Saturday, October 11, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - October 11, 1890, Burlington, Iowa lvtio Shock Prostrates Him Streets of serionsCondltlon Though The October Crop after Jliller of the supreme court States was stricken with Nancy tho certificate served there yet In the c The price paid for relic was and i anfl is 110W in a 5erious T jesting comfortably with a I Be was returning from the MiirtMOm at about twentyfive three where lie was within Ms 1415 Massachu e John his ser was standing in the doorway lonso saw the justice approach hen le ws sUrtled at seelnS Wm rnlse his hand to his heart then fall on the car track which lie at the Woodford spot and found the jus less and apparently in a at once coupe secured K flbDring hack stand and with tejlaced the suffering man in it ynj borne to his resides in the who fortunately was the time were soon in atend the The found the Llrft side of the justice was par fa Jut te still able to recognize Lincoln just left He says the justices is not nearly so favorable as it 7hoars and the case is now njJOUS jlfller has been suffering nearly Jjjerirom an attack of Tjo time was his illness severe him from attending judicial while on his annual init in the He returned last week feeling much though somewhat This she was feeling unusually ein telling Miller of his i felt his knee giving away fader him and his felt y he could hardly lift i it was a sudden return of the jtic twinge which he of leu before tt made another effort to step for udashe did either tripped on ctncl or slipped and Ml forward ifocc and left side and at the toe cutting his forehead slightly tHing an abrasion of the skin on An improvised stretcher touiht out and though the pretested against being placed on kt said he felt perfectly able with luce to he at last consented us taken gently up to the house itotlic office on thc first In who was out and finding the judge stairs immediately had him re to his room on the second the change was made un ly on his as he in to was onlv slightly weak rould prefer having dinner down in Etcrathcr than in his bed the bed room was reached he j place the to along side of the bed and let the servants obeyed fe rolled over on the much to n oclock this Saturday morning Bid the justice is resting quietly totally think he is a little iambnes in his arm has now par USUAL CROP Estimates Compiled by the JJc jiartmciit of October oi the yield per acre for the breadth of comal as com ky the department of agriculture TVinter wheat bushel per sprta wheat wheat crop barley 21 rye Corn is knead as last mouth buck It instead of potatoes aJol tobacco instead of Here is practically no change in teneral average of ex ircdnction of four points in pota cd an increase of two points in to The effect of winter frosts upon by lower rateof to Some of the higher principal states a re Xew York iPennsylvania 12 Ohio Michi Illinois Missouri California 12 Oregon cop nudi a very low yield tontthe south where the acreage si In the Ohio valley the varia in different as on in the same has the extra range from five to twentylive in eureme fron one One county in Illinois w best crop in and a poorer lnan was ex e Rocky areas iajnaveraces in spring on The Dakota yields vary or two to twentyfive va averaee of nine bushels Minnesota returns twelve and The estimated which is the reported probably reducing product more than two Billion ITSIM SiMS LAM nirimiinillls Aiiiuml Good annual Jeneral of the i bhottllho number of during the June iO Has d lo ALL ABOUT THE The BurlineXm Atchlaou nave 3fe between Louis and Chicago be opened hy the Atchison aid ton and tho rich passe between these two place will It has alwys matter of surprise that the Burling did not make use of its line for ger as that road possss many advantages as any other roarun ning between Chicago and and Louis When the road was first completed pas senger trains were run for a time but were soon taken off to avoid a dKurb ance of iiuro But now that rates are being continu ally demoralized by such senleless and useless cutting as is being practiced now the Burlington officials are opening their eyes and unavailing regrets for what they have undoubtedly lost are taking hold of They have determined Jo stay out of the Louis passenger busi ness no The Atehisou has made a contract with the Jacksonville Southern for a mileage over that from which route itcancssily get into Thus the long contemplated plan of the Atch ison to get a continuation for through passenger and freight business of the Louis and San Fracisco line is about to be For this new passenger service seven trains of the most elegant design that the Pullman can build have been ordered and the new route will be opened on their While these two lines are not ttl c IIUL short they will be competing roads m every and their opening by forcing the existing roads to divide busi ness with will completely change the railroad situation in the affected ter Concerning the Molnen and DES is said upon good authority that the Chicago Des Moincs and Pacific Eailway re cently is negotiating for the W abash line between this city and about fifty miles This piece of road has not been and the it is is willing to dis pose of It traverses probably the best coal field in Iowa and would be a valu able acquisition to the Santa by which the new Des Moines and Pacific corporation is said to be con It is also said that the Chicago and Northwestern company no sooner heard of this contemplated deal with the Wabash company than it began to make counter 11 is averred that the sale of the road to one or the other of the companies will be made within the next few The price asked is under stood to be The Janl and Duluth tho annual meeting of the stockholders of the Paul and Duluth the members of the old board of directors were The annual report of tho show that great amount of improvement has been THE AMERICAN Committee of Thirteen Hakes a Iteport on American board of commissioners for foreign mis sions this morning listened to the report of the committee of thirteen on organiza This committee has been at worn for three years trying to get at the opin ion of Congregational churches at large as to whether a change in the form of the old boards organization so as tomakc it more democratic and representative was The while admitting that its efforts to get at the churchessentiments are somewhat un recommended that no changes bo The report was adopted with but two dissenting This afternoon a number of persons were elected members of the corporate among them of Illinois Aaron of Iowa of Wisconsin of South The old offi cers were unanimously The next meeting will be held in Massachusetts NO COLOR the with an aggregate Of mineral and mill wore showing rear of Of coal an increase of over representing state school selections The selections year aggregated only acreage of swamp was There rc certified under the the railroad companies This is a the year of sales during the fiscal acres of original state selec Trouble Over Negro Switch men on Houston and Texas The trouble which lately occurred ou the Houston and Texas Central railroad growing out of the refusal of Receiver Dillingliam to discharge negro switchmen has been sat isfactorily After a long con sultation with the board of officials the supreme council of the railway employes federation concluded the strikers had made a mistake that the color line could not be made an and after a prom ise on the part of Receiver Dillingham that the strikers be reinstated the con ference ended and the men will return to A FOREST ps and railroads se The Indian On others of of aggregate srand total of cash receipts of thc various sources during was Of this t were received from there ial entries of all kinds tue closc 6 WCre 2SO2 as Compared with the A Trte In California 12 and S lucllcH in largest tree in the world has just been discovered in Fresno Frank an old and a party of hunters re turned today to Sanger from a bear hunting expedition in thc Sierras east of They wounded a and in pursuing it ran across a big tree in the most rugged portion of the moun about two miles north of Ken tucky This monarch of thiforest was cir cumscribed by a radius of a mile or more of almost impenetrable so that the hunters were compelled to use both knife and axe to reach the is certain that no man has ever traversed the same at least no evidence of that fact was The tree was measured about four feet from the ground and a rope 129 feet S inches long was necessary to span its cir The truth of this state ment is vouched for by several who saw the was christened hy those who discovered Thc Three brown bears were captured by the the largest weighing Iron andSteol final session of the iron and steel institute wasi callec to order this A number o papers were after which an ad jourment was In the afternoon the entire party took a steamer up the Monongahelia river as far as the Mger Thompson Steel works and the Home stead plant of Phillips Co and these two institutions were inspected by the A Bloody Affray often the result of bad blood or but nowhere is bad 1 tood mor destructive of happiness iuid thant foi popula s f or per lived as a father was married to nr Delay in ost serious et a strong hold on your K ou treat yourself liy usins Medical ulessliiKS of health The antrea to cure iu all cases of discuses ior it is or money paid lor u uc Mayor SEW ua tonight renominatcd Grant for The soft glow of the JP powde ladies who use Pozzonls Complexion iowm Try SATURDAY OCTOBER 1890 CHEERS ansas Citizens Turn Out to Wel come the oral Kccentlon at at Station Alons the Route to TopekaStopsMadeatAtchi and presi ent looked on a clouded sky this morn the rising call was heard in the At thc presidents train ntered the yards at Joseph and ackcd down to the where a leering crowd greeted He entered he depot hotel on the arm of Colonel A the secretary of the navy and ther members of the party he president was then taken upstairs u to the balcony of the which had ecu beautifully draped and adorned Ith His appearance on the alcony was greeted with prolonged Colonel Dawes introduced tho resident to the crowd which filled the reets for fully a The president MY FELLOW CITIZENS If you are glad D see me at this hour in the if ou arc so kind and demonstrative be orc how great would have een your welcome if I could have come little later in the 1 eg to thank you at so much incon at this early hour have turned ut to speak these words of welcome as e pass through your beautiful I m glad to have this morning a brief and inperfect opportunity to look upon lany years ago I read of I new something of its story in cad of being a railroad it was a ace for outfitting those slow and Jilsome trains that bore the early ioneers towards California and the far est those days were days not to be des Those means of communication ere but they bore men and women ill of courage and patriotism to do for s on the Pacific coast and in the great est a work of peaceful conquest ml has added mightily to the ory and prosperity of our coun and yet we congratulate our ilves that these swifter means of ommnnication have taken the place of 10 we codgratulatc ourselves that icse both of business and social life have come to crown our and yet In the midst of en jying the luxury which modern civiliza on brings to our let us not put om our house holds those plain and urdy virtues which are essential to ue American At the conclusion of the presidents rc the party retired to the rotunda r the depot where the president shook ands with thc crowd as they filed At exactly the train ulled out of St amid the checr g of the The run to Atchison as made without incident beyond the sty cheers of the crowds at as ic train went by enroute for this Atchison was reached at where a rge crowd was AT stop at Atchi m was but a brief and the presi ent did not leave his Ho was almost uried beneath flowers showered upon im by school children assembled at the Chief Justice of the Kan as supreme welcomed the presi ent to tho and the latter in re onse made a few remarks and intro uccd Secretary Tracy just as the train ulled llefore reaching Topcka several small owns were passed through and in each as the usual enthusiastic crowd of peo At the train pulled into the epot at Topeka amid the cheers of a ast Senator Ingalls re ived the party at this The resident was escorted to the state house y Governor Humphry and his staff and icre reviewed the immense parade as it arched It took over two hours ir the many thousands to march ast the The procession was eaded by five companies of United tates followed by the state sons of veterans and Kansas rganizations of the This is the occasion of the largest eunion of old soldiers that Kansas has ver seen and fully thirty thousand were u the As the large body of 111 lois veterans passed the the fighting cried Let the home of the ome of the home of give aree cheers for the president of the jnited And they were given ith a As the Indiana column assed in which were many of the resideuts former the enthusi sm knew no Among the old etcraus thc honor of the day were alned by the Illinois soldiers who fur ishcd the largest contingent iu the line f This honor was evidenced by he presentation of a beautiful n the rear of the veterans came march ng the students from the state normal chool at Emporia and other he Topcka high schools and ward chools and parochial The hildren bore Hags which they waved en busiastically as they passed the presi Altogether six thousand school hildren were in After lunch at the Coleman house the resident received a number of veterans if his old state and city officers prominent The party then jroceeded to the fair where an of welcome was delivered by the The president responded at ousidcrable thanking the gov rnor and citizens of Kansas for thc gcn irous welcome tendered him and ex iressing his gratification at the evidences if prosperity on every To ho old veterans he said he was pleased more than he could express to see them ircsentin such large numbers and hoped uany years might yet crown the brave Icfenders of tho The president urther said Who can look upon this rast array of soldiers who fought to a ictorious consummation of the war for he union without bowing his head anc lis heart in grateful Great Who can look upon these sons of veterans springing from latriotic full of thc ipirit of and coming to the and strength of manhood to take ipthe burdens that we must soon lay down and turning from them to sweetfaced whose hands are filled with flowers and can fai feel that these institutions of liberty ire secured for two at least Great I never knew unti oday the extent ot the injury which thi state of Kansas has inflicted upon thi state of Laughter and until I looked upon that long line of Indiana soldiers that you plucked fron us when the war was over by the super ior inducements which your fields anc cities offered to their ambitions toil Indiana grieves for their loss but re ioices in the homes and prosperity they have found They are our proud contribution to that grca national reputation which our state ha established as a friend as well as one o the bulwarks of liberty and law It was not unnatural tha they came back from the scenes wher the comrades had shed their blood fo should choose to find homes i the state that had the baptism of th riartvrs blood upon its infant Pro lonsed The future is safe if w true to ourselves and true to thes children whose instruction is conimittc to us There is no other foe that can a all obstruct or hinder our onwar progress except treason in our treachery to the great fundamenta principle of our which obedience to the The will of th majority expressed in orderly constitu tkraal is the only king to whic e Prolonged But to m all must Let is be understood all your communities that no selfish torest of individual no class owever shall be permitted o assert their convenience agaiustthe Cries of Good Good and his is good American and if it an bo made to prevail in all states of the nion until every man secure under the in his own is compelled by the iw to yield to every other man his othing can shake our here is some grumbling and think it is because your advantages are oo A single year of in agricultural returns lould not make you despair of the future r tempt you to unsafe Life made up of and Xthink yours ill show a good Cries of Good Good and Let us look Drward with with good neighborly hearts nd a patriotic love for the and Kansas and her people have assured a Prolonged At the conclusion of the presidents ddress there were loud cries for Senator who was compelled to n the course of his speech one corner of IB speakers stand began settling from le great mass of humanity on and resident Harrison warned Senator ugalls that the stand was Women nd men rapidly vacated the thus lieving the This is the second said enator Ingalls that I have broken own since I have come Who ill doubt that I am a man of The presidential party left at four At Lecompton the president as cheered loudly by a large No urther stops were made until the train cached There another large sscmbly greeted the president and the chool children added to the welcome by profusion of bouquets and the waving f The president excused himself rorn speaking more than a few words fter having talked to all the rest of the conic in Lawrence in an immense rowd cougregated at Topeka e reminded the people that all the in liration connected with the story of the irly history of Kansas clustered around 10 city of Lawrence and was sure they ill find in that story the inspiration and uggestion that will keep the cause of bcrty ever near their Great AT KAXSAS KANSAS presi ential train arrived here at under scort of William Mayor olincs and other distinguished gentle en and The president id party were driven around the city omcwhat and finally taken to the Coatcs Here a magnificent banquet was eudered the Secretary 10 presidents John Harri on and the remainder of the presidential linforc the conclusion of the the president retired to visit he residence of his John Har son is a much younger man than the resident strange to is a dcrno ratic Kefore leaving the president spoke excusing saying in con usiou that he hoped all their dreams or Kansas City may be After is return from the residence of his rothcr the prcsdent was given a public eception at the Kansas City chamber of It was an enthusiastic occa on and thousands of people were pres William Warner introduced he who spoke very aying he would submit himself toany ar angement the committee had It submission to a for during he next hour the president was com elled to shake hands with a multitude ntil he was completely and ion not half the people had gained the onor they ten oclock the president and party eft for A PESTERED PRICE 15 CENTS PER he Chief Kxetutive or Receives Many Obscene two louths Mayor of this has een receiving a series of the vilest and nost obscene anonymous letters through ic mails that a depraved mind ould and not until Saturday ould he get any clue to the He ad several detectives on the alert and ast Saturday Marshal Sissou was stand ng in the when a wellknown ingle lady of Louisiana entered and ropped an envelope resembling in color he ones the mayor had Sisson mmediately notified Mayor who urried to the postofflce and received the deutical letter which the marshal had een the woman drop in the These liters are the filthiest and vilest that ould possibly be assailing the rivate affairs of the mayor and his as well as his public He vill turn the letters over to the post ffice department for and Jnclo Sam will make it interesting for he parties thus using the United States BEE KEEPERS IN Meeting at Topics of Interest Special to Tho Union Jce Keepers Association of Illinois began a two days session at the city hall this There is a good attenancc of aparists from different parts of the he convention was opened by reading and approving minutes of the last meet Pettey delivered an ad Iress on Comb Honey How to Get Hambaugh read apaper on Ex ractcd Honey How to Dispose of Wallace discussed the topic How Get the Most Prolific smith discussed the topic Best Mctbot of Increase How to Decrease if One Has Too Many The differcui topics were fully and severa addresses were made by other members of thc Gratifying to The high position attained and the nivorsal acceptance and approval of the pleasant liquid fruit remedy Syrup o as the most excellent laxative illustrate the value of the quail iies on which its success is based and an abundantly gratifying to the California Fig Syrup Revising the committee on revision of tho Presbyterian confes sion of faith is progressing satisfactorily The committee cannot complete its worl at this meeting and anotherwill be hel in February Murdered in Matilda aged wa found dead in her bed this morning a her home In this She had bee murdered and her husband is under ar rest for the Reviewing Old morn ing Compto de Paris and party left her on horseback for a visit to the battle fields of Gaines Jlills Cold Harbor and Seven Nervous poor sexual cure bv Miles Samples free Wittos drug Poisoned Ills Wife and Clayto Lloyd poisoned his wife and four chi drcn this morning and One child dead and the others are in a critical con It is said Lloyd has another wif in Thopopular verdict is tl at Bulls Coug Syrup is the best In the 25 For speedy relief and cure of neuralgia an rheumatism use Salvation 23 and OBrien ave It is believed they are now in idocean en route to When ourt opened in Tlpperary this morning o continue the hearing of the case jaiust these gentlemen It was found lat neither of them were and i explanation of their absence was rumors then began to and before long the belief pre ailed that the police had been batlled nd that the two leaders had escaped rom Balfours The lagistrates looked angry and there was merry twinkle in Tim Heilys eye that ndicated the greatest possiole satisfac on with himself and with the rest of ic Policemen were sent scurrying around le town in search of tho but 0 trace of them could be Tele rams were sent to Livcr 001 and London and the police of those ties were also sot in but with ut any satisfactory Then tho ruth beganto upon Colonel Cod ell and the removables and Prosecu or Ronan that the six months at hard abor they were preparing for the men started the plan of campaign and ho made New Tipperary would be spent itching into Balfour and the peelers o crowded Irish audiences in the United that it was not Dil who overdone the It is now remembered that both of the rish leaders were on Monday last at the onference of the Irish national eld in Dublinvdesignated as members of ic delegation to visit America and pre ent the political position in Ireland as it They are also instructed 0 enlist the sympathy and aid ol the people in behalf of the famine reatencd Irish Thc belief lat they sailed from Queenstown has ttle to stand as every policeman matching tho steamers at that port nows the personal appearance of both It is more likely that they tarted from There is if doubt that the bjeetive point of Dillon and OBrien is he United It is how that they have avoided the ordin ry routes of travel between the two and up to the present hour bsolutely nothing is known of the man or in which they succeeded in eluding he watchfulness of the large police and illitary force gathered in and about Bail in the case of both lillon and OBrien will at once be and already thc announce ment is made on behalf of the Irish Na onal League of its intention to recoup ho The escape has excited reat admiration and enthusiasm in the inks of the nationalists both in England nd while thc government is onfuscd by the rdadiness with which cautioned to be especially on the have been freshest oysters at FLED FROM illon and OBrien Escape from Balfours ow Koiite for 1lans Completely Tlpperary Magistrates Trying to Until the The SlavluMeAulilTe case of Frank lavin and Joe the ame up in the police court Mter listening to the evidence and argu nents the court committed the prisoners or trial for engaging in a common prize Ten Fersous explosion occurred oday in a pyrotechnic school at Eour Ten persons were killed and many IT WORRIES THE Tiie 3Iclvinley Bill May Engender Strife Between Great ISrltnltt au Central TrcmilenblaU n a bitter article calls the McKinley bill he measure of violence worthy of a Ba ion accustomed to the use of the re It appeals to the countries of Europe to act in concert to prevent their lecoming tributary to the new it threatens to compens ate herself for her loses by securing astern Thus the McKinley lill threatens to engender euiity between Great Britain and central GLADSTONES sent to a Vottingham correspondent from Haw arden yesterday a postal giving his pinion of the new 1nited States tariff He says tariff act as you vill in my eyes a deplorable attended with severe and cruel onseiiuences to innocent Eeports That He Eeeii by t Dynamite XKW special cable rom Warsaw says a wellfounded rumor has been current there for several days the czar was badly wounded in the oot by the explosion of a dynamite shell vhilc hunting in the forests of Shicrnie some fortytwo miles frinn The czar evidently stepped into a The account added that General Von an aiddecamp of the German who accompanied the was also wounded by the same THE PLYMOUTH Alore Fireit liiMvDonough Special to Tho barn of ames of Eldorado aught fire on last night wasburned o the Including Jive horses and quantity of It is not known this is the work of the iucen iaries who have threatened to burn all he property insured in the company of T Creel is or A Ulg at two including 10 Commercial the Pioneer he Catholic Catholic par onage and numerous dwellings and shops Hire The Passenger Kate War to war in pas enger rates east will be brought to an nd All cut rates will be BETWEEN YOU AND Kennedy Sues Ellis fur for a Husbands tSpccial to The Ellis Kennedy scandal is still on the tongue of Charles Kennedy came to Ply mouth with his wife some time and is rumored that Kennedy did not make home as pleasant as she So Kennedy claims he was compelled to seek the society of other the young claims that she did not know Kennedy was When the posse of women surrounded the house where Ellis and Kennedy they wanted to ride Kennedy on a and also to administer severe pun ishment to Both have left and now Kennedy sues who is for dam ages for alienating Kennedys affec Got What They Asked conference between the subcommittee of the Chi cago and Northwestern engineers and firemen and President Hughitt came to a close shortly after noon Th men were given what they asked The classification system was arrangei The engineers will re ceive S3 per mile the first after ward getting full The committee returned home this after cele brating their victory by presenting a beautiful goldheaded cane to Zeigen who is considered the father o the THEY SAW A The Strange Sunday Evening VIsioii Tha Mystilied Three Sunda a few minutes before sevei three men were standing in fron of Voisards grocery store at Cath arine in Suddenly one o them exclaimed That man will fal and be He directed the atten tion of his companions to a house jus across the outlined agains the was plainly seen tha fig uro of man walking along th edge of tho roof from the chim ney to the edge of the eavestrough The figure appeared to be about eigh feet in and balanced above hi head held a long such as Is used b fght rope The trio looked reathlessly at the expecting very moment to see the man fall to the Turning slowly around the fig re ascended the roof walking on 10 extreme poised for a moment the point of the then appeared diminish in finally dlsappear The three men were Imost and rushed across le street into the expecting to nd that the man had fallen but no race of man or pole could be The nen who saw the weird sight are re reputable people and they jree in their recital the with he single exception that one of them ays the man was in his shirt nd had dark hair and while he others say that he had a full suit of ark clothes A sharp watch has een kept on the spot but the pook has not Julucys Soldiers Home soldiers ome committee of the Illinois depart nent met here today to investigate the iiarges preferred to Governor Fifer gainst the home in an open letter by Peter of The ommittee find the charges to be grqund tho home to be In good nd the complaints against thc mauage ent to be of a trivial Those of you who attended the pre ormance of lloyts Trip to Chinatown t the opera house the other evening and aughed at the absurdities of Wel nd the dying will be in erested to know that that Individual as a living counterpart in His name is John The ther day he went to a prominent under akers had his measure akcn for a handsome paid for it s well as his funeral and then xplaincd that he had caught a bad cold nd might die at any At last ccounts he was well and but as it with one foot in the The novel reading people of liurling on will soon have a good supply of fic for almost all of the popular novel sts have a new work in the Frank Stockton will defy the critics with a one story once Howells ext story will appear first as a nd has for its title An Imperative Robert Louis Stevenson has een persuaded to write a new be ore he has put his pen on the he was assured and these figures re no Whitney is finishing a new novel vhich will be first given to the public in apopular Miss or Charles Egbert has com ileted a new long Rider Hag gards next romance will appear in De Elizabeth Stuart Phelps is re lorted to be engaged upon a story in col aboration with her So there vill be no dearth of fiction from well nown There is a young fellow in Xew considered to be one of the greatest catches of the who should mmediately come to Burlington and look is credited with saying I vant a wife who knows who s worth having for what she not one of these And he ex pressed the sentiments of every wise oung to be successful to must have something more than jrctty The men who are worth narrying are looking for something else ban pretty coy or fetch ng They are recognizing full well that women are progressing at a pace which will rather than They realize that the woman of tomorrow will be brighter in mind than her predecessor of Hence they are looking for wives who will be equal of their Beauty is being considered an adjunct to common The young New York millionaire will find in Burlington any num er of young ladies who would ill the utmost recess of his for they are all intelligent and worth I do not wish to give the young man to under stand that all he has to do is to come out lore and make his nor that our young ladies are hankering for that unless he brings with in addition to his thc pass port of a gentleman and a fair amount of Drains he had better stay No titled dudes need I took in tin president Wednesday For half an hour at the depot 1 went through upressing process that was astonishingly I fully co ncided with the gruntinglyexpressed views of a young lady in close proximity who declared she had enough squeezing to last her six you can wager thats a good I was considerably surprised and pleased at the first view o thc He appeared on the rear platform with Mayor Secretary Tracy and other There was no mistaking him among however We all recognized and There he is Thats him rang out on ever Tho numerously published like nesses of him made the face familiar ti But It was a kindlier face than I expected to The hair and beard were But there was something What was exclaimed some wheres his grand fathers Sure the bat oldfashioned stovepipe with which those rascally democratic car toonists have made us was no Instead of it the smiling president wore a Dunlap one very becoming to must say I was heartily pleased with thi presidents and his cordial hand grasp and pleasant smile fairly won my I fully echo the sentiment of a longhaired stranger after having squeezed through the mob and shakei the presidents said that he guessec them democrat editors were durnea Special to The HawkEyeJ ill occur the funeral of the oldest soldier n the United Captain Peter It will be held under the usplces of the of which e was an honored Fisher was born on the 2tith day f and died Wednesday October thus reaching he rare old age of His ather was of German while his other was native of North nd in that state he was born and n 1SOS the parents with their children moved to Bulbs and a ew years later to making home for themselves what was then vast Here Fisher eceived his attending the ogcabin school with its puncheon oors and huge When the sec nd war with Great Britain broke out he as among the first to serving un er William Henry He re tained in the army until the close of the and became an intimate friend of In 1517 he was mar ied to Miss Elizabeth of Their union was blessed ith six three of whom sur one son living in and in and one in Pennsyl The latter is expected to reach ome in time for the En 1S52 e removed to at that time onsisting of but a few In 1S57 is beloved wife was called to her final esting Fisher married widow of Henry In politics he was a strong aving voted for Andrew but e was always opposed to and vhen the rebellion broke out tookstrong ides with the He enlisted in what known as the graybeard nd served over two Ho was dis harged on account of a broken hip and vas mustered out at Rock Island in ince which time he has lived a retired For years he has been a consistent neinber of the Universalist and Cole of that body will fliciate at the Two years ago last September he be ame and since that time has been n His mind was clear to the but during tiis illness he lost almost ntirely his powers of speech and sense f which for the last year large y isolated him from the rest of thc Such is the brief account of whose ife was almost commensurate with that f the and whose heart was large nough to embrace the It is cus to praise the but if it were tot the praise bestowed on such a nan would be no YOUTHFUL young sters of Davenport are sometimes tough The Democrat tells of two little boys about twelve years of who got int a quarrel the other One of th children drew a knife which with the intention of playing Shyloc and cutting a pound of Hesh from hi when the latter calml pulled a revolver and promised to bio the top of number ones head off if h came any Thc affair was sei tied without Those ehildre should receive a good warning from th maternal Tears thepurcptand best pnnp ever mad The population of the world double itself In 260 Beechams Pills cure il THE LAST BUGLE aptain Peter the Oldest Member of the he iuiierat be Conducted Today Ills Old Sketch of the General State Xcws and unt after more NoU heir vigilance and the oes merrily on at the James nd the freshmen are having their Their toasts teem with heroism and their ly and happiness Is Allow us to say In this connection the reshman just now making its de Is comnosed of some of the bright loveliest yoong men and the tate University of Iowa has ever called erown and it is with great that your correspondent tells f our annual banquet Its attendant joys nd os A DEEP HARBOR ur THE General Committee Having the Scheme In Charge at DCS DES general ommittee of the Deep Harboi associa which is interested securing na iA onal aid to establish a deep harbor at ome point on the gulf coast were in scs on here yesterday and The of cers of the President John Ivans and Secretary of and Treasurer Alva of were all The ommittee was welcomed to the city by ayor Campbell and the Commercial ex The session yesterday was very and no business of importance was Last night the members were banqueted at Hotel One f the most prominent men present is erry Hennepin who comes to ound the possibilities ot the Henne in for the establishment of ihich he has labored so he business of the committee was prac ically completed Little of in erest to the public was The ommittee has taken up most of the me discussing the course to be pursued y it in the Several committees rere selected to take charge of the ffairs of the general committee hence A COLD Special to The DES noon arge delegation of the deep harbor com ission called at the executive rooms to le Governor After a short con rence Private Secretary Ham returned rom his excellency with the news that ic gentleman was too busy to receive iem and they were compelled to luch indignation was manifested at the old snub extended them by Iowas gov BULLETS FOE GRANDEUR OP THE CORN Iviueiices of the Tariff Oppresseil Iowa Correspondence of The Sioux left our be oved city of Burlington last Friday morning for the purpose of visiting my oninlaw at and also to visit the elebrated palace at Sioux n my way I fell in with hundreds of iur poor tariffoppressed farmers on he same and to hear them liscuss the value of the price of at steers and the desirableness of Iowa arms compared with those of other was calculated to make any man roud of One man from near Vln on told me there were hundreds of acres of corn that would yield seventyfive bushels to the Another man old me he had passed over a arge part of taking his and when the crops were in their or the reason that he thought of moving here but before he had com pleted his he came to the conclusion it would be foolish to leave Iowa to o anywhere west of the Missouri The trains were when we arrived at Sioux City we found the city completely so that every means of accommodation were exhausted and every place that would afford shelter vas quickly The railroad sheds and tents were all filled at Today the crowd is not quite so Xow for the Corn The first view of it is grand beyond de In the impression made on your mind cannot be conveyed to the mind of I met a Xew York man who said he wished so much to describe the jalace to his friends at but he cnew he could not give them any true conception of the grand effect it has on tho This afternoon I met an elderly gentle man from Saw He said I have ust written to my brother at and after doing the best I I said to him I pan give you no idea of the real grand eur of the When I first looked upon the the description of the as described by Washington came fividly to my The fact is no one can form any true idea of the grandeur of the palace until he has seen it for him The building is situated on a cor having two grand The main entrance is directly on the anc on stree are three square towers made so high and airy that they are wonderful to look upon Over the center of the there is a triple one above the or one larger then a and still another The largest has a map of the world marked out with dif ferent colored and so with all the balance of the structure entirely coveret with corn of different colors laid out in Pictures of the American lag coat of and laid off in checker and every figure used in decora tion too endless to I would advise every one to see this remarkabli Sioux City is growing very I has many well paved but they are paved with wood I am ver anxious to see our city take a lively star in the way of THE STATE UNIVERSITY Members of the Sophomore and fresh man Classes Make Rome Correspondence of The IOWA Har vard and Princeton have their annua the State University of low has its The affairs of the east ern colleges may be they may be but we doubt whethe they surpass State University in any Could you readers but be here they wouk be fully All night long las the entire andfresh man classes were making Kome how the former pasting over the town poster defaming and ridiculing the latter while they tore them up as fas as they were put Numerous en frequent settos occurrec but the secondyear men finally tr umphed they succeeded in raisin an horrible to on one o the main an effigy labeled Ot i large But the dark deeds wer not yet The battalion dismissed the sophomores and freshmen plunge into a maddening scrap with no per ceptible advantage on either night is witnessing tho most deeds of the The freshman ban quet is in 92 has succeeded I running off with the freshmens pres and the Innocent Causes an Almost Fatal Special to The Sweeney is a arm hand who has been threshing heat near Washington He and wo companions had a keg of and fter finishing the threshing concluded o drive over to the house of one Sam who shared in the keg and eave Upon their arrival there the was dropped off the wagon and Sweeney and his companions drove Llexander not seeing the keg In the road thinking the men were taking it jumped into a in company rith his brother George and followed Sweeney and his When hey were caught up with Alexander de manded the kcs and struck Sweeney vith the but of a Sweeney enied having the keg and said it was in ront of Alexanders The lie Dassed then Alexander shot at wounding him seriously in the head three Alexander is at large vith the sheriff on his trail while weeney is in this city under thc doctors Seriously Special to The DES wife of John was eriously burned by an explosion of a mixture of wax and turpentine which vas being prepared by a servant for use n the The kettle boiled over and aught Berryhill ran to the girls assistance and grasped the kettle o carry it out doors when it exploded vith the above Xo more Than Ue Special to The DES itherwise known as Chippie was entenced to fifteen years at Madi on for the crime of The case has excited considerable comment through mt the state and will be al hough it is probable the criminal did not get more than he Crushed to Special to The PACIFIC an engineer on the Kansas Joseph and Council Bluffs was tilled this morning bya way car jumping the track causing the tender to leave Clark was caught between the ender and engine and crushed to Stayed Drunk too Special to the DES McCor mick was found dead this evening on the treet He was a laborer and tha cause of his death was prolongued intoxi A Pastor Special to The Hil of this has been called to the pastorate of the Baptist church in Car and begins his labors next HAWEETE e A FATAL son of Harley of was kicked by a mule Monday and died Wednesday A WATCH FAKIIC The man who has been selling watches to Germans in the vicinity of Clinton proves to be Abraham who was arrested in He sold a large number of watches at from 330 to each to German in one instance five to one man and three to taking or other chattels in The watches were worth SS or His Lov WAS day evening a young man named Mathias drove to the residence of Johnson near a former and upon being ordered off the place Mathius drew a revolver and tired at Spiers and his son several times without He then shot himself just below the inflicting a fatal Unreciprocated love for Spiers daughter led to the shoot Mathias was Intoxicated at the THE Iowa State Horticultural society warns the farmers of the state against tree It advises the general planting of such varieties only as are recommended by the society or by horticulturists of relia bility and experience in the We consider the tree blackberry a fraud and the Simonii Salome ap Keiffer pear too tender for general planting in the state of IowaAs we know of no stocks hardy enough to en dure this we condemn the prop agation of apple trees by and believe the union of stock and scion should be beneath the surface to obtain hardy To AID gov ernor has forwarded the necessary papers to the secretary of the interior at Wash ington to bestow upon the State Agri cultural college at Ames the benefits of the act of congress of August which appropriates o each of the state agricultural colleges complying the terms of the act of July tha of for the next fiscal sum to be increased annually until the sum reaches Theli money is to be applied onlf to instructs tion in mechanical 1 English and the varic branches of nafct and economic scieneesrwith special reference their appIicalfonjnHheKinr nf dustries of life

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