Saturday, October 4, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - October 4, 1890, Burlington, Iowa SUMYS HAWKEYE THE SATUBDAY OCTOBER 1890 PRICEr 15 CENTS if THEBRIFF lion InvolTing Its Enforce lime to Send Copies to Wcst uCUausrcsinthePostal Dc rtinentTlO Presidents treasury this morning mailed a certi ew tariff law to every toPf nstouis and internal revenue in the United The new Swelled on In this interesting point has been treasury ill wobably be broueht before for The point in the delinquency of tho tariff law San Francisco and Jntfivecroitis an impossibility S seut out today to be do nn the Oth As the old out of operation on that date has arisen whether at San Francisco and before the new law has been jw the collector are dutiable the old or properly como under a s ollector of customs has officially knows nothing treasury speak Kf ihe matter the L that the goods might be assessed tiTp old law and reliquidated under 1 when it is He that it was not obligatory to have a certified Umthat iu in uncertainty as to the assessment Kin roods he could telegraph the department for their proper rnnsarsthat an important omission idc in thetariff bill as enrolled and Section 30 of the internal reve which was originally by the and subse restored uy the conference com Jvras omitted in the toction provided for tho allowance Etawtack on smoking and manufac Stobacco and snuff held in unbroken IMS in tie hands of the manufac sattie date when the reductions octecL As this date is January there will still be ample unity for congress at its next ses j correct the error by supplemental The impression is general hero that Commander Roller is recalled be cause tho secretary of state is dissatis fied at tlio course pursued by him in re gard to the peace negotiations between Guatemala and Salvador and also in re gard to tho The Ranger was in tho harbor of San Jose when Uar rundia was killed on tlio Special president today appointed Austin Braddock of Henry of John of and Miss Helen Clark of to bo special agents to make allotments of lands in severally to Indians nmler the provisions of the act of congress approved February The AntiLottery At torney general under direction of tho postmasler has prepared for publication in tho Postal Jliillctln a cir cular letter to postmasters containing instructions for their guidance in the treatment of lottery matter under tho recent antilottery Census census bureau announces the following popula tions Sangamou 042 increase increase PETER ROBERTS FAIL Sued for Breach of Promise by the Maiden He The Story of a 1astors WlckeunesnUe Deceived His ms Church and Days Crimes and Moneys for 1ublic Land the ap portionment for surveys of public lands for the year ending June South and North Dakota got EXCITEMENT IN JSOBE OF of Discusses the nuutiou in Ills Annual Oct Mormon uun is discussed by Governor of in his annual fisserts the Mormon people are gov 1 by the priests and that in every icaland business act the church is Bifeand the country The ptlation of the territory is estimated an increase of liftyfivo per the past ten The recruited iy immigration i Great llrltain and the Scandinavian The average number of for uborn brought to the territory by the ions durinp the pait nine years is annually aiid this average isprobaMy been maintained during the 1 The poverior deals in and incaningleis or is of double hypoeritical j and false Its atti Jtowards polygamy is Selusive in the 11 knows there has been jnpe on tho subject but seeks to y the impression tnat there has Prominent church officials have i the church docs not now grant nits to polygamy and the noin ncad of the church has an that polygamous marriages not now take j The when the itlon of tlii head of church was to tho notorious caie uncovered in liefrit district hedisclaimed any lc of Admiting that those arJ literally like governor says that itldoes not prove pt the church has nijt the public EnUment of tlu nation s expressed in nor does itjirove tfratthc church fclojal to the Thejc Is no reason the governor that any snhly power ran exact Iran the church ay declaration opposcdjto le accounts for the hotl which Mor Hnismhas upon the pcolle by the fact fey arc taught to koepaloof from in taces outsidci of the The wernor recommends thcjiassage of the Ml reported in the scnatl by Mthorizcs the governor tl appoint cer aln county officers andiproviding for telative He states te if this becomes a lav it will place torontrol of twentylive ounties in the toads of men loyal to tli He also recommends thl passage of The Capital Oueiitiou Creatctt Much Intciiae excite ment over the capital location continued After the demonstration against Perry and Nesbit last evening had city attorney of Oklahoma who chanced to be in sent tho follow ing telegram to one of his friends at home Your representatives were mobbed on the street Send one hundred armed The armed men arrived this morning and were among the lirst to secure seats of vantage in the hall of the lower Fully as many friends of the Guthrie equally strongly were also Their presence caused in tense feeling and it would have taken but the slightest outbreak to have caused serious Speaker Daniels was too suffering from nervous ex haustion caused by the exciting scenes of to As soon as tho house was called to order Representative Tenill introduced a resolution calling at tention to the presence of tho armed men in the declaring their presence and directing the sergeantatarms to cicct all newspaper men The resolution was voted Consid ering the probable results of yesterdays riotous demonstration it was deemed ad visable to postpone until tomorrow further action on the capital The speaker has prepared a resolution which will be introduced pro viding for a recall of the bill from the When this resolution is pre sented a lively time is DISTINGUISHED sensa tional breach of promise case of Miss An nie Husabeo against Peter of the Plymouth Congregational ended today with a verdict of for tho The case has created a tre mendous stir here for a long time Roberts is a graduate of Yalo and while at New Haven seduced tho girl and then connived at a criminal Ho promised to marry but fled to whore tho girl followed Again ho promised to marry and they came back to but after he secured a pastorate hero he absolutely re fused to carry out his Roberts attorridyinade overturesI or a settlement and one proffered but tho girl would While negotiations wero in progress Roberts married a most estimable lady of this Finally the girl brought suit which resulted as The deacons of Roberts church haye been upholding him in tho matter for a long time but it is thought he will bo compelled to get Tho evidence against him was very damaging and It is said Roberts has been deceiving his coun sel as well as tho and tho church for tho counsel made no defense for CARVED FOR HIS A Jfiiuyoo Man Who Didnt Love No Dernod Galoot to Trot His Special to THE a young man from came to this place Sunday and betook himself to the homo of one Lee a fisherman of the Smith thought Carey was out but Carey came back unex pectedly and found Smith dancing the baby on his Evidently incensed at the sight Carey drew an ugly knife remarking that ho didnt low no domed galoot to trot his babby unbeknownst to proceeded to carve Smith up in a dangerous Carey was put in jail to await the outcome of Smiths It is also proposed to attack of several religious institutions and a be quest of for a statue of Abra ham Tlio tho con testants stato that all tho bequests to relatives were to those on the mothers and that tho relatives r6a the fathers side wore not In proving tho will a family servant testi fied that there wero no relatives fm tho fathers side living and the several of whom como from as sume that tho testator did not know of their PALMER AT The General Addrenses a Great Crowd at the Special to Ill e was Old Uncle Dick Oglesbys he poured hotshot and shell into the demo cratic follow was at his best Today General who would like to bo United States if you addressed a great throng of the unterrilicd and The faithful came in from all parts of tho some in some iii others on foot The Carthage delegation was a Some ton wagon as stated to your correspondent headed by the Carthage Reed and Brass in cluding Fritz Stepp carrying tho llag for which ho came marching into town and presented an enthusiastic ap In tho afternoon there was a credit able parade to the fair grounds and Gen eral Palmer began the delivery of an ad dress in the iswrepetition of many of his speeches made in different parts of the He assailed the tari the McKinley and in brought the republican party to task for many alleged His speech was well received by the democratic The fair closed today with an exhibi tion of prize stock and several The financial as has been RAILROAD UPROAR AT Much Excitement Occasioned by the Testimony of a OJtrieu and Compelled to Conduct ThcirOvrn London Press on the American Irish The Count of and Party Keccivcd With Donor at New NEW White Star from with the Count of Duke of Orleans and Prince of on was sig nalled off highlands this At fifteen minutes after eleven tho revenue cutter Cushman steamed down tho bay with a small party composed of Collector General Daniel General General General General General General OUerine and sev eral newspaper men on The Ger manic was boarded off Staten Island and the compte and party were greeted on the The party will return November they will be at the Windsor hotel for three days and from there go to Cragins Point and West A visit will be made to Gettys burg battle Ilaltimoro and Rich The party landed at the pier at twenty minutes past one and wero driven to the Windsor LABOR DrUT Slrihe on the Illinois Central Ifither the Cullon I bill passage bill oil the Strublc THE am of Next IVepka Western Tour j prelim jiary details of the presilents western have been arranged hid those are to slight It is fully de that the president and Jtwywill leave hnre Moday morning where a shift stop will be 1 MieTucsday he party will I wn proceed to I Ifirc then to I aching this plais nesident will tfund the reunion his brigade if he afternoon and pill leave the evening for Oitnmvtat where I Thursday day at I That ntht the prcsl Kill leave for Topcfcrj ar I mine there in the inornirj and remain ffltil about four fien he will for Kansas StyHe will Nie Suest of his who is a teident of that city until when I leave for LonS to attend the festival of the That night hi will go to In sto spend The next ho will leave fr the national vio via Tittsburg jachinp ay there of the V8lBl Depart Whit today qualid as first and assistant postinaor general re Thcsc api intinents arc e line of il service re ith these chang the postmas cral conteiuplatcsTie rcorganiza cerUun official The are in the general line Placed under omjhead that mail service an railway con will be underlie immediate i of the new sijand as will Sing clufeo of the sal and delivery of other ore been re their on nearly all of the freight conductors and brakemen on the Illinois Central railroad between this city and about five hundred in struck last demanding the reinstatement of about twenty of their number who were discharged yes At a meeting held here this forenoon the strikers decided to ask the cooperation of the engineers and fire This was and the strikers seeing that their case was hopeless with out tho aid of decided to re turn to Tennessee Miners Rich land and Nelson miners struck yester Dissatisfaction with a reduction in wages recently ordered is tho cause and twelve hundred men are ANSWERED DEATHS An Illustrious Editor Gone to Ills BOISB John R editor of the Boise died last French was prominently connected with the antislavery amta tion and was editor of the Herald of Free one of the first antislavery papers in New He served nine years as sargcnvat arms in the United States Speaker Beed in Niw Reed was here tonight on the occasion of the opening of the Connecticut campaign un der the auspices of the Young Mens Re publican In a speech he referred io the obstructive tactics of the demo cratic minority in the house and ini clos inTsaid Wo are the sixtyfive millions of with brains and enter prise ready to reach out in every direc Such people will never be content to be ruled by a machine that does not correctly register its Gratifying to The high position attained and the universal acceptance and approval of the pleasant liquid fruit remedy Syrup of Figs asthcmost tliusirate the value of the quahtics on which its success is based and arc abund antly gratifying to the California lug Syrup Colonel Baviss Killed at Tuesday morn ing John Ward and the latters little attempted to cross tho narrow gaugo track Just as the team crossed tho track one lino tho team sprang short and Ward was thrown into tho lighting crosswise of the track just in front of tho which was moving of its own Engineer Eskridge in stantly reversed the but it passed upon the body of breaking his neck and crushing his killing him Tile Ohio Express managers of tho Adams Express company has received a letter from the general manager of the Sandusky and Cleveland road saying that two of the train robbers were in jail at liellfontaino and tho roads detectives are after the third who got away with The express com panys detectives have not con firmed and there is nothing to show what proof can be found to convict the men Mysteriously an inoffensive young hostler at Chulds stable was brought into town Wednesday by some farmers in the McIIose with a 33 caliber bullet in his Young Beaman has always borne a good charac but absolutely refused to talk on the A Sensational Divorce Emma daughter of began suit today for a divorce from her llichard She alleges habitual per sonal abuse and Parties to the suit occupy a high social Found Guilty of NEW jury In the case of charged with causing the death of Annie Goodwin by returned a verdict late to night of manslaughter in the first Sentence was Captured a sheriff last evening captured a after a hard Hanged for Wife Martin was hanged in tho Raleigh court house today for wife A GHASTLY A Denial of the Statement that the Is Seeking New Terminal Manager of the Baltimore and Ohio rail who arrived in this city de clares there is no truth in the published statement that his company is arranging for new terminal facilities in connection with the General Superintendent Dickinson confirms this statement and adds that instead of seek ing new terminal facilities the company is now negotiating with tho Illinois Cen tral for increased facilities under its present and nothing can drive it elsewhere unless it is to be shut off the lake front by tho worlds excitement was occasioned in tho court room at Tip porary today tho evidence of one of tho a who testified ho followed several of the defendants into tho vestry of a Catholic church and tried to overhear what was said there by This testimony aroused the in dignation of tho counsel for tho and ho demanded to know if ponal days had whon the sanctity of the confessional could bo The court room became a babble of cries and so great that it was impossi ble to go on with the Tho court was therefore declared adjourned for halfan When the court re convened the policeman cross examined by who called tho witness a Tho mag istrate upon Harrington to withdraw the He refused to do so and was ordered to leave tho An uproar OBrien and Dillon commenting freely upon the man ner in which the case was Finally another halfhour adjournment was During the adjournment Harrinetons clients decided to defend Whon tho proceedings were resumed Dillon had just begun to ad dress the bench when a cheor was raised for This so exasperated tho magistrate he ordered tho court cleared and tho proceedings adjourned abruptly amid great A large body of police was massed outside the court There was no RELIEF FOR This is tho largest and most com plete sugar factory in tho world and was so pronounced by Secretary and Professor chief chemist of agricultural BETWEEN YOU AND I was lounging through North Hill park one evening and came upon two young ladies earnestly conversing as they passed slowly along tho I tell said the taller with considerable as I hovo within thoro is positively nothing be tween Fred and I should judge giggled tho shorter from tho glimpse I hap pened to catch of you two in tho parlor last There couldnt have been anything between you then if there was it was awfully Tlio melancholy days buve The snddcst ot the When stovepipes have to be put up And men fast lose their There is a clergyman down in New Jersey who has placed himself on record in a remarkable It seems that all had not gone well between himself and his They therefore de posed and it was in his farewell ser mon that he distinguished Here Is in all its quaint productiveness Dearly parting does not seem hard to me for three reasons You do not love you do not love each other and the lord does not love If you loved me you would have paid me for my services during tho past two years you do not love each other wise I should have more marriages to celebrate in the Lord does not love for otherwise he would call more of you to and I should have more funeral services to con It is authoritatively stated that the minister is still waiting for the payment of that back THE DEED OF A A Car Link Found Tied to a Rail Two Under Arrest A StrangerTaken 111 by a Sioux City Confidence eral Special to Tho HawkEyc J traveling man named Lowrcy was walking to Malcolm yesterday when ho fonnd a car link tied to a railShortly afterwards he met a tramp who seemed to be half Ho brought him to this city where he is held under Some times he admits and then denies that he did Another suspicious character has been here beat ing the hotels for two Ho also was WINGED A The president of a Paper Mill Kugages in ii Shooting brothers named Wallace late last night attempted to bury a dead horse on a lot near the residence of president of the Lyons Paper Carpenter objected and the fellows showed light and threat ened it is Carpen ter drew a revolver and fired a shot or two to scare They didnt but continued to and as one of them has served and neither of them has a very savory Carpen it is shot and slightly wounded one of William tho in jured then swore out a warrant for Carpenters The case was set for seven oclock last but a continu ance was taken until nine Satur The matter may come before the grand HE WAS A The Years Kallway Railway Aye will tomorrow publish a summary of the railway construction in the United States for the lirst nine months of tho showing that miles of new road have already been built in thirtynine states and on 212 on different The total construction for the year is esti mated at from to aganst miles during last The Minnesota 1ullmaii Itcrth of the Pull man company claim the decision of the Minnesota supreme court mentioned in these dispatches a few days ago docs not pass at all upon tho validity of the or der of the railway commissioners re quiring the upper berths closed when not It simply they that the district to which tho appeal from the order of the com missioners was taken by the railroad company had no jurisdiction to consider such THE BAPTISTS AT Five Men Horribly Mutilated at at McXairy five men were instantly killed by the explosion of a saw mill boiler belonging to Gur Gurloys body was torn to William Johnsons head was torn from his body and thrown fifty yards Walter Pitman and his brother and a son of Gurley were horribly A negro laborer was fatally A Wreck on the Santa Kansas City express on the Santa Fe railway ran into a freight car which had been moved by the wind from the switch to the main Tho train was badly shaken up and tho baggage master fatally None of the passengers wore A Steamer Damaged hy NEW Clyde line steamer cotton was badly damaged by lire while lying on shore hero Second Day of tho Sunday School Conven Ministerial Meeting and Mis sionary rSpccial to Tho Tho Salem Baptist Sunday School Convention closed its labors this morning with devotional exercises by Westbrook and an ad How to Teach Temperance in Sunday by The regular meeting of tho Salem Baptist Ministerial Association began in the Baptist church at 10 oclock The opening sermon was delivered by Banks of a Sunday school of delivered an This af ternoon reports and letters were received from the various churches in tho Those reports were in tho encour Some churches need a little more energy and should seek the grace of God They should put their hands in their pocket books a little more Miscellaneous business was dis cussed until Tonight union senices wero held with The Ladies Auxiliary Missionary an adjunct of the met at Trinity Lutheran church this heard various reports and listened to papers and Tho attendance is in creasing The meetings close Sun day The London 1ress oil the American Com mittees Ireland continues to hold the foremost place in the minds of the Englishmen and in the columns of the English A few days ago every one was talking of tlio Tipperary trials and the brutal conduct of tho Today tho address of the American re lief committee is in everybodys The London papers discuss it according to party The Times devotes to it a thundering editorial in which the appeal is characterized as an electioneering dodge to catch the Irish Tho thunderer docs not try to explain how that vote is to be divided up by tho mem bers of tho committee according to their varying political animations after it is It is admittedly tho silliest article tho Times has printed for many Other tory papers sneer at the appeal from the same They can see nothing but politics in The liberal press fol lows the lead of the Daily Xcws and re bukes the government for its shameful neglect of its duty and its nlinrts to smother tho truth in regard to the con dition of There was a stormy scene in the Limerick corporation yester day over a resolution to censure the gov ernment for tho Tipperary Tho two or three tories in the council were joined by an equal number of Bishop ODwycrs supporters and a de termined effort was made to prevent the passage of the resolution by obstructive It was by a big majority and the crowd of citizens who had been spectators of the scene came very near using violence on the ODwyerites as they left the trials at Tipperary may drag out for ten days The evidence consists of the reading of numerous speeches by the de fendants and and for the present proceedings aro very GENERAL FOREIGN Tin Hearing the SlavinMcAulille The hearing in the case of Slavin and charged with assaulting each other and commit ting a breach of tho took place to day in the Lambeth police Coun sel for the crown said that if the contest between the two men was declared un lawful by tho persons who ar ranged and abetted the fight would be After hearing evidence the court announced that it would reserve its decision for a It is with fear and trembling that I give publicity to the following which is vouched for by an English re ligious for the reason that it might prove too suggestive to other Hut as THE HAWKEVE has no political query column here goes An American girl whose verses were always declined with hit upon an ingenious scheme for having them pub She would send a line or a verse from one of her poems to the query col umn of some and ask from what poem such a line the name of the poem and the A also a would send the querists own poem to the paper with the desired in and of course it would appear in The querist would do the same for the and so on until tietween them they had most of their poems I have seen this story somewhere be fore but will have to give a local clergy man credit for it because he was the last one whom I heard tell lie claims to have gotten it from a missionary to who witnessed the incident in the streets of Port au Prince An old who was vainly endeav oring to drag a balky mule by his suddenly stepped up to a doctor who stood outside his and olfered him a silver piastre if he could put a little life into his contrary The doctor went into his and re turned with his medicine He se lected a small filling it with and jabbed the needle into the animals The astonished creature reared upon his hind and with a tremend ous started down the road at a breakneck The old darkey looked lirst at the doc and then at the disappearing he suddenly how much was dat stuff wurf you jist put in dat mule about ten laughingly an swered the yo kin jist lire twenty cents wuf right into Heah am do 1se got to ketch dat ar Autl a Sioux City Confidence Man Took Ilim Sioux Yesterday morn ing Frank Alexander arrived in the city from He is a stranger In the On the corner of Third and Ne braska streets he met a man who spoke to The men became engaged in Tho stranger introduced himself to Alexander as and offered to show the man from onion town about the Alexander The first stop was made in a liquor joint near Murphy would not allow Alexander to pay for the Several drinks were disposed of in the man from Davenport became intoxi When ho came Murphy was So was Alexanders watch and S200 diamond Officers have been but Murphy can not be TAME WOLVES A Number ofSports at Oskaloosa Eugage in a other day about seventyfive men and boys gatnered at the fair ground to participate in a wolf When the crowd got there they witnessed the brutal sight of three half grown tame wolves torn to pieces by about forty The wolves had been raised from whelps by hand and kept in so that they did not know how to run and were as tame as They each ran down tho track about a hundred with the dogs snapping and tear ing and then gave it up to be torn to Those who saw it are unani mous in pronouncing it The man who got it up realizedabout S200 on the VETERANS IN ClarksontoGot Port meeting of the sulrfesf or to Colonel Davis on the national republican Jenerson Davis Classmate to tatemcnt that encral Clark Unitod States essional elec iter States home amaiider Win Vitus dance ness and hysteria are soon cured by Miles Free samples at u Wittos drug adHerPictnroTakcnatlOl ti had her photograph taken She is in excellent give instant EXCITED The Story of the New Messiah AusorhliiK tho Attention of the FOUT Choc taw commission will resume negotiations on Saturday with tho Choyennes and Arapahocs for tho sale of their The Indians at present take little inter est in the most of them appar ently being greatly excited over the stories told by one of their number who has been visiting the Sioux While there he had a talk with an alleged Messiah who told him the wellknown romance which he has been circulating among the In dians for some time of a deluge of mud which is coming next summer to overwhelm all tho whites and bad In on top of which all the good In dians wil find a new and fertile John Crerars Will to be Daily Hewsithis afternoon says tho will of tho late John which disposed of an about much of it being be queathed to charitable and religious in bo contested and tho proceedings will soon be com menced in what will probably be one of So most celebrated cases of its kind on feature of the w ill tho bequest of nearly two millions to found a great public library m Chicago Tho contest has been inaugurated by distant relatives on Crcars fathers The grounds on which it is proposed to invalidate tho library bequest are the same as those on which the bequest for th library in Now York in the will o Samuel Tilden was viz bequest first cannot be legally made to anything which does not Results of the Tar NEW Dispatches from several points along the border in Canada tell of a groat rush to ship into the United States all before tho McKinloy bill goes into They have stopped buying anything more in tho linos affected by the tariff for tho United States markets and at several points this has caused an almost complete stagnation in Tho majority of this seasons production will get to market under the old tari A Chicago Taper Company ill Oliver in a bill filed in tho superior court asks for the dissolution of tho Chicago Paper Manufacturing company and ap pointment of a charging Presi dent Smith with having fraudently issued duplicate stock and placed sixteen hundred of such shares upon tho This company should not be confounded with the Chicago Paper com The Iron mid Steel NEW At todays meet ing of the British Iron and Steel insti tute there wore few people After the reading of a number of papers the convention Parties of delegates visited tho iron Edison Laboratorn and other places of like Illinois InterCollegiate tho stato intercollegiate contest in Oratory of the Illinois Wosleyan won the of Knox and of Blackburn Car Thought lie Was a n Union Pacific brakeman from who claims to bo a fought hero to day with Billy tho champion of for a purse of Woods knocked him senseless in tho fourth Bancrofts Ninetieth tho venerable quietly passed his 00th birthday at his residence on tho where ho scores of congratulatory telegrams and letters and many A Wig Strike directors of the London Gas Light and Coke company to day emphatically declined to accede to tho demand made by the National Gas Works union that only union men bo employed in the The stokers threaten to strike in consequence of this Tho number of men involved is six times larger than tho number en gaged in any previous Tlio com pany is making preparations to conduct their business despite any action the men may Long sheds have been erected within tho works for living quarters for nonunionists anp hundreds of beds have been provided for their The au thorities too have taken energetic meas ures to suppress any The Cholera is densed at Lioyds that the cholera appeared at Notwithstanding the denial a quarantine has been established at the French and Algerian Forty cases were reported in Aleppo twentycightof which proved The inhabitants of the place arc has reap peared in Four one have been reported at discontent con tinues here owing to the stringent pre cautionary measures taken by the gov ernment against the Trade is completely Hundreds of na tives in the interior are dying of starva The New 1ortugnese new cabinet is Sonher premier and foreign af fairs Count interior justice finance Count San marine General war public works and Had on McKinley bill is likely to destroy tho Birmingham but ton Many orders have been can celled and tho employes In most of tho button works are put on short ami Stanley at and Henry Stanley arrived at Ostond to They wero received by King Nineteenth fowa Infantry Reunion at Special to The The Nine teenth Iowa infantry began its ninth an nual reunion in this city McForland gave the regi ment an informal reception on Tuesday Wit and How pleasant it is to see husband and wife of one It is Theres the for She thinks theres nobody in the world like and he thinks Yes he proposed in the romantic He On my bended knees let me and so Does he ever talk that way now He just swears without asking It would be no use allowing women the privilege to says Bob Inger They wouldnt give away the fact that they wero over twentyone to save the country from an After the Sunday school are nearly a hundred sandwiches left What shall we do with them Second them away in the Theyll do for next Miss dont like to put dot cracked cup on dcr table ven and Lev vas here to foolishness Put dot cup on und let dcr Levis break Ve can charge it up to are my wife and yet you wont confide in Ask some proof of my tell me does that young Flashleigh wear real diamond garter as they say A trifle at the morn ing Kecruit the next time you appear to me in my dream in such a disagreeable way as you did last night Ill give you three days in the Patrick just recovering from the effects of other in the where am I Where am I Saw bones with a Patrick looking Id like to know phwat youre doing Your claim cant be said tho Id like to know why Your cant get a pension because your substitute lost his its an whon so many persons are get ting a pension for nothing at Papa soberly That was quite a monstrosity you had in the ono nettled Indeed that must depend on ones understanding of the term Tapa two heads upon one pair of for Death of Special to Tho a highly respected and prominent busi ness man of this city died at He was about forty years and was an honored member of a num ber of secret societies He is a brother of editor of the Joseph Daily The comrades arrived in great numbers and the city was alive with there being at least 175 or 200 The slight rain of Wednesday night slightly interfered with perfect enjoyment but the veterans were not disposed to alow that to dampen their Wednesday forenoon Babb addressed the visitors in appropriate words of He was responded to by Judge Granville of in an eloquent speech which elicited much Numerous short speeches Memorial exercises were held at the tomb of Colonel Samuel McFarland who led the regi ment in the fierce charge at Prairie The exercises were appropriate and Ttmik Creditors ISlKXia loTIi A bankers syndicate representing in claims against the defunct Commercial National bank of Dubuque met here today to de cide whether to prosecute the suit against the responsible directors or to compro mise at seventy No decision was The meeting was perpetrated by the recent withdrawal of several bank creditors from the The Hogs Had A prominent and wealthy Adair farmer living near Stuart went to Nebraska some weeks ago and brought to his farm at that plaje two carloads of Some time after ar riving at homo he sold them at public auction Some of our Menlo farm ers bought of nearly all of which have died with a disease similar to the hog Numerous suits have been brought and extensive litigation is likely to After Kegular Army Kecruits Lieutenant Arra of the Second United States in arrived here yesterday for tho purpose of opening a recruiting office for enlistments in his They started to return ai The night was very dark and below East Dubi horses stumbled and fell over an foot The hack tnr complete Miss was seated on the drive fell under the hack and the sharp cdgVo the footboard struck her crushed her life oat in an instant1 f THE WhatCheeri click of the hammer and the buaotti saw is heard and the bnrned district being rapidly What Cheerwill rise phoonixIikc from the savings bank has under erection twostory brick building Fran Funk and Moore are and many other buildings are either in state of erection or comten Within a year What Checrwlllf be more than herself HE BET ON A FOOT pn none railroad man of Creston is the I yf a cold which he bet on race at the Council Bluffs drivingpark Monday Last was worked Into a snap raca I tween the great and his it is and lost a He thought he would tryyg over again Monday with the same racer and win it betting on Harts He lost and now ho is kicking himself sf IOWA TKEAsLKEKs TO for a meeting ot Iowas county treasa to be held at Cedar Octdb has been signed by treasurer of Cedar of Linn and Henry of The convention called to consider the advisability adopting a uniform system of the several accounts in the county treasjj urers offices of the with a view simplifying the work in said ai to discuss such other matters as m properly come before the JUDGE TO BE is definitely settled that Smith of Dubuque will be from the United States district court circuit His place will be filled by the appointment os Jed Lake olU who is a personal friend ot Senator The creation of a circuit is made necessary by the admis sion of the Northern Pacific circuit will probably be established fore the passage of the general bill before The salary of the I trict judge Is to beincreased to per 1 SoLniEiis the Twentythird Iowa to the nu her of about two hundred closed a days annual reunion at Ottnmwa T The election of officers follows Fasen incer Little S and An enjoyable reception was given I Captain Hull and wife Wednesday eveni A resolution was adopted extend ing thanks to Genera Dodge for his generous and patriotic efforts to the remains of Colonel Kinsman to REMEMUEUED THEIU tneJ annual reunion of the Seventh lowa cavalry at Vance was elected colonel Frank Dev lieutenant colonel SweririJ major George master George adjutant Wilt2 and Clem sons of the late colonel of this regiment during the and the Oi were made honorary survivors were and went to cemetery in the afternoon and decorated S graves of and other deceased members of the The next meeting will be held at4 DCS V3 KILLED AT Wedne day night of last week James a citizen of was foundby2 Frank Peck near theWabash railroad j Ottumwa in an unconscious condition and The police were informed of fact and he was taken to police station and Spillman calledi but Steams died before the doctor reached There was a cut over Nervous poor dif sexual cured by Miles Samples free at Wittes drug Petersburg Neva has risen seven owing to a hurri The city is Killed hy Klcctric a boy twelve years old was run over by an electric motor train and killed about noon His parents reside in this ISoles does ti Special to The DES Boies went to Keokuk tonight to tako part in tho democratic HAWKBYB New Orleans Grocers Ntw villo and have assigned for tho benefit of their assets are Bcochams Pills cure Five Vessels Founder in a terrific gale pro vailed in tho North sea Five vessels foundered during tho One Thousand Men thousand men at Armstrongs ship yard struck as a pro test against tho employment of strangers to replace tho joiners of tho Xewr Itect Sugar GILAXD Ox nard Boot Sugar company commenced operations here yesterday and in twenty four hours they have manufactured over three hundred barrels of refined sugar ready for Owing to the severe drouth in this section tho crop will not bo sufficientfor more than a ninety day They are SursfipnriUas and other advertised liloml medicines arc but the only one possessed ot such superior curative proper ties us to warrant its manufacturers in selling you get the money back which yon pay for It is recommended to euro nil chronic uloodnnd lung is skin and scalp scrofulous sores and swell salt and even scrofula of or if taken in The president appointed of usher at the White House vice W of What Does It 100 Doses One Dollar means simply that Hoods Sarsaparilla is the most economical medicine to because it gives more for the money than any other Each bottle contains 100does and will average to last a while other preparations taken according to are gone in a be sure to get Hoods theTcst blood THE DAXCE OF a dance at Richard Jones in Appanoose Charles Boston was shot and killed by Sherman Boston was drunk and trying to cut It was the dance of whose farm lays one mile northeast of has struck a fourfoot vein at a depth of of fiftysix It is sold to be the best of King expects to sink a shaft A SOCIETY society wed ding occurred at Boon Thursday Miss Kate daughter of Frank the president of the City was married to son of the Ann Arbor banker and worlds fair commissioner of the GOUED TO V a prominent farmer and stockraiser who lived eight miles northwest of was gored to death by a bull Failing to come to dinner his instituted a search and found his remains in a posture in a bruised lie was about fifty years Cuusiitii A Carpen a disreputable was crushed to deathat Dubuquo Wednesday night by an overturned Four girls went to Galena in a hack driven by Frank1 left side of his head and his ankle somewhat The deceased was an old citizen of Bhuiensburg and was engaged in the mercantile There are different theories Some believe that he was walking on the track and was struck by a passing train others that he was on the train and fell whilst there are suspicions that he may have been Kiiw From tho Moluie Cable in his letter to Sinithv tf published in the Anjus J copied in this has among the glittering generalities the following 4 That manufacturers may be hotter enabled to compete in foreign as well as to sell goods cheaper to home I believe that material should be placed on tho This has a very pleasant buffet unfortunately it doesnt mean JjS If Cable would tell us what he means by raw wo would know something of what he manufacturer the term has differcn For Cable isi railroad interested in their struction and maintenance Raw terial for him would be material that jj entered into his finished product Steel jf rails being necessary to his finished raits are to him as a railroad raw 4 But the proprietor of the rollj ing mill is not pleased with this for with him steel rails are a and he may consider steel ingotsrs raw or he may if he pigs and passes them through all processes that finally make the steel railn consider pigs raw material Bat the owner of the who has made pigs from the would go one step fnrj ther at and mit that ore is raw while the who has dug the ore from the ground apparently just claim that the inatetia is only when it is lyug m and that as soon as any labor ha been expended on it ceases to and it is to that extent a finish Would that the rail is raw material and for its frelj importation or at point fn th progress of the rail from the mine to the finished railroad the dividing line tween rawmaterial and finished pro duct To the cloth i a raw materia To the makerof the Uoth wool ran To tho farmer the sheep an the farm are raw material and the v his finished product The tailor wantsjff tariff on clothing and free The woolen manufacturer free trade in wool and a tariff ondo and the wool grower goes back anothe step and wants a tariff on It is useless to multiply instance What is wanted of Mr or the is to tell us just wh he means by raw and thoftjw will have some idea of what he the free Dont Be Without I This is the season ot the year wh one caa cosily take cold by sittiris your room or oflioe without call as Burlington Gas and select gas stove These tovcstcaS be bought for i few dollars andrean operated at about the same cost Missouri Stuto frohibttiomstj Oct hibition convention met nominated the following intcndent of of judge the preme T W F For for the there is nothing

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