Wednesday, November 12, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - November 12, 1890, Burlington, Iowa Consequences of the New ork 5tock Goto tlie Wall With Great Silk fro after e of Howell was announced on They made an as TVilliam Nelson nbno of the largest on the ex was considered very Silid been identified for years movements of the Villard stocks generally considered Villards Cromwell said this afternoon Htics are about ten million tie assets at the present jnar lireely exceed that The s almost entirely to u loans made In the jss and are well suspension was the in the necessary amount rairhd in todays transactions were very ocessary to borrowseveral mill Iv firm had abundant col toflay lnd jt was not security but the inability Br ile It available that caused the Efltwas simply a matter of abso to get money on the best ig to the extraordinary mejstringency now As Parities are in the special line there on the part of the Srstosacrificethern on the market S a course would be If ore have the good judgment to securities they will be amply owhw eta of Decker Howell was me most prominent on the stock itoe It was identified not only Mi lie Villard stocks but with the Sard oil interests as well and also Sea accounts of some of the largest tadoperators in After their Sjre TCJS announced large sales for Wjiccount were made under the rule iie Edison general electric light it down PoinlsA larse ot Great iern common and prc Sorth fesiera Wisconsin Trade and ri Pacific were also causing a lion in those The canto Bad a Close Eumors of among banking institutions were incut all day but no one paid much they were thejusnal cmau Bocsolliear After the It was learned that three lite members of the New York Clear ig House had difficulty in Mint the claims of other banks against There was a balance against the tokofXorth American of ihial it was unable to The tteliante were the North Eiver and keMechanics and How the balance was created against the of Xorth America was a ling the flay the Mechanics and iders msSe its settlements with clear loose all right and the other two its received assistance from other ate in ihe association and pulled iragh all ripht At the Bank of North inerlcait was stated the trouble was recUjdueto the account of owell and now that the sorat of that bank was in a stronger bMonthan The most important ciorinthe developments was the scarc Bight up to the close It is in urgent and onehalf per legal interest was charged on This fact and the troubles of the inks caused a special meeting of the bring Eouse and after a ng session it was decided to appoint a including the with itoitrto issue clearing house loan itlBcaies in order to enable the banks receipts during tho same timeand I venture the assertion that there were before in times of peace such hew payments in the same space of A Victory for the ChicaBo Livestock E T the defendants from enforcntn prohibiting its members from with the The potot threatened to the entire business of the sJistlfyards by establish ing on a firm baMs the complainant com pany with a combination of formed to sell their own w Uhou a lowing brokers to handle The de cision was a decided victory for the the court holding the complain ants are socking to create a monoply by a combination to control the entire live stock marketThis being the case the plaintiffs can have no remedy in the court of which counot encourage the formation of monopolistic The complainants FAILED FOR A Collapse of the Great SUk Finn of John Sous NEW Walker bons Importers ot at 81 Pine made assignment to William of the firm of William Pyle In the same line of business at 54 Howard The assignment was drawn up last night and filed the first thing this morning in the county clerks No definite figures can be but it is certain that the liabil ities are about and the nom inal assets about composed of in merchandise and worth of accounts and bills of over is due from Nightin gale An attachment was issued this after noon against Nightingale silk of Patter for in favor of Walker Sons The assignee of the Walker firm said the attached firm owes them in It is said their liabilities will not exceed STANLEY ON THE Greeted Tiy a Urllllant Audieiico On His First Appearance In New NEW Stan the was tendered a recep tion tonight in the Metropolitan Opera New York society was repre sented by its best There were at least persons and they came to serve a double to welcome the hero of the jungle back to civilization and to assist financially tho convalescent home at New the managers of with Stanleys organ ized the Stanley was given for the evening and the balance of the which amounted in all to were given to the Chauncey Depew introduced Stanley with a warm commendation of his work and and the lecturer was warmly The title of the lecture was The Rescue of Emin Pasha the Forests Pigmies and the March Across the The lecture was extremely In the cousre of which Stan ley criticized Emin Pasha rather sharply for the fast and loose policy displayed after his IN COLLISION WITH CONFDENCE balances between them This action is expected to restore uplete The Canse of the is almost imlversil agreement among the lead igSew York bankers that the money tots recent range and tightness lethrongli artificial Funds ten locked taken out of the iry business kept out of all in order to carry forward a campaign of apprehen quotation The pro i lor deiring house un f needs up to nearly five of put to re i all these manipulating wnember of the clearing house rom largely Instrumental in the E about of this official said This ends the money t trouble loan rates will be normal ri the pinch is Fifteen Xew York Letter Harriers Find Themselves 111 a Bad NEW inves tigations instituted by Chief Post Office Inspector Eathbone he has learned that many post office principally let ter carriers were in collusion with green goods A rule of the department is that no carrier shall deliver letters that bear a suspicious address to the place to which they are The investiga tion convinced the Inspector that fifteen letter carriers at least were violating the In the cases ol seven of them proof was conclusive that they were In leacue with green goods and receiving pay for the many let ter carriers were withheld pending ac tion on their cases at May Split the bi ennial meeting of the head camp of the order of Modern Woodmen opened here The discussion of the internal dissension in the order will likely make the meeting a lively one and a split in the order is not The report of the head clerk shows 702 camps organized since last conven There are now members a gain of in two were paid out of the benefit fund and the bal ance on hand is THE the Outcome Chicago ght association Man remains after deducting the Union Paci fics locals for business M Union Pacific Should a general railroad freight war as is the farmers and shippers of the state will have an oppor tunity to ship goods to Chicago at lower A Railroad Pan Connplracy Unearthed A con spiracy has been unearthed among the brokers of passenger traffic of the Colum Hocking Valley and Toledo to de fraud the company by placing bogus passes and editors books in Two local ticket brookers have been ar Charles formerly chlei clerk to tho general passenger has made a Other arrests will f tlie Sugar Pratt iuornlni appointed as receivers of tgir trust General Henry Slo Henry Havemeycr and MSB Pratt directs that the to the receivers every or memorandum we 10 the propertv or business of WIT and their servants are to transfer and deliver to the rights of evidences of evidences of cer s of books of account and and The serv also directed to make full and receivers possession lilectric Lichts for Special to The HawkEyeJ is to have an electric light A committee ap BOinted for tho work is soliciting sub scriptions w stock with gratifying suc The city council will grant a fran chise and take lights for the entire The engine house will be located near the artesian well and will also be used as a pump house for the city water works Aledo is a prosperous city of two located in one of the rich est farming communities in the stato of and if it adopts the electric light system and continues to make develop Lto a beautiful metropolis of this section of Thinks He statements to facts in their that the receivers may be to settle the business of the he court orders the trustees Ij desist and refrain from any management or interference or property of the Irnm ciercising any power Otporatlons domposing the the removal from the ny Property of the except of Sa1d Corporations 7 and and continues toe original injunction restrain wntrgl Trust company from re n for each were begun in cir cuit court this afternoon by Albert Wlndom this evening that his latest from Wall street was that was improving with Indica tne worst is He de whether the treasury de would or would notdoany relief of the money that he was giving the mat Tho depart stand ready to redeem cent bonds to the extent of its ct hemselves against tho packers of Chicago and the Chicago board t there ma some to thfi relatlve inter of the differont yet as a whole we are on the same footing and would act together in self During the last few days I have received many letters from the packers of Iowa and tho and ttaro Is a friendly expression of opinion as to the necessity of united It is at a number of loth to make any suggestion or frankly state their opinion until tho close of the meeting of Western association and the result of the session is but I am satisfied that when the time comes all the packers west of the Mississippi river will be found working I think this will Include even as the packers there are located iu our cir cuit and subjected to the same schedule of This will make a very strong The western without dispose of more pro duct than all the Chicago packers com and in this fact we possess great If an association is It would be for the purpose of protecting ourselves against the discriminating rates of the Chicago Here at Sioux City we want the Omaha and the Omaha people want the Kansas City and in this way the identity of in terests will tend to bind us together and secure an equitable basis of rates if a change is on the the rate continues against us we will have to seek for another and the Galvcs ton route is the most natural and feasi ble one I have received a very encouraging letter from a party in terested In making this point a shipping There has been an appropriation of by the government for the improvement of that which promises to be one of the They have thirty feet of with twenty feet at tho entrance which will be cut thus giving plenty of water for the largest There is another important point in this connection that makes this route for the packers of the west very that is the difference in tho distance from western points as compared with lir It is 00 miles nearer to 400 to GOO to 400 to 250 to Loulsand TOO to Little These figures are import Although the distance by water for exportation Is yet the differ ence in distance by rail could more than equalize Therefore it can be easily seen that If Chicago roads refuse to grant the relief asked the packers have a way to get it by diverting the traffic to this southern i This arrangement would attract the stock of the west t Iowa and Missouri river where it could be transformed into the product and shipped to this new Considering these the western packers are not entirely at the mercy of the Chicago yet we hope tho mat ter may be arranged without serious THE GOVERNORS Xoveiuber Set Attlde as Thanksgiving Special to the HawkEycJ DES Governor Boles this afternoon issued the following proclamation In accord with the proclamation of the president of the United States and a custom established by our forefathers Horace governor of recom mend that November be set apart as a day of giving thanks to Almighty God for the blessings of peace and plenty so generally vouch safed to us during tho year that is now drawing to a and in pursuance of the recommendations in the proclamation I hereby invite the people of this state on that day to cease from their and meet in their accustomed places of worship and around their own firesides and render thanks to him who is the author of all our blessings and humbly invoke his protection in the In I have hereunto set my hand and caused the great seal of ihe state of Iowa to be this llth day of HOKACE CALLED FROM Pleasant Mourns the Deatli of Special to The Henry coun ty has again been called to mourn the loss of a prominent and one until within a few seemed to have many additional years of useful lifeopen Ingout before Hon Andrews died yesterday at his home in the vicinity of this Judge Andrews has had a large share in the public matters of our county since his return from His home was in Henry county before the Joining the loyal sons who followed the flag into the rebellious ho served with and at tho close of the rebellion settled in Little REPUBLICANS ARB HAPPY The Entire Stalo Ticket Kleoted bj Gooi Special to THE DES Republicans are feeling very good this evening over the certainty of the election of the entire republican state Including Luke for railroad The vote on the later is very close and the indications ars that Luke will have about three hun dred The vote of several counties has not been received yet and there may bo some change In the tele graph figures when the state board of canvassers open the returns in But these changes areasjjfc ble to be in Lukes favor as against The magin is so small that a few votes can change the but taking tho majorities reported in the counties where a full vote has not been Lukeis This defeats the democrat who has held office under republican rule for a score or more of An analysis of the vote shows JJeys strength coming from railroad and the farmers who voted for him would not do so Official returns from 97 counties and unofficial from Hardin and Mitchellgive McFarland for secretary of Chamberlin McFarlands The whole republican state ticket is The pluralities are attorney gen judge of the supreme clerk of the reporter of the railroad Official KetuniH from Louisa Special to Tho Morofiso The follow ing are the official returns from Louisa county on the state ticket 1714 6W d loco 1 y p IS Auditor of CM d 1020 1 5 p IS Treasurer of r G93 d 1031 1 a p is Attorney General r 1713 1021 1 15 p IS Supreme Judge Secrptary of State McFarlnnd r 1714 r 1711 1030 1 85 p is Clerk Supremo Court r a 1017 1 R5 p IS Reporter Supreme r 171C His Annual Report to the Knights of Labor in Tariff Discussions la A New York Central Strike Touched Methods ofFntnre well known and widespread agenciesfor evils and it is certainly not wise to em barrass its execution by strained or un natural in reaching after practices not thought of as motive for its enactment HUB WILIi the MorrH 65 18 Railroad 70 18 District 580 630 John 1L 047 John 17 Constitutional Against Coming Meetings at Hush Special to The Williams announces that next season there will be three meetings held at Hush The summer meeting will bo held the first week in The great meeting will take place the last week of and the Indian summer meeting the last week of Purses for the summer and Indian summer meetings will bo S100 and S500 At the great meeting will he offered in stakes and purses and 000 more for Nine stakes have fceen four and fiveyearold trotters eligible to and purses in the class races will vary from to With this amount of money hung the meeting cannot fail to sur pass anything ever held in the A Deserved Special to The HawkEyeJ DKS important change today in the Iowa State Register force was the advancement of Cyrenius who has had charge of local mat to the position of managing editor Dawson to local editorship and Beckwell as assistant This ad vance of Cole is a deserved promo He began working on the Register as one of the reporters and by diligont and faithful service has achieved great He is a young man of great promise and ability who will yet be heard from in general assembly of the Knights of Labor con vened this morning with about two hun dred delegates General Master Workman Powderly his annual ad after which ihe assembly ad journed until A public re ception was tendered the delegates this at tor upon at which several thousand people Powderly in his annual report touching on the economic policy of the In part We have as an adopted tariff or anti tariff clause in our preamble and I do not advise such a thing We throw opeu the doors of our assemblies for this great problem so the members may become educated inthe basis principles oC protection and free I recommend that on and after the first of January it shall bo per missible forlocal assemblies to discuss the question which will bring the greatest good to the greatest number tariff or free Thus we do not commit the order to either school and yet allow onr mem bers to take up for discussion and agita tion that vital Upon the ques tion of maintaining legislative commit thought if the assembly decided to maintain them it should also decide what measures they shall advo cate how far may 40 and with whom they may so they may not be considered the legitimate prey of every faction and political Powderly dwelt at length upon the New York Central He in part The individual effort in the direction of amelioratinc the conditions that were not easy of endurance had proved abort The public officials were appealed to here and but nothing ever carao of The public from Buffalo to New with a few honorable under the iniluence of the Vanderbilt With the chosen servants of the public traveling on with the editors of papers along the road subsidised in the same it became impossible for workmen to get tho public ear or place their grievance before the officials of the company with out subjecting themselves to Referring to tho visits of committees of men to railway Powderly said The idea of meeting oaa level of equal ity with the employes for the purpose of discussing terms of agreement was re pugnant to whose aristocratic ten dencies were given birth beneath the shadow of the honse of Vanderbilt and means to put a stop to these Importunities were sought A plan of picking oft the spokesmen in order to terrify others was resorted to and one after another was discharged in hope that the lesson would bo of practi cal value to the company in terrorizing the rank and Referring to his cor respondence with Master Workman Powderly says Many malicious persons and papers presumed to interpret my lan guage as being in favor of a conspiracy to get up a strike either during the presi dential year or when the worlds fair was in What I said that if our organization could be kept up until the worlds fair the New York Central would not be able to refuse any just con Those who saw conspiracy in that sentence if they were say that no such concession should be re used in any I am opposed to trikes my views on the subject are ell known but if men are to gain any hing they must be organized they must e prepared to even though we ever do If we must have ten we should prepare for them and not low every subordinate to rush the or er into them at a moments notice with ut If 1893 should bo the cst year to gain what is just and right nd proper for labor and a flat refusal lould be given at that would be le best to and not at a time hen no preparation had been Powderly advocated for both sexes le acceptance of an invitation to send clegates to the next Farmers Alliance onvention and the cooperation of vnights of Labor with various railroad rganizations in the work of a OLD PHOBS Major McKInley Confident tlut Tariff LawWill Yet Mc Klnley arrived in Chicago this morning and is stopping at his sisters house rest ng after his hard He talked freely to an associated press reporter tonight on the results of the recent elec tion andreferring to the new tariff law In If it had much to do with the republican losses it Is not because of the law but because of the misunderstanding of Its provisions among the people and the studious efforts of the free traders at home and abroad to The alleged marking up of prices was the most toiling agency of the The law was less than a month old when the election Its effect could not be felt or shown by actual experi Falsehood took the place of fact and imposed upon tho credulous Goods were said to have gorfe up in prices which had been placed free list in the new law and manyarticles where duties had been reduced were said to have gone all because of the uew Time alone will vindicate or condemn the Mis representation and deception will no longer now that the elections are Those who care to know its exact provisions can do so by an examination of the law removed from partisan The inmy said Major will stand by pro They always have when the isiue has been presented The major refused to anything as to the policy of the republican party at the coming session of congress or the of tho party for the next A CATHEDRAL MANGIED1ND Awful Collision and on a British Ten Dead Eight Wreck Catcher Fire and Six of the Poor f Are Slowly Boas ted to j arstlnto the room 1 y the broken leg dragged him gala breaking the fractureSfBaltoft eized a hammer endeavored tab defendelhin vigorously and joined getting off theChamme nd using it her Then the police came In and ght they found fatally alio Is in a serious condition and I allo Is slightly MIND READER JOESSTONES Tascott is supposed to be in Filed a Jfotlce of n d has filed a notice of out is not ready to make tion in the celebrated vestibulea p to the holders of Tho secretary said wat the recent heavy disburse nced the available surplus and it was a question in his this small working balance urther reduced with safety ness of the It Is banks hold but he did not disturb those deposits at Pknation of the small secretary said that during July 19 last the date of inviting proposals for the i to October there was rvm tne treasury Purchase of bonds and and on ac to ot nearly for the purchase of the total amount ol i circulation the matter Fifteen Persons Injured In Newshas just been e the Old Colony but it several Frei Nv J ght at today rf Here his abilities and manly worth found appreciation and he was a prominent republican during the Arkansas He served as police judge in that city for some but becoming dissatisfied with the general condition ot affairs in that he returned with his family to this county and settled upon his farm near His earnest republicanism and public spirit made him a working factor in all our county He was three times elected county clerk and filled the position with great satisfaction to our He was a strong grand armv and at his death was senior vice commander of McFarland Post at this city He also served as president of our county Soldiers He was a successful farmer and was active at our Farmers and by his fellow farmers was of ten pressed into prominent place in their offices and regarded as one of their most efficient In the Methodist church ho was highly andI Ms working excellent judg ment and Christian worth were constant y Sd into active service in church work He was a manly unassuming yet faithful and a firm friend and hearty His deaft is the occasion for private and public His funeral occurs to mUorrow at his late RAILROAD An importont Order Concerninc In Special to The HawkEyeJ man 01 Bock Mil A Proposed Special to The DBS An effort is be ing made to have city council grant a charter to Kauffman and Hippee to maintain and operate works for supplying and transmitting heat and power to public and private This will un doubtedly be The improvement to be Introduced will be steam heat plpec from the power house of the electric railway all over the city at about the of Was to lie Special to The Will N whose accidental death while oui duck hunting Saturday was noted in THE HAWKEYE this was aver popular young man He was a graduate from Simpson Indiano last and was engaged to marry Miss Cheshire of Command to pub liver and and comfort of all wh authoritytbeeastern conn Union Pacific j Thi young lady is terribly grieved at his sad Assignment of a McFar made a voluntary assign ment yesterday to Frank hi The other banks tenderec assistance to but the offer were The bank has deposit aggregating about and Me Farland is said to have worth o so the depositors do not fee The Oldest Operator Resigns Hoyt who has been manager of tho Wester Union Telegraph here for an who was the third operator in the worl to read by resigned his position and today was relieved from H was the oldest operator in Pears soap secures a beautiful complexion To BemoTe a County board o supervisors of Union county today or dered the county seat transferred fro the removal wl be completed this Beeonams law mamo on Bishop Ghnrch on Wheels on exhibition at cathedral on wheels was the novelty on exhibition to day at the Baltimore and Ohio It was built by the Pullman company for Bishop William Walker of the Episcopal diocese of North who will travel in it from one little town to another along the different railway lines up there and give the settlers the ad vantages of church Bishop Walker was kept busy all day today entertaining the visitors who called to see his new When I began my labors in the dio cese ot North Dakota six years said I saw what a useful thing a car like this would and so determined to have It is the only thing of the kind in the I There are very many little towns along the railroads In which it would be a waste of capital just now to build I shall travel through those stopping a day or two at each and give the not only hut of all denomi to go to The exterior of the car looks like that of tho ordinary Pullman except that it has a gothic projection on each sideto make it look something like a car is sixty feet in length and of the ordinay At one end is an apartment about ten feet in used by the bishop as a and immediately adjoining it is the raised platform serving as a at the right of which is the In the center ol the platform stands a richly carved altar bearing on its face the words Agnus At the left is the bishops chair surmounted by a mitre and ornamented on the back with a sunken At the right is a lectern of bearing a largo and richly bound The altar is the gift of the Episcopal church at New and nearly everything else iu the car was contributed by church or individuals in different parts of the The organ was tho gift of the young ladies of the Church of Heavenly in New The cflmmucion service was given by James of who is the bishops Bishop Walker will leave for the north west with his rolling cathedral tomorrow or the next He will go direct to whence he will start on a tour of tho small has been re ceived here of a terrible accident on the Great Western railway at Fitz Warren near this A heavily laden goods train was rnn Into by a special passenger train from Plymouth which was conveying to London the passenger from tho Cape of Good Hope who has arrived by the steamer Norham Ten persons are reported killed and eight several The utmost anxiety prevails among those who had relatives or friends on the Norham Castle to as certain the names of the The railroad company relieQtrains with a large number of phy siciitnson board to the scene of the dis S The tiftin consisted of four coaches and carried 200 It was pitch dark and a drenching rain was failing when at two the running at the rate af fifty miles an dashed by the little Somershire village and into destruc The sigual man on duty had for gotten that the heavily laden Great Western goods train was standing on up track to permit of the down mail pass Ing on its wayin as it The danger signals were not displayed to the engineer of the nncomlng and with all the impact and momentum of its weight and tremendous speed the doomed train hurled itselt upon the goods train in its The force of the collision was such that the moment of the con tact the first coach of thespecial was litteraly smashed into Almost immediately after the collision sparks from the engine furnace commu nicated to the debris and the horror of fire was added to the terrors of the catas tropheBefore anything could be done toward rescuing them six of the occu pants of the first who had es caped in the awful slowly burned to dtatk in the presence of fel low human beings who were powerless to release them from the which gradually enveloped and lowly con sumed their One of the passen gers who had been killed at the moment the trains came together presented a ghastly his head having been severed from his body as cleanly as though it had been done by the guillo Furious Gales on the Xrlsh furious gale pre vails along the Irish and Welch coasts and quantities of wreckage have been washed There is an incessant of rain and the mountain streams became torrents and in the Fest iniog district swept away a number of the workmans Patrick IJolaney serving a sentence of life imprisonment for implication in the Phoenix Park mur and who appeared as a witness for the Times before the Parnell has been released from Chief Justice Cplericlge Chief Justice Coleridge has recovered and will resume his Gold national bank of Brazil has shipped pounds in gold to its London The gold i due in London early in Grand Unke Nicholas Duke Nicholas is about to be transferred from Yalta to his residence Hi doctors declare he is incurably He tho AUe Expose of SOUTH ATei nder the mind gav performance at the opera housela tght before a goodsized ommittee consisting of some of the ost prominent lawyers and usiness men in the city was chosen he Johnstone gave a perfoi nee and freely discussed the socalled oseof andoffe d hU forinspection The committee gave thentamostthorS ugh inspection and expressed themselve as thoroughly satisfied that there was n raud connected His performance complete xploded the theory of Johnstone dispensed m a measurqVitl tis hood and gave difficult testa 3 8POKTIH8 JUDGE AND JDKY eneral Creeley Thunder Storms are More Destructiveof Ufe Than Torna annual uport of Chief Signal Officer General reeley says there has been a decided mprovernent in the condition and ef Iciehcy of the army as regards the sig ial The most Important event n connection with the work of the sig lal corps has been the unprecedentedly uccessful establishment and mainte nance of the elaborate system of hollo graph signalling in the department of a longer distance being attained haa Referring to the veather branch of the service General reeley says duties devolving person ally on the forecast officer permit less ban one quarter of a minute on an aver age in which to formulate and express the forecast for a state district regarding any ological such as weather tem eraturo and Karely can a minute e given to predictions for any particular state or Notwithstanding ail the there were only fourteen oc casions last year on which severe cold waves were not ninetyeight aer cent of all important waves be ng Speaking of General Greeley says it appears from the data on hand that in no state may a de structive tornado be expected oftener than on an average of once in two and that tho area over which the total destruction can be expected is even in the states most liable io these violent General Greoley believes this matter of great public im portance and desired to impress upon the people at large how small are the chances of personal or loss of pro perty in this In ne says tornadoes arenot so destructive of life as thunder tVuothor Letter Received nt Woodstock Concerning the ISemrell letter concerning the Bcnweil muder has been signed dated In effect it says I am a member of a conspiracy which dealt with moneyed Englishmen who were brought out here to be robbed of their The letter goes 011 to say the scheme was in working order previous to Birchells coming to this and four of the party were at the swamp when Benweil and Birchell came along on February They met them and tried to induce Benweil to swear to as sist them in the business or he would be Benweil would not listen and we shot him and cut his name from his We then told Birchell to got out of the country and gave him what articles we had taken from We told Birchell we had chloroformed and he did not know ho had been The writer says Assure as Birchell not one board shall be left of the build ings of the jurymen who sent him Wo have Judge McMahon and should we have to wreck a train to mur der him we will and wo notify him of the death awaiting him and the jurymen If Birchell be it will make two men executed for our besides one undergoing life im Birchell continues to pro test his Lnrge Tobacco House large tobacci factory In this city was burned today causing a loss of Ton thousam persons are made The EmperorH Gift to Frankfort tele gram says the emperor has made a per sonal gift of to Professor Koc and another of the same amount to endow a national institute for the production o anticonsumption lymph used in Koch An at NEW Guatemala consul general of this city received a via stating that a local uprising had taken place at Teguicl capital of against the President Bogram re ceiving1 the support of the rest of the re Order and complete peace pre vailed in Guatemala and the rest of the Central American all favoring neutral position in the which is looked upon as unimportant and purely ZTFIYFIVE PEASANTS oft and Ids five furlongs Ora LinlitbJ gow Corrinne Kmney thlrdj Second and wards six furlongs Polemus At Icus Grey Cloud third 1SK Third and up wards Bankrupt P third Fourth five fur ongs W Sitney Vortex Rose Howard third Fifth eleven ilxteenths of a mile Tobin Peuate son Maggie B third rTase National Players league began its annual fail meeting here this all cl ubs Boston was awarded ihe A lengthy discussion was had on the question of Representatives of the Pittsburgr and New York clubs announced they had entered into agreement satisfactory to both sides and that next there would be but one club In of those A RACE TRACK GUESSING Matinee tickets this Attorney General Miller Says They Do Not Come Undef the AntiLottery response to the invitations made by Postmaster General Wannamaker under date of tober as to whether advertise ments in newspapers of guessing con tests in Its various phrases are in viola tion the revised statues as amended by the antilottery act of September 1890 Attorney General Miller has sub mitted an opinion in which he holds in the The attorney general In the course of a lenghty opinion If the offers were not made in good faith it would be a scheme for obtaining money under false Being made in good the gifts are doubtless offered with a purpose of increasing directly as as well as indirectly the sales of those newspapers and rendering its business of increased value to who offer the It is clear the state is directed against only such enterprises as dependent upon lot or It will hardly be contended that the enterprise under consideration was dependent upon Nor 13 it de pendent upon chance within the meaning of the In conclusion it may not be improper say framed with a view to the suppression of certain Dawson Shot Dead in View ot Thou sands of was a most sensational tragedy at the race track here The grand stand was packed with women and the conclusion of the gentlemens of Ala one of the left his sulky and went behind the judges In a few seconds the crowd was startled by the report of a pistol and saw Dawson pursued by three men who were firing at In a minute Dawson got his revolver out and began returning the but soon fell and His three assailants were quickly They are Dick and Robert Howard and their James They were not The tragedy was the outcome of a family Dawson having married and deserted a sister of the Both parties have many friends and there is much excite The Howard party refuse to Alcohol Dntr treasury department has decided that pure alco hol is dutiable at the rats of ten per cent ad valorem without regard to the use for which it is This will prevent the importation of free of duty of alco the use of scientific or educa tional Save all you both and by using Bulls Cough 25 People refuse to be imposed but they dont refuse Salvation Oil for25 l A Sentence presi dent has commuted toseven months Im prisonment instead of year imposed In the case of Simon convicted inlllinofs for CatarriT is not a local but a constitutional and requires a constitutionalremedy A Blelancholy DUaater Near ferryboat was capsized near Bisztsitz today and fifty five peasants were It was overloaded with wagons and Want Free American secretary of agriculture is in receipt of a commu nication from Minister of Copenha in which Carr states a petition was recently presented to the Banish govern ment by leading importers of Copenha asking It to remove the restrictions against American Carr adds that the opinion is generally entertained in Denmark that In the near future Ameri can pork will be admitted to all the coun tries of Propose a Klsld NEW Nov Obern today received a letter from the secre tary of the Interior enclosing a letter fromActing Indian Commissioner both fully endorsing the generals views as to the advisability of holding a rigid investigation in regard to the treatment received by Indians who were in Europe with wild west Slain by a Bos well a prominent physician and farmer of this was shot and killed by a negro this No cause is known for the Excite ment Is intense and armed men are scouring the country In search of the Governor Campbell Campbell is much improved today and it is believed that all danger of an attack of pneumonia has He was able to sit np for a short time this Contractor Sulli a wealty suicided today while temporary insane from ill Tears for a VirebagI MuzI the Geneva was sentencee to five years in the penitentiary by the Kane county circuit court this A Divorced BusbantVs CmcAGof lllfWilllam Miller and his Albert a divorced were to have marriedtoday pected obstruction Jn the the divorced husbandl A time ago Miller fell u ladder Killed In an Election Smith and three brothers named Jenkins had a difficulty on election Smith met the Jenkins boys last night accompanied by their father and the trouble was Smith being the All drew their revolvers and a general ade After the smoke cleared away it was found that Smith was dead with a dozen bullets in his man Jenkins is probably fatally and ona of the sons slightly Socialists Indulge in socialists ng held nearKavenna today in a fight in which revolvers and knives V were freely One man was killed J and others Saloona Xiicensed in saloons t in Creston have been licensed at the of 875 a montk to sell drinks not pro hibited by Nine saloons have been Died of MASOX Mary who was terribly burned a died Unexpected development of JTew of parlor car en route to a and The who Is returnim from a business trip to New Is of en certain bnt handsome and welt The twentyeight of and fashionably time is it minutes past How quick ly time I wish that a timo as this could last fornver She Tbumust not talk like thatr I remember now yon told me to call you Gawge after a I dear I What can you think v of me now He do I think of you You know only too to think that only day when we both got on the train i Hoboken we were perfect strangers absolutely indifferent to each other He speak of the past well It must be See how things come If I had not been called to New York away from my daughter who Is visiting He If we had not both got on the wrong train and had to wait over night in Binghamton T should not be the ri us forget la a few minutes we shall be In Syracuse and there we must part I everything at Give me your word of honor that from the moment you leave sg this car you will this the color of my sound of my i too have a confession to j I am married and am rejoining my wife in still we may At least give me your L noj I dare not see yo He persuasively and Then tell me who you are that T avoid you and not embarrass you by pearlng in your She with apparent my name is her I am a widow with ona married daughter whose husband I He shows signs of violent What is the matter de Gawge He grasping for joi say Gaybody She why He rolling under Jupiterf My motherlnlawl at door Syracuse Twenty minutes for Town How Beware Colda are Broken ITp n From the Whea we find medicine we knowteSI possess genuine conslrersifraj and we take pleasure In public v Such found Chamberlains when la grippe was prevail We are satisfied thatwe warded oft s eral attacks that wero j threatening t the use of this and a few severoicold and la the course of two orHhreei entirely them up have several of onr friends jt have recommended It represented to be by thejmaL It have a cough sect Chamberlains Cough Jfot sale byjtan by the that feetllong has never cestors came tfom trylT replied comin

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