Tuesday, September 30, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - September 30, 1890, Burlington, Iowa y r TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 189V Conference Keport on ihe Tariff Kw the senate bill to of J uly giving the assent of leases of line annual conference of the el uctin both houses of congress from holding any session for the Sabbath d ay referred education and ort on the bill for f settlers on the Northern Pa railroail indemnity land was pre report on the deficien Iwf As the bill passed it apnropriated tad increased the amount by 1 making it This reduced in conference to The largest item in the rcduc tliat for the French spoliation wraT Another matter which occupied hot the conferrees time was the item Ifui MO for explorations and investi 01 lions in regard to artesian wells and tion riie amiiiidmeut had been at S arecd to by the house conferrees the provision that that appropria complete the work and those LIO be completed by the first of July The report was agreed to e conference on the tariff bill was and read at Aldrich said the conference report bill a5 modified by were printed he did not deem any further explana i of ts provisions necessary he hoped au would be able to reach a vote report early this IT Morgan said the tariff bill as nipiilated by the republican conferrees i both houses had many new features rticli neither house nor senate had voted but it was impossible to go into a Uion of All that could me was to discuss in a general way lie principles on which the measure was the bill passed to supply the deficiency nth appropriation for the compensation of of thu 01 Among the Items stricken out of the general deficiency bill In the conference was the appropriation for monument to maik the boundary line between Xorth and South The senate amendment was concurred in to the honse bill granting leave of ab sence to clerks and employes of first and second class The amend ment extends the benefits of the meas ure to employes in the mail bag repair F The conference report on the bill to in crease the efficiency of the signal corps of the army and transfer the weather service to the agricultural department was agreed On motion of of the senate bill was passed extending for one year the time for the payment by settlers on public lauds in cases of The senate joint resolution was passed requesting the secretaries of treasury and navy departments to submit to congress propositions for the enact ment of a law of the recommendation of the international marine On motion of of the bill was passed to prevent the dese cretion of the United States flag by printing thereon of any painting or ad The house then took a re the evening session being for the consideration of bills reported by the committee on Indian At the evening session the house passed a few senate of Washingtonjust now is a very un comfortable changejrom the pure ozone of Sneaker Itced Coining Reed will make a few speeches in the west during the present He has promised to make one speech in Billy Masons district in and also one in Cannons He will also speak in Hendersons district in the northwestern part of the and he will ad dress the Iowa republicans just across the river in Gears The dates have not been finally but it is probable that Speaker Keed will go west some time between the 10th and lathof He will first go to his BIRCHALL WILL Verdict of the Jury in the Wood stoek Murder The Closing Addresses and the Judges Charge to the Interest In the of Curious f In the course of his speech Morgan I of Dlaineas the new Cobdeu and at tire president as a resurrected John The amendment offered bv afeto carry out the reciprocity ideas of llie president and laine had been voted for bf every democratic senator and mttd against by every That jnenduieni had In every substan an amendment to No smndniciitsubsiguMUly reported from the finance committee had been intended lonaphnt and overlie The latter a vacillation given to the body of the Ml la order to forestall the fatal virus o tradf which lilaiue had i sad that any American states Bin inuid so undervalue the common o Ameriraus as to pretend that he In principle a while he nopenly advocating free trade with tierv uatiou that would admit American products free of He said the reci proi ity section was Sherman defended the section as out of the principles which had been reuisuized iu the other statutes and sup nirUd by the while Carlisle and Morgan argued against Morgan having referred to Sher ninriTeut letter to Erastus hlitrman said the statements therein tousisteut with the position he that it was mutual not by that the miproclty measures could be carried mi At the close of Morgans speech Aldntli called for a vote on the confer ence This was opposed by Cock who saiJ Carlisle desired to kt was somewhat indisposed Aldrkh asked unanimous consent to a vote at four oclock buiCockrell Sherman addressed the senate in tic general defense of the principle of Some uf the provisions of tbt bill were too some too but he admitted the impossibility of framing a ineas k ire to suit He be lieved the uew law would be the beacon ol prosperity to the whole As to the reciprocity feature there was nothing new in the idia of Atosusar he would civeu the people freesucar up to 20 Dutch ia Hit belief that souie of the higher grades wuiiki enter into the consumption without liaviiur passed through the re As to binder twine he had felt its inanufarturrrs had probably taken idvantace of llie opportunity and de manded unreasonable but tiey had done as much as other human even in taking ad vantage of the uish market In tonchisiou Sherman expressed the hope that the manufacturers would avoid those trusts that gave a popular discontent and invite fair competition and give the people the benelits thereof and of toper If they did not do Wliat BrlilR Done by tinNational Re publican Congressional national republican congressional committee is doing effective The confidence and zeal of the managers is growing and the congressional as a are entering into such system atic work as has not been done since the time of Zachariah It was a shrewd move of Chairman the other to have a photographer come into the gallery of the house after the democrats had The country will be treated to a picture of congress in session with the democratic side of the house save one and the republican seats all with possibly half a dozen excep The committee is circulating a large amount of Maine was flooded with tariff and labor and copies of Heeds record on the rules was distributed iu his district A vast number of DunueUs speech on the tariff and the farmer are being put and also of Owens speechon pen Senator McMilliau has ordered ten thousand copies of the latters speech to be distributed in IOWA AGAIN n Maine for a couple of days upon the and will then enter the beginning prob ably in McKinleys district in Will Look After the presi dent today promised the labor commit tee when Congress adjourned he would give consideration to Che eight hour law and would insist upon its strict enforce ment iu the government He expressed himself earnestly desirous of furthering the interests of the Illinois Census census bureau today announced the following figures in Illinois towns Canton increase Galesburg increase Moline Monmouth increase 837 Peoria increase Rock Island increase Secretary Spauldlugs Sec retary Spaulding made a ruling today that goods entered for immediate trans portation and for which permits of de livery may be issued before the proposed new tariff law takes may be en tered for consumption on their arrival at the interior port at the present rate of The Appropriations of appro priations made by the first session of the fiftyfirst congress were The permanent annual appropriations for the year amount to making a grand total for the year of an increase over the Fiftieth congress of The IuiiAiuerlcan secretary of state today sent the senate a state ment of disbursements from the appro priation for the expenses of the late Pan American The appropria tion was and the expenditures the balance being turned into the steru presi the re sumption of the BIrchall murder trial this morning some evidence was taken pre liminary to the Samuel Mc telegraph messenger at Niagara proved the delivery to Clerk ONeill at the Imperial hotel of a tele gram purporting to be from Benwell to ONeill was supposed tode liver the message to Birehall James a testified that he saw the body of Benwell when He came to the conclusion that the body had not been out in the storm of two nights as the shirt front of the dead mau was as white and clean as rain or snow had fallen on Blackstock put in evidence the regis ter of the Metropolitan New showing the names of Birchall and Felly and Though interviewing him has been absolutely several peo ple have been in to see Notwith standing everything he remains serene and manifests no sign of It Is impossible to believe that he does not realUe that his position is BIrchall was in the jail visiting her She is apprehensive of the re sult and looks so downhearted that it Is not too much to say she has almost given up hope even of a disagreement of the The crowds visiting the swamps where Benwell was found have and are now simply Nearly every house has a chip or branch or wreath of leaves taken from the rind some such as walkingsticks made of wood from the are in great KILLED HIS RILLED HIS An Unfortunate Tragedy That Has Darkened a Country Girls on at Dodge Young lloystrangeExperience With Death of it Baby from THE An Angry Illinois Fat her Murdrr and most sensa tional killing affray occurred in Marshall about thirty miles up the river from Peoria this As a result of it Charles Seifert and his daughter Mary are dead and the latters newly wedded husband is a subject for the Insane Seifert and a young man hy the name of Joseph Bax ter were both employed in the Lacon woolen and Seifert was the father of a very handsome Mary was about nineteen years of Bax ter very naturally fell in love with love was but the father very much opposed to the young man and forbade the two having anything to do with each But love always laughs at and is only strength ened by and the two found ways and means of meeting each and Saturday they slipped out and away and were quietly married at the house of a mutual Yesterday morning Baxter came home to ask forgiveness of her father and seek his But the old was obdurate and spurned her from As she turned away he raided a gun and fired it at blowing away about half of her head and killing her Then he placed the other barrel against his own head and ended his own Mean while Baxter hadremained on the and when he heard the shots Joliu Jjwin of Keokuk Xominated Gov eruor of the nominations sent to congress today by the president was that of John of as governor of Other nominations were as follows Member of the new continental railway Alexander Cassatt of Pennsplvania of Illi nois Henry of West Smith of first assis tant postmaster of second assistant post master IOWA The W dent will leave Washington next Monday for the purpose of attending Grand Army reunions at on the Sth at on the and at on the popula tion of Montana is an increase of HONORING Changes Made iu Iowa for the Week Kudliig September Snccial to The HawkEyeJ following postoffice changes were made in Iowa during the week ending September 27 POSTSI ASTEKS Wayne James llancon Woodbury Phillips Mld liuchanan Uazel rigg Keokuk Bottger Linn Jacob Domer Delaware Cedar GENERAL WASHINGTON Charges Acralust UOIIHD the inves tigation of the charges against Postmas ter Wheat today the most important testimony was given by William who said young Wheat asked him if he wanted to make some money by being sworn iu in place of the man who was expected in a few This mans name was He was simply to have his name on the Wheat doing the Wheat told him he would not even have to come to the office and would receive 85 for the trouble of being sworn At the end of March he drew something over all of which except S5 he turned over to Walter Young Wheat also got Representative Cawell to indorse his application for a place iu the government printing At the end of April he was still on the rolls in place of another man named This time he drew In accordance with the wish of young Wheat he kept this money for a He then settled with young re taining Finally he was discharged by the Representative Caswell called the at tention of the committee to the act mak A Complimentary Dinner at the Palmer Irish the Palmer house tonight a complimentary dinner was given to the well known Chicago who has for a long time taken a conspicuous part iu Irish affairs iu this and who has just returned from a visit to The dinner was given by John Judges Prendergast and Moran and a number of other friends of over one hundred in In the course of the afterdinner speech llynes gave a review of his observations in Ireland and said he met no man of national sentiments in Ireland who had not implicit faith in Parnell and confidence in the ultimate success of his movement to secure home Xo he who had made a personal visit to Ireland and seen the condition of the people could regard the absentee landlord as anything but a bird of Speaking of the failure of the potato he from personal he knew there was no exag geration iu the report and that absolute starvation followed a failure of this In llynes spoke of the uui form courtesy and consideration with which he had been received by members of parliament and those prominent in the Irish EIGHT MEN uraptr Jf they dm not oo for the house post he would be as ready to vote for the an that its phraseology repeal of the bill as he was now ready to office and contended gavc the postmaster absolute MrSocK said he must vote against appropriated1 for conference report he could not con this great economic problem as one entirely political iu its affecting it did the interests most vital to his Immediate constituency and the entire He should not attempt to state in dotail his objections to the but should draw particular attention to the tttioa of the committee on the sugar schedule and its retaliation to the other interests in the He crit Walter the postmaster s testified he did most of the work of which Bradley was and was entitled to the money he Deserting members of the house of representatives are now leaving the city since the tariff bill has and it is expected that there may be lack o i nariv as it is not M4 the treatment given tbe beet sugar that anybody will raise the Interest and said it was not pleasant to iplate nor did it particularly in illBe the senator from the state where a and most promising commence ment had been made in the development since a majority of U absentees are There democrats here a pek aco many have departed since week dat It is doubtful whether there tch an industry to vote for the re twentvfive democratic members now He sincerely hoped the report arc J not he adopted and that a new would be in the They are hastening home look after their political republicans are equally anxious Terrible Wreck Caused by au Operators one oclock Sunday morning a most disas trous freight wreck occurred on the Bal timore and Ohio near Pleasant a short distance west of this Orders were given east and west bound freights to pass at Black but Operator Realty at that place failed to deliver the order to the eastbound Later ho saw his mistake and telegraphed the operator here that there would be a wreck pretty and left his He is a mere Boah engines and a number of cars filled with coke and merchandise were piled up in the greatest con Eight men were as fol lows John engineer William fireman Freeman brakcmau John Ben Gratoit Glen Zanesville George Tom Mc uot found one John an had his leg cut off and Fireman Wilson a hand Trains are running by the way of the PanHandle between Zanes ville and Those not employed on the train were beatingtheir way from The trains met on a sharp anc the westbound train had just emergec from a piece of so that neither was checked In The engines crashed together with awful and the freight cars to the number of twenty five were piled up to the height o twentyfive or thirty all registered in the handwrit ing of the This was all the evidence for the defense and the ad dresses of counsel were at once entered During his counsels address the prisoner listened catuly to all that was for the spoke five He reflected on the alleged reck lessness of the prosecution and the ap parently careless manner in which the witnesses for the crown seemed ready to swear away a mans His summing up of the evidence was very pointing out defects in the evidence bearing on BirchalPs and dis cussing the moral character of his He said ho must admit an utter Inability so point out au explanation of the course observed by BIrchall which would be consisteut with his innocence of dishonest The only explanation of Bir challs statements to Pellv and Benwell inducing them to come out which Black stoiie could offer was that Birchall ex pected to secure through them money to enable him to go into business and make good his He denounced the manner of conducting the identification of the prisoner as disgraceful and ap pealed to the jury to act only on the evi dence before them in making up their The time would come when the mystery surrounding this crime would be cleared He closed with a touch ing reference to devotion of Osier closed the case for the He reviewed the story in detail and ana lized Birchalls negotiations with Ben well into one plan to entrap young Benwell to Canada on the repre sentations that he knew would be shown to bo false the moment he arrived in The motive was to secure five hundred He detailed Birchalls dealings with Pelly and said the outcome of all this fraud and deception could be one thing only and that was Blenheim Look at it all and as you read the correspondence read between lines and you will see there just the awful The judge In his charge to the jury reviewed the many points in the case and at He pointed out the dif ference between direct and circumstan tial showing that the latter when conclusive was far more He called attention to the Important fact that Birchall had the keys to Benwells baggage and reverted to the letters written by the prisoner to If the were sent to the firm as requested in the letter any mem ber of the firm could claim The pris oner speaks of the purchase of an other piece of property and that Benwell would write by the uext What was the object of these letters All was a deception and the prisoner must have known Benwell would never write such a letter to his The condition of the clothing on the body the judge disproved the theory of the defense that the murder was for It was significent that every mark on the clothing had been re noved and had it not been for the find ng of the cigarholder Benwells death would always have remained a The jury retired at and returned fired he entered the and the ter rible sight that met his eyes changed him into a raving ROBBED A DEAD The Work of GhoalH After a itailroad Wreck in colli sion occurred on the Cincinnati Southern a few miles from Fireman Payne received in juries from which he hied an hour A few hours before he had shown his nncle a roll of bills containing When brought back to there was found on his person but little over a He could not have depo sited the money anywhere and his corpse must have been A HORRIBLE Thrown Into a BarbedWire Fence by a Runaway Dan vers Saturday evening a worthless got drunk and placed Paul a lad of 12 upon the back of a blind He then struck the horse a blow with a The broncho ran headlong into a barbwire throwing the boy into the The boys thigh was broken and he was mangled and lacerated so badly that he must Pennington fled on horseback and has not been ap Special to The HawkEyeJ DEI shocking tragedy occurred at the country resi dence of seven and onehalf miles southwest of Sun which resulted in John Devins young wife receiving a fatal wound from a The consisting of and his James and and the latters were assembled in the dining when the youngest of the picked up a belt containing a revolver from the table to inspect fn some manner the revolver slipped from the fell to the floor and The ball entered John Devins left pene trating her and cutting an Death resulted almost It was thought unnecessary to hold an The young husband is almost prostrated by the sad The Devin family are well known Jn society and business circles of Des KIDNAPED AND The Adventures of a Keel RED the twentyyearold son of a welltodo farmer living twelve miles east of arrived home Saturday morning after a mysterious absence of two and tells a story of highway robbery and kidnap ing that is a to criminal On Thursday morning he left to go to the coal some ten miles and on Thursday when an elder who is teaching arrived home he found a note sticking in the keyhole of the door in his brothers and read ing as follows God forgive My mind is failing me and I cant control I must I must work for and loathe end will meet you all in The note was signed and to it were added three postscripts Will be back soon if Christ will let Take the team up and help Christ is calling me The young man Is known as steady and well and his relatives were completely mystified by the note and much The young mans story is that on the way to the coal banks he met a covered wagon in which were three One ofthem got out as he The distance to Red Oak was and as the boy turned his head to reply he found himself facing a He was robbed of some bound and blind and put in the covered One of the men took charge of his and learning where the older brother the team was left there and the boy was made to write the note The men took him with but on the following day when the party stopped for supper the boy made his getting away when sent with one of the men to gather He found himself forty miles from Making his way to a railroad station he boarded a freight train and was enabled to reach home this He describes the men and says the wagon is painted blue on the outside and red Officers are out after the quests of his many ff and a host of democrats he finally Elch elberger Is the best judge of law of any attorney in the town and will beyond a doubt be The people very much HssatlsUed with the weak and competent manner that the present democratic has con ducted the duties of the CBangh man was nominated for and Thomas Ireland for Tbe ticket is a strong one that will draw largely from the opposite WENT THROUGH A Serious Wreck on the Keokuk and XortK nrestern at tSpeclaltoIhe bad wreck oc curred at a bridge just east of here yes terday afternoon on the Keoukuk and A freight train struck some cattle just as it reached the The engine was thrown from the drawing the cars with it and wrecking both bridge and The engine was turned upside Engineer Lafe Morgan quite seriously The rest of the crew jumped and escaped with slight A car of lime which went Into the river took fire from the slacking set fire to eight cars of the bridge too was damaged con THROWN INTO THE Five People Take an Involuntary Bath uiid Narrowly Escape floating built upon a brat fourfeet wide and sixteen feet wascapsued and knocked to pieces yesterday afternoon by hitting a rock a short distance above the near the Illinois It con tained an old man eighty years of two young a young girl and a baby about a year all of them being dumped into the water when the boat A young man employed in the starch factory on the levee was on the river in a boat hearing their went to the rescue and succeeded in landing the entire outfit on the bank above the A PECULIAR IIORLEYS GRAPHIC TAlEl He Addresses an Immense at Helens Descriptions of Tonr of Scenes at the Tipperary Uncalled the Christy Arrested for Burglary Com mitted While in of the most peculiar cases of burglary on record occurred here the other Christy was put In jail for In the jail was a lot of whisky that had been seized by the sheriff and awaited des Christy broke into the cell where the whisky was and took some of the carrying them to his The sheriff discovered the searched and found the stolen Here comes the funny Christy was im mediately arrested on a charge of com mitting burglary in the day time and was bound over in thus while be ing held for a crime committed in jail while confined on another South jjas gone and tomorrow rtouj was presented and agreed af lernoon the only Missouri democrat rc Presented a report from the j n the city will bo Motion from thTdafe of admission of the situation in their respective for they r Moran offered a resolution severaiNdays ago to cuter the ll Morgan Cluch was to severaN calling on the lndications are that congress will copies of all orders and indiourn on Thursday of this in i ons since March respecting the h t Saturday will see nearly all n seal fisheries in mlmbers either at home or on the t with a verdict of guilty of mur der in the first When asked if he had anything to say why sentence should not be passed upon Birchall replied that I ain not guilty of the The judge theu said I fully concur with the verdict of the and sen tenced Birchall to hang on the 14th of INTEREST IN TOE ex citement created by the Birchall trial throughout Ontario has simply reached fever That this interest is not confined to the province is proven by the fact that one cable agency has ordered verbatim report of the speech of the counsel for the defense and the judges AntiHorse Thief Na tional AntiHorse Thief association has been in session In this The presi of was not pres and exPresident of this was elected president pro The session was opened with prayer by the of the Presby terian The meeting was very and did a great deal of busi The following officers were elected for the ensuing year of president of vice president of sec retary of The next meeting of the National order will be held at on the fourth Wednesday in Tying to Release Gresham this morning took up the application for a writ of habeas corpus for the release from the penitentiary of Michael the who was sent to for Attorney General Hunt filed a special demurrer setting forth that the allegations in the petition were insuffici ent to warrant the granting of the prayer of Schwabs attorney asked for time to examine the and the court gave him unti two oclock this Rhode Island Cotton Island today began the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the introduction Into this country of cotton spinning by power by Samuel Slater in the city of In commemoration of the fact that Slater established one of the if not the first Sunday school in this mornings program was a Sunday school Thousands of children took part in the OBJECT TO THE Ues Holnes Boodle Aldermen Claim They Have Violated no DES hearing upon the demurrer of the defendants to the indictment in the case against the boodling city aldermen was before Judge Kavanaugh Saturday and occu pied the entire being still unfinished when court adjourned at Colonel and Kanff man appeared for the Fred Lehman presented the states side in a speech of two hours in length and Kaufftnan replied for the The hearing will be continued The demurrer is based upon the ground that the indictment charges no crime known to the laws of the The ordinance fixing the amount of compensation pro vides no penalty for the acceptance of a larger It is also argued that the members of a legislative body cannot be prosecuted criminally for any vote given or act performed in the line of legislative duties and the courts have held that a city council is a legislative MADE ROME in company with another pris has since made his escape and is still at Major Congers DES appoint ment of Major Conger as ministRr to Brazil will necessitate the election of a successor in this district to fill his unex pired term in Hull it is be the republi can nominee for both the long and the short while the opposition may run Senator Barnet as a Farmers Alli ance candidate for the short term and Hargis as democratic candidate for the long Secretary Kusk at tne Corn Sioux Rusk visited the corn palace today and ex pressed surprise at the proportion and He said if it could be reproduced at the worlds fair and in connection therewith the exposition of the growing and milling of corn and the preparation of food therefrom it would be one of the greatest educators Hugo Smith Smith committed suicide here Saturday by shooting himself in the Domestic trouble is alleged to be the cause of the The suicide was re lated to some of the best families ia Van Buren He had been married three times and was divorced from his third He is survived by one a For the Arrest of a Special to The ar rived here this evening from Roland for a sheriff to arrest one Ole who last evening shot Joe Johnson and tried to kill several Morley spokerj at Helens tonight toa large He gave a graphic account of itfsv experience during the recent tonr He gave Instances illustrating the arbitrary and tyrannical methods of Irish A week ago JohnvJ Dillon went to address his ents In East Dillon found the platform of the stations by the police and and was told use legal language or it would be duty of the magistrateto disperse this simply meant the istrate would be the judge as to Dillons language was legal or and in the second what appeared iJ almost it meant if Dillon used language that the magistrate con sidered illegal ic was the magistrates duty to disperse the meeting with thei baton and After over live years of resolute government conla not Irish member be trusted to address hiscon v stituents without adopting such meas ures The Tipperary prosecutions cruelly blighted the hopes of the union ists and given the lie to their rose colored The proceedings of the last fortnight in Tipperary would have the inevitable effect of rallying every lay and once more closing the nationalist He Morley had been criticised for go ing to Balfour would neither go to Ireland himself nor let anyone else He Morley went to Tipperary be cause he felt the proceedings there marked the turning point in the great battle and because he felt the govern ment was going to drive a good strong nail into own coffin and he wanted to see the first blow of the When he arrived at Tipperary the gathering of the people were very few in cumber and no kind of obstruction was He never saw such an act of folly as the attitude of the authorities and the mad rush of the Colonel Caddell stated in the court room that this was one of the most disorderly gatherings he ever Three or four Eng lish ladies who occupied the front seats in the court room laughed at the absurdity of Caddells It had been asserted that he Morley and his companions were followed to the court entrance by an immense This he absolutely He believed at no time did the armed men defending the court house number less than three to one against the It was as in In the off the Clerk Brack of the treasury and CommissioneratLargo of left tonight for Paul and They will visit the Minne apolis exposition and confer with the ex hibitors and others in the interest of the worlds Afterward Commissioner McDonald will visit the Illinois state fair at Peoria and the corn palace at Sioux Uncle Dick Will He Special to The Richard Oglesby will open the cam of the fur Mr Bearing bill defining the duties of atarms was individual pension bills ou the were taken up and passed In twentyfive THE Report on the General De iency Bill Agreed to returned last just after had voted into the tariff no incident in i gave him so He sees in the tunity to greatly all his long career ever much amendment an oppor increase the mar t anil I LUUILJ w is 29In the house kets for United 1 cnnn Dill UJ r The Prison was a longcontinued and earnest discussion 0 the report of Warden Brush in the na tional prison congress The chap lains in attendance upon the congres have passed resolutions commendin those pertions of President Hayes open ing speech which set forth the theor hat the community is mor for the crimes committed In The favorable impression produced on the first appearance of the agreeable liquid fruit Syrup of Figs a few years ago has been more than confirmed by the pleasant experience of all who have used and the success of the pro prietors and manufacturers the Cali fornia Fig Syrup The President Will be at telegram was received here Saturdaynight stating that President Harrison would certainly be here to attend the brigade reunion if the day was set for the Sth instead of the This was done at a meeting held last The reunion will last three probably six hours rapid talking pajKn jn Mercer county in this city on at and also a full report of noxt October Senator speech of the counsel for the It of will is estimated that the report will cover at also be present and address the people In least and every line of It the Thousands of people will will be cabled for the use of the English be present and a big time is making one of the largest dispatches ever cabled from this Four of Barnums Ballet Girts Paralyze the Good People of city was electrified the other day by the appear ance on a public in broad day of four of Barnums ballet girls dressed in the airy costums of the For a little while they made Rome but finally an officer was fonnd who had the courage to take them under his They told a pitiful According to their story they were hired in London at a stated one of the of the contract being that they should be sent home at the end of the As the season is drawing to a close the girls say the management is making a practice of dismissing some of the girls iu each town for trivial breaches of discipline not noticed early in the The dis charged women are till foreigners and Barnums manager says the girls were discharged for drunken ness and other disgraceful POISONED BY A A ThreeYearOld Child Dead From Eat ing Stramonium Special to the DES singular and shocking case of poisoning by which a little child lost his life has just come to and Alfred Anderson were thohappy parents of a bright little threeyearold Saturday afternoon the child in company with playmates were playing In the backyard amusing themselves by pulling up weeds and grass and throwing at each Suddenly the little Auderson boy corn Died in a Special to The HawkEyeJ CEDAR Joseph aged was found dead in a barn this where he had been lying neglected and sick for two He was a hard Cored by a a fifteenyearold was gored by an angry bull Saturday on his fathers farm near Rockdale and was probably fatally Marrieil Fifty and of cele brated their fiftieth wedding anniversary last Friday THE FIRE The intention is to have the last word of Nerre and An important They act on speeches telegraphed into English I stomach andbowels through the newspaper offices within fifteen minutes A new They speed of its delivery If the present indilly cure bad torpid cations may be the crowd plies and Splendid ing admission to the court room tomor row will be ten times greater than ever Lawyers have poured in from all surrounding cities and even from Mon Several officials have come to Wood stock in hopes of hearing the counsel for the de for women and 30 doses for 25 Samples free at drug store Cnba Cigar Manufacturers executive Spanish party in Cuba at a meeting today decided to atcle and if he does not surpass his previous gram Spain pointing out the heavy brilliant record in addressing this jury damage which the cigar manufacturers his thousands of admiring friends will be much chief counsel for the is not what is usually an eloquent but his power of grasping the strong points of a case and his forc ible manner of statement give him the means of presenting the indictment ker Pouted a bill to define and soon as the bill Tns ute a o en n United dent he W the South and ICcn wilh the amend ating treaties with the South an After some discussion tral American aside invited as that is the of submitted and then the others in eLftfercnce reports on the general Blaine never looked uency After some debate it i says he never Jelt here agreed on motion ol 1 though the damp and sultry sunosy j and To Nervous Debilitated auoui uyv Belt and and their JJVit effects upon the nervous adopted by the United States and asking as an immediate remedy of reform of the Spanish tariff and negotiations of treaty with the United nervous nery tne blues cured by Miles Samples free at J Wittes druu should impassioned and but there are indications that he will charge A Torpedo Factory Blown Up rather against the He may go The Acme Tor point blank against It is said by Company on the West Virginia side one of the lawyers engaged on the same of the Ohio river was blown up this morn mcnccd complaining of a pain in his Nothing serious was thought to be the but as he grew rapidly worse medical aid was summoned anc everything was done for the little The child died in convulsions yesterday The doctor in cities tloning the playmate of the child nn earthed the fact that they were pulling prods off of some An examina tion was made and several stramonium weeds were fonnd to have been stripped of Punished for Unlawfully Taking a COUNCIL BLUFFS the federal court Saturday Henry Hawkins and his Emily who were ndicted for drawing of pension money by representing that Hawk was still a widow after she had mar ried were and both pleaded Hawkins was sentenced to pay a fine of S100 and to spend six months in while his wife was sen tenced to a fine of S50 and the same term of imprisonment as her side as Blackstock that notwithstanding all that has passed Blackstock looks fora There is absolutely good authority for believing he does not hope for a verdict in his Birchall is under the scrutiny of many ing and Ralph Schorff an employe who was making glycerine was Loss Hoffmans Harmless Headache Powders cure all headache twentylive cents per box u Chicago Packing House Kntirely packing house at the stockyards was damaged by fire Sunday morning to the amount of The fire originated at oclock in the morning In the lacking room the engine room It was nearly noon when he fire was The owlers have made arrangements by which they will temporarily occupy tho Allerton They slaughter ilmoss exclusively for the English and the throwing on the market of hogs which would have gone to them had they been caused a drop of ten to twenty cents per hundred weight in the price of light The aggregate in surance on Fowlers buildings is and on the contents Much o the property thus covered was onl slightly Warehouse olc stone ware house of the Richwood Dis tillery situated in opposite this and owned by Levy of was destroyed by fire The house contained barrels of The loss is roughly estimated at Happy indeed are the homes whichcontaln GarfandV stoves and and harmless a crowd as he ever saw in his The police refused admission to townsmen and he saw a so licitor ttung violently from the gates and OBrein went out with and Harrison and protested against the exclusion of the With or with out orders the police drew their without a shadow of and blood began to flow He saw no stones He would undertake to says that a couple of constables would have done everything necessary to guard the access to the Harrison went out to the constables and expostulated but the only reply was a blow on his head causing the blood to How He Morely saw a constable strike Reporter Keating a murderous the knocking hitn off the and causing the blood to le she nates the police used their f urL ously upon the heads and 01 defenseless several yi wbjd were brought in the gates dripymj He Morley went to Coddell and told him he ought pea the gates and admit the Then he went into the court but fonnd nobody there except two resident magistrates and a few After the gates were opened and every body who wished to enter were admitted the court room was not while the tumultuous crowd of which Colonel Caddell had spoken was quiet and orderly as if in a The rioting was wholly on one If Colonel Cad dell had acted in the first place as he afterwards in deference to his Morleys there would not hive been a bit of The whole thing was a clumsy But to commit a blunder when dealing with armed was a If Balfour produced in the commons what had been published as the official version of the he Morley would riddle it to pieces in ten The resort to the batons was lawless and cowardly The Balfonr system was re sponsible for these three and a half years Balfour had fended every act of the executive through thick and right or from the odious and wicked slaughter at Mitchels town Balfour always re fused to institute an effective public He always denied the truth of the charges made azainst the He always to take the I vord of an Irish member of parliament nd thus the Irish people had een left wholly at the mercy f the authorities without any sup without help and without No wonder the Irish people did not pect the No wonder they hated he government which inspired such am abuse of the executive Davis County Special to The HawkEyeJ re publicans of Davis county met at this place today and nominated their county The convention was marked with much enthusiasm and expressions of con fidence of their victory on election Frank Etchelberger was nominated for county Frank refused at first to be a but by the repeated re The Warsaw Warsaw fair begins tomorrow and will continue during the The indications are favorable for splendid exhibits in all the There will be several ex cellent races afternoon during the Uncle Dick Oglesby will be present Thursday and talk republican Friday Senator Palmer will present the democratic side of the Hoods Sarsaparilla Is in favor with all classes because it combines economy and 100 doses one Dead In a Special to The HawkEyeJ Martin an old and highly respectec citizen of Warner was founc dead in a pasture on his farm five miles west of this place last He was sixtyeight years Death was prob ably caused by soap Is the moat pleasant toilet ROYAL LIVES IN Attempt to Cause the Vounc King Ferll Sept attempt has been made upon the life of the This time the conspirators planned to wreck a train in which it believed the czar intended to travel Petersburg to An tion was placed npon the track shape of five sleepers tightly wedged between the The train into the barricade and was thrown the No details of the affair been and it is not knowiy whether any arrests have been the young king of accompanied by his exKing was return from a drive a cartridge burst beneath his The authorities say that the explosion was purely acci So far as can be learned noone was injured A report is current here that yesterj days affair In Belgrade was a deliberate attempt on the life of the young of Servia and his exKing Milan that some one on the street THEY WANT A PAIR But Appearances are That the 3ft tionallsts Wont Get the resumption of the trial of the Irish this Timothy Heaj rose and addressed the court on beha of the He referred refusal of the magistrates to propriety of Shannouswithdrawtngfrra the and announced that the defendants felt themselves strained to refer the top high court of justice at he would apply toona court tomorrow for a writ prohlbl the present magistrates from proceedga with the conspiracy cases onthegroTT of bias against the Couc for the decide a to the wisdom and propriet going on with the hearing pending application to the high Elected Loril MayorJyl SepU Savi bean elected lord mayor of London

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