Sunday, October 12, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - October 12, 1890, Burlington, Iowa CRUSHED UTERARY Consignment of All ew and l JJeWds of War 1 1 ruliuluiu for School Hud Puetiy in Mnnirin M Italian Yolk Minim and llon onjoj s JJunk Sloi IMH ned rcpu indefatigable traveler and that of a does the will of its jot aud Artec Laud observation which cannot fail to interest Sid the readorf Vs in romance of the first puhllo it treats the subject au and going urfaco of things Mexican and uuse from effect The of 1S90 contracted with the and the exaggerations iauih Uiiomclers mercilessly bt the Keen edge of The on and impoi crihinent of the the rule of the Eonian are graphually depicted toward the devel on of tlio republic since church divorced in 1S57 by the In reform and amendment of the ELon which caused the church millions of illgotten deprived it of its power tonational are suecintly We regret that the limitations Jsuee forbid a more extended re CAis notable work and close with ing citation from pages is and written in the spirit of rill commend the hope ex fto tlie approbation of all true BDi At last it would seem as unercics of this much dis so long the victim of fpricsthood professional brigand Krf uvil and foreign have be into channels of produc dovcloplng resources of udstalillity which have hereto fctn A country fac upontvro and having seven itrailroad lines intersecting it in cannot remain iu it mnit take its place more promptly in grand line all of whom are mov Jorward under the influence progressive ideas of the nineteenth It is only since 1670 that ha enjoyed anything like a jvcrnuMiit and as her constilu tinodclod upon our let us sin hope for the best ITiTii THI FnitTYMvrn MASSACUU Vnl ly Hcnrv iiswork was first issued in and enters upon its second It mttui in the form of most of were penned in camp during tho The book is the record of the ishircregiment named in the title the writer states iu his fa labor of having for its object preservation of the memories clus iDj around the Fortyninth and the dcatton of hi1 principles of which the ira but an The plates iccr portraits used in the original an not having ail ilotor destroyed with the single ition of the a well rf picture of is no pretense to literary elabora ic tlie which is in simple and of more local than 1 iiuwsL STUUIES KOH liiislin Bosiun ISujijtly fi Broiiitield UETV excellent liule volume for the Ijwoflined in the The stor of easy comprehension by HE mind and the outlines given ih furnish a skeleton guide to IUfmpnts made in each this the pupil is en dtograsp the main circumstances nted and with a little aid from the to reproduce substantially the It would seem to con ithefrscntialsof a valuable help to tHUdr desirous of gaining ground iu fliidyof English AXIi UTIIEK ENGLISH TIHMO hv Xiu York Henrv Holt and IhuuuW of this timely liule volume in constructing a very as well itistructive work upon tat first glance would to most people dry and unpromising sub Tupcontents uf comprise yof the growth of our uercnt usns of some words in Eng ird real and supposed pc afc In English and cood English on this eases of disputed pro unsettled The are reproductions of the and title pages of ancient The superiority of Ameri niUKrapliitrs work Is demonsirated allngnther the book is jtta will hiread with both pleasure Ml by all whn are interested iu WretliiE of nnr Teachers ol JJimkind H I Mind anil Hie Uiwe nt New ff John 3X 1earl with the founding of gov They illustrate also the fdnt from all of the Union ing opposite political opinions can i asthoj did on this with same friendly relationship to tl pics which govern the society A K is SUNDAY OCTOBER PRICE 15 CENTS PER Tl should have its mcmbershi1C revolutionary on the Twin Cities of the North which will prove interestmg read ing not only to tho citizens of thesetwo but also to a groat number of readers scattered throughout tl c try ho o watched ith astonishment iwns tylive pages of this book is a veritable v of the seed thoughts of the toudiin duty and every one who wills can The compiler gar tliosp expressions of the views of and good men of the ages for wrsonal and ensuits of his researches were BiHst they appeared to him of worth to withhold from general Escerjiis from the wri oisuch men as Coufn Socrates and Jesus are gleanings from the Including Macau and a of u ext book for every day ref In Rhymes for Little Readers Miss Adams has produced a distinctively American color book and one that will be voted as every way delightful by the small folks of The choice 111 material includes some of the well re d jingles that have now become but the main feature of tho hook the pictui esare full of life and spirit without that redundancy of color that sometimes makes the childs picture book something too iu tinted inks Art in the nursery is one of the best and such dainty color books as is this one of Miss Adams are steps in the culture of tho youthful eye and OK by Tills is a cleverly written tale of love in depicting the characteris tics of the people of the blue grass their against the Yan everything perialinng to The heroine is a typical shouthern beauty the daughter of indolent and who sets uut to violate all tho traditions of her caste by falling hope lessly in love with the republican and nothern incumbent of the internal reve nue office of the district aud winds up by losing all faith in him at the first breath of Her subsequent apathetic misery and desperate expedient to es cape from the clutches of chronic its are delineated in a very entertaining The author is evi dently a lady of wide range of reading and an excellent judge of human SONATA FJMTIT liv Pauline uiilhor of The Heiress ul The Qucn of New ork 57 Itose A dream of morbid jealousy supposed to have its origin in the perusal of Tol stois senile wail against the Almightys plan of The leading character iu Miss Graysons story is an impoabble anc highly overdrawn in fact the writing of the to begin would seem to have sprung from a wish to indignantly protest against the sour ascetisism promulgated by the evidently decaying but once brilliant intellect of the Eussiau Among the generality of readers the Sonata can only excite derision or dis gust and in either case the possibilities of its bearing fruit such as portrayed in this talc of an imbecile at are too small to justify the publication of such utter rant and SOCIETY OK Tin OF THE AMERICAN Prepared by reuliunol William rieward New YTk and Londun Putnams Historical notes of the organization of societies of sons of the American revolu tion with a list of national and state aud illustrated with designs showing the insignia of the form of application for cer The national society was organized April and incorpor ated under the laws of It is nonpartisan and free from any religi ous Its objects are patriotic and social To cherish and maintain Amer ican laws and perpetuate the spirit and memory of patriots to promolc and encourage the proper ob servance of erection of his torical monuments and preserva tion of relics and records of the war of and to encour age the better education of the young for the proper discharge of the duties of UclolMr The Forum for October contains sev eral very timely and important The opening article is by Bishop Huntington on on Social Problems aud the The Working of the New Silver by is a timely dissertation on that much dis cussed problem of the Edward Bellamy contributes a paper on First Steps Toward Other in teresting papers are The Future of Our by Helen Ekin Starrett The Decadence of Xew by George llnutwell Formative In by Frederick Harrison Chinas Menace to the by Thomas Magee the Idea of Ufe After by Peter Lesley Two Forces in by Mary Cutting The Zodiacal by Arthur Williams and Climate and the Gulf by Jaiujnes This is a table of contents which perused as they will give rise to much valuable This Is one of the best numbers of this excellent The October number of the Emj Maijazinc is first and foremost a Cotton Centennial It contains a long and very refreshing illustrated article on the Cotton Industry in Xew England by From the birth of this industry in Kew England Eich takes it up and follows it in all its rapid Pawtucket and the Slaier Centennial is a new enter taining paper by Massena John Henry Newman as a by John Agricultural by James Knapp The Massachusetts Agricultural Col lege by Henry Goodcll and some very bright aud pretty stories arc among the contents of this number of this excellent The illustra tions arc very j wiinastonH tho marvellous growth of these to Juhon Lovelans A Successful i continued m this number George Mary Lowe George Whartou Edwards Biland Kristopher Henry Cabot Lodge Murat Halstcad and Edward Everett Udlc are among the prominent writers of the who contribute to the num ber of this enterprising and popular mag ramu for October H one of special In terest to the little lolk The bright pic tuics and interesting stories will cuter tain them for many an Let every child have the AUTUMNS OUR WASHINGTON Smith D Fry Writes Concerning Matters at the National The Mail Tlieu and the in Ituu Meditl ami the lolitleitl IDA ESTELLE Written lor THE I ho fair summer is is dj ini Sadly the autumns winds watch her Audi he sweet hopes 1 have cherished arc Iv ins liow iu the grave or my passionless All the lonir days whcu the summer was clad Dreamed l of jujb the near luturc should How could 1 know then that cr the sad dest The requiem low oer their lost life would Over I ho brown meadows Jofet leaves are tly Ureliujr at last iu warm mother earths They have no fear of death tlio they ore dy IJylnjr iu splendor of crimsou and Nonwhile the autumn winds drearily wail Are moaning a dirge for the days thiitnre If forests can name into glorv while fail Why need 1 sorrow for hopes that aiu dead sad have thy courage re Sometime your lougriUKS tbelr answer will For wlii 11 the leaves fall iu the dreary Novem They the promise that waits for the IS IT A DELUSION Correspondence The HawkEyej Oct mail car riers in our cities who complain of long hours of labor with paucity of remunera tion should remember the hardships en dured uncomplainingly by the first mail carrier iu America they may not never having hoard and known of that distinguished He had the route between Eustori and and traveled the dis tance on foot once a iu all sorts of and shrough a country full of hostile Indians All he dis services was his board and and was obliged to furnish his own uniform When ho was not traveling he ill a in the and oftentimes he was obliged to sleep out of doors in tho worst kind of He never com never and gave up his job only when compelled to do so by a bullet shot at him by an Indian In the woods near Portland He wouifdcd but managed to get on to the end of his deliver his and die in the postoftico at His mail bag was strapped around his and he fell in lino of duty uncomplain He was a dog and his name was by llella 1Yench Ntw Yulk Jolm U The October number of the magazine of American llistum is a delightful The contributors are eminent in the scholarlv world and the subjects are of particular interest to The frontis piece is a flue portrait of R chard who is also the author of the opening and Guarantees of National Theodore Prosper Milton IAd Charles Aldrich and ISanning t among the other irtha Lamb writes a very luterest cius in Mr cheap but ications a poem of considor liaving for its theme the lovc and the some al of mans self on and submission to the will of bl rscis but runs in tllp 1IO111 breathes wiej i refined and en of lives by swcnl affinity of tcd Person for years by i o a harsh falc comes rest and a sm has repented in ana ashes and the reward of crowns the expiation with a ingedfwViaTonSoutuold and Her His toric Homes and of New ths lifeisinthe line Emma Harriman in Xnrlhweslern Christian Your idea of another of a beautiful heaven where our friends wait for is very of says the but it is all a simply a Is it Did you ever loved one go down to the rivers edge and wait while he crossed over in full hope of a glorious and with a glimpse of that heaven before he left I remember the dear old grandfather weary with his many had grown to have a childish fear of I know it will be ail he but I dread the Hut when it he roused from wha seemed like and raising his arms to welcome some one wo could not cried out bless the aud that instant knew the great I remember the baby brother who stretched out his little aruis to some one he saw over and above and with a sweet smile that was on his face when they shut the colliu went up to meet And the other in man hoods with a look of peace on his face that was not of said It is all 1 am no more afraid to die than to go into another Like a flash the summons came to but what did it matter The precious mother when she knew she must lold us so quietly I have been thinkinc it I dont know but I have as many there as aud calmly made her preparations as for a Was she going out to think you And the brothers loved as our very who one short week later told us I am not better as you think but and before tomorrow night I shall be in Was she deluded Was there no God to tell as she said he did Is it not rather those who doubt and disbelieve who are deluded What is there in this world that proves to us the truth or falsity of a thing bel ter than a personal and when one has put himself in communication with heaven by accepting Jesus as his and re ceiving the answering message that comes back from knows there is such a and the belief in it is not a Hannah Whitall Smith beau tifully illustrates this by what she saw at the Paris Eanged round a room were many their elbows resting on the velvet their cars at the telephone listening to concert or while those in the room without this connection hoard noth said the Christian hears what the worlding cannot because he has no connection with the heavenly Delusion no lint the greatest reality to us who know that year by year we are gelling nearer to this place that holds so many for some of And we shall not bo afraid to cross The raging river of death will be but a rippling and we shall pass lightly over the stepping our eyes looking across to the waiting ones on the other our hands in those that were A When a from years of has so completely sacislied himself of the universal satisfaction given by his that he feels fully warranted in selling them under a certi ficate of it is very natural to believe that such a producer has implicit confidence in tho merits of and not without good Such confidence is possessed by the Worlds Dispensary Medical of Uuf New in Picrces Family and hence his Favorite Pre scription is sold by as no other medicine for similar purposes ever under a jiosUlac that it will iu every case give or money paid for it will be It cures all those distressing and delicate and weaknesses peculiar to The stamping machines which have done the counting for the census are re markable They seem endowed with human They count all way from live to eighteen thous and cards each and only by their aid has the census been completed in so short a These machines are now kept going all the time in the work of tabulating facts about each individual in the United There are cards fur nished by the eumerators which show facts concerning each one of the sixty live million people in this and they are all being handled in a practical and businesslike manner by the census Of course these wonderful machines are not but are pro pelled by human They travel along under the lingers of pretty and there are some of the prettiest girls iu the census ofitce that you ever saw any In many visitors who go to sec those machines come away with out an adequate idea of how they but with a vivid recoliectiou of the ap pearance of the blonde or brunette who gave a glance at the stranger while continuing the manipulation of the ma chine with her tapering manicured quarters victory for the party of progress and human liberty in the cominff There Is now but little doubt that the republicans will have control of the house despite the gerrymandering and outrages perpe trated by the democratic party in the various states of this union where human life is at a discount and political crimes at Spirits are playing pranks m Mont gomery near this They have assaulted tho residence of a farmer named Joseph and every midnight they appear but arc Intangi They bang the slam the invite and dare the farmer tocome out but wheutlic doors are the spirits Neigh bors have sat up and surrounded tho house night aftei night with loaded guus and yet the same spiritual manifestations con The Childs family are near ly worn into insanity by the strange One of these days the cute spirits will make a show and get full of buck shot and then they will wish that they had stayed at homo and and his family let Childs The Mystic Sisterhood Whose Full Name No Man of the ltH Alms ami Otlivern Meeting of the Grand The Iturlington members of the O Society are busy with preparations for the eighth annual meeting of tho Grand Chapter which will convene In this city Wednesday morning next and remain In session for three days The meeting will bo one of the most important in the annals of the sisterhood it is ex nationalofficers will be the first Under the it will un doubtedly interest many of our readers to Icarri something of the order which numbers among its members sonic sixty of our brightest and Eurlington The proposition of of the navy to build a line battle ship for the worlds meets with approval at the navy It is believed that if simile of our or of our bat tie can be built used for the exhibition of naval relics and a naval ex hibit so that our people in the interior of the country can see au actual full size and full rigged vessel of our now they will take especial pride in it and in tho work which is going on at our rejuvenating our It is proposed to place in the turrets of the ship the regulation 13inch and also the rapid firing 0 and Sinch long distance The idea is only but George the greatest historian of this who celebrated his ninetieth birthday at Khode last will return to his home in this city within a few He is a resident of but owns a cot tage by the sea where he spends the summer He is gradually grow ing feeble as the years go He takes splendid care of his and until within the past three years has been a daily riding over the hill couutry around the national capital and galloping his steed like a veritable Eng lish Eut his horse stumbled and fell with him about three years ago when he was nearly eightyseven years of and his life was almost taken by the He recovered much to the sur prise of his as well as to their but since that day he has not taken his horseback He real ized then for the first time in his that ho was growing that his bones were brittle and and his strength We shall not have him with us much longer and the last page of his lifes history Is probably being written as the days go His old age has been as his whole life time has been The shadows are falling down upon him and time well soon set upon his body the seal that comoth to all Hut his fame and honorable name will be imperish On the corner of Sixth and D streets iu northeast there stands an old building which was once occupied as a Unitarian Within its walls eloquent divines have told the story of calvary and inculatcd the doctrines of whence came the while the Christ sat within the boat on the crystal waves as He taught the waiting people on the That old hall now is and the spirit of Christianity is hushed within its Daily as the snu rises there begin to con gregate within the erstwhile sacred eili Hocks anil gangs of the and most most inhuman human beings to be found within the boundaries of the Dis trict of They come on in and in the prison com monly called the ISlaek The old church is now the one and only po lice court roam of this It is a loathsome a villainous full of tobacco stains and reeking with the poison of tobacco The air is Eut down in the base ment where the little childrcd used to gather for Sabbath are the cells for the suspected and There is now no ventilation for those and no conveniences for the unfortunates therein confined several hours of the It is a public a breeder of dis a crying an almost ghastly evidcnce of the and almost criminal carelessness of our unless it may be that the blame rests with the chief of lint let the people find the my purpose is merely to pnblish the The people should see to it that whomsoever is guilty of the sins of omis sion which permit the existence of the cesspool which is called a police should be and they should let the punishment fit the City every via the Santo Fe Ticket rate from Chicago from Kansas City sleeping car rate from Chicago 00 per double from Kansas City S3 00 per double Everything furnished except These excursions are personally con ducted by experienced excursion man who accompany partfes to destina For excursion folder containing full map folder and time table of the Sante Fo route and reserv ing of sleeping car address 130 4th ailments women It is not necessary to enumer practicability on the subjects of It is a number that interest to every woman should A excellent contributions arc hysical exceent conr subjectThe osnp of 1 Hoard PoclKTV OF miy am aud methods of the thC afterdiuuer item stat nqucl telldercd to the i rs of tlic at ft Villlam lrcsideut of New which have elegant volume and id from the office of ili illustrate the in onal Year in Fashion and Fancy iook of New for contains an article on the Common JJis orders of Teething wnic while giving useful hintsw u mothers of teething bv Sarah which is probab y the first popular article that has p pearcdon this is attracting m creased An Adirondack by Margaret iu the October ihroniclcs a very jolly 1 ate the longcatalogue of both functional and of the female system which this marvelous remedy They alas but too wellknown to most females who have attained to need more than a hint to make them plain to their understanding the From the Teoria The Illinois democracy was bouud to have a Biblical So they called old John Palmer their seem ingly under the impression that Moses was the man who had the adventure with the The Question has been In what respect are Patricks Pills better than anv other Try You will find that they produce a plcasantcr cathartic are more certain in their and that they not only but cleanse the whole system and regulate the liver and per box by timated that this is tlie prelude toi a lnis ued tins ume with the same title to be issi The October number of the Cot inn contains an illustrated arti Charles who rocerf nlonil ares and influences associated I Paul and Minneapolis for this maga Ail Excellent From theSioux City Boies has been reading the mustv states rights speeches of Calhoun and Jefferson Davis His speech at Kcokuk was an excellent rehash of their To years in the house of repre of advocating the Mills quoted from James Eusscl a convert to free trade trade and referred to him as a leading Whereupon of since arose and said To refer to to Lowell as a leading republican reminds me of the fact that Benedict Arnold was at one time a major general in the continental Today whomsoever refers to the Chi cago or to Editor Modill as the exponent of I am tempted to repeat the utterance of the disting uished for many years the father of the and say lien edict Arnold was at one time a major general in the continental The most wanton the most inex cusable and cowardly thrust which Medill has given to the republican party iu the northwest of was his editorial assault upon of He characterized Gear as recreant to his unlit for his and recal citrant to his duties in voting for and lighting for free after Blaine had announced his ideas of The fact of the matter that Gear was the only member of the committee on ways aud means from the great em pire west of the Mississippi He did excellent service for Ills for his for that entire great and rendered services invaluable to the republican party of tne He never missed a day during the first session of the fiftieth congress In his at tendance in the while his com mittee and departmental work were phenomenally Of all tho leading republicans of the Gear deserves the least censure aud the most unstinted praise for his work on the tariff as a member of the com mittee on ways and Their Is neither reason nor excuse for tho virulent assault made upon Editor Medill has been suffering from cnlargment of cranium and shrinkage of the ever since his unsuccessful effort to name a presidential candidate for his party in Ho was inoculated with free trade virus many years but tho alarming symptoms have developed since this terrible outbreak of conceited rabies in April and May He has been stabbing and cutting his political friends ever and tho party ought to bo rid of him even a commission His assassin strokes are none the less deadly because they are behindthe back It is fortunate that such men cannot live The Malthus lan theory cannot touch excrescences of that and only the divine decree of ageand disease ever cuts such a cancer from a body It is exasperating that such utterances can come from the sanctum of a paper professedly republi but we who believe in republican principles must endure ills of that insid uous just as we are obliged for the time being to submit to the fraud and violence which deso lates the Let patience have her perfect and the end will day will the heavens and the light of political equality and party honesty will dawn for us The murderers of the Chisolm faniiljvaud of Print Matthews as well as the massacre at were hone the less fatal to although more brutal than the stilletto strokes of the pen of an The iron industries of the south are at last being developed says Colonel late siTgeaiitatarms of the United States I have been looking and longing for the time when the capitalists of this country could see the enormous possibilities of that section iu which I and for which I fought during the late Canaday is an but when the war was over he accepted tho results of the and became a repub He is one of the political leaders of North Concerning the long delay in the development of the he said Slavery cursed our entire Our white people were re highly civilized and cultured be fore the war but by circumstances ren dered exceedingly The slaves did all the aud there was no neces sity for the dominant race to work aud Since the the new south is simply the old south with new new and iu a new race of Necessity alone stimu lates mankind to In our mountains arc hidden untold millions of tons of ore of all Not only have we iron and coal in but there are silver and Immigra tion used to pass us and the adventurous spirits from the old world never gazed upon our slaveridden but went on out to develop the great western At our land is being opened and its wealtn laid right here within twenty miles of Washington for the past cen gold in paying quantities has been known to exist but no one ever developed Three years ago Senator of was informed of tho existence of gold near the Great Falls of the He in bought and has developed a splcnded paying gold There are similar mines all along the Appalachian range and they will be Now that slavery is there seems nothing to hinder your does there Nothing but the materialized ghosts the You see there are still liv ing many men who were reared under the old and during their life times they will never believe that any thing is right except what savors of comfort and Those implaca irillahnsa bteadilj increasiiiK can onl bcwon by an arti p tic of real Give it a ambushed The political situation as viewed at democratic as well as republican ble haters of the free traders aud niggerkillers of the stand in the way of our They teach children the same old antebellum They consider it disgrace ful to They still think that only the negroes wera made to use shovels spades and Their en tire organization is built on such errone ous They are in intelli and There they manage tocarry with them just enough people of the north to enable them to dominate affairs and prevent the more rapid progress of our Every northern democratic vote is cast in order to help the south to ameliorate our and every democratic vote thus cast in the north is well tho fact of the matter so long as the south is under the domination of that class of our progress will neces sarily be There is no need for sec tional If matters were calmly The people of the if they understood that every democratic vote cast is an fnjury to our material would not vote that They do not realize that they are voting for an aristocracy a class of people who arc still possessed of antebellum and who would gladly again fight for the restoration of slavery and the suc cess of the southern confederacy be cause they were raised tinder the slave obtained impres sions from that and today sin cerely believe that that system of things was and that the state of affairs since the war is wrong and an outrage upon southern SMITH stoye for the people is tho on saleat Kaut Kriech whose social celebrations under the auspices of cabalistic have In the past contributed so much to the pleasure of our younger people and who may bo counted upon for a succession of similar favors in the years to The P E 0 Society was orgaui7cd January in by seven young lady members of the Iowa Wcsleyan University of that The names of these charter members were Mary Alice Hattie Alice Suclla Franc Rhoads and Ella They were the founders of the order and to their the Is largely indebted for the high social and moral standing that has been Its pre dominant characteristic during the twen tyone years of its Mary Allen is now the wife of Charles of Iowa Alice Bird is the wife of the of Pleasant Suella Pierson as Penfield is resident in Ohio Franc Rhoads became Simon Elliott aud lives in Ella Stewart is at the head of one of the principal de partments of the state reform school at while Hattie who became wife to the Henry Bous quet of and Alice Cof who selected teaching as her lifes work and won an enviable reputation In the have both joined the silent but are cherished in the mem ories of those who knew them only to love The surviving mem bers of the charter seven are all ladies of superior intellectual attain ments and highly esteemed in their re spective The first regular meeting of the so ciety was held at the home of Mary Alice Cofhn designed the badge and Alice Bird formulated the Constitu The first officers were Alice Bird vice Alice Coffin Ella And from the foundation thus laid by these thoughtful a superstructure has arisen that far exceeds their anticipa tions for the success of their undertak Chapter after Chapter has sprung up here and until the number now organized and at work throughout the country is about wjth a mcmber shipaggregating between four and five Iowa twentyfive Chapters and about two thousand The local was Instituted in Novem as stated in the comprises sixty It is officered as follows Buttles vice Jarvis Ross corresponding Miss Carrie Bell Miss Clara Graesser Miss Katie Bocck Miss Jennie and Miss Lucy The objects of the generally arc mutual improvement in moral equipoise and sym metry of temperance in opin speech and habits in the mutual welfare of the members morally and In the member Is cheered and comforted by visitation and watchful care where the necessity by finan cial Many notable acts of charity and publicspirited enterprise looking towards the general good are credited on the right side of the account with the Instances in point arc the educating of a poor girl in an artschool erection of a beautiful fountain in a public cemetery and near at the birth place of the aiding in the construction of a sidewalk from the outskirts of ML Pleasant to Forest Homo a distance of about one There is no religious bias in the Society a lady ot any denomination can the only conditions required being character and social The emblem of Ihe society is a the five points of which represent Justice and The colors of the order are yellow and white the Chapters are designated by theletters of the the iirst organized being known as Chapter the second as B and so Meetings are held every fort night at the homes of the on Saturday Married and single are eligible for membership aud eight Chapters in a state entitles it to the formation of a grand or governing CltAXl CIIAlTEIi Xaunie What First vice Ilan Council Secondvice Helen Dun Recording Miss Annie Corresponding Ella Miss Orian Ccn Editor of Assistant editors Alice Iowa Miss Winifred Con A CrltlcUiu of Klleu EDITOR is no new thing for Mrs Foster to pay her re spects to the National Since IbSIshe has probably spent more time in this direction than In work against the The most noticeable thing about Fosters assertions is her power of for She has stated over and over that the Iowa union has always been In Mrs Ellen Foster spoke at Grimes That speech was made in a tour through the state in which she was sent out bythe state paid from Its treasury and took the collections for on purpose to speak for the republicanpar ty fnthat The union here made the arrangoments at the request of the state paid all the local ex the collections beingasked for by Foster who explicitly stated that it was not for the hard working women but for the state from which she was In farther proof of our partisan ac tion at that I will quote from the annual report of Foster as state superintendent of to the con vention in After recounting the loss of the amendment by the decision of the supreme court she says In this last women everywhere worked with almost the same zeal as in the amendment cam The Womens Chris tian Temperance Union have been sadly inconsistent if it had failed to stand by the party that stood by the It honored Itself by hearty coopera tion with the party leaders in aid of the common We have found this union of interests to be of mutual advan tage our influence has been and thus our strength and with thankfil humility we dare believe that our association in political circles has tempered asperities and softened As your superintendent of I waut to record that never have I more manifestly seen the guidance of the Father than in this year of great reverses aud great At that same convention in of which I was a we passed the following resolution That we recognize an over ruling providence in the circumstances which led to the advocacy of prohibition by the republican and that we pledge our earnest and faithful coopera tion with that political party which shall give the needed prohibitory to best protect our homes from the evils of the liquor The National Union has never ex pressed itself in stronger terms iu favor of a political party it has ncocr sent out a speaker at its expense to speak for any polit ical and yet Foster urges secession from it on the grount of its partisan action and in the same breath declares that Iowa is and always has been and this utter ance of hers Is a fair example of the methods used and the statements made by the socalled How came the national union to do dare that it would lend its influence to the political party which best embodied its principles Largely through the influence of Foster her Year after year as national super intendent of she made the subject In her report for 15S1 she says When we consider the causes that have brought about such defeat of legislation in the interest of we find both the great politi ical parties of the country adverse to such either bicanse do ufit desire or ilv not flare to give the italics iu both quotations being To what do the logic ot event aud the philosophy of things lead us Prohibition legisla national and can only be pcr monently secured through the agency of n political party inttkiny this tte ccntwJ we hail with thankful hearts such political organizations iu state and na In her report for after declaring that every temperance womau ouirht to by voice and influence the action of any party in whifh it ignores or re fuses to submit this question to the voters of the She ought also to support the action of any party wherein it commends its representatives to thus aid the people in the expression of their she In some instances this will lead women contrary to their other wise political but since wo believe the prohibition of the liquor traffic to be the subject of paramount we are justified In so Yet when the National Union followed the doctrine thus laid Foster denounces it as political robbery and counsels How are all these changes to be ac counted for Can It be by the facts that the Iowa Union pledged its cooperation to the republican party which has given Ellen Foster a to quote THE In its article under that stated was to be a reward for her political services while the National lent Its influence to the prohibition the only party making prohibition its central AMOE THE FACTORIES The Growing West as a Seat Souielof Oar Gathered Frb It dumber of Burlington liittlta vauceinent Expansion is the one universal law which characterizes the manufacturing riduitries of the A few years ago we were compelled to look to eastern cities for the various articles of conven ience and comfort which found their Into our but today things are changing U has been demonstrated be yond a doubt that manufactories in the western supplied with cheap fuel and so much of the material which goes nto their can compete with the world In many manufactured articles of It was our pleasure yesterday to go through a number of these nammoth manufacturing institutions in Burlington and note the vari ous evidences of advancement and On every hand one can see that they are broadening and expanding Their manufactured way not only into the cities of the far but arc in great in the eastern We asked of one of the managers yesterday how this that Burlington products found such ready sales in eastern and were conclusively they could be manufac tured in this locality much cheaper much better than in the ft is be ing demonstrated that the west is the place for manufacturing industries to thrive and To the facilities of the west and the push and enterprise of her business men alone can we account for the marvelous advancement of her greatmanufacttiring We do not have to go beyond Burlington to pick out a full dozen of the largest factories in the United States factories which turn out their manufactured products for a scope of country lying between the two I wonder how many of the readers of this paper ever went through the factories of Kurlingr To those who have not the writer of this article wants to say right here that you will be astonished with the re We will take an The name of the BVTRLtXGTOX W1KE FACTOUY would indicate that they manufac ture wire mattresses and so they but in addition to that they have seven disr tinct where they manufac ture parlor fancy plain and fancy wire springs of various kinds and numberless other articles for the These and suits arc made up in dozens of different patterns and and turned out in the sixteenth century oak the antique oak the old English and numberless other The one word which characterized this institution from the start was advance They have just completed their new threestory which Is built of and gives them sixty feet more which makes the main building 150 feet in They do all their own turning and carving now and do a class of this work of which they can well feel When a house of this kind can ship goods to the Toba Furni ture of it speaks volumes for the excellencies of their for these are the largest dealers in the This factory is still behind with their THE XOUTUWESTEIIX FCHNTTUIIK Those who saw this corn panys display in the GermanAmerican Day celebra tion can have some idea of the class goods they Hut this was of only a sample of a few of their This company has completely revolu tionized the trade in office desks and furniture The excellence of their goods has brought thousands of orders from all parts of the United and driven many inferior goods out of the They are running at full capacity but are behind with their orders almost every month in the These orders come without any solicita One cannot examine the book At the ensuing meeting of the Grand delegates from several save are As the Nebraska Grand Chapter will be held at June it is not likely that any dclegatesfrom that jurisdiction will attend the present The program embraces a large amount of which will be transacted in the line lodge room of the Odd Fellows build tendered to the ladies for their ses And right here we are instructed to say to the directors of Oddfellows of the Commercial Club and of the First that the ladies heartily appreciate the kindly gallantry which rendered these commodious and elegant ly furnished buildings available for their Our arc cordially invited to attend the public meetings of the society at the First next Wednesday evening at eight when the following program will be ob served arid an excellent entertainment may confidently be expected of Our Alice Voeal Delegate from A and TheNcedsot the EHie HnlTman Miss Belle Chal Annual Universal Nannie Torrancc C Dclegiite from Pu man tourist sleeping car excursions to California and Pacific Coast points leave Chicago every Kansas Iliippy postmastcrof writes Electric Hitters has done more for me than all other medicines for that bad feeling arising from Kidney and Liver John farmer and of same says Find Electric Bitters to be the best Kidney and Liver medicine made me feel like a new hardware same says Electric Bitters is just the thing for a man who is all run down and dont care whether he lives or dies he found new good appetite and felt just like he had a new lease on Only ope a bottle at George Henrys drug The man who empties bottles may be a miserable The thrifty genius la the one who stops them He gets along and the young men call him a Orleans Pica A KiKliiiilt In a window on Jefferson street can be seen during the week a stovo which will make any home The castings are so closely fitted that it can bo controlled to perfection This is one of the essential In the manufac ture of a base This stove is not only a beauty in design but will save its price in fuel in a very short Each succeeding year sees an increased sale of the Radiant Ask any person who has purchased ono in Burlington and they will give It a Kaut Knechbaum are sole agents for it in this locality and will take pride in explaining its good qualities to the pub tickets to Chicago via Q sale every Thursday during September and October up to the 16th Good for return till tho Mon day following date of One and onethird fare for round trip 25cts for admission to the exposition accountJnter state cases made by the Northwestern Furni ture company finished iu the sixteenth century style and trimmed with oxidized without wanting to posses They are models of beauty and will find sales in any market in the THE nUFFISUTOS Thelarge engine for the Bufllngton Wheel company arrived from last week aud will be placed in position during the coming It is a model of The fly wheel weighs twenty It will require one hundred perch of stone to form a The liulliugtou Wheel company is now running thirteen hours a day and is stilt behind with but will increase their force of help In addition to mauufacturmg line carriage wheels they a number of including Buffington Sarvin Shell compressed band plain wood hub hubs and These specialties find a market in all parts of tho United States and carry the name of ISurlington far and THE nuuc of the Burg Wagon com is in He will will go to Kansas City the first of the week and expects to close a contract for two hundred wagons of their celebrated make while This firm has just received and placed in position a new tire bender for heavy There is an increasing demand in tho western states for heavy truck they are beginning their energies to supply these The scarcity of which was so marked a few weeks is not so no ticeable now and Burg thinks the market will be easier from now They have two carloads on the road now from and Torre which will be here in few Their business was never better thau r THE MCOSII AXI STEEL is running twentytwo hours out of the twentyfour trying to catch up with McCosh says they were never so busy in their history as It any one doubts this statement just lot them go within five blocks of the factory day or night and they will be convinccd that when Thompson McCosh ays he is Cullof business he knows what that term implies The wire wire nail bolt and nut departments and barb wire arc running at full This firm I doing a business than any similar institution west of the MissUt sippi liEXXETT have never run less than ten hours pec day since they started their factory m Burlington years This factory is one ot the substantial institutions of our They manufacture a superior line of buggies which always give satisfaction to those who purchase Yesterday they two handsome top to Smith Brosat The reputation of these buggies IsT known many miles from the Mniruires Bcune for nenrl 50 M the inCnlliblc Thousnmls of testimoni indorsed by the Western Sjanitury Conimisu arui hospital s boat Taken in time tt sure pri entivo of Asiatic Work of Ho was a man of utiCKibteamiCulloC But lejpit skill out break And his waa broken when Ailvice to MraWlnslows Soothing Sy ways be wiml colics and te

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