Sunday, November 9, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - November 9, 1890, Burlington, Iowa SUNDAY NOVEMBEK PRICE 15 CENTS Somethingto Serve Christ 5 More Not jn Follow sot to Follow Him is to SoalTHere our aafc the warning words to the great inulti Many in these ivliat was involved followers of Such owing leads inevitably to r when tlie hour of temp it is proper to point out of our Lord are not so as they If the price rSjesnsesicts from his followers ap real what shall we say of the bvthe world Jesus de L0 to count the cost of to be sure before they begin irill be able to He to he tells Ulf hearted A man can Jmnehis disciple until he is ready that men ordinarily call S earthly things that ho may be Tta hate father and jjioihcr and aA children and brethren and vea and his own life to many a hard but Jiitnot to be more frequently urged attention There is too much iy of the sharp angles of lays too great an effort of life as broad and wav that leads to de the oilier hand no good making the truth loubtless risen from many childish lips and hearts to ttroneaboye We comment our and girls on the dav Now 1 wake and see the rrisOodivhokoptmethrouithnni To Him I lift ay voice and p4 l5bt That ho will keep ma tluoiih iin If I should dio before SS accept me lhrouch thy The Spjrifn Glom the earth with autumn Pale and cloudless TiriliEht shadows ntcalinc down Change to gray tho russet brown Wrapt to Enow the earth rests now Silver flashes light the brow Peaco themict heart is auinV Faith its every fear i 1 Items of Interest From Secret Societies t In Sew w and mil be MVB Stories New Orleans is coming into nany years the hopes of i only whole hearted an mind and purpose Bnt this is no more than The TOlTaemBiids iif any who would pros iB its The man who chooses as his rail iu Be must he prepared to tenlrrof mini and My to the attain ment of his and tu hate every fthv eke that to esteem all other fete as of no comparative This Ssres to sacrifice everything for fee one chosen aim is the price of snc ess and not ten men fail of eminence because they lack ability where a thoa jand fail because they lack this single ness of But men never com plain of 1hc price that the world EliejfreelyEacrificeall to gain wealth or Fame it is only when the same is iie Mine of religion that and hold Anil there is this further cousidera tion that cannot overlooked by one Ttho mil weigh the whole question be fore deciding that however much it costs to tea follower of Jesus it costs far more nottofollow To follow him one lie ready to give np the whole not to follow him is to lose ones And what is a man profited if he the whole world and lose or forfeit Ms own self The devil exacts a far jteater price of his servants than the followers of Jesus are required to He not only requires and usually re ceives as great singleness of purpose and unfaltering zeal in this brief but also the sacrifice of the life to And yet multitudes who exclaim against demand of onr Lord as harsh and unreasonable yield without a murmur tie far greater claims of Can IKail HIBible In TOm nenry if Bridge sits down to read his Bible a person watching him might think he tod a pile of thin ieilar boarjls in his and as he Turns leaf after leaf they crackle and fall with a Another rcmarkaWe thins about Stevens Seraph songs nro faintly choeriac Into life the sours dull hearing Hark tbe strains are deeper Higher soars the spirit lioundinc Chains no longer downward irclghinr Earth no power holds of stayinc Human eyes in light nro flamim Glory unto glory race to face each ransomed one Baptured views the crystal throne Songs of many voices of the Seas of glass in radiant Myriad harps sold mirrord Bhoir love is Heavenly love iloth here long sung in Blimd in Joy the glad refrain Xn tlie realm forever iougiiiff spirits find their Cherubim and seraphim Swell tlie grand triumphal sing Triune the mighty Kins Castleman iu A prooA heart and a lofty mountain STB never Riches Tho load of them tha love of them the loss of them tor of The soul is the life of tho faith is the life of the and Christ is the I owed and much more I did believe that I did nothing And lived Sly creditor Believes and lets me The Bible warns us against the do ceitfulness of and there is good reason for tho Sin always promises more than it and al ways allures its victim into that which is sure to be an evil to The simple truth is that sin is notoriously and habitu ally a liar and this fact every one at last finds ont who makes sin the chosen com panion of his It will surely lead him to Ms own It is a great mistake to suppose that we believe what wo do not actively and consciously The condition of many is to do neither the ons nor the They do not think of Gods word as true or They simply think noth ing about it and care nothing about This purely negative condition of mind leads to a course of life that has all the evil properties of conscious and active It is a state of indifference that treats religion as if it had no claims on the It is a noteworthy circumstance that the first Japanese elected on the 1st of last contains ten Chris or one in thirty of the whole num ber of The Christians were elected in tho face of much opposition to them onaccount of their It has been well said that it is a re ligious duty to perform all real civil da and that it is not a civil duty to perform religious Civil society is an appointment of and he re quires obedience to its subject to the qualification that these laws are not inconsistent with his He does authorize civil society to pre scribe and enforce the duties which men owe to Tho moment it attempts to do this it exceeds its and be comes an An international temperance congress was recently held in Nor The president of the After the Masons of and temple n r ests U carried ont with the MP well inaitaited on the I rst story on Charles street will be all glass with the main entrance in the protected by a five foot balcony running along the whole A turret will rise from floor to above tlie roof on a col nmu at the street serving as bay window to the corner room on each But the main feature will be the large treble and quadruple windows flllcd with rising to the height of the fourth and fifth The roof will be high and deco rated by numerous dormer windows and and the whole fiuisheu by a lau bekab decree also increased iUBia mem Up to 1SSO the degrees were numbered nnd named or White degree or Covenant degree or Boyal Blue degree or Remembrance and or Scarlet InlSSO the degrees were revised and reduced to three in the subordinate The first is the degree of Friendship the Degree of Brotherly Love the Degree of The term initiatory degree is used simply to designate the first step in the A lodge was recently instituted in San in which the charges in the ini tiation were giveo Louis has oue of the wealthiest lodges in the world lodge 5 that city has in the being in government A lodge has a full or chestra composed of mcmbersof the Salt City has four two en camptuents and and is the head quarters for the grand lodge ahdgrand en No Mormons dle of CONCERNING An Interesting Dissection of the Subject by uarrtlK of Onnrrels of Comradeship Man anl IIlB mill Her RED TEE PROPOSED tern turret rising from thc center of the building to the height of ICO feet from the Visitors will be able to survey the city from a balcony around the Ian tern 120 feet from the The ground floor will be occupied by four The main entrance will be in the middle of the Charles street The second floor will be devoted entirely to eleven The third floor will cor respond with the second except that the space of two of the ofliccs will be taken up by the 34 by 03 with vvida windows at each end and the lined with The fourth floor will con tain three lodge of which the grand by GO will occupy the cor The anteroom will be like the li 21 by 53 Tue fifth floor will bo devoted to the commanderies and Scottish rite and corresponds with the fourth in its general The chapter aud commandcry rooms and the given room have vaulted ceilings from 21 to 23 feet and are lighted by the upper traccricd portion of thc treble and quadruple large tbe chapter 31 by occu pying the corner and having an ample gal lery over tbe It is separated from the commanderics by a hall reaching to Charles On vhe details of this floor much attention was given by the committee to hive it One or more artesian wells will provide the water needed for general The grand lodge has decided upon ex pending the sum of on thc new Loads in California stands eighth in fourth in tribal fourth in relief of its fourth in re sixth in the amount paidj for the burial of its tenth in money in its wampum fourth in total investments ninth in its per capita tax to the great council of the United Pennsylva nia stands at the head of the list in every Several new Chieftains leagues are shortly to be instituted in Superior Recorder of Massa writes that Chieftains leagues in that fctate are having a and that a number of new leagues will soon be insti Minnetonka of Philadel has moved into a new wigwam at the corner of Third and Thompson anil is iu an excellent and flourishing con Petitions have been received by the great chiefs Pennsylvania for a tribe to lo cated at Franklin Susquehanna and for a tribe to be instituted at Hobomuk known as the Masonic has over 100 candidates waiting to be Thc new tribe to be instituted at New will start with a membership of The lull in the work of instituting tribes in Indiana and Miissachusetts is only tem and in a few seven sans the great chiefs will have plenty of work kindling new council Tribe has doubled its membership during the past seven A new tribe will soon bo instituted in San I have said a good deal at one time ana another about claiming for it perhaps the highest place in the scale of tho happiness of mind for the delirium of love brings a rapture which friend ship never But on the other hand all love is of the nature of la It seizes it clings it rapidly attains a domi nation over the whole before which every other sensation and then it Its rise it attains its during which some victims and all fancy they are going and it begins to slips from one hoKl to an and finally leaves the system but for no bodysoon loses all remembrance of and in turns again and snch is and snch is not the devoted and immaculate friend of Pere A friendship is young ammresh at the end of thirty but many a love dies of old age at the eml of three ing And never was n truer say KNIGHTS OF 1 du uut intend to speak of the charms of but rather of its pains and of the falling out with ones friends rather than of the harmony of ixinUuii satisfac that is every for men do not know much that cant be expressed by algebraic but all women know that the person of whom they are fondest is the person with whom they art most apt to and this rule governs both love anu It is one of the fiueer anomalies of womans nature that what she most val ues is that with which she finds most sensiDle her re proaches upon jealous care for her friends reputation with Of course I can understand and make bnt I do hate to have yon give other people such a handle for gos sip or hate to see you appear stupid or or whatever the peg may be called upon which the quarrel is to be If stagethe male friend had the intuition that male friends never do and you understand and it really dont mat ter what other people the quar rel would be nipped iu the the craving woman never altogether subjected the would be satis fied and the cloud on the horizonwould turn pink and sail away ont of Bnt instead of this the man will either stare aud What nonsense What do for the opinion ofa pack of fools or he will defend in trenching a position he really never meant to simply because it is at and if he is a very nfannish kind of a man will end in persist ing in opinions an hour before he never dreamed The preserving the finely ju dicial aud sensible tone she has generally falls into irony at this and reminds her friend of sundry mis takes he may have made in times and often commits the terrible error of wounding thu self love aiut self esteem which are to most laeu a good deal more valuable than any friend who ever She is made aware of her error by an ominous change in her companions man From being a little brusque aud rather he sud denly becomes very and meets the womans needle points of irony with the bludgeon blows of a mans The quarrel U now handsomely estab even if the wouian is wise enough to close the conversation at this point arscl trust to Time to bring all things back to their previous But Time after only a time He throws some hasty drapery over wounds committed to him for cure and calls the The wound does heal after a good but it leaves a scar aud a callous place that never has any feeling and sometimes there is the actual loss of leaving a cavity where once has throbbed the liv ing it is a poor plan to call Time K3 surgeon to wounds of the GOODMEN WANT GOOD ROADS Letters Prominent Paople on Improvement of All Fmvor Any Movement Igniting to JSetter Subject to bo Up by Various Legis Thin were sent om not rong ago from New York by Isaac Potter to prominent men of the conn try on the subject of roads improve Following are from a few of the many replies sliow how great is the interest novrfelt in this important matter by representa tive men governor of Nebraska 1 am heartily favor of any movement which maylead to the im provement of our and hope that your efforts in that direction may meet with Bradford governor of New Mexico 1 will be glad to cooperate in any measures that may be James governor of Pennsylvania Our last legislature au thorized the appointment of a committee to tKe subject and report tc the next I hope some practi cal results will be Our com mission is in the main goad and I agree upon tome common practical basis for road improve George secretary of the state of Oregon As good roads are the best evidence of a good state of better roads in onr country will be evidence of progress and im provement which every good citizen should There is no tax which yields such good results for tho invest ment as a road tax carefully It is the interest of the and es pecially of the producers who need cheap that there should be a general improvement in our methods of making and maintaining public I shall be pleased if 1 can in any way as road improvement will do Ofit Isaac in thethlcfcjj t itr says THefKichardson bin which trodnced in the senate last open the campaign again this I consider its chances for success g Last winter it received numerical I in the lackingonly votes of the necessary twothirdsf Last session it the bnt if it passes the E this it wiu go to the assembly with a vengeance and the Borne of the most influential r telligeht men in that It practically carries ont the i tions made by Governor Hill in Ms latest annual message calling for a constitutional loan to be raised on the credit of the and payable in The money thus obtained to blfeevoted to the construction maintenance of country exactly f in line with the npliey which Hill advocated as follows Ithas been suggested that the states should proceed to construct every county two highways running in different directions each about thecenter such of a complete general ithose ineac county to reading his Bible is that he needs no light to search tlie Scriptures and it is not necessary for him to look at the He has the heaviest and queerest Bible in He is a deaf and blind soldier of tae Siswonderful Bible was to iimliy the American Bible and It cost J2S to produce tlie book for It is in eight with embossed and he reads it by feeling tie letters yet he is apt and quick at that kind of The whole eight vohmes are quite a lift for a man ol or dinary Each volume is 1SJ niches 12 inches wide and about 0 inches Pile the volumes one on another and tlie aggregate thickness of thestactisS feet and S Alto EKhcr there an1 leaves in the on each one of which is a full page of raised ia 51 years anS begm to study raised letter readinj less than three jears He isnowa ready York Tinyurslioii of An rachange makes light of the idea ttattlieremaybp danger in the tubes rf the It holds that there is no danger in the barbers chair or the wish room or door The utensils are usedfor dif t the same and all of people handle the same dooi the director general of the Norwegian Corps of said in his opening address so far as Nor way is the battle has been fought on Christian Moral apart from are prac tically unknown in and tem perance workers have found it necessary to go forward in Gods asking for his blessing on their United States Indian agent in the Indian with jurisdiction over many thousand In in a recent report gives great credit to the Christian missionaries for the moral advancement of the five His report shows that the Bap tists Methodists and Presbyterians have invested large sums in church that the number of churches and schools their supervision has been greatly and there is a growing inter est among the Indians in religions Life is not a but an and the one eternal lesson fornsallis Sw we can live No one has a right to demand a super nfore evident than God has seen fit to as the condition of snch of discharging the duty Ovvr Assessment uticcs in Ore Out in Oregon they are having some dis agreement over the assessment The old law provided for the mailing of written notices by the but at the lastwessioa of the grand this was changed so that a publication iu thc official organ was to be Now some contend that the change was The overseer suggests that any member who pays his assessment under the new law assents to the and thereafter his beneficiary cannot question The degree of honor appears to stand in great favor among the members of The jurisdiction of the Dakotas now has a membership of more than The Indiana Workman for some reason has suspended In Wisconsin 512 deatlis have occurred since the institution of the upon which has been paid to widows and orphans thc large sum of Ontario has passed Illinois in member The jurisdiction of New England had no assessment for September aud none is called for is The juris diction lias about and in July no assessment was necessary and but one assessment iu Wisconsin has Dakota had no assessment for September and only one for Kansas is entitled to the banner for hav ing made the largest net gain during the number being Ontario coults second w n a gain of JH Massa chusetts third with AMERICAN LEGION OF no harm is How did ge learn through these Md other means of disease sever conveyed Kdtue exchange never hear of the itch Do not unaccountable w appear upon pure blood M correct habits How are cholera smallpox and yellow fever and skin evidence already God the supreme judge as to what cient Were only working by any of uslike the camels hair embroiderers in unx But it gets put together conveyed In the case tlie aph there is no danger so long the instrument is a private as where own shaving Baas and towels only arc But public phonograph which is operated tteiHckelintheslot process is dif The two prongs are not but thrust into the cars as to tlie drum as and put to many pairs of ears There w no danger from the but isspd enough to wipe them thorough your handkerchief before put Wliemiiito your cars to hear Gil hand play Annie lati Commercial Sever Forget young people regard the doc omnipresence of God as very d but it becomes in y practical just aa soon as we bo 1 iu it where we Then much for us It Ip in comfort in it in On the other it is a perpetual warning and re L Xever do anything yon t have yonr mother or your sis is a good caution for i young eariu A similar thought W with solemn force when we the omnipresent rsbeTntiinl and large and whole some Sir Monier a good authority affirming that even Assessment IMrtlcnlnn of the October Surplus of The October assessment call contained 58 New York having 1C Massachu setts 4 California and New Activity in Member The lodges in Colorado aro particularly active in conferring degrees and in provid ing social entertainment this season thus A special train on the Union Pacific carried to Brighton where the crack team of the state conferred tho amplified third rank in the presence of nearly 400 The statistical records from the office of the graud keeper of records nnd seal show the membership in the jurisdiction of the order June 30 to have been five new lodge having been instituted since that increasing the membership at present to about The increase for year end ing June was and for tho term ending same The value of property held by the subordinate lodges atnouuts to Xo one can appreciate the intrinsic ex cellence of thc ritualistic work of the Order of Pythian Sisters until they have identi fied themselves with Says The Provi dence Sunday Journal It U a masterpiece in rhetoric and deep in Knights of Pythias throughout the entire supremo jurisdiction are aroused over its rapid prog ress and its businesslike Ohio has sixteeu temples of Pythian Sis ters which are admitting members at every Tlie grand lodge of Ohio levies a per cap ita tax of litty cents per annum upou its one month after the close of the gnind lodge session dispen sations were issued for sevca new The least or minimum fee as charter rncmljcrs in organizing a Knights of Pyth ias lodge iu is for each Xo locige be legally instituted where a amount from Tho Order In Kansas Is Other Reports from Kansas show that during the year twentyone new lodges were in stituted and one defunct lodge restored and eight lodges surrendered their The total membership on was a net gain during tho year of The number of lodges in good order is and their expenditures for benefits were and otherre The miscellaneous expenses amounted to The least or minimum fee as charter members in organizing a Knight of Pythias lodge in Iowa is for each No lodge can be legally instituted where a less amount is collected from Since the biennial report Gert on March at least 283 new have been granted war rants for organization during the Fort has SSO of Ps Wisconsin has a membership The order in the Hawaiian islands is in iind that which is necessary to her very existence is precisely what she most imperils ami pretends to fling It is so in for lovers quarrels are and I have heard more than one woman complain of some man that she never could care very much for him because it was so im possible to vex But the quarrels of friends are of an other nature from those of just because love is of another nature from former springing into existence of its own sweet and bringing with it such utter subversion of all previous conditions that for a lit tle while reason is put out of justice is blinded more than usual and nobody expects to either use or listen to what is called rational argument in tho Bnt friendship is built upon a rock foundation of experience and Yon like a yon find him or her a pleas ant you become more and more and perhaps in the end you arrive at friendship but it is al if worth anything at a matter of growth and The Temple of Love arises from the flowers at one wave of the magicians is ready for habitation in an hour and vanishes with the like If some terrible quarrel demolishes the fair structure as by a hurricane the magi cian has but to wave his wand and everything is renewed just as rosily as at Bnt the shrine of friendship is a far more elaborate built up block by each one a precious stone fitted to its exact growing by degrees under the hands and eyes of its meant to fitted for lifelong and yet quite useless for any other inmates than those who bnild it If tho friends are two women the chance is that this mutual structure will be a lifelong employment and happiness to both and although it may be a very quiet and simple little it may prove tho best refuge either will ever find from the storms of The chances are that the woman friends will never quar rel seriously women seldom care deeply enough for each other to quarrel unless they an true and then they care too each knows the other and respects the other too aud feels that too much of her compan ions hidden life has been made known to her to allow her that freedom of expres that jibing and taunting in more or less courteous pervades all quarrels of the feminine If two mature aud deep hearted wom en who aro friends do ever coma to an sist in the good Fleming governor but a man always does it be cause he hates a scene he cant express himself easily upon nnalgebraic iud most men ilont really know much about either their own or a womans feel Tlie wouitui often tries the same reme dy for a partly because she knows that she was the person to blame and doesnt like to confess partly in the vaguo hope that something will happen to put things But during the period of suspense the world does not go well with Outwardly if she meets her friend it is with a painfully careless assumption of nothing being the a more than usual interest in outside and a fort esprit sort of manner as of one far above the folly of cherishing wounded The if he has not really forgotten the whole wishes nothing more than to bury hails this demeanor with is completely deceived by the assumption of renewed friendliness and is not aware that a certain coldness and constraint lingers in his own the bitter flavor of the draught forced upon him by his friend in the whose motive he has never Meantime the who does un derstand perfectly the hollowness of the performs that strange feat known as feeding upon her own She tells herself that all real friendship and sympathy artover and pist perhaps bitterly acensts of growing old and and considers for a few moments what bright beauty has probably supplanted her iu her friends esteem but common sense comes to her aid upos this and reminds her that youth and beauty are rather detrimental than attractive in a matter of and that it is no likely any uue should supplant her iu a posi tion the pleasantly conscious uf de serving Then she begins to Eatiriza to find the world a worn stupid md settles the Is life by a cou teinptnous Very likvly she suffers somewhat iu and when her acquaintances You are a little jiale today urent yon well 1 dont know I fuicy it is the re mains of In or perhaps I have malaria hanging about So she mopes aud grows aud makes herself disagreeable to harm less people who bore and swears to herself that she dont care a and isnt such as to brood over what her friend has evidently and if she meets him is so elaborately civil i each 1 About 33 per of the above deaths were insured for tho largest amount contributed bciug by George J a sixth degree member of Council CM of Los admitted to tho order at 03 years age died inism a flourishing condition and new lodges are springing up Lee Miss has 204 members and in the treasury and owns its own vine and fig The membership of the order in the south is very LODE to is Clergymen an a 17 of Jersey City admitted to the order July at 45 years of age died the financial statement suOBs as fol lowsBenefit fund on hand disbursed death relief ion of Honor now a fund nearly Prosperity in cw Hampshire Some ministers me era twentyfive years BO full of things that that their 2 nU ASIu v aiurning following simple little prayer has by Lee who it from a mothers It is a Sow I lay me down to it The beSt salve in the ulcers corns and all corn ttvcly cures piles or nopw sa is uaranteed W give peri It pw cents per American Legion or The financial statement of tho supreme council shows Balance on hand July 1889 total receipts from nssess mente during the the amount paid on 811 death 000 transferred to guarantee 71974 and to the relief making a total of the total nayments since organization to July with liabilities The Golden Cross Journal says Not withstanding a desperate effort parties to disparage the American Legion of Hon or its recent supremo report shows a gam membership and that its lapses are larselyof those holding large It has now covering All orders rejoice in its in creasing Shield or This order pays death upon tho death of a wife a member and week sick The sum twcn tvflve cents constitutes tho amount ol an which only levied upon members when a deatn Philadel phia contains twentythree Order of One hundred and fortytwo claims amounting to have bee and fortyfive lodBei have been instituted to Excellent sin show a gam Lin for the year ending The Vicuna in Command to public approval the Cali fornia liquid fruit remedy Syrup of Figs It is pleasing to the and to the tasta and by acting gently on the liver and it the system thereby promoting the health and comfort of all who use open quarrel it is almost invariably a fatal But if the friends are of opposite sexes there is again a The friend ship is the tendency to quar rels is the effect of both quar rel anil reconciliation is In this case it is almost always the woman who starts the and very proba bly the moving cause is that she is tired of the serene and undemonstrative nat ure of her friends She does not wish him to be a lover she would be sincerely grieved and disappointed if he were to become bnt she wants him to and to show that he for her and her friendship to say some thing to her that he does not say to other people to look pleased when she appears upon the scene to give her now and again that little look across the crowd wluch speaks of sympathy and mutual comprehension of what we call Bnt a although ho does all these things for does not do them for not to any great CK He feels that he has a friend in this and if he is tired or wor 01wuuts a little comradeship in pursuits which absorb bis he turns to her frankly and without sentiment if with more expansiveness than he would tu a male without a bit of the glamour he would throw around the woman that he is something in this as sured undemonstrativeness very irritat ing to a womans inherent love oE do IE she is a cultivated and finely natnred woman she is ashamed of her own exacting nature and tries to conceal anil subdue She avoids making pro fessions of her own feelings and tries to avoid expecting She tries to be the sort of friend a man is to another bnt utterly unsenti and her effort as do all efforts to be what God does not intend us to in discouragement and sneers so very politely at theories and people whom she knows he cher ishes that he begins to feel that she isnt half so agreeable as she used and is really afraid she isnt sweet which is the motf fatal ac ousation a man can bring against a woman that is to in his own esti At last some rising tide of pain and impulse seizes the self tormenting woman at fortunate moment and hur ries her on to a few stammering words of undisguised and simple I was to blame that am sorry us forget Probably the being but a looks bewildered and What day do you refer to But once started the woman nature rises in a flood of sweet waters not light Iv to be checked or turned She explains with that sort oE affectionate impatience women so often uso toward she waves aside that defense of his own course with which a man generally tries to revive the quarrel he hates and shn explains her own she doesnt explain for she knows she would not be but she says she had a headache and felt cross and and it was too bad of him not to perceive a She is bright and sweet and womanly she makes his value felt she gently re calls the duration and constancy of his friendship she reestablishes the mans self and finally they part better friends than as she says and he and still in her heart she knows that there are blemishes remaining on the polished marbles of that temple of Eriendship which no effort and no time will wholly and shefirmly re lolves that so precious a possession shall never again be marred or risked by act Florida I am thoroughly in accord with any movement which will improve our public highways and give the people better I called the attention at the hist legislature especially to this sub ject in my last message to and 1 shall repeat it in my next lieutenant governor of Kansas Shall be only too glad to heartily cooperate for better Kansas is noted for good natural high bnt there is plenty of room for lieutenant gover nor of Connecticut Can readily see the cause yon represent is a growing demand more attention in the near Charles lieutenant governor of Washington We are a new and it will a long time before we can expect or to bring our roads up to the standard of the eastern turnpiked but I as sure yon that I will extend my hearty cooperation in any plan to bring about this George governor of Idaho I am in hearty accord your suggestions in regard to the improve ment of secretary of state of Jlissouri Allow rne to express myself as being in hearty accord with any or ganized effort for the bettering of the condition of onr roads and treasurer of Arkansas The subject is one in which for a long time taken great inter and may be ablo to forward in this state in the near member of con gress from Ohio You may count upon me for any influence I may pos sess to improve onr roadways to a stand ard more nearly equal to those of Europe and more worthy of onr own Charles member oE congress from Massachusetts Yon can count on my earnest cooperation in any way and at any time when I can of Henry member of congress from Maryland I have taken so much interest in the matter of better roads for years as almost to be consid ered a crank on the private secretary to Governor of Indiana Governor Hovey directs me to state that he cor dially indorses all yon have to say in be half of the improvements of our public For some he has been collecting data on this subject to present to our next general assembly with a view of effecting a radical change iu our present road member of con gress from Connecticut I am greatly interested in the improvement of onr member of con where as cared for and maintained at the expense of the state at under direction and super s visionof thestateengineerand or other competent authority to be desig This when once would enable a person to start from New York Albany or any other point on foot or in a and visit every county in the state withput once leaving the state thus insuring pleasure and These roads should be macadam ized or constructed of crushed stone or other suitable with proper good adequate watering troughs and sign so as to compare favorably with the best country roads in other and existing highways could be utilized for this purpose as far as These state roads would not only prove of great convenience and vast ad vantage to the whole bnt they would serve as object lessons to local the effect of would necessarily tend to improve the ordinary town highways and prove ot in estimable It is realized that the project hero suggested would require many years to fully carry and the outlay of a vast sum ofmoney bnt the state is practi cally out of and it is believed that there are no constitutional objections to be and before any debt is con tracted for tlie purpose the question of the propriety of the expenditure should j be submitted to the people of the The subject is of sufficient im portance to merit the careful considera tion of the This Richardson continued has been greatly misunder i especially iu the rural j which would reap the largest share of benefitfrom If it were made a law it would insure to the farmers of New York state at least miles of good to be constructed and constantly kept in repair at the expense of the the tax paid by the farmer would be materially less than that he pays under the present A careful on from every county in the shows that the farmers would pay only S per gress from Long Island Thequestion of improved roads is now the subject of earnest discussion in the western part of my district Long and I shall be most glad to have anything that has been or may be issued by yonr associa tion bearing upon the I am most thoroughly in accord with the im portant Robert congress from of inittee on ways and Washington Any movement which looks to the adop tion of improved systems of making and repairing onr common highways must commend itself to every citizen oE every Seth member of congress from chairman of com mittee on public buildings and I am in favor of im proving all roads in this superintendent of public Michigan I am in most hdarty accord with the and am anxious to see a vigorous movement in our own member of congress from Having spent the first twentyfive years of nry life in farm and been on the road more or less ever I think I can appreciate the importance of anything that will bring about a good system of United States district I am in full sympathy with the under and in my own weak waywill do all in my power to aid you and yonr of the taxes on the new while the cities would meet the other 02 per bnt still no injustice is done to the The advantages of good roads in the rural districts would affect favorably the prices of nearly every sort of produce which the city man is obliged to buy As the cost of production would be re duced to the farmer he could afford to sell his wares for less money to the city without making his own profit col Andthat the cost of pro duction would be lessened is evident to every man who knows anything of the saving in wear and tear on horses and vehicles which is brought abont f the farmers loads can bo hauled over smooth and well kept in stead of the mired and rutty abomina tionanow in Richardson represents a farming and his bill is drawn in the interests of his The main opposition is expected from the bnt it is hoped that it will not be very Potter has been sending to promi nent men in all states drafts of biHs for introduction in their j will of course be modified to suit local The interest felt in the mat ter is shown by the fact that applica tions for such documents are pouring in on him from all sections of the The campaign is being waged is vigorous anil The workers j are convinced thatall that is necessary is to show the peoplethat good would really to gain their Potter says he would i like every man in the United States who owns a camera send to him f photos of his and dilemmas brought 2j about loads stuck in the of vehicles overturned by the mountains of gravel which make manv roads and which j in of evervthinlf TiddledT Winks I Tlddledy t Gnahns Book and occasional protests of outraged nat Falling into one of these lapses the woman friend is ripe for a and the occasion is never hard to Some thing that is said or not done or left or even some fantasy of her own is She generally a vary cool and elaborately of And she keeps the resolution strictly and next FKAXK AdTlce to Wlnslows Soothing Syrup should al ways be uned for It tbe softens tbe Rllays all cures wind and is the best remedr for Twentyfive cents a Strange that men with a long head seldom rush into a scheme Complexion Powder is an absolute necessity or the refined toilet iii this Pozzonis combines every element of beauty and FIGHTING rOR GOOD TIlim Winter WIU See Good Work in the fight for good country roads is growing hotter More men are taking itnp and the battle methods are constantly being improved The coming sessions of the vaaions state legislatures will see many abill intro duced to bring about common sense im provements of and let us hope the sessions will also see the pas sage of these biHs with a The campaign which will be carried on in the Xevr York state legislature is only a fair sample of what the friends of in of everything mighf be used by the of reform as a rmfnrft An from These made by The jp will apply to nearlyV j every state in the Union There are probably between f miles of road and street in this J road and public I To say that they are no worse than the J roads and streets in sBue other parts Sew England is not to say The average road in Connecticut is an eyesore to every traTj eler over a trial to every pedestnart a needless squandering of energy to every horse or ox draws loads an extravagant and thriftless wasto of money vital forces and a dratyjl sandy disgrace to the commnnity j which tolerates Just think of For more than 200j5 years the most of these roads have laid out They were madeC and they nave been after these 200 years of telligent effort at road three miles out of every five are either sand mnd ratted thank ye maams T rapidly along them is uncomfortable i even the lightest and easiest of vehicle to draff heavy loads over requrtesl at least double the number of horses ori oxen which would suffice to dragjthef same loads over good every they weir out more money invests horseflesh vehicles than wouKtsuftl ficeTif ptoperly year foe to uacatLtmizeevery mam state within half a canfcnry If Already familiar Vou Ulweaakit to try a bottle of MiiguitosTC durangawhen satteonpfrom Disordered Liver other

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