Tuesday, October 14, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - October 14, 1890, Burlington, Iowa iirs m I Belknap Found Life in His the f Secretary of Ufc f Evans building New iniie in this The room in OTS found joined his office ind on5 by the luring his wifes absence from General Belknap was last seen Saturday night about mid ten he was on his way lo his in excellent is in New Yorlc clty e notified of her husbands sudden Iaroners inquest showed that the ilgnfferee1 from fatlv degeneration heirt and that the immediate his death was inflammation of leu death of General lielknap 1 mt another honored citizen of tin the of las is a sad and singular Hut a few weeks ago an KSinguished citizen of the same IJodre passed The Elf General Hclknap is peculiarly hi from the circumstances at r He died with not a his family and it is t his body must have lain twenty at least before it was found mlng lne wouan who cared loely il Belknaps career has been an checkered He was a flows soldier in the union army lconspicuously able man in the positions he aud when jet Grant apuoimed him secretary j after the death of bis faithful lithe country believed it was a nrard for distinguished e the exposures brought about of the fortyfourth and General Kelkuaps en tirCTent from the To the friends of General Belknap he was guiltless of any knowl thc corrupt domestic inflpncnce be was surrounded and which bartering of the posltradcr other scandalous Roynton said today that the Ijwould one if it has not al ine acquit him of any evil de Like the noble tit he said the he himself all the blame and bore sequences in silence in order to t far as possible from ipremc folly of his wife aud rela his hasty resignation from the and Grants prompt ac the democratic house in the tarth congress impeached Generaj but nothing ever came of Ite in the senate was on the right pessto impeach an officer who er in the and that opposing regiVuentV the and would be flaunted by Uioir Belknap took prisoner Color of the showed a complete disregard for nor sonal He not men by his but he nerved them by his own y Belknap has decided that iha general shall be buried The Party Will Arrive in Washington that the great body of our are interested only lo good olhces shall be filled by witn the people he had begun talking before people that he JUSTICE MILLER Without IMin The to Miller od tonight at eight minutes o II without A or he die the phlegm in his throat gradT a ly accumlatcd and his frame quivered It was evident the end was fast an proaching and the members of his hold who were not in the sick room weTe hastily summoued to his bed side Miller aud her son Irvine were present Woll OIQ iricnd of who had just arrived from Omaha I family servants and Chief Clerklai of the supreme court dCath the facc which had become somewhat drawn dur ing the last days of his changed looted as if in a quiet No ar rangements for funeral will be made his re where thev will hi In the found supreme court will after the announce of Associate Justice 01 a of young Jomorrow the as usual and ment Or thfl dcalh sermon holy communion was received by Presidfi fronTf l e with mi M many old the conclusion of the or a time in Tousalin and Miss Corkhill daughter and grand daughter of the afwrnoon reach WashineMn tomorrow fecided that the impeachment pro were void after his ml lielknap went to New York e but soun returned here and the practice of He had a lientacrand made a great doal of but hisextravagant family kept itnparatively His wife has i of the time since her while the gen dhore in loneiy quar Ilnlknapwas born at New in isnimatocl at ilKelknaii was a very conspicu n the He was fiiure and had a most dis He dressed with great I was very absteminous in his HP did not go into society at all ely SMII about the clubs or where public men has been very poor of latc jlinbjett to gout and rheumatic he attendtd an auction of n mate which he had heon offcr and on Saturday night nFifteenth street looking up BInnia apparently inter im squad of young athleteswho from the nlBflknays wife and daughter York and have His son mad man connected with fund is now In Chi some speculation this inorii the same honors would the war department to the that are always paid in It was hold by some that the s under which General Bel nis cnnniicilun with the de the usual drap tlvo ofliccrs from the warde laiixared inyiifctin mn nnicial infornialion General Grant said real record showed that nine dishonorable in Gen his relations His resignation and anci there I knowledge of anything j1 honors to his memory nave been to all deceased the single exception at his ff his own II be draped this aft general order will be the funeral the B ers in his volume on tinios characterizes Gen the beau ideal of an r man of finest phv trained lovc with his Profes ud I mannersand a had combined to 1 Successful His M hira fas a brave soldier in hlln the Florida and the rising by promotion grades from lieutenant law partner of ho was afterwards if Iowa and jndgn of the 15th Iowa and his won for WaUSvom a thief uuui i ol i leidinn jn peri was Vicksburg gthe to the wing of the union ind for a time over there was Belknap in hurling the noble and were at their wo unexpected and in i of on lowa Hith 7 lbe luh or 1he most terrible To the Iowa Iowa fell and in that returned hav they could within fifteen 8MTCRAL WASHISOTOS in Ovtiibrr Special to The HawkKye following postofhpo changes were made in Iowa during the week ending October 11 Established Aliaiiiakce county Elbert postmaster Louisa coun to ootter postmaster Postmasters Polk H Woods Pleasant Des Moines Miiiard Davis Work on the NicaragDa Official infor mation recently received here furnishes ground for confidence that the Nicara gua canal will be completed within the next six or seven There are now more than a thousand men at work on the and six arc in the field under the direction of Chief Engineer making and estimates upon which to base contracts with private corporations lor the neces sary and The differences between Nicaragua and Costa Rica regarding the right of way have been satisfactorily settled and both gov ernments will now give every possi ble aid and encouragement in their The troubles and jealousies that have existed in Costa Rica were inspired by speculators who cared much less for the construction of the ranal than for the profits they might acquire by a change in the route The canal company has purchased a large part of the plant used upon the abandoned Panama and this is now being engaged In dredg ing the harbor of in building a breakwater to protect and in con structing a railway along the line of the canal for the more convenient transpor tation of materials and Chief Engineer who is now at writes in the most hopeful and says during the ap proaching which is the favorable limn for labor in the tropical he expects to have a large pro portion of the most difficult work com The greatest difficulty is found in securing competent owing to the Thousands of men who were taken from the Panama canal have proved to be and their places have been supplied by negroes from and other West India who arc and can en dure the much better than those from cooler ISxcltinc Campaign in Went Them is a very exciting political campaign going on in West Virginia and the republicans hope to carry the state aud elect least two of the three members of Stephen who is a candi date for the 1 nlted States is managing the republican campaign aud furnishing most of the The dem ocrats are very much alarmed at the sit ifetion and the prospects aud have sent committees to New York and Washing ton to appeal for As a con chairman of the democratic congressional has undertaken to raise some money in New and the secretary of the cotumittee has promised to bring the services of every man in the party who would likely he effective on the Senator Car lisle and Representative of left for West Virginia at once and will remain there through the talking chiefly upon the ConforuiiuK to Civil Serrice In order to carry the spirit as well as the letter of the civil service law the secretary of the treosury today agreed to change the existing practice in making of examina tions of applcants for promotions in the treasury department in cases of honor ably discharged soldiers and sailors who by law are entitled to other things being The change will be accomplished by adding five per to the percentage made by such persons in the examination referred The question has been In what respect arc Patricks Pills better than any other Try You will find that they produce a pleasantcr cathartic aremorc certain in their and that they not only but cleanse the whole system and regulate the liver and For sale at per box by i3The campaign in before a The New York stare opened before a massmeeting when Speaker Reed addressed He told them that two years ago they said after mucn thought they were in favor of protec As never before the McKinley bill gives the American market to American To have full effect it Uieir Their votes this fall will show if they were consistent or also spoke of the necessity of the passage of election A Will deprived of hlo qualities as ThB is safoly j rse treatment wmi se Picrcc8 a tonic of friends who crowded about him to grasp his Then the arty was driven to the Denison for din The afternoon was spent with friends and in a drive about the citv THE at six o clock this morning the special tram bearing President Harrison and his party pulled out of Indianapolis on the return to The president spent last nignt aboard nis and as he arose this morning lie appeared much refreshed from the days rest afforded him yesterday at Indian AT At Pendlcton a brief stop was marie and a committee from Anderson boarded the An immense crowd was as sembled at Anderson aud the president on being introduced made a speech in after expressing his pleasure at the he spoke of the wonderful transformation in Anderson by natural In regard to its industries he said Diversification of industry is the secret of development in all Men are prosperous and communities are great just in proportions as their indus tries are so Then every man finds to do and every man a near market for the product This is being realized in Indiana Who can tell what will be the future of this all these cities sit uated above the reservoir of gas I am glad to see in this assemblage so many of these school Let your factories be filled with brawny stalwart men who do mens but my have Kinder watchful care of little See that your schools are con ducted on a high see that these young people are taught in early life those lessons of loyalty aud morality that are essential to the development of American Look carefully after them as one who has never ceased lo love and sympathize with children let me say lie brave and for in this land of over which the starry flag there is no obstruc tion in your You be just what you will With an upright char acter and a dutiful regard to parents who love and earn for there is noth ing between you and the stars to which yon may not aspire in public life of ibis great When the city of Muncie was reached another large assembly had The made a speech in which he greeted his old friends and expressed his delight at again seeing which said he had been familiar with for many He mentioned the find ing of gas Ihere some years aud since has added comfort to homes and prosperity and development of In the presi dent said And my all over and above all and better than it let us keep in mind those higher things that make our country I do not forget that your good county sent to the war of union in ffailant regiments that went from this gallant state a mul titude of brave men to stand by the 1 Some of them are here with you today Now let that love of the flag be still uppermost in your Nothing has pleased me more as I passed through some of our western states than to see that school children everywhere had the starry Hag in their Prolonged Lot it be so here and Let them learn to love to know its in order that when the time of peril comes they may bo ready to defend Prolonged Now to these friends who have assembled in the early morning hour to welcome me as I pass through I hep to say that I am most grateful for your appreciative AT of the demonstrations of the day took place at where a stand had been erected and several thousand peo liln were Every building in the city was decorated and even tele graph poles were adorned with stars and In a few appropriate word Congressman Brown introduced the who spoke as follows My it gives me great pleasure to hear from the lips of your honored my old time army com these words of welcome spoken in your I thank you for the assur ance given me that your assembling here together without regard to differences of belief but as American citizens having common interests and a common love for the flag and the I have had occasion to say before that if we would only forget for a time the rancor and heat of our division and num ber thiugs in which we agree and have common interests we would find that these outnumber our points of dis It is essential to the exist ence of a country like ours that thought and speech should be and free thought means differing It means that though the individual exer cise in the faculties God has given us we will reach in public question different as I remarked the other day to another as long as our differences stand like the opposing bitterness of a great arch confronting each but united in lovc for the constitution and the we have thing to to these good stand they are the servants of the puto and who serve faithfully and not so a president would Great as our government vast as is oar it is wholly Inadequate to fy the reasonable demands of men so from readable ar we turn with confidence and i receive with encouragement these Kindly greetings from the toilers of the men and who only ask from the government that it shall protect hem in their their property and their homes that it shall encourage edit provide for these children so that they shall have an easier road in that their fathers and that there shall be an absence of corrupt intent or act iu the administration of public business reached was here a brief stop was made and the president shook hands with a few fi At Degraff the principal of the village schools introduced the president w a large assemblage of school The president made a pleasant speech to the children and then shook hands with many of AT Bellefontaine was in gala attire when tue train pulled into that city and every woman and child to the throng that turned out to welcome the In the course of his re marks the president said Not cverv oue can hope to reach the maximum of human wealth or but no where else is there so general a diff ussion of human comfort and conveniences of life as in this land of You must show uuthaukfulness to tne framers of our great constitution or to God by indulging in gloomy forebod ings or unreasonable He has not promised that every where and every season the fields should give their full He has promised that the food of man should not Other countries have nnw and then appealed to philan thropic help from abroad to feed their population greater or The United States always has a surplus after its people are and for this we should be I bavebeen told every where on this trip that though the crops in some respects and in some places have been the general prosperity is very Everywhere I have been told that no wheel is idle and that no hand Is idle that seeks for employment that honest bread may come to his I believe we are on an upward grade of if we will be brave and hope ful and that shall lead to a development and an increase of wealth we have never before The president then introduced Secre tary Tracy who spoke Short stop were made at Agostaand but the president merely bowed to the cheering multitude from the rear of the platform and made no There were loud cries for a speech a but the president begged to be Crestline was reached at and a brief stop was AT SHERMANS At Mansfield another large crowd was assembled and the president spoke briefly thanking them for their kindness and saying he was glad to be permitted to stop at the homo of their distinguished senator and his friend I am he however you may differ with him in political that the people of and of are proud of the eminence which he has attained in the counsels of the nation and the dis tinguished service he has been able to render his not only in hut in the treasury He is a twin in greatness with that military brother who led some of as he did in some of the great cam paigns of the and they have to gether rendered conspicuous service to this which as love with devoted A committee from Wooster boarded the train at At its head was Professor formerly professor of chemistry at Miami university when President Harrison attended that insti The president warmly greeted his former IN At Wooster the students of the univer sity joined their college cry to the cheers of the This was the first point in Congressman McKinleys district at which the president The presi dent spoke but briefly as the time was short aud many other stops remained to be A large crowd was assembled at Orr but there was no time for a At Masilion there was a great crowd of Grand Army school children and headed by the As the train passed the city operatives from the manufacturing establishmedts near the road gathered at the track and cheered the president as he sped In his referT ring to the industries of the the president said It is well that your interchanging industries and pursuits lean upon and help each fncreas breakfast and had scarcely had time for lunch but so long as his voice was left he could not refuse to recognize these hearty This respect Is not withheld by political opponents and it is pleasant to know that In all things that affect the Integrity and honor and perpetuity of our government we rise above party ties and There is not much a president can do to shape the policy of the for after all the policy of our laws Isdirected by The president may veto but he cannot frame a said the It is of great interest to you and to all our people that you should chose such men to represent you in congress as will faithfully promote these policies to which you have given your intelligent OX TUB I10ME leaving Alliance a rapid run was made to this where the train was at once trans ferred to a section of the eastern The president was seen for but a few minutes and remained seated in his car observed only by a few curious it not being generally known he was to pass through the At halfpast seven the train pulled out for Washing On the same train was Senator who had been in Pittsburg all day in conference with republican local The president so far has been gone eight days on the trip and in that time has traveled a distance of over three thousand During these eight days he has made forty REED AT The Noted Speaker Will Address the Voters Here October The Political pat la loaaA Terrible Traced mt NolMitTho Math of BrakeBuuUeaeral iowl and Special to The HawkEyeJ DBS Keed wired Chairman of the third dis trict at that he would speak in Burlington on October He will also speak at Waterloo on Octo ber Allkton at Special to the nothing to compel the road to furnish cars beyond the average and expresses a determination to Investigate the statement that the present supply is an avenge A for ToMoli FOKT a prisoner In the Webster county recently received a copy of tbeKreutzer It came by addressed in care of the In glancing over it Sheriff Adams found two of the leaves neatly pasted Between them were concealed two sharp steel A well planned attempt to escape was frus A flag Hone rell oo Correspondence of The HawkEye J LOCKING THE STABLE Dublin Castle Authorities Search ing for Dillon and a young farmer who was riding a plug horse iu a was dangerously injured by the horse falling on He may huge crowd assembled to hear Senator Allison here this evening iu the opening address of the campaign in this Much enthusiasm was Allison siwke In a happy vein and always He presented the issues of the campaign in a light which cannot help but make republican Delaware Coaatj Special to The polit ical campaign was opened in thiscounty tnday at Earlville of by the From now until the THE WORLDS President Palmer Kefuiuis president of the Worlds Fair national com mission was in conference today with assistant secretary of the who Is in the city regarding Worlds Fair President Palmer said he would in form the department that he Palmer would decline to receive annual salary allowed him ami would charge only his actual expenses during such time as he devoted in Chicago or else where wholly to the business of the President when asked what he thought of the salaries of Direc tor Jeneral Davis and Secretary Dickin son and said he thought them none too and as the work the figures ought to be in THIRTY EXCURSION TRAINS Will the Texan State Fair Uurili the firm Special to The will be thirty excursion trains to this city from northern states during the first week of the state which opens next Satur day and continues until November There never was such an exhibition in the south and many exhibits had to be rejected for want of The colored people have a separate exhibit for which Two Killed the Can the association has offered one thousand dollars in Their showing in cattle and fancy work is very The Washington press correspondents will be given a grand ball and will visit the principal cities in Next to the fair the people of Dallas election it will be as the saying red On the Kith there is to be a grand re publican rally at this place when La of of Hon M of and A of will address the This county is good for its usual re publican The people here are not ready to transfer the reins of gov ernment to the party which has worked against all reforms and only a few years since attempted to destroy this HIS PBIOI WAS TOO Hveonn Enraged at Wife and Sptclal toThe tenant of a farm two miles west of iilmanv committed suicide Saturday night by taking Miner had sold a load of potatoes at Griunell and on his returning home his wife upbraided him for not getting better He flew into an ungovernable seized a bottle containing the poison and rushed VloUhcd Her Brad wife of of Lattner Dubnque died aged 100 into the night and shortly was found dying A TBRRIBLI IRON AUD StUL Arrive in Chleafo aal arc ike Freedom of City large number of the members of the German and American societies who attended the re cent Iron and steel congress in New York arrived here this They were met by a large committee and a formal reception was tendered them at the Palmer where Mayor after a speech of tendered the visitors the freedom of the Sir Kitson made a graceful speech in and of the German in also The party was then taken to the Washington park club where luncheon was In the evening a banquet was tendered them at the NATURALIZATION Eight Under Arrnt Charged With the men charged with attemped naturalization frauds were arrested tonight by the federal authori They are Bernard Ed ward John James John Cala han and Patrick and John Mur The United States marshall said tonight the authorities had been aware that false naturalization was being indulged in to a surprising and tonights arrests are only a starter in In what interest the supposed frauds were taken was not A very sharp local campaign is in progress with important state and legislative offices also at The to With Opuiux Ike Kriilnh wrciC A BOY ROAD Up and kind 4land neighborly Influences are social dtruinant to those people whom I have known so I render my sincere for their hearty and cordial wel ATCSJOS RKI of the presidents train was made S Union on the boundary Hne of and Ohio and here the chief executive again left the tram to a stand which escorted to a stand and was ur ing and making possible the great pros perity which you I hope it is true here that everybody is getting a fair return for his We cannot afford in America to have any discontented classes and if fair wages are paid for fair work we will have I am not one of those who believe that cheapness is the highest I am one of those who believe it can be to my interest or to yours to put in the market anything below the prlro that pays to the men who make it fair living Great We should al live aud let live in this Our our promise for the our security for social happiness is the contentment of the great masses who It is in the kindly intercourse and relationship between capital and labor each having an appropriate increase that we shall find the highest capitalist and employer everywhere extending to those who work for human rights kindly consideration with compensating When the train rolled into Canton over five thousand people were assembled to greet the chief The and other organizations were out in full The president spoke in response to an address of saying in part I am glad to be at the home of one with whom I have been associated in congressional duties for a number of and in all personal relations with as I believe with his neigh has won my as I am sure he has won And without any regard to what may be thought of the McKinley I am sure here today you are all the good neighbors and friends of William Ap Kindhearted and generous as he seemed to I am sure he has not failed In those social whatever judgment you may have of his political in making the masses of the people proud of him astheirdistingulshed We all I am that all relations between the employers and workmen shall be friendly and I wish everywhere the as sociations were closer and employers more thoughtful of those who work for I am sure there is one thing on which we all whatever our views may be on the tariff or and that is that there Is no prosperity that In the liberal sense does not embrace every deserving and industrious man and woman in the We are all responsible citizens and we should all be free from anything that de tracts from our liberties and independ ence or that retards the development of our morality and Alliance an other large crowd greeted the presiden party and the president made his thirteenth speech of the He told are elated over the discovery of pure artesian water at a depth of one thou sand the well yielding a little over one million gallons a This solves the problem with which Dallas had to The water comes to the sur face with a roar that is heard blocks away and has a temperature of S3 de TO DIO FOB A Com paiijr Organized to in Hancock Spiral to The HawkRyi section of Hancock county is much excited over the formation in Fort Madison of a company to prospect for mineral and Colonel Joseph and Dennis Joseph Charles Peters and Charles met Friday evening at the First National bank in Fort Madison for the purpose of organizing the com After some discussion it was agreed by the gentlemen that each of them contribute the sum of 5100 to be used for the purpose stated the money to be paid to Peters and It wasdccided to employ expert upon whose the company is to Correspondence for that purpose will be Five thousand acres of land on the Illinois side between Xiota and Xauvoo have been leased for the above purpose and mining for this purpose will soon be It is thought that a rich coal field will be RICH AND WEARY OF DKS frightful accident happened on the Rock Island road in the western edge of the city Sat urday Peter and Minnie the former three years old and the latter twenty only children of Peter a were run over and instantly The trainmen claim that the babes were asleep on the track and that owing to the curve in the road they could not be seen the In time to stop CUT IN Wallrr With Half a Million of Out XKW YORK Walter Ker twentysix years overrich surfeited with the comforts of this blew his brains out at this He had just returned to his apartments at the Delta Phi at 5 East Twentyseventh having been out with friends to Kornochan had a good social was possessed of over half a million dollars aud was en caged in a profitable business that was making him richer all the I look upon this act of said one of his as the culmination of his gloomy ideas upon So far as we know there was no womans He liked to lounge about the Calumet talking or else to sit at the window and stare at the In business he was almost overconscien He would reproach himself bit terly if he arrived at his office a few minutes late and found that he had been wanted for He was naturally of a mercurial temperament and I guess he had at times a vivid conviction of the hollowness of He was one of the young men who have seen life and be come blase at an eany He probably thought life wasnt worth living and so got out of He was descended from a family well known In New New Orleans and Terrible Death or HrakemM John Sear rspecial to The a Central railroad brakeman resid ing at was run over and killed last night at a bridge over North Skunk river between New Sharon and Oska The train stopped at a water tank and Vedt went out to set the He fell between the cars and was cut in Ht was An Old Soldier at Marahalltown Paaaen Special to The a veteran of the soldiers while down town yesterday morning fell in a fit on the He was conveyed to the home at once and died fifteen min utes after his He was a member of Company 31st and was aged His relatives reside at Cedar where his remains will be Peculiar Ueath of a Special to Tae DKS excitement was caused on the East Side by the peculiar death of an eleven months old The death occurred under very suspicious circumstances and it was openly charged that it was caused starvation at the hands of its The child was the illigitemate offspring of a girl now known as Ida Gibson and her The latter was sent to the penitentiary for incest under the name of The investigation and post mortem shows that death late Saturday night was not from but uleeration of the Inability or the to nfld Proof of Immorality at Before the grand jury adjourned yesterday it made the following report concerning Schwein his angels and his disciples We the grand would respectfully re port to your honor that at the suggestion of the states attorney in his charge to us and upon the formal complaint of one of our we have made a thorough investigation of the alleged immoral prac tices of George Jacob Schwcinfurth and his who live at the Weldon in the town of this That we have taken testimony of all persons whom we had reason to be lieve would be cognizant of any facts in the including nearly all those who live on the Weldon farm and their near est and that we find abso lutely no proof whatever upon which to base any criminal with the exception of the fact of the birth there of one illegitimate whose patern ity cannot be the Mary making a preposterous claim in relation No fact has has come to our knowledge that in any manner bears against any of these peo ple so far as the morality of their lives is Gratlfylnc to The high position attained and the universal acceptance and approval of the pleasant liquid frujt remedy Syrup of as the most excellent laxative illustrate the value of the ties on which Its success is based and are abundantly gratifying to the California ig Syrup ftaeonrating DKS re ceived at the state central committee from Black Hawk county are more than encouraging and the outlook for the gallant Colonel Henderson being re turned by even a larger majority than he received two years ago is very flatter the blow and splutter of the democratic press amounts to but very little in the face of facts and Several weeks ago there was consider able dissatisfaction in some parts of the and while this grumbling was not loud enough to unnecessarily alarm the republican still it placed them on their guard and also highly elated the The prospect has materially altered during the last two weeks and matters look much Thorough organization and the conviction that the interests of the the welfare of the are of more importance than personal dislikes or personal is rapidly gaining The third dis trict promises to swing into line with at least republican In democrats are now willing to conceed its nip and Two weeks ago they said Couch would be elected by over SKN1RAL RAILROAD mmmf Connlatou u to a lack of tmn In Northern DES as to the lack of cars in northern Iowa and the most urgent prayers continue to come into the railway Saturday a petition was received from the citizens of Benwick in It says that business of that community is at a standstill owing to the failure of the Northwestern to In a week they have needed thirty or forty cars and have had two or From Hoi a dealer in train and live sends a most pitiful tale of Since the of September not a single empty car has been shipped to Their houses are full of grain and their contracts cannot be filled and consequently they are heavy All the grain in the vicinity Is going across to the Illinois Several letters have been received from the railway managers on the subject and they all say that they are utterly unable to supply the but are doing the best thev Railroad DKS railroad commission has written a second letter to vice president of the Mil waukee in answer to his communi cation to them admitting the Inadequacy of their equipment to supply the de mands of the The commission iu iU reply of today stales thai there Stage and Kitlea the Mail An overland stage was held up hear here last night by a masked who secured the ex press box and While he was rifling the mail sacks the driver of the stage tried to shoot him but his pistol wouldnt The robber fired two shots at the both This afternoon the robber was found in the woods and proved to be a boy about eighteen years a stranger in this Lanndrymena The annual con vention of the Laundryinens National association met in this city today with seventylive members present from all parts of the In his annual ad President of Chicago denounced the Chinese and advised the local organizations to starve them out by inducing landlords not to lease rooms to and where Chinamen were located to start opposition establishments and take their from the Conflicting reports have been received here regarding the situation of affairs at the month of the Zambii One report alleges that one of the British stern wheel gun boats attempted to pass up the to pre vent which a line of Portuguese gun boats were anchored across the mouth of the with instructions to passively resist the passage of British anrl that she ran down and sank one of the Portuguese war Another report says the British gun boats have not yet started from A State Senator State Sen ator Swearengen committed sui cide today by shooting himself through It is believed his mind had been unsettled byjinancial HAWKEYS MuKDEiiEi Charles for the last ten years night freight agent for the transfer in Council was murdered and robbed in Omaha Saturday He was well known in railway circles and leaves u wife and ENGLISH LITHEKAX SYNOD English Lutheran synod of Iowa has been in session in Sioux and will continue until The of DPS has been elected The reports pre sented show the synod to be in a good condition A NuTKi CASK The su preme court at Des Moines reached a conclusion in the celebrated Conable Hayes libel suit Saturday and filed a long opinion affirming the judgment of the Clinton district which sentenced Conable to pay a Conabie was the of the Clinton Mnriiimj and during the last campaign charged Walter the democratic con gressman with selling the appointment to the Wilton postoffice for Con able was a but a bitter enemy of Coits PALACE The Sioux City corn palace exposition closed Owing to rain all outdoor at tractions were Governor of South arrived early in the but Governor Boies did not get here until nearly six oclock The reception was postponed till when a large number of citizens and visitors shook hands with the two The palace has been a great success in every and the management will come out ahead A MASTOIIOXS While workmen were engaged in excavating for a water tank at Lake Nyanza near the other they unearthed portions of the skeleton of a prehistoric monster imbedded in sandy clay at a depth of about twenty When un covered nearly all the bones crumbled into hue a knee joint and thigh bone alone remaining while some st 11 larger pieces could not be removed vvlthout caving in the After con siderable search a large tooth was un about eight by three inches on the with roots four or live inches in From Dublin Castle authorities are engaged in the operation known as locking the door after the colt been Every nook and cranny in the three kingdoms are bemg searched for Ihe missing of The activity shown by the government in scouring Queenstown harbor for the fugitives excites much It would be incredibly stupid for OBrien and Dillon to remain in Ireland several days after their flight from Tipperary became known and then attempt to leave the country by one of the regular steamship This is apparent to every one except government and the nationalist papers are jeering at the police for their exhibition of ex JHM fnctii There is a grow here that the men named at the DnbltncOnference as the delegates to visit outside of OBrien ami are not those who will really It is thought that the wrong names were given out in throw the government on a false scent in the belief that it is Balfours intention to ar rest the whole delegation if his police find them going by the ordinary There is great jubilation iu lory circles and corresponding indignation among the nationalists at Davitts attack on Parnell for not attending the lato con It is regarded as only the first Parnell will follow his usual course and take no notice of the The Parliamentary extra parlia mentary campaign will soon be in full and the leading orators of both parties will be talking to big audiences in various parts of England and Scot Lord it is now will not address the National Union of Conservative association at as had been Balfour will take his place on that in ac cordance with the policy of the ministry to devolve upon the Irish chief secretary the leading championship of the unionist both in the honseof commonsand on the BuIfour will speak also at different places on the 13th and inth Morley will reply to these speeches iu an address at Newcastle on the Lord Hartingtou will speak at November and Goschen at Halifax on November Balfour in his speeches is expected to give his side of the Tipperary He has declined an invitation to play golf with the Tyneside club during his visit to where he speaks next The Labor labor troubles continue to be a source of anxiety in various parts of the A dispatch from Sydney says that the employers ab solutely decline any further negotiations and declare their intention to adhere to the lines of conduct they have already laid down and that under no circum stances will they consent to exclude non union The steel workers of South Wales and their employers have agreed upon the principle of thn sliding scale in Seven thousand men are The socialist congress is now in session at Steps are being taken to obtain the attendance ot Ameri can delegates at the international congress of miners to bo held in Paris next Great Belgium and Germany will be repre The Spanish government is pre paring for submission to the corles measures to restrict the hours of labor and improve the condition of working Subscriptions are being taken up throughout France for the support of the striking lace workers of They number about twenty The in fears are en tertained here regarding the affairs in The outbreak of a revolution is looked for at any and the speedy downfall of the Braganza dynasty and the proclamation of a republic would be sure to The people are thoroughly disgusted with the the young king is sick and unfit to and the cabinet he has at last snceedid in gathering around him is only a make The army and police in full sympathy with the discontented Lord Salisbury still presses his which must inevitably bring on a revolu The royal family will return to Lisbon today and a cabinet council will be at which it will be decided whether or not a prolongation of the ses sion of the cortes shall be The new cabinet is politically none of its members bning committed by party affiliations or The EntatF of tiarilener Vhaae assignee of the estate of Gardener Chase makes a showing the total assets to be notes and bills secured by Individual accounts of customers Contingent notos pledged with Total unsecured liabilities Smio uinapuearaace of a Wreath report is pub German papers that a lished in South money From examination of these fragments of lowl cl late of the Peabody museum at pronounced the remains tone those of an elephas probably de posited there during the when the world was A prominent physician and old army surgeon m eastern Iowa was called away from home for a few days during his ab sence one of the children severe cold and his wife bought a botile of Chamberlains it ns Court Remedy for with the they bottles at various sev He regarded Being a specific of any medicine he had silver purchased with subscribed iu the United States and con signed to Charles of an American now in has mys teriously disappeared on its way to Gib It was the intention to have it placed on the tomb of the late Emperor Concraiw of The so cialistic cialistic congress opened hern There are delegates of whom 341 are from two from Great three from one from three from five from Russia and one from Financial Scheme The new ministry held a long conference Saturday and con cluded it could not accept the financial scheme which the late minister of finance was negotiating with Paris bankers when he It is still doubtful whether the ministerial crisis is SU Lout In a The four story building occupied oy Rowley fc Prock government contractors for military burned this Six persons were burned to death and thir teen were seriously Dillon and iVHrien Bound for At a meeting of the labor federation at Kildysart Joseph memberof parliament for East stated that Dillon alid OBrien were on their way to America as fast a steamer could carry who had charge of affairs iu Taclno on bf half of the national hast dered his resignation on the ground that it is impossible to reinstate the old eminent without IM cholera demic continues at Barcelona SiSS To the Powder rrvslr r chatnav tu lUti

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