Sunday, October 19, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - October 19, 1890, Burlington, Iowa HT IED OUCH fflleted Catholic Census o the World r lent usto The Missiones of the propaganda at Beta to United States nGrtholics total Roman Catholic with c IjKiS parochial laving and 514 The number of Catholics in Great Britain and are In in anil aud iu Ibe raost interesting of the more nussion fields of this church are ithosein the lately explored parts The mission of Cimbebasia in 1S79 tlie mission of Congo was founded in ijjs 500 Roman Catholics no In Independent or Belgian as a mission in I jave been GO For nil of jttatis dependent ou the propa tie returns give Roman 274 flliG educational 709 churches or 743 and 18 charitable reports show that there lllso of Roman Catholic population istralia and in iu British i the Chinese the East fcflartvfifth annual convention of German Catholic Central associa imetin Baltimore April and was in an address by Cardinal The school question received imost considerable share of lial schools were defended in the1 address of President iiserted that they are necessary for ration of Hie wliioh is not for any other school jthoyteach nothing contrary to the is of the land that by educating chil mritlront the help of the state they sit many Thousands of and S patriotism is taught in them as if not than in public cok We have not asked iie lipcaier for aid for onr Imdoask that the state shall not trfercirith A resolution was jited as free citizens of United against state laws Sle to paiorhial The asso fion las and a fund 15 and it expended last year in efits to sick widows and ho reports of the Reformed cb church in America Rive it an year over all losses of T sand Thepres lirabers are Of 551 of and of children in Sunday of the years additions bv fesions or about ten to and there was an average ten infant baptisms to each The gifts of tlie churches for nt objects amounted to Ith contritations for congregational Bible Christians of an denomination of the Methodist hive recently held their seventy conference at They according to the statistical re itiutvere mem si employ lil missionaries whose idf labor are at iu the Aus icoloaire and New and The mission work iu China five years and is con ita eight missionaries in co oa irith the China Inland OB missionaries are settled on the an route through along ioneof the great railway systems e fntnre is irobably destined to work promises to become one istional to The s of the churches members of the Lu drarch in the United States are Eleven with nearly are and five The five synods include congre 457 The Swedish ire congregations and is tire 1GG congregations the 20 consrre K 0 The Finnish Lu jnrt organized a Lithuanian congregations in Iowa and in aud iu ranm and Bohemian in Alinne f the Lutheran periodicals 51 1C fn ana nfilictfl 5 nvf111 place crccd side oicompassd remove weakness Bor tlie creed music of Was Eoman Cath 8 and it is the lan wlere hearts onld not want to Sundajmornings Yon rian various avoca their chfl then is no to a familiar tune when von have taken rim to f AWK u THE SECRET Cutle SELECTED To bear is to bell conquer our Camp That and that this The best fruit late even zones is tenderness toward the hard fertteonr toward the One Uw to cherish and to trIS Straight on to heaven to press with To taonnd lovo A John Henry a1 God created hope ivhen listeninto The fairest flower in l Sarden of creation is a young of fering and unfolding itself to the influ ence of divine as the heliotrope tonsils sweet blossom to the Hope bidding us couras Ruth points to where God and an Assurinc tls that all our untried future Is known to him who oil thinjs nr f T only a stroke of fortune to discover numberless latent good or bad which would oth erwise have been eternally concealed as words written with a certain liquor appear onlv lipn f Edito STATE ilAPOXtc members of the order Tlie children are Cllllrati011 and instruc ed on n It is to be erect The building will have three frontage measuringW feet md tue hues through the wings about 125 feet Etch room will have at least one window will On a bail connectinjt with the main thus nmkins it nowible to reach nny room in tiic Imildiui xvitliout passing t hroiiBh anot The entrance a is to be at tlie of a ftnall flight of stairs outside of the build Ing A partition divides the veiti hule from the main from which cor ndors will run east and Similar corridors will run through the east and west connecting with smaller halls There is a difference of opinion as to bow far Scriptural allusions and quota ions are permissible in ordinary news are 10 oe the tveepti jt is admitted Knd rradini hat they often lend force to other vise pointless But thev iu all be and even writers in high class newspapers often We recollect The in nticishig a picture representing Su anna and the referring to the vife of Joachim as the chaste maiden Gazette had a paragraph dealing with the utterances of the Na tional Liberal federation on the subject of disestablishment in which the writer fear that the swine are invited to a diet of Now he husks that tie swine did eat were heir ordinary It was the prodi al who loathed Cardinal In tie whither thou weary ehainpioo of the lie still Sleep thou lenptb the all cmbracins Lornwas tuy sowing rest now and hy fast was feast now tby spirits take thy Sll of because thy will Chose love not in the but the deep leading to tbe lecture and dining In t lie front part of the building to the left of the nmiu ball are to lie the reeeptiou parlor itml rending room ami on the opposite side the superintend ents the trustees room and par All of these rnoms are to lie separated by sliding which will allow the en tire floor to le made into one large room if Across the hall from the library are to be the mens parlor and smoking In the west wing are eight four of which are to Iw occupied by the resident whilq the others are to le utilized as rhuss At the rear of thiswing there is to he an officersdining while at tbe rear the main hall in the same wing a lecture of comfortably seeing 150 is to lie situated In tbe second story are to be rooms for the matron and other members of the resident At cither end of the front of the building arc to be the childrens Each will hold twenty The four h story extends only over the Lenter of the main and is intend ed to he used an It is divided into five spacious one of which is to lie used a hall for the recreation of the j occupants of tbe The style of the building is Thy tides were set againsf j and Philadelphia Crotoii pressed the former fur the liasement and the latter for the upper The trimmings are to be of Lake Superior It is ex pected that the work will be advanced neap f calmer so ills thy flood rebuked their Tow night hits come to please of rest iro some time must it come to every man To first and where many last ore Xotr flxeJ anil finished thine eternal Tiiy bett hits done its thy worst its 01st ay best iis please thy best its Christina Itonsetti in London Peace to the Kiii the crystal brain Peace lor one hour through all the camps of thought Our subtlest has rent the veil of Jlas founi liie truth he enough in next for the laying of the cornerstoii anil the building completed in the spring of ISli Masonic at Twentythird street and Sixth New York built witli t he expectation that the prolits from it would toward establishing u fund for I in The building about and up to five years ago there was Who knows what pae tbose new born eyes 1 of on which the read If this set or or none be best Let no striO jur above this sacred head IVaci for a saint at rest were paying 7 per cent Today it is free from the site at Utica has been J paid and the treasury shows a surplus Ciftii Kay for Green Bay bus been selected as the loca tion of the Odd Fellows home of Wiscon Kach city made a liberal La Crosse offered lifty acres of land close tx city Kuu Claire offered the old Thorpe wliich is valued HI Kil bourti Ctly offered fifty Kcres of laud on which was a biiildiuic valued at and Jeffersou offered the Xorthwesteru Orphans which is valued at ude holding with one hand ff p i t ii r themselvcsto furnish of that the bndleoi Ins horscMS in the act of I The will beojwnod with at least fifty The temple in is said to pay a yearly protit of OH the investllunl At a recent session of the Nfw FillillK at At Pompeii some mural paintings of more Thau ordiuarv interest have iy been hi The Eighth between 1C and 21 of the Second via III and the remarkable discovery lias been made of a house five stones The upper which is filtered from tbe higher level formed by a mound of prehistoric is profusely and the principal hill displays tin one wall the myth of a the letters and orders of King who is seated on a throne before The lower part of the looting loward and the was used as a batbins Three steps j tlie td into the which is peri a net in nietiileislrip tbe lower art of the surrounding j since lasi report of also an increase of walls being painted blue and the upper eleven subordinate The middle of the right wall is ocj The marriaije of a brother uiitl sister of cupied by a picture representing a bnie over tlie waves oil a sea Tliti horizontal band di viding the blue from the red surface is a kind of frieze of comic or caricature representing dwarfs or in scenery evidently of the fighting with various One divarf is in the act of throwing a large alone at an while another is trying fr save by drawing to the land a figure probably a woman fallen into the seized himself by n he Grace Uof at recently look place in the hull of that lodge and largely attended by members and Pat ti nil Master of upon his recvnt departure for Europe received the decoration of chivalry from Canton of The jewel was set with 116 KNIGHTS OF HONOR Condiliuii if tile Order in the 1 vaiiia Jurivdictiuii Dictator of Pennsylva has tied himself with a rope to another j Heporttri Our semian dwarf standing who is striving with might and main to prevent his com rade from being drawn down into the GENERAL CHURCH The Presbyterian of Home Mis sions has in Alaska 6 missionaries and 25 missionary with 323 pupils in the The Moravians estab lished a mission in the territory in and had at the end of 2 stations and 9 The American Baptist Home Mission Society had there in 1889 2 missionaries who had visited religiously 200 The Womans Board of Missions of the Methodist Episcopal church South18 assured a gift of grounds and as soon more are raisedfrom the estate of Nathan for the establishment of a training school for foreign missionaries and other Christian Steps have been taken to secure the incorporation of ttte whichmil be at Kansas Mo and lias been secured towmro the amount which the society is required to There are in Colorado children of school of whom rolled in all the Sunday school etete in the Congregational Son day of which there are There are enrolled in the Coogre mission and that not only cleanse the tfcellvar nual reports show a gain of 52 lortonn end ing June For each term for half a dozen vcars we have hail a losinjf in 1SS9 182 106 and 410 so we think the tide has turned in good and that with the zeal ne propose putting in the and the valuable assistance of The will now forge abend and keep up with her sister writer in The Journal to beexercised because the Knights of Honor since its existence has paid to the onor they would prefer to see the families of go hungry rather them the We are glad we are not in the better Bro F Krueger has elected crand dictator of Colorado and representa Svetothe supreme Hehasbwnan ictive member of tie latter body for cti IMPROVED ORDER OF RED of the Council of the The largest session of the great council of the United States ever held since its in corporation was thatrecently held m the dtfof The great were all antl representatives from thirty six Great J of New Jersey of Records Charles of A which show a steady increase in the membership and The present memo and tribes There an flnanciauj1 Gnat il of IVnMiT vaDia gnat senior Andrew of MamachnHttK T great cbief of Charlea C Among tbe important business transacted the conferring of the honor of part great mcohonee on the Brew chief of rec ords Charles and the adoption of a diploma of membership of tbe order averybeautirnl The uest meet ing of the great council willbe held at Uevelautl in corn The members of the order iu Massachu by their zeal and interest taken iu the various show that they ara tlesirous of seeing tbe order id The next council of tional Chieftains leattue will be held iu Kansas js coming to the A FAIR WOMENS The City of New York Poueise that Are W Some and Significant Missouri has the largest nnmlwrof lodjres of any juristliction New York comes next Illinois The number of lodges iu these respective jurisdictions at the close of tbe last liscal year is shown by the re port of the supreme recorder to be as fol lows 424 New York 414Illi The following official figures show the number of lodges iu each in addition to those mentioned accord ing to their relative standing number of lodges at the close of the last fiscal year 23ti 230 California 220 21 Mich lufi 124 Vew Jersey and 112 Minesota 101 Oregon aud 91 Ala South Xorth Carolina and 88 84 K 74 71 70 New Mexico and 3C The above figures for Dakota of only for a few from the organ of that grand lodge in to the close of the fiscal The greatest gain inthe number of lodges was made in Xew York during the last Ontario stands next to Illinois in the numlierof there being 341 in Cana dian territory up to the close of the last fiscal The relative cains for the year of Missouri and Illinois save Missouri only onelodjie more than Missouris gain was Illinois Indiana only had two assessments for anil the order is again Oregon and had three assess ments for Massachusetts in J illy made a larger gain than any other KNIGHTS OF Mather Clmb of ud II KulMBI Uw York MwMku 1 Tile Late Fust Craoil Kau a few weeks Hoi land died in the order lostwne of its best and brightest He was past grand chancellor of past representative and a member of the board of control of the endowment His death was not He bad been ill for two and was taken to Brooklyn 20 for He was 18 years and known as one of the best surgeons in the He leaves a widow and two His remains were taken to Atcbison for Tbe increase of membership in Illinois last year was The next session of the supreme lodge will be belt in the fourth Tuesday iu Kansas City has thirteen I members iu good is called a Pythian hot bed on account of the growth of the order Sixty divisions of the uniform rank have been instituted since April tbe Indiana Odd Fellows had a total membership of a ftain for the year ending of The Kiiiglits of Pythias of Indiana at the same date had a membership of a gain for the year of of the ttolden Nineteeu castles have been instituted in Pennsylvania this making a total of 835 castles in the with a membership of nearly At the recent session of the grand castle of Missouri the following officers were elected Grand Craig grand vice Symons grand high Fred Getty grand master of Campbell grand keep er of Seers grand sir Carl Haef ner grand Henry Kvery question that was brought before the body from the opening to the close of the session received n unan imous thug giving the grand castle the proud record of having held one of the most harmonious meetings ever held iu the Order of Iron On call due there has been paid up to date The total paid in sick and final claims is The average health throughout the en tire order at present is very Philadelphia has twentyfour sisterhood branches in good Four of them have a membership of nearly 200 Since the institution of the order in In dianapolis in there have been branches organized in over thirty states and Philadelphia leads in the number of branches and member There are sixty branches in good Two of them have over400 mem bers CM American of The financial statement of the supreme officers for June 30 makesa good as follows Resources guaranty emergency total in vested Total payments to July California received for 18S9 in payment of death iosses and for the first half of this year Jacob a past supreme died at his home in Philadel phia July The posts from Ohio show a gain of three or four lodges in that with a very good prospect of having a membership there of between 300 and AsseMuuent 5 ban bnen paid promptly by all the lodges of the and the have bean larger on assessment 5 for Aug ust than for any month in the history of Ike showing conclusively that the membership of the order is increasing in all the The surplus in the benefit fnnd July 1 above withdrawal was TheOrderof Modern Woodmen of Amer ca will orgmnite lodges in The high poritioa attained and the universal acceptance and approval of the pleasmat liquid trait reaiedy Syrup of w tha MM excellent laxative Illustnta valoaof the quail tiatosi which iu mean baatd aadan to tha ChUAmla The Twinkle the name suggest sparkling fall o epigrams and repartee bright stories3 It means all and much more thai if equally according to the enthusiastic accounts of the little com pany of women who have banded them selves together Under that It is the youngest if the aforesaid women are to be judged unbiased wit tlie brightest and most enjoyable womans club in the city of New methods aud purposes am the methods and purposes of oldest womans clnb in the United States is a difference which illRstvates very vividly the change there has been in womens and since Sorosis was twentytwo yeurs Sorosis andlias always a club for mental and it is about as far removed from the masculine idea of a club as the average woman of the last generation was removed from the average man in her sympathies and Sorosis lias had its internal three or four of each oneof which has threatened to break the clnb into several but bright and But it has kept itself and has come out of every one of them stronger than be During all last winter it had a long earthquake over the question of whether or not it shall have a club and start ont at this late day to be a clnb after the masculine idea Someof the members have been strongly iu favor of leasing a large and expensive fitting it up into reception libraries and a and starting out ut clnb housekeeping in the most approved But the idea has been bitterly opposed by some of the most influential members because they think the club is not yet ready financially to take so important a those in favor of a house and by and by Sorosis will proba bly maintain with matronly dignity an establishment of as much consequence as the Union League or the Among the best known members of who are seen at its monthly luncheons and discussions at Delmonicos or at its annual at which men of national reputation enjoy the clubs hos pitality and join in after dinner are Ella Dietz the president Louise Harland Olive Mary Kyle Eliza Archard Phoebe Han Jennie Jenny June Grace Greenwood The Working Girls club is probably the largest and most influential womans club in New In the parent and in the several branches that have been organized in different parts of New York and adjacent thereinnst be a all approaching a Miss Grace Dodge is the chief Officer of the parent the originator of the idea and the constant and zealous watcher of all its She is loved and revered by all the members as sel dom falls to the lot of any The parent organization has a club house of its and the several branches have club rooms that are not only cozy and but are useful in mamprac tical The Meridian club would have been more if less named had its founders called it the Mtun for its members never tell anything that happens at its Aud a year ago hist winter it even de clined Sorosis invitation to the conven tion of womens clubs because reporters were to be Its membership is limited to and these are elected in the alphabetical order of their There is no permanent but at eacn meeting a temporary chairman is the members taking service in alphabetical The club meets at the houses of its and its aim is supposed to be social with intellectual development and a dash of philanthropy thrown Each mem ber can invite guests as many and as often as she provided each one will make a solemn promise before she enters its doors never to tell wliat she is about to see and The Society for Political Study is a very serious and hardworking During the winter season it spends one afternoon a week discussing such ques tions as the state aid to the relations between labor and aud similarly weighty Wakemau is presi and Louise Fiske Bryson is one of its active Moncnre Con way once lectured before the and has nothing but words of high praise and admiration for its work and the ability of its The Womans Art club is not yet two years but is already active and vig It was formed with the intention of making it primarily of professional and the success it has already attained is proof that artistic talent may exist along with practical No amateurs are pro fessional artists who have had pictures in public At first its only intention was to meet at the studios of the members and discuss and criticise one anothers But with organiza tion and a beginning the plan broad and they before them the pos sibility of important and very helpful As a result they held their first exhibition of paintings last It was a very quiet and private but one that was to all who had the good fortune to receive in tbe excellence of the work The number of members is limited to at of whom about thirty have been Its mlei are its financial demands small and its meth ods and Among its members are Miss Grace Fiti president Miss Dora Miss Ellen Day Miss Maria Miss Frances Hunt Miss Cheever and Rhoda The date that were organized last winter are very different from any that had previously come into They are more like mens clubs in both pur poses and and they aeem to soow that women have taken a long stop in tbe eroratioo of the clnb First came the Womans Frew after flattering undecidedly for aorne time over the brink of inteOeetnal development and feminine at laat came to the conclusion that it didnt want to to and have MM of ncitatioM and art papnaod fcmal It the professional interests of its It has a social meeting onte a which gives its members opportunity fa make one anothers acquaintance and a which it entertains It proposes as early in the fntnre as its finances wil to have a permanent home in clnb cheerfully furnished ant centrally At present it meets in the office rooms of one of its mem So it will be seen that the Worn ana Press clnb is as nearly as possible the feminine counterpart of mens press clnb Next after this the LadiesNew York which is organized after the very same pattern as mens clubs It club with bed reception and reading ant a This latter particular was added after the most doleful prophesies of failure by all the club men who hat friends among the The club would simply sink a lot of money in ii and handicap itself at the It was a common thing for restaurants in mens club houses to and fora restaurant in a womans club house to idea was preposterous Bnt the restau rant paid its own way from the and in three months was making i The club intends to have occa sional exhibitions of jewels and interesting let ters aiid parcels are received and caret and iu all respects this club aims to fnrnish its members with the same con veniences to be had by the members of the average mens It was organ ized last and its membership is already very The Womens University clnb corre sponds in purpose and scope with the Mens University club so closely that al most tbe only difference is to be found in its occasional afternoon teas It has handsome club rooms in the Barnard college building on Madison in which is to be found every temptation for loitering away an idle hour or for reading or meeting The club is purely and proposes to let the rest of the world gang its ain gait lust as it The Twinkle club is very very lively and very It is formed closely after the plan of the Twilight except that it is small and wishes to remain and has even fewer formali ties than that famously informal organi It is an eatingand a talking club with a membership for the present at to the eight women who started They meet once a month at a qniet dine and talk for four or five Each one pays for her own and then hey go away and tantalize all their friends by telling them what a good time they have It has no no no no no red tape of any The who are allowed to bring guests to some of he gather around the ell their best swap their best exchange their best mve animated discussions over all sorts of questions and say mpny bright Hie membership is mainly of profes sional and includes two or three gray haired and matronly who enter into its spirit with quite as much zest as any of the younger The members of the Twinkle club con sider it not only the last but the highest ivolution of the womans club idea in WOMANS WORLD IN A Picturesque Itutliui Woman untl Her AmrritTuii iirl Copyright by American Press The other morning an Italian woman ame into a car of a New York elevated She was rather short in eep of chest and shoulder aud strong if When she walked it was with firm step that gave you an im iression of magnificent physical strength ud Her hair was combed nioothly from her brown forehead aud vound in splendid purpleblack iraids around her She was bare What head covering needed either for use or beauty wore ong gold ear and was dressed n white pink Her her white the hand lerchief tucked into her belt were all mmaculately Her eyes were jlack and full of and she looked traight before The woman might lave posed in a so pleasant and picturesque was she to look See ng her yon somehow thought of the live orchards and mulberry groves of of the Mediterranean green and nolet shimmering iu the Jut mark you So near this whole picturesque creature that she onld have heard them if she had under tood sat two American and made audibly aud They nndged one another and and ommented on the Italian woman to a oung man with The girls were Itinny with horribly fitting alse with cheap shoes that had remendously high pointed toes nd part of the buttons split They lad their waists pinched till they looked ike and they were bedizened with finery warranted not to wash or The structures upon their heads were covered with false flowers to a great and the little knobs of ingy hair upon both their would ot have made one of the Italian womans Jendid purpleblack Their liests were narrow and their rms like They were the tear type of the narrow minded American ret they sat there and looked down from infinite heights of self satisfaction pon the spotlessly clean Italian The Lord lave merry on them k It was in 1830 that Harriet Martinean was in America and wrote home that werw only seven occupations open o women in Now there are W and There is no sadder sight thun to see a independent girl get ood and tame and conventional as she rows A leading dry goous merchant of Ko is Miss Minnie fhy Minnie Checkley says that nearly all women nrn their toes inward when they 5o they ELIZA AKCHARD How to Tell Sour milk isoneof the commonest causes fadigextien and diarrhea in artificially nourished Of course no mother would give her baby milk which has be to turn know but the noble is when milk is only slightly and yet enough so to upset a babys diges fault is not distinguishable by taste or smell unless the same be marvel Mothersshonld providetheta with a sheet of blue litmus which is cheap and can be obtained of any This should be cut up into short narrow When one of theae is Ipped into in acid fluid the blue color to a as to whether aaby milk is nour or not can eauly be set at rest by this It Adds New Charm to Life in tha Bill Finding CeoCTMa far Mall myHow to Baild ud The bill to extend free mail delivery to cities having a population of or yielding a gross revenue to the postoffice of passed the senate it has still to pass the It is in the line of constant movement in which this country is advancing to ward the same1 system of mail delivery that prevails in In that coun try every mans mail is carried to whether he lives in town or country the free delivery system is We shall come to that point before many for there is a constant pressure for better mail and congress is yielding to it little by Postmaster General Wanamaker is heartily in favpr of increasing the area of free distribu tion as much as and it is quite probable under the bill in question will become a law at the next It is in direct line with the plan advocated by THK ind preparatory to which the numbering of country residences is The dnicricttn in discussing A Xew Charm for Country says made the Men will dome day learn the truth of this aphor They will learn also to combfie with it the i bought that broad sun the rains and the are in no way incompatible with a high life social So we regard every move ment looking in this direction as au lution in The latest sition for the socializing of the countr omes from uid it is as tbe tenblock system of land and The system divide each mile along the roads into equal or imaginary of 52 176 or eight chains and assign to each block two one on each side of the Any and every house located within a block is given the number of the The first in nearly every case it will be the only in the simply the number he second one has the same ollowedby the letter A the third by the letter B the fourth by the letter and so T there is no house in the the number is assigned to it just the aiid it remains in readiness should a louse be built at a future The futher details of the system are but we cannot present them This is the first practicable attempt yet so far as we are to know ind record the inhabitants of the coun The movement is spreading in the Golden and it ought to spread in ivery township in the The ad vantages it present are numerous and The traveler could easily ompute distances and acquire direc The numbers on the gateposts or over tbe doors would ba ouutry directories could be But above would quicken com munication and intercourse in the cctm It woiild be To make this a system of naming county roads must be inaugu and our California riends are In Contra Costa lying against San are uch charming bits as tbe following Contra Costa running through he county and striking the county seat tio Mountain Willow Pass Golden Gate Lime Ridge Stanley and the Ve know of nothing so good as this ince tbe efforts of dear old Jaeob liiglow n naming the walks and drives of All this could add much charm to the for it would personify omnieiuorate and localize seuti The ten block system idea origi ated with San Fran who has large orchards in Contra He wondered why the ountry in these respects could not pat ern after the Now we are wonder DR why we had not thought it our this is always the way with ood ROAD MAKING which ii road tc i in the snrt is horse is Ij Wbre than one iKica MI jecteu it h ncmiciil to CTIU Ksan to tire to ii stonea pose a ornfiur can iu rhs o of it but tU hereafter bw crusher plant foi In TO steam roller isn i Of irt if necessary by 17 suits are never ence in endurance of a prewired a heavy steam roller ovr outprapareUV with the comparative1 light drawn by horse is i enough to pay the fr of running over The first cos ing from to roller fnic and his w he roller costs T tViv oi viienii but Little and Very a community has been scared nt of improving its roads by the bug of expensive This wholly a for road making machinery is not It is far ess cqstly than are poor It may be interesting to describe the ntfit which would be give its ost and estimate the expense of rnn ing If a town decides that its roads should macadamized the first requisite is rushed The old method of breaJj ng stone by hand is very expensive and as been generally abandoned in these ays of improved aud cheap o a stone crusher is Ou a country road the total width of may be too great to cover eutire with broken stone there should be at tast a macadamized width running hrough its center of fifteen or eighteen and this roadway should be made rith not less a depth of consolidated and icreened broken stone than nine A cubic yard of broken stone will in uch case cover ant area of about three half square and the niate al with a small quantity of clean sand or fine gravel for bind ng will be all thatis xcept intelligent labor and intelligent supervision to complete the It is lardly necessary to that neither the work nor the supervisiou can become in elligent or satisfactory without the aid F the proper machinery for carrying out le construction of the A stone crusher with en will break 75 to 100 tons per Tie engine will consume about half a n of coal costing probably esides this an engineer will be required at a daily wage of about and two will be necessary to feed the Their will average This makes the daily cost of turning the stone with other incidental about It ia impossible to estimate the cost of citing the unbroken stone to the crusher and the broken stone back to the road A that depends entirely upon the distance wliich has tobetraveraedin and the condition of the ground orer w dch the loads are This a ma tter where a grain or two of com placing of the n m have a decided effect on the If the loads have to hauled h coaaderable distance to or from the or if heavy gradea have to be pond tha umUncweh load they s and the steam snp cost but If one tht cost of ir the roads or a distiLot sive of M is more than 1C pr rr rat the sum to lie CK er and nav e Ieen i tiinis in fourUtn acsvrers text SiVi to the n i r lewl i ro load u through tny If partner for m play an inuft This Ls when on the iiserviil next i Mitsui oarT of In throw off trom yoir or that ou your ri discard from your lulli ami ir or your tre in uuni discard from your weak TUe is tbat if you iud your partner strong iu trumps you to utak you can out of year and cant aflonl to But if v opponents are in pluy a defensive yoir vveiii suits are their bold tliem to keep ii C But suppose you V weak iu you have no tion as to nr n tlitm ia lie hrst ronr ur1 tory and discard jour aii Bui pose your partner noticeasfeai given by Its ver lining week to cnrcts the ami discard frjrn iuy iung My would he wonliiAt her dont tell me myparser ought to I know ihitt btu Koootiv is itF iinmi your own Simply he common Koscbmixr whist rras not naclr tor matle for Yi In a ease like it i low tlie ritie the nati call your Mon to failureto MV Ilim lint nic surgeon iu cae from for a few darinc tin chlldraa eral fron it

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