Wednesday, December 3, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - December 3, 1890, Burlington, Iowa IlECTIONS PROPOSED Dp the Consider of the Force and Communications Copy Bill Taken Dp In the shlneton ft message has stiffened the spinal of the republican senators jtothe elections there is now that vigorons pressure will to pass the Talk with senators show that they have lined on a definite They ipon a thorough discussion but ul whether they will attempt It is clearly of the if should oe to adopt to permit closing of the The indications all lead belief that the bill as amended by will be but r It will get through the house very The democrats block legislation by absenting and with the large number Seated republicans It will be impossible to get a quorum of jblicans It is not improbable that I democrats in the senate may bill W Pass without filibustering toc snfl depend on the democrats in the the senate annual report of the secretary of the jsnry was A petition from asking for the disarmament of ilons and suggesting that be deprived of horses and furnished m in lien thereof was then of bills were being one to allow a rebate toifback on tobacco and snuff held In and one author tha secretary of agriculture to dis te seed to citizens of Kansas and who have suffered from the during the present Tioag the communications and petl presentcd and referred were nu JB petitions for the amendment of uriff bill and for a rebate on mann offered a jsicreed calling on the secretary mr lor information as to steps taken ihe disarmament of the Indians on reservations in South Da v Md North jhe senate then proceeded toconslder ol Ihe bouse bill to amend and it the election laws of the Mttd States and to provide for a more enforcement of such Tpatot was raised about the displace law bill by the measure and a lengthy discus purliamentary points 3 agreed by a strict party jiteni proceed with the elections Jlslr tivlng notice he would at the subject to the elec Sjn move that the senate proceed lathe consideration of the labor bill just Ike clerk resumed the reading of the and when it was finished Sie senile IN THE 3he Copyright Bill Taken Up for Con i 2 the house morning Eepresentative of presented a petition from is oi favoring an menttothe McKlnley allow rebate on broken packages of Dtlng tobacco and The peti be committee on commerce has dl i lavorable report on the senate providing for the iuspection of cat tndmeat The house decided to proceed with the leration of the copyright Sim Is moved an amendment providing tie act shall go Into effect July II Slmmonds then demanded the Question on the bill aud amend it pending which of awed The motion was he question recurred on the demand theprcvous pending which otion by Hopkins to lav the bill on B able uas imotion to adjourn having been voted town tne previous question was Re louse ihen adjourned leaving the Ml is unfinished Tbe proposition of tho bill is to per foreigners to take American copy on the same bssis as Americsn cltl i las in three cases when the na fcollhefnroiguer permits a copyright rlcan citizen on substantially asis as its own citizens rtin the nation of the foreigner gives jsimarlcan citizen copyright privileges to those provided for in this hill when the nation of a foreigner is I to the International agreement Si for reciprocity in U the terms of which an agreement of United States can be a party thereto All books copyrighted the proposed act shall be printed typeset within the United iron the plates made iS to seats and changing members The first Tho IOWA by Senator Spooner of WIs of although a new with that enl terprise so conspicuousamong westeners comes forword aud claims the seatto be vacated by Senator chances of being returnedT None Of the republicans claim to Senator BlaVs which s on the democratic but Senator of has put in a claim for it because it is more de sirable than the one he now occupies These premature bids for seats are apt to stir up personal as in the case of Senators Blair and Warner Miller several years when the latter captured the formers seat before the election was de United From the Chicago TiibuneSpeclal opinion Is the opinion not expressed In the stereotyped form of partisan inter todays paper as a business chiefly notice able fur the courage of its writer in evad ing none of the Issues of the He commends the state oepartments policy of reciprocity with great cordiality while with equal warmth he stands by the tariff measure of last session as loyally as if there had been no His opin ion that no one yet knows the general effect of this and that the evils charged against it before the election were based on is an opinion which no one except au extreme partisian would think today of contra the election bill will be a prelude for early action in the The democrats threaten to stop all business by obstructive means if this measure Is Time will show whether threats will hold good Those who are fond of dwelling upon the differences amnng leading republicans at ihe capital will find no evidence of these differences in tho message sent to con gress The Meat Inspection honse committee on commerce has directed a favorable report nn the senate bill pro viding for the inspection of cattle and meat Free Coinage Kills coinage bills differing In details were introduced today liy Senators Plumb and General Wllcor Cad mus Wllnoi died this The Stiickeu Surgeon Gen eral Baxter is still in an extremely criti cal His whole right side is paralyzed and he remains PANKEPUEUC Flnt Heeling of the Committee to Be Held In New York NEW meeting of the PanKepublic Congress committee will be held in the postoffice building In this city next The committee consists of 200 The purpose for whicn the committee was organized is to take the preliminary step toward holding a congress of delegates from all the republics of the world at some point in the United States during the Colum bian To the congress will be invited all the eminent friends of popu lar The aim of the con gress will be to knit the various repub lics into closer bonds of sympathy with each The object of such legisla tion as shall be for the mutual benefit and the further progress and welfare ef man kind will also be Severe Weather I ported In the North Made in Iowa for the Ending Novrmler ISpecial to The The following ee changes were made In Iowa ending November 29 Pl10 Alto William v lovia Christopher Englebert Klnggold Henry Stahl Mineral Frank liinman Quim Albert Shaul Gordo cA Page Isaac cold wave was central over northern Minnesota this Vincent reported twenty four degrees below Moorhead and Duluth followed respec tively with eighteen and six degrees below It is snowing in eastern South Dakota and Min nesota with temperature ranging from six to twentyeight degrees above spe cials report a snow storm thoroughout northern and western portions Snow fell steadily all ercury twenty above cold eather prevails in eastern Ontario and estern The temperature here iday is fifteen below with a high wind Oiher points report from four ien to thirtyseven A Fierce ST terrific ale raged last night which blew down barns and The shipping t harbor Grace suffered considerable Seven hour rings fresh reports of wrecks caused by esternays storm which seems to have een the most destructive on the Cape reton Seven coasting vessels ave been Other disasters are The Keystone Bank run 11v 4i e New the house of introduced M a bi making an appor under the eleventh It 8s aiier the third of oi representatives be com membcrs as follows Ala Arkansas California Colora Deleware Florida Indi Kentuclry ie Maryland Mas Michigan Minnesota Montana New Hampshire New York North to Dakota Oregon 2 Rhode Island South Dakota Tennessee Vermont Virginia 10 West Virginia Wis Wyoming Ohio 21 i new state is admitted the or representatives assigned addition to the n umber 350 10 e entitled to membership un number te be entitled in th s sequent congres by districts composed o adjoining ant distance from the cen the district tothesevera 11 the district shall be The popn shall oe greater no th the S0 In the senate over unfortunates who ar Captain Basset General Miles Considers the Iridian Situation v Man Su Many Thousands of UoBtlIe Well Armed anrtrro vlslonedtateit DecGeneral on tbe lBda mnent TK tbe Danger of the ated Th tbanfor is more wide A conspiracy ex t pracy ex h that heretofore hav h been hostile but are now in full n u sympathy with each other though scat tered over a larger area of The causes of the difficulty are easy of loca tion Insufficient food relig ious delusion and the innate disposition Are the campaign preparations on the P1 government complete was Lot replied general will be ready in a few days The troops and supplies en route will be available very All possible is being done to encourage the loyal and reduce the number of and influence of and in this way the outbreak may be General Miles referred to the necessity which ex isted for more he We have about mounted we have plenty of Infantry but you cannot catch mounted Indians with white foot Is it not a novel proceeding for In dians to go on the warpath at the begin ning of winter querrled the in some respect it replied the Their argument is good They are better armed now than ever and their supply of horsey all that could be Every buck has a Winchester rifle and knows how to use They can live on and numer ous horse ranches will furnish them with fresh stock when cold and starvation ruin their These hostiles have been starved into and they will prefer to die fighting rather than starve I hope problem may be solved without but such a hippy ending to the trouble seems im Miles in Miles was in consultation with war department of ficals this morning regarding the latest change in the Indian The action of the Sioux in going to the Bad lands is regarded with and the outcome is being watched with Dispatches received this morning indi cate that the situation otherwise is prac tically Four companies of cavalry have been ordered from Fort Leavenworth to the seat of the threat ened trouble and are now on their They are selected from the Sec Fifth and Ninth Orders were also sent to the First sta tioned on the Pacific the Fifth stationed In and the Saventh at to hold themselves in readiness to start for the Indian country at a moments Not Due to Vunt of Indian Commissioner Belt today received a let ter from Special Census Agent Lea at the Pine Ridge saying tbere is no suffering there among the Indians for the want of and he asserts that the present troubles are not due to The Senate Asks for the senate today Mr Manderson offered a resolu tion which was agreed to calling on the secretary of war for information as to steps taken for disarmament of Indians on reservations in South Da kota and North for the Byanarrange with the clearing house banks these iue bills are honored at any ba Toward one oclock the run seemed to have been very few calling for their money at that system hutitisnotaaceureyaiund wan wiin i nervous and this may How the Situation Is Regarded at army head quarters this morning orders were given that ail employes should remain at their desks unless special leave was Important telegrams have been received from the Indian but General Williams refused to divulge the contents until General Miles arrived from Wash The situation Is regarded as General Brooke telegraphs A number of Rosebud Indians with some from Pine Ridge agency and some from Lower Brule and Standing Rock to the number of six gathered on the White river above the mouth of wounded and are very General Miles Is expected to reach here No Danger In the KANSAS scout at who was in the city this stated tho Cheycnnes had had several dances of bnt they had no hostile significance Jacob receiver of the land office at telegraphs there is no excitement there and that those who have been partici pating in dances have returned A special dispatch from Guthrie says there is no danger of an outbreak among the Indians in the Tlie Messiah Craze In Indian A special from says that the Mes siah craze is fully on in the Indian Ter The Mis Osage and Seminole tribes are the most The Klckapoo the members of which have always been uneasy or are A number passed through here yesterday on their way to Ked in the Chero kee to consult with the and Word was received here last night from in the Chero kee that the depot sect on hands and inhabitants will be compelled to leave on account of the menacing at titude of the This dispatch In quired if troops could bo stating that the tribes were becoming almost crazy in the ghost More Troops for the Indian The entire commanc will not of Mayor Peck as Peter Sorners Magdeburg Jonn labor The Great Majority of cases ot Bcroful are am But we wlBh to state cm does phatic manneV that severe at Fort Logan leaves tomorrow morning for the scene of tho Indian disturbance Buffalo BUI Enroute to Owing to the de lav of trains Buffalo Bill did not start for the east till noon He pro ceeds directly to Chicago for conference with General In conversation here today ho expressed the opinion tha all the trouble with the Indians wa Bnll and a few other Ine court case of breach o lower court was the complalnantrecovers the therefore r A DAYLIGHT o in broad day Ugh 0 DIED ON THE Ceorse a Drops Dead Willie Performing His people fathfred at the Eden Musee last night to witness the comic performance were treated Instead to a One rt n M pal George Taylor dropped dead while performing his part Ha was a song and dance and while winning plaudits by his per his muscles suddenlv relaxed and he fell heavily to the floor of the He was picked up and carried out Into the Physicians were called but Taylor was found to be He was troubled with heart dis and his death is attributed to that There was no further perform ances in the musee after the death of NATIONAL PAKMERS Delegates In Session at dent Folks National Farmers Alliance and Industrial Union meet at noon nearly all the dele gates had arrived and when they were called to order President Polk delivered his annual The address congratulated the alliance on Its achievements since the last meet ing and reviewed the causes ot the agri cultural declaring this de pression Is an anomaly to the students of Industrial harm incident to centralization of money power and the upbuilding of monopolies were pointed out and both political parties condemned for forcing and encouraging this With reference to ex tending the order the president urged that additional organizers be sent at once into New New Arizona and other Among the recommenda tions was one that an organization be formed to known as a national composed of the national president and presidents of all state alli its duty being to look closely after legislative reform demanded by the alli both in state legislatures and con In his remarks upon the proposed national legislative President Polk said an organization of this kind would wield a power which would enforce the respect of any legislative body to whlchit the political action of the President Polk said While our organization Is political it cannnt be partisan or sec tional in its In support of this declaration we proudly point to our wholo past record and to the recent popular Outlining the future national policy of the President Polk said it would demand the restoration of sliver to all the rights and equalities of legal tender which gold possesses the issue of gov ernment currency direct to the people the equalization of taxes the prohibition of alien ownership of land the owner ship and control of transportation lines by the government the limiting of pub lic revenues to an economic administra tion of the government a graduated tax ation of and the election of United States senators by a direct vote of the President of the South Dakota made a short speaking forcibly upon the breaking down of the sectional An old union soldier rom Indiana moved that all exsoHIers i the hall who endorsed these sentl Forty or fifty stood up amid le wildest Then an ex oldler from Wisconsin called upon all nion men to give three cheers for the Id confederates in the They were given with a after which the onfederates returned the compliment in manner that left no doubt as to the enulneness of their Expressions of dissatisfaction are heard tth reference to the conduct of Ma editor of the National n taking part In the recent senatorial zht in It is also charged that e violated the policy of the alliance In dvocacy of tho Conger lard bill and op osition to the Paddock pure lard nd In several other This matter vlll come up for consideration In a day or wo and will likely cause conslder ble The alliance opened if first business esslon tonight and from now on all the essions will be The annual meeting of the National Colored Farmers Alliance will be held The organization embraces wentytwo states and has a membership f over seven One of its chief ibjects Is to divide the negroes politic of means taking a arge number of them Into the voting anks of the democratic RAILROAD Sale if Unlimited Tickets to be Dlfcon Western Pas jenger association today adopted a reso ution that the sale of unlimited local and through tickets should be dlscon The details of a plan and date o put It Into execution was referred to a New Missouri Biver managers of the western lines today decided to es iabllsh the same rates to Missour river points that now apply on east bound These rates take effect January Business Portion of Ohio large part of the business portion of Collins was burned this morning Commissary Building large building used as a commissarydepart ment at Fort North was burned today with all Its contents Express Confidence In a special meet ing of the Lincoln branch of the Irisl National league this evening resolution of confidence in Parnell were adoptee nd cabled to President Fitzgeral and Secretary Sutton of the Rationa still decline to express an opinion pending the meeting of the exec utive A West Superior Bank WEST Bank of Commerce assigned It deposits have been reduced nearly S200 000 since last The institu tion could not stand the strain or obtal outside The bank has resource In exces of its liabilities and expected to pay dollar for Dark From the Iowa State The elections In the Methodist chnrc on the question of admission of emal lay delegates to the general conferenc is proceeding In all portions of Iowa At Guthrie Center the vote stood 24 fo to 8 against 22 for an 4 against 7 for and 51 for and 3 A the Sutherland Courier say nine votes were cast and all against th This Is the only Instance tha we have seen where an Iowa congreg tion has declared against those who ar jnd thehopeo the life of the and thehope thejrorld Jf wv arnell Determined uother Lively Session of the Conw Between Friends and the inevitable our draws near in which a conclusion list be reached by the anxiously dellb atlng Irish parliamflnta ans as to the future leadership of their arty the attention of Gladstonoan lib liberal unionists and tory members the house of steadily con ntrates itself upon room wherein le Irish confronted by as great danger as ever threatened their eoun are groping about for some path alch may lead them out of the laby nthlan difficulties of the present crisis ack to the highway of success so lately rid hopefully traversed by Before the hour appointed for the con entlon of todays session of the confer nce had arrived members of the nglish and Irish politicians andanar ay of newspaper men hovered about the pproaches to the Irish parliamentary oarters and eagerly discussed theprob ble effect on the situation of Parnells unt speech of of the counsel the delegates to the United States and ihe act of Archbishops Walsh and The opinions were as numerous nd diverse as the individuals giv g utterance to On one there seemed to an unmistakable unanimity of ilnion among the Enellsh They tterly resented Parnells savage laracterizatlon of Gladstone as A arrulous old The blow ilivered on the face of their idol emed to have touched their hearts as Shortly before the hour of meeting ar ved the approaches to the room were and those persons loitering in 10 vicinity were kept under a close but nobtrusive surveillance by those directly terested In the Irish members the commons helJ another meeting to ay which was presided over by and was an exceedingly exciting A sharp controversy took plane incoming the cable dispatches sent the elegates in the United States for the urpose of influencing their John Connor declared that the business was inducted He justified Parnells ctlon in Issuing a manifesto and con emned the misleading cable dispatches mt to the delegation in the United Campbell described the pro pedlngs of Parnells opponents as Infa Further recriminations were In ulged in regarding the informal meet gs held Healy de cribed the actions of Parnells friends as Parnell denounped the re ark as insolent and This as greeted with cheers of approval by arnells who were answered by yell of derision from his Barry tried to say something in ut Parnell would not allow him the Leamy said the telegrams to merica from Sexton and others had roduced a false Impression by implying he majority of the leading men of the arty were going in one Wil am Redmond said he heard the dele ates cablegram was read by certain of the party in an English and eceived with If Parnell is to be said In Gods name depose im without making it a matter for cheer ng In an English The amendment that the question of le retirement of Parnell be postponed ntll the members ascertained the views t their constituents Arthur Connor advised Parnell to henceforth it will be impossible for 1m to I e the leader of the Jor accused Parnell of sacrificing the ause of the nation to his insanate pride nd culpable At six oclock he meeting adjourned for an Upon reassembling declared It ossible to obtain home rule without orming an alliance with tho English he had been offered n honorable The was it retiie nstead of accepting this Parnell isued a manifesto debarring him from he chairmanship henceforth snould the majority of his party decide it would be est for him to Why did Parncll June express Implicit belief In the ood faith of the liberal having he Hawarden interview in mind He Kenny had little hope for the future f the Irish party If they depended upon he chairman to defend them from the hlcanery of the English rlshmen looked to their representatives n the house of not to Parnell for The meeting here adjourned for The vote ou Nolans was 4 to When the meeting reconvened ifter dinner Parnell said he desired to ixplain the misunderstanding between liuiseif and arising out of the Barry Healey complained of arnells unfair methods as chairman and a heated altercation When he debate was It was finally elicited that Parnells Camp gave of the his own opinion hat Parnell would voluntarily Tuohy repeated this In tho lobbies of After some talk the sub ect was The minority voting on Nolans amendment were John Joseph Byrne Corbette Sdward Mac Justin Huntley Har John Richard William Eenny and G1I LaLcrand Ma hon were No demonstration was made over the result of the lent speechin favor of A resbi Intidncalllng on Ireland tosupport him carried v thecommohs day Italfour moved that the Irish land purchase bill pass the readings Ellis moved an amendment declaring the bill to be sate as regardsf the ImperialJBZ chequer to the occupier of Gladstone said he found nothing in the changes In the bill since last ses sion likely to render its character more He reminded the In view of the fact that circumstances pre vented the presence of the Irish mem beis it would be a great mis take to pass a land bill opposed to their desires and The want of Irish authority went to the root of the whole matter and impelled every true friend of Ireland to oppose the Chamberlain advised Balfonr to with draw the concession removing the twenty but to adhere to the rate of payers Balfour replied that ho estimated the total amount required to complete the purchase at ninetyfive million The bill in providing for an advance of thirtythree million pounds would make a great Impression and greatly simplify the He would reconsider the question of a twenty years llarconrt Conilrms McCarthys William Vernon Harcourt has written a letter in which he confirmed McCarthys statement made at tho Parnellite meetinz last night rela tive to what took place between them at the time of McCarthys recent visit to Sir William further says he did not regard Parnells proposals as practic KelchstHg relchstag re assembled The bill providing for the defense 6t Heligoland passea the first Le Grand Villers Le Grand governor of the Bank of died to A ministerial in BruziL Rio DE Is a ministerial crisis sNalrrowEscape7fTno Sewerage Cedar X Special to DBS the famous boodle cases after the Intro duction of the evidence of one of the aldermen who was The defeaseImmediately moved to have the case taken from the One of the pointstheyimake h that the council was operatingiunder the old law which made the salary but did not infer that they not be recompensed by additional sums for extra services has been sus tained by the who holds that the new law passed during their term of office did not affect their Much Interest Is still being manifested aud the decision of Judge Bishop with reference to the dismissal of the cases now under Ib anx iously looked r sane and a fit subject for the J A mate Iew CLAIMS 10 MAKE KOCHS A Philadelphia Physician Says He Has Been Using It in UIs of Phila has written to Koch claim Ing that an analysis of a specimen of the latters lymph proves it to be identical witha preparation of his own which he has been using In his practice for some Uelegates Vailed Harring the only one of the Irish delegation here who is in favor of Parnell still hold ing his position as leader of the Irish nationalists in the h of to day received the following telegram from Redmond and supporters of Par nell Return to England at once if you to save the Affairs are in a critical condition and your help Is much implore other members of the visiting party to come Harring ton conld not be found and Dillon dis claimed any knowledge of the cable when subsequently seen by a said I have not yet de cided what I shall I will not return home at bnt will remain with my colleagues here to see if we cannot go ahead and finish the work we have on I shall not decide today what course I shall Special Session of the Xew Hampshire special session of the Sew Harnashire legisla ture began Tha gallery was thronged with attracted by the oxtraordlnary public exigency which requires the special The sub ject of the qualification of members was referred to the judiciary This reference Is understood to mean that a compromise has been effected by which the session may be speedilv The house judiciary committee tonight voted to recommend that twelve demo crats and ten republicans be stricken from the roll of the four on ac count of seven because they were federal ten for change of residence and one becanse of judicial ap The question of eligibly of the ten republicans who acted as census enumerators will be decided The opinion is that the committee will divide on the party lines and this will precipitate a long aud acrimonious dis A SEVEKS ATTACK 0 Parnells Supporters and his sup porters in the house of commons held a conference this half hour was occupied in reading telegrams from Ireland and the United States and mani fest sent by delegates now In the United The reading of these dispatches was frequently Interrupted by OKelly asserted It would be the basest ingratitude for the nationalists to aban don Parnoll simply because a number of politicians who sought alliance with the Irish party for theii own advantage thought fit to abandon the position Par nell had taken np and had Intrigued to encompass the downfall of trusted leader of the After ad journment for luncheon the members re assembled and Parnell moved to adjourn to enable the nationalists to take part In the debate on the reading of the land purchase It Is said that no stone will be left unturned to postpone Indefinitely the decision of the party on the question of Parnells A Conference with Sir George Sir William Vernon the earl of and Shaw Lefevre held a conference with Gladstone this morn The subject under discussion was the retirement of the liberal It was decided to convoke a meeting of the liberal peers and members of the com mons to hear a statement by meeting of the National League today was names of Sexton and Healy were greeted I The Childs Life Saved uy Chamherlulns Cough I wish to say to the public that Cham berlains Cough Remedy Is the best I have ever used or sold for I am never without It at my home for my Last winter a child of ono of my was choking with a sudden and severe attack of I gave him a bottle of this Cough and he started for gave the child two doses of which stopped the cough ing and smothering instantly and In a few minutes the little one was out of all Wetzel came back to the store as happy as he could be and said That bottle of Cough Remedy saved the life of my Furthermore I feel friendly towards you as the manufactur ers of such a valuable remedy and am proud of Its being manufactured In our own I can cheerfully and will ingly give many Instances of its good works to anyone that may want a relia ble cough Alabama Coal Miners Go strike of the coal miners in Alabama went into effect but all the men did not go out as Of eight thousand free miners in the state it Is estimated that six thousand are The only sensational feature of the strike was brought about by efforts of Pennsylvania iron who want to cause a shut down of tho the furnaces In this It is claimed these Iron men have promised the men strong financial support in the event of a long A number of mine owners are going to fill the places of the strikers with Born Without Minn Ernest living near East has given birth to a child without and with no place in the head for The forehead extends down to the nose perfectly The child is very bright and will Nlckle Works Comstock and Wing nickel works today confessed Judgment for In favor of Harvey Hurd and the place is In hands of the Hurd has commenced suit for against the Two Men Rhodes and Edward Taylor were killed and Stewart Booth seriously Injured last night by be ing run down by a freight train near A Blgh School high school here burned this The loss Is estimated at insurance Wtmt la a cold la the head Medical authori ties say it is to uneven clothing of the rapid coollnK when la etc The important point that a cold in tha bead Is an Inflammation of tbe lining membrane the w hi when lacertain catarrh Is essentially a which no nntr rablc to resolve or tbrow Elys Cream Balm has provd Its and should resort to mon ailment becomea seated The in Session at annual session of the Brotherhood of Upper Mis sissippi running on the Mississ ippi between Louis and which includes nearly all the pilots on the river in its met here yesterday in annual It Is ex pected that One hundred and fifty will and that business of great Im portance will me before A ma jority of them are boat They expect also to settle thelocationot a per manent office and to elect officers for the ensuing The setsion will last four This though but two years has become one of the most powerful among river A County Treasurer lu Sioux Kifer of this county Is in On application of Hoole an injunction has been granted by Judge Lewis against the sale of certain land at tax sale adver tised to come off the excounty who skipped out a few weeks formerly owned the and just before he went he trans ferred ic to and in payment of the taxes gave the treasurer check and took a receipt in regular The check was protested and Kifer is charged with erasing the entry on the books and destroying the duplicate re An abstract made immediately after the taxes were paid shows a clear while one made last week shows the above The treasurers effort to save himself from loss will Involve a delicate law A Wealthy Jfaruier the night of November 23 Levl a highly respected and wealthy farmer living southwest of left Since then hundreds of peope have been scour ing the country in search of him without Sheriff Diddy has offered a re ward nf for information leading to his He is supposed to have wandered away while temporarily The Sewerage Special to The CEDAR Interest exists here over the sewerage Tne sewerage of the normal school at present is dumped Into a ravine some distance from the but on pri vate Lately the owner has arid Kennedy of the state board of health will arrive tomor row to make a thorough investigation at the request of the Sent Up for celling MASOS au oxsaloonkeeper of Charles who was convicted a short time agoof selling liquor and permanently eujoined from further was sentenced yesterday by Judge Sherwin to six months impris onment for contempt of A Narrow Kactipe Prum DES driver of a tee wagon narrowly escaped death this His horses became unmanage able and ran In front of the switch en gine and were instantly throwing the tender off the The engineer and fireman were slightly The driver lit just outside of the for the Special to Tae of a membership of over three hundred only fiftysix votes were cast at the dist Episcopal church on the question of the admission of women as delegates to the general conference fiftytwo voted for and four Runaway West HilE f CnuHnikUy Fortunate What threatened to prove a fatal yesterday noon north of the church on Leebrlcfc where there fe The milk ot driven by his David and drawn b spirited young In that ne the flapping oft clothes on a line frightened the ho who bolted for a regained control momen by running the team up friendly and thought the it was to Somsthinj else scared one of horses to of the wagon other horse on the head and to gether both of the nervous and dis traught eqnines set sail over the of the The si of whom had collected at the thought sure that driver and teambotli S were doomed and started down to afTon such assistance as they wagon reached the bottom of the steepi declivity with an ominous crash broke the vehicle to pieces and snarled the horses up in the In ti Search was promptly made forVj the driver strange to bered out of the wreck and once set to work to extricate hia unhappy steeds from their predicament came out of the disasterin excellent L considering their frightful er one of them receiving a splinter wound in the leg will sonn heal upj the Jarnisonrs bravery and grit in holding on to the team in stead of jumping for life was the subject of much as the breaking b the tongue left him no means of con trolling the animals he he made up his mind to stay with the pro cession to the finish and take his ohancesi Tho fact that the heavy milk cans jerked over him Into the front of wagon during the mad race thei ravine probably saved his as theyi prevented the broken parts of the from reaching him at the final collision with mother Beyond a shaking up he is all right and Perry hes willing to pay for the necessary C repairs with good grace under the cir It was a close call for BETWEEN YOU AKD ME ffl Fatal Accident to a COUNCIL Mc a bricklayer employed In the construction of the new Baldwin fell from the building this afternoon and was instantly He leaves a large A Newspaper Special to The Dickenson has sold his share in the Jessup CrUic to Grout who now as sumes complete control of the Correspondence of TnE DecJ roads are In splendid Corn husking is about Some of the farmers are still Considerable sickness prevails In this mostly among small Large quantities of corn is being mar keted at this and at a very good Thanksgiving was generally observed at this All business houses were closed and religious services were held In both FSOM Death of Lively The wife of Uncle Henry a very aged died after an illness of some Grandma age still keeps doing her own washing and cook Uncle Robert who has been real gray for some still rides about la his John quite an aged still raises fine hogs and seems to enjoy a ride in his fine bnggy as well ai a young and some young with more ease than George Rambos whose skull was broken In leaving a part of the brain Is reported llvelyr and do ing fairly Will Wiggins had the misfortune of losing his hay Hand fodder by careless ness on the part of his little while playing with parlor Uncle Billle the settler In Richland Keokuk still drives his onehorse two with four reminding one of southern tnrkplke Joel Stewarts wife and daughter are circulating a petition to get the consent of Kcolcnfc county board to release their husband and Joel I know a little bny in this city who long ago as a month begged of ents a new They were that he should desire It when therei wasnt a sign of snow any where and even a prospect of any for a considerable length of time but the little fellowIn sisted that it might snow any minute and he didnt want to be Soa brand new sled was purchased and the little fellow eagerly looks forward to the coming snovfe Every morning he jumps up out of bed and runs ta the win dow to see if tho snow has come while he was and he is always disappointed but does not become Impatient or He says It may come tomor I have taken quite an interest my little friend and his sled and find myself glancing Inquiringly at the zon half anxious to see a cloud There Is something about the little feIJX lows eagerness that carries me well a good many a little c towheaded urchin used to tumble 6ut of bed early frosty mornings and run to the window to see if the snow had extacy of delight that thrill his little soul when he saw the white mantle stretching away and inir yesterdays brown and dreary earth to a fairy How eagerly he i himself and put on his cap His sled wasnt quite as handsome as that of our little it wasa homely affair made uy an older and a strapping It wasnt a ait 3 but It conld Its were like gUss for smoothness and towhead was right in the front the hill the jolly time he did There was one long1 hill back of town with two Jounces in in that took i away when yim went over little fellow used to go out there very ten on winter days and sometimes brother would let him go at the moon was big and always a Jollypicnte becanse the brother would haul the little fellow out and back And girls would go The little fellow used be proud of two things always One was that big brother handsomest and best la the and the second was that she always pref ferred the little fellows homely sled cause it went like He used i feel a profound pity for the girls They seemed to take the fua tlmera The triffie whoops and that would arise when they crossed was an unfailing source disgust to his young He com see any sense In It when g older and hadthe proud privilege holding his girl oa a sled goingsfif miles aa hour he understood those thlngi Thoso were Jolly days away m I hope my little friendtma experience similar wltarhi brand new Evea as r write the flaoey JUkes begun to t about the electric av If it will Tint last moral Then when bles out of his cozy bedjrilke headed urchin of the jolly uw t shont of joy and I wonder If any of you should saera littlesfello with iaj Ing whirling flakes wltti a 1 peaceable bytha board of insane at MCPIeasant hospital

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