Friday, November 14, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - November 14, 1890, Burlington, Iowa Clark and pastorate to devotp hhnwi8 his editorial work enriched the Ice Makes a Clean Breast of 11 Doped into Drlvlnc Cronin to the Cottage Tho Deed ly great sen nas created In this city by the publication of a article in the Daily Kve ivhich stated that an author in the Cronin prosecution cir that a u confession has e e lolioer as with twelve or morotrSr Ol his sect torlcal and religion Su s an hls grogatloimlism of L r Con red Years alone conufntl wS1 Hmid of Br ber of years In tory of Old volumeof which j high 1 s says obtained the in regard to his share in the oi the OSullivan ad Utes the that he en illfated doctor to ihe Carl but he did it with the un to that the doctor was not to j but forced to give up Impor implicating certain persons alleged misappropriation of Irish ivan claims he was thus duped in thc spent a num of a his lirst in preset fur tho purpose of taking the iodiMS tne Fur they receivkln Burke and fonher was going to take the Indians tn Wash of the Appleton was stricken with An Olllclal StatcuT B9 British tomorlo cruiser Serp7u fromc vessel struck lurod to ihe cot ie was set upon by known MielWSho knockeo him fitllivan says he took no part in the isinatton beyond that of a deceived Fear has kept him silent about nto the affair until M documents which OSullivau sup iiereto be secured from the doctor jptpers and letters of importance teftinginc charges against the Clan Sid The Fox and OSul in the Carlson cottage as the judrove but not lik action of liurkcand j undecided what to a he finally made up his iniud and Cronin was lying on the Wlr Coughlin came in and i ticking the only desisting lOSnllivan threatened to shoot liftman then claims to have left the It is not stated the con jea is a written but that iu ver fcji It tas been for several days in of the Cronin WAS A FOUL alto Physician of Crim died last A warrant t today for Charles tc him with performing a jl operation on the She be jdtoarespcctablc family in Into the Identity of the Jiimio who died as a result of the si criminal operation proves her Annie Tremble and not Tim She was a pastry cook in Pekin IVooiard Norris Wood real estate was found at his lonlght and said regarding the 1 knew Annie Tremble when Bledfor we as pastry She feerXollie who also worked for I left Pekin some time ago and ieol the Grand Central hotel street but sold out a short lime I hive heard ot neither of the tegirlsfora longtime Ely jtlfonrasly any knowledge of the none had tlu disaster was so sudden nized by old Unclo m once ntago 4o of his M l n He is aid prosy too well up have is as slow as a a and not y WILL CUBS Berlin Doctors Making Ready for a Rnsh It is safe to say that i Sreminar5 Inoculation work been divided as follows C twelve army hos JHSlOLB ROMM A of Pemoerats at j tha rcne footsteps of an old your devoted in bii descent of the hill of wuon he has almost reached its foot The SeventySeventh Birth Anniversary of Allen Thuriimn Royally Re by Thar j Cleveland and you is his earnest i weve army os if ln the of of She to the system of the Danish which here wtt cTeHt6 belevesVt OF LfiO boats into the Three sailors vero badly on the can be put up withln takes the Sur3lcal cases among thei consumptives in the Zuzelstrasse the renownedlimit has removed to this where he will receive consumptives in tlie newly founded Albrechtstrasse Given En Paly owns tn minority with of th an and sneerlnS tongue of BOHKIBLE Lomlon left ndi tod neighboring out He then had found them recourse to ordered menlo twentyfive to various i It north a subject of his except rOtnl1nJn r a few is not at remainder o the when the victim recovered somewhat he was given one hundred and fifty more lashes and then compelled to walk ten hours the sun daily chained heavHy This was continued fortwo months when him t ave m After this punishment of marching in Thp BTlTl J mi oat today for Charles decamned f man icf him with performing a flecamled but was recaptured and CENTRAL AMERICA People Fear a General War on Account 10 PEOPLE Accident Xexr night the 1 Southern Pacific passenger mtend went through the north trestle over Lake to alles from The train aw all went down The T Orelturned and half buried in and following this were the baggage and express car and a tourist All men to pieces and nearly every a hundred passengers on the The total number lably reach as high as many have sustained what rtprovefatal Fires Wong the side of the track to Branded warm and to light the workers who had hastened to cily and Fireman Neal an and a tramp were Lnitcd States marshal is probably fatally wcrc JJ Kimber and Gric lor a brewery in Mil the accident on Pacific last night Removal of a rail and that of MII by died itisorobable injured will The Among 3 not already mcn Mo arm broken and back Painfully Miss Min foot sprained Allured in the chest and hurt in the in badly k the poet a s ry0clEht returned a as causRd 07 an he Southern Pa guilty of criminal com or the Honduras CITY OF tense excitement prevails here over the prospect of a general war in Central Iguacio the Mexican was at the foreign department for a long time and it is believed his mission has been to persuade Presi dent Barillas to recall the troops he has sent to the relief of The in commend his pacific Barillas held an audience today with Senor the Spanish minister and United States Minister but they refused to Xo definite in formation is to be obtained from any source as to what the government in tends to do in the present Rumors arc but are of an extravagant na President Ezeta has Issued orders to carefully watch all Honduras refugees who were removed some time ago from the General the most prominent leader among the desires to but is not allowed to do the revolutionary was commauder of the garrison of Tegu and had had trouble with Bog and the revolution was the conse These southern elements i thn orgamzattou of the new house Is put off long work largely iu favoPrVa northwestern man for The en tire southern contingent seems wiiliL lo concede to the north the glory of This wf 7 Thcre s that they want to clothe with present or prospect ive honors outside their own giving Of of and Mills they can say We can send them both to the senate Go on now and pick out your young peo who can help to clinch this let this be a mere tidal wave when it leaves nothing but wrecks and debris on the That young Eussell In Massachu iv I r attlson leek of Wisconsin and scores of young fellows in thawest need to be encouraged Uo We will not hinder you That is about the southern sentiment today and that is what is crystalizinc nself about either of Illinois or of This southern sentiment closes about the They want the There Is not an eastern mine mentioned that touches TRIED TO SWALLOW A A Motliorn Desperate Fisbt Wltli a Hnge Black Sim I Wil liam of Brown living in a log was making soap in the back having kissed her sweet little sij monthsold babe to slsep in the Presently the babe and she rushed in and was horrorstricken to find a hideous black snake of enormous size trying to swallow tha having en gulphcd the had swallowed It up to the arm pit and was writhing in its con tortions and efforts to make further prog Grasping the hideous reptile in the it seemed to relax Its hold and disgorged the childs then turned upon its She dashed it to the and In her wild fenzy stamped it to It proved to be of the black racer seven feet and two inches and measuring six and onehalf inches in Thc babe and the only inconvenience it suffered from Its terrible experience was that its arm and hand were blistered as If scalded in hot GENERAL FOREIGN for 1lie Defense Declares the Conspiracy Trial a the trial of the conspiracy case at Clomel today Red for the spoke bitterly against thc governments policy In the He wanted to call Canon Keller to to testify regarding the occurance on Ponsonby but the court ruled the evidence in whereupon Ked inond declared the trial a and said he would go no Sheehy and Patrick OBryau took the same One Hundred and Flfly People SAN portion of the town of Tiburnn was destroyed by fire this afternoon involving loss of A hundred and fifty people are The Csnal Kcmilt of French Eouledo and La gucrre fought a duel this morning near Four shots were none of which tool Meetins of Hie Illlnolx Episcopal Epis copal Council of the Province of Illinois met here Matters concern ing the welfare of Marys school at tho Orphanage of the Uoly and thc LIndloy Church were and measures to accumulate a fund lor the infirm clergy of the church were ta uicuiauuuu Ulilli LOUClle a southern It is all the Missis sippi Three candidates can be named that Till have to fight their way for The southerners Mke Isynumspluck In browbeating but they doubt his capacity and his quick knowledge pf parliamentary require Thej like old of Mis because they think he may hfeve great influence with tho Farmers Alli ance down Farmer it must be s a farmer from Farrner and is a wry good presiding officer as far as strength of voice and power of gavel above all they like in the judgment of these southerij is one of those weasles that is ever on the Par liamentary rule and cus tom all dance rom the end of his tongue like electric sparks from a live He is ever there in a Nothing escapes quick his ready his his his ever present his his buttonhole all made a combina tion In the lest session of congress which Speaker Reed will never Some thing like was seen before when Samuel Randall used to hector the life out of Elaine as but even Randall was not so ready as Springer on points that made Harry the speakers turn to the books and forced black with to await the The southern members all remember When it comes to tho caucus they w3 not forget the wiry per sistent and always suave member from the Springfield WILL FOLLOW Krlicf Steadllf Gaining Ground that Hituii Must is neither impossible nor improbable that before the fiftyfirst cougress expires the senate will have an opportunity to act upon the nomination of a successor to Pension Commissioner Green The belief Is steadily gaining ground that Raum must just as Tanner because he is proving too heavy a burden for the administration to Thc immediate cause of his if the report that he is doomed is of the scindals developed during the recent congressional investigation of his connection with a patent refrigerator concern and his financial dealings with the most notorious pension attorney in It is asserted fiat President Hrrrison decided several weeks ago that he must make one more change in the pension but it was not thought expedient to call for Ratlins resignation dur ing the political it is the comniissioners resignation is onore than likely to be announced before itho close of the ic at 40 Prenzlauerstrasse as fur as the limited accomodations of that place Pf uhl will attend the military consumptives the assistant rghthaud man of as to the new He advices foreigners to come here early in order that thev may and the quickest possibleattendance the moment general inoculation perhaps oven earlier than Prof i ergmann is idle just at present because there is lymph says he may get a new stock within two to six After that they will all be m a position to attend all surgical con sumptives in the order in which they are Foreigners arriving previous to tins time must expect to exercise patience and not jeopardize thenhealth by fleeing occausc they cannot be attended to at They are reasonably sure to find a cure within a few As the number of patients crowding in Is sure to be tremendous early notifica tion of coming is Berg maun commences his lectures on Kochs method within six Levy said to me By official command I now select among patients only those surrical cases deemed interesting to experiment This will all be changed when the stock of lymph is large enough to ad mit inoculation at Levy is the physicians to thc trades and works largely among the lower Lung tuberculosis is the most difficult to cure the lymph must bo inoculated six or eight weeks in Minis ter Gossler invited Koch this morn ing to demonstrate to him the manufac turing process of the which ho considers as too costly to admit the in oculating of poor patients unless thu gov ernment bears tho It is expected when Koch begins his lectures that the influx of physicians will he very MIKE KELLY MAKES A Tho Xoted Base Ball Player Sicns a Leagne NEW day capital of Ohio in the event of this day has become a veritable meccapf To this city have come democrats of the country at large to pay homage to the Old Allen on the occa sion ot his seventyseventh Ail day Thurmau has Oeen the recipient of attentions which few American states men have enjoyed after their acknowl edged retirement from the arena of poli and to every high or he has extended with kindlysmiles a candid and The rnag nilicence of the celebration today and the oauquet tonight is the token of esteem In which Judge Thurman is held by the democrats of Ohio end the Throughout the entire day every in coming train brought democrats of prom inence irom all sections of the United btafes until tonight the scene can be likened to no gathering more than a national One of the first to arrive this morning was exPresident Ho was accorded a most en thusiastic welcome by citizens who fath ered at the his progress through the streets to tho executive mansion be ing tollowed by a shouting crowd Ihroughout thc day the expresident shared with Judge Thurman the felicita tions of the democratic leaders who called to pay their The expresident lirst went from tho depot to the execu tive mansion and during thc forenoon a public reception in the state held a twentyone presidential guns being fired of Trill Jtctire From The Knicker bocker Fire Insurance company and Guardian Fire Insurance company have decided to retire from owing to fierce competition and small profits made at the present low No trouble 10 sell arUclathe dealers say of Bulls Cough Best and Salvation Oil only It banishes pain every Financial Tumble Lead to Suicide wu Uiij brings new misfortune to the Players Yesterday Mike thc piller of the Boston deserted and signed a National League contract to play with the old lioston team next Spaldlng wanted him in but the Boston management had the first claim and refused to release The new conference committee of the consisting of Johnnie of Brooklyn Charlie of and Al of Cleveland attempted to obtain an audience with the league conference committee The attempt was un Theleague committee would under no circumstances grant a confer ence to a committee of which Ward is a There are a few men who will have to go out of the base ball business if the Brotherhood collapses this Among them are Ward and The National League managers will not deal with either of under any consider The National League magnates today also refused to meet the Players League conference committee unless the American Association was also a party to the The matter will prob ably be arranged Pennsylvanias olMciul returns finished this evening show Patti son for governor has plu rality over Delamater Waters for lieutenant governor had a plu rality of over Black Stew art for secretary of has a plurality of over Barely The prohibitionist vote reached while the labor people polled about 2M votes for their Watkina General Wanamaker sent a letter to City Postmaster directing tho rein statement of Margaret the delivery who was last Thurs day temporarily suspended for an alleged disrespect to Senator Quays she having stated that no disrespect was An Iowa Postmaster presi dent appointed Walter Matthews post master at THE WORLDS to ue Classed nairnnen KefnKe innrgnrlnean Columbian Dairy association me this monrng to discuss worlds fair dairy proanets Arias Mr wwitw J of reported tha i had been classed by Hie commissioners as and and butterino KC In who t it Fearful Kpldemle of Typhoid epi demic of typhoid fever is raging There have been already eightynine of which twentyfive have been At present forty persons are Business isentirely and the 200 people who make up the population arc wild with A Big Gain In the JKormon SALT official canvass for delegates of election in Utah shows Cain Mormon has majority over Goodwin This result stows a gain of in the Mormon vote and a liberal gain of in two Caines majority then was Tha vote of 1S8S was especially on the Mormon UICU UUt From early niorniug the corridors Oi the state house were thronged with ExPrivate Secretary Limont Governor Campbell and many prominent democrats were present the reception the course of which the enthusiasm of i he people knew no The remark was often heard froic men while shaking hands with Cleveland You will be our next At the conclusion of the reception Mr Cleveland drove to Judge Thunnans re sidence and congratulated him on his 77th anniversary assuring thc judge that the democracy of the nation were re joiced at his continued vigor and hoped he might yet be spared for manv years of Judge Thurman replied that no years or future acts of his could possibly increase tho warmth of con gratulations he bad received today from all parts of the United States Cleveland then returned to Governor Campbells mansion where he and a few friends were entertained at THE The oauquet hall tonight was decorat ed in a most beautiful The cele bration was under the auspices of the Thurman which hau charge of all the Noticeable among the decorations were large portraits of Cleveland and Seldom have so many distinguished men of any partv assembled at one time in a place except on the occasion of a national Among them were senators and exsena excongressmen and exirover nors and besides gentle men who have distinguished themselves in various channels of public and private Shortly after eiuht o clock exPresident Cleveland and Judge Thurman entered the Cleveland supporting his venerable further assisted by a walked slowly up the hall A mighty oft greeted the two distinguished guests continuing until the chairman motioned the guests to take their After the party was every man rose again and waved tha traditional red bandana handker chief in honor of the Old Mr Thurman bowed smilingly to his one thousand admirers and Cleveland did likewise as cheers for him rent the At the conclusion of the banquet Chairman of the Thurman Club spoke introducing Toast Master Congressman When Outh waite delivered a brief eulogy of Judge Thurmau the guests rose to their feet and the scene of wild enthusiasm was one that would have swelled with pride the heart of any human It was five minutes before the ovatioiT sub prajer CLEVELAxnS PlSESIDEXT ASD follow the promptings of a heart full of devotion and as I tender from the democracy of the great state of New her tribute of affection for the man whom we honor I am commissioned to claim for my state her full share of the glory which has been shed upon the American name and char by one whose career and example cannot be preempted and whose renown cannot be limited in ownership to the neighbors and friends of any He contest every exclusive pretension to bis fame and because he Is a neighbor to all the people of the land because he is the friend of all who love their country because his career splen didly Illustrates the best and strongest elements of our national character and because his example belongs to all his It Is fitting that those who have faith in our destiny as a who believe that there are noble things which belong distinctively to our character as a people and who prize at its true worth pure American should gather here It Is givenus to contemplate the highest the most un yielding and disinterested devotion to the Interests of the and the most valuable achievements in thc cause of our countrys all of which have been stimulated and accomplished through the influence and impulse of unoer sturdy We rejoice in the example afforded on this occasion of genuiuce American re vealed to us as a safe and infallible inter preter of duty in all the emergencies of a long and honorable public and as an unfailing guide to usefulness and A mm FOR THE Marked Improvement in the Stock While Still Very Active Excitement Was Wats Cloned Some what Afar Indoue hy I1U KrlendM prominent in the Mechanics and Benson were accidentally killed while moving some machinery to Henry a naval who had been a warm friend of on hearing of his death went home and One Result of the Mcltinley The Baltimore Tin Plate incorporated at Springfield has purchased one thousand acres of land at Park Kidgo and it is said will begin the erection of build ings at Make u NKW Burglars this morning blew open the safe of securing In cash and 000 in bonds and now Severe are ISrokca Up In Mon From thc Virtfinia City When wo find a medicine we know to possess genuine we consider it a and we take pleasure in telling the public what it Such a medicine we found Chamberlains Cough last winter when la grippe was We are satisfied that we warded of sev eral attacks that were threatening by the use of this and we have since re vi In a few hours severe i and in the course rf two or three en tirely brokon thrn ip byits several of our friends to whom wo have riTOaimcnilnd 1 TI all that is rep rascntcd to be vui uouibiuu 3IIU sided sufhciently to enable Judge Thur man to Judge Thurman responded to the Our He said in be ginning that he was not here to make an elaborate Ho was here to ex press his heartfelt appreciation of tho honor they have so kindly seen fit to do him to thank with his whole soul his fellow citizens of Ohio and tho distinguished gentlemen from other states for their mark of friendship and I am said at the age of to repeat mv testimony so often given of my confidence in tho beneficent effects of free institutions and my firm belief of iheir duration on this continent and their gradual but certain extension over othnr and large portions of the Short as my life has been in comparison with the lives of the na it has been long enough for me to see my native land under free institu increase in population more than sevenfold in wealth in a very far greater in extent of territory more than double its area in general well being and prosperity of the people and in their educational advantages and relig ious privileges are without rival in the while its magnificent works of in ternal Its wonderful agri Its great mines and manufac tures and its marvelous means of commu creations of science and surpassed anything ever before known by the human And In these same seventyseven years the constitution of nearly every government in Europe has ameliorated by the iudroduction of more liberal Central and South America have become Canada and Australia are substantially republics without the Even in the far Japan becomes more free and lib eral with each And more marvel In this presence and in the atmosphere of these we should not miss tho lesson they commend to nor fail to renew or appreciation of the value of this and revive our appre hension of the sentiments and conditions Iu which it has its rise and And first of all we should bo profound ly grateful that the elements which make up the strength and vigor of American are so naturally related to our situation and so The in trigues of monarchy which taint the in dividual character of the subject the splendor which dazzles the popular ey and distracts the attention from abuses and stifles discontent tho schemes of conquest and selfish aggrandizement which makes a selfish have no legitimate plane in our national Hero tho plain peopio of the land are the Their Investiture of power is only accompanied with the conditions that they should love their that they should jealously guard and protect its interests and fair and that all the intelligence with which they are en dowed should be devoted to an under standing of its needs and the promotion of its These are tae elements of American and these are the conditions upon which our free institutions were en trusted to our in full at the beginning and for all time to upon American consecrated by the highest and purest A country broad and to be sub dued to the purposes of mans and promising vast and independent re and a people intelligently un derstanding the value oi a free nation and holding fast to an intense affection for its history and its have had much to do with moulding our American character and giving it hardihood and But it should never be forgotten that the influence more than all ther has made our people safe depositaries of governmental and which has furnished the surest guaranty of thc strength and perpetuity of the re has its source in the American Here our patriotism i born and entwines itself with the growth of filial and here our children are taught the story of freedom and But above hern U thu bracing and wholesome atmosphere of uncomplaining frugality and the mental and moral attributes of our people hitve been firmly knit and Never could it be said of any country so truly as of that the permanency of its institutions depends upon its I have spoken of frugality and economy us important factors in American I lind no fault with the accumulation of NEW stock mar ket while still very showed less excitement in the early trading and afterward subsided Into an ordinary ap pearance with only the usual fluctua The general feeling in the street has undergone a marked change for the and the opinion of most of the habitues of the street is that the object of the influential combination of capital which has forced the recent decline has been and with affect ing reforms in railroad business now pro there will come a general improve ment in The late reaction from low prices two days ago Is regarded as principally the effect of covering shorts together with some buying by those who had their holdings over on the There were no further failures or bank suspensions to disturb the even course of events but the bears demonstrated the fact that they have not as yet gone into their holes and are still very much The natural tendency of prices to advance after the late severe drop was checked and while fluctuations were on a comparatively small scale they were in some cases very though the final changes are in most cases for fractional amounts The market this morning felt the in fluence of the suspension of the North River bank and the disclosures In regard to the North American company and the first prices were generally a fraction lower than yesterdays final A Hood of North American poured upon the and am glad to sec energy and enterprise receive their fiiir But I believe our government in its naural is exactly suiteii to a and econom ical people and I ir In market in the first few minutes and the prices dropped suddenly from 16 to a loss of 11V per cent from last Although some of the others sympathized with this weakness the market outside of North American was not especially and with the absence of a special pressure to sell came a material North American going back to lljf and settling to about the level of 11 for the remainder of the hour to eleven A confident feel ing ivas soon restored and activity in creased toward thc end of the while prices advanced more the gains over the lowest prices of the early dealings extending to 2Jf per car rying most of the list beyond the prices of last The market at eleven oclock was active and strong at the highest figures of the The Evening Post says Early prices ior stocks both in London and this mar ket were the effect of the suspen sion of the North River bank at the close of business together with the understanding that its losses would re quire it to be wound But later when it became known that the fortnight settlements in London had been com pleted without a failure and the Bank of England rate remained unchanged them was a general and by nearly every stock on the except North went up to last nights prices and many went notably Northern Pacific Western Rock and Is tight at 12 per cent and active bussness sustained in the stock market after eleven but the high prices of the first hour were not surpassed and a declining tendency developed but only a portion of the early advance was Villards were the most but Paul and other grangers were still Later in the day North American retired to 9 but the general list was fairly well held and at noon the market was active and generally at small fractions and better than the nominal Preston said he foundthera ex3 fated no very large obligations dividual directors to the bank He yS stated positively that the notes In the Hi bank were all flitedged in every par In his opinion the trouble that the bank had not kept a enough surplus on He would give the Institution an opportunity to resume II they could so arrange within a reason s able but not nntil he was assured tho depositors would be provided M RAILSOAD 1 The Pad lit yj Ames says f he knows nothing about the reported satisfaction among the Union Pacific has not seen Gould for six and does not believe he ever said what was attributed to UuntlngtonH P presdent of the Southern H Pacific was asked his opinion of the report that Gould was to assume T control of the Union It looks he and If it be Gould will give the road a zood He is a practical rail road man like wants to brine abont a stable condition of among great western If Gould assumes the presidency of the Union does that mean progress toward a big combination that shall include the Southern Union and Missouri Pacific roads was 9 I am in favor of said and have gone so far as to offer to I told the Atchisoil people I was willing to com bine all our respective properties and let them decide on a name for the Joint They have not accepted the and I cannot sav if they The Xo BtemCnlon Pacific Aeree The Western Freight association today discussed at length the NorthwesternUnion Pacific but final action was not The matter of rates on soft coal from the Illinois mines to points west of the Mississippi river was laid over until the December meeting The proposition respecting the handling of livo stock at Slonx City was referred to a cnmmitteu of the interested The stock market after opening er twelve oclock was quiet and firm and the best prices of the forenoon were again A decided weakness de veloped toward two Sugar refineries became a drop ping from SS to iHcto 43jc Northern Pacific IKc to 60 Vc 1 Vc to After some hesitation the decline was tTnion Pacific scored a loss of The downward movement then acquired ad ditional the market becoming de and before the delivery hour all the forenoons advances were wiped with fractions in At the market was active and weak at the lowest prices of the The market was still disturbed after NoTrnth in the Traffic Manager Mellen of the Union Pacific is in the Ho declares there is no truth whatever in the report that his headquarters will be removed from Omaha to Referred to a Joint freight com missioner for the Central Passenger association today referred the protest of the Peoria board of trade against tho separation of the corn and oats rates to a joint die hands been ade dHtUrbCd after strong and selfreliant in their citizenmoved If and PnCeS again by selfdenial and bv though the movement ous light seems to be breakin over benighted and men are predict ing without exciting her re demption from her barbaric sleep of cen In a freedom seems to be gradually circumnavigating the globe proud thought for the polar star of the navigator is our own republic of of thc United Thurman spoke feelingly of the uniform kindness and honors bestowed upon him by the people of Ohio from boyhood to old age and spoke of all dis ttoguished lawyers and statesmen of Ohio and other sections of the country whom he had known during his career In conclusion he said I conclude there is one state you liiva a Chanvopriaiiid dairy distinct from bofrus The matter was discuss The Thoio JUTrsated luilism Arri bavins 01 y niac fclii tU3 would be DO was separate ace Fo of loosbcrg j with want Remedy w v Train i uunciuae tnere is one state stop t I ment ol my dtuy to make In do tho i papers a few days r sav 00 ra7 nam suggested as that of nropor was stauct by a pas Malor SnritB y niar 01u ir rk v t funtin ne man killed and hjl Mccpt a SPOKAXE Dennya Proniineut brotor on Ing yesterday coinmut clde by blowing his brato telj da1 is 8Rld the a r Ztf Excellent fjuftlltlei i Command lo public approval ths Cail i t i irct ho i fcrua liqld fruit remedy Syrup of F gs a It pleading to tho ind to tho it j by aoting gently un the vjd Her i r snu it cleanses the rysteia V i luaiac thereby promoting ihohenlth de I1 iJ ccift who raell unibb Ul Uiupur candidate for the presidency or vice presidency in I regretted very Milrauh to see tho a handcar loaded appearing in a newspaper known A to be very friendly to me and published thft place of it might naturally be suspected by strangers that itvas or at least approved by me such was not the fact My let me say to in all sincerity ana vuhoi s the least mental that I nor shall I ever again be a cantHdats lor Honored by my i HLer ask nor desire any fur 1 onjr thau yonr continued friend amp you by selfdenial and by the surround ings of an enforced Thrift and careful watchfulness of expenditure among the peopio tend to secure a thrif ty government and cheap and careful living on thc part of individuals ought to enforce economy in the public expendit men in high places of charged with the responsibility of making and executing our not onlycondemn but flippantly deride cheap ness and economy within the homes of our and when the expenditures of the government are reckless and waste we may be sure that something is wrong with and that a condition ex ists which calls for a vigorous and resent ful defense of by every man worthy to be called an American Upon tho question of cheapness and whether it relates to individ uals or to the operations of the govern the democratic true to Its creed and will unalterably re mai n attached to our plain and frugal peo They are especially entitled to the watchful care und protection of their gorernment and when they are borne down with burdens greater than they can and arc made the objects of scorn by hard we will not leave their As the great German insisting upon his religious in the prrscnce of his ac I can do nought Flere I God help however much others may mock and de ride cheapness and the poor and frugal men and women of our we will stand forth in defence of their simple Americanism defiantly We can do nought Here we Thus when tho question was raised whether our peopio shall have the neces saries of life at a cheaper we are not ashamed to confess ourselves in full sympathy with the demand for cheaper coats and we are not disturbed by the hint that this seems necessarily to in volve a cheaper man or woman under the When the promoter of a party measure which invades every home in the land with higher declares that cheap and nasty go together and this whole system of cheap things is a badge of pov erty for cheap merchandise means cheap men and cheap men mean a cheap coun we indignantly repudiate such an Interpretation of American And when another high in party who has become notorious as the advocate of a contrivance to perpetu ate partisan supremacy by outrageous in terference with the announces that the cry for cheapness is unAmeri can we scornfully reply that his speech does not indicate the slightest conception of true I will not refer to other utterances of like import from similar I con tent myself with recalling the most prom inent and The wonder Is that these things were addressed by Americans to What was the occasion for these con demnations of cheapness and what had honest American men women Continuedon Northern Pacific preferred rose from and stPaul from to The market on this recovery be came again quiet and finally closed ac tive and fairly steady at slight changes from the The list is again lower and sugar is down Northern Pacific preferred Pacific Mail Vi Lonfsville and Nashville North American with only fractional changes in the rest of the active An Ohio Bank Swept NEW special from says the Knox County bavmgs Bank has Liabilities nominal It is re ported the suspension was caused bv the failure of Howell North American Company All NEW officials of the North American company have authorized the statement that it is per fectly They say the creditors were called together simply to satisfy them of the sound condition of the com pany and to obtain their ihe company has made no assignment and Intends to make Armour i Cndah Dimmlve announce ment was made today that Philip D Armour Michael Cudahy had dtsl solved Armour making over his Interest in the Omaha bouse in ex change for Cudahys interest in the Chi cago The separation is entirely amicable and was indirectly the outcome of Cndahys determination to retire from the active outside work of the The London Market Closes stock market opened but afterwards became CAPTURED BY Two Merry at Illi Correspondence of THE Davis and Miss Ella both of this city were united tn marriage this evening at seven oclock at the home of the brides and on North Kirk street the Robert Bar pastor of the Methodist Episcopal The ceremony is witnessed by only a few relatives and particular The bride is well and favorably known in Kirkwood and was one of our fairest and brightest young and the groom is an exceptional young man and the trusted employe of a Monmouth business and richly deserves the bride he has The young couple will reside in They were the recipients of a number of costly On Wednesday evening the home of Wray was the scene of a quiet but pretty Robert Barton offi The contracting parties were Miss Mary Wray of this place and Mr Arthur of Wy Immediately after the ceremony the happy couple drove to Monmouth and from there took the fast train at 11 for their future home in Cheyenne where they will be at home to their friends at 2522 Evans street after No vember The heartiest good wishes for their happiness and prosperity attend the young At this hour the tone ot the market was Rat in consequence of the prevalence of unfavorable rumors regarding thc discount house The stock market closed New York took all tHo stock thrown on the market causinga firm The stress in stocks was due to the weakness of a large private This firm is now amalgamated with a large London There was a sale of 000 worth of consols yesterday in connec tion with this Confidence now prevails and everything is on a firm The Nashville Race Five and a half furlongs Blanches Last Linlithgow Georgie Hunt third Second mile SilverLake Pullman Grev Cloud third Third mile and seventy yards DoIIikens Q second Attlcus third Fourth anda half furlongs Lucille Mannette Hart Wallace Odey third Fifth furlongs Robin Mammie Fonso Mark S third In of day the two Methodist churches of this city voted thequestion of admitting women as lay delegates to the elec toral and general conferences of The vote was decidedly in favor of the the count being fl6 to 6 In tho First church and 70 to 30 in the trace Several country In this vicinity today on the propo Pronounced Yet From a letter written by Ada E Hurd of we taken with a bad which settled on my cough set in and finally ter minated in I gave myelf up to my determined If I could not stay with my friends on earth I would meet my absent ones abose My husband was advised to get New Discovery for Coughs and I gave it a took in all eight bottles it has cured me and thank lod I am now well and hearty Trial bottle free at Henrys Drug Store regular 50 cents In of Missionary general mis sionary society of the Methodist chnrch resumed the consideration of apportion was given to the work in Africa to South AmericaS71 500 to Flor North India to South Indiana to THE NORTH RIVER State Superintendent a Statement ot Its NEW to one this afternoon the state bank examiner had not prepared his statement In regard to he orth River At the clearing house it was learned a large contractor was debtor to the bank to tho extent of also that there were six or seven other also contractors who were bebtors to the bank for large Collaterals for security of the loans are said to be claims against the Stale Superintendent of Banks Pres ton tonight made statement of the Ila oihties and assets the North River Thanksgiving Bay In lifer today issued a proclamation ap pointing the 27th Is a day of Now h fuaflyprSe rt bC8t also be used to sreat Will Jfot Contest demo crats of the first Maine district have de cided not to contest Reeds scat in the house of A R fire this forenoon on South Sahna street caused damage of

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