Thursday, October 2, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - October 2, 1890, Burlington, Iowa THE BUffl SHED THURSDAY OCTOBER PRICE 15 CEHTS A BRIEF at Six Oclock 0 t in IM Senate and House 3n sterdays journal having Sherman offered a 1111 of a com to wait inform him that have any further com houses arc adjournment labor bill and have action mid not like any resolu resolution looks S communication ji withdrew his objection that the resolution ihe abor MJ as agreed to and Sher jHjni were appointed the com part of the fromthecommittce on back the house bill to K i of certain employes in printing office with the of all employes nicht be t and S sha be Ljcent to the amount moved to proceed to ex ad to the senator from to withdraw that motion in tic labor bill might be taken insisted upon his motion male went into executive ses icn the doors were opened tho report on the house bill in contracts for surveying rjccpresident laid before the seu iereto mcssases from the presi mon bills referring to the court and the third uill to prohibit Mncand pool selling in the Dis jjfColumbia for the purpose of The presidents objection to a bill is that it does not prohibit 1 pool in tho Dis but on the contrary Jit in tho rase of the Washington iCluband other clubs owning race If that form of gambling is to tlbiied as the president thinks it be the prohibition should apply id The messages lid on lhe itsafc from tun bouse asking a rente in tho resolution to make r correction Iu the tariff bill was iidercd on Edmunds minutes before three the tariff rolled was received from the the speakers signature it mediately signed by the vicepres id sent 10 the Sldrich thereupon reported back rosolMiou amended to iime at six oclock today agreed Harris oCered a resolution teuder thanks of tin1 senate to Vic tntllorton for the im and coiirtous manner in which lu resided over tin deliberations o which was unanimously also one offered by Ran compliment of Senator Ingalls as ent pro Sherman and as a reported that the president n further communication to make e was received from the house ncing concurrence with the resolu is lo the negotiations with Great iindllerico to prevent lithe United elteideut Jlortou then rose and brief speech thanking the sen lorthc resolution adopjed and for tdill cooperation he ha received ll He then declared the senate without of he resolution electing as postmaster of IhYhousk of objected and laswell withdrew tho resolution chairman ol the com nittoe appointed to wait upon the presi announced that the president had no further communication to make aud then tho house took a During the recess nearly all the mem bers left the hall to make preparations for their departure from the cityand vhen the speaker reconvened the house that official looked down upon avast irray of empty He mockingly stated that according to the concur rent he declared the first of the fiftyfirst congress ad ourncd sine THE EATJM Iresentation of the Minority Report by Lewis and minority if the special house committee appointed to investigate the charges against Pen sion Commissioner Lewis nd united in the preparation of a report setting forth their opinion of the results of the in The report reviews evi dence in the refrigerator case and says We lament that the conduct of a pub ic who invokes the fine tech licality of the criminal law to screen ihnself from proper investigation and to lide from public view the details of a business which is being conducted from one of the government bureaus and con cerning the character of so many and such damaging charges have been As to the charge of advance ment of pension claims for in consideration of his endorsing the com missioners the report states that no intimate frienship is shown to have existed between the commissioner and Lemon and that there were no business relations Why should a good business risk upon one who is afraid to have his solvency inquired into The completed files system was just what Lemon de and so soon as established he was ready to underwrite for the commis which he had never before though often consulted by the commis sioner about his needs during the several months It is thus says the that Lemon was favored and It is equally clear that Commissioner Haum was placed under obligations to session of This means about thirtysix solid days of and as it is estimated that each call of the roll costs the government about it will bo seen what extravagance filil blistering Iulilic Uelit is the public debt statement Aggregate of interest bearing debt exclusive of United Statesbonds issued to the Pacific on which interest has ceased since 1750yS5 Agsrcgateoldebtbearinirno inter cst including national bank fund deposited in the treasury under act of July Aggregate of certilicatcs offset by cash In 500 570 COO AeirrcKate of debt including ccr tilicatcs to September Decrease ol bonded debt during Tolulcash in Debt less cash in SenteinZ 97093132 less cash in treasury August Net decrease debt during resi dent and consuls Batch of New to Portugal Sem phronius of to Oscar of BOIES ENTERS A He Refuses to Sign Bills for Pay ment of Criminal DeinocnttH Trying to Make Cupitol Slick Sharper Under Arrcstiit Council mutioii at Smith postmaster lirst assistant James Lowrcy of second assistant postmaster John surveyor of at John of governor of Continental railway Alexander of Pennsylvania of Illinois Henry of West David of agent on the Navajo New postmaster at THINKS ELAINE THE GREATEST FORCS Tile In Uie huiiM by the chaplain and before tfincofthe journal raised a point of order was no quorum V awaitintr a quorum a message Ikt senate announced the agrce jothe conference report on the nily boloro one oclock Breckon tithdrew his but it was im Wj renewed by liut a note afterwards Kilgore relented ithduwlijs and the journal MCinlcy iallid up the house con KiKotation directing the durk to the paragraphs of WW UiriS bill with the senate thereto of McKinley lhe concurrent acrcmd to directing the a further correction in the sJon of the enrolled tariff Muley offered a resolution for swtaicnt of a committee of three join a similar committee on 0 the senate to upon the d inform him congress WJto adjourn if he has no further PJQtiun to make of submitted the report on the hill to dispose Ellis reservation in of took as aiote text for apolitical speech M charged republican party racy thing no rugged integrity can approve aud no delicate sense of pro priety In conclusion the re port reads Thus it seems to us the commissioner of pensions has not prop erly esteemed the delicate duties and serious responsibilities of his great office nor has he measured up to that high standard of patriotic consideration for public service which should prevail in this adjudicating the dis bursements of nearly onethird of the entire revenues of the The pension office is altogether too sacred a place for the development of the personal thrift and enterprise manifested in this It was established that a na tion might properly care for those to whom it owes a gratitude too sacred for It is a monument to the munificence of the grateful people and its hundreds of employes should be min isters of not stock That the place thus hallowed should have been used for stock jobbing or specula tion converted into spawning place for cooperations and a stall for bartering doubtful is a reflection upon our a degradation of pub lic which we think can not be too strongly If the real and sensitive demands of the occasion be measured by the example of the forbearing who scourged from the temple the merchants and money or by the commendable conduct of President Arthur in remov ing the associate justice of tho Arizona supreme court for borrowing money of an attorney practicing before con gress must agree with us that there should be a betterment of the public service by a housecleaning in the pen sion As the majority of the committee in tend to pursue the investigation further at the next session of congress their re port will not be completed until that VIOLATED THE CIVIL SERVICE Two Virginians Indicted for Soliciting Funds to Be Used Tor Jolitical Pur lirst in dictment found under the law prohibit ing the collection of campaign assess ments was returned by the grand jury of the district court Charles a president of the Old Dominion EiAssistant Postmaster Genera Clark MIU Expresses Uimself on tho Turin Postmas ter General in an interview in a local paper this speaking of the tariff said ho is pleased with it as a He does not favor the sugar and tin plate schedules as Reci procity he looks upon as protections option on free When asked if he thought Klainc would be an ag gressive candidate for tho presidency in he said I do Tho man doesnt live who would refuse a presiden tial and were lilaino to be tendered it he would liut he will not light for Klaiuo 1 look upon as the greatest force in tho world IDAHO IS rSpecIal to The DKS is consid erable discussion pro and con by the local papers concerning a serious dis agreement between Governor Boies and three other members of tho state exe cutive council and the attorney general on the subject of paying for the printing of certain abstracts in criminal which have been appealed to thosupreme The matter has been under dis cussion for several but no decision was arrived at until the bills under dis cussion is one for S177 for an amended abstract of the famous Billings It has been the practice of the state heretofore to pay these matters and tho attorney general decides it is entirely legal to do so and part of the executive councils businebS to provide for But the present governor thought differ ent and withheld his The will be paid on the certi ficates of tho secretary of the au ditor and the The democratic papers are endeavor ing to make capital out of the governors refusal to sign the This is falling as Hat as other His disapproval doesnt stop any or change tho charges in any Ills idea is that tho counties should which is against the universal custom of the last thirty years that such charges should be paid out of the state It is simply a case whether the money shall come out of the right or left hand pockets of the tax GUILELESS She Goes Kcpnblicuii by Two Thousand Koisu nailed the republican standard to the mast in good shape State election returns so far received indicate a republican majority of to Tho ticket as elected is as follows Gov Norman Willey secretary of Pinkham Silas Moody Frank Coflin at torney George Roberts superintendent of public Harroun supreme rourt John Morgan and Sullivan Willis The republicans will have thirtymembers of the legislature and tho democrats nine with five Aldrich collection at tho state One is a two dollar bank note of tho Iowa State whoso money was all superseded bv greenbacks and was re deemed and destroyed in The note was loaned to Aldrich by Major Hoyt who was cashier of this branch of the while West was Very few specimens of this money are in existence and Major Sherman secured this by The other addition is an old map of Des Moines made in It was obtained Stewart and represents the city as it looked when there were but people The Mississippi and Missouri railway is represented as run ning through the city on Grand The map is a Old Comrades tSpeclal to The DES mem bers of the Twentythird Iowa infantry met in annual session at the Grant club rooms Hull in the Over two hit ndrcd comrades were The regiment was the first to leave for the war of those in Des This evening the regiment is being entertained by A Special to The HawkEyeJ James tho famous English author and arrived here the guest of Professor Macy who met him in Though refusing lec ture engagements in this country he gave the college studenis an informal ad dress on EnglishScottish college lico County Lee county republican convention was held in this city The ticket is as follows County Captain Washington of Montrosc Mc of Keokuk Van of West Point Au gust of Fort CRISPIS ATTACK ON FRANCE The Italian Premier Thought to Be Acting for the riititii the of the Kepreasive London TO IMPEOVE THE Republican League of the District of Co sent a circular to the employes of the government from that staUi asking them to contribute towards the election of the republican The matter was brought to the at tention of the civil service and it was decided to test the matter in the The stripped of legal charged that New on September solicited from Margaret a clerk iu the bureau of a contribution for the purpose of aiding the election of cer tain candidates of the republican party in the state of Virginia that he solicited from Paulus a clerk in the gov ernment printing on September financial aid for the same pur pose at the same date and he solicited a contribution from John WHEATS The Kiver Commission in Session in New Mississippi river commission held a meeting here to of and Patrick of ad dressed the commission relative to im provements needed and steps necessary to bo William chief engineer of the lower Mississippi levee district and chief engineer of the upper Mississippi levee district gave a general line of the work required extending from Cairo to the head of the The commission will be iu ses sion several Heavy Trading in Silver NKW trading in silver certificates were very heavy to ounces being sold in the Ncw York stock and there was an equally heavy business between the brokers The sharp change in the situation since yesterday morning was a decided At one time yesterday the prospect appeared de cidedly One of the most prominent German houses sold nearly one million ounces and forced tho price doXvn to It was said this selling was for the ac count of a pool which had been carry ing a large block down from around 119 and silver dealers say when this silver was known to have been sold they were willing to begin buying again and the buying orders came in from many sources today carrying the price up to The brokers ascribe the improvement to the removal of the pressure hanging over the to the higher market in London and to the purchase by the gov ernment for the October of gave V r point of no arast the conference report withdrew Wiscon submitted sed to the speaker by Post lL tendering his S of Ehode s submitted the re tlle cuarRes are substan ani altbough the rcla a ton the Previous post Mi Culbortson the mail oon i Stves rise to grave suspicion private arrangement existed during and fiftieth congresses profits out of his con the no absolute The Ollice of House Iontmaster Declared to he house com mittee on accounts today had under consideration the testimony in the case of postmaster of the The after several hours passed a resolution declaring the office of the postmaster The report will be made in a short It is said the report of the committee concerning the matter was WHEAT In the house this afternoon Represen tative Caswell submitted a letter ad dressed to the Speaker by James postmaster of the tender ing his by a reso juaniuj the office of the post uouso vacant and directing Postmaster to perform the postmaster shall be ap Dissenting in reference i upon the question un the resolution for with the amendment Iclock agreed resolution was then laid before the house a stat ed to the governor of as representative NEVAH Kentucky Congressman Who Wont Sit Alongside of a of the successor of Sentator Carlisle in the house of repre refuses to sit beside a nigger of South the colored man who was given the seat in the house of of that last of to take the desk made vacant by tho and it happens that Dickerson sits next to Miller is a mulatto of light dresses and is quite as good looking as but the latter thinks his dignity injured by having a negro congressman so near and asked the doorkeeper to find him another Farwell to iu the line of some of the most prominent and successful firms in Chicago the old and well established firm of John Farwcll have decided to incorporate about the first of next The capital will be about five Out no prospectus will be issues or stock offered to the pub It is understood that other firms are also considering such a change as this is now generally conceded to be the most approved organization for conduct ing Arrested Five States Marshal Dickinson has arrested Melvin George Minor Will Warren and Charles charg ing them with making and handling counterfeit These people are farmers living eight miles and are men whose characters heretofore have been of the Marshal Dickinson and his deputies left again for Lake Fort where they say they have more to bring To End the Base Ball NEW World to morrow will say the deal has been com pleted by which the Cincinnati club will be transferred from the National League to tho Players League next Cincinnati has been regarded as tho key to the settlement of the existing conflict and the purchase by a syndicate friendly to tho Brotherhood will be of a series of moves which has for a purpose the end ing of the The worst cases of Kilt rheum and other diseases of the arc cured by Hoods Who Arc Victimized hy a Patent Itiglit COUNCIL is the name of a gentleman who now reposes behind the bars of tho county He was arrested yesterday on the charge ot procuring the signature of Abraham an old fraudulently and with intent to swindle Kilchison out of more or Tho case was transferred to Harrison it is the offense was Tho bond was fixed at and the prisoner sent back to Farmer Ritchison tells a story which is a good illustration of the scheme Hall is accused of workiuc on his Ritch ison states that early iu August Hall came to Modale aud and at Modalo set up his patent burner which was represented to burn crude oil and principally He had one of the things running and everyonecould see just how the thing they thought they The water was also some and it really looked as though the thing was making fuel out of the It afterwards transpired that during the three days Hall was he purchased several gallons of but at the time the people who interested themselves in the burner and feed cookerdid not know Among those who became very much in terested in the contrivance was to whom Hall succeeded iu selling the right to sell in a certain territory there The contract as explained by or at least as understood by Kitch was that Hall was to have half the proceeds from the first hundred and after that Ritchison was to have all ho could make out of the Ritchison thought he had a rich as he is a man of considerable he snapped the bargain up and signed what he supposed to be a contract containing the agreement stated by Ritchison says he did not read the agreement but remembers it contained something about Bve per which attracted his at Be this as it the papers appeared some time later as two notes signed by each for as payment for territorial rights to sell the Tho news of the arrest of Hall is spreading throughout the country like wildfire and suckers are beginning to come in from other points along the line of Halls Tho patentright gentleman recently payed Mills county a visit to the sorrow of two farmers already heard from with doubtless others to fol Last evenings Burlington train brought a middleaged farmer from Mills His name is Knight and he resides but a few miles from Re states that last Fri day Hall introduced his patent to him and it worKed so nicely that he was willing to take the local agency for the sale of tho Halls food cooker was next It worked like a tho farmer was delighted and his estimation of Hall as an inventor was above Well the same procedure as to signing papers and the like was gone through with as in the Ritchison and that was the last heard of them until one turned up in an Emmerson bank as an accepted draft on Knight Knight says that Jamet another Mills county was worked for S500 in the same deal and by Tele grams have been coming in from officers in different parts of the country desiring that tho raau be held till they can get here for House Breaking iu Broad McCrearys family were at a burglar entered tho house and going to the room occupiedby stole S500 worth of dia monds and together with a gold watch and There is no trace of the A Horse Burned tt IOWA Wilkes threeyearold stallion owned by Doc John of Massa and valued at was Durued in a barn near this city last The horse was sent here recently for breeding There was no Will Remove tho Unknown Special to the DKS of Iowa has obtained permission of tho state board of health to remove the remains of seventeen unknown soldiers buried at Iowa City to the cemetery at Died from His Special to The tho brakcman whoso leg was crushed died yesterday murtilug from the effects of the Crispis at tack on France published by the Paris Firjaro in the form of an although its genttiness is denied by some Italian is attracting much atten tion throughout Many wellin formed men Jiere believe it contains a hint of the policy that will be adopted by triple alliance toward His reference to the fear of France entertained by all Europe is regarded as an effort to place upon that country the responsibility for the enormous arma ments which weigh so heavily on the people and an indication that a formal demand for disarmanent will be No such demand could be acceded to by and the making of it would be a threat that would iu all probability be followed by stronger It is curious to note in connection with the pronouncement of Signer Crtspi that both Italy and Germany continue their military preparations with almost feverish The new military law went into effect jn Germany It increases the army by seventy new field one three trains and four infantry and altogether adds men to the The Italian government on its part is to ask the chamber of deputies for a grant to be used in the construction of sub marine torpedoes of a new which is believed by naval expert to bo German Socialists over Germany the socialists are today celebrating the expiration of the antisocialist In as well as in Leipsic and the socialists are taking a holiday and holding big demonstra Over fifty exiled socialists arrived in Berlin today and were escorted from the depot by a long They will be banqueted and congratulatory speechesdelivercd Two hundred thousand bronze medals commemorating the expiration of the repressive law have been struck off for distribution on public Attention has been strikingly directed to the composition of the court before which as the nationalists consider tho arrested are being Tho case for the prosecution was continued at Tipperary today without striking SCARED BY THE MTONLBT Ontario Kgg Speculators Hurrying Ship fact that the McKinley bill goes Into effect Otober th causes considerable bustle among egg do a large business here and in Two Watertown firms have within the last two each shipped about two car or about dozen eggs each Another egg speculator has made a ship ment at the Berlin station of SHE WAS A SHE The Lawyerlufiultefl She Threat ened to Kick HLH Face a breezy scene was enacted yesterday morning in the criminal court during the trial of Emma Freeburger on a charge of larceny preferred by Mary The trouble began when the counsel for the asked McClennan during a crossex amination if she did not live in the same house with a colored This wounded the pride of the who jumped up from the witness faced Lawyer and asked Do you put me on a par with you impertinent scamp If I had you outside I would kick your face Lawyer Ruddell told her the question was and should be This increased her and she de livered another short which terminated with If I had a revolver I would shoot you She was led out assertinir that she would lay for The case was dis but the lawyer did not leave the court room until the court was Diphtheria in Crawford Specials to The cases of diphtheria mostly iu German families are reported in two townships of Craw ford HAWKEYE Death of an Albino evening little Richard Levi the Albino child born of colored which has been causing so much excitement in west part of the was claimed by death at the age of seven He was a remarkable baby and had he lived would have developed into a wonderful Albino At tho time of his death his head was covered with a dense growth of curly hair as white as snow and his eyes were of a bright His skin was perfectly white and he was well developed in all The remains will be taken to for Diphtheria at has broken out in this city and up to the present time four cases have been re though none have proven The council met this morning and have taken steps to prevent further progress of tho and another meeting will be held Health officers have been instructed to use every means In their power to check it from slrict he had re ilar communica cr n IB ya simi of of but tho 1 concurrent resolution for Grcat Britain and reventi0u the entry United asked unan Ior consideration of GENERAL WASHINGTON Approved the International Kailway Con depart ment of state has received a telegram from the UniUsd States minister at 150 gato reporting that the Columbian con gress has approved tho international railway conference and that throe com missioners have been How the House Wasted Time and session of congress just closed has in the a session of Dur ing the session there have been 43o roll The Illinois State thou sand people attended the Peoria day at tho state fair Tho bicycle and other races wero the features of the Tomorrow Governor Fifer and tho of the supreme Secretary of Agriculture Rusk and other prominent people will be Tho governors party arrived Goodwife Grundle srieves and Dav and nisht with sighs and moans Wears her life Goodwife Gayhcnrt simra and f miles the gray old heguilcs Keeps as fresh sis The women are of the same age but Goodwife Grundle looks fully flttccn years the older She Is the victim of ills which intent be cmedhy the use of Picrces Fa vorite female weakness and low spirits are her constant nnodwife thanks to the Prescrip andsecins to grow acasiuii ijuwiw or 200 more than at any other on morevounc vivacious and asrecable every Sy There is nothins equal to this remedy for all female All Over Six Special to Tbe HawKEyeJ DKS singular sight was presented at a street corner in this city yesterday where seven each from a different and every one of them was over six foot Tho tallest measured 0 feet 3 and tho shortest C feet 1 Two wore born in two in one each iu Ohio and North Carolina and one in Four were from North Carolina and Kentucky and Dlurino Hospital has been officially received in this city from the acting secretary of the treasury at Wash ington saying that Josephs hospital here had been designated as a marine hospital for all sailors who may have occasion for medical There is butone other institution of tho kind in it being at Congress man Gear secured this one for Keokuk in less than three weeks from the time application was Additions to the Sncclol to THE DES im portant additions have been made IOWAS Coius Clinton Age figures it out that the Iowa cornfields this year produced S20 per acre at a cost of 58 per leaving the farmer a net profit of S12 from every acre devoted to this AT BtJKNA Two young men were out rowing Sunday evening near Bueua By some means tho skiff was capsized and one of the John of Holy was FARMERS rx farmers living in Uorton Osceola who suffered the destruction of their crops and property by a heavy hail storm last are destitute of fuel and tho necessaries of MORE ORIGINAL PACKAOE an original package liquor house was opened by par ties icpresenting a Icoriabottling The authorities ordered a of the liquors this afternoon and a test case will be made of Row West three frame buildings on Eim known as Whisky were burned to the Tho loss is quite but is nearly covered by in The cause of the lire is un AN EDITORS editorof theOttumwa left for the south accompanied by his wife he goes south fur relief from an at tack of They will take a river steamer from Louis to New and will visit BE MADE Du buque Tclcyrajili says that the old report has been revived that Archbishop Ken of is to be made a car dinal and that Bishop of the Dubuque diocese will succeed Ken rich to the A WISE Emmetsburg Reporter tells of an old horse belonging to of that that had for some days been walking The other day the animal started out unat went to the blacksmith shop and raised up his foot for the blacksmith to examine A horseshoe nail was found imbedded In the which was removed by the when the knowing old ani mal walked back without the vestige of a Bio BLAZE AT resi dence of tho late of burned Monday morning at live insured in the in GormanAmerican and North British for Most of the household goods wore and the insurance carried on contents will probably cover the One of the family arose at an early made a big lire in tho kitchen to heat wash and again When the entire end of the room was iu A Mulligan and a boy named each about eighteen years of climbed on the top of a passenger coach at Creston Monday intending to steal a ride to Council At the first cov ered bridge beyond Red Oak Mulligan raised his head and was instantly killed by a rafter on the His companion grasped the body and held it on the car with great This train does not stop at small stations and tho terri fied boy had a fearful ride for many miles with his dead friend before he suc ceeded iu attracting the attention of the who stopped the vised by the contain a rc iume of what he aud intends to do for the In all the large towns are today being elected to tin great socialist congress which opens in Halle on the 12th The Uockmcns dockincns con gress now in session in London is con sidering the advisability of boycotting the Australian mail steamers soon to arrive because they were loaded by non union The labor leaders fear that a conflict just now with the new shipowners union would end disastrously fur the men and they are trying to con tin the attention of the congress to the consideration of measures looking to the assumption by the dockers union of the work hitherto done by the If they had complete charge of the loading and unloading of the union acting in its corporate capacity ami dividing the profits with the the shipowners would be en tirely at their The Australian employers still refuse to confer with the except on conditions imposed beforehand by Chief ustiee of has aided the cause of the strikers immensely by sub scribing to their funds and promising a week until the employers agree to meet them in Catholic Clergymen investi gation the Reverends Minkenburg and the two Catholic clergyman have been released and have proceeded on their journey for They made affidavit that they had come to this not to act as but to deliver lectures on natural philoso phy aud The Civil Service public preliminary to the annual nieetingof the National Civil Service Reform was held at the Tremont temple this President George William Cur tis delivered his annual address to a large Upper Kerths Kemain a case broughi by the railroad commissioners the su prcme court of Minnesota has decided tha the upper berths of sleeping cars unsolt to occupants must remain closed in thi Another Blow to the constitn tional convention today adopted a sec tion which forbids the legislature au thorizing any lottery nor shall the sail of any lottery tickets be allowed iu th A llruKSela Carpet is learned today that the Brussels carpet trust is now as sured and the price of Brussels carpets will go up from twentyfivS31 to thirty THE PRESIDENTS Survivors of His Old Regiment tr Accompany Him to reunrlnjcc for Wed New MlMBiaftippl Kiver niuu In Xetr York number of members of the brigade commanded by President Uarrison met last evening tfr arrange for attending the brigade re union at It was decided go by way of leaving here Monday at re turning arrive here on Thursday morn ng at This will allow them to spend two days and a night at Gales Mi with the delegation of the Seventyninth which will come from a sufficient number will go from here a sleeping car will bo char tered to be used for the entire The rate will be one fare for the PKEIAllIXC FOU TUB IKESIIIEST AT a massmeet ing held here committees were appointed to make arrangements for the reunion of President Harrisons brigade October and to give the president a fitting recep Great enthusiasm Con gressman Post was delegated to deliver the address of Invita tions to be present and participate in the exercises have been extended K Gov ernors Hovey and and to General John An effort will be made to secure Jame The president will be invited to lay the cornerstone of the new Alumni hall of Knox and has already accepted an invitation to attend the reception of the Phi Delta Theta MOMBNCE HAY Formal Opening of the OuaiutLookinK Structure national interstate nay palace was formally opened It is a quaintlooking 20S feet in 100 feet wide in the and looks very much like an old feudal The walls are of baled with baled straw to re lieve the There is a massive tower in a big central dome 37 feet high and a number of small while the walls are carried far above the edges of the roof and terminate in battlements made by the omission of alternate bales of Thc pillars and posts arc covered with artistically made decorations in grasses The audi torium is three hundred feet in diameter and is surrounded with an eighteenfoot The sides of the building on the interior are filled with exhibits of ladies natural his tory and matters relating to the house Every afternoon there will be speeches by prominent members of the two political inclndiag Governor General General and Eichard NELLIE BLT TO Jack the Kipper lfenrl police of the Wliitechapel district have received a warning from Jack the Ripper that ho is about to kill another The handwriting of the letter is identical with that of the other letters which it has been the custom of the murderer to send to the police prior to the murder and mutilation of some poor creature in John Morley dined with Gladstone last evening at and spent the night lie looks much fatigued and careworn as the result of his hard work and unpleas ant experiences in It is under stood that he will at once return and complete his investigation into the con dition of the districts affected by the po tato The prolongation of the trial of Dillon and has obliged them to indefinitely postpone their Amcican The trial is sure to result in their convict inn and the appeal to Judge nt the High Court in will tinrely have the effect of keeping English attention lixed on the KuifttHWlltmm it Wilhclm of Germany arrived here this morning and was received at the station by Emperor Francis accompanied by the Archduke William and an escort of Their majesties embraced each other AIDING THE IRISH Balfoiirrt Uecent Coercive Meaw Sympathy for the Victin ures s in Gratifying to The position attained and the universal acceptance and approval of the pleasant liquid fruit remedy Syrup of as the most excellent laxative illustrate the value of the qualities on which its success is based and are abund antly gratifying to tho California Fig Syrup Will Settle by a result of the conference between Chief of the Brotherhood of Locomotive En and the officials of the Southern Pacific Railroad it was decided to settle the grievances of the engineers by arbitration and a committee will meet at during Dont waste precious Hulls Cough Syrup at once for your cough or Beware r Salvation Oil Irish arrests and trials continue to occupy a large share of public John Morley and Commoner who were in the crowd at Tipperary last Thursday the clubbing by tire police oc have expressed their willingness to appear as of the police assaults in case the matter is brought be fore the As an indication of the awakening of English public opinion regarding Ire the action of tho annual assembly of the Baptist now in is The assembly adopted a series of resolutions touching public among which was one severely condemning the governments Irish Other resolutions were in favor of a system of free education and expressive of sympathy with the move ment for improving the condition of the laboring A employed by the police at has made some damaging admissions in regard to last Thursdays He says he was in the court house and attracted by the noise rushed out with a revolver and stick and into the middle of the where he used his stick He says he must have struck half a dozen persons while he himself received no He was in plain clothes at the time aud was em ployed to take notes in short NO CHANGE OF lienry Cnbot Lodge Henry Cabot Lodge was renominated to con gress by the sixth district The Only Iowa From the Sioux City The only duel ever fought in Iowa took place near Davenport in Henry Kalston and Charles Hegner were the They were young Heg ner had a lady engaged to dance with him at Hegner not being present when the set was formed she accepted Ralston as a partner for the dance and decided in the latters favor when Heg ner appeared a few moments later and claimed Hegner challenged Rals who The duelists met a half mile below Davenport at daylight the next with their seconds and a When they took their places Ralston said I have nothing against you can we not settle this some way without bloodshed Heg ner replied with an oath I came here for and I am bound to have Ralston cooly said I believe I can kill but I will not do it I will wing The word was and both tired Keener was shot through the fleshy part of the between the shoulder and not The at mosphere of Iowa has never been friendly to the The law early provided for the punishment of the sending or accept ance of a and made killing by duel Farmers and From the Davenport Judge Thaycr in his Clinton fig ures it out that the Iowa corn fields this year produced S20 per acre at a cost of SS per leaving the farmer a net profit of S12 from every acre devoted to this The Aye philosopher this is more lalciug into consideration the relative cost of plant and operation than the Iowa rail roads are And still Judge Thayer is one of the farmers1 fast Y Childs tuick From the liostou It is a little to teach children to be A little girl stepped purposely upon a beautiful caterpiller on the porch and crushed it to Her aunt took her said this A Gotham Journalist Wilt Shortly Her to the XKW name of Nellie Ely is not now often seen in The virtual disappearance of this ener getic and selfpossessed young lady causes little It was a case of high pressure from start to and no human being could have kept it She struck a new but it was too far from the customary level for ordinary and HOW is breathing in quiet but endurable Journal istic exotics spring rapidly into bloom and Those who last go Nellie was a singular creation of sin gular When she leaped into the journalistic arena veteran newspaper men regarded her with the curiosity which a distinct and entirely novel spe cies always She was a perfect stranger to the embarrassments which beset young women when they venture into an atmosphere hitherto reserved ex clusively for the other She saunt ered into offices where young men had been known only as visitors and made acquaintances with scant It could not be otherwise than that some of these acquaintanceships should ripen into for Nellie has a strong and it is quite true that conquests may be made even in news paper The sang froid with which the newcomer would ingratiate herself with all types of men likely to be useful to her was One or two gentlemen who can lick the English language into shape to ex cellent purpose succumbed to her attrac and gossip now it that one of the editors of Life will lead her to the If this consummation is brought notwithstanding her present will still be per manently identified with both parties are to be c IRON AND STEEL holding her by the dont you know that God made that caterpiller said the looking up dont you think he could make another Ife Was dont hardly know what to do with this piece p now Ive got lands sake Why dont you eat if tried It neghiH to From the Louis It probably begins to dawn upon tho democrats by this time that the republi cans are just as capable of adjusting the tariff issue in an amicable and satisfac tory way as they were of thus disposing of the silver Opening Session or the Institute iu Xew Trip Up the NEW the first session of the iron and steel institute was The scientific Englishmen and Germans visiting this country were pres Sir James president of the British opened the Andrew Carnegie then delivered an ad dress of and President Kitson At this point General Sher man came upon the platform and was in troduced to the The audience gave him an Arrangements for excursions of the members of the Eng lish and German institutes throughout the country were then The first excursion took place this afternoon by steamer up the The delo cates will all leave on Saturday morning for After reading numer ous papers of a technical Sir Frederick of was elected The session then The Congress 1 national prison having completed us has adjourned to meet in Pitts burg in cough nt the ITou want the genuine Dillon and His Fellows Must be Tried by the Tipperary Magistrates1 appeal of OBrien and their fellowaccused to the high court of justice for a writ to prohibit the magistrates at Tipperary from proceeding with the conspiracy on the ground of has failed of Its Judge Homes decided this morning to grant the No further step can be it is with a view to changing the magistrates before whom the hearing Is to be But the nationalists feel that their peisisteutly against being tried by magistrates whom they have reaon 10 believe are biased agains tthem will have much effect No Late From the Peoria The James Weaver is now making speeches in Not hav ing a copy of his last we are un able to tell exactly what party he is training with Will Ask for Another Aere of From the Kansas City It is understood that Texas will display among its exhibits at the worlds fair at Chicago the brogans with which Con gressman Kilgore kicked open the doors of the Did What It From the Sioux City The republican party did what it set out to do in this it honor ably and Light and Trifles lightas hair make up the wigged A mans heart is blamed for of things for which his liver is The man who proposed at five oclock in the morning did the business in dew The Genrgtlt returns show that the full democratic ticket is elected by the usual heavy there being practically no Both constitutional amendments have probably been General assem bly is threefourths farmers alliance for Calgary dispatch says Doctor Living Heart alias has been arrested on a warrant charging him with rape in He was remanded till Tuesday next to await tsvldencu from Ohio authorities for extradition proceed Preparing For ac count of the passage of the McKintey bill two large seed house here biullv engaged in freighting from Canadaall the peas grown there for them Will Yt BOISE lirst election is being held in finj congressman and the entire tati The indicationso far ecm 10 republican Funeral iu convention of sociatiort opened here

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