Sunday, October 5, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - October 5, 1890, Burlington, Iowa of the Landing of the first German His Little ABand of persecuted Followers From Their Homes Upon the Storied Bhine of the BeliefProm Tyranny and Op pression in ftey Make Their First Settlement f the First Emigrants to the Colony of New ijierSettlements in the Other Col omesTheir to Sickness and tlie Mur derous Attacks of Celebration in Honor of the First the Line of The Fireworks celebration of German in the Ml of October is rapidly assuming the tally of a fixed annual festival each needing year sees the preparations for made upon a more elabor sees a wider aud more general jerest taken therein not alone by citi a of German nativity or but of all lines of lib interest and participation in the fetation by citizens not of German tthshould alone be a refutation of the jrgc made by sume ignorant people u il is unpatriotic and uuAuierieau ra part of llie citizens of this free laud iuld an exclusive festival in liouor of tir OKII Hut such people 3 show their own ignorance of what if assil charge is utterly de iished when one understands the true ante and intent of this now popular m faui aud consisting of six driven were tranorH leadership of SffefreiSt T penetrated the interior of n with the count as tho a persecuted by Ists had a continualT t V ht with tho warlike existence settlers were killedI of the not prosper until the V did over the Indians was f nch In vania were exposed to i 1ODnW ets of the inoun was EIGHT PRICE 15 CERTS PER WEE unmarried received natural philoso pher and traveler thus fn the German colol o tn rcccved at the hands authorities Though the Prdv The siraL in could be inure mare American than Itliis annual festival is commemorated i celebrated not the ongh that is still dear to their lllic time when the in pious Germans of the Rhine ii tlie perse ited and driven from their wght refuge in the new land beyond became American pene lied tLe endured hard ips witlioiit braved the mur ewus Indian and by their tetryaiid intelligence helped to lay broad aud of our Kent wellbeloved Surely none Blind fault with a festival held tocom dioratc such events as these Then German Day be celebrated tli all parades and Kic aud singing and decorations and all the people of our common country i with our German brethren iu mak I lie day one of the greatest festivals like feminy lay prostrate for more than ly years from the withering fls o tlie terrible Thirty Years The termination of the war did tbricg peace to the people of the line and tbe Holding teua iHilSlothc Protestant faith they were iljttted to all sorts of persecution mur ir ind rapine stalked through their sis their religious meetings were nktn np and they were not permitted worship God according to the dictates Ifeown At last they Wd the light breaking through the of darkness aud adversity when s settlements in the new world began i like root and prosper their infilled with new the Germans ilieir homes in the beautiful Rhine onirj ind flocked in thousauds to the og world across the They onitewitli them the love of liberty ill rural and gave generously tar their their abil Blnd their lives to the building up of formed late in the ISth Idthejersonal influence of William ranis ascribed the beginning of Ger temitraiiou to In 1U77 he w parts of Protestant be portions of and be acquainted with the leaders of Jroiestaiit sects which were sub to such heavy lliesc leaders he told of his of Pennsylvania and offered komus and freedom of Mnceiu tlie new result of these negotiations WJuarent until five years i when under the icader n Daniel members of the Ger wlcty ui Friends set sail in P America for the western con i r rius was born al Somraer Seplem He was highly educated in received the degree of s a law lecturer ad traveled extensive America arrived at August i his family and a few IXDUSTltY AND THE embarkedfoi ew York where they arrived in Decem ber They settled on the on a grant of land made by the In 3710 four thousand Germans came in afleet of ten They landed in New i ork in June after a tedious voyage of On the passage and soon after landing oue thousand and seven hundred Of thc survivors some re rnaiued iu New York and others were sent one hundred miles up the Those on the Hudson were under in denture to the English to manufacture tar and raise hemp to pay thc expenses of their The Germans being unjustly became dissatis fied with their condition aud in 17is one hundred aud fifty families started in the is small advance party settled upon ract between The located in taken up by At thirteen fami lies in e years the settlement Soon after his with the Society lead and law lenient he had irospored and the inhab I to gather rouud them and The II People were religious beliefs were wttJe 1lC forluuate Might homes in Ucw the southern uisiaua and thc place f on dead of the ground covered three feet deep with for the Sehoharic sixty miles farther Their way lay through an unbroken forest and they were three weeks making the In the valley they settled upon land granted by Queen They were not left long undisturbed for after ten years of hard labor durins which time they had established couT fortable they were dispossessed of their lands owing to a defect in their In many removed to Pennsyl vania where their brethren had been well treated and had Others pressed on to the Mohawk valley where they sought and found Some Germans who were sent over in 1709 by Queen Anne to settle in Virginia founded the settlement of Germauna but the locality was not favorable and the settlers moved further up the Rappa hannock where they Sheuau doah aud Rockingham counties in Vir ginia were settled by Germans from As early as 3710I712 German emigrants settled Maryland in the mountain region where Fredericks town was afterward laid Hetween 174S and twentyeight hundred Germans found homis in many of them settling in In 171G and 1717 emigration took a new A number of speculators aud adventurers headed by one John Law in duced thousands of Germans to leave their native land by assuring them that the Poets Arcadia had been discovered in Louisiana on the banks of the Missis Instead of leadiug his followers to the new Eden on the shores of the father of waters Law lauded them on the Mobile in Alabama where they ex isted for five years in a miserable con dition and exposed to Indian foes aud endured inanv hardships and In this miserable place two thousand of them died the wretched about three hundred in finally reached the banks of the Mississippi in about forty miles above New Or About twelve thousand more Germans and Swiss had been engaged by Law to remove to his mythical but the fate of the first company deterred the others from These were the first Germans to settle on the Missis They were very poor for some years but the natural thrift and industry triumphed over the most adverse circum and from those hardy pioneers have sprung some of the most respected and wealthy citizens and sugar planters of The place of their poor and barren at and known as the German be came known in later years by reason of its richness and fertility as the Coast of A German colony in founded about was peopled by Lutherans driven from their homes by Their leaders were their the John Martin lioltzius and Israel Christian This col ony flourished until in 1745 it numbered several hundred From 1740 1755 a great many Palatines settled in South founding Congarcc and In 1705 over six hundred were sent from the Pala tinate and Swabia and given a town ship of In 1730 a number of Lutherans and German Reformed church people purchased a tract of laud in Maine from General Waldo and laid out the town of Waldohorbiigh in jjiiidtffl coun Bremen and Frankfort were also German settlements in the same In during the Spanish and New in the aged were his wife Sibylla his chill Christ Joshua and Susanna Kochertha was fur nished with oue barrel of three two one one one rnle and one compass Lorcnts a husbandman and TSr as by his wife and a daughter they were given one one one little two augers aud one smoothing Helnrich a stocking farmer and vine had with him his wife and two children and two of Ins sisters they were sup plied with one crosscut oue mitre one two one gimlet Andreas aged with his wife and three received as a reign of yea many Germans came hither who whichthevTntht110 HI y After they had time and had bull and privileges were in irmged under several pretences they were repeatedly deprived of parts o tucir This at last arousd the Ger roturned violence for vio hem nf tuose who thus robbed them of their Uut proceedings werc looked upon in a very bad light by the The mos active people among the Germans beinj taken up they wore roughly treated and punished with tho utmost rigor of the so far exasper ated the that the greater part of them left their homes and and went to settle in There they were exceedingly well received cot a considerable tract of land and were auiged in many privileges which were given them The not satisfied with being themselves removed irom wrote to their relatives and friends and advised them if they over intended to come to not to 50 to where tlie government had shown itself so This advice had such influence that the Ger nans who afterwards went iu great num bers to North Americaconstantlyavoided Aew Yorkand always went to Pennsyl it sometimes happened that they were forced to go on board of such ships as were bound for Sew York but they vere scarce got on when they hastened on to in sight of all the inhabitants of New Tlie German colonists were principally They were more self liant than any other hey labored uncomplainingly with implements more than their brawny rnis to level the mighty forests nd make tin ground suitable for agri ulture With axe and maul hey rooted up the felled the majestic laid ow the towering hickorv prostrated here they the hestn cleaved such as suited their urpose into rails for fences persevered ntiringiy until the forest was changed ito an arable The German eleunnt in America al Ihc tlio an the CitvCouncil in Cernma Christmas SECOND Second Keglment Band of Burlington Fire Department German Singers of Burlington and West Burlinjitai i Benevolent and Church Geo Boat Club with German Pionecrs with Grub Ottumwa and Burliufftou Delegations from Iowa and Heprcsentiuion Wandering Jourueymei and the Gen FOUUTU y 61 The Santa Fe Madison and Green of LQQ Odd 1 Pnitea workmen m Other Tirrn DIVISION James Oauawjfa and West Burlington Seven Schwubeus The Schwabcn Citizens of West Burlington and others The Burlington Butchers Mounted iniiimtrial Floats and Other SIXTH Uuterkirclier Orchard City Brass Moats and Representations ot Industries In Geniuius ore Employed Mounted and iu Citizens iu The formation of the different divisions will be as follows First division on Main between Washington and Columbia School children on Washington west Second division on Colum bia west Third division on Third north of Fourth division ou Main between Columbia and extending west on Court to Fifth on Main north of Sixth on Court street Main ex tending on The six principal floats will meet on Columbia street east of Main and from thence will take their positions in the procession according to the program Moving from thepoint of the procession will proceed south to Elm countermarch at union north on Maine to west on Jef ferson under the commemorative arch to Central north to ast on Washington to north on Fourth to west on Iowa to Fifth and south on Fifth to the North Hill where will be carried out the fol owing ORDEK OF EXERCISES State Band Opening address by the president Address by the governor of Horace Country Tis Children by Emil of Chicago by German Singers idurcss by Vostor or Mnsctttine State Hand iddrcss by Pastor of Iturlington State Baud Wacht The afternoon festivities will consist of grand Volks Fest at Schlampps OUR WASHINGTON A New Order of United American Veterans Which Our Correnpomlent lu With the Present Atti tude of the The XCK lected Fire Correspondence of THE HAWKEYK is less aria a difference between a iniigwu democrat than there is between a mule The rebel veteran today casts a vote which is as potent the vote of any two veterans of the votes In Georgia elect ten demo cratic It takes votes in Iowa to elect ten republican con In that Instance the vote of one rebel In ieorgia cofints as much as the votes of fourteen union soldiers In Similar comparisons can be made between all northern and southern And yet the red handed mur derers today declare that the war is and we should not engender sec tional The confederate sol diers were brave but The confederate politicians ate cowards and who threaten burn and pillage under cover of inky sion of Journalism in certain are debarred learning the at t in its first of New Introduced bill during the closing days or the session to provide for the endowment of a law department in Howard unlver sity in this The bill states in th that colored persons ace mitted to the but that funds are and provides for an annual appropriation of by the government for the maintenance support of the law department of the It is a good bill and great credit upon Senator Bu back of the senator is the president o the He i and always has been a friend oE and there Is nod oubt that to him1 belongs the credit of and pleading for the Introduction and passage of this Joe of is of the ablest and best men on the demoif cratlc side of the Hewas tenant general In the confederate armyjf before he was twentyfour years of He was a good soldier and a it is proper thatheS should hold the affections of the of and be kept in The democratic party never back on a good confederate soldier DEIt ITHEcHKtSTMAS ind a They botli belong to the same One is downright just what he and the other is a base imitation of two races o An organization has been formed omposcd of nieu who were in the union and confederate They styl hemselves the Order of United Atneri an It is published that the ntention Is to obliterate the animosi ies still engendered and natertaiued and estore good fellowship between the sec The union and the confederate eterans here meet upon a common round and are equal in iall I suggested the name of a union vet ran to become a member o Ills new The name was ent in at my it was never rought to the point of definite Vs soon as they found that my veteran COLUMBIA start in the world one crosscut one one whipping one set of Michael had a wife and three and lie was supplied with one large one smaller one mortising one Jacob a had a Eliza and two children his stock con sisted of one box with white lead and one two one mortising Jacob aged was accompanied by Ifis wife and throe Plettel hav ing died his widow received one whipping one great one one tenant Johannes a smith and with lis wife and one He received one tenant one one one one one Melehior a carpenterand joiner had with ilm his wife and two He re ceived two full sets of carpenters TJIB CTHJT OKIUAN bhULBIVlMl petcr ROSCJ a Weavcr and Johanna Waldoborough was attacked by Canadian thc town laid in ashes and many of the inhabitants The town was a ruin for five it was rcinhabitcd by thirty German and a year later others settled in Their titles to from Waldo proving invalid many lett the colony and German emigration nejer again turned towaids King George the Second was desirous col onizlng Nova Scotia with Germans M held out strong inducements to In answer W his call a largo largo hay and find1 HanoverTaiis left their ana ia resolved lo abide I Nova Scotia in June of ife received oue glue one one little two one Maria a widow with alittle received a smoothing i file and a hatchet Isaac a his ife and young one broad oue little m mln one oue oue rule ways bore and always has borne Its fujl share of the dangers from domestic and foreign In all the Indian raids and attacks upon tho frontier in the French and Indian wars in the in the Spanish and southern Indian in the great struggle of the the war of tho Mexican and finally in the tremendous struggle of the Germans have ever been found iu the front ranks fighting for very existence of themselves and families threatened with destruction by the murderous later for the rights and liberties invaded by England and at last for the preservation of the nation they helped to In this connection it is proper to remark that the first against slavery was made in this country by a leader of tho first band of Francis Daniel in that year he drew up a memorial against which was adopted by the Germantown Friends and sent up to the Monthly meeting and thence to the Yearly meeting in It is says the first protest made by a religious body against negro After the first settlements began to grow and each succeeding year has seen constantly increasing numbers of German emigrants land upon our and no one can say that they have not been towers of strength to the They have taken front rank In all departments of mechanics and and form an ele ment of the national character which could not be except to the great detriment of the f Is it to be wondered at that the Ger mans of today wish to commemorate the advent of their recall to mind their struggles and celebrate their tri umphs And is not occasion oao for congratulation by Americans as well Two centuries ago Columbia extended a friendly hand to Germany and now the children of both stand side by side in the walks of equal sharers of the bounty of the land and the heritage of their Tomorrows The grand industrial and allegorical procession is to form at the corner of Washington and Main streets in the lowing order FIRST Platoon oE Mounted Chief Marshal Adjutant Shilgar and Iowa State Band of DCS Burlington Governor Horace President Giiclich aud Mayor and or where refresh sports will furnish ments and various amusement for Also a kinderfest at North liiil park from one to five In which there will be singing aud a concert program by the Boat Club The evening will bo given over to the magnificent pyrotechnic display on the river a full program aud descrip tion of which has already been printed In these The lire works display vni be enlivened by music from the brass to be located on the John Taylor at the ferry landing and onthe Boat Club house OKKMAN OCTOI1KK Written for the German day n America Hear the bauds aud the tread of Sec Horsoaud footman moving Tlie gautly banner and Haunting German day on freedoms songs of the Fatherland greet the Praise oft he far and Sacred memories ever German day In a kinglcss land Liberty sways her precious wand The shackles fall from foot and No longer wards of the Fatherland GAY FOR GERMAN Whore Voii Can Uny Flags unit Portraits for Smither has just received a large supply of German and American Hags for decorating In addi tion he has portraits and other suitable for building and win dow goods were bought purposely for the GermanAuierl cau celebration and will be sold allow Monday liiglit at the Grimes opera house a grand Come and bring your Good music and a pleasant time for Tick ets 50 for German decora tions and 313 North Main For the course of Special dis count to MAOTO tickets the for the Ottuinwa coal palace will be on sale September October 1 and 8 at one fare for the round line of fall neckwear in the city at of the a brave soldier who wore tho blue and fought under the stirs and has a black they revolted at the idea of associating with Ele was not an applicant for admission to the and knew nothing of the use of his name until lie is a loyal belongs to the grand army of the and votes tli Hesaid ie republican Those fellows are rebels and and are taking in some of our maling erers and camp No honorable union black or wants to put himself on a level with those who tried to perpetuate slavery and destroy the union and who are today as deter mined as ever to subvert the constitution as far as my race I should consider that I was honoring the crowd by merely visiting their club aud I should consider myself disgraced to be known as a member of their No man of tho true soldier stripe will None of them are They are murderers and Their course tends to and an archy today exists in the The northern men who sees it is densely The union soldier who pal liates the crimes of rebels must be in his or nearing There was considerable excitement on Pennsylvania avenue a few days on account of a rumor that the Washington monument was Everyone who went to Fifteenth street and looked at the great marble shaft down by the saw very plainly that there were great seams down the sides between the joints and it looked as though ths motf ster monolith might topple and crumble in a Closer inspection revealed the fact that the great cracks were really clean places washed out by the rain of the night and the ereat unique giant was It seems but yesterday that the alum inum tip was placed upon the capstone of the What a day it was Superintendent McLaughlin lifted the and under direction of chief of engineers and architect of the placed the tip upon the while James Hogan let loose the stars and There were boom ing of cannons and shriekings of steam but the sounds were scarcely heard by the participantsin the final cer emonies in mid feet from the river The bureau of engraving and printing ised to give away splendid steel engrav make from the old steel plates upon which former greenbacks were Probably the best engravings ever made of Washing and othernotable citizens it the were executed by the rareau of engraving and printing for the Ilustration and embellishment of the aotes issued by the The ssuance of vignettes upon con ressional application has and it s useless for any one to apply for tt seems that within the past year sev eral attempts have been made by count erfeiters to imitate absolute paper to impose upon unsuspecting and have used some of the old engrav ngs to aid them in their Inas much as it is harder to detect counter feits of the money of war then it t is of the present day the bureau has ceased issuing You see the original greenbacks are seldom found in irculation and even some ank cashiers are unfamiliar with them so that they could be more readily passed than could counterfeits of the money now being and with which all are The patent office fire is forgotten by nost people said Chief of the fire department In all of lie great fires of thiscity have failed to nake a proper impression upon the con They all sue that our business buildings are crawling into the sky just as they do in New York and otherlarge but they do not provide facilities or the fire department to follow those mildings into the sky with Wash ngton has grown away from the fire de lartment in population and build e have only eight engines and there are lots of towns whose popu ations do not exceed where hey ten or twelve steamers and other facilities for fighting Ue need at least three more and another hook and ladder Some f these days the people of this city will vonder why we didnt have a bigger fire If one of those big build ngs on F street were to take and an alarm were sounded at the same time on Capitol the people would realize the mportance of taking precautionary meas ires when it was too The veteran firefighter is This s still a sleepy town iu many respects ind the people are rather disposed to lock he door after the horse is than o go out to the barn and lock the door arlvin the True we have no epresentative in but we have itizens committees and district cominis icners who should When black pigment was put under The national capital of adozen ago was a subject for commiseration Its merchants were its store and its salesladles too lazy even for and a girl who is too fazy too dance is too lazy to Often I used to go into a store and stand before the counter a minute or two waiting for the merchant or some one of the to finish reading a paragraph in a news paper or If the customer would start to leave the they would wake up and drawl Anythin can dofer It was my pleasant duty to aid in awakening the Every day when one of these stores was entered for any kind of after waiting a Id start out and when the clerk or merchant would call me Id say very angrily and earnestly Xbt a derned thing in this You are too lazy to get any custom from or my A few others took up the the campaign and talked the same Then we commenced to write up the and had our views republished Later we influenced a noted or ator In a lecture concerning Washington at to touch up our merchants in vigorous They began to learn But one generation could not have reclaimed It would have taken fifty years to have educated them and their heirs and assigns up to the business standard of northern oc western Gradually young men from other cities came here and in business in small They have grown and prospered until today we have such a marked improvement as can not be described in few Still there is a lack of a lassitude in the atmosphere which needs to be overcome before Washington will be come a typical city of the great aMtrir CELBBBATION Martin Wiedemann will endeavor to collect sufficient personal subscriptions to erect a handsome arch on Main street near the corner of No arch has been erected on Main and Martin says he desires to collect onlv enough to pay the hope to see the arch in place Monday The business men in this portion of the city ought not withhold their subscriptions for this All the regular evening trains will be held until after the display of fire A final meeting of all the committees for the German Day celebration met last evening at the Union Reports received working were satisfactory and thus far nothing1 has occurred to delay or change the work or The Boat club will be asked to throw open their building for use ot dis tinguished visitors during the display Governor and Miss Boies will view the display from the and arrangements havebeen made to priately decorate the same in heir President Klcppisch is confident that is a conservative estimate of the number of visitors that will be Concert by the Iowa State band cor ner of Jefferson and Main Mon day from to All German veterans are requested to meet at Turner Hall at Mon to take part in the t The following list of banks have signed I an agreement to close at noon on dag National State by Flem Merchants National by GermanAmerican Savings by First National bank of by Iowa State Savings by William The Main and Jefferson street Arch will bear on one side the motto Den Nahen und den fernen Den Strelten und the translation of which is The near and the far The stripes and the star Aud on the other Our Fatherland in memory dear Our hearts and homes are ever Gratifying to The high position attained and the universal acceptance arid approval of the pleasant liquid fruit remedy Syrup of as the most excellent laxative illustrate the value of the qualities on which its success is based and are abund antly gratifying to the California Ft byrup Till IH7ULIXGTOX join such an Such scheme could never1 catch such soldiers as John A Phil Tecumseh or W S No good soldier will ever willingly lay down his and then bow to his conquered It was too soon for the most conserva tive and charitable soldier to forget the The tebels have not yet accepted the results of the The principal result of that war was that the negroes should be free and have the rights of The southern confederacy is still an organized The ef forts to suppress that fact only fatigue the skins of certain members of the hu man no harm was intended probably by the but that same black ment has caused a great deal of anguish and shedding After all the the race a reasoninK The still and education nth eucation of the black race is necessary if they arc to be re claimed and The public school system partly solves the but it e r the matter Iu states cannot be admitted to the divFnity or medical They also bel aso e to be for the profcs A KiKlfunt In a front window on Jefferson street can be seen during the week a stove which will make any home The castings are so closely fitted that it be controlled to This one of the essential points in the ture of a base This stove is not only a beauty m desizn but will save its price in fuel In a very short EachiJ succeeding year sees an increased sale the Radiant Ask any person who has purchased one in Burlington anxli they will give it a recommendation Kaut Krlechbautn are sole agents fot It In this locality and will take explaining its good qualities to the pubS tickets to Chicago on sale every Thursday during September and October up to 16th Good for till the AtonJ day following date of One and onethird fare for plus 25cts for admission coupon exposition account inter state you want a large assortmantof Germaaand American shieldsa go to hard northern wheat malcektai best This is White Rose Hour is fn such favor witl the t Day programs iitCer and English at Gnahns boofc headquar for every Shlng In f Stop at the Chic

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