Saturday, November 29, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - November 29, 1890, Burlington, Iowa r fflODSABDS v in the Postal Depart 3 During the Past SATURDAY nawaker The postmas to his annual shows aBt year have been Xswl card The inferior at were brought up to the required Four hundred thousand dol in the stamped en on certain rlnE At the same time mail Ji lid oeen extended over almost of steamboat ITtaf The gross revenue was if larger than ever I five thousand new Than in any one year have Sllied upon petitions of corn 1 The substations and stamp railway postoffice serv delivery and other masters have CUT extended during the SriouU mileage was Increased million miles and railroad mile eleven The work of 5 letter office has been greatly i during the AinB lhe Josta1 telegraph rihe postmaster general says tho 5 mail is not fast enough in these Sin a the needs commcrce and In one form or public imperatively demands telegraphy and the postofficn at can supply it at less cost corporation unless the latter carriers and clerks Iteplin proposed for a postal to involves no outlay of tmcnt of no financial It is surely entitled to a fair jt the bead A new plan for postal the report recommends artment be author f the Interior giving the population of he several states and territories of the United States as finally detemlnld The verified population of the United tates in 1890 Is fixed at THE BRAZFLUN Received uy Mertal 1re formal iresentatlon to the president of theTffl era of the Brazilian squadron took at the White House this visitors numbered twentyfive persons among them being the cabinet officer Speaker Reed General Colonei Admiral Walker and the Bra zilian minister and Admiral da inaae a speech and presented the president with a letter and medal roui the Brazilian government The In his response said in part We have welcomed Brazil to the amily of the American commonwealths vith profound interest and with the trongest hopes that her government and people may realize that the order and rosperity which as we believe n the highest degree from representa Jve civil institutions which our people enjoy and which yours have now adopt We trust tho friendly relations which have early and so auspiciously be gun between these sister republics may be unbroken and lead to mutual advant age ind After these ceremonies the Brazilians were introduced totho company individ ually and then escorted to an elaborate uncheoa prepared for them In the state dining The medal presented to tho president was made in Rio Jaueiro by special order of the Brazilian government to commem orate friendly relations between the two It is of palladium and metals symbolic respectively of Brazil aud the United to establish postal savings banks regulations formulated by the post er These to be located in no laws regulating savings In any other state opon the peti oj considerable number of resl in any one and not more jotly than one postoffice for every Biles of area the Interest rate to be J brine secretary of the treasury at of each year and to be all of one per cent less than the paid depositors by private sier all postal savings received with itew be placed on deposit with in that state on applica Insuch amount anl at such Inter jis the secretary of the treasury pre jiisueh deposits to be declared FOOT BAIL PLEASANT Exciting Game Between the Wes leyan and State Wta H Score of 91 to O t Banquet at Keo Boy Shot la the Neck Iowa rspeclal to The EASAST initial the Ioot bau elevens of universlty and the Iowa KM was played here Thauks gn ing afternoon before an immense con game wai played at the fair grounds and resulted in an overwhelming victory for the State uni the score being 91 to Long oeiore Ue hour for the game people nocked to the scene of coullict in large and numerous carriages aud a grandstand full to overflowing attested the widespread interest in the At the teams lined with of as umpire and Whit of as follows ir u fjttcMng the antilottery the re the press has aided the dpart iVvavery general approval and the It at large lias seconded its efforts to new law report shoas postmasteis during the past two years appointed in the same Ste ponrnister general hopes a way isoon be clear to connect the execu i departments and the senate and width the Washington post office by Ipnecmitlc and that it may be Viadtd to substations and post offices Blirge Hi would especially Hk the pneumatic system working in Chicago when the worlds i Is in progress so the postal exhibi really show this high de art of He where Inexpensiv Mings for post and says tha 0 xove out of a six hundred dollar si safe and ample for a post a hundred thousand dollar gwlicre the janitor alone gets re salary than the rent of the former cannot be justified on any business rdlng reduced the post general says in part In point of there a clear gain of nearly thirty dollars from letter hree with the annual dificit ch list year amounted to 1 all swallowed up by losses on other te of mull matter carried at less than ostof distribution and The received from letter postage last Brwasatiout thirtyeight A inetlon 10 a onecent rate would bring Bidown to nineteen The de or the current year was about forand one half which would Bit a total deficiency of twentythree lit a hal This deficiency nuld be reduced bv the natural increase due to the stimulus of the Jrateandbythecompletionof pending to proper postage from oil JUJple copies of so called newspapers Whom papercovered By the EVERYOKE TOOK The President and His Cabinet Feasted On the Favorite iving day at the white house was ob served in tlie quietest as no guests had been asked to The and after at tending tha church of the Covenant in the spent tha day In the afternoon they went for a long ifter which they returned to the whit and according to their usual at T The mean In cluded roast cranberry mince and pumpkin Secretary JJlalces family attended church in the aud after spend ing the day according to the fancy of each individual met together at a late Postmaster Genera Wanamaker joined his family at their country place near Philadelphia and enjoyed with them his Thanksgiving Secretary aud M with their daughter and youngest gathered about their Thanksgiving which was pre pared in regulation Vermont The central feature was roast fol lowed by mince and pumpkin Thanksgiving Day heretofore has been always marked as one of family in Secretary Proctors but this year his married son was kept away by and who last season dispensed the hospitalities of his Is now in Boston with her Secretary and Rusk dined In the quietest fashion with their son and Secretary aud Xobla asked their brotherinlaw acd his Judge and Henry to eat Thanksgiving dinner with and these two with Noble s two the Misses made up the family Attorney General and in addition to their own im mediate two daughters and a had as their guests at dinner Solic itor General and Taft and District Attorney D of Chief Justice and Fuller were not able to have their entire family about as they had Their married daughter has not yot returned from the u ccnltr rush Urisbtn rlrtt guard lackle McEMerry Irftiruard left leftwid quarter back usirood Smeucr Gardner ingcr full baol JlcAdaui won the toss and took the wind took ihe ball and started the play with the V pushing the ball to the 25 yard In the scrimmage that followed 10 yards were gained by and Heald scored the first touchdown before five minutes of the game had Kick at goal pur posely failed gels the ball and on place pushes it to the but it is quickly rushed to goal line by Smcltzer on a beautiful from a it was soon touched back by Knapp and the score stood A successful kick a goal added two and the ball was placed at the center with I at its it was rushed with terrific force by the huge men of to the opponents terri a notable feature another nervy and skillful dash by Sev eral scrimmages the ball being in the hands of each time and Mt and Miss Mary Fuller is pursuing her musical abroad Their youngest dauffhter came over from school in Haltimore and brought with her sev eral young Illinois Statesmen itt a hand ful of Illinois statesmen have put in an appearance here as Senator Cul loni and Congressmen Cannon and Taylor make up the who was the real author of the election bill now pendicg in the and who is its ardent as much as though he had not been deprived of the honors of its says the bill must he come law this and believes It TO MEET KEMMLERS of copy business alone over one dollars is annually lost to tho itverae and in the transportation of Pittcovered books considerably more to qie million dollars is kept ont of j IK postal Income for the benefit of cer TO bonk The deficiency Wet the onecent rate might well be further reduced bv the adoption of fed devices frnm time to would save time and The formidable is eight lllon dollars worth of work performed mally without pay for the executive I they had paid postage e would have been eight mill mre annually than The department for the fiscal ynar The expenditures and Mitles were the deficiency the year 1repnrations for 1he Kluctrocnllon Wood at Sine Sins NEW horse was killed at Sing presumably by clec trlcltv generated by the same dynamo that will be set in motion some day next week for the purpose of depriving mur derer Wood ofhto The killing took place late Wednesday The horse was led into the room where Wood will sit when he receives the fatal shock Electrodes were placed to the wires which had already been then they were aPPlicd Vn The dynamo was run until the In showed that the current had reached a strength of fifteen hundred and at it was turned into the wires According to all the horse closed its eyes and fell over On he result of this experiment the prison officials base the assertion that Wood Is going to die instantly and pain steady gain team were powerless and soon tho third touchdown was recorded for and within a few moments a fourth by Smeltzer and the score It was but the work of a few more minutes for to make three more and scores men repeatedly broke through the opposing rush aud after a skillful field kick by Captain Smith and several time was called for the first with the In favor of After ten minutes of al again lined the State university men In cood condition and Wesleyans but determined and started the ball with an attempted hut the ball was promptly pushed back and after repeated runs and dodges by Neald and the score was run up to of carried the ball back quickly twentyfive yards by a neat but to no as McEnlry soon placed it back of the line for four points A moment aud the ball was again In and Heald dashed It back fifty yards ou another of his phenomenal runs and a touchdown made the Soon In the ball was scrimmaged by but of broke through the line and picked up the little quarter back of who had the and promptly started to ward the goal with him when he yelled down amid After several scrimmages and touchdowns It was her players tackled ran and threatened to score against their big But they began too for time was called and the game was with the score The spectators joined heartily In the cheering and the HI Hi of the rans through the The battle was ended belongnd to the Wesleyans opponents let it be Wesleyan played plucklly and against as it was their first match The State University men are immense in strong and Their rush line was while the quarter halves and fall back played together like They are sore run astonishingly swift and block possesses good material which must develope aftr further contact with older players constant playing and care ful teamwork will bring it out and make a rattling fine It is to be hoped the interest thus aroused In football in this part of the state will not die but be the means of many more close and exciting games In thi A DEMOCRATIC Somptuons Tendered ly the Keokuk Special to The Jefferson Flambeau of this gave a ban quet its political friends Thanksgiving which was one of the most im posing affairs ever attempted in this This young democratic club has an almost national reputation as the live liest and most enthusiastic organization in the Last nights affair was humor with themselves and the world In A SAD Arthur of Keoknk Stricken v Special to The Arthur Bridg a popular citizen of and well known In especially among the older residence of Burlington aud at each of which places he was a prominent resident In the Jwas stricken with appoploxy ThanksgMng and now pros trate seemingly between life and his entire right side beina resides with his Arthur and it has been his habit to arise earlier than the other members ofthe eating his breakfast While still sitting at the table after his daughterin and her little entered the din ing room saluting him with the compli ments of the which elicited no Bridgman approached nearer to him and again saluted this time laying her hand upon his shoulder and looking Into his She soon ered that something was wrong appearance which was comporated by the raising of his finger to his a silent and sad tokenthat he could not respond with speech to the morning Thegirl who waited upon himatbreaktas3saJ4 she discovered nothing unusual except he complained that one of his arms had troubled him during the Jenkins and Scroggs were at once sum and it was given out last evening that he could hardly survive during the His strong caused him to partially rally and at this writing he is still lingering with scarcely a hope of his living only a day or two at General Bridgeman is a marked char acter wherever he is and he has a very extended acquaintance in Iowa as well as In other He was notice able for being tall and with a face Indicating Intelligence and firmness of and was remarkably well pre To see him walking the streets the casual observer would take him to be a man of perhaps or surely not live years older than He had none of that shakiness usually accompanying old but walked with a steady step and wrote a bold business hand without a trace of the years that were upon him yet he was born July being over eightytwo years of He Is a native of He came to Burlington in where he engaged In the mercantile business for six Prom there he removed to where he resided nntll and during his residence there was for a time register of the general land In 1849 he came to Keokuk and until 1S61 was engaged in mercantile After that he engaged in railroad busi ness to which he gave his entire atten For a number of years he was general manager and secretary of the old Keokuk and Des Moincs He has three children who Is an officer In the United States navy with whom he re WILL OPPOSE How Many Members of Par liament Will Vote Bishop to Opin ion on the Friend ofPar iieUSuys the Movement Against lllm In One of The canvass has been conducted by members of the Irish parliamentiary party opposed to Par hells retention in the leadership with a view of ascertaining how the poll Is likely go at Mondays The result was the securing of fiftythree members to vote against Among them are Jphn Timothy Harring Timothy Maurice Justin Pat rick Sex Tanner and The antiparnellltes also rely upon the votes of William OCon Gill and The ad herents of who announced their intention to stick to the old num ber namely Henry Edward Joseph John Richard John William Redmond and PARNELLS cashier of the State Bank of Keo and the wife of of New York General Bridgman returned only a short time ago from an extended trip visiting among rela tives and coming home to Keo kuk feeling much better from the pleas ures he enjoyed during his Uequest for Iowas Kallroud DES Frank secretary of Is in receipt of the following from a mem berelect of the Nebraska legislature Noimi Secretary of Das Dear legislature of Nebraska of which I am a member will this win ter abolish our state board of transporta tion and will enact a maximum freight law similar to that now in force in vour and for that purpose I would be pleased to have you forward to my address a copy of the law now In force on that subject in Any expense you may have to bear will be promptly remitted by Senator of the Thirteen District of the Commonwealth of A DanceronK at aylor of the Ordinance went a lit INrTOX Tav of the ordinance department in of the supplies to the in Dual report strongly urges the ol the pending bill to promote ciency of the militia he calls atteu disparity in numbers between alrj and Infantry miliiia and says fJisonc of the most I improvise and some steps II be taken to encourage the f orma a new and foster the existing cav in the He re CC congress appropriate for ln eich which has more T organized militia at a liiv governor may and nablcs and forage is provided at ol the stateol not to exceed seventyfive for to mount the troop of with detachments of regular soldiers to care for them and missioned officers as am Taylor speaks of the necessity of of horses in ourservice which in nearly all foreign coun which we have He also upon the feasibility of a horse and legislation to prevent the T being depleted of which E gently needed in the event of present there is nothing to pre Uw getting all of our animals and undoubtedly at at times large numbers have been a out of the The dif 01 obtaining suitable cavalry 1 alarmingly increased the past Captain Taylor also urges being a d sperate be nduce o joina re one can be Induced for A detective searched the country for Qnincy miles around searcaeo me but could find no traces of the In Special to The hoodlums BIO the May old and rcpec just such an one as should be expected from the hustling young meu who com pose the A large number of guests were present from Illinois and Missouri and were enter tained in a royal manner Covers had beenlayed for two hundred and fifty euests and when those Invited had taken heir places in the brilliant banquet hall there were but few vacant me table presented a most dazzling appear ance and the menuone of the richest ever placed before a host of hungry dem ocratsconsisted of numerous Thanks eiving turkeys with all the palatable ap purtenances including delicious list of wine The tables tended thirty of the handsomest members of the club in full dress suits with white fit this point tfie wires between Keo kuk and Burlington broke down and the remander of the account had be Among other dishes on the bill of fare were the following moffice a la ImporlHiit Sale of Flue Special to The of East Park Stock have sold to De Yarmen of a number of brood The consignment was made up of Nellie by Marnbrlno Hambletonian Crazy by the Hoi kins horse by Happy Medium Nady by Bour bon and Velvet and All the animals are in foal to Dunton Wilkes or Dictator They will form the nuecicus of a stock farm which the purchasers will start at Fostonice special re ceived here from says burglars effected an entrance Into the postoffice there yesterday They blew open the safe and made away with the consisting of registered Tho shock from the explosion completely wrecked everything inside the Postmaster Neeper Is unable to give the exact amount of the but it is about Shot In the Special to The a thirteenyearold was fatally shot at the Gun club shoot He was trying to catch a wounded pigeon when several skirmishers blazed away at It Five loads of shot took effect In his terribly lacerating his He will probably lie GlveH the Irlftli People Some Keawons Why He Will Not manifesto to the Irish people which was Issued to night is very He begins by saying The integrity and independ ence of the section of the Irish parlia mentary party having been apparently sapped and destroyed by the wirepullers of the liberal It has become neces sary for as the leader of the Irish take counsel with hav ing given you knowledge which is in my ask your judgment upon a matter which now solely devolves upon you to The letter from Glad stone to written for the purpose influencing tho decision of the Irish party in the choice of a leader and claim Ins for the liberals and their leaders the right of veto upon the is the im mediate cause of this the pur pose of which Is to remind you and your parliamentary representatives that Ire land considers the Independence of her party as their only safeguard within the and above and beyond ail other considerations The threat In that letter repeated so Inso lently on many platforms and In numer ous British newpapers compels me to put before yju information until has been solely In my possesion and which will enable you to understand the measure of loss with which you are threatened unless you consent to throw me to the English wolves now howling for my Parnell then tells how at llawarden last Novem he received from Gladstone the de tails of that gentleman and colleagues proposal with regards to home rule in the svent of the next general election favoring the liberal Upon the subject of retention of Irish mem bers in the imuerial Gladstone told him in order to concil iate English public It would be necessary to reduce the Irish representation from 103 to Upon the settlement of the land Gladstone intimated while he would renew his attempt to settle the matter by imperial legislation on the lines of the land purchase bill of he would not undertake to put any pressure upon his own side in other that the Irish legislature was not to be ziveu the power of solving the agrarian difficul With regard to the control of the Irish constabulary it was stated by in view of the necessity of concealing the English public opin it would be necessary to leave this force to tho appointment of its officers under the control of the imperial authority for an Indefinite while the funds for its maintenance would be compulsorily provided out of the Irish A period of ten or twelve years was suggested as the limit of time during which the appointment of Judges and vor of this local advising If this was rejected It might be left to the rad icals on the second reading to oppose the principle of the I left Morley under the impression that this would fall to my but in addition he made a remarkable Referring to the probable approaching victory of the lib he suggested snrne considerations as to the future of the Irish party and asked me whether I would be willing to assume the office of chief secretary for Ireland or whether I would allow an other member of my take the Be also put before me the de sirability of filling one ot the law offices of the crown In Ireland by a legal member of my I told amazed as I was at the that I could not agree to forfeit In any way the inde pendence of the party or its members that the Irish had trusted me because they believed the declaration I made at Cork In represented my conviction and that I would on no account depart from I considered that Morleys pro that we should allow ourselves to be absorbed Into English was one based upon an entire misconception of our own In Morley directed my direction to the plan of campaign of the He said it would be impossible for the liberal party when it attained power to do anything for the evicted tenants by di rect action and it would also be impossi ble for the Irishparliaraentjmderpowers conferrett to do anything for Singing np his hands in gesture of des he exclaimed Having been in I dont know what to pro I told him this question was a limited one funds would be available from America and elesewhere for the support those tennauts as long as necessary and this difficulty should not be allowed to Inter fere with the general interests of the Parnell says he alindes to this matter only because within the last few days a strong argument for his ex pulsion has been Unless the liberals come into power next the plan of the campaign of the tenants will He has shown that liberals proposed to do nothing for them by direct and is entitled to ask that the existence of these whom he has supported in every way In the past and will con tinue to shall not constitute the reason for his expulsion from Irish poll Parnell fays that during the ten years of the independence of the Irish parliamentary party it because of Its forced upon the English people the necessity of granting home rule to He believes the party will obtain home provided It re mains independent of any Eng lish In he says I do not believe that any action of the Irish people In supporting me will endanger the home cause or post pone the establishment of the Irishparli But even if that danger were to be I believe the Irish people throughout the world would agreet with me that the postponement would pre ferable to the compromise of our national rights by the acceptance of measures CANT CONTROL BIS Little Wounds Indians Determined 1 to Fight the ttlDK Ball More Hostile Ever Mora Cavalry Arrivliie at Scene of from Varlbdft and sir months at hard labor the 3 prison at bondsmen present and their get a ot error foe the bonds are THE PACOTO f PJSE RIDOE Wound is In and reports his Inability to control his band in the Interests of The cavalry expects orders to march night on Rosebud camp on although General Brooke ts reported as being in favor of waiting until the sixth cavalry reaches Fort Meade and troops can be placed at Forest above comes from Sitting Bulls camp from different sources that he is dancing his men more vigor ously than and he is compelling the children to join In the He Is re ported to be more hostile and determined to fight than This afternoon two companies of cavalry arrived from Fort Cnster and proceeded to FortYates Governor Mellette today tissued a lengthy re garding the scare whicTTho nrees the settlers to remain where they are as the troops and the government have completely mastered the hostile All Indian ex citement was created here this morning by the report brought In by a stranger that the Indians are stampeding at Pierpont and Langford and that the town of Pierpont had been Later in the afternoon it was learned the whole thing was a scare and the reported burning of Pierpont was in the former agent at Pine Ridge telegraphs that the newspaper re ports of the Pine Ridge Matters are now under con trol with a peaceable ending in All Qnlet at Crow Indian Commissioner Belt today received a tele srraui fromAgent at Crow Creek South saying thai none of his Indians had yet been A small band of the Lower Brules near Rosebud reservation had been and he had dispatched a force of police and scouts to stop itHe had also called home all Indians having passes to leave the and says he considers It impossible to be surprised In any out break the Lower Brules may SAYS THERE WAS NO General Miles Disbelieves the Report of a Battle Xear Fort Miles yes The Government Seeking toAnnul Centrals tease to the SAX plaint filed in the United Si ctcult court by the government of United AttorneyGfi aral Miller and Special Assistant ot against t Southern and Central Pacific rail companies and the Western Union graph The object of the cout plaint Is to secure the cancellation the lease of the Central Pacific to the ern and also to secure the cancelj latlon ot the lease of the Central Pacl lies telegraph lines to the Western In addition the cancellation ot the leases the complaint demands that the lines referred to be operated and maintained separately and ly In accordance with the original ment between the and 1 In tha which Is from publication until the court can Issues the necessary the entire tory of the relations between the Central Pacific railroad and the governm railroad company has violated its pledges to the government In the matter of the leases referred It is the Intention to issue legal processes today and In the absence of President who Is now In the It Is said that the secretary of the Central Pacific will be cited to appear and show cause why f the leases should not be which would not realize the aspirations of THE MOVEMENT AGAINST If Ol the authorizing the auorzng the states and territories of field w encourage the artillery os THE irter SayB the United of the has stMemunt to secretary officiating or at Iho tetters on republican Bad e Lion DALLAS Of MOU deer belonging on the of near Dal lhe and The repast under the leadetship Master Robert Marshall tcllectual part of off men portion tables were cleared The the of Toast the in went of this p many every IT MAY ELECT Queer Arlalng In the San the meet ing of the state board of canvassers ast delegateelect from demanded a certm cate of election as member of the legis lature on tho ground that the constitu tion said that each county In state which has 250 voters should be entitled to a The demand was and an application was made to the supremo court for a writ of man damus to compel the There are eighteen other delegates entitled to full membership on the same The constitution also limits the number of to If the delegates are admitted an equal number of memberselect f rom the more counties will have to be dropped to keep the number with n the constitutional The delegates are pledged to Ingalls in case they are and they will give him eighty on joint ballotthe number required to If they are not seated and Senator Ingalls is defeated the plan of the republicans Is to contest the elec tion ot his successful opponent In the United States senate on the ground that the delegates were entitled to their seats and that their votes would have elected If they are seated and an equal number of memberelect are not dropped the house will number 143 eighteen more than the constitution pro vides and a contest will instltiued in the senate because the legislature will be an unconstoltnal Hunting Party Harry BeneVof and James Furguson and Calvin Campbell of who went to Sodus Bay yes terday on a duck are thought to be There boat was found on the beach this morning with a hole In Aeld Recommended by resident magistrates should be retained in the hands of the imperial Passing to his own expressions on these which Parnell says represent his views then and he says with regard the retention of Irish members he holds that with the cuncesslons of full powers to an Irish legislature equivalent to those enjoyed by a state of the American the number and posi tion of members so retained would be come a question of imperial concern and not of pressing or immediate Importance for the Interests of but that with the important and all engrossing sub jects of agrarian constab ulary control and judicary appointments left either under Imperial control nr totally unprovided it would be tho height of madness for any Irish leader to content to disband an army which had cleared the way to I further savs to use every legitimate Influence to reconcile Irish public opinion to gradual coming Into force of the new privileges and tothe postponments necessary for English opinion with regard to constabulary con trol and judicial but I strongly dissented from the proposed re duction of the number of members during the Interval of probation and pointed to the absence of any suitable prospect of land settlement by either parliament as a constitutional and overwhelming drag upon the prospects of permanent peace and prosperity in At the con clusion of the interview Parnell was in formed pending the general elec Gladstone and his colleagues were agreed that silence should bo preserved with regard to these points of The absence of any provision for the set tlement of the agrarian of any policy on the part of the liberal Parnell filled him with concern and On the introduction of the land purchase bill by the government at the commencement of the last Morley conferred with him having regard to avowed absence and polcy on tho part of the liberals Parnell strongly advised Morley against any direct chal lenge of the principle of aided land purchase and that we should direct onr efforts on the second reading to the assertion of the principle of local In this Morley agreed with him but at the same hampered by the ex treme section of his led by Labou and In a subsequent interview im pressed upon Parnell the necessity of meeting the second reading of the bill with a direct negative and asked him to One of Friends Says It U One of Re close friend of who declared that Parnell re gards the movement to expel him from the leadership of the nationalist party as a radical revenge for his support of the royal grants last says this view nf the casa can be supported by documen tary he has had his revenge on the man he imprisoned In Kilmalnbam jail and who later com pelled the liberal leader toconsider the demands of tho IrNh The Irish Catholic hierarchy Is unani mous in the opinion that Parnell should retire from his position at the head of the nationalist Parnells manifesto was Issued and It definitely settles that he will not voluntarily retire from the leadership of the Irish parliamentary Parnell defies his political opponents and ap peals to the people of Ireland to sustain him in the stand he has TO PROMOTE KOCHS The Prussian Government to an Institute of a lecture deliv ered last niffbt Berumann said that the secret composition of Professor Kochs curative lymph was exclusively the property of the The doctor then Illustrated the degree of fever after each Injection and the quantity of lymph variously There has been no diminution in the number of physicians visiting the city to investigate the new system of one hundred and thirtytwo arriving yes Tho Prussian government will soon present a bill for the consideration of terday replied to the appeal for arms re ceived from Governor Mellette of South Dakota on The governor was assured that nothing would be left undone for the protection of settlers iu the The general said he had received no official advices of a fight which some of the newspapers had published as occur ring near Fort between regular troops and All I know of such an said is the newspaper It is now late In the day and I have not heard a In the absence of official in formation I am Inclined to disbelieve the It may be that troops have been ordered to Keoghr as it is an im portant to be stationed there for reserve I have received quits satisfactory news from General Brooke He reports that the Indian Little came into Pine Ridge agency and that every hour seems to lessen the strength of the dlssaffected Short of the Rosebud has also come Into the and his about five hundred numbering nearly twentyfive hundred are reported as also coming toward the I consider Short Bull one of the worst and most treacherous Indian chiefs In the north General Brooke now has a strong command under him and Is ready for summary action at a moments A letter was received from Judge of North say ing that the Indians have been purchas ing arms and ammunition wherever there was an The letter con cludes with an appeal for more troops to protect the BUFFALO BILLS KxPresldent of the Union was today shown Jay Goulds remarks on his resIgi Adams said In regard to Goulds statement the directors did nof know anything at all about the policy was I do not think there Is a single Boston director who will beat him As a matter of fact I was to consultation with them a great deal and my plans are well known to This 13 all I wjll WANT THE LEASES Action BronRht by the Government AcnliLst TCHilroad and Telegraph Com SAX Call states that a complaint filed in the United States circuit court by the United States against the Southern Pacific and Central Pacific railrpad and the Western Union Telegraph The object of the complaint is to secure the cancellation of the lease of the Cen tral Pacific to the Southern and also to secure a cancellation of the lease of the Central Pacific Thelegraph com pany to the Western Union In addition to the cancella tion of the leases the complaint demands that the lines referred to be operated and maintained separately and inde pendently in accordance with the orlgjj loal agreement between the corporations and the ESCAPED FBOM SING Charles Brown Svtms to a Place of NEW alias Charles sent up from New York city for four years In the state orison at Sing Sing for grand made his ecape this Brown had two keys which he could not have got without collusion with some one em ployed in the He opened the bared them after him and the walls and Jumped Into swimming to a place of safety where must have had friends with dry His was discovered an hour af tnt his but no of him has yet been E the guard in the yard at the time of the has been the diet providing for the establishment It Is Said That He Bears an Important Commission From Allies Bill arrived here yesterday SETTLED FOR Mary Fixes Up Her Trouble Stanacer NETV YORK private cable gram from London confirms the report that Mary Anderson has effected a ment with Abbey to whom she was under contract for next by virtue of which the American manager has re leased her from all her with The amount pad in cash by Mary Anderson for the release Is In theatrical circles here this taken as indicating that Mary was actually in earnest when she stated that her marriage ended her stage CHARLEY of an institute of bacteriology in order that Professor Koch may push his inves The Institute will be equipped with five containing one hun dred and fifty In addition to allow ing Professor Koch an adequate grant for his great the government will assume tho task of furnishing the GENERAL FOREIGN In the the commons to day the government moved that the government business be given priority until the Christmas holi He he to bring up the Irish land bill for its second reading Tuesday Gladstone insisted that the opposition was entitled to demand a further and fuller statement of the gov ernments proposed course of action re garding the time of the house after holi After some further debateSmiths motion was Snow In heavy snow storm is prevailing throughout seriously delaying railway Bishop Walshs a letter published to day Arch Bishop Walsh declined to accompanied by his old partner Frank known as White and known as Pony who once rode 103 miles in eight hours and ten Special were eneaged to take the party to Stand ing Rock Buffalo Bill has a commission from General Miles which Is believed to be the most important of any issued since Stting Bulls The party will go direct to Sitting Bulls camp on Grand It will be remem bered that Sitting Bull did not come in the regular ration but sent word tn Agent McLaughlln that his child was It is believe that Buffalo Bill Is sent out to get at the bottom of the messiah with almost unlimited authority to This is Buffalo Bills first visit to this section since the Ouster BUSINESS Jameson and Brok of failure of Jameson bankers and was announced on the stock ex change this No statement of liabilities or assets has yet been The suspension resulted from the failure of the firm to realize upon Its It was reported this afternoon that Jam undertake the that I agreed on I was not to attack the of all lor nerves and principle of the measure but confine myself to criticism of the I continued his was a falsa but was a strategy adopted out of regard to English prejudices and radical I did the best possible under the circum and several days debate on the second reading contrasts favorably with Labouchers recent abortive attempt to interpose direct negative to the first reading of a similar bill Just before the commencement of this session Parnell had another Interview with Morley and impressed upon him the policy of the oblique method of pro ceedure with reference to land and the necessity and importance of pro viding for the question of local control and limitation In the application of He agreed with says Par and I offered to move on the first I reading of the bill an in fa make public the statement of his opinion in the Parnell case until he has an op portunity to consult his Episcopal breth He says next Mondays meeting of the parlimentary party may result In a decision that will put upon tho bishops of Ireland the grave duty of considering whether or how far it he In their power to continue to place in the Irish parlia that confidence as a they have felt justified the place ing In it the In conclusion the bishop says he docs not feel con vinced that we are yet In position to form final judgement on the case out of which present unhappy crisis has At aU events it Is a matter that must be decided one way or another before many yFlood Rava Res In The Shannon has overflowed its banks at and the which is situated on both sides of the is Hundreds of acres of farm land are under water and the crops are A large num ber of cattle have Many fam ilies are rendered homeless by the Reduce Government A dispatch from Buenos Ayres states a decree has been issued the salaries of the gov ernment officials ten Carried Off a Million Absconder managing director of the Banqne D Et son lost a considerable amount in the Paul and Minneapolis Mortgage and Trust which was organized last The firm has really been in trouble several months and has been try ing to extricate Itself from the During the money squeeze in August it came very near going but It was helped ont and enabled to go For some time past conservative brokers avoided transactions with Jameson believing the firm had too mnch money tied up In outside The Walker NEW schedule of the assignment of John John Combs and Joseph compos ing the firm of John T Son was filed It liabilities of The nomina assets are and the actual as sets The of rAnroraWiped Hicks today rendered a decision wiping out the secret order of the Knights of Au rora and sustaining the charges of Insolvency and unlawful practices made in connection with the Next Tuesday a receiver will be The society is the strongest Minne Nebraska and Splrlted Away by Two Newspaper Who Pnt Up Ball for lllnr who is believed by some people to be the mlssinir Charllft and who has in Charles street jail since November S awaiting trial on charges of breaking and entering and was released In two wellknown paper men becoming his tnctlve Sergeant of Inspector Byrnes who has been here for a day or two investigating the left for New bnt McChrlstys abouts Is not made FloRged by this lam a aged was publicly flogged with buggy whips in the hands of Miss Flora Farres and Bessie Miss Farres held him ivmle thfr girls administered the Hill persisted In lavishing his affections the young ladles and dogging their footTV So offensive did he become that they determined npon this method to get rid of Hill has filed against his A Good Man Hot late first assistant passeng of the Milwauke and railroad was appointed general agent to succeed i A Bookkeeper carried away with him a millian BallotBox StulTers Joseph David Gordon and Martin who were last Wednes day convicted of ballotbox were to day sentenced by Judge ElppincottCiarbestlnJtbji the court to keivjatebookkeeperfor the in has the exact amount of not yet A Healthful make public a statement that one of the most healthy cities In tha south as shown by Thffclin ate is The Bent In the exmajor oCSo and the Locust street man ufacturer of steam engines boile said I had a severe attack ot la gripp I used Chamberlains Cough and Chamberlains PaittBalniti my These the thing In my easelMy childI croup some years Chamberlains Cough Kemedy wltn4peF feet success since then we been without these medicinesli house I had who a ter and was employed Intnls they were prlntingrcIreularefotCh He had a deepaeateicojttamj copj he madoup It cured his congbiiandTthatf the knew1 anytfiV strongly In thetrfavors ever3tn5 1i

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