Friday, October 3, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - October 3, 1890, Burlington, Iowa r m I WorthKei BURLINGTOk EKIDAY OCTOBER PRICE 15 CENTS PER SCION A DESERL Halls of Congress Ten Where Tnrrooll KelCned The capital st A were in the corridors and small army ofscrub nu in Uo task of effac walls and steps ihe cvi ar of a ten and war of a ten a few newspaper hoping against scrap of news would re But every n the senate chamber only the page boys was heard iraised was the only lie sat cloud the men engaged in attending to his cor mniitlec rooms the clerks in attending to the sotV franking docu 55 answering But an 1 housecleaning pervaded rod corner of the port of the s anil v annual re Xisovernor of Arizona says the is in a more healthy con As things now the senators are too faraway Irom the yeomanry aud bul warks of the I shall enter at once upon a vigorous said Major McKlnley just before leaving for SOV reason why I may not be oven in the gerrymandered The people there are my I do not believe that I have any for I have al ways tried to inako and keep friends since my I never have be lieved In abusive No good is ever accomplished by them either for in dividuals or for That brief statement shows what manner of man William McKinley He is an honest honorable be lieves in his knows his record is and goes into the campaign ex pecting to And he will in a dis trict having democratic Perhaps there are abler men in con but there is no purer and more honorable man in either house or senate than Major of He was a gallant soldier during the late is a successful business and a popular He has a friend in every scat in the and not an enemy on lie was chairman of the com mittee on war claims in thojast and will be chairman of tlfat same com mittee in the next congress if the demo cratic part gains control of the house in the fiftysecond He is regarded as an exceptionally honorable and con scientious and is one of the hardest FOR THE BIG The National Committee on Classi fications Make a President Palmer Will Not Accept the Salary of 1er road Robbers In eral of working men in the Kentucky delega Great attention is be in ta owing to the the Tlie goy fttafatlie restrictive legislation in cause an increase of Mormon imtion 10 The number of Snow ia the territory is esti of the population aud rep0rt states that unless re ire measures were adopted the ter of lias rendered conspicuous and able ser vice as chairman of the committee on the eleventh lie is a powerful an experienced and his return to congress by his old constit was a wise move on their Governor of is one of the uromlnent members of the house missed here since lie is one of the most tireless and most suc cessful representative the state of Iowa has ever sent to become to such las to seriously disturb society fte affairs of the government aud Lire the territorys chances for He recommends that t Uie same protection W Ari enjoyed by Idaho and that the va oath be made applicable to Ik governor recommends in enabling act for the admission of be passed by that the iStirlos Apaches be removed from the and the reservation be opened JBICIS AGAINST TEE IBtatf Correspondence Will Kussla on tlie The president Way transmitted to the in itrio a resolution concerning the mementof prescriptive edicts against Jens in a report from the ntary of state ou the In his IB Secretary lilaiue refers to the cor ondence on the same subject sent to house in and says that since correspondence has been had 1 the government of Russia in sev loscs of alleged interference by the iin authorities with the rights of taso tlie United Slates king supposed to the Jewish lie says that the correspondence icllial the Iuiled States govern it has omitted no proper occasion of wnstrance against the application of Jlfions test to our citizens in irag interests in and against enlorccment of a disqualification ided on such which proceeding ifthout warrant of recognition in the itj stipulations between the United is rc to tlie fundamental doctrine of of conscience and of equality of is belief on which organized so Psmo5t universally Itsecretary further says that when first reported that a powerful gov nat was about to take measures re in the expulsion of vast numbers hssubjects because of their department of state immediately ipaphed an and George our charge T ad 171 replied that the rumor waswith I As the reports con Kdto reach this HVnra was directed to make a full August he replied that he had highest authority for maintaining It the Eussian government does not Ilemplatc any change from the present The democrats of Indianapolis will probably return Byiium to and if the democrats have the next Bynum will be their lie is a tall inau with smooth black ungainly eloquent of and partisan as the national com mittee on the classification which for ten days has been working on the divis ions of the great fair has at last marked out twelve divisions into which the exhibits will bo They have been practically agreed upon but not formally adopted and are as follows Each letter represents a department A B viticulture and C live D mines and E F electricity and electral G manufactures and other elaborate indus H fine arts decora 1 literature and social K marine and L the house and its acces costumes and personal M collective and monographic exhibition not otherwise class Professor who yesterday ex plained his system of exam ined the socalled DeYoung classification before the committee said he approved the most and thought the dividing of the agricultural depart ment Into three great departments in stead of as he placed was a de cided He summed up his whole criticism in the remark that the committee had made a great many im provements on his aud if they would only rearrange departments of It would please the public It is given out officially that President of the worlds fair will not accept the salary of per year voted but will content himself with his SC dollars per diem as voted for the members of the commission by con gress and will accept this only when in the actual performance of his BOLD TRAIN Senator Sanders aud Power are willing to bet their senatorial togas that Tom Carter will be reelected by the people of Montana by about five thousand ma Considering the ability of the inau aud what he has done for his the majority ought to be something like ten thousand instead of SMITJI MINDREADER Jot enforcement of the He Does Not Use a Hood uud Will Play Base Ball manager of Alexnder the arrived here from Min neapolis yesterday and in an interview warmly denied the statement of a Chi cago physician that the hood used by Johnstone was and that by slipping the bandages down the mind reader was enabled to Good ing added This doctor has a bulging and by contraction of the eye brows can raise bandages placed over his Then by having a fake hood which opens by a pull on a he gives a socalled ex pose of Johnstsoues John stone and during warm weather does not use aud as a matter of fact his hood has no strings attached to and further he always allows any one who wishes in an audience to examine Probably over twenty thousand people have made personal examination of The hood used by the doctor would not stand the investigation of a dozen and it is singular that some of the scientific men with whom Johnstone has worked should not have observed these cords and loopholes if they actually We are perfectly willing that any newspaper here should select a committee of prominent uieu in whom people have and subject Johnstone to the most rigid On Saturday he will play base ball at the National league grounds while thoroughly blindfolded and controlled by Captain The latter is to stand on the homeplate and will Johnstone to do certain This should afford sufficient evidence that Johnstone is just what he claims to The Doctors expose is simply a bid for pure and Jewish edicts in thf Turin It appears that taioruiiit omission was made in the lilhillas enrolled aud Sec oMofthe internal revenue schedule Wiwas originally stricken out by tbe ite and subsequently restored by the MaentewaF completely omitted in the Tliis section provided for i allowance of drawback ou smoking manufactured tobacco and snuff held Inbrokcn packages at the date when factions go into As this IsJauuary i there Jlwll be ample opportunity for con 5 M its next session to correct the or supplemental The Census announced the populations cities and towns Dan increase Cham increase 724 increase c C7C il5 Iowa ROBERT RAT UiB Will Presented for XKW today presented a petition signed by Albert one of the exe cutors of Robert Hay Hamiltons will for probate of the Tho petition stated that the will was made March He also states that heirs and next of the kin are Sdiupler the dccendants father and a Concerning Eva and the child the petition stated One Evangeline otherwise known as Evangelino and also as Evangeline Hamil claimingto be the widow of aud that a certain known as Beat rice Kay claims to be the adopted daugh ter of the but petitioner avers he has not knowledge sufficient to form belief whether said child by deceased pursuant to Surrogate Ransom has ordered cita tion to the returnable November and that one be served on Evangeline by i increase irtV0taI of the state of Juapslilre is an increase Will Send an de ae of state has received a dispatch United States legation at announcing that the pres Argentine Republic has is oecree accepting the plan for an railway a message to congress ask fcj ly lo engineers to conference in Washington This dispatch is dated Au is believed that long bc e a COImnission has been ap andUjirobably op its the luyalloup president Will v of Ken olr iarlls of the Dis a onunission to visit ai TVP reservation in the and investigate prescribed by the act of August it Gave Ont Muiiy on lhat closed yester Harrison sent to the sen alioas but All Favor large gath ering of friends of the cabinet ministers visiting in Halifax was held yesterday near Fifteen hundred persons were Speeches were made by Sir John McDonald and E All announced them selves as favoring reciprocity with the United Sir John Thompson an nounced the present policy of the gov owing to tariff changes in the United to be to subsidize fast steamship lines on the Pacific aud At thus giving the Canadian people facilities for transporting their produce and manufactures in a rapid manner to Japan and and to the great markets of Republican Gains in Boirs re publicans claim the state by ma The democrats concede the state to the republicans by SOO Re turns received show large gains for the republicans over the vote of Loics county returns from four precincts give Wilson for 12 Incomplete returns from five counties give Sweet for 950 ma Meagre returns indicate that the legislature will stand 30 republicans and 22 BucfcllnB Arnica The best salve in the world for cuts ulcers salt rheum fever chapped corns and all skin and1 posl y yri nr no nav n Two Masked Men Despoil uii Ohio Kxpress of Its bold train robbery occured this morning on the Saudnsky and Cleveland rail road betweeu that place and Immediately after the train left Urbaua two masked men with cocked revolvers entered the express car and compelled the Adams express to throw up his They then tied him robbed the safe of packages containing several thousand dollars aud other While they were at work a brakeman tried to enter the car aud was shot at by one of the He gave the alarm and the train was slowed up to give an opportunity to capture the robbers but they jumped from the train just as it was entering West Liberty and disappeared in the it then being just about oclock Messenger Scudder was bound In his chair with a line the rob bers had brought with One of whom the other called tried to kill Scudder before leaving the Placing the revolver to the messen gers he pulled the but the cartridge failed to The other robber then prevented him from trying it When the train pulled out of West Liberty the two robbers again got holding the entire crew at who had been opened fire on them with a pistol from bis car but was compelled to Tho robbers kept on board until Uellefontaine was when they again jumped off and The officers at Uelle fontaine were searching for Scud der is about fifty years of age and lives in Cincinnati and has been on this run since the Adams company took charge of the express business on about three years He had just received his months salary and that was among the TUE dent of the Adams Express com in a circular which he will issue this describes the men as fol lows Five feet eleven inches is weighing in the neighborhood of one hundred and eighty pounds each wear Ing plain black one with a cap aud the other with a The express messenger was robbed of his salary aud the contents of the safe was in all amounting to about SUSPECTS AllIIESTED AT special from Bellefontaine says the men jumped off at a crossing near that place aud that two suspects have been arrested by the au thorities Superintendent Bimplo of the Adams Express In a circular which he will issue this describes the men as follows Five feet eleven inches in and weighing in the neighborhood of one hundred and eighty pounds each wear ing plain black one with a the other with a SAYS THEY GOT ent of the Adams Express left Columbus on the limited mail today for giving the following account of the robbery as given to him by the ex press messenger Two one about five feet ten inches in both wearing plain black the smaller one answer ing to the name of one weighing about one hundred and ninety the other one hundred and seventyfive boarded express train 2 on the Sandusky and Cleveland rail road at Pennsylvania at this and after gagging our express mes running between Cincinnati and robbed him of his salary and all the money in the amounting to about The trainmen found the intruders in the front end of the baggage car and were run back at the muzzle of the and the last seen of the rob bers was at Superintendent liimble will make his headquarters at Urbaua during the in c j posedly with the cat lying across Its A hasty examination disclosed the fact that the infant was or so nearly that it became Impossible to restore The doctor arrived several hours later and at once declared that the childs breath had been sucked by pro ducing This conclusion was not arrived at by reason of any medical for in the only two medical works I on the subject of kinderheil by Gerhardt and physicians are particularly cautioned against believing any such as well as against giving circulation to such because of the fright and Injury to mothers with Tho breathsucking theory is denom inated an old midwifes superstition and totally unworth the attention of any in telligent nineteenthcentury It Is on a par with the stories of untutored policemen who believe that a burglar can chloroform a household by poking sat urated cotton through keyholes and un derneath SENSELESS ASH Charles Warington Earle of the Washlugtonian home whose experience In treating children is has this to say of the cat story Were death In any form not such a terribly depressing and all the more in innocent I should laugh at this It is both senseless and and I consider it even criminal to have such a mistaken idea given out by a coroners jury which Is supposed to ascertain the true cause of I dont see what Hcktoen of the coroners office meant by letting such nonsense get into a A baby live months old is very weak and a goodsized cat lying ou its breast over its face could easily suffocate such cases now and then occur and of course gave rise in the first place to the breathsucking There is prob ably not one mother in twentyfive who has not discovered the affection a pet cat bears toward n The childs body is warm and cats frequently leap into the crib and go to sleep near But the domestic cat is not a vampire nor such a bloodthirsty animal as this story would make WOULD NOT THE But suppose a cat were found with its mouth directly over a babys mouth and inhaling the latters breath That might be true anfl still not hurt the The cat could only inhales the breath expired by the infant and this contains no and Is of no use to the infant after once having passed out of the At any respiration would not be affected in such a Therefore I repeat that a cat could not suck the Infants and It is pitiful to know that some people are so densely ignorant as to believe the CEkRKSOMELL Very Much Hope ful as to the President Ilarrlnon to the Health Oniclalu Weare Coon i Scheme ISpeclal to Tue DES Clark son arrived at home this He is very much encouraged and hopeful as to the said the company objects to Its employes being members of the known is the Knights of Labor The management is satisfied that membership of this particular organisation Is incon sistent with faithful and efficient service to the company and is likely at any time to prevent It from discharging its duties to the BAPTISTS IN THREE WOMEN CLAIM 1Yliicli Slav 12e the Kcasoii for James Petersens Sudden sud den disappearance of James Vetersen is causing much conjecture among the Swedish Peterson came here about ten years establishing himself in the shoe making After getting well started in business he told his friends he thought it wise for him to and after fitting up a house took a pretty Swedish maiden to live with It was understood that they had been quiet ly Nothing occurred to mar the happiness of the two and their little one until some months ago a ladv and two children ap peared at Petersons Tho woman claimed to be Petersons and said he had left her in destitute circumstances ten years Whether she was his lawful wife or Peterson fitted up a house for her and went to live with To intimate friends he said that years ago In Denmark the woman had tried to poison and that he could givo though he did live with The other woman saw little of A week ago Peterson told his wife he was goiug to Xew and would re turn at He has not been seen Yesterday several creditors from New York came and seized the missing mans A third woman from East claiming to be Petersons has been to the police making inquiries for COUNTERFEITEHS Miss Clarkson Special to the IlawkEyeJ DES evening Elizabeth oldest daughter of editor of the was married to of The wedding was a quiet but elaborate family Consul Weitre CEDAK recently appointed consul to Vera and who loft for there only two weeks has returned and sent In his Ho did not like the country and I Kept Their Marriage Sarah and James Clary were niarriod at Blnsinawa April They returned to their respective homes after the ceremony and the marriage kept a secret until this when It accidentally leaked Will Visit tlie Com Sioux advices received today It Is probable that Presi dent Harrison will visit the corn palace October He will visit the Ottumwa coal palace the nth and be at the It is now ar ranged to have him leave Toyeka the evening of the 10th and get there Satur day Arrested for MASON Hay den was yesterday bound over to the grand jury for Con siderable of this kind of work has been going on in this and adjacent cities for some time Hayden was arrested while wearing a new suit of clothes posi tiyely identified to be the property of another for a IOWA jury in the case of Whelan administrator the Chicago Milwaukee and Paul railroad returned a verdict for the plain tiff of The claim was for for the killing of William Doyle in Doyle was a secon hand and was killed while working near Par The attorney for the de fense have filed a motion for new Annual Meeting of Sunday School Conven tion and Baptist Special to Tho annual meeting of the Salem Baptist Sunday Convention and thn Womans Society convened inthe First Baptist church In this city this The annual meeting of Salem Baptist Association begins a three dayssession in the same church tomorrow Both organizations are composed of elders and lay members Bap itist churches in the tract of The church was filled with del egates to the Sunday School of opened the meeting with devotional ex ercises and delivered the response to Deacon Cutlers address of Let ters and reports front Sunday schools in different parts of the district were showing a decided Increase in the work and Officers for the ensu ing year were of clerk tfarkust Carth This afternoon Miss Anna of discussed the How can we secure from the scholars home study of lesson and regu lar Miss Lida Talbot spoke of Teaching the Little Delano discussed Teacher of dis cussed the advisability of maintaining union Sunday schools in Baptist The various topics met with considerable Tonight Elder of delivered a A feat ure of the afternoon exercises was a dis cussion of Qualification of by of IRON AND STEEL MONDAYS Program of of Par ade and Line of by Governor Horace ISoleM aiitl Other FlreworkH val At a meeting of the executive commit tee and the chairman of the subcommit tees last night at the Union hotel the following program for the great celebra tion next Monday was prepared The First Platoon ot Mounted Chief Marshal Carl Eode and Iowa Slateliand ot Burlington Governor Horace President Mep HOQ Guellch and Mayor and Company ot The the and the City Council in Children ot the German Congregations a German Christmas SECOXO Second Regiment Hand of German Singers of Burlington and West Benevolent and Church TEIIKD lioat Club with German Pioneers with Grub and Burlington Delegations from Iowa and presentation Wandering Journeymen and the Gen thfr East fairwas lleved of the a b lumber At Washington street some one called out Gardner started for the door but was jammed in to a corner by several men who also wanted to get He apologized to one of after a After the city proper was reached Gardner found that be had apologised too His pocket book was gone as was also thegentleman to whom the apology was TRAGEDY AT SEW ALBAST TwoVounc Men Kilt Each Other with the Same New thia William aged twitted Louis aged about being a The latter drew a Barlow knife and stabbed Carroll leaving the knife sticking in Carrolls In a moment Carroll ran across the street after and drawing the knife from the wound plunged it into Griggs abdomen and immediately after ward fell Griggs also died fa a A sensa tionai feature of the cotton centennial celebration not on the program was the performance of Uerrick a Rhode Island emulation of Sam Patch he dived from the south side of Pawtucket He struck into a foot sttnare hole forty feet deep into which of sixtyone years ago to In a few seconds Devlin reappeared and was cheered by He then swam to A North Lansing Trio in the Hands of the trio of counterfeiters who have been flooding this vicinity with bogus silver dollars were captured at North Lansing last Charles Wesley the leader of the is a war veteran and has been engaged In business in a small way at His accomplices are Silas and Ben The gang were surprised in their room in the very act of running the base with all their ladles and The newly made dollars were still hot from the molds when All three are desperate characters and attempted re sistance but were driven Into a corner before the guns of the officers and hand They will be taken to INFESTED WITH Shooting Atlray at Special to THE Bea an inoffensive young hostler at Cludds stable was brought into town last evening with a bullet in his Young lieamaii lias always borne a good character but abso lutely refused to talk about the Tho bullet was extracted but the wound is Imllllereut Health Special to The DES Des Moines state board of health have received news of the incomprehensible apathy and in difference of the local health officers at Several cases of diphtheria have appeared and the people are ex tremely careless to quarantine or take Summary action will be taken by the state board if matters do not mend at JMot of a Counterfeiter McCabe has intercepted sayeral notes sent by Fred the counterfeiter confined in the county friends ou the out He asked that tools be smuggled into the jail with which he could cut his way He also stated that he was or ganizing a general movement among the Plaquette has been locked up in the solitary and is allowed to see no CUTTING OP PASSENGER Charges llnvc Jlecn Preferred Against the and Kansas have been preferred before the Western Pas senger association and the interstate com Second Iay of the Sesnion in New Interesting NEW second days convention of the British iron and steel institute opened this morning with a somewhat larger attendance of A number of interesting papers were The presentation of the Bessemer gold metal was then made to exMayor An address of thanks by Hewitt and the reading of several more papers were followed by a At the afternoon session services attending the unveiling of the Lyman Holly sta tute in Washington square were James Dredge delivered an address in Chickering The afternoon session of the British iron and steel institute was set apart for the unveiling of a memorial bust of the late Alexander Lyman the distin guished The statute was erected in Washington square by the American institute of mining engineers and is surmounted by a colossal bronze bust by The oration on Holly was delivered by James of Lon editor of THE PIKE A Blaze in New South broke out in this city last and before it was extinguished it extended over a large area in Moor1 and Hunter Among the build Ings destroyed were the City the Athemeum the warehouses of Lart Felsheim Ball Shollard Lawler Rich and A number of other business houses were The loss is estimated at RAILROAD Disnirected Stock Holders of Illinois Prepare a stock holders of the Illinois Central have pre pared a circular comparing the condition of the road in 1SS1 and Summing up they say the company in eight and onehalf years has increased its share of capital and funded debt seventy million dollars at least increased the annual in terest charge over and its an nual net income has decreased more than half a What the circular is there for stockhold ers to put five millions more into the concern by increasing the share capital FOUItTU The Santa Fe Citizens and Green Citizens of Lee Odd Fellows United workmen and Other FIFTH Onuawka and West Burlington The Suablan Citizens of West Burlington and The Butchers tlurlington Butchers I ndustrlal Floats and Other StXTH Orchard City Brass Floats und representations ot industries in which Germans are Mounted and In Citizens in Exercises at North Hill Band Opening address by the Kleppisch Address bv the governor of Horace Country Chflten Address by Emil of Chicago Music by German Singers Address by Pastor Stale Band vddreksbv Pastor of Burlington State Blind am Afternoon Grand Voiles Fest at Schlampps Speeches and Evening Grand Pyrotechnic Display from barges an chored in the river at the foot of Jegerson consisting ot the most majrnlticent co lection of fireworks ever exhibited in this Afine program of music will also be ren dered by the bands which will be located on the ferry boat and on the Boat House nine of The procession will form at the corner of Washington and move south to Elm countermarch at I7nlon north on Main to west on Jefferson under the commemorative arch to Central north to east on Washington to Fourth north on Fourth to west on Iowa to south on Fifth to the Tho Fireworks Grand salute of cannonading Beautiful prismatic illumination in crimson and emerald Exhibition of fancy display ing showers of rubies and sapphire jeweled willow trees with hanging Display of Chinese musical ten amid a shower scintillating tires project throught the shrill sounding musical curious and Grand Motto Piece Wuenscht Guttcn in richly colored lace surrounded by jets and bursts of sun electric terminating with a grand artillery Release mixed and Japanese every color known to the Pyrotechnic duration willow chains and various combinations of Display Chinese opens with a center sun inclosing con centric circles of various mutating to jets and jerbs of rich Cninese suu closing with an explosion of merce commission by local officials of to millions as requested by the Burlington and Northern and Greatly Excited Over Hold SAX Chronicle special from Spokane says the town of forty miles from has of late been infested with thugs and cutthroats whom the au thorities are unable to hold in Many burglaries have been The thugs have threatened to burn the town and the citizens have organized for its Yesterday an oldtime vig ilance committee was organized and three men ordered to leave town within fifteen They There is great ex The town is well guarded to prevent any acts of Gratifying to The high position attained and the universal acceptance and approval of the pleasant liquid fruit remedy Syrup of as the most excellent laxative illustrate the value of the qualities on which Its success is based and are abund antly gratifying to Syrup the California Fig Inters Prom Smith of The senate did not as the house The J but the house The senato pagfl 01 the Congressional Record talk but the house filled records of work accom tof senate is a great body but the senators were irect vote of the For The Mississippi River NEW Mississippi river convention met again Mday and ea mvelol Vhen all interes ted parties were heard the distribution of the money will be decided by taking Hoods Sarsapa CAUSE OF A BASTS Doctors Denounce the Verdict of a Coro ners Jury Against a Coroner one of Coroner Hertzs bright particular hold an imjuest on the body of a fivemonthsold baby yesterday and secured the following verdict We the jury are of the opinion that the deceased came to her death from suf focation produced by a female cat in haling her breath while in her Aside from the mixed condition of the which doesnt make it plain whether the cat was inhaling her own breath or that of the or how in either case it would produce death even if the case had a scientific aspect which at once provoked much indignation in medical Probably not one reputable physician in Chicago who read the story but realized that a fearfully mistaken idea would particularly among concerning the cause of the childs A great injustice is also done that popular household the fells Not only the Kate residing at 1046 Hoync but also Dr B Strzyzewski who was called to attend the testified at the Inquest that the cat had sucked the infant s breath and thus killed The child died some time Monday It had been given the cat to play and on Koine to the cradle about 0 oclock in the evening the mother found her baby sup More of the Cordell Special to The of whose name has been unpleas antly connected with the disappearance and death of Ella writes a long communication to a local paper in which ho says the investigating committee had determined to fasten the crime on him if and intimates that the investi gation revealed the fact that other par ties than himself were guilty of the girls He says he is willing to furnish money and time to continue the investi A Keokuk paper charges that Pinkertons detective S spent his time while in Keokuk drinking at saloons and with disreputable and that it is believed ho did not care to find out anything about the girls mur Burlington ai Illinois Central that the local agents of the 1aul and Kansas City have been cutting the passenger rate to Chicago from to If the charges are sustained the Kansas City is liable to a fine of and expulsion from the Western Passenger Tho war between the local agents here is IOWA CITYS The Government Orders a Retaking of the IOWA week ago it was discovered that the official figures at Washington gave only fiftysix hundred and twentyeight as the population of Iowa An application for a recount was Meantime the daily Republi can at its own made a canvass of the city and found over five hundred people here including sixteen hundred students and families who are here nine months in the Today the govern ment ordered a YOUNG MORMON ThirtyTwo Vonng Girls Kn Koute ti Salt NEW at the barge office this morning used an im mense amount of moral persuasion on thirtytwo young Mormons who arrived yesterday on the steamer Wyoming to induce them to forego their intention of becoming proselytes to the Mormon The girls were all young arid some of them remarkably The attempt to Influence them proved an ut ter and all the barge officers can do is to use The entire party will proceed on their journey to THE WARSAW Display commences a larse revolving circie ot spray in closinir a center of colored ctmnjrinjr to a brilliant tree ot solden foliase and displny 1ns the national colors in prismatic Display Peruvian a combination of tlyios supported by a pyramid of colored surrounded by noldcn showing a brilliant glory ot tennlnatinr with a feu d Display Saxon a magnificent pvratfid of large size with a beautiful Jeweled Forest fires iu RAPID forest fires in the Black Hills are under but will not be extinguished until Sixty square miles have been burned mostly brush and dead It is impossible yet to estimate the losses in timber and to The fires during the present season are the most destructive in the history of the An Editor Lost Louui editor ot the Prospect of who came to this city last Wednes day to purchase his wedding has mysteriously disappeared from the Hurst where he was and dili gent search fails to develop any trace of his The International Funeral International Funeral Directors association today adopted a resolution expressing the sense of convention that the antitrust bill re cently passed by congress abrogates all contracts between the National Burial Case association and Funeral Fatnl Kunaway at a Tamarack was driving along Fox street in this city last when the wagon was capsized and Brown is thought to be fatally having her skull Her husband and two children escaped with comparatively trifling Hanged by a Hunv the negro who shot and killed another at was taken from jail at that place by a mob early this morning and Miller was the second man that Humphreys had Itittittiatory Kate western centering ia Denver this morning began work in retaliation against the Missouri Pacific for cutting rates from Texas points to Chicago and LouisThe Sauta Fe went posting round trip rate to Chicago ot bill locat ing the permanent capital at City passed the upper house this after The impression prevails that the governor will veto the Engineer fatally Van dalia accommodation train this evening collided with a coal Engineer of the was fatally No one else was Strike lleclared labor congress has declared the shearers strike off and ordered the men to resume A Decrease in Burlington statement of the Barlinmon and Quincy road for the month of August shows a decrease in the net earnings of from the same period last The Great Texas State Special to The before were the people of the great west af forded such an opportunity of visiting Texas as during the state which opens here on the 10th of this month and closes on the 2nd of Texas will be shown here in Its manufac cattle and The Atchison system has made reduced rates from Missouri river gateways to Dallas and return and have ottered the same ar rangements to connecting lines through out the northwest and east as basing rate for sale of round trip tickets via one line with the rate to be the lowest firstclass fare for the round Tickets will be sold October 24 and good to include November The Illinois State attendance at the state fair today reached fifty thou Awardswere made today hogs and Several interesting events on the race track attracted much Jerry secretary of and a party of four of the governors party and many other distinguised guests were The state board of agriculture expect to clear on the fair this They are Sarsapnrillas uhd other advertised blood medicines are but the only one possessed of such superior curative proper tics as to warrant its manufacturers In selling as they are through under a positive is Picrccs Golden Medical If it dont benetit or cure vou get the money back which you pay for It is recommended to core all chronic blood and lung skin and scalp scrofulous sores and swell salt erysipelas and oven scrofula of the lungs or It taken in llanlon EAST race today between Teemer and Haulon was won by the The race was for No time is given Peara soap is the moat pleasant toilet adjunct A Creditable Bay Address Tlie Special to The Warsaw fair has been in progress here since Tuesday with a good attendance which has increased since the The exhibits in arts and fruits is up to the usual excellent stand Floral as is a bower of and is typical of the taste and skill of Warsaw ladies in regard to The races have not been very but are interesting and worth More and better ones are cromised Yesterday was childrens day and about three hundred were on the Today exGov ernor Oglcsbr delivered a characteristic it being republican A good crowd was The address was full of sound republican doctrine and pleased his audience To morrow General Palmer will the cause of democracy on democratic Large delegations of the un washed are The fair is a pronounced Tomorrow will be the last big to the ot NEW circular has been issued by third vice president of the New York Central and Hudson Elver in which it is Three Ladles Killed by a of of this Herons and two children attempted to cross the Canadian Pacific railway tracks near Louisville in a carriage last when it was by a train and basemd formed ot harmonious col ored lance at the center and apex arc displayed live rapidly revolving gyrators with rings of variegated tbe whole richly embellished with jcrb fountains dis charging continuously streams of gorgeous spray and lying terminating with heavy Display Star of an immense live pointed star in brilliant changing colored lance surrounding Dy rays gorgeous sun ending with nmroon Grand Conitrinnttun Motto by displaying an immense American Eagle with wings formed of diamond lance work of brilliant and appropriate holds In his tttlons the emblems ot peace and suddenly appears the Our Adopted Country in large letters of nchlvcolored Thewholesurrouudedby a halo ot and surmounted by many fountains of screaming terminating with Grand Closing Combination Temple Commences by displaving in magnificent lance colors the beautiful and appropriate dear to the hearts of our sug gestive of strength and Gcrmania and The whole ricbly embellished with gorgeous fountains of electric screaniingme jets and jerbs of cannonading Simultaneously with the firing of this piece there will be displayed in combination an other large motto piece in which will be ex hibited a brilliant Chinese developing a center ot prismatic colored when sud denly will appear the motto Good worked out in varicotored jets surrounded by spin kling and followed by tbe re leasing of a Koquet Mobile or grand Ilight of colored crossing and recrosaing each other in their the whole producing n gorgeous picture nnd making a fitting tlnale to the The reception committee meets to night at Turner Grommisch will deliver the open ing address at Schlampps Tho fireworks display will be the grandest ever witnessed in this From Pleasant comes word that the Athens will send a large The Ottumwa Turnvereln has decided to attend our German Day celebration ia a All church schools and lodges not supplied with can obtain same by calling at Kleppisch A grand gathering of children will take place in the North Hill park in the GBlfBRAL FOREIGN the three ladies instantly The children escaped Serious Accident at Dallas Special to The HawkEyeJ DALLAS Daniel Perkins was crossing the Santa Fe railroad track at the crossing of Cedar street In a twohorse a freight train struck the vehicle and literally tore it to Perkins was thrown out and severely The horses escaped with but a few Sheer Independence Beige says that the adoption of the Mc Kinley tariff bill Insures the failure ot worlds fair at and says it will be a needless and hopeless expense for Europeans to send The Boat Club band will furnish the The executive committee yesterday met the school board and made arrange ments whereby ail school children wish Ing to take part in the festivities will be excused for nonattendance on that Mnriter aud liv ing four miles from shot his wife dead and killed himself this after He is believed to have been in sane Advice to Winslows Soothimr Syrup should al ways be used for children It soothes the softens tbe alloys all cures wind and is tbo best remedy for Twentylive centu a The National Clvit Service a meeting of the general committee of the National Civil Service League it was voted to Increase the executive committee by and Edward Charles Collins and William of and Richard of were the new members At a business meeting there was a fair attendance of members and few William Curtis was unanimously chosen president for the ensuing Death of Thomas of Phillip Francis of who was secretary of the treasury under President Uuchanan died tonight aged Had His Foeket ricked of while an extensive lumber dealer of while returning from English Comment the Irish Relief James Ga zette prints an article commenting ia a sneering manner upon the movement in America to establish a fund for the lief of the famine sufferers in It says the movement is simply a dodge to secure the Irish The Star says America shames The establishment of a British fund to rolieve distress in Ireland is The DctiJy Xeics says Every true Englishman honors the liberalhearted men of But every true Eng lisman must feel ashamed of his which is only offering Ire land coercion while strangers are offer ing her Murderous of the recent massacre of Germans by the na tives of Vitu have just been Four men were killed ontright in the state of The murderers then went to Ivuntzcls camp and killed who had been left in and murdered planter named The had summoned them to his presence and disarmed them on the day previous j the when Kuntzel abused thus determining the fate ot the jj J Confesses She Was n German the man who was arrested at Cannes on susj picion of being a German and whose possession were found plans of the defenses of that has j that she was in the employ of the GetI man government at a monthly salary ot three hundred besides which received fifteen francs dally for ing Shetlleld Steel for the United J the past three months the manufacturers of this r city and district have exported steel to j the United States to the value of The total evports to the same t S country during the same period foot Severe severe storm vailed throughout northern Germany I Serious damage was done At Hamburg five drowned and the lower portion ot 1 city is The AnatrhtiL elections members of the lower Austrian diet i held The blued with the clericals and captured fiv seats in Fo Sew York left bore at m toda and the Teutonic at across the The Free samples ot Nervine at dnisr sti Cures Xt Koulaiiger to Winter at w BonlangerJ spend the winter in Malta For for fbr improvemeXis ot use therejs to

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