Thursday, November 13, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - November 13, 1890, Burlington, Iowa ISTABL1SHED iv ti ve declined American fractional of Illinois Central an advance of v at was por cont flaln Tijo board shout bo cozened to select in free Jon Jfiong all tha best existing systems SEOBETABT AICIAI SEIES Excitement on the ntuinUUes Bullion Ponrlug Into Wlldi Will Tend 1o Help Markets Sevrral allared When tho for the opening of busi lUs morning on the stock exchange a rush and pande reigned on the The mar Topenod stronger aud theio was evi hopeful view of tho wnlHrthe iact that ad Bffcreriotof a very favorablechar trading so far has KOV i v Ing tho announcement day that tho North fl y lu tho over its losses of had tldod suspended especially in Vil Several thousand been sold under the sales which were begun yes re in and mk and are believed to be f or ac of Howell The gen has declined Opening with a two per cent drop in are jfov 10 ant is seeking to hc COIUPlail o the business of a Union ng lve stook at kiDK to effect Can contro1 th D0 clalm T one of the leading opera vaysthe indications are for cheaper which tendto help the Itlooks as if the conditions efavorable to a decided Improve In view of the fact that London jsenrdedcsthe main feature in tho be important to know Ktullion is being shipped from many centers to that Half a a silver bars go forward today on lip and cable advices t that Itussia has sent sin and will send fclhe market at eleven o cloek was very jjlteaodflnnto strong but generally under the first jjaftlBtKrtban those of last jlll25 Villards continued strong id were quoted at the highest figures of Northern Pacific common North American exchange marker granted in to the conimittoa nn ness one side and commission yards ontneVotSn1rCkattllBUnIOnStoli STCV dull and the prices are He tanks show little disposition to do SB owinE to the high rates for Sffail is tight at f JB per day and the legal inter si After eleven oclock the stock jarket developed a new Prices JK rnterially snd a belter tone was 3 ill over ilie Another ad ijce in the latter portion of the hour btXonh American to Northern dtlfictoSl and preferred to Al imgh these prices were not held long letaprovemeut for the hour exceeded pa in many Atch ana some of the inactive jeddlies bfiing the most conspicuous jjdPnllman rising from 168 to The rests were comparatively quiet At Tfen the market was active to strong Kibe best ol the prices of the ptlSS Walcott brajnaannouaced their suspension lii B sock Senismln stock has i failure of Walcott created little The though a good iitat a small interest in the fitott refuses to make any state STrae is a trader and his failure Iofno Sffill market Jan to strong and a free buying move ictls in The failure of Wal has had no effect whatever in Defunct Mutual Fire lusuruuce Com pany of Chicago company of and set aside he SDmen ex K n WaS 1 ged by the exchange that the te officers and directors of the HAS GOULD GOT THE UNION PACIFIC ARnmor Thai Cannot be VerifiedKuwell Sagea gard Associated Press reporter in re to the statement published this n beef and tho commission com pany contended that the rules of the ex change forbidding its member dealing with corporation like the complainant was in restraint of trade and therefore against public that the allegations as to the complainant being a member of tbe exchange are not sustained and that he had never been a member legally or The complainant not being a morning that Jay Gould had secured con trol of the Union Pacific said he e was absolutely ignorant of the alleged facts in the Gould interview and grcatlv questioned whether Gould over made the remarks attributed to The director of the Union Pacific said ho did not believe a word of the story NEW George Go Pie Bank of North America was a BiTjcreditor at the clearing house to The bank will pay over to the s of Howcil a large i differences on sales of securities kjthcbaakas collateral for loans firm and sold on the mar He slock market undur the influence ate under the rule declined from the sprites lacking support from pi 2 The market is utltsbestand the general lisUs at itighest prices of the Thead ra on last nights prices ranging from 6 per the latter Northern Pa The total sales to this Jinoant to over of Yillard market was unsettled with f raieraliy something under the the critical period of the without addi The financial horizon is Money is down to 6 The stockmar last hour was marked by in atmnreuon the usual sharp and general rising tendency The market finally closed ac at about the best prices of the most important instru seainthe effecting a rally on fntoeswastbe the theory that Jay acquired control of the Union based on rumors printed papers A Tribune re Gould this afternoon and truth of the published tonight that Wolcotts 1 not amount probably to W and tho assets are B firm is an old The kducto the failui to calls for and to a Tin obtaining money from of Whitney the firm owes about the securities were deemed sufficient loans were A fm ln casb to come in or days will go iar towards out The question will be able to re upon the state of the next few days and the securities we of Howell jorceof clerks making up a wtue firms but its wily were so enormous that me to arrive at a clear o assets and liabili said this evening a tue securities turned extremely good he Villard wove the temporary price vUe lormal If the S Judgment and do not will not only be paid but Eoofl surplus for the the this morning all the n STmPHthy with the the New York mar Gould refused to talk this morning in regard to the report that his father had secured control of the Union Pacific Eussell Sage expressed the belief that Gould had obtained control of the road and said it was just what was needed to straighten out the railroad Jay Gould this afternoon said he had had no interview with Rockefeller or with Frederick Ames in regard to the control of the Union Pacific railway com But he said if any one would go among the stockholders of tho company he would find much dissatisfaction with the present andhethouEht it not unlikely the stockholders before bring about a change in the methods of the He was asked whether he was securing con trol of the Union Ho replied he was not giviug away his own He further said I not buying any thing I cant pay you exert an influence upon the Union Pacific management or In any directly or effect a change at the npxt election Gould smiled and hesitated be fore his am acquainted with somo of tb largest stock holders the company he I might have some infiuec if I choosa to exert There is gr dissatisfaction over the chnduct of m of the There is an uprh which ought to effect great ref in the for the roads enough business to give them a profit If they can obtain proper rat the southwest we have made progr ward securing an agreement whi establish stable There IT DO conference today that I this The progress ref made today is probably the res previous The r are aroused and indignant ovsr suit of the warring in The V wsy to express the situation say that if the railroad electio take place the results n surprising as were the rec William connected with the fictitii said So far as I am con is nothing in the I Gould and have no interei Much was made in Wai tu was said to be the ovasir i having no vested cannot complain of the bv laws andthere was no legal duty unon the exchange to deal with the commis sion thus the court cannot pass of the The only ground upon which the court could control an organization like the de fendant would be that such action would be in restraint of or that the business of the defendant was public juris and affected with public in and the business of tho exchange was not so There was no rela tion or connection between the exchange and the corporation known as tho Union stock yards and the exchange has ex tended to the I know of no says thee which will one man to trade with hor any equitable proceedings by which It can bo The refusal of the members of tho exchange to trade ulth persons not members may be in partkl restraint of but these are the of individuals in tho exercise of their of that freedom of action that is necessary to the carrying on of The injunction heretofore issued muit As the only object of the bill is that of the bill mast be dismissed for want of An appeal was taken from cision and the case will be bittrr tested In tlie higher rmrt of IM ay It ijDIeinber of Harrisons 12 Twut the startling informs tlon nat Congressman Clay Evans i belngconsidered by President Harrison for tp appointment as secretary of thi Th Times says Presdent Harrison has t e name of Clay Evans un der alvlsemcnt as a cabinet The death of Justice Miller of the snpn ne bench necessitates the appoint rnentfoytho president of a successor ihe post prominent name in connection with the presidential appointment is tha of Bjijamin of New York prescnt member of President Harrisons cabi t as secretary of the In the even of Secretary Tracys appointment It Is t at all unlikely that H Clay of this will be tenderee the r val as con gross mn from the third congressiona t of has enjoyed relations with the dlstr close ind aside from has ai intimate acquaintance with the The Times has it from a thqoughly reliable sourcethat friends of Evans at Washington are push ing fls claims for the portfolio in the evonl of Secretary Tracys aud lie fact well known to three ironinent citizens of it is has not been consulted n tm Evans fitness for the futies cannot be His nonce as a southern congressman will have tis jan erl 5ft tis yd min alh much weight with mistakes of leaders aow stare the In the and one of their most 3 blunders has been the ignoring Evans will tend to evince a friend position upon the party of tho ad tration of the country thatpollti cemauds tho dc i i To Strei fcthofc replyit said frenr j ENBBAL WASETOGTON iditiun Uncle Sams Caaii state showing the amount of gold coin nd bullion In the treasury and outstand ngfor the last ten days ending shows total gold in the gold certificates In tbc gold certificates In Net gold in coin and j J A KeTolatlon in telegram atcd at Guatemala City was received at ate department from United minister to Central stat ng i revolution was in progress in the apital of Tho president of lat republic has been driven from the ty but is now collecting a force of roops and is says tho make fight for the recapture of the Authorized to Kecelve secretary the treasury today authorized the as stant treasurer at San Francisco to re eiye deposits of funds from bankers de ring to transfer the same by telegraph treasurer at New T will also accord this utker points at which there tasurers should It afford any present Crooks KemaiuK lajor General Crook were so city this morning and n ulitaryi honors in the na STiiLET SSOtJEES rw rrtpares for Contingencies Uarttelot Henry Stan j Charles Russell to bo viy uit arising out of the isy in which he may bo or the The vloi s that Stanley telegraph with be the i Major In con j and said that Sir Stan this lie has heard probability that a brought against him i Edward Clarke or he is so willing and ive ills defense in such a suit is been altogethor so much I M upending suits in which i may be the plaintiff or defend he has given SirCharles Russell i his counsel in any 1 jto be any suit is going to be ready for and oitti mere fact of the retention of Sir i I Russell and George Lewis indi is cat s that the list of causes celebres in Esrland will soon be added MCOY HIM issue as to the when questions were The Union Pacific has ject of speculative bllts have been said in spite of officis Suppositions control between 1 Gould legions has Union Pacific s liberally in the i It is c street that there i Union Pacific ma election next frequently expressed managers and many in plwe e sticaujver m cept implicitly the allegations of road that by its surrender to he Chicago and the Union Pacific has contributed the principal de moralizing element to the western rail road Some Wall street sons go so far as to say the dissatls fied stockholders of the Union Pacific are sufficiently powerful to force the resig nation of Aiams as there Is no open evidence of organiza tion for this Charged Willi the was Out the stato resume business d brokerauefirm declined to say any ilr s YOPV he Associated Associated interviewed President ocr of the New York who said are that the issue of e all say he was size LV ulating j nat the T five two half inches Millers tickets on a s nish and T instead of reprc this case beinK considered for re r as improper as on the tickets for gover nor in Connecticut Ellory Brayton who also ran on the republican but who fell far behind made the same error in having his tickets Elliots tickets were but he fell far behind Congressman Miller will probably make a little fight against being deprived of his SMOKELESS General Benet of tho Ordnance Bureau Deals with the annual report of General chief of the bureau of shows the bureau lias expended during the fiscal leaving a credit in the treasury of On the subject of sniokp General Benet some astonishing results have been tained in experiments vet be said with certainty tiat these new explosives will evftually present powders The the Maxim A un lean clan those claiified to be obtained abroad and it is honed ihat ono of these can be de J aa into a ihordughly satisfactory rail1 of mod sjnJ here rifles Oeatral Benel i Mnrder Up it TrcunendoUH Kx i Li jlcCoy was waylaid by Dyre I Iles McCoy in Pike county Ken few days ago and The stirred up a tremendous excite the McCoys and Hatficlds a pose at once started after tho News was received today that the posse came up with the fugitives I in Buchannan McCoy was shot and Dyer escaped but is still being American Sabbath mass meeting of the now sixth district ofthe American Sabbath Union was held here today and the district regularly It em jbraces Wiscon Minnesota and Resolutions were adopted insisting that the worldsfair should not be opened on Sundays and nraiiig of the govern ment stoppage of all mail trains on that A Saturday half holiday was urged upon tho employers as a Christian con cession to working fornla liquid fin There Is as it af is at all slightest oeliys perfectins the fSnl be compelfiteAy land by actcBgently oa ithe American stocks ggp The Steamer Nuiv The steamer from fears for whose safety have been arrived to day In a battered She reports that a terrible hurricane delayed The town of Cape Gracious Is a complete every house having been shattered by the The Seventh Day of NEW Signer Succi be gan the seventh day of jhis fast this morning In best of and His pulse teinjoiv tnro 07 weight 10J ado creaso of terday i of tvra pounds since yos Jumped the The evening train on the Beadina the near Annvills aril dows Seve were ously but not fatally oa the Alpher at One Hundred Pecionfi Kti Holil an IiicIIKoatlon Consunijt tioa Foreign threatene on the Olphert estate have be gun at A fierce storm ha raged all and the work of ovictio was begun under a cloudy th gloomy weather adding to the wretched ness of the scene It was thought som of the tenants might resist the evietors and a force of heavily armed policemen was on the ground to meet such an Sixteen families couiprisini one hundred were ejected froc their During a squabble Mr put a chalk mark nn a policemans arm as a means of MentiSea Ho warned the others that he would similarly mark all who should be guilty of this being the only way to identify the man as long as the authorities declined to make them wear A number of English includ witness and afterward hold an at which the action of tno owner of the estate was roundly de The bishop of Raphahos arrived at Bardauag in the afternoon for tha pur pose of assisting the evicted TIIEV WERE lREIAIEI FOI dispatch to the Tunes concerning tho evictions on the Olphert estate sajsthat in the houses where an iction was expected no pota oes could be but that in one louse where the evietors made an unex pected visit twotons of tubers were MANY OP THE ORBW i Uitseaworthy Torpedo Bout ITonudera of tho Coaut of British torpedo cruiser Serpent has foundered oE the coast of The fate of her crew is Later dispatches say three survivors are of the opinion tnat none of the others got Four bodies have come un n the three of them The duke of Edinburgh was attending he Patti concert at Plymouth when the news of the disaster reached He was immediately and at once eft the After reading all the dispatches that had been received con lerning the ho went directly lome without returning to tho concert He expressed the utmost scr The newspaper offices at Ply mouth were besieged by crowds il people anxious to hear further uews of he Among these were tho vives and daughters of many of the lost The Serpent was built after he ideas of Admiral Cooper He nsisted upon immense horse according to previous was out of all proportion to her displace She could maintain a speed f sexcnteeu kots an Lord intheAatat Annual adversely riticizes tho He said the ecou my of weight had been carry to excess n the eonstrucion that her plating was oo thin and armament In eaway her heavy top weight would be a etrimen to speedand would unduly train tho The vessel was two undred and twentyfive feet long while he had a draught of only fourteen and The relatives of the crew of tho Ser ient at Plymouth and Sock Yard people re full of gossip about the lost t is claimed she was unseaworthy and roken On all her trial trips the ierpeut had a bad She was nocked down more than once in the maneuvers of Several admirals oiidemncd vessels of her Lloyds agent at Coruna telegraphs It appears tho Serpent was running for helter in one of the bays nortli of Finis If she nobody needbe urprised but the If she rounded on she could not stand a linutes battering in theheavy THE HONDURAS Department Olaciallylnformed of tho LA revolu ion which has been expected for months nd which has been gaining headway nco the conclusion of the war between alvador and Guatemala has broken out n Tegucigalpa is in a state f telegraphic communication di cct with tho capital has been inter and it is believed that the wires ave been but this is not positively Several dispatches have been eceived uy the Salvadorian government n regard to the One is to tho feet that Friday last a part of the gar ison of Tegucigalpa and under ie leadership of General Longino anchez took after hard fight of the capitol building and ince then street skirmishing has been f daily and Sanchez and his orces now have President Louis Bogran urronndcd in one of the wards of the and it is believed he will bo forced o surrender other garrisons arrive t the scene of the revolt within two or hree Several other army men have issued ipir pronunciamentos and are hur ying with their forcesQtito aid It is believed that the evolution willbecome general and 3ogran be forced to leave the country if e is not Bogran has been re arded as tho tool of and has ankrupted the Many people esidlng in the frontier districts have Ignified their intention of asking annex Ion to Nicaragua and If rpgran fails there is a possibility that ie country will by common consent of ie masses be divided between Guato Salvador and advices from tho city of Guate lala just received here puts a grave as ect upon the revolution in It s believed that Barillas will attempt to xtend aid to liis old and In oing so will precipitate a general war in entral as it is understood that ho takes a hand in the present troubles Szeta will call him to with the full onsent of Nicaragua and Costa vith whom Salvador will be leagued in ase of general international GENERAL FOREIGN Soldiers Quarters Destroyed by Wellington arracks of tho guards were destroyed y fire The fire originated In he Quarters of the married i inmates were rescued by Two are Haunay sec etary of the Congregational is A Convention of the Karris Girls National Home and Bmploymont association openedJuithls city Unlay with far at tendance Wlll Wed a Prince of The Koine co respondent says Princess a ster of the German empe i will prince of an heir to lhronei witbJn a The JJargaret will become a Deiplte Sad Lord George Ham seosado but no action was tatoa to Lord j Giolgd nJ iff toasts aa Ni tsU of this affair reached the London club and excited much adverse that Hamiltons condnc may cause a scandal against himself an the Professor Koch8 Conaumiitlon Koch report on his consumption cure will ap pear at the end of tho week th Deutsche JUccZfcrfrtZscTic Particulars were published todajjoff case of Lupus of the face treateeVDySfDr in by Koch The case Is progressing satis The first effect of thereat mentwasto cause the Lupus ulcerst swell and discharge aserious liquidate which scabs formed as in eruptive fevers Tho doctors will renew the injectio whenthe scabs Minister Von Goss ler has given marks for the erec tion of a special hospital for the treat ment of consumptives by the Kocl The German Diet emperor opened the diet of Prussia In tho speech from the his majesty said In view of the friendly relations of Prussia with all foreign which relations have been further strengthened this the ronntry could look forward with oonfi donee to further preservation of peace Police and Military took place today between the police and She In one of the encounters police sergeant was severely injured The military were finally routed and the police chased them to their barracks Oueen Kmina Appointed TIIK Emma has been appointed regent durinorthe ill ness of King Tho Widour of Thomas Kill the widow of Thomas of and mother of the Marchioness of Angleasey s LIGHTNIN8 A llot Contest Between Two Windy City typesetting ontcst batween Peter of the Chicago and Leo of Chicago was held in the com posing rooms of Printer com and was won by The iize of the type was and was hosen by who had that privilege as the challenged The ontest was governed by the national uies typesetting The contest began at twelve oclock and tho first lasted two At the end of the first tretch lionheimar had set ems rross to Thienes ems At he end of the second stretch Mouheimer ad a string of ems gross toThienes ems The not score was as ollows ems The time taken up in correc ion was 23K minutes by Monheimer nd iSJi minutes The match was awarded to who had beaten fonheimer by fortyseven ems The match was so close that the copy had to e revised three times before a result ould be SPOBTIN8 The Xashvllle First Kace woyearolds ninesixteenths of a mile inlight Laura Doxey Catuua third Second Race Threeyearolds and up ards fifteensixteenths of a mile ittlo Crete Stalban Labra or third Twoyearolds and up wards five furlongs Mark S iilly Parker Burt third 07K Threeyearolds and up wards six furlongs Lady Blackburn Miss Mary Frank Shaw hird Fifth Eace Threeyearolds and up vards elevensixteenths of a mile vent Haramboure Kem ox third Fscny Vriccs nr The most romlnent sale of trotting held in entral Illinois for somo time took place t the farm of near his The sale agcregated Eleven head of horses brought Anthoney a threeyearold sirnd by was sold to of for Base Ball At tho session the National Players League today resident McAIpin formally presented ie resignation of the New YorE o action was taken on but acorn consisting of Prince and was appointed to attend the ational League meeting in New York or tho purpose of placing the matter of msolidatlon beforn The meeting ion As the matter now tands the feeling is strongly in iavor of as all admitted the base all war has been a National Bull League NEW The annual looting of the National Base Ball league as held President Young was The magnates decided to ave another session A romlnent league player sat the National magnates would not onfer with the Players if Ward was a embor of the Nearly all ie in express the sinion that the Players league is prac cally a thing of the AN EIGHTYPOUND Indiana Infant that Gains Twelve a no bad ick befalls the young son of and Lou of this he will o doubt become a rival of Hanson the Danville fat The oungster is now five months and on cconnt of his phenomenal growth is the onder of all the women of e now tips the beam at eighty Vheu born he was an average and yeighed about ten He has been aining since his birth on an average velve pounds per The baby is n excellent health and is perfect in every What ilo Ton Think of This KAXSAS he Farmers Alliance candidate who tzs elected judge of the judicial purposed of Barber and Camanche conn never studied never iras admitted to the and never was n court in any official His lllance will send him to school to study aw for sixty days and prepare himself or the beach The Alabama political ot is boiling high in the contest for the fnlted States Senator Governor Thomas exGov rnor Watts and azri ultural are he latter relying solely on the alliance entiment for his Goodwin the well known cartoonist of fas accidentally killed by a train last Ight at his suburban Killed by the aged aprominent temper nee lecturer of this was run over nd killed by a train Mour Mills 12 rFlour mills here are closing in consequence of the decree the of foreign THE STILIrOURS Full Republican A DCS JHolnes Doctor In at Columbus llrave Chimney Mothers Special toThe returns d not change materially the pluralities o the republican candidates from the fig ures reported this Luke i certain of He may have Then is always a chance that some of the fig nres have been telegraphed The official count will not be made until De cember and until that day it will no be definitely known oexactly what th pluralities A study of the election figures this year will prove very inter Tho union labor vote to Hill reach and possibl exceed that of last In Monona county alone a gain of a thousand was The prohibition vote was some what lighter than lost ORlclal Vote of Xee Special to The HawuByeJ Nov follow ing is the official vote of Lee county on the congressional and state ticket SECRETARY OF ST t TE AUDITOR OF A300 TREASPREIE OP d ATTORNEY CLERIC SUPREME REFORTEK SUPREME COURT I 3JSS JtJST On Lhe question shall there be a con mention to revise the constitution and amend the the vote was no complete fficfal returns of the third congressional district give Henderson a majority f 106 over Couch Seerley at Columbus Special to The COLUMBUS 12 he democrats had a great time here to night ratifying their victory of the fourth The city was lurid with ng coaloil barrels and noisy with enthus congressman elect rom the first was present and ddressed the receiving a hearty He modestly thanked them for heir confidence in him and hoped that would not prove The ineet ug was quite A BRAVE CHIMNEY Feat of an Light Snpor intendent at perilous feat fas performed by Superintendent of the electric light Sat He had trouble in making team sufficient to run the at ast finding that the screen cap of the old some ninety feet lie had burned off and alien so as to obstruct the To reach it was nearly impossi but in raising a new smokestack it ras furnished with a tackle and nd when it had been put in a few eet from the old Brown being nable to hire anyone to go up the new tack had himself hauled up the ad a board pulled threw it across rom the new to the old walked cross on removed the old went ack acrosr the frail ninety feet rom tho and descended to the arth The feat was even more ifiicult as a raw northeastern wind lied with sleet was A DOCTOR IN in Sloines for Giving Away liquor on Election Special to The and a prominent ward was arrested this afternoon for nlawfully giving away liquor on election It seems upon that day searchers eized a of liquor from him hich was condemned upon his own tes This amont other latements he made he said that the quor was his and he was giving it away D A warrant was issued for his it beine pretty certain that he sed the liquor to influence a rime punishable by A CLOSE Careless Slother Gives lier Daughter Dose of Novj in preparing a tea for her aughter used stramonium in ead of princess The young lady ent to bed and shortly after was heard The mother went to her and jied to arouse but failing sent for a It was moro than half an our when the mother discovered her Emetics were used and Minnie as It was a close A dose stramonium is from one to three whereas the voung lady drank alf a cup of tea made from the THE JOKES ow of Sioux Faid for a X4ttle Sioux even ne Bob a Seventh street mer closed his store a few minutes to sit a neighboring barber shop for his egnlar weekly As was his cus he placed a card on the stating here he had gone and that he wonld oon Louie a friend nd came alongsoon nd seeing the card conceived a very unny He turned the card nd wrote on the opoosite Closed 11 and then smiled a largo nicy Unfortunately the laud happened and seeing the gn became alarmed and raadn a bee line or the sheriffs and stated the expressing his fears that Marshall ntended to Writs of attachments were Issued and accompaniedby two eputies the landlord returned to the ore to find Marshall attending to ie wants of numerous Ex lanations and who dropped around to see how his Joke was escorted to the sheriffs Bee where the costs of the services were figured paid hy vas a great but like raanyprac cal jokes it did not turn out jnst as Kettleson had The Charge Against Secretary CBIAR Daniels of the Order of tailway Conductors was asked about the sqnittal exgrand lesaid The charges of disloyalty to ie order were made againstWheaton irongh sympathy and the to njnre him any more than was necessa and ft was sympathy of his ersonal friends Tthat he was JKUIedjbythe Spectallto iLearyaswitchmanwasJkiHed while last eveningabout oclocft was twentytwo years of age and in Chicago prior coming where his mother now lage Basinets a the original package will be prosecuted under serious dUBcaltle In Aiont twenty of the leading men have combined to put the and they mean business Thnrs3 day morning one of the packaae by the name of Woods was arrested different and aftercontribn ting liberally toward the waterworks fund he promised to leave town and not come nack As soon MVotx case was disposed the authorities w rested a second package man name of who had been ducting his business on the sly for somes They managed to get eight dlfferi ent counts against and he pleadedg guilty to the first Unable to part the he has gone to jail and wife has applied to the county for s city to have another shoe wMcuwIHT begin operations on the 1st of The who will It are Bfron ifc who well known throughout the east factory will be started with V The gentlemen hava ample capital at their command to the new enterprise on a solid 1 and by the articles of the A new company Is to continue for ten t will require from now until the of January to remodel the part of the build ng they are to and the work is finished a fivehorse power elec tric motor will be put in to run the ma M Mormon la workmen engaged In digging the trenches for the bundation walls of the new union depot i this morning came tho rails of a building that tradition says ras once used for a powder house by the J The wall K about three fpet fe hick and nearly three feet longand h n excellent It is supposed he building fronted the river and ex ended back against the HAWK3YE THE SILENT October eport ot the deaf and dumb asylum at Council BlnHs shows the average f pupils to have been The ex f tne amounted to A DUCK OF A Stewart iving near is the prond pos of a duck with four In the aquatic sport In the sloaah near by the quadruple sidewheeler always comes out SOMETHING OF A POTATO he product of Bnena Vista veighing three and onehalf and which next spring will be worth its weight in is on exhibition at the Jewell JVKrror THE LATE SLEET Satur ays sleet storm extended over a wide xtent of In Council Bluffs the ccumnlation of frozen sleet was great hat the railway trains were nearly all elayed and the electric lights were icst of them put out by the ice on the A PASTOR of the oneregational church at Dnbuque were nrprised Sunday morning whenthe of thMr read from the Irown absent has accepted a call to Wash at a salary of per RAILWAY City ourrial The union meeting of the rder of Railway called ta e held yesterday in this was held s annonced and was a very The representation was very gen A large majority of the roads in jwa had representatives at the Minnesota and Dakota were also Although nona f the grand who were vere able to be In The pnr oses of the that of instructing ie members as to the of he was Bothfcre oon and were Methodist From tho Iowa State The First Methodist church of Dea dines voted last evening and made the jlendld record of 70 votes In favor of ie ladies to 22 That is abont ie fair average on a full vote of Iowa It is a record of honor or modern Iowa and is a chearing to know that he services of those who have so grandly pheld the Masters cause in lowasme tropolis have been given even laggard It Is feared that indifference n the subject will notfairly indicate the ense of tho the astern states the vote has been very The Lewiston Maine Journat ays the vote of ten churches then on ecord was 200 for to 11 against the dmission of the There Is onbt that if the subject was properly gltated the vote would be largely n favor of the The votlnic n the question will go on during the resent and the Register opes that Iowa will make a icord as a state in favor of the women fan the First Methodist church of Des Let there be a full vote and a air count In order that ful justice may i done to those who are the real pillars f Methodism and of all other The Modern the onvention of the Modern Woodmen of merlca the board of directors as reduced from eleven to of tree are to be from In appeal he cases are taken from the head consul nd placed In the hands of this executive The constitution was so mended that local camps will elect one elegate to state to be field at the apital and state camps will select elegates to head camps at a ration of ne delegate to five hundred Powderly Will be the general as jmbly of the Knights of Labor todayv ongratulatory telegrams were received rom various other bodies of and a delegation from X called and delivered an addressof elcome from a temperance rarlous reports were read and ees There is no talk yet of but it Is the universal feeling that Powderly will be Sentenced to Dishonorable SAX enant adjutant of the who embezzled laadjT unds has been found guilty and sen enced to a dishonorable dismissal fronvT he I Another Blow to Lotteries NEW boaref lanagers of the Adams Ex press company adopted a resolution making the4poss3 Ben department pplicationof the antilottery law applf able to pass er train on tho fa bridge between SalomiandiTuinec ral passengers ofo bly risaiii died oniey1 for as an

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