Saturday, November 1, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - November 1, 1890, Burlington, Iowa 1 IS Question Has iracthy interview with told on the political was a public thoroughly and democratic advo this issue is Se should be au im acouisicnco on the Ty But the judgment of so trammelled clouded by pre sto selfinterest that lof the true providence not by founded on an advantage itis certainly true visit Standing Rock Agency and ascer tain the meaning and extent of tlio dis affection among the Indians there aroused by Sitting Hulls prophetic GOLD AND SILVEE The Annual Report of Director General of the Sllut The annual report of Director of the Mint Leech says the coinage of the past fiscal year was the largest in the history of the aggregating Gold and silver bars were manufactured as follows silver Gold bars were exchanged for gold coin free of charge to the value of The year exports of exceeded The over gold during the imports silver exports the the by The BURLINGTON POLITICAUEnERrSr NOVEMBEK PRICE CEHTS PIER must be ncg the part of these int deception At thcse are aroused and in and delusion they began to Iturists and others been eshavo been accorded not to be much lam confident we shall cannot forget how moves which must Crests and unscrupulously abuses ong suf aese It is that a complete cause can bo much effective inculca doctrine which flic democratic the jiiossloB Rorag party to ition in power through its which stifle the re l Tie teoples Its and above distress daily threatened homes under the operation wit and iniquitous tariff a mot only enhances the lie necessities of tie extortions of trusts makes certain the 1 better times and the j o true Whav I am not at jjl thai the zeal of the party will fihat discouragement will in the open its ardor or lessen its ag The democratic party is j united and has planted itself ratic It will not jj its sacred but will con Ifamrlare until it achieves corn Tie party that knew no in SSS will not waver total amount of silver purchased during tho fiscal year for the coinage of silver dollars was standard costing From the close of the fiscal year to August the date the new silver act went into the amount of silver purchased was standard costing The amount of silver bullion purchased under the act to October 31 has been ounces at a cost of per fine There was a marked Improvement in the price of sil ver during the fiscal Tho director estimates that the stock of metallic money in the United States on July was Tho total amount of metal lie and paper money in ex clusive of the holdings of tho on June was per capita of against at the commencement of the fiscal an increase of Tho number of silver dollars in circulation on June was against at the commencement of the The product of gold from the mines of the United States during the calendar year 1SS9 was sil fine the commer cial value being coining The product of mines and smelters of the United States during the same year was Si2 troy ounces troy The total purchases of silver for the coinage of silver dollars from March to August was 570 standard costing an average of per fine The net profit of earnings over the ex penditures of the mint during tho fiscal year was Young George Hutehins Affidavit to Certain The Democratic State Central Committee Criminally GuiltyHow the Letters Were TakenHonest Demo Special to The DBS the matter of the democratic steal of letters from Chairman Mock through the instrument ality Oeorgo the latter has prepared an affidavit of which is certainly interesting reading and crim inates the democratic committee beyond a question house and Iowa thenext town in population in this county to has had a very strong desiretto become the county and in their endeavor to defeat the tax offered to erecta court house and jail without cost to the provided the county seat perma nently located at Iowa not to be donated to the county her public worth and citizens subscribed for the erection of a court and asked the county use surplus in the thus doing away with any tax or thle Iowa Palls again became excited and presented a petition to the asking for a vote for a relocation of the county seat at Iowa IDOCEAN The Spanish Vessel Vizcaya Run Down by a immediately followed and obtained with fully a Demons twothirds A SENSATION IN HI ABB ttlon of the Xnlted States Iiy tbe Census popula te United States as shown by bulletin issued today is Tlese fipnres are exclusive of It the Indian territory and In on In IS30 the pop The increase of al K ten jcars is the per In 1S70 the population According to Earns the increase between 1S70 31 was and the per cent The bulletin says If these i were derived from correct eduction in the rate of increase in the cnoraious immigration the past ten years would gteaf diminution hi fecundity or a corresponding In the death These easily explained itisstated the census of 1870 was Sentient In the southern so as not only to give an cx rate of increase iu the popula Ifctween IS70 and 1SSO 5n these to affect very materially tho Increase in the country at the bulletin were ihc control of the census The census of 1870 was taken a which Superintendent characterized as anti aid The census no power over its srlni to these omissions the super it oi the tenth census said in relation to South i it follows as a con the highest either ccnsas of 1870 was grossly de regard to the whole of the sme considerable parts etia the census of 1SSO was fraud who believe in and honesty of the tenth that it was thoroughly cstab accept the other Jm the ninth census was What was true of wornams also true in a greater of all the southern iiaalliirobability amounted omitting from these states in which the iv n is known or presumed to l isn i m of between lhe states has Dearly maintained in the de 1S30 and Tlie Firm of Leopold UrotherH Go to the In sensation was caused in the clothing trade today by the failure of the firm of Leopold Brothers manufacturers of and wholesale dealers in one of the oldest firms in the Twentysix con fessions of judgment are entered up against the firm in the superior court for sums aggregating Tho failure was foreseen only by the members of the firm and the collapse came like a thunderbolt to tho Xone of the creditors are Chicago Many of the creditor are comparatively small tradesmen in other cities and all these have been provided The firms solicitor says A member of the firm es timates the liabilities at fully covered by the Henry the senior member of the firm says the failure is due to the momentary strin the dull trade and the carrying of too large a line of open The sheriff has taken possession of the stock but Leopold thinks his creditors will con sent to an arrangement for his resump tion of FIRE AT A Railroad Bound and Two Loco motives disas trous fire occurred here this morning at the repair shops of the railway It originated from the explosion of an oil lamp in the round house at about four and the blaze spread The round house itself was burned to the and is a total Luckily only four locomotives were in the structure at the and two of them were gotten out without The other two are rendered The loss is MATOE MOSBY STATE OP George deposes and says My name is George llutchlns I was eighteen years old od the fourth of this I am the one who took the letters from the republican state centra committee room and I am deeply conscious of my wrong doing Some I cannot tell the date certain persons Inthis city pot connected with tho democratic committee said to me You are a fool to work re publican why dont you see Fuller Afterwards I wrote to Fuller and signed Williamson as I offered if Iwas paid to get papers from the republican Fuller wrote me through the mail and said ho did not want to trust the mails with this The best way would bo to do this between ourselves and everything between us would be strictly He said he would meet mo at any time and I said that his way would be fair and he said ho hoped it Ue said he would do the fair thing by me and signed his This I got from the general delivery window di rected to I wrote him iu reply under tho same name and he answered I cannot meet you at the time but will bo in my room Savory at three oclock this I met Fuller in his as suggested by This was the day before Reed spoke at On the following day I sent a b oy with a note to Fuller and he sent me saying he enclosed S25 and hoped all would bn and to let him know if I received the I sent the note written on a bit of paper I tore off the corner of his letter acknowledg ing the receipt of the Fuller asked me for any letters in connection with the and tenth congressional copies of all list of railway em county committees and doubtful voters and to ask Mack in au off hand way what he considered doubtful That day I showed Fuller a campaign book in which was pasted some I gave him some he made no copy of the I went into the republican committee got the letter file of the iifthdistrict and from it Tom the democratic secre took several This was in his room at tho Savery I tried to see Fuller that night in tho opera house but I was under tho influence of liquor Neither Fuller or Leo were with me on this night I went alone in a On Monday night I went to the republican rooms This time Lee and Fuller mot with me in a hack but neither got Xo one went up the stairs but I got the letter files from the fifth and ninth district and took them into the hack in which were Fuller and We started from the Savery Leo brought a great bottle of whisky with him when he got in the hack and gave me some and 1 drank so did Fuller but Lee did saying he preferred water with We took the files up into Lees OS Savery and Fuller looked over the fifth district and Lee the ninth and each took some letters from the Lee told me majority of al the voters of the completely snowing tho Falls The controversy has become so exciting be tween the two and the feeling has become so bitter that the situation re sembles a miniature HatlieldMcCoy Election day will put an end to tho and the which will be very is eagerly looked FLOCKING TO Democrats of the Kislilli uistriet Desert Both Ship Carrying Eighty Exper lencefl of the Survivors Who are Bescued by the Oct report is brought in by the steamer which arrived today from that tho Spanish steamer which sailed from here when off Par was run into by an unknown schooner and the captain and all the crew were Both vessels were The fate of the crew of the schooner is The chief second offi one engineer and eight of tliocrew of the steamer picked So far as known these are the only per sons out of tho crew and passenger list of eightysix of the Vizcaya and the crew of the unknown schooner that have been Itis feared all the others are lost and that tho list will num ber up to eighty if not Details are The Vizcaya loft New York yesterday afternoon for Havana with nine regular passengers and a It Is thought there were some others onboard ing Special to Tho HawkEyoJ republi can rallys were held hero most enthusiastic of the Con gressman who addressed cot on the At haltpast eight Thurs leprosy which Is a mild form of the dis The man who Is suffering from the disease is a Swede named Ander It was decided to send him to the county alms house at Pennsylva where he will be confined in a sep arate building death relieves WILL STRIKE IN AS ADDRESSW TBE PEOPLE The Republican Congressional Com mittee Reviews meetings with cheers by the largest audiences that have ever been gathered at political meetings The farmers are coming in from all direc The political sky looks dark for the democratic and Farmers Alliance Many of his staunchest supporters are flocking to the support of eveninga large fourmasted schooner BEE MEN Officers Klected and Hie Next Place of Meeting Special to The Interna tional BeeKeepers Association closed their twentyfirst annual session to Reports by the secretary and treas urer showed the association to be in a flourishing condition with a good The following officers were elected for the ensuing year of New president Eugene Forest vicepresi dent of Earnest of o Ciuchi read an excellent paper on tlm question In au apiary run for honey only are Italians or hybreds The afternon was taken up with papers and discussions by various of Cana delivered a highly interesting dis course on the International liee Asso its past New was chosen as the next place of holding the The town State DES state con vention of the Farmers Alliance ad journed today to meet at Sioux City next Most of the session today was de voted to the revision of the constitution but few changes were The estab lishment of an official newspaper was left to the executive committee for sub mission to local A business agent was added to the list of and the secretary dropped from the ex ective A donation of was made to the alliance sufferers in Oklahoma and an appeal to local alliances for relief for sufferers in other The nonpartisan feature of the constitu tion was RAILROAD Tlie Ohio Supromo Court Decides the Ousted Cincinnati su preme court today decided against the members of the Cincinnati board oi pub lic In tho judgment of the the petition below does not make a case for an and the application Ihc court will hand down an opinion 31 new board of city officers was sworn into office this afternoon upon the receipt of the news from Columbus about the action of tho supreme Wants cic York City Hill has ritten to Secretary asking for a w enumeration of New York He ays the alleged difference of two nun dred thousand names will make a differ ence to the state of at least one member of congress in the next apportionment and a vote in the electoral lie further says the secretarys confidence m tho thoroughness of the federal census is not shared by the people of lcw ork He says all the republican partisan political service anc political interest that the be the benificiary of their help myself to the whiskey and we all I left the room after a while and waited in the ladies little parlor In the hotel and Lee brought the files down to me and said Some night we three will go out and see the town in good I took the files back my neither Fuller or Lee going with After I Rot into the hack to go back with the Lee came to the hack and handed ine I cannot tell exactly how much money I have received from Fuller and Lee but I think between and besides the above Leo gave at All the Here one time and at rest was given by Hutehins states he wrote several letters to asking for offered to take checks also as to one letter Also all letters sent by the save one written by I hear has been stated that I said to Lee and Fuller they could take my key and go up to the republican rooms and take anything there was I have no recollection of any such thing and 11 I did say it 1 was under the inllu cnco of liquor noon I On went Grant Lo Tuesday after to Fulles room in thedernocratic central committee headquarters and told him I bad con fessed all to my father and that the re publican committee knew all about it La that my parents were m great d 11 wanted him to give mo the He said he ho would do all he 0uld W stop anything further said nd told me to call again at six o CIOCK and ho would tell mo what success he had He gave me all the letters he said ho had and I took them home and them to my I called oclock and he said he Stivers and Stivers co thought it Mr Dut agreed Grant Locomotive tho committeo lo ChiirleH AdamB Discnsses the Pro poned Kate President Charles Francis of the Union Pacific speaking today of the proposed revision of rates which has aroused tho antagonism of some of the eastern con nections of the Union Pacific said it is a matter simply between bis road and the Chicago and He has no apprehension that the other lines in tho long run will decline to participate in the traffic on the same terms with the lie was inclined to think the talk was gotten up more for Wall Street than The Union Pa cific has sustained a great loss of traffic and income of late because of the fact that eastern machine shops are so crowded they cannot till orders for new Had the road been able to secure motive power and equipment or dered six months ago it would have in upwards of instead of Tho traffic ready for it to handle today is thirty per cent in excess of the The Ouincy uud Keokuk On Wednesday and Thursday of last week President of accom panied by Captain right of way agent an expert civil engineer of and of surveyed the proposed route between Niota and this tween Niota and Mormon Springs they found the route very rough and not at all very but from the springs to this a distance of about four or five tho route was very encour and they were very much im pressed with it and the beautiful The Alton Eefuses the The Alton has re fused tho proposition of the other roads in the Western Freight Association to establish a compromise rate on hogs and packing house The matter went over until It is charged that the Alton is acting in the interest of the Kansas City The proposed reduction in the hog trade would not effect that point but would result to serious detriment of Iowa and other Missouri river packing hove in sight and immediately bore down oir the striking on the star board carrying away the bridge and captains and Instantly killed seven Later both vessels had sunk and the passengers and crews were struggling in the The steamer was a stauuch vessel and Captain Cunill was one of the most trusted employes of the One of the not on the regular list was Juan a Cuban millionaire and a director in the steam ship The other passengers on board as far as learned were Calvo son and maid Peirr and three Jose Ramon Juan Oscar Luigi Jose Surgeon Rico says at the time of the col lision he was iu tho cabin talking to suddenly came an awful shock and the steamer rolled well over on her Everybody inthe cabin was thrown down and immediately a scene of the wildest coufuslou Calvo begged me to save her son and I went up on deck to find There a terrible scene met my The deck house and fore rigging were all torn There was a great gash in the starboard side just abaft the coal and through this tho water was Close by this on the starboard beam was a four masted schooner with her bowsprit and forerigging gone and her beam stove Men were running about wildly on our deck shouting all kinds of ordersand I remember seeing the crew of the schooner doing tho same on their Tho next thing I knew the water was wash ing over our With a wild idea of saving ourselves several ol us clambered up tho port Down went the steamer and up we We reached for the top gallant yard and just then the hull reached This left us just above the surface of the water but each swell dashed over our Twelve survivers were Some of our crew tried to reach the schooner but she went to tho bottom almost as quickly as the Vizcaya and as far as we could see there was not a sail in One of tho men in the yard said while climing the rigging ho had seen a boat lowered from the schooner and seven men got in and row away but we could not see anything of al Work on f residential Election Is rumored that the operators of the Western Union Telegraph company intend to strike on election day in The men are said to have already organized throughout the and several wellknown oper ators said this morning that the men in New York are go on strike at a moments The menthink that by goingbut on a presidential elec tion day they will prevent the company from getting other operators to take their The It is expect K persuade the clerks and mes sengers to go but with as well as all of the railroad It has been said that the press operators will also go but the experienced men say that Is not The objects of the strike are to make the company pay by the instead of by the and to establish the claim of the women operators that they should receive the same pay as the The hour system of payment would in crease the salaries of the good men and lowerthose of the poor The in ferior will be in demnified from loss iby aSionthlyfnnd to be raised by The lead Ing operators say that the men would stand a better chance now than they did In as they have more money and have selected a better time of the They have it is taken steps to effectually guard against Those who betrayed their comrades in 1883 will be admitted into the organiza but will be excluded from all com mittes and places of Several well known operators were They said that they knew nothing definite about the proposed strike in but did not think it possible that the men could get ready to strike on Tuesday as it was general superinten dent of the Western Union said have no demands to strike I do not think there is any truth in the A Itrllllant Outlook for Next Election Democrats at o w with Fright How Will You Vote tell what helps me woncletfa Thats my a halfscore with me when Itravete clip fraely all exchanges brilliant saying that I hear I jot It dow on the at the and Theseifin useful on dry For I have my drj days I mean days when It Is almost Impossible for me to think of Then I refer to my notebooks and and of the abundant harvest reaped on good days I glean the sab ESCAPED FROM Arrival at Lollilou of 11 Iriaouer for Fourteen has arrived in this city a young named who made his escape from Siberia after having been imprisoned in that country for fourteen When he was but eighteen years of age he was arrested in Vitna on suspicion of having revolutionary documents in his posses and of being identified with a conspiracy of the Many hardships and perils attended his flight from Fear that by so doing he may endanger the safety of comrades left be hind will restrain Kelchosky from at present publishing his narrative of his exile and tie represents the exiles as much encourage ment from the expressions of sympathy with them in their sad fate by the peo ple of the United and asserts that the Russian authorities are much dis turbed by the same The Official of Peters stated recently that the reports circulating in Russia to the effect that Americans and others were severely commenting on the management of Rus Speclal to Tho HawkEyeJ republi can congressional committee has issued tho followino address The republican congressional com mittee desires to say a word or two to the and more especially to those who believe generally In republican principles concerning the elections for members of the fiftysecond congress which will oc cur next This has been an ex traordinary When it began the democratic leadeas were overflowing with They boasted that their majority would be at least one hun This confidence only rested on altogether flmsy There were twentysix districts in the south In which the republican party hada clear majority of from one to ten thousand but over the electorlal machinery the democ racy held absolute From each of these districts the democratic managers t expected torTetttrn dem ocratic congressmen by a pro cess which can only be described as a downright Recent gerrymanders in which Ten Maryland and Indiana were re lied upon as a second source of illicit In these states the boundary lines of nineteen districts had been so altered as to wipe out republican majorities and create democratic majorities in their Thus from fortyfive districts properly republican our opponents ealcu late to extract by theft and sharp prac tice fortyfive democratic representa Their scheme rendered voting superfluous and the popular will impot These were the chief features of their Supplementary to was another not less It was a grand conspiracy to raise the values of all the necessaries of life and to charge that Inflation to the new repub lican tariff In order to enjoy the spoils office they undertook to create a condition of the market wherebj the people would be swindled out of hundreds of thousands of This conspiracy has failed and its failure has doomed the democratic party to defeat in next Tuesdays elec The manufacturers and mer chants of America were too wise and too honest for the sake of tem dorary gains to allow themselves to serve as the tool of the democratic party in in flicting upon the people such a collosal It is the reaction against this conspiracy that has confirmed to the re publican party its title to public confi The people have found that the through its various agents on the stum and in the public was lying to them about the new tariff its provisions and its and they have been studying the bill for them They have found that the prin ciples which governed its construction are and those to which the country is indebted for the unparalleled prosperity it has enjoyed since the They have found that the new law sim ply extends these principles to industries which they have not heretofore from the dutiable list prac 8POBHN8 for the Bpeolalto lowing Is a list of the horsesthat entered the 30 list In match and standard breeders stakes Star NellleT Sunset Kaiser Mlldy KlnffHox JohnE Johnny Bongs Passenger Minnie Whltestone Alto AbdallatWIIkes Kobt Union Medium Harold Jr WllldeRussell Interest iolaD Flaxmoth Iowa Miss Cleveland Massolt Prince Hogarth Chelf Medium Good Bye Ashland Prince 2J3JSai Arcadian rls Satrap Blanch Grant To TlmeJfS McHenry Valentine Nett Lee Cleveland Cedar Medium Grant rs TO Hamlln and Juistino Ham and Juistino Ham 5 With tomorrows results the list will be First eligible to the class J 12 Canary 2 1 if ch 3 82 it was a bright moonlight in hope of attracting we cut tarred ropes on the yard lighting swung them in the but in All through the long night we clung to that growing colder and stiffer each Toward daybreak one of the men thought he heard a steamer passing and we all shouted as loud as Then a boat made its appearance and wo were taken on board the We could not have lasted much The collision is inexplicable in view of the statement of Rico that the night was bright moonlight and A dispatch from to night says the tug Hercules arrived this evening and reports that the schooner was the Cornelius Ten men from the Hargraves and seven from the Vizcaya wore picked up by the schooner Sarah Davis and transferred to the The latter proceeded for the wreck to render assistance but at mid night met the tug Butler which had been to tho scene and found both vessels sunk and all hands They picked up the body of a The survivors report nearly a hundred people wore clinging to the wreck at one The schooner Hargraves cleared from Lewes October 27 with coal for Fall Massachu AN INTERESTING sian prisons were mere inventions of the According to Kelchosky two named respectively Pcsheke roy and who were arrested at have been sentenced to soli tary pending official inves The men are charged with having in their keeping certain clippings from American newspapers bearing upon the feeling existing in that country be cause of the alleged cruel treatment by Russia of her political prisoners in THE POPE LOSES A A Will Bequeathing Lire to the Vatican Cannot Be short time ago Signora Aldimira a very wealthy Italian according to her own promises and the testimony of persons who witnessed her lire to the Her relatives and other presumable legatees were prepared to hear the will read bequeathing this large sum to the knowing the wishes of the dead but no will was forthcoming and diligent search for it since has been fruit In the absence of the will the en tire estate reverts to the state and it is freely charged that the document has been stolen by persons acting for the crown in order to deprive the pope of his The affair has created a great deal of excitement and will probably be heard of in the Tho persons who witnessed the will are ready to testify that they were made aware of the con tents of the document before signing The Leavemvorth Times SueR Postmaster Kitchle for Kxcludinc Its Mail postmaster again threw out the mail edition of the Leavenworth Times be cause It reprinted the list of the Catholic fair His action has been sus tained by the postmaster general and the Times has filed a suit against Postmaster Ritchie for damages making the claim that no law can forbid an Ameri can newspaper printing the DESERVED ienced on the Rock Itlver Scit r in charge of the work Stne Hennepin has to the secretary of snis views on the subject and umates and plans for carry of These plans ue erection of a dam on rtM to carry out soon by the dc ine he Hock river to be begun in the l of the his annual i of the army atte Brigadier says the ad the regular army ac There has been martial determine whether or not it 3 1 activity of the author omisted men or a nor JTUttJT the sale to the Grant Locomoti of New of the si of land in just outside of the city 4 c Grant Locomotive Works to the lana had access to tho comin easy as could let it go tbe time I iu this work t ot ee to but if no otter that was for en ind Mr Leo by wrongdoingjjn and Mr iee j Onfl Onfl Members paritmenT j adopting the vote of my great wiu dence in the government is due t for jt Slgned I had to get it from Ful ed me to make frequent re The Keport The story cession government sorry GEOIJGE signed in Democratic Mass SleetlnB B subscribed ler by George I Notary Public in Iolk it plainly appears that printed in Chicago today to the effect that negotiations are in progress looking to an agreement between the Ivorthern Pacific and the Baltimore and Ohio if would amount to a practical consolidation of the two thus forming a great transcontinental which has Ionbeen Henry Villards is declared by the Baltimore Ohio magnates to be without slightest They say Tew out of the fact that the mayor and some of the directors of the Baltimore and Ohio accepted aninvita tion of the Northern Pacific while they were in Chicago to take an excursion up to Paul and and the it all Three Black Bavlshers Lynched by Two negroes who brutally assaulted and murdered Miss in Barlow were taken from the officers last night by a mob and Near Valdosta yesterday afternoon a negro named Palsco committed a brutal assault on Miss the daughter of a promi nent Last night the negro was The McKiiiley Itilt Effects advises re port the MeKinley law has already had tically everything that we cannot largely produce with our own The people have discovered that the new law is not going to cause a rise of prices or any business disturbance and they per ceive that it is going to createlarger and markets for farmers tobuild thousands of workmen idle or insufficiently occupied and to maintain the present high rate of American We urge the people to consider carefully the significance of a vote next Tuesday in favor of a democratic candidate for congress everything It will mean that the man who casts it wishes another season of tariff an other period of commercial interest and fi nancial It will that the man who casts It justifies the theft of twenty six republican seats by the democratic managers in the It will mean that he approves a party whose represen tatives attempt to exercise by absenting themselves from their and by re fusing to preform their more power In legislation than they would be able to exercise by remaining in their seats and performing their It will mean that he approves of the rules under which it is possible for a minority in con gress to block all legislation and to pre vent the transaction of any other busi ness than that particular business they favor and These are the main issues to be decided by the votes that are cast throughout the United States next No republican can afford as he values his as he hopes for the welfare of his to neglect the duty of If that duty is pro perly the boasted democratic majority of one hundred will dwindle In to a feeble and incompetent an effect in Forty smaller tobacco factories have been closed and a large number of operatives are Premier Del Castillo announced at council minis there is reason to hope President Harrison would agree to modify the tariff in favor of Cuba and in view of the hos pitality to the tariff that was beginning to grow in The premier thought Spain would not find it difficult to negotiate a new taken from the officers by a mob and w raass tne soup All over They this afternoon at Aug nt contemptible and the day lla i Command to public approvali the tho fornia liquid fruit remedy I George 1 ffil j i and comfort of all who use Itates Urotrned During a a terrible storm here yesterday Mur aged was lifted up from the wharf by the wind and blown into the aged seven seizing a life jumped in and held Murdee up for some when the life line parted and both were drown in tho sight of a large which was unable to render any Kleven LifeSavers Lose Their German life Old Re liable railway conductors insurance association of the United States and Canada has concluded its twentythird annual convention The Held of operation of the association is enlarged so as to include men In other positions on and tho next annual con vention will bo held at Con of was elected president for the ensuing Must Not Coerce having been rumored that an attempt been made by subordinate officials of the Beading railroad to coerce employes to vote for favorite candidates next Tues General Manager McLeod today telegraphed a notice to all employes that the management under no circum stances tolerate any interference with the free exercise of the right of employes to vote in accordance with individual boat men were drowned today trying to relieve the crew of a Britisn vessel wrecked off whose marriage t of occurro deatn occurred instructed General officer to A county seat ment was made toaay t coumor been made out of Sound sleep is Sjrupl American Secular Union The Amer ican Secular Union began its fourteenth annual congress The Engineers The engineers held their final session today and Lottery Advertisements in customs department has made a ruling that the Louisiana lottery advertisements and all other matter may be received by the various but that persons to whom they are sent shall be subject to prose cution by the legal leprosy In PaM Oct genuine case of leprosy has been discovered here and the city is consequently erymuch ex Suringta specialist on A Damaging Critchton alias under arrest on the charge of murdering Hoag and her and with whom the husband of the murdered woman acknowledged he had admitted today that she had had trouble with the murdered Hoag had visited her she and beyond the fact that she had had words with her would admit A Kegal dispatch from The Hague says the health of the king of Holland is but he is suffering from a mental malady which renders him unfit to other words he is a The New Strike strike in New Zealand has The men re sume work Save your pennies Dont waste 25 but buy a bottle ot Salvation Oil for All types of throat and bronchial diseases yield to Hulls Couch Mexico Will Retaliate In NEW City of Mexico dispatch the report printed inthe United States that Mexico had passed a bill levying a duty on American live stock is Some dealers expect that increased duties will bo placed on horned but none on hogs as Mex ico needs them and cannot produce Hoir Severe Colds are Broken Up In Mon From the Virginia City When we find a medicine we know to possess genuine we consirer it a and we take pleasure in telling the public what Such a medicine we found Chamberlains Cough last when la grippe was We are satisfied that we warded off sev eral attacks were the use of this and we have since in a few severe and in the course of two or three entirely broken them up its as have several of our friends to whom we have recommended It Is all that it is The republicans can have the next house if they will take They have only to go to the polls and The penalty of carelessness and indifference will be a heavy The reward of vigilance and action will bo a prosperity surpassing even that which has long been and is still the the admiration and the envy of the civilized JAMES Killed His WEST Mason shot and killed Charles and Mat thew his this morning and fled to the where he committed He is believed to Two Ladies Instantly Logan and her were struck by a train while crossing a railroad track today arid instantly Second beat Ethel T Third beat Union Medi ium Standard Breeders stakes Dick Dimple Lambertine Wi Allerton was sent to beat his record Qf The thermometer registered freezing a mile was trotted without a skip fn S He will start again tomorrow if in good J of v y was sent a mile to beat his record of and made it in Williams has purchased of S McHenry his undivided interest In tho Elmhnrst stock This teen ainong them Mary Flosie M 1 Five furlongs Benjamin Cerebiis Bertha B third Second mile and a teenth St Luke Silieck Cornelia third Third furlongs Ofalece Virie Coldstream third Fourth mile and a fourth Foxmede Prather Watter son third Fifth mile and a fourth over hurdles Zangbar Longshot Gray Gown third The Nashville Race Four and onehalf furlongs Blanches j Last Drift Maude B third j Second furlongs Gray Cloud Mamie Fonso Eu genia third Third and onehalf furKgjfe longs Sun Dial Lord Tom The More third Fourth mile and yards Dolliktns Carter B Monitahardy third ja Fifth furlongs Expense Miss third A Thorougli Digest of Political From the Xew MaUV Congressman Gest arrived in from the West Thursday afternoon that evening delivered an address Christys and Wests The hall literally and for two and iigS ten minutes Gest put in solid and ably presented his side of the Better attention was never given any man than during the first hour quarter after that the retirlng of a restless ones caused slight nearly remaining until thai The fact is those benches chairs are not made of soft tho speaker did not know Gest is not what we wonldcall an oratorg but he Is a good speaker and commanded the closest For years we have not heard a morb thorough or a more stralghtforr lucid and sensible exposition off political issues than he gave us day represented to be by the mannf If yon have a cough and want to stop it Cough Remedy will THE PREACHER AND THE Bob Bnrdettes Method ot Keeping un u Supply of From the Robert the funny man of THE was at the Palmer Im going to the congregational church he to lecture to the I like My subject Its a plain lecture to young An elastic see A man so much on that he can spread himself everlastingly like the negro you How did the exhorter do It Ill tell The dis cussion came up one day between three or four good brethren of the church as to was the difference between a preacher and an and which was the One man held this and the other held Finally one old white In years and old in exper said I tells yo de orter am the Coz why de preacher he jes preaches an sticks to Ms tex but de he got no he jes said Bob I branches Ive practically given up news paper work For a while I wrote a column a day for the Brooklyn Eagle and lectured at the same I found that this was altogether to expensive a like burning the candle at both I pumped myself dry Im practically a gentleman oi leisureI lecture at night and absorb i wisdom during the Is It hard to For Political From the Henderson The democrats mako a about the MeKinley increase in All the you carCSijij buy goods just as cheap at at at or other store in the just as as you could before the MeKinley billJ and in many instances The howl about the MeKinley bill in 5 creasing prices Is only done for political and not because it Is a The Tariff the Louis The farmers know that for their pecial benefit the republican cut the duties on lumber and and that the democratic partyyp voted against the act in which these were The farmers know and stick to them on day Unanswered From the Pleasant Why Is it as a only republi5 can papers publish the full text of t new tariff law Why Is it that theff Press and other free trade journals not give their readers Uie new tariff in to judge for themselves of Ib merit After A1U Front the Cleveland petsfstSi denying statement that he is jdeadjuBut inA teresting query will he examined or Cathartic

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