Sunday, December 28, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - December 28, 1890, Burlington, Iowa Afterjou get beyondftte INTERNATIONAL Lord 111 I wii weaklieu aui I one who did to rJy upon God for otUble1 Theaposfle to sUge of Christian iv and repeated strng 1e could truly say that manifested in ofliclpuijwab gnite as fully as in lus When his elf sufficiency had 1aaa tan the grace of the ieist him of us oonietunes in We are set back may go and icfore v e tan become np start from just where God nt to place in an that wejnay run t forth on the way foru 10 so ue of change a vefud uui tilth some Times and seasons Ratals uriife There of tilt a s to be gotten Jtefore we cau experience tne we almost tie1UU strefs of iran Lffictlicr tie new will ever bring itauytliiiiK wlach can benefit cijilessin the quagmire of we learn to cry tfoto the Loia to aid ni Then frjo often does the word of the Lord jjirae erea 10 Whemve are i Hen are fcanagtli and might of the i himself ready to do great God helps nsJn many unlocked We tliiii the help must cer jvcome throujl sone well known eUe it come at all stliere are ways we see means from what I he shows ns most concln jjttat Iris hand has been guiding Jaball fc How manyin sof flris liml do we notice in the soffiieFnltun Street prayer ineet Blhe thirtyihiri anniversary of jhlaslately nceii observed stemporal and spiritual have Km that company of st teeters tiitr rods who Ufanied tlirongli these years of lefat GoIs ways are like fails not in answering the sand snprilying the needs of ifxho call upon him in sincerity Xeei of both body and son jHWorehim with an earnestness nofanassuraucetiiat in some way lie attended to by tne Answered prayers are the jttMnot tlie exception in the Fulton jtjnver That the an and those benefited re which serves to is nn encourasenient to others to r they hi ilw iersonal life of all iidristians often are Gods IjimJe manifest by the mostunes flmys of helping them through sand trial When the way is so Botso hedsfil in that there is no setnningly noway III inr then help reaches kihemost And ifrom it ali liie strength of our l n when we are help leas well as when we are fnll of fail are TITOevery morning and r and his mercies us a while ip our hearts and know that God and will give Minlus ovva time and Shaw in Christian at jra ever hear of a man on his wl regretting that he had not in a his seusnal desires more freely petting that he had striven Christina isret of the Christians victory jBihisto inert onr enemy as an Rtonqnwed and notas one who i a tiaii really possesses ia gno is within him that which is is subject to accidents may not be in odst itb i did not anothers great mountains is a great river and after 3011 lave passed that meat nverthereisa vast you liave passed that wide country there is aworld of and in that world of water there are a thousand ides beantiful with gtreams and and there are buffalo and dew and all the departed red man has to do is to whistle up his dogs and go ashootin to all The only land of heaven worfh gouig to or fit to spend eternity in is the Bible After the above account of the heaven guessed out by human ingenuity turn to the Bible heaven read of the glorious destina tion of all those who love and serve the Tliroughthe pardon and mercy of Christ may all our readers get there Herald and Signs of Our Te wre chosen by God we before himor imper B what he would presented as 1ju which presentation so taten with our beauty that delight in inclined and cleansed having neither L lt fest we were pm That SH Fol Uie It is the question Christian of be When Ins loved ones go rs ia heaven Wlini 1 liut a IJtllo 1 was but a little child And lands fur off beyond tlio learned with weary lieart ond Were nil a Wonderland to Goo loved me so that Gray haired and 1 can turn Back to those hapjiy And feel my heart with rapture Cod loved me so 1 heard his voice At midniBht in my silent Ami felt Uie of his face Make unseen glory thmush the Nor did 1 To make him of my life a part To tell him all my joys The hnpesand dreams UuitnlM my heart Alas fifty years Years full of eajer Of love and joy and Of worrying care and animus throuph every loss and Tiiroueii sufferinj and through passloo This ilioucht ran likeu thrtmd of gold litlored rue wlun 1 was a child And his love changes 1 Sit oilier love love My h d was faithful still for he so through years of grief and doubt This memory calm and limitfiled RriRlitnu all other He loved tne when 1 was a child Thou Shall Cuiili Until we leave guiding in Gods wn hands we shall never know rest hen we can truly Thou shalt me with Ihy then what Teacpfnl rest is ours We which have nelieved do enter into the soul strives to rest upon earth s joy or It is Gods guiding and alone that can give rest even est in a for no harm can come to IB soul who is anchored on Christ way 1 know not Winding rough and So dark at times that 1 no path might ut thou hast been iny guide through all thfl steepness bos but made me lean on nd onward still I in calm assurance That thou wflt needful help and guidance lend hat strength will come for every days endur Grace all the and glory at the Dn Eois in Cliristian Intelli TOO of e good as 1 this come to a water fed by streams drink out of that 1 their thirst is as go into an Us hanging on the whenever the air upon tho tree say lias so broad a a swift hbrse 100 rossit They think tha made up of wine am ttween banks of cam with Of pure alritaitof th that afte S the ap Mobammed K heaven is all ya change of body 15 spirit enters enters itisabBorbec Including a Speech Before lishAmerican Notes of H lioofclerH Ifolld AI Mother Molds tue Aire at in an Eng Tlie Work of the Holy The work of the Holy Spirit was made ery prominent in the early here is constant reference in the Acts f the Apostles to his presence and in welling with the Stephen is escribed as Iwing fnll of the Holj Jhost at the rime of his but was 110 new experienceor or the evangelist when he records his ppoiutment as 21 deacon characterizes lim as a man foil of faith and the loly in his last tepheu gave token of spiritual calm and energy it was because there had aeen in his previons life a surrender of limself to the teachings of the Divine and a realization of the comfort IB can The great trials which may come to a Christian can only be snccessf ully encountered as he is nnder he gnidance and enjoying1 the minis tries of the Holy Christian In RECENT RELIGIOUS The will of the late oi bequeaths to Hiirtf ord Theological The number of confirmations in the Church of England last year was against in of The Christian is to deliver a course of lect ures on practical theology before the School of Theology of De Pauw univer The Salvation Army has property in countries to the amount of S3 Jlore than onehalf of this s credited to Great In tha United States the value of its property is less than There has been a strong expression of opinion by prominent women in the Coiirefiational denomination of EnglaUfl infaror of the participation by womeo in the discussions of the Congregational This opinion is strongly support ed by some of the leading men of the de Some of the daily papers are discuss ing the possibilities of Miss Frances Willard becoming a bishop of the JUein odist Episcopal chnrch in case women Readmitted to the Cr secretary of the board of conference is at if women are admitted to tne enS inference Miss Wfflard majr be ome a bishop if she secures the requisite number of An Infant PrndlST 1 At the regular meeting of the South ern Medical Saturday SisterAlbert Verner Fcnsch Fort Tune 37 Asu yond the B toast is Our Kin Be lie president calls upou mds For our we like cided to buy we ie least those I trailed drnuk moderately Kud found fault jndiciously h e joj sam pled jour wet heartily approved Of When lam safe at home once more I ex TJI pecttotellmycouiitrjmen in detail what Iliad to do to get a trunk through on a mam line while I stopped a few but I ilo notexpect them to believe I shall set down a traveled but 1 shall tell the When I took the tram at Liu rj instead of letting me ramble at will for a is done iu the wild and woolly vrestthey locked me in a 1 couldnt believe that they thaugut I wanted to steal their old lor though I am a small man with a nose my name is not Jay Gould and I have beard that it is extremely dangerous iu this kingdom osteal one rannot speedily get axvjiy the iocir of our little cage was locked and we were and the thought would furce itself upon some thing should happen suppose some mus cular female should pounce upon 1 am told I hat such things have happened iu these wuteled cages and 1 was at first so nervous in the contracted tiling that I narrowly missed sitting on a womans offense for which even her majesty cannot grant a My fellow were quiet and ami so my first conclusion n your iland was t hat Englishmen in gen eral will for the giikeof Xovv to the business of the which is 10 make the two sets of Anglo Saxons 1M nr it may not be auiissto briefly compare thetwo In the matter of age you hold over And this shows iu nearly all your Yon are an awfully solid the solidest people I have any acquaint ance I am and I bebeve that it hjis been shown by many tests that 100 Englishman as much as 104 Yankees or 10S Your climate is favor able to while ours tends to create nervous aud even in England I find abundant proofs that Americans are far from For that America invention the air brake is yours by I no that many of your farmers em ploy American aud I modest ly claim that in the perfection of farm machinery America has simply beat the Like other visiting Americans I buying in London all the new clothes I can and I note that the American sewing machine works in their I went through your Tower of London the other and wouderful old building it have nothing like it in and cant for we have never beheaded any of our queens to give the historic I saw with pleasure that our Edison had got in his work for your tower is illumi nated with Hear fore the close of neeuTuryf Eaghsh wil be the speech otlwrne 000 people there be such perfect union hearts that England anfi the Dnited States will advance hand inhantf to the rapid aviluation of all the places of the Gieat applauseiA war tweeu these bi acalamitrto all the man who desires it is at Let us to In crease their fnencUhlD and perpetuate it toll their great example shall bring in the time when t Useless lances Into scythes bhall And the broad tuchlon In a plowshare end Yhen ware tlall cease and ancient fraud shall Returning justice Ut aloft her 1eace oer the n orld her ohve wand Aud robtd innocence from heaven The unaccountable silence of the daily papers on both of the Atlantic in re gard to this speech justifies me in depart ing from the usual modesty of the prof es Bidn aud our lintish friends took it good I do not know that any one nghtto Among the many things said th it et enmg I was particuljrlj struck bi the remarks of an knglishmim lately ruturucd from ianciful thcj have interestingthej ctrtamlj said appointed for a much higher and much nobler destiny than Americans uon produce the trnlj spuitml niau The conditions are all supplied aud the Begun to produce race in which the body citltnated onlybccuiM it is the temple of the soul aud the machine through which mind is Just now Americans tjilkof their great material and the is a nure notliny We English can do tho like of English cannot because are of the that the Americans are soon to a higher type of a type in which the true soul and will pre and yet improve and glorify rather than weaken the If it were possible for the Americans to avoid their mission the result would be their They cannot aCord to be climate and social system will scourge them into the higher life or off the face of the Their present ideals are temporary a grossly material people they cannot They are set in their present land to bring iu the higher aud if they fail or their corruption and decay will be tenfold worse than the wnrst that is written of Greek or Thousands of years aso India raised and argued all the questions now distracting the origin of his relations to the lirst the nature and destiny of the souL India pushed the discussion far beyond the point it has now reached iu and as some of ours have lately that concern ing a God aud his dealings with man nothing whatever can certainly be America is to argue these great questions once more aud for the last for she will obtain the true light and the solution that will fully satisfy the 1 am very much obliged to this Bombay gentleman for the brilliant destiny he has named for my but 1 couldnt help agreeing with the next from Mel who thought that some thiugs would always remain just a little beyond and intimated that Englishmen who live long in India often get inoculated with old Hindoo lie was very positive that Austraha was the laud ofthe thu true home of the and ridi culed the current notion that the English race will lose vigor the mer cury in our place has never been above 113 iu the shade Canada did not put up a or we should doubtless haveheard that CO below zero is only bracing At the few social gatherings I have at tended I have been much amused at the might say the grim which prevails before call it Every one seems to look at his or her visavis as if to say this is a go I suppose I am iuvited here to be But as soon as the provisions are in sight there is a fine breaking out of Truly these English are just a trifle as my Bombay friend put Certainly they are not so far psychol ogized as to ignore beef and POBLIC i i Where People Have Good Manners You Will Find Good History ghoul There Is a Connection Between Them llaDa I Ooustructingr Highways Direct In TO THE In liquor ami religion I guess its a stand off between the two America has produceii but two native re Moruiouism and and you have got cm got the first I might G reat Britain has sent about CO QUO people to be saints in Utah terri tory aud I often remarked when there that while threefourths of the original con verts were more than three fourths of the leaders were and the founders of the coucern were all Ver mont I feel bound to assert that my countrymen are if they are theo logically a little off the Great ihc rest of onr religions we derived from save n few specimens from The beef in this country is goodit comes from In mutton yon The Enelish mutton chop istomeagastronomie I rank it high among British lam told that yourbeeristhe better but that is In whisky I prefer the tipple of my native blue ccrwhelmei Let no tell me again that the English are an F1RE I am sitting by my In its warm and ruddy While tho day fe slowly dying And the shadows come go And within the Rowing embera Shadowy forms I Bcem to see Shadows that bring back to memory FIT daya once dear to Ami tuU flrelighc dreaming Pleasant yet still there ma Through it all deep tones of TJke to sliadows oer the sun For the dear ones whose sweet faces Made my heart so glad arid They with whom 1 talked and journeyed On each happy summer day Now are absent and I miss them As I sit alone As I see their dreamland faces In the dim and flickering light Yet fome day in the far If our Father wills it I shall meet the friends I dream of In the firelights ruddy Put when they are It is pleasant Just to In the glowing light before of those dear to So I sit and dream and In the fire flames ruddy the day ia slowly And Uie shadows come and nlnvinz with m tmriral playing t and lecture on Gooses ates while scoreins and lvsicians and ances among children of Iam sorry Zeus the court with the Nor For the last 200 or 300 years there has been ranch speculation among scientific men as to the rxact cause of the pheH nomenon of which hasin cidentally added new interest to the query How thickis the earths crost In discussing the earthquake problem different schools of scientists have taken different views of the onobranch of them supposing the qaake to be the result of an effort of the great internal heat to escape through a weak portion of the earths crust tie others declare that it is caused by shrinkage of the outer strata on account of tho cooling process going on deep down in the bowels of the About ten or twelve years ago the Ger man government made a gigantic effort to settle this perplesmS question for all time to come by sinking shaft near the city of with the object especially of obtaining trustworthy data concerning the rate of increase of the earths temperature with each succeed or fraction of 100 feet of descent At last accounts the shaft had reached a depth which is believed to be the greatest depth to which man has yet penetrated the substratum of the The temperature of the shaft at the meter level was 48 centi or 120 If this per centage of increase is maintained the boiling point of water will be reached at about and at 45 nules the teat would be sufficient to melt any Known Louis A Snlttniitiifler That a clock would continue to run in the midst of roaring flames for any length of time few people would be yet that snch was the case in the fire which destroyed the Sycaway villa near Troy has been proved From the ruins of the building was taken a small calendar The hands had stopped at or nearly an hour and a half after the fire broke The showed the hand at The clock was de stroyed beyond II y uMnimuicatious correct baa would be a fairly good text or the road us it is an axiom hat the of any people and he efficiency of their rulers is prettv ilearl by the condition of thtir n nbOf course there are excep highly civilized peo ple i couutrj where the a low jrade nice mh region where the roads good But the rule is sunto reassert itself the civilized ocoplo make the roads and Don progressive people generally con trive tiiinakc good roads The in Mexico sees the proofs f four very distinct eras in road mak 1112 The mountain trails and roads for mounted rulers only remain abont as left In the old AEtecTulfec who had no Another set of roads shovsthe womlirful energy of the fiiot two generations of Spanish Similarly iu Spain thereore atleast 5ve kinds of ival for the Car thagenians uid a little aud the Moors did i great deal in that But thereas elsewhere iii southern and westernEu rope ind iu md the antique m this line is the old Roman It never loses The more one itudies it the more he Its a ponder hoxv thindid but they it is to bit rcgrettetl that their his torians did occasionally turn aside from and civil convulsions to tell sonicthing about their The liief of their ex cellence is this The rulers had a long time to work inomy enough iavihh abundance of cheap No they made as many blunders in he start as Auicricaus have and there is evidence that they got their first hints of the permanent and pavement from the more commer cial Be that as ir when they did get their system complete they got it uid it soou became the fashion for each ruler to build a to be called by mime as a sort of The first three were the Via Appia the Via Flnminia and the Via aud then soon became in every part of the then civil ized During the Lost Punic war to 140 they built a continuous road from the south end of Spain through that country and France to the aud it was long regarded as one of the wonders of the world but during the long peace they made still better roads from Rome to and through every province in the and about lr0 a complete survey of all these was made by order of the Anto ninus from which it appears that the expense of construction was enor but complete tha repairs ost bnt a The results were Histo rians dispute on all other bnt all agree that these roads were the cement 3f the Frbin Augustus toJulian the empire endured 400 years before showing serious signs of ity of life not yet shown by any other tvidely extended From Rome is a center these ways extended in all iirections like the spokes of a ind almost as Roman innies and consuls and pro sonsuls moved over them with a rapidity that even now excites astonishment Oue of the latest writing of a time wheu barbarians from all sides were pressing on the records with pride that the legions yesterday fought Dn the Rhine and will tomorrow fight Dn the Last week they defeat ed the on the frontiers of and next week they will chase the Persians beyond the It needs no argument to prove that she splendid order so long maintained ihroughmit the empire would have been impossible without seeing hat Americans bold truth as au xiom and act upon it liberally in the far Many readers have wondered the people submitted so loug to mch emperors as Xero and Domitian uid bnt Jlerivale explains it rery clearly by the facts that the tyrants nly injured those immediately around cuiony the wealthy iind ivhile procurators and other ocal rnlfBi suppressed made he si cure and life ill the limitedand twentyprovinces Torn Egypt to An early Cliristian writer says Cle ar given us Messengers Uy swiftly around all the and Tertullian defiantly pro laims that the Romans were the un onscious instruments of heaven in per fecting the highways for missiouiiries to reach tlw remotestpartsof the In that remarkable passage beginning emuiis et impleyimns 3tes yesterday and have Hied all regions he boasts that within wd vimuies after Christ the mission bad congregations in all the prov ami to the devout Christian it is lot an miruasoiiable idea that the charge was he ven lime when Rome had made swift and easy It was loug supposed that the art of nakiug the Roman cement was out with the same material i volcanic stone mixed with lime and iabor it could doubtless be 1hey began to use it iu making piers of and the pier they made with t at Pozzvoli has lasted over Where they employed comeut in con structing roods those were bnilt as it ivould seem for Elsewhere hey used ordinary bat to a auckncss of three and stich was the road built across the Bedford flats in It is still but covered feet deep by Elsewhere in Bngland are remains of Roman roads jpparently as solid aa andinsonth Europe they are far more How raanv of onr presentAmerican roads will be visible years hence Americanmay well take a lesson from the Roirans in road building as they have in bravery and PRIMITIVE ROAD were a tew sand and there tbe more it rained the better the roads and along the streams there was bnt everywhere else the rich black soil rested npon the finest of white or yellow clay that held water like a as the farmers pnt The geology of that region is The southern limit of the glacial drift crosses Indiana a littlp below the paral lel of and north of that con sequently lay the last tnturation from the glacial very finest very few and cloys perfectly clear of grit In a dry season thisclay became an impalpable rising in every wrapping every moving vehicle in a stifling envir and turning every traveler into an object lesson on the art and unto dust shalt thou Man certainly a creature of the environment Spencer sayb for all our fashions in dress goods were determined and onr plans of living modified by considerations of mud and A whito linen coat could be worn for one gloves or a white veil at once marked the lady a new comer And as to white Sunday pan the man w ho tried to go through a summer witii them have received a unanimous votefor the The first improvement in highways was the old On the first survey of our county iu the chief engineer imported that no more than onehalf of this region is fit for the rest being chiefly aud as the first settlers clung to creek margins or the very highest ridges they very corduroyed the flats on the theory that those were to remain swamps ma terial was saplings from two to six inches the roadbed thrown up a foot or two above the natural level the larger cut to lengths of twelve feet or so aud were laid crosswise and the smaller ones laid iu the curved angles in the faint hope of breaking the On this the people rode in winter and spring because they had else the strongest team could not pull an empty us as the ground firm enonga to bear they turned aside and engineered their way at will through the Thus many a cor duroy was bordered by from a quarter to half a mile of ever twisting winding sarcasticallycalled the natural Of course the poles soon got out of place or leaving great yawning gaps in the corduroy many a wheel was many a poor horse and in some coses persons were serious ly injured by the terrific and so the people rose iu their took out the corduroy and demanded a rood The satirist has not yet come who can do justice tothe general road laws of Indiana as they were from 1810 to 1860 or Legislators who had to go on horseback through the woods to get away from home between January and and who went about Indianapolis with pantaloons stuck iu their boots to keep them out of the nevertheless had a holy horror of raising and just at that unfortu the theory was put forth anil generally believed that if the roadbed were raised very high and the water drained away from its margin the road would in time get so dry and hard in summer that it would remain good all So the legislature inaugurated an era of national The results were rather It was found that the once worked np and held water far worse than iu its natural Iu sheer despair the fanners then tried the so It was an im provement on the corduroy in the flattest rails were selected and could be laid together more bat at its Iwst it was very The irrepressible rural wags found material for grim hu mor in the Riding on the railroad was highly recommended for dvspeptics it was a sovereign remedy for liver and for the most obstinate constipation a cure in three days was There was an other great Formerly when the coach stuck in an out of the way place the passengers had to cut poles or walk bick to the uext farm for rails to pry it but now the roils were con veniently distributed along the In I think it the great plank road excitement and for two years the whole western country had it iu onr section timber was woods were fnll of and every inland community wanted an outlet to the then new and Erie So in numerable plank roads were besides the general which con templated a road from county seat to county making four in each county ill When first completed the plank road wasindeed the rejoicing Hoosier lifted tip his voice in glad acclaim that our troubles were I have no means of knowing how many miles of plank road were really constructed in bat at least miles Our county actually completed one froiv the Wabash river across toour and when our crack teamster hauled bushels of wheat to Montezuma the river turn oh that road there was a wild burst of enthusiasm years later the road was unanimously voted an infernal Then chaos came and continued till the close of the war and the gravel road OlHiiUmsnr TIYO Professor of Johns Hopkins un reckons that poor roads cost the farmer on an average per Professor of Knox Illi argues that with good permanent roads freight could often be hauled ten miles on wagons cheaper than it could be taken one mile on a dirt road to a rail road pnt on the cars and carried to its These are the opinions of specialists who have no doubt gone over a great many colnmns of statistics in making up their There is no practical will not admit the reason ableness of their The great est obstacle perhaps to the improvement desired arises from the circumstance that there are as yet no really good roads in Mg and from the other fact that the science of building road has never been studied by our Youths True Talk About Somebody lias truly said A good road should cost more to bnild CIRCIESI Interesting Gossip of the Various Fraternal of Theodore of of of and Other Matters The folloiving and portrait were orlKinnilv published in The Dominion Odd Yellow Theodore at the re cent session grand held at B elected by acclamation its grand masteivwas born at on July He was initiated into Lawrence located at on June passed the CT a chair in and became a member of the grand lodge m whose sessions vnthonlj hehasat tended to the present grand umr uanlen and deputygrand he has uou tha of occupying the highest in the gift of the order out feule of the sovereign grand During he has been m my Old ttnugs have awaytiatl the new oriler gained vim and en thusiasm fore Ife may mdetd be closed a b ml working Odd Fel for it is ad mitted thuc to iiU and devot together with the valuable render ed iu recent years by Grand Repre sentative min the order holtls such an ex alted position in that section of the Cliappelle during his perfornL the duties of the stjition andshovr ac the end of the year the order has not suffered during his Chappelle boa con tinuously scribe of Port la Joie En since its formation in with the exception of oue in wbich lie filled the chief patriarchs KNIGHTS OF the Is Crowing In Xew York The reports read at the recent session of the grand lodge of New Vbrk showed Total amount of money received by the grand treasurer during the two OSi42amount amount in grand treasury The total increase in membership was decrease by suspension and other net Number of English with a membership of German with mem Total number of ISO total The following table shows the death rate la Xew York Brooklyn and balance of state during the years 1SSS and computed on the membership June 30 of each yearr Sew Yoric 130 40 Balance of 57 Sew York ItO Balance S3 686 Taken together the lodges In New York city and Brooklyn drew from tha fund more than they paid into said The state lodges paid into said fund more than they received from Supreme Deputy Baker is hard at work in and expects to institute several new lodges iu the near He very highly of and Still odges ia tbofe Within nfter the close ot the lotlge dispensations were forsevenm f Some of the are having a narSj pull to recover front the made upontheir treasury bj fa grippe 1 fall and or i fodse In isflO foe each lodge can be legally amount is collected front Indiana gainei last year and has a membership of There are Pythian Knights in gas and thirteen IMPROVED ORDER OF RED MembershipHIM rtiun 1 dunng thepast ten years J beea more than The increased ing the present term should noC be less The Chief is a new paper published In the interest of the order at The another new shortly tomake itsappearance the samo Both papersare to be issued each Organizer flafer is meeting excel lent success in and the increase J Of new tribes and membership be1 large during thepreSffnfKieat sunT The reportt of the great chlerof records of found la the of the recent session of the great give Ehe membership of the tribes in the state as a decrease of 69 during the great There are three councils of Po cahoutos with a membership of gaia The tribal receipts were 3Sj expended for relief of for The membership of the order m Virginia is Dunng last great sun there were 4oS adoptions Total receipts of for Teedysuscong of PhilBps is in an and prosper ous The membership has now reached 2fcX and is still on the There Ls httle sickness among the aud since the first of buck the tribe cleared nearly t Several chieftains leagnes are formetl iu hitliatia during the coming threw tlojal The Royal Arcanum will probably call fifteen assessments this year against thte teen in The monthly reports of the supreme sec4 retaryshow that there were che whole jurisdiction dunng the sii months ending June mem The supreme secretary reports having re cei ve I seventysix sliip from ifjijwjichusettsdurinsthemonth of and the entire orJerJje received during the 4o Prnnsylmnlii A New Temple for aiilwaukee The board of managers of the Afasouia Broad and Ontario Phila are having a three story and base ment 15 by 53 feet addition made to tha rear of the present This U to be used on the first floor as a laundry and for other and on the second floor as a The third floor will be used as an The addition will be over SO feet The total fund of the Illinois Masonic Orphans home in 1SS9 was and the expenditures The value of the property was The number of beneficiaries was The net receipts from the recent picuic for the Iteriefit of the home exceeded Canada has 31 preceptortes and 990 mem an increase of 41 for the year ending in July Missouri has 53 commanderies and Three hundred and five were knighted during the last Templar and 77 showing an increase of JTorth Carolina has S commauderies and au increase the last Templar year There are eight chapters of the Order of Star in the new state of Fouth The ofUcial announcement will shortly be made of the site selected for the erection of the new Masonic temple ia Practically the decision has narrowed down between two both on the east but the committee has not sub mitted its The proposed structure will be eitherseven or eight stories according to the dimensions of the site finally settled It will be construct ed entirely of cut stone and will not cost less than United Amount paid death claims in during the past amount received from assessments from k n mbers iu this jurisdiction during period of shawms t ant the members of Massachusetts haveVJ dnwn 98 more than has been paid into the imperial treasury Imperial Councilor Braytons annual re port showed a large gain in There are over members in the or and was paid out death claims durins the past Knights of the Golden The Mrst regiment of the Pennsylvania division held a parade ia West Philadel phia receutlyiit houor of receiving from the Belmont of the Order TJnitedAmerican There were over 300 men in the enthu siasm with wnich they were received throughout West Philadelphia wi to Sexennial The league now has a reservef and of Ic has paid out sick amounting to and has total mem bership of 183 ledges i working The increase in membership week ending was 40 First IXperiments In Conitrne tibn in My earlyyears were passed in the muddiest region on pre eminence was long disputed by onr neighbor on the the Jjlact prairies of central they did get np fair article of elastic mnd over there in its season But for mnd that came early and staid mud that than a poor but it is often the case that a poor one costs as much as a good one It is safe to say that a perfect road once laid down will cost far less to keep in repair from year to year and at tho end of twenty years wfll have required for total expenditure than a poorer originally costing half as bnt improperly inej Assessments Tor tho Year Various Up to 1 last the total number of as sessments called for in 1890 in the jurisdic tions named was as followsi nnder the immediate supreme 21 Kentucky and Tennes 20 each Xew 19 Illinois and 17 each Pennsylvania and 16 each Texas and 15 each Wisconsin 14 Indiana and 13 each Mis souri and 12 each Ontario and the 10 each Kansas and S and Iowa and 7 The Portland Reporter advocates bien nial sessions for the grand Every lodge in Portland except one has voted for the postal card The Iowa law makes two medical exam inations by local physicians necessary for each applicant before they go before the grand medical j New York paid in June to bene ficiaries of deceased members of the For the month of October Missouri had two Dakota bad Michi gan Nebraska Iowa Califor nia Colorado Indiana New York Oregon KNIGHTS OF A Social May Do Mncli A from1 Siouf to Record says We have adopted a social r feature in our lodge thatJb sfUMn club spendai livening ia a quiet iue T wneel ana maae The Head Wiuterplsn yo I ercenttof tB ground The American Endowment was organized at Clillshoro with excellent The membership 15numbered with u steoily increase of irtvit new members per day on tlte Llectnciti is a fruitful mjstery to the educated and Although have learned how to manage it it its quohtics are not yet stood even by the best it is not to be Chatthe as it is sometimes callecvk not understood by those who havenever hadany practical dealings with Vernou lived a big fornxShe WILS a er and made her farm One d ly her eldest son was by lightning m the wagou house during terrible The hired apparently lifeless body into the wasnt you scared out of your Mrs Vernon asked one of her neigh bors I knew prompt nei send for gave him good and he come Co and threw up all the ami then he was all r Youths Paraljxed Hlff a resident of Morris lost the use of his right hand t in a He went to bed 1 as usual one night a week and felt asleep with his right under Ma On awakening in the morning lie could not raise his It was and all efforts thus far to put blood in have It thought it will be months before he will be able to use his hand An increase of 296 national banks i the United States is by the an nnal report of thecomptrollerof rency during the twelve months vrhiebifj ended This is the ber in a single year since The agjj5 gregate capitalization of these stitutionfisinobtlyinthegfomngr of the northwest and Hannibal Hhrnlins extreme but sightly bent his tall still walks down ing strideHe is attired in old black swallow and he has never stock and dicky the old Hft hat is Srtcq To whtit do I attribute it is principally due which I to enter 05 nnmorisV1 concession

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