Thursday, December 18, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - December 18, 1890, Burlington, Iowa BURLINGTON TJacnisDAY DECEMBER Without Amendment in ihe Bouse a long house passed the ap sThe nesatlvo vote s An Ca loro tho senior mombor of the com to succeed Conner who resigned 1o become Onited States minister to Wlckham Is a man of conservative with silver He may tie counted on to favor any compromise legislation short of free Speaker Reed has not yet filled the vacancy In the committee His selecton will not be a radical silver Whatever bill comes before the house of will urge as an amendment his bill to prohibit speculation in the money That provided he cannot get it taken up as a separate Hopkins Intro duced his bill this His Hired Dublin Ruffians Unable lo Stir Up The Fallen tender In DanScr of to Uemalnlndoorafora While eneral Foreign Martin of nf Me btock Turner of of Williams isethcn Urdf TlilkironTed Over the Klee tiona morning expired without anything being senate re Sderaiion of the elections Dolph continued his speech of i iJrterdaj upon the it to be the duty of tnarftrni charity lor to exercise to uBt extent Us power under the liIrftutlon to secure to every citizen of native or foreign Site or rich or the free ex otta of alibis rights under the consti Enstis said he would put a qnes jTto the senator from Oregon and The qnes e immigration of Chinese prohibited If there were trillion and a half Chinamen in Oregon rio had the right of suffrage and who eablished in Oregon a Chinese state nTernment and if the people of Oregon lid overthrown that Chinese govern sentaad white political BpnaiJCj would he In such a tra advocate the passage of a law by the intent and effect of which be to stimulate and citato those Chinamen In their effort to jsover political power on race lines DJph said that was precisely the iremaent made on the democratic side jtlie senator answer sy qne stion am not going to be in 1 request the senator Iron Oregon to answer my will answfir in my own nut will not stand up to be cate I simply tell the senator from IwUlana that the proposition is pre The Chinese do not wish tobe tome citizens of the Unite i But I till tell the senator from Louisiana that th people of Oregon will never raise a hand aeainst the government of the United They never will fight against tha flag of their Eastls persisted in his efforts to his question answered more di bnt without Then Morgan took the floor and quoted i clause from the constitution of restricting the suffrage to white und a section from the statutes of that fetate prohibiting intermarriage of whites pud Indians or and doted wilh an exclamation against Alter arguments against the bill by Eeagan and Coke ob tained the floor and the senate COKGRISSMENHEABLY COME TO BLOTS A BUI Concerning the mcKuilcy the senate today from the committee on foreign reported a bill provid ing that tho McKinlcy tariff act shall not be held to Impede or Imoalr the force of any treaty batwaen the United States and any other The 1uhllo Senator Spooncr today reported wilh an amend ment tho bill limiting the cost of the public building at to GENERAL WASHINGTON The Caucus Adopts a Financial caucus of republican senators tonight adopted the financial scheme reported by the caucus committee with the exception of the two per ceatbond project which was elimin So the msasure will provide for the purchase of tho twelve million dollar silver bullion the reduction of compulsory requirement of bond deposits by uotioual the extension of national bank circulation to the full amount of their bond do posits replacement of the deficiency in national bank circulation below by treasury notes based on silver bullion purchases provision for free coinage when silver Is maintained par for one year provisions for a charge of the actual expense of conver sion of gold coin Into andthe re coinage of subsidiary silver This measure was not satisfactory to all the senators but was accepted as the best possible The caucus also Instructed the committee on rules to pre pare and report a cloture is understood that it will bo framed on the lines of the rule proposed at the last session by Senator Hoar and will provide for ordering the previous question on any pending proposition after a reason able time allowed for This rule was not to be reported until the financial bill has been presented to the senate by the financial Twelve million ounces of silver bullion Is to be purchased durins the caletdar not exceeding three million ounces in any one and is In addition to the amount now required to be pur chased Dec17 to the New York in contrast with Wednesday nights ineet gj UDlln with regard to the great leadership is now so calmthat DID MILLER SAVE POSTAGE of Hiid of Wash lugtoQ In a Itow Over Building turning downo public building bills seems to be creating bad blood between member of the committee and the gentlemen estcd in these Yesterday after loon ot encountered the Speakers lobby aad charged him with being instru mental in defeating the formers bill for public bnliding at Spokane Milken replied that he had been turned down In his own This Wilson and called Millikcns at tention to the fact that he had secured before adjournment the passing of a bill The FederalGraud Jnry Investigating Charges the attorney Chair man of the democratic county com exState Auditor Joseph Robinson and others were summined be fore the federal grand j ury today to give testimony concerning Attorney Gen eral Millers leuer to it is was a private but sent under the government The district attorney says that he proposes to go to the bottom of the matter and will make a thorough The letter was political and referred to the Gresham men as of no THE WORLDS The President Itefnsen to Iwne His Pro clamation Till Certain Details Are Ar A telegram was received at the worlds fair headquarters today from Director saying that President Harrison had decided he cpuld not now waive the point that the city coudcil might repeal the ordinance pro viding the issue of bonds In aid of the fair before issuing his procla mation and that several days will be re quired for a personal examination ol tne he would accept proof that the funds were In hand and the bonds were actually Issued and placed In the hands of the city The city comptroller prepared a form for the which was approved by the The work of engraving it is difficult to believe that that city was recently the scene of such transcendent 1 arnelllto enthusiasm as described by the press on the occasion of Parnells re Save in the committeerooms of either party and in the offices of the Frcanan and other newspapers the struggle excites at present little considerable misapprehension has been created by the exagerated re ports of the exleaders rccention in Dub Of course Parnell was acclaimed vocif erously by a but it was not mainly a voting or even as formidable In numbers as we were given to under the respectable ele mentof the was wanting When Parnell last visited five years he was met by a huge proces slon of bearing enormous ban and also by a large procession o Both these elements of voting power were conspicuously absent laJ As a prominent Dublin citizen said last night Parnell can alway get a mob when It is not engaged else At this moment tho Dublin mob ele ment is engaged In Kilkenny where 1arnells committee has Import one hundred Dublin larlkans for the pur pose of amicable Each day the feeling of the population 1 favor of parnell Is Whereve he goes there are cheers for the ma from those who as yet Ignore what ha altered the mans but that the extent of the feeling for an and each day diminishes its strenztb Parnells cause is waning with the flgh ing strength of its which is no almost at its lowest Parnell will beak down nothing before many days hav The last few during whic he has encountered a hostility to whic he Is altogether thoroughly sapped the born merely of passion aad with which he entered into this painful con Against him through the neigh borhood are arrayed forces with which he never thought to have to The priests are solidly opposed to and it is almost needless to emphasize the power wielded by the hierarchy through out the whole nf the district covered by the present Out of over two hundred priests there Is but one who has declared In favor of and from personal Is staunchly fighting for Parnel owes all his present success to his surprising and abnormal terrifying energy coupled with the fact that the Irish party have no newspayer organ through whose columns to reason with a people who eagerly devour political This destruction of the of United Ireland has had a great tem porary iolluence upon popular sentiment in the rural But now that the momentary effect of Pencils grand au cklng from the court When she iturned she waa very Gar with whom she fled from San replying to a question from er said he had repeatedly hy onlzedMllle Bompard who was a re arkably impressionable LIBERALS he Tory Victory In the Batsetlaw Elec tion Dliuearteu Bassetlaw elec ifln was a staggering blow to the Glad They scarcely expected to win ut to lose by a larger majority than in S85 Is a severe The ause was solely liberal abstentions from Recent events have Increased he number of Oladstonians who pbsl ively refuse to vote anything called I0me rSleYesterday a reporter had a with a close friend of himself a leader of le took a gloomy view of the its This Parnellbusiness has killed I he Nothingcan wipe but of the public mind the fact that we have been holding up Parnell to ad miration as a model patriot for five Now we are obliged to call him a and he abuses us as hyporltes and tells the whole world home rule was a rank How we expect to get over sucha scandal The English people were beginning to believe invhome see tho movement never had a clear standing of what home rule meant or any confidence in each What are you going to do was All depends on the old said I wish we could cut adrift from this Infernal Irish alliance at Of It would look bad after all the fuss we have but Its better than going on to certain The conservatives would beat us all along the line if they had a general election What fools they are not to strike while we are so As for these they will ruin themselves and everybody who goes in with They always do OBrien thinks he can patch up the He Is a The Irish are all out on the and the liord only knows where they will They have destroyed the lib eral Every fool can see A FALSE The Report of a Disastrous Indian Battle General Arrives lit the Scene or he Indiana Are and a Fight la Looked from SNOW IN THE be commenced at once and It Is believed the requirement of the president will be complied with by the first of JOHN wflrrriErrs The Aged Not Eqaal to Formal Receives is celebrating bis John GreenleafWhittler was dlclty In suppressing OBriens organ has the public mind of Parnells constituency is rapidly veering round again to the real Issues at It is hardly too much to prophesy that the re snlt of the election here will entail cnllapse of the present unprofitable cam If the majority are and the odds are greatly In their Parnell will disappear from the incapaclated for fur ther effort and having secceeded only In wrecking by wanton egotism tho work of sixteen years of noble political Parnells Eyes Seriously Parnell suffered Intense pain from the effects of the lime thrown into his eyes at Castle Cower he was able last night to address from a window of the hotel at Kilkenny a large During thead dresshis face was covered with ban He detailed the events of the day and the crowd was exasperated at the manner In which he had been treated and many threats of vengeance were It is announced this afternoon that the surgeon attending Parnell fears the Injuries to his eyes may result in serious He has given orders that for the present his patient shall remain Uennesy has ex pressed to the committee having the campaign of his opponent In his regret for the at tack made on Parnell parneUn has issued a strong appeal to Hillside calling on them not to submit to Eng sh dicta Heaviest Storm tn Five Years letported From heaviest ffow storm In five years is prevailing ere and a heavy fall is reported at dif ferent points In the AHepheny moun The wires are down and trains are telephone and electric light wires are down and busi ness is practically TLIs city being almost in the storms center has suffered more The monetary Is very great In all branches especially railroads and street car which have practi cally paralyzing business and causing a total stoppage of operations in the oil and stock Through the breaking of electric light wires throe horses have been two drivers knocked unconscious and a street filled with frightened set ablaze In a The police switch boards and telephones have been lurned out and as a result the outlying police districts are Millions of tons of coal Is lying in backwater from the and should a rapid thaw ensue the greatest damage will be along the Reports from country districts show even greater damage owing to a lack of facilities for At Bed two feet of snow Is Adjutant General Corbln said that no word had received from General Miles since his arrival at Rapid Neither had any advices been received either con firming or contradicting the reported bat tle between the troops and Indians near Dalys He said that while the re port might be it was to snpposa that If so he would have been advised of it by that He presumed that there were bands of hostile bucks in the ranch country for the pur pose of stealing horses and attempt may have been made to capture one of He discredited that part of the dispatch which states that two officers and fifty men had been and said he thought the report must have grown out of the imagination of some ranch jnan had become General Miles at Itapld RAPID Miles arrived here today and Is in com munication with General He knows nothing of the reported engagement at Dalys ranch with a loss of and It Is undoubtedly General Carr Is encamped at the junction of the Rapid and Cheyenne forty miles with over four hundred Thieving bands of Indians about there have been stealing cattle and there has been some skirmishing with in which onn buck Is known to have been The troops will soon cross the Cheyenne river and proceed toward Pine when trouble may More of Sitting liullA courier from Standing Rock Aeeney brings the details of the killing of Sitting In dian police under the command of Lieu tenant Bullhead and Sergeant Shave who had camped near where Sit ting Bulls followers made the ar Sitting Bull expressed a willing other effort at pacification would be suc He estimates the number of mcn in the hostile camp in the Bad Lands at two hundred and fifty Gen eral Rogers estimate represents two hundred men on the Cheyenne rljrer and three hundred in the Standing Rock reservation who would have been liable to leave before the death of Sitting making iu all seven hundred and fifty Every possible meas is exhausted to retain and restrain the friendly In diam on the The sixteen thousand Sioux who have been restrained and have professed loyalty should have positive assurance the least possible delay that the government will perform and fulfill its treaty Astonishing1 Discoveriss Madefby Transcript Clerks in Das Koines1 One Clatni of Feea for Uriuor CoierlneSeventeenOaya TWO BAHKS CLOSE THEIR te the erection of a public building In Wsdistrict and intimated thaf Mllliken np on a lad lied about Wilson and his artJhfs father aud occasionally Wilsons attitude was so threatening He worked for hujatner a tint Mllliken backed and unul he was about to enter the hall of the house showed that Wilson was a Wilson made a rush for ten a Iricnd threw his arms around Um and succeeded in moving him In an opposite vith a complete blockade of the lumber business along the Blue and Iitnrel Kldge AVest Virginia aud eastern Ohio have suffered greatly and the situation is growing A sudden flood is the greatest mity now At eleven oclock tonight the snow Is still falling and has nearly reached the twofoot A few roofs have been crushed in by the Numerous accidents In the way of fall ing chimneys detached by the wind have been but none of a serious A heavy storm is prevailing along the New Jersey coast i At Atlantic City the tide was the high of the At Asbury Park and Long Branch treat damage was i Pokeepsle reports a heavy storm o sleet and rain along the Hud son all day anil tonight Trains are do The heaviest snow storm for years 1 raging at Lock At Baltimore the wind Is forty mile an accompanied by The Baltimore and Ohio railroad reports snow ten inches deep on the Harper s Ferry The telegraph service is badly At three feet of snow All the trains are A Disastrous Weight of roof of a blacksmith shop of the Roanoke machine ness to go with but said that he wantei to get ready The two lead ers went with him into his After he had ordered his horse to bs gotten ready and while the old chief was getting two bucks entered the and throwing off their blankets opened fire on the Sitting Bulls wifeset up a howl which seemed to have been the signal for an In the fight which followed Red Tomahawk killed Sitting Many of Sitting Bulls followers were and Bullhead and shaven head were desperately The police were now but at this juncture Captain with his Gat iling and Horchklss guns reached the sceue and attacked the fieranhour and a half of hot skirm shlng took to flight and disappeared Into The with its dead nd wounded was taken at Oc aslonally shots were exchanged between he troops and ambushed hostiles during he It Is considered that trouble is now ndcd sn far as the Standing Rock agency is and that there Is no cause for fear that the settlors will be listurbed in this Colsnel Drum with two sections of infantry has gone to Captain One Ball is about the only leader left in Sitting Bulls Nothing has been heard from him but if he Is alive and among the hostiles thn chances are that ae will pulltho scattered braves together and make a stand with the idea of re venging his dead chief and Bull head and Shave Head were carried into Fort Yates where the latter It is thought Bullhead will None of Captain Fetchets men were Ivenn Bank of Chicago private bank ing house of Kean one of the oldest In will not open its doors Kean made a statement to the press tonight announc ing the He declined to esti mate the liabilities or assets but was of the opinion that every claim will be paid iu They have been negotiating some he for a either as a state national and oxpected to reorganize without stopping It had been however it would be impossible In so short atime toraise the necessary funds to continue the business with ponding the It was mined to accept the next wisest course Our continued has grown too rapidly the last year or two for and the stringency o the money market made It Impossible for us to turn over the securi ties again at once after we had loaned money on Our nominal was but in the reorganization would be half a The firm which was formerly known as Kean has done a large business in floating county and public improvement bonds issued iu the when not otherwise dis posed would be pledged to the banks for call At New York and other eastern points these loans recently have been called heavily and the drain on the house apparently reached the limit to Another factor was the circum stance that a demand for securities of comparatively newly settled such as largely in by Kean Co had fallen off to a considerable Special to The DBS tran script clerk for the board of supervisors Is at present busily engaged in figuring up the total expenses Incurred to payer by justices and consables liquor prosecutions last As ha3 before been announced the expenses for the last six months amounted to over The total expense for tho other six months will aggregate a more enor mous This morning the clerks unearthed one of the most outrageous transcripts ever filed It originated in Justice Callanders office and the Items of expense for searchers and prosecuting liquor seizures cover a period ot just seventeen between January and February The total ex pense of adjudicating these cases as charged in the transcript is 45 of this the justices costs are the constables SC58 the witnesses and the attorneys fees The same witnesses testified nearly each of these Where only one bottle of beer was found five or six wit nesses claim fees for testifying iu the Over 3400 of the above amount is claimed by justices and constables in liquor cases where only one bottle of beer was found and where no one ap peared to claim It In some instances ttve or six Informations were sworn out aeainst the same party on the same making the costs amounting from 34 to to 310 iu each BALKY iJBe Inland lightninglike li tha of and ha broughtnppti An expensive silkhat a lassoed maasfeatares wfi with pain the other end of the1 cordj twltefiej ward himself the travelingrmairweijl Ing over seats and across afsl to come to time and facet th Once In the clutches ot cowboy latter removed the noose and whispered In the ear of nlasnr and frightened victim Bfdtjon me for a sucker and man and lei him tlngnlshed westerner was the neroMTHP train and the acknowledging wss the worst scared about a SUICIDE BT Highly Sensational Death Scene i Pleasant Special to Taz HAWKBTB 1 guests of Harlan house were sb at an early hone agonized screams awoman screams the roomfof Mary the doprldfjwhlc was and the young lady was dl wrathtng la agony on the discovered that the had dose of She res efforts of the doctors to relieve waving the bottle at them said hact A Battle special to the yews by courier from Dilys ranch sajs Things have about reached a crisis Indians are seen In all and we are prepared for an engagement at any Pickets were thrown out and they report seeing a number ol The scouts report that we would be attacked this morning that the signal would be the setting fire to the The grass has been set on fire and a number of ranches are seen burn They may not attack our camp til tonight or tomorrow Th ranchers report several white men kille on the Cheyenne At daylight thi morning a courier from General Brook brought a the purport of which was that we should cover the Dead Woo and Chamberlain road to the east of th Cheyenne This will prevent th escape of any of the hostiles to th The deposits in the institution recently aegregated between and A wide celebrity was given the house some years ago by the extraordi nary incidents following the defalcation of its who was traced to and brought back from Peru after a long legal incarcerated in A number of Chicago bankers had a meeting tonight after Kean decided to close his and discussed the local financial No alarm was felt as the banks had been getting ready for any danger of and public con fidence was being restored in financial institutions of the A tempo rary it was might be created In local speculative but no serious results would gentlemen present spoke confidently of Chicagos banks pulling through without A Spofcims Banfc SPOKANE Spokane National bank did not open for business For some time it has been known among the bankers that the Institution was la financial straits and other hicks have several times helped it Monday another call was made for assistance and the bankers held a meet g and advanced sixty thousand evening at aconference itdeveloped lat fiftythree thousand of this amount as paid out during the day and that the mmediate obligations were three hun red thousand dollars instead of ninety as at first It then ccatne apparent to the conference that 16 bank must The difficulty was precipitated by the failure of three ranch houses in the Cceur DAIene mining district at Wardner and These failures are said to have een brought about by the failure to ealize on securities held for advancps made for development of mining proper No definite statement is yet ob Cashier Hussey asserts the as ets will exceed the They Kefnse to Oil Their Harness and Go nn u Hig Special to The DBS teamsters in the employ of the White Line Trans fer company an out on a All of them worked until yesterday and part of them drove until This morning about eighteen of the men The strike was an abrupt caused by five men refusing to oil the It is saftt that it had for twelve years been u rule of the transfer com pany that teamsters should oil their har ness twice a year aud cleam them The teamsters assert that the work is not regular work and that they dont get anything for that to clean and oil a SPt of harness re quires almost a days and that tbey company should pay them for It rather than Insist that they do it when off duty and without They say that they each get 810 per week for If tbey work one day of a week they get paid for it TRAP SHOTS AT George of Came Off Special to The HawkEreJ large number of spirtsinen gathered in this city yesterday to witness the match be tween John a rap shot of local and George ot at fifty live birds a stakes of S100 per The wind was strong and the birds were zood They hapoened to fall a little in the favor of W 1 j will SHYER MEN IlwyTVUI Out About What They Want at an agreement on the at tonights republl raa senatorial Inflation by Beans of bonds has been so thoroughly free coinage cham He began his literary country and in the Massachu on them i He in part rather around your chief and hurl de lance at Ms enemies and the enemies ol your Parnell was Glad SltilnR Itoll is Bu a squaw man who lives on Ba eight seriously injured and the damage R d who came says tba to the building and machinery Is estl the works fell under a heavy weight of snow this One man was killed and interviewed today witk to the regard to the charges referring fund of thousand pound is raise Ter Inflation be also They are enough to make certain that with we exception of letting the national febtaeaptopar whatever circula Is to be provided shallbo based on That Is a good but some of magazines of the and for Central the steal There were one mated at over two of snow has fallen here and the storm HORROR Strange Preiontlment of the Uuchtel Col lege AKBON 0 horror at Buchtef still casts its gloom over the col We and the Every thing possible u helnit done for the Injured who still veTghe college has closed its doorsjor this term and no more recitations will be held until next One of the Indians are glad Sittin but the thing that defeated his opponent was the smoke of the com mon black powder he Lffiogwell used Sohulsze powder and had a clear tmosphere for the use of second bar while Scheef had to shoot second trough clouds of smoke so thick he nuld not see his The score ter minated with 35 birds to the credit of Scheef and 45 to that of Leffingwell Che match was square and satisfactory n every and was followed by sev era others for smaller the farn ons 4man LeffinswellAnkeney team o Clinton being here In with other iart es from that THE FIRE taken the poison to kill wanted to die and was going todlevanct so she did tn about a half hour af Ing Miss dining room girl at the Harlan andTjeujg a honest young woman good family the act was no donbt conJJ mltced dnrtng a temporary Her parents live some seven or eight miles south from the to whew the remains were conveyed this forenoort Want a Xew Special to The HawfcByeJ DBS general manager on the Milwaukee and Paul general freight agent of the Bock James generalfreight agentbfS the Minneapolis representing the Western Freight have had a before the railroad with a view of having the new schedule prepared by them Accidentally tSpedaltoTheHawkEyeJ DES Johngj Fox was putting on his overcoat this afternoon some way or he a revolver oft stand onto the floor dis charging The ball entered his hipj ranging Proomgtoa elzht inches does not dicover the bak The wound Is very The Murder Uaa tin nar 1 and Bean case today the j could not agree as to Lime of vUarge the matter 1ie attorneys for the defense sal 1 ready for trial but tt ence of Haines prevents the p utlon from going to trial at reduced the bail of Bean to Pv a case the trial is had at this bail should be Kenknk Indicted Dae ndlctments returned by the grand jury i tn day were fortytwo against or maintiloing two against ceepers ot gambling houses and two1 Bnll Is He says a messenger from Sitting Bull s band will doubtless vis the hostiles in the Bad Lands and that when they hear of their old chieftans death they will kill every white man they The he must disarm the hostiles at once or seri ous trouble will Cause ot the Uto main cause of the hostile demonstrations by southern Utes they claim that the government has failed to ratify the ely to prove P SSvSvWS caucus fast night objected I Park lesiation they al r it was in the interest of specu A 17Newsisre This is AVhatever law is owner Wssea the speculators are going to get ceived here that out ot it than the rest of the of tanks at Murray o Wg iut If the silver inflationists has assigned for the Dent f not helped the scare about the lack It is believed thei assets which the speculators have dent to cover fnnds to meet would be nPo need of this pension lack of industrial Cheers and Groans for beld until government nas iniieu this At luiiar things connected with the affair mont made two years ago for their his news ATlQQ StftlimiBV I TTiV iro VlQfirvTTlQ I UL1C iiium OUTWITTED A CRDEL V Yonng Chlcasoan and a Girl at night a young couple from Chicago came up to Kacine on a midnight train stopping at a sent a gentleman to rouse Justice as they wished to get married Immediately and had no other time to The young man gave his name as and said that he was a short hand reporter and the son o a wealthy real estate The b rid was a Miss Alvena o The young mans father it was opposel to the match am had tried to prevent the bn the young people got the start of him and came to where the knot wa THE DEATH ExCongressman Henry BIcHenry Sud denly Stricken With Heart man Henry member of the national democratic died sud denly this morning of heart disease at his home in A County Treasurer dispatch oin Geneva says Bert late easurer of Ashland died at Hot this At Depot of the Keofcuk and Western an Two Klevators special from Ka received this says Th depot and Million Botts grain warehouse burned last night at twelve The fire was first seen In the roof of the freight The buildings and all their contents wore totally Million Bott had four thousand bushels of corn and twen tyfive hundred bushels of wheat In all of which Is a total The origin of the fire Is a The railroad companys loss will probably reach and the loss caused by the burning of the which were the property of Million will amount to JACK THB HUGGER SS that Saturday night Miss ers who live in were overwhelmed with a sense of dan cer to their and kneeled down to pray for An hour later the tele Iram came announcing the accident and A Sharpers Sharp to They have become very restless waiting f hr the government to Indians Making for courier from Captain Fountaines command on the Cannon Ball river says teamsters from the south report a number of In dians near White It is believed they are preparing for tllght to the from Ashland that were in bad his wAho hasbeerTsYlpping considerj British The cavalry moved rfork during the obtained tnat this morning and hope g int of the Grand Trunk loads of rhHl of adlngfor ten car loads o Mt The Wlls were Immediately taken Bank of Montreal and cashed for try to K Senator a freecoinage member 01 uie steering says that the Imposition to buy up all the silver bul and to continue to buy the ounces of silver each as c b Kemedy In cases n the present and also of tothe issue of silver notes Salent to the amount of national I a bottle 01 would take up fully to bed at nigni Ivor as would a straight free are crowing more popular here and would really medicines are growinb product of silver during the every aay at the end of whlen time of national bank notes re opponents of free coinage are think it may hold the United passed expressing ap proval of McCarthys DaetoanKrrororJudBment H Fermented Wine Must NonPartl Womans Christian Temperance Union of this city has addressed a cir cular letter to the pastors of the churches of all denominations of New ask ing them whether they use unfermented wines in their sacramental The union proposes to Inaugurate a crusade in those churches where it is acknowledged that fermented wines are lugix which the Indians might I Cause of the Huron Bank transpires ess men and others hav with the Huron Xatlonal to intercept A body of infantry been thrown out to guard all the Cedar Rapids1 Notorious Woman at Last In Special to The CEDAB young ladies of this city are once more breath ing freely and will again dare to go upon the streets after night for their dread Joe Jack the Hugger Is safely In the hands of the Jack the Hugger has pestered the girls In this village for two years He used to roam around dark alleys and dimly lighted streets and would dash out at un suspecting grasp them about the waist and squeeze them till their screams brought some one running when the scamp would dart away Into the He was a sly bugyer and never could be But fell into bad and about three oclock yesterday morning a fellow answering his description was arrested just after robbing a When searched a full set of burglars tools and a was found in his He gives tha name of John and he Is from New He admits stealing the bnt indignantly denies that he is Jack the He was bound over to await the action of the grand SAVE THB CALF against of houses of n the cases of parties indicted for talning nuisances it was ordered by court that bench warrants issue and each be required to give bail to amount of Fatal Special to Tho HawkEyeJ Dae living In the north end of the met with a fatal accident this morn His team ran throwinghim j out of the wagon In a violent He is now dying at his He has j lived hero for many and his sad misfortune has caused a general feeling j of i The Sophomore Special to The HawkEyeJ i f sophomore contest of the Wesieyan nnlj versity came off last der received first Wahl second and Meriam Woolson ij There were twenty In the Nicholson and olas were the Kopp acted as To A11 Keedy CEDAB of this is In receipt or sev eral letters from Frontier stating that on count of the the crops In that c lao are desti and Uavu i ir stirv A of In will be made a few iIij3 nves 17 Sfven companies of teenth Infantry from Fort us of his affairs shows a defal the seventeenth Infantry from Fort Kus suspended re 000 near today ordered celyed ano g Ietters adTlsIng them cation of sine Heavy in the legislation against the from becoming the dumping 0 the worlds silver until an v of the worlds silver until an arrangement can be the can ow night its supporters will Gold m man natterns at y dlfferont pattern Car passed bejpre the Tnis will cause snarp strug two Gladstone is suffer to to leave Immediately for Pine All Qnlet at Standing Ruger to night received telegrams from lort Yates and Kapld City on the Indian trou The former stated ttat all was o No lives arereported Killed By From body fou the Detective uiet today atStanding Kock and about ne hundred of Sitting Bulls friends were still The other was to the effect that one who naa oeen u uacoul caught stealing on Colesranchsontheast sunk and a nnmber of passenger steam of Rapid had been shot There was ers whlohwere to have sailed today were to withdraw their as the bank would following tho This resulted In the Tele grams from Chicago and other points were received offering aid and advising the resumption ot Easiness Interfered Wlth storm to day seriously Interfered with the river and harbor small boats were A Ludicrous on Bnrllngtond Fasaenger Train 17 few days while Burlington train 3 was run ning between Woodbnrn and this quite an and ludicrous ncldent occurred that amused the pas sengers and safely establishedthe fact that there was one western cowboywho oad traveled through Iowa and was not the sucker that he looked to In ap pearance he was raw and rocky and was dresed in the conventional cowboy cos He bearded the train at Wood made directly for the In which he sauntered James Button was blow from The Ol IXttLllU i WUlliUl WC13 KU firing heard fortyEve miles from Kipld to do Telegraphic City on Phtnneys Indians and catlons solltn and WBst are st ranchmen exchanging but no one I was These two little Brushes re ported from Rapid City is probablyall ihnro WM to the report of many being coramam serlousl in there was to the repo A Grave State f Krhraska Fanners State Farmers Allianceclosed their session John Powers was reelecter A CraTe presltot vice preslnt bcfio j ld this morning received a telegram J of thB Churloil With Swindling jv Sioux of this president of tha and Breeders Live Stock Inj surance was arrested yesterday t at the Instance of the Soo the charge of having obtained upon false pretenses from the widow Conductor now living j Say There Witt Be No MASON Henry Freeman and JI the Mllaukee deny that any agreement has been by tho brotherhood to strike in the event the company refusing to grant tho fair of wages They were both delegates to the recent Boom in Brick i Pressed and Paving Brick company or ganized here with a capital stock of SSOyrf It has begun the erection of a plant will employ twenty and have an output of brick a claybeds underlie the city and other companies will be Group Han John editor of tha Bai land lowst I to add my testlmonfat to the efficacy of Chamberlains Conga Kemedy for That dread monster has lost Its terrors ns since we began using the falls taglve speedy relief in the worst cases ot and we always keep a bottle In the house and recommend its to our friends whose little ones are so attacked with croup during A TALL valise In and spread hlmsek down of the 1 Eighteen Miners Their uuu i jmtussELsv in a seat by the stove In the further end gaj colliery about men i started denlv and precipitated bottbmJtAlu the Seated center o the t gentleman hardware for a known very thoughgenial and his i As the cowboy droppedintohis j seat by the I field this from Miles Dacember as follows reports TwoStrlke andJ chairman of

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