to dramatize the unborn children who will die from Where In Pesticides Parfait EATON of the menus at the Miller Farms OldTyme Ice Cream parlour here is printed in ecology green on biodegradable paper and features such exotic dishes as the Jitterbug the water pollution soda and the pesticides The ingredients of the pesticides parfait was alter nating layers of fruits and drenched in DDT and topped with herbicides and a con glomeration of other crazy The listed prices range from billion for the litter bug sundae to million for the water pollution The What is the collective namt of these six northern Irish counties Answer on Page