Tuesday, November 18, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - November 18, 1890, Burlington, Iowa TUESDAY NOYEMBER F ESTABLISHED TOE POLITICAL cKinley Proposed for the Ohio GOT Worship and ihen President Dominates Cleveland for Palmers Chances Jor the inols aud General Political now looks tlfilajor McKinley has a ilnch on the iiuDlicac presidential nomination for S Ohio republicans say there Is no foundation whatever for the report that De sent to Petersburg to suc lljf Minister Charles Emory Smesentatlve Boothman says McKinley 1 be Ohios candidate for i barring he will be Should Major McKInley be of Ohio next says 1lr I do not see how we can retout of placing his name before the nominating convention In You laoif he could have been nominated in jsss had he not flatly refused to suffer Baffle K be McKiuley is much sirOE6er than his party in and made campaign which gives him not only in the but throughout the This is notwithstanding be iact that the adoption of the Mc Kinley tariff bill defeated the republican diet m Ohio The measure was mis represented and had a very telling effect i republican I un derstand that the president does not in lend to be a candidate for Md McKinley appears to be the most vullable man for the nomination unless of Blaine comes to the Springer Nominates of Is a strong supporter of Grover Cleveland for presi dent in 1s93At tne Thurmau banquet it Columbus Springer In one of tho most brilliant impromptu speeches of the even ing responded to the toast of The and nominated Cleveland for the presidency in After a high tribute ID Cleveland Mr Springftr said Under his with the aid of iteAaieriean wo may confidently V apectthat in at thirtyfire states of this nation will cast ihelr electoral votes for the nominees of the democratic Congressman Springer is in this city and said to a reporter that Cleveland will lie the nominee of the democracy in 192 and that there will be harmony wlibin the party ranks in New York Springer believes that Miner will succeed Senator Farwell and predicts that the reapportioninent bill which will be adopted this winter will not increase the present membership of the as the ratio of representation Kill be in proportion to the growth of Springer Palmer is not looking forward to either the presidency or the vicepresi H Is for He wants fflserveaterm In the senate and that is What of your speakershlp canvass 1 am to the fight to if I live fourteen Votes from my own state B begin with and I cau count on the There will be one hundred sautes from the states west of the Ohio and never yet has a speaker been toed from a state west of the AVabash ltd the As these states are held iu the democratic column it KOiild be good politics to listen to their Morrlitiin on Illinois Pollticii ud dickering on both says IVIUiam interstate com nerce who is in the he in order from this time until the Ulinois legislature meets in I and somebodys calculations may IJ iseive an One thing is If tasave for his tariff record General ftlmer will not prove entirely accept I ible to the three legislators outside the branworks who are holding the balance olpower in the pending senatorial con Undoubtedly au attempt will be trade the speakership for a fc tilted Slates as was te in the case of and toe may be a similar outcome to fflth a transaction as that which resulted is Senator Farwell to Washing Ills Incumbent upon him to obtain ifl three votes of the legislators who do MI train with his wbereasthe best wo out of three will do for General Pal All the democratic members of lie Haul legislature are pledged to Geu having been committed to W cause in the nominating conven There is an anomalous condition of In politics when three men are so stated that they can control a couple of and yet such is the exact situa to Illinois What the outcome Wl be is a matter of the veriest con jec but one thing is there are nwlltimes ahead at Such ontingeney may arise as that which jwked my prospecs at the time when legislature was tied between the two Pat men being on each Death came to the assistance of republican party by removing a TJjBocratic legislator and a member of opposite political faith was chosen as as A GOOD FINANCIAL CtMm onice Inimeft ail Interesting rnlnEMmilcilial Indebted financial Men in 18 of 858 cities and large is shown in bulletin issued tJ the census Within a a supplemental bulletiu will be S the same facts In rcla remaining cities of this rim Uhtlie onc Polished will 95 P cent of the municipal United The general for the SS6 cities and towns con as follows Bonded debt for snows an increase of S per compared with On other the floating debt f decreased 17 per The the total debt In ten years is cnt The amount invested in Then i ds has 28 per os in the treasury has increased 81 ItaSv lhe total available re Increased 50 per cent since jjjL exhibit as a a U korTand During ten years the 856 cities and In the returns tT loiinw if deDt or increasing their re fiSiii their condition to the amount of and towns increased WUtfT by but they In resources by in debt is W i and like the south reased both debts and re increase In debts amounts of debt towns considered In increased their debts by their resources by 1ncrease An Inter tkjtLrmPJison of annual interest sections of the coun Me In the southern states the ased from 491 in 1880 to ln In the western Creaso ls lrom to 8B Irom l582 te 8 Itoa 5 ttne United States has fallen cent in 1880to per of per i con until two weelts considerable number o mostly begin its wil to consider on Wednesday ertlmiwi u vpi ItVfclUJ hvo ursued Is pure guess 10VTA Clia in Iowu for ft 1 to ilie following n Iowa ending November is Plymouth coun James 1 ostmasters Worth GW Michael Keokuk Isaac Water THS WOHLDS Director General Make a Compre congressional committee to investigate the worids management met again this morning Di rector General BavJswasJnjWendance siye a full and comprehensive stawmeni with reference to the site question and contemplated bureaus for the various de partments of the He considered any proposition to establish foreign bureaus at the of the govern ment to be against the spirit of the i there should be one recog iilzed head of the to the exclusion of the standing President of the Chicago board of trade and a member of the local board of directors of the talked at some He favored placing the fair in Jackson Park and agreed with Director General Davis that multiplication of executive heads to the fair was Baker wound up by sayinghe believed the national commis sion had hindered rather than hnlped the At a meeting of the executive commit tee of the national commission today President Palmer presented the rnsolu tions adopted Saturday by Illinois state board of agriculture protesting against the proposition of the local board to place a number of buildings on the Frout and calling on the national com mission in its supervisory capacitv to prevent CRASHED THROUGH A A Cltj Frclelit Train Tlilrt j Feet Into the Kaw KAXSAS morning a freight train on the Kansas Wyan dotte and Northwestern road went through the span of a bridge crossing ihe Kaw river in this The entire train went through Into the river thirty one feet below and burled out of sight in fifteen feet of Ellis Moore colored who was stealing a was Fireman Allen is and is supposed to be under the and Thomas the head was fatally A num ber of other trainmen were injured and fiftyeight hogs Five employes of Armours were seen to get aboard the illfaled aud as they have neither put in an anpcarance it their working places nor returned it is feared they are Three tramps who were on the train are also All the missing are supposed to bave been killed and their bodies probab confined in the A Rear Kiicl Cranli in pay car of the International and Great while running at a high dashed nto the rear end of a passenger train near Kyle Some twenty or more mssengers were injured but no one was rilled an received injuries which are expected to prove Three Killed in au boiler at Trexlers stove factory at exploded this morning completely wreck ng the building aud killing Henry Sassaman Hilbert and Charles Seven men were one of whom will The bodies of the killed were lorribly Drowned While Skating Os Gay Bartoe and Edward joys under were drowned yester day while skating on Elk CAPTURED BY The Wizard Said to Have Secured a Con trolling Interest In KANSAS is earned here that Gould has secured a controlling interest in tho Topeka and Santa Fe Last vcek it was announced that one of the 3ould boys was admitted to the directory of the It is known that last May Gould secured at least onefourth of the Santa Fe and since that time ae has been gathering in all that was offered at low enough Baring Bros the bankers who are now in such bad have been largely interested i in ba av Santa Fe and it is believed many persons that that stock has been e of the millstones that has dragged by them EGBERT RAY HAMILTOSS Eva Hamilton Not Among the Ilencflc EW will of the ate Eobert Kay Hamilton was filed He bequeaths to the child s not mentioned among r Mariium Serlounly 111 with an of influenza in its most attack has not been weeks s reiuiii jivm He was feeling a little bet TT been able to sit up a little they were The polic Saturaay and captured among whom were a men It is the first ram 01 mv and the affair causedji lish in be treated by Kochs tubercolsls operation at Thcir 5I1 M of the engineers Peoria and bis morning for a 200 men in ondaT jay Saturday instead of a CRAZY INDIANS Indian or Any agncv ndians E patens to work the quire thPn Ch a f renzy that anoutbreak troops to Prevent presence A SQUaw of commanding Canada i came across from atl mother of the and she 1S and of and a P band ol wu Agent MT McLau aud before Who are you and were the firsl iues er herself up to v Uture of she am the bendlnK sl8htly for ho hand Pointing said in a low but with intense I am the mother of wno is now upon thn earth making preparations for rebuilding The earth is to belong solely to his chosen and this continent is to be ei teuded much takingin a part of the great sunset The eastern part of the continent will be but In the westein part great herds o buffalo will wander as In the days of long and simultaneously with the disappearance of the whites from the earth will come the resurrec tion of all the Indians who now sleep and furthermore they will wander over the earth with no one to question their rights to kill the no one to say Do this or I will put you in guard With a gesture to attract the particular attention of Major McLaugh she drew an imaginary line upon the Hoor and stepped over saying In those days there will be no no messenger from the Great Father to say to the Indians come back on your Stepping back over the Imaginary lino on tho a shamed expression to illustrate her peoples dislike for the regulations that torbid them from wandering In accord ance with their namadlc she continued to expatiate upon the rosy tinted dawning of the Indians millen Questions calculated to locate the whereabouts of the whose mother she claims to were warily an and she refused to tell anything about the orgies of the ghost dance be yond the fact that she had been pro by the members of the order to e the Virgin Pending an Inter view with the womans husband and con sideration of the court as to the best means to be adopted in her case she was committed to the A T1IKEATKSEI1 armed Indians are now traveling about section to run off all the cattle and cill half the settlers of this part of the Citizens are coming in from the south and begging the officials to stir up the authorities at Washington to take some A friendly Indian brings warning from the Sioux lie says the Indians propose to attack Fort Abraham Lincoln knowing that there are but fifty soldiers Then it is there propose to capture Mandau and nassacre the citizens and burn the The greatest alarm prevails among the people It Is reported that the In dian police at Standing Eock have torn off their badges and PBEPAKED FOll THE telegram Torn General Miles received this morn ng by Major General Schofield says there seems to be no danger of trouble with the Sioux Indians at Rosebud and other Troops in adequate num ers have been stationed at the points of breateued trouble and every precaution las been taken to promptly suppress out breaks should they INDIANS EXCITED AT IINE commander of the department of Dakota arrive from a visit to the various He reports having found most of be Indians quiet and no occasion lor alarmThere exists au undue excite ment among the Sioux at Pine The late said General increased the excitementThere seems to be more uneasiness in Pine Ridge ban any other of the Should the Indians continue to carry on the dances and the Messiah It may be necessary for the military to give atten tion to Pine though I hope this will not be rom every direction are coming in re porting Insults received from depreda bands of Indians armed to the The citizens of Mandan have practically no arms and are During the day the entire community was terror THE NEW Apostle Porcupine Tells About the Indian Miles ac companied by Colonel returned morning from where he yesterday had a consultation with Secre ary of War Proctor concerning the al eged Indian trouble iu the Colonel Corbin said today there is doubt f the Indians were to decide upon au outbreak they could do much They have abundance of firearms and plenty of horses and large supplies of But winter Is coming on and the officers hardly think there is any immediate danger of an Colonel Corbiu said the stories of evacu tion of districts by settlers in North Da jta are There may be some fearful residents fearing the redskins may have left their but the stories of wholesale evacuations are absolutely without We have he a careful estimate of the number affected by the Messiah craze and there are in all not to exceed Of this perhaps one ifth are ablebodied and one lalf or fifteen jusand could bear duch a body ot course could do much mrm If their movements wore not prop rly but we have taken mcas res to intercept any General Miles has received from the post adjutant at Fort he report of Lieutenant who arefully investigated the new religious at Cheyenne His talks were principally with the aoostle of the new religion among the and with Big who accompanied Porcuplue on his visit to the new Christ at Walker Porcupine told him there were several hundred Indians at Walker lake at the including representatives of the Gros Navajoes did heard of this new Christ at the fall An Arapahoe wno nau uecu innthwestern country in 18SS told them porcupine and others were Crested and determined to see They went on from noint traveling sometimes by and sometimes by ponies or Porcupine insists that the peace Industry on the part or tne Lieutenant Robertson asked then that certain Indian made this new doctrine a interested this now point to railroad teachings in the i order and him tribes had basis for neglecting their Indulg ing In demoralizing dances in l T foonpine replied that nearly an the Indians who had gone to hear this new Christ with him had gone hoping to near uim preach some incendiary doc They were disappointedat hearing that the new creed ire quired them to simply work and Denave themselves and concluded on their return home not to relate strictly wnat had been told but to preach ooctrlues more agreeable to the said Porcupine to Lieuten ant are all and they are responsible for any trouble that not the new Porcupine cited one case in point of a Sioux warrior wnpm he heard of but did not inis man preached that the new Christ told them belief in his new re ligion give the Indians a charmed life against the From this arose in solence and Lieutenant Robert son obtained from Henry an Arap ahoe an Intelligent half information if would establish the identity of the socalled new Reed says he is a Piute Indian named John a very In telligent but not an educated This man lives on Walker Lake reservation where the other Indians claim to have seen the new Reed reports the Arapahoes are much excited over the doctrine and that many of them have even torn down their houses and sold the Reed says the agent and Indian police have entirely lost control over From all Lieutenant Robertson could Porcupines influence beenconstantly exerted for good and in the line of what he claimed the new Messiah told in contradistinction to the preachings of tlm other red skin mis Appended to the lieutenants statement is the statement of as written down by aid of an It is a lengthy describing In detail how ho first heard of the now Christ aud the various stages of the journey of himself and companions to meet He said the people at tho point where the new Christ was seemed all though of many There was no lighting or The chiefs of home tribe brought word from the Mes siah to remain fourteen days in when he would come to see Hi sent them something to like a big white one hun dreds of people gathered near Walk ers Lake agency in a great ring just before more people came dressed in whitu mens although mostly Indians and the Christ was with He was not so dark as an Indian nor so light as a white He had no beard but very heavy Ho was dressed like a white man excepting he had on mocas He commenced our every body joining In and the Christ We danced till late at night when he told us we had had I had heard that Christ had been said and I saw a scar on thK mans wrist and on his Next evoning we assembled aaain and then trembled violently and then lay down apparently while wo danced all Next morning he sat down among us aud talked with us sayins I am the man who made everything you see around I have been to Heaven and have your dead friends and have seen my own father and In tho after God made the they sent we back to teach the people but the people were afraid of mo and treated me This is what they did to me showing his scars I found my children were bad so I weni back to Heaven and left I told them that in so many hundred years I would come back to see My father told me the earth was getting old and worn out and the people getting and that I was to renew everything as it used to be and make It Porcu pine added that the Christ said all tho dead were to be that they were all to come back to and that as the earth was too small for all now he would do away with Heaven and make earth itself large enough to contain He spoke to us about lighting aud said that was bad and that we must keep from it that the earth was to be all good riereafter that we must be friends wiih one He told us not to quarrel or strike or fight or shoot one another that the whites and Indians were to be all one people he said if any man dis obeyed what he ordered his tribe would be wiped from the face of the Wo must believe everything he said and ho would know our thoughts and actions no matter what part of the world we might be I thought all be said was added When I got back I knew that my people were bad and heard nothing of all this so I got them together and told them of it and warned them to listen for their own 1 told them just what I have told you here If you think I am not telling the truth you can go and see this man I will go with you and I would like some of my people who doubt me to go The Christ talked to us all In our respective You can see him in your sleep any time you want to after you have once met and shaken hands with Lieutenant in partial cor roboration of the story that Piute John son Is the Messiah referred says Reed told him Johnson had tattoo marks on his He Is quite wealthy In horses and A MODERN School Tor Vounp ThleveH Discovered in weeks of hard work and patient watching dB tectlves arrested Harry alias they is a veritable modern Five weeks ago the offi cers were Informed that Daniels bad fitted up rooms where he daily gave in structions to a class of young street gamins In the art of all kinds of it was were rigged up and the youngsters taught how to ex tract the jewelry and handkerchiefs without ringingone of the many bells hung about different parts of the They were it was shown how to work pick locks and to extractarticles of value from show windows and Last evening the officers saw Daniels and two of his pupils in front of the Park and placed them under One of the little fellows whose name was not known slipped ont of his over which he left in the grasp of the and scurried down the The who gave his name as Joseph together with was takon to the Harrison street station The boy admitted that he had been taking lessons in thievery from This when arranged before a police magistrate he retracted his former ad and they were fined for ItM Excellent Qualities Command to public approval the Cali fornia liquid fruit remedy Syrup of It Is pleasing to the and to the taste and by actlnff gently on the liver and It cleanses the system thereby promoting thn health nf all whn nco DEPARTED THIS Death of Oeorge at Geo receiver of public money died at residence In this city this morning of heart Previous to the civil General McKee practiced law in After the war he moved to where he has held several federal offices of When everjthlnir else Sages Ca tarrh RpniPdv nurMi fin hv Kussell tickets OSBEA WINS BIS He Secures a Divorce and the Cus tody of His Political iKnterprhie the London Teirible Ocean Kitlit Llren 17 the trial of the OShea divorce case this morning a sister of whom the latter charged with adultery with Captain took the stand and de nied the charge made against One of thejurymen insisted that the peti tioner be crossexamined on the counter charges made by his In summing np the evidence to the Justice Butt dwelt upon the charge of connivance made by and asked why the necessity for all the diszubes resorted to by Parnell if the petitioner had connived at his wifes After further evidence was offered by the the case given to the which re turned a verdict that adultery was com mitted by OShea and Parnell The court granted a decree of divorce to petitioner and also awarded the custody of their younger the costs to be paid by the The Daily publishes Par nells political It says he must cease for the at I lead the nationalist It Is reported that the followers of Parnell do not desire him to retire unless of his own In which event the leadership of the Irish party will be vested in a commission ot which McCarthy will be The case is talk of eclips ing all other and the newspapers have found some difficulty In answering the demands of The limes Is printing the evidence word for as in the Tipperary and it is re that a limes pamphlet will be is sued containing a complete narrative of the case when Thestate ment of counsel that Parnell rode behind horse named Dicta tor aud Home is commented on by the conservative press as Indicating ParnelPs ambitions designs in respect to the future of ANOTHER OCEAN ThlrtTKliilit Perilous and One Hundred of another ocean horror has just reached this A ship having on board a party of labor ers aud a large number of animals en route for the island of capsized off the Dalmatian Thirtyeight persons and one hundred animals per GENERAL FOREI8N One Hnudrecl feagantrt Shot a llody of is re ported that last at a place fifteen miles from a body of troops shot and wounded one hundred peasants and workmen for refusing to receive the commands of the newly appointed dis trict The Caxe of Slavin jury in the trial of Slavinand McAuliffe were unable to Slavin and McAuliffe were re leased in a sum of McClettn DefeatM defeated Stanbury in a sculling race on the Para metta river Two French Reported Mur French ex Danelly and who are making a geographical tour of Lake are reported to have been A St Petersburg Bank bank of Dunaburg has been robbed of money and valuables to the amount of Kumias Ellgh de cisions of the tariff committee have so increase the restrictions commerce as to threaten to isolate the Russian trade from the rest of the Even farm ing machinery is subject to a high OSULLIVANS The General Belief That the Iceinau Baa Told What He from Jollet say that the sentiment down there is hourly growing stronger that OSulll van has made a statement of his connec tion with the Uronin as outlined in the Evening News last Judge Longenecker Is now of the same I look at the matter In this said the states that this con fession of OSullivan is nothing By that I mean that it is the same story which his friends have known all and which OSullivan himself would have told if he had been allowed by the attor neys for the Thev were afraid to put him on the witness stand In his own defense for fear he would draw out that very Then you think he has made a con fession He may have made a but it is more likely that the story has simply leaked out through his friends or by words dropped by it makes no difference with the What Is the state going to do about It Could OSullivan be bronght back here as a witness He will be left right there where he He did not speak in His testimony couldnt help In view of the facts we haveon This story that he tells is not Tf he can go ahead and furnish us with something more tangible we may do he has not confessed anything to has he had any dealings direct ly with the HOLDERS STRANGE The Chenoa Who AfynterlouBlj Explains Ufa the Chenoa who mysteriously disappeared on the morn ing of November has at last returned He says that the night preced ing his departure he was suffering in tensely with He could not sleep and arose about one oclock in the morning and walked three miles in the and on returning he observed a train westward on the Peoria and Western He does not remember getting on board the but susposes that he He says that he completely lost his and when his senses was restored he was lying sick in a small near Jefferson He was six days in that un conscious state when he realized what he had done and where he He at once wrote saying that he would return as soon as he was able to and the letter received few hours before he His physician says his health is very much and he gives the appearance of having endured long sick He is now at His people are very reticent about his strange con and no one is allowed to converse with THE Chaplain McCabe Stirs the Methoilint Fathers to was something like an unpleasantness at the meeting of the general missionary com mittee of the Methodist Episcopal church in this city The committee had been in session several days making appropriations for and Chap lain McCabe stirredthe bishops to anger by introducing a resolu tion providing for a series of missionary meetings to be held In the various at each of which one of the bishops should be In connection with his motion the chaplain read a list of the bishops comprising nearly onehalf of the board he had nothing to do from now until next This In 3ilt to the board of as Bishop Mallalieu termed in the course of the heated debate which stirred the reverend superintendents Bishops Andrews and others dipped into the chaplain very declaring that they as It all the work they could and yet expressing entire willingness to do more whenever but at the same time sharply commenting on the Implied at tack now made upon Finally Mc Cabe was induced by his friends to with draw his or that part of It relat ing to the and the serenity of the meeting was It was a very lively scene while it MURDER AND An Illinois Outlaws Horrible Crime Near most hor rible tragedy iu the annals of Fulton county was enacted Sunday morning at a village ten miles southest of Philip a slUyyears of had for some time been jealous of his aged fifty Smith had been absent from home attending a six On her return tbis morning Smith at once began a throwing her to the severely choked Smith got away from him and ran into the Smith seized a Winchester rllle and fol lowed firing four shots into her When she fell Smith went back into the exchanged the rifle for a revolver and returned to the side of his wifes Ascertaining that she was dead he laid down by her placed the muzzle of the revolver in his mouth and blew out his Smith was known as a desperate character for no less than four men having been killed by BUSINESS Randall Oc Go to the Wall NEW this morning announce their suspension on the stock Wierum states the engagements of the firm were very small and that he expects an early adjustment of the affairs of the firm to be The suspension was a great surprise to the The failure Is said by friends of the firm to be dne mainly to Randalls physical inability to be upon tho floor of the exchange this ft is understood arrangements have been perfected to reestablish the house at an early North Kiver Bank Will Not Resume NEW evening State Superintendent of Banks Preston said t had been definitely decided that the North River bank would not The directors were unable to secure the required It was pretty wellun derftood that the result was made neces sary because of the stand taken by two of the Wall street which Insisted that unless actual cash to the amount of deposits in the bank was in the posses sion of the bank to the the bank should not be allowed to clear through the clearing Preston said from a closer examination of the collaterals held by the bank as security for he had found there would he a shrinkage In their actual This he believed would make a nominal deficiency of about Manhattan Uaiilc NEW is rumored on the street this evening that the Manhat tan bank had borrowed on loan certificates from the clearing The officers or the bank would not talk on the ani President of the clearing would not deny or affirm the It was said by several brok ers that the Manhattan bank was In a perfectly sound the bor rowed was for the use of sev eral of the banks customers who had given gilt edge security for the Failures on the sttoclc NEW Greg Ballard brokers on the stock announced their The members of the firm say the cause of the suspension was the shrinkage in They believe their embarrass ment will be NEW assignment of Robeson which was brought about by the forgeries of the junior was filed In the county clerks office Albert the guilty member of the was ar raigned in the police court and remanded until Fire Insurance Companies Lumber mens and Manufacturers Fire Insur ance company and the Mutual Fire In surance association were this morning placed In the hands of a The business of the companies was confined mostly to Minnesota and Illi The affairs are in good shape and the creditors are Their assets are and are largely in excess of their The suspensions were caused by the suspension of eight other mutual companies in various parts of the country The House of ttarliig representative of the associated press today visited the house of Baring Brothers The members of the firm stated that all their acceptances and other liabilities will be met as they fall They also said position of the firm with the Bank of England at its back was stronger now than Peabody A today received a cablegram from Baring stating that all mat ters were arranged satisfactorily and permanently and that the firm are to proceed with business as The clearing house committee voted to Issue clearing house certificates but none will be asked for How Severe Colds are Broken Up In Mon From the Virginia City When we find a medicine we know to possess genuine we consider It a and we take pleasure In telling the public what It Such a medicine we found Chamberlains Cough last winter when la grippe was We are satisfied that we warded of sev eral attacks that were threatening by the use of this and we have since re In a few hours severe and in the course of two or three en tirely broken them up by its as have several of our friends to whom we have recommended It is all that It is rep resented to be by the If you have a cought and want to stop it Chamberlains Cough Remedy will do the For salo hv The Nashville half mile Hominy Bill Daura Doxey third Second earolds and up six fnrlones Billy Plnfcerton Pantalette Dick Delaney third Third and up seven furlongs Little Crete Consignee Neva third Fourth and up one mile and seventy yards Fred Fink won Gilford John Morrfe third Fifth and up five furlongs Miss Maggie Chicago third time r snap An Old NearlyStabbed i Hto Life Barelr Saved by the Opportune Arrival of folio 1 In vil Special to The DBS attention of a policeman was called yesterday a trail of blood when led to a tumbledown old In one of the back was found old soldier named Scott who had been assaulted and stabbed Saturday and had got as far as this room and fainted from the loss of There Is no doubt that but for the arrival of the police he would have There Is no clue to the assailant or reason for the Scott was simply walkingdown the street with another ASSAULTED BY A A Bloody Affrajr at the Home of Stone 5 T Special to The HawkEyoJ bloody affray occurred yesterday atthe home of Marcena a farmer living four jnilesisoathwest of here Stone had a hired man named Pelbeam Sunday after chores were the farmer and the hired man sat down to read while wait Ing for when with out provocation or Pelbeam arasped a blunt he held secreted under his leaped to his feet and struck Stone a violent on the Stone fell to the floor and The assailant re peated his dealing stxmore blows upon the of his At this juncture Stone appeared from another and Pelbeam turned upon struck her four times with the hatchet and would doubtless have killed her but for the fact that her husband ral seizing the assailant by the kept him in subjection till neigh aroused by the screams of the woman and two small Pelbeam but a nnmber of neigh bors pursued him half a mile and cap turad They found that he had cut his own throal with a dull which nearly severed the but did not inflict a necessarily fatal wound He was bronght to town and placed In He is evidently The doc tors say that Stone and his wife are badly but that both will probably re Today Pelbeam made a statement of his among other he was divorced from his I cant say what prompted me to do what I I dreamed there was a large drove of horses tramping and I was trying to keep them offTwice during my life thn doctors have thought me Am sorry for what I did yes There is hardly a doubt that Pelbeams assault was caused by a vio lent fit of and Stone are better today with chances of re HENDERSON IN Fatal Irregularities Discovered in the Iowa Congressmans IOWA I to an irregularity In counting the votes in Union township it is probable that Congressman Henderson has been His majority islander of j which Union township furnished It I appears that while the count was in progress at this township the judges ad owing to the lateness of the This may entail the throwing ont of the entire leaffns Hendersons majority at least It appears further that nearly one hundred votes I were cast for Henderson by the students of Cedar Falls not legal This would place the re publican congressman in a clear minor and the democratic state committee will undoubtedly contest his return should the board of supervisors issue a certificate In his IS IT LEPROSY The State Board of Health to Aeuin In vestigate the Shelby County Special to The DBS time last summer there was considerable excite ment over a supposed case of leprosy in Shelby The state board of health at the time investigated and con cluded there was no Trouble has again broken out over case and the board of health Is in receipt of a petition asking attention to the case which It is claimed grows steadily worse and has every appearance of the dread A thorough investigation will be made at RAILROAD Trouble Over the location of Den New Union Special to The DES city coun cil held an Important meeting this after noon to listen to arguments pro and con on the question of closing up three streets for the purpose of building a union Considerable interest was mani the excitement running quite All parties are to be given ahear ing and the discussion will continue to An Old Settler Special to The HawkEyeJ one of the oldest settlers of this died last night at his home in Westburg He was at Wind ninty years ago He spent severalyears In New York and to Buchanan county In His home is surrounded by a beautiful planted from the seed by Many of thetreesbeing over a foot in His remains will be taken to Michigan for Firemen to CEDAR winter meeting of the Iowa Firemens I association will be held in this city on I the 19th and 20th The program for the next annual tournament will be made ont and the place for holding the same One hundred and fifty L delegates are and great prep I aratlons are being made for their enT tertalnment while Des Moines and Cedar Rapids both want the Took An Overdone of F W of Sioux a wellknown traveling physician and lectureron phre died yesterday morning at Summit house from the effects of moc and Friday night he took a dose of morphine by accident and took bella donna as an X r A BLIGHTED Peculiar Divorce la Which a Loving Couple Must Manning was married to her ward In this At the time nothing Improper was thought of the union and notCa shadow of trouble passed the threshhold of the loving couple until Then for the first time the pretty wife learned that the marriage of cousins of the first was unlawful under the It was blow to for d arly her and he foinj of her that was almost is

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