Sunday, September 28, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - September 28, 1890, Burlington, Iowa IABL1SHED SUNDAY SEPTEMBER PAGES PRICE 15 CENTS PER of Deaf Mutes in ante Sermon JTenclicd to Select iWtmt GatheringHow the HBO v Carried by h fArrtce 1 v IS a congregation that is rone of its kind in that cry other Sunday regu hstens to a scrinou or of the and never cither vocal or instrumental any The writer r service on a recent H 7 and can honestly with V tor of offending this latin of illvashyno means appropriately liv their The reason ind the preceding apparent con oas ia terms is explained by the ftst the members of this congrega nre AesS The Protestant of which the Eoche is kindly gives its handsome place of worship near Qe Kalb ave while another church was and 1874 a nice Baptist chap was btitt near the center of the but is still encumbered with a debt of all France there are only Baptist with a total about Onl tests have no schools for rmnisto or a but support a biweekly Baptist J to Hub congregation for afternoon ces cm alternate commenc at3 They have a pastor of Colt Lregation numbers on an average thirty The form of worship employed is the Frrver strvicc of tle Tlffi conducting of the senice not but far the prayers and responses are made Weans of the sign language of deJ while the scnnou is likewise macheda term tint does not exactly E lie hut must be used for the tot of a Contrary to what BgM to generally the service itot materially protracted beyond the Bail limit of Episcopal services con ducted liy word of This fact BHit IK taken in a sort of away as shmricg how sign language has ad tanceil to such a degree of pwfcction flat it is not far removed from tongue ere rapidity of communication dequate conveyance aud in of ideas is The that there is no singing or c of any land for the obvious rea accounts to some extent for the non of the service not transgressing ordinary Colt is at present away on his va His place was on the Sun pay when 1 was present by the most accomplished deaf Ifjnntes in America or The Psrriter was perforce unable to form an topifflon of his style of delivery or com Iposition of MB His language piras certainly rapid and while his gestures were eloquent and He did not use It was learned tfter the by means of ijaper and that his sermon was on the Blessed is be that Ail cat bread in the kingdom of God Sjat Luke he wrote in limply to a written request for a synopsis M liii 1 spoke about Christs jaraUe of the rich mans invitation to his own friends to partake of liis But they did not accept each one fniisliiD j a different wherefore let pour people come to his bo Jesus expects us all not to reject his Jons is a professor in the New York City hisriiutp for Deaf The tirst met him at the commence ment two years ago of that iu and was immeasurably im with the exient of his acirnire as informed thereof liy pnncijiiil of the wlio is not a Imt has aUainetl To consider 5hlt prominence in instruction of tks of wliich adjummonts are not utie lower or less varied tban those a highly edutted man rhubasuot leiii rived of the two wnses that are lacking to He is a stout young in Tears and full of iwrpy and Bo Ills often preached to Cults fwile in nid has also ren fawl siiailiur senncs to deaf mute con uotabl in Kew GENERAL CHURCH The report of the statistical secretary of tho International Sunday School con vention gives the following Number of Sunday schools in the United States officers and 1130 438 total in Sunday Last year Ireland contributed to Peters while Mexico and the United States combined cave only William the new secre tary of the American Tract is a Tennesseean by There are about Protestants in France out of a population of India has now about native Christians in a population of Illinois Methodists are arranging to celebrate their centennial in In North Carolina there are now Sunday with A deaconesses institution and train ing home in connection with the Church of Scotland has been opened in Medical missionary work is very suc cessful in There are more than fifty congrega tional churches in southern Many of them have over 100 The First church in Los of which has a membership of The thirtysixth report of the Bedford Street acknowl edges the receipt during the year of It is and for support depends on charitable con Miss Sally the noted beauty of East FUlioth is a stately brunette of a good musician and ji Sumor Tins it that she rejected the present hus band cf the DuchosDof jlariboroagh end the of no less then five sthtr titled The Lntheran synod of Ohio and other states in strssion recently iii adopted resolutions stating thnt while Lutherans are con strained conscience not to send thoir children to the pubKc they dis approve of any attempt to distribute the public school funds among parochial The resolutions take ground against the present compulsory scboo laws of Wisconsin and GUUELMUS A CREATED 1AI Sketch of the Life and Work of Charles Bitter Opposition to Him When He First Came to Connection With Our American Cousin Talr of NX A I oi The folk who lived in Shakespeares day And saw that gentle figure pass By IiOndon frequent They little knew what man he was The pointed the courteous The equal port to high and All this they saw or have But not the liRht behind the brow The doublets modest or The slender sword huts plain What sign had these for prince ur elown Few or to scan him Yet twas the ting of Englands The rest with all their pornns and trains Are half remembered Tis he alurw that lives and reigns Bailey Aldrich ia OT VERY Ions ago there were three prominent living veterans of the John Jilbert and Charles When Warren and Gilbert were gathered to their fathers Couldoek was left the Nestor of tho theatrical profession in Chariot Walter ConUlock in London in His father died when the son WBS hut 4 yean of anil lie was brought up by his He was educated Jit Doctors iuid only allowed to nltenil the theatre a year Christmas and iu company with the he the age of he made up his mind he had seen enough of the and went to work iu a silk At age of 14 be was a great reader of who a few yeara before bail died in and whose works were then idolized by every younsster who had any literary uiste what Young Couldoek read and was desirous of going to the theatre once Singularly enough the play was soon announced at the Drury Lane and Couldoek went to see JIacready played and from that the lad who sat in the audience wrapt in admiration felt a desire to become an On his twentyfirst birthday his grand mother died singularly died on his eighteenth and he then determined to either travel and see the world or go on the While the acceptance of a position in a wholesale housr at Kio Janeiro was being considered he had an opportunity to appear at the Sadler Wells theatre by buying worth of Couldoek made his first appearance as somewhat promi nent part for one who had never trod the boards He was encouraged by the presence of his friends in the silk who turned out in force at his Af ter the performance they held a and a committee appointed which in a few days presented him with to start him as an He obtained an engage ment to appear at the Theatre Farn in This theatre turned out to be a room in the Bucks Head and his nominal salary was fifteen shillings per he never But he had good parts to play and he was Then he became a barn The barus were not such unattractive its one would for they were covered on the interior with green or otherwise played the leading The dis tance betueeu the different towns where the company played was generally from fifteen to twenty and be always walked from town to town aud studied on the getting up in such parts as Rich Hamlet and the leading Shakesperean During this period he played with the great Charles Keene and Ellen who afterward became In a year or two Couldoek wont to Lon and was offered an engagement by At this time also Charlotte who was in offered him an engagement to play lealing parts with her in Couldoek accepted iliss Cushmans and reached New York in the autumn of opening at the Broadway theatre in the Stranger to Miss Cushmans There was as marked a prejudice in Amer impersonating the chai was accustomed to wear the same pair of shoes that he wore when he first played the part He bought them in Eng land wben ho first came and wore them first on the When they be gan to get shabby he wore them in the ap propriate parts on the They grew more arid more and gradually descended in the social scale until when Couldoek found them just right for the part in which he now wears and for that part he has worn them and carefully preserved them ever He said of them They are not a sightly pah of but theres a deal of character in and I wouldnt part with them for a storeful of now ELECTRIC CANAL SONGS WE USED Some Old Melodies and Their Local How and From Whom Came The Old Uiikeu MfB oiT tlitt Oceun ami Other Introduction of tlio New Motive Power Would Ruin tho There has appeared in a mechanical pnblicatioi the x statement An electrk of sug gests a plan to reduce very largely the cost of transportation on the Erie canaL His plan is to the trolley now generally in use on street to the If the overhead trolley system canbe applied to street railways at a cost of about half that of horse he why can it not taliej the place of canal miiles with a like rei duction of cost The poles and other appliances for the overhead and in fact the whole covering whole length of the be readily arranged without AT A TAULE small andi old fashioned cosy chop way down says the New York sat two veritable Bohemians tho other and over their pipes exchanged Their talk after a while touched upon old familiar many of which possess peculiarly interesting local Now theres The Old Oaken said one of the Bohemians that song had its birth up here in Duane street in 1817 Samuel a gifted but erratic was living there at the One hot summers day he went into his house and drank a glass of that tastes but how wish that I could driak just at this minute from the old oakea bucket on my fathers Woodworths wife remarked What a poem could written on that thoughtl The printer pondered for a uice our in hordes composed of a few families de pends on the nature the the parched deserts of the south they are not even united to this Some times theyaro to n certain extent de pendent on more powerful who afford them protection in return for cer tain Their notions of the Un when they have would appear to be of the very Their lan guages seem to be distinct from related among themselves and very pe Werner in Popular Science GEN FREMONTS GREAT MENS MUSHM Dean Swift Said All Men Are Mad in Some The lalints nifasiiivluss blue Hitsias Urwul breast r 1llHKl rruivnet IIIOIIUL unrest ik of n HI liit t The m Isit sneet tillailIll iHllnuUl Til lieiylils nliovt Thi1 wonders in wails ell but Goiij lorey Ami ncr tho sannpruiil suiry Is irand rai fliwirs Twit miles in sunlight Or blooms in ja lulling Thelumpsc dnth while work His Anil lead in 1 IKpxaii ajU Tnculy million SEW the year when the British Mil Foreign Bihlisociety was ww copies of New iKUinents and portions of Scripture we Of these tho two Prat societies of Great Britain and The en receipts of two great Bible and TOt societies of the two countries since Weir organization foot up f all tins belongs to the present in aited Presbyterian says Penn hy church proves its 8 rigardrf as tlie home of Pres Jf janisni in this Of our own live within its and Ohio i th 1 live in a there aroin Sew York and louble the numbeiin at in of the unequal distribution of forthe conversion of the I enter American villages with a of There are Chuidles and three church is ever comfortably k l ttle people who attend the Sabbath in one edifice jieoiily an ordinary congrega ni It is not too lnuch to say etber of those three stationed rauld easily preach to and t whole If those two Tlio Coincident On Glade West resides the coincident a family which in one respect at the most peculiar of any in the whole The Franklins are a family of The father and mother were married on the 14th of They have had nine all of whom were born on the 14th of Five of the nine are strange to single one nf them breathed his last on the fateful 14th day of The name of the iiuad of the family is Joshua He was a Confederate and was captured twice and had two brothers killed in the war between the All foiir of these mishaps and misfortunes of war on the memorable 14th day of In the neighborhood where the Frank lin family in for miles outside of their immediate the Franklins of Glade mountain are looked upon with superstitious It is said that not a single human being who knows of the mystery surrounding the family can be prevailed upon to stay in the house or about the premises on either the day or night of Louis Makes What do you think of a woman who can run a f actonand turn out ci gar boxes a day Think she is a myth she is but a fair and forty of womanhood who can balance 200 pounds and manage a force of twenty Her name is Mary her factory is on Attor ney and her husband is the head assistant of her establishment Not very many years ago this majestic merchant was employed in a box factory with Hundreds of other little She was quick ambitious aud A young fellow named Bleffert had charge of her Headuiired her love admiration and marriage There was no wedding no kalsomincd no satin rib bons and no foolish There was a and it has not There was a toy savings then a bank a lot of dreaming and planning and than the Bleffert box It is right that the strong thould and thats what Mary Bleffert has been doing for the last five and thats why she is mistress of a prosperous York Coloreil It may not be generally known that much of the sculpture of ancient Athens was originally painted in bright colors Until recently archaeologists maintained the theory that the refined art of the Greeks had found its expression in the pure form of the disregarding color and any evidences to the con trary were as only giving rise to troublesome subversive of the true worship of Greek art Within the past few several in teresting pieces of painted sculpture have been discovered which have given rise to some interesting speculations among students and CHARLES ica against anything English at this time as there is now a leaning in that and the feeling seemed to be strongest against English Seven years later occurred the celebrated Astor Place riots in New in wRich Macready was so shamefully The critics abused Couldoek The Philadelphia Dispatch alone would have snuffed out the genius of a less per sistent The only decent said this that Couldock did in was his fight and his and if that had occurred in the first act instead of the fifth the audience would have leen greatly Couldock managed to weather the preliminary and after Cushnmu left again for Europe he went to the Walnut Street where he remained four years as leading becoming a great During this time the fa mous Celeste played a star engage ment at the and produced the Willow in which Couldock The span would not be too wide at any A reporter asked the opinion of William the electrical neer of the Watervliet Railroad com Miller said certain ly it can be I do not see why the same motive power of turning a wheel by the electric current cannot be util i2ed on a canal boat as well as on a The only question is the If they want to put through such a scheme it will cost As to there being a reduction of expense from that required for horse or mule power I cannot as I am not well enough acquainted with the canal to A very extended and interesting opin ion on the feasibility of the canal elec trical scheme was given by John of the Ronan Towing Ronan said The plan which yon ex plain to me is not a new one by any The first man who broached the Erie canal trolley system to me was an who is demented on the sub ject of 1 think of course merely from a not a point of view that the scheme is im There are a thousand and one objec tions to it which present themselves to any for the trolley It must be remembered that it is canal boats and not horse cars that are to be run The horse car is forced to go in a certain line by the solid But would not a canal boat waver so from side to side that it would be impossible to keep a trolley wheel on that set wire Then there would be the continual probability of the wires blowing down and in other ways being How are the trolleys to be managed going through locks you do not travel up and down grade in an inclined posi tion as a car are always on a What would they do at the six teen locks with the trolley system I think the trolley system on the canal is utterly out of It em braces so many points where complica tions might and so uiucfi cost of that 1 think it is entirely Supposing it were adopt Supposing that the or more boats on the canal were on that or the At any time a boat is liable to leak or to have an accident oc cur to its What then is to be done It would block the whole and that could not be One of the main will say the main the introduction of this system would be its reduction of That is what we are looking As canal boats are now constructed the introduc tion of the trolley system would revolu tionize the whole There would have to be special boats built for the introduction of motors and propelling That would throw the great army of canal boats that are now being used off the for no boats that did not run by electricity could navigate in those Can we afford to do this Then the introduction of a motor into a canal boat would in crease its tonnage greatly I would reduce its carrying capacity almost 20 per and sitting downat the nearest table began to Soon the touching verses beginning How dear to this heart are the scenes of my childhood were Soon afterward the words were coupled with a melody composed by Kiallmark for Arabys and were sung far and Spare That is an other famous based on a local in said the second The words were written by George who lived in New York almost all his life and died here in When he was a boy his home was on a farm not far from He was wont to play there under an old tree planted by his Many years after he had left the farm and the property had passed out of the hands of his family he happened in that neighborhood one and saw a man about to cut down the old familiar He begged tha man to and received the gruff response that the tree would bring for He gave the man the money and took a bond for the safe protection of the Soon afterward he wrote the noted which was set to music by Henry Rus Tlto Plonkers Clemency to a Condemned Mexican Prisoner of Just before the capture of San Luis Obispo the men under Fremont had been subjected to great exposure and to privation and hardships of all and their hatred of the lleiicanshad reached its In facti it was pretty clearly understood that if any of the enemy was unfortunate enough to fall into their hands they would spend but little time or sentiment in disposing of On two days after the taking of the thepickets captured Don Jose de Jesu who was called Totct He was tried by court martial on the charge of breaking his was found guilty and was sentenced to be The fact that Pico was a leader rendered him still more an object of hatred and and on every side were heard murmurs of approval when it was decid ed that he should pay the penalty of his treachery with his The execution was ordered for half past 10 oclock in the and at 10 oclock the whole battalion was ordered to parade on the where the execu tion was to take The prisoner was confined in a room in the with two or three of his of was awaiting the coming of the prisoners family to take their last farewell of the beloved husband and The with bowed was seated on one and opposite stood Fremont with folded arms aud face unmoved from its usual stern de The officers in grim silence were grouped about when the with her eight or nine yotmg entered dressed in the deepest The wife was a beautiful woman of stately and the children of delicate and refined No word was ut tered to break the which had grown Then the children fell upon their and with tearful eyes and outstretched hands mutely iu that town will ja for a place to labor I will hiir choice of villages which the name 1 Christ has been dlurcl1 ilj Paris TO3 four A A curious coincidence said to have occurred in one of tinLondon chess re A gentleman wis looking on for being played be some time a g tween two excellent tie lett them still The mat day he started for a long sojourn He wisaway neirly live during which tiuiB he had been round the On his return to London weal to the same chess resort that he had formerly and at the wune table as Ixfore were the same two players waom V JKU before left at the appeared as Luke This was Couldocks first great hit After the answering a call before the he led Celeste Instead of assum ing the ovation to be hers she presented Couldock to the audience and said to This play belongs to you and you She did more than She pre sented him with a copy of the and he continued to play in it for many Couldock was connected with one of the oddest incidents in the history of the American He was engaged to play for the season of 1S3S0 at Laura Kcenes theatre in New The season opened with the Willow which ran one a long time in those and was followed the next week by Couldocks great success Louis XL One day a play was read to Couldock and who was also of the with a view to their taking Theres nothing in that for aud I wont play said Sothern said the This brought Miss Keene to sec She told them that the backer was in love with the and was determined that it should be she intimated to the two actors that they would either have to tak parts or leave the Both were rather hard up at the and felt constrained to Miss threw a sop to them Ullini them to do anything they liked with their intimating at the same time that the play would probably run but a Acting upon this hint Sothern jiiyed his with n view to making it That play was the celebrated American Sothern s caricature of Lord Dundreary made him famous Joe Jeffersons Asa Trenchard brought reputation to thefuture groat Rip Van and Couldocks Abel Mur cott surely did him no Indeed it was a great advantage to be in such a play even in a mediocre That play had the longest run any play every had m America up to that Jefferson afterward paid premium for a box at a benefit for the man who as Abel Mur cott had helped him to make his name m the American Couldocks great part of late years has been Dnnstan in the play of Hazel which was suggested by the Willow two being very similar but Couldoek said that the old plavwas immensely stronger and better than the new Hazellvirke how known to the present while its predecessor Is There is an interesting fact about the Couldocks part in Hazel Wlieu DuasUn ie dementoU anfl forlorn A Thousand Guineas tlio The largest fee ever paid to Scotch advocate was that of guineas sent to the lord advocate with his brief in the recent action with reference to the Murthly Five hundred guineas was the fee at first but this was not enough to induce his lordship to leave lus duties in Some time ago the lord advocate received a fee of 800 guineas in a court of sessions then the highest fee known in It is curious that both fees should have been supplied by American Kennedy and Ross and it ia equally curious that both of them lost their actions in the Cheap Some idea of the quality of what is known as penny dreadful in England rnay be obtainedfrom the state ment that si the wife of a well known had occasion to com plain several times that her cook neg lected her Finally this negligence became so gross that the mistress was compelled to haul her over the What was her amazement to be calmly informed by the young woman that she was BO much occupied with the novel she was writing for a weekly paper that she i bad no time to attendto her duties the v A Little Kusty on Professor to inquire about your son 1 havent seen him at the academy I hope you have not decided to keep him out of Farmer I Ive set Jimmie to blasting out stumps for awhile till he gets his bearings I guess we can save but he was purty badly put o Came home tother nightand commenced to talk to me about iron Times How Beautiful Is a wonderful thing is nat ure How grand How comprehen sive even the smallest plant or the smallest insect has got a Latin The favorable Impression produced on tho first appearance of tho agreeable liquid fruit Syrup of Figs a few years ago has been more than confirmed by the pleasant experience of all who have used and the success of the pro prietors and manufacturers tho Cali fornia Fig Syrup have heard how A Life on the Ocean Wave came to be 1 sup pose queried the first as he moistened his No it was this Epes Sargent was walking along the edge of the Battery one bright morning when the numerous danc ingon the glistening brought to his mind a suggestion made to him some time before by his Henry that he write a marine He wrote the words of on theOcean and showed them to George who remarked that they made a nice lit tle but they would not do for a Soon afterward Russell met Sargent and asked him for the Taking them to a music store at Broadway and Park Russell went into a little back seated himself at a piano and in a few minutes composed the air of the famous Sargent never received a cent for although the sales of the song were Ben you was a noted song along about continued the first The original words of that song were written in 1812 by Thomas Dunn of while on a visit to New and sent as a gratuitous contribution to a maga zine edited by his friend Some years afteward the verses were re peated from memory to Nelson a New York who set them to adapting an old German The instantaneous success of Ben Bolt made it a source of great profit to its but Kneass died in complaining that he only received a trifle I for his So far as ie known the writer of the original verses got But few writers of popular songs ever made any money out of oracular ly remarked the second Theres the familiar case of John How ard a New York who wrote Sweet while starving in an attic in The song was to be sung in his the Maid of Payne never got anything for and later in his life he wrote to a friend in this city How often have I been in the heart of Lon don or some other and have heard persons singing or band organs playing Sweet Home without having a shilling to buy myself the next meal or a place to lay tny Paynes case was a pathetic assented Bohemian but there have been instances where song writers made a great deal of money and did not know how to keep Take the experience of Stephen Collins for He produced Old Kentucky Old Dog Old Folks at Uncle Nedand scores of other popular songs for which he re ceived largesumsof It isamat ter of record that more than copies of Old Dog Tray were sold in eighteen Foster was a happygolucky Some of his most famous songs were written on brown wrapping paper in the back part of a downtown grocery in this He wastaken sick here and was conveyed to a where he died penniless Another man who received large sums of money for his songs was Henry of this the author of Wake Marching Through Georgia and Grandfathers The sales 6ftfie last mentioned song were and Work received in royalties on that York begged for the life so dear to Among the officers present was that stern Richard who had never feared a living but whose eyes were then dimmed with tears at the pathetic sight before Sudden for he could no longer control him he uttered the one Colonel Fremonts face relaxed its determined and he I know we had rather meet a thou sand of them in the field tomorrow than take this one Turning to the pris oner he You are pardoned you are The prisoner fell upon his knees at Fremonts feet and pressed the hein of his cloak to his exclaiming brokenly in Spanish My life was You have given it and henceforth it shall be devoted to Instantly Pico ordered that his horse be and from that day on there was no more devoted follower of Fremont through danger of every kind than the man whose life he had given back to San Francisco Which Go to Show the Truth ut IIU Who aw mid Were lolluenced by IT HAS been said or sung that all men arc more or lets differing only in Certainly those who are considered which category the gentle reader is liable to and it depends upon the extent to which we givo way and believe the illusions of the whether we walk abroad with our follies or are placed in a padded room Byron often received visits from a but he knew it to be a creation of the imaginationPope saw an arm ap parently come through and made inquiries after its Goethe states that saw counterpart of himself coming toward Ben Jonson spent the watches of the night an interested spectator of a crowd of Turks aud Roman who rose up and fought round his ann cbair till Jonson heard his mother call his name ina clear though she was at the time in an other And Sir Joshua leaving his thought the lamps were trees and the men and women bushes agitated by the VIS10X3 JSicolai was alarmed at the appearance of a dead body which vanished and came again at This was followed by human which cameinto the and after gazing upon him for a while None of his friends was among the faces he After enjoying a silent acquaintance with his visitors for some they began to and he describes their converse tion as brief and Such visi itors would cause many to lose their but Nicoiai knew they were but the effects of the saw similar figures and and after recovering from a momentary he set him self to study the habits and customs of his curious This he had ample op portunity to as they remained with him three days and There was one human face constantly before him for twentyfour the features and headgear as distinct as those of a living yet having no resemblance to any one he had ever Finally the phantom to make way for troops of little human which disported themselves like fanticcini for his The says that Nico iai andBostockdid not become hopeless eacn snoeis aoont 114 square while the total weight of a single e plete shoe u about tmryono being loaded with lead prevent much public competit of swimmers provided with this and those without it is said to suited much in favor of the Chicago An fiverlusting To build a chimney that will draw forever and not fill up with soot you must build it large sixteen inches square use good brick and clay instead of lime up to the comb plaster it inside with clay mixed with salt for chimney tops use the very best of wet them and lay them in cement mor The chimney should not be built tight to beams and rafters there is where the cracks in your chimneys and where most of the fires origi as the chimney sometimes gets red A chimney built from the cellar p is better and less dangerous than one ung on the Do not get your stove ipe hole too close to the but bout eighteen inches from York JournaL Aliiuy r Admirers has the White Rose L The African Jygmic The name of applied by some to these lias been objected to ai implying deformity IT growth and therefore couveyiug wrong im Nothing of the kind can be said of the African who though of short are well shapei people of perfectly normal I is trnn that the Hottentots anU Bush men show certain strange anatomica but these may be said ti be more or less in par at the result of special and tin favorable conditions of The pygmies are nomadic in their and neither keep cattle nor til the but live by hunting anc snaring wild animals and or under the most unfavorable circum on wild roots and berries Their weapons are always bows and ar the latter usually resource of the They have no fixed and if the build shelters at all only construct rud huts They have no go nor do they form regular com munitifs thev usnallv wander abou Tlie 1ollte When Moreau was in the United States he was once the victimof roll He was pres nt at a concert where a piece was sung iy the choir with the refrain Having a very imperfect knowledge if English he fancied it to be a cantata given in his and thought he dis inguished the words To to Each time the refrain was repeated he rose to his feet and gracefully bowed on all to the great astonishment of the who did not know what to make of Powers of the English Professor Jacob the author of he most learned German grammar jointly with his the bestGerman says Among all the mod ern languages none by giving up and confounding all the laws of ind by cutting off nearly all the inflec acquired greater strength and vigor than the Its fullness of free middle which cannot be ly insane was because they never believed m the reality of the The effects of the illusions of some men have been felt in Religions have been founded on the words of men supposed to have been but who were merelvsuffering from a form of madness which medical science calls Oliver lying sleepless on his saw the curtains open and a gigan tic woman who told him he would become the greatest man in Eng In 1SOG having important entered the emperors apartment and found the great war rior iu a rap gazing at the ceil The made an intentional Napoleon seized his ami Look np there He icoisl nid saw said the do you not see it It is my star i is before you beaming it has nevir I see it on every jreat occurrence urging me onward it is an unfailing omen of spnirrs THAT Some men have been inspired to per severe io their lifes work by self con jured lying wounded dunsir jhs riege of saw the encouraged him to prose cute Beuvtcuto im rssolved to free him self rr istf but was deterred by the of a young woman of wondrons whose reproaches tnrnwl him From his This and consoled him on othffir occasions he was low spirit was followed by an in visible person whose voice he heard urg ing him to continue his researches after Many have fondly clung to their illu and though reasonable in most things have at least been distinctly mad hi Tasso firmly believed that he had a familiar whose great de light and chief recreation was to con verse with His Man tried to persuade him of this whereupon the poet offered to introduce his unbelieving friend to the But though he often heard Tasso in conver sation with the imaginary it never mMle itself visible to other Few believe that Luther actually held a warm discussion with an important personage from the other yet that he believed itj himself we have his and he has even left on record some ac count of the from which it would that his opponent is not so wily as we have been led to At any rate he could not wind himself argu meutatively round the sturdy priest while chanting the Mis erere and De fondly be lieved that the sounds he emitted were Locus The people of Zanzibar stand high for the comprehensive character their Among other delicaci are small monkey and fruit eating Locusts are relished by the of Mesopotamia and some other eastern tribes They are placed on strings and eaten on journeys with bitter and leavened The whot were prohibited eating many lands of food our larger experience teaches us are palatable and as well as some that we do not venture to were permitted to have their fin of lo The locust is an article of diettothiaj but only of the very poor it thrown into boffinswater and eaten with To live on locusts and vsBd honey conveys a more accurate picture of extreme poverty and frugality to a traveler in the east than to any one are not always sometimes they are eaten They are said to have a strong vegetable the flavor largely as be on the plants on which l they have been Living who showed his sense by not being considered palatable when Scottish Re The Musical Sense in The higher animals can also enjoy as my house cat when she comes at the playing of the piano to Jt sit by the and sometimes jumps into her lap or on the key board of the I know o a in a family iu which comes in Eka manner when there is often from distant opening the door with his I knew of another usually v thoroughly which played the vagabond for love of f Whenever the semiannual mass was celebrated in the city he could not be Kept at the As soon as the soj called who were accusj tomed to play at this time in the i appeared he would run away and follow j them from morning till Evidently neither cats nor nor other animals that listen to human were constituted the appro ciation of for it is not of the slightest use to them in the struggle for they and their organs of ing were much older than man and hia Their power of appreciating music is therefore an irmaonteniplated side faculty of a hearing apparatus which has become on other grounds what we find it to So it I with man He has not acquired his musical as but has re ceived a highly developed organ of hear ing by a process of because it was necessary to him in the selective and this organ of hearing pens also to be adapted to listening to Popular Science A Cat i We see a cat come stealthily rubbing up against a chair the head inclined coquettishly over one regard ing us with a furtively coaxing J With a flirt like whether maid there is no occasion for cereJw You snatch her up and on your knee she pretends to be offended and to struggle to But she curls herj self tip with a sensuous purr when begin tickling the fur that lies Just be hind the and thenceforth it is an plain It is very different with a corpulent and sturdy though he may have luxuriated in comfortable quarters all his had his sad and seen some thing of the worst side of human Mischievous boys have heaved half bricks at ill bred and unsympa thetic servants have resented his patri cian expelling him with igno miny from the lower and some times punching his Even his who is the reverse of a pusso may never have appreciated him according to his No wonder that a cat of that stamp should be slightly misanthropic and he mistrusts a strangers there is something ia your voice which sends a quiver through his ears and makes him visibly relax the rigidity of his but only is the cause of an essential force of etpression such as perhaps never stood at the command of any other language of A Hearty A well known traveling agent for a Philadelphia carriagepaper has carried off the honors for eating in this At a recent meal for himself he consumed two whole fried Maryland five pounds one extra porterhouse ten ears of one dozen toma toes sliced with one quart stewed potatoes and one dozen corn He was the only man who partook of the and he did not fall into ashes when he The Sense of Smell is the most acute by far of the five human Take an ounce of powerful of leave it where the atmosphere is open on a for a At the end of that having for full twelve months rendered odorous the whole air in its the most delicate scales cannot detect that it has lost particle in weight Yet the smell has been infinitely microscopic portions of the musV floating off and ex citing impressions upon the nerve pa pillae under the delicate lining of the nasal passages for this is what smell The sense has grown almost ru dimentary in human beings through want of necessity for its use under civilJ ized but it is highly that the cave men had it quite as well developed an the sharpest nosed York of the nature and had the full effect of a Count Emmanuel Swedenborg believed that he had the privilege of in terviewing persons in the spirit Jean Engelbrecht was under a similar Zimmerman was for some time in constant fear of an imaginary whom he expected to arrive at any break into and wreck his J r 5 IV of Great It is a singular fact that great men seldom leave Na all prove this Shakespeare left only two whose children died the nearest relative to the great poet now living is one Thomas a resident of Aus is said to be the eighth in descent fiom Shakespeares sister Walter Scotts line ended with the sec ond or third Miles ami An Important They act on stomach aridbowels through the A now They spaed lly cure bad torpid piles and Splendid for women and 30 doses for 25 Samples free at Wlttos drujr store large line of fall and winter under wear at BYESGTOX X5PC Swimming A Spaniard his patented an invention relating to the manufacture of having webs between the like those the feet of water fowl so that on spreading out the fingers during the propelling stroke in swimming a com paratively large surface will be present ed to the and consequently the propelling action will be greatly in Apparatus heretofore devised as aids to swimmrag have been In most cases of a heavy fatiguing to use and subject to become The inventor claims that his apparatus is exceedingly besides being portable and reliable and easy to affording a firm and sure hold on the and enabling the swimmer not only to keep himself above the wa but also to perform rapid evolutions with Another method of facilitating swim ming is reported from England in shape of an indention of a swimming The boot consists of canvas tops and wooden attached to which are two blades of mahogany some are made of which close with the forward motion of the legs and open with the backward The sur face measurement of the two bUdas on The Trice of HU One of the wittiest and most popular of American writers tells of his elation in the budding days cf his authorship when he saw his name in a long list of Autographs of distinguished men sale displayed in a shop tering with an air of How do you sell Blanks a graphs naming Two for three was prompt I left the he a saddeclj and wiser If they had said ceutji I could have borne it twoQg for like a rotten banana Franvfl that hour I adjured popular applausBiT yew York The groceresses of New toe a feminine number Nearl all are Catherine Egb of 647 Washington of a skilled preferring tob conducts retail business by and is proud happy in the success she is makingof it More sweet things are done by Q gray raven haired me chant than the world will ever knovi Her ledger is black with bills thats has no expectation of bntthatij docs not harden her in the least andjSo woman or child is ever denied theeredfts asked at her York Worli We find Patricks PUIsto besifec extra and to give splendid satisfactio They are now about the only kind calle t sale by all r the eloquent Monday

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