Friday, September 26, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - September 26, 1890, Burlington, Iowa V9ti 1 x g jjjjjjj WAT House Postmaster Charged Improper W in the House Pro Tor BU lu the house a resolu the clerk of eW forward to the governor of of the resolution dcelar a vacancy in the second dsmct that state ve then proceeded to the coii of the conference report on f ho had nf the made a brief ex ioJits The confer were Mi kinports on the bill authorizing of public lands by incorporated for cemetery and park leitiir w for the relief of he n the Xoitheru Pacific iu hnds and the bill granting a on of SUM Ier i0011 m tlle wldow of offered aresolution ttotltis alleged that the post er of whose milisto let contracts for the carry nf mails let a contract to one bamuel a year on condition tTnlbertson should pay him Wheat SECT mouth outof the money received the government and that Wheat Jrcdvo that amount for five an investigation of these el and outlier matters pertaining to its of said his lu nation was that this practice on the Jtofthe postmaster had been obtained several congresses The post become satisfied that this uot u proper and legitimate therefore had covered ry dollar hit the It Hopkins offered an amendment iiidine the investigation into the the postmaster in the forty aMh and fiftieth I jitter some debate this was agreed to Ind lie as was in this upon wore found to contain lottery advertise The officers of the Advafacr company of this city were also required to give bonds for their appearance at the November term of the United States court for publishing lottery advertise ments on last PKEMOKTS Her Son nciiiea She IK In Straightened Tribune tomorrow will have an interview with Lieutenant Francis Preston a son of the late General now stationed at who says the published reports con cerning the financial condition of his mother and sister in California greatly While they have no means of their yet they have a regular income out of his and his brothers also look for the restoration of seven acres of land in San Francisco formerly owned by her husband and which the govern ment seized and used for a military inasmuch as fiftythree others who were on the tract at the same time as General have had titles She is also hopeful that pension for her relief will be passed at an early Fremont and daugh ter reside in California on account of throat and lung Lieutenant Fremont says he would have them make their home with him if they could endure the The same is true of his brother stationed at LAEOS of Xew chairman of especial committee on the Silcott de calkj u lue Dil definiug the of the sergeantatarms and it It is framed to guard against Jay possibility of repetition of defalca tion and it is only when payment is icnaly made by the sergeantavarms the members that any receipt can be His compensation is limited to the present A bond of r The bill was passed appropriating WO to enable the secretary of the navy to purchase nickel ore or metal Jorihe manufacture of nickel and steel armor THE Stock Switchmen und KII frlueerti to llngtou the result of several conferences held by swiuih meu and engineers working in the stock yards they have withdrawn their objec tions to working witli the Bur lington and Quincy railroad crews ex cept iu the case of one The switchmeu and railroad authorities wil hold a coufereiice this afternoon and compromise wil probably be arrived The Slrilce on the ITulon was verj little change in the switchuiens1 strike in the Union Pacific yards The company is working thirtyfive new uiei and seven engines and declare that un der Kurus they have today freight than they did with the old force uf 12r ineut and thirty engines in the same length of None of the strikers have signified a desire to returt and probably all their places will be filled by new men and it is likely also tin switchmens brotherhood will refuse tc take up the 1ort of Delivery at 1eoria the senate house bill to provide for the estab jtof a purl of delivery at was reported from the com ittee onuoinmerce and The request of the house for a coufcr ies on tlie deficiency bill was complied Allison and Cock jtllntre appointed conferrees on the jurt of the Plumb reported the senate joint mutiou authorizing the extension for ieear of the time of payment for laud a preemption ur homestead claims by reason of a failure to crops Is unable 10 make the pay K mat within the time prescribed by I The calendar was then taken The Infest bill upoii the house bill to pre Mintthe productions of convict labor E fan using furnished or for the use jny department of the government Hind to prevent the product of convict Iwing used upon public build or other public was passed filter a short The house bill to ki nend the act to prohibit the importa lion immigration of foreigners and under contract or agreement to Spirfurn labor In the United its inrritories and District of taken The bill was laid aside J without action on objection of The following bills among others were Senate bill for the relief of the iSleekbridge tribe of Indians in Wiscon sin senate bill to authorize the acqulsi 11lon of lands for coke ovens aud other jimprovements and for the right of way railroads and tramways neonneciion with coal mines the sen Si ate bill requiring the United States to defend the title of homesteads under the ITS of the United States in all suits It rtcre land is claimed to be mineral be Clerlts Operators TKKIIK time ago a federation was formed of a number of operators and clerks on road comprising thu Mackey with a view of securing increased It wa the intention soon to make a demand but learning the secretary o the of Prince had been many of in men decided to strike at A de mand was made on the company fo Sears reinstatement and an increase i mat ter would have to be taken under advise ment and last night the men struck President o the telegraphed the men o the Evansville and Terre Haute a Evansvillc and Indianapolis roads to g to work pending a Tb compauy claims Sears was discharged not because of the but other good There was som delay to trains this bu none to HIS SALAKY A Itevereiid OoiitlemHii Arrested for Rais ing u llank of was arrested in his city this while u his way to attend the Wisconsin con ference at on a charge of raising a bank On his person were found a number of mutilated S10 and S20 bills together with a bottle of mucilage and He is twentyeight years of age and a wife and lour THOMPSON HELD TO The Jlurnslde Shootist Held In in Special to Thu Uoodly crowds from Dallas City and Burnside were on hand today to witness the pre BAD FOR eslerdays Proceedings in Woodstock Murder the luring Reading of Certain Telegrams the 1rlBonerH Face Is SulTuited Wltli u Flufth of Lock luirts desire to push the Birchell trial through n shorter time thau it has threatened to the court mut this morning at half an hour earlier than crowd gathered around the cab to see ho prisoner on his In spite of luudrcds of eyes which are watching him the prisoner does not He as in the dock this morning about wenty minutes before the judge le was attended by his special who stated that Uirchell ad slejt well and eaten a hearty break There was even a greater attend ince of ladies than on any previous oc Their entrance in crowds just as the court opened interrupted the proceed and made several calls of silence and even then the proceedings lad to be suspended for a time until was The lirst witness was manager of the Imperial bank He deutilled the signature of Somer 3 tioning which resulted a confessioi involving Clark am James Bowers as the This when he reiterated his and Bowers and Clark were promptly Their bearing Is set for September The evidence against them is A FIENDISH Attempt to ISuru an Old Keftldent of Illooiuington to an old resident and business man of relates a curious occurrence which happened to hitniyes terday and came near bringing his existence to a sudden Tuesday said I spent the evening at my home playing cards with a few old I retired quite and awakening before day I scratched a when mv bed broke out in a solid sheet of I was badly scorched and burned about the hands and but managedto extinguish the which had extended to the bed I found that the carpet and other things in the room had been satur ated with which I believe was done during the night while I with the intention of causing my Belcham has left the house and taken a room in another part of believing that he is threatened with death where he has He states that he has found poison about the and that his physician says that he has been the victim of slow Bel MORE IRISH BLOOD Tipperary Police Attack the Crowd at the DillonOBrien Timothy Uarrlniton Severely citing at the Court A Profound Sensation Caused at ause of the phosphate The senate resumed consideration of I ike senate bill to establish a United States laud but adjourned without of THE TARIFF IOonfa Have Uctluitely Decided to Report the llill Buck to the House To inorn j Ing the democratic members of the con I lerence committee on the tariff bill joinec their republican associates and began the elimination of the amendments agreed ly the republicans since they were list Xo agreement has been readied respecting sugar and binding f although the conferrees had Miswcr to inquiries that they hoped expected to come to an amicable un hf demanding today and be able to report w bill The couferrees separated without f rcwhingan It is almost cer in the bill will be reported tomorrow HIKU what basis the agreement will made Is ww this evening it is learned the Mnferrees huve definitely decided to re Wttlie bill back to the house tomor It is expected the report will be of before the house adjourns for iminary examination of Walter Thomp of for filling Sim a hotel landlord of Dallas with bird Thompson waived ex amination and was held under bonds to appear for trial at the October term of the circuit which he fur Simmons was present today and presents a truly pitiable Only 9 of the shot have been ex tracted from his body and is literally covered with It is feared thatthc shooting scrape will go hard with Thomp who is well connected in the BUSINESS Tlie Iron City Bridge of 1Itts Go Under for court today a judgment of against the Iron City Bridge company was formally en tered upon the public The story of the embarrassment is this Ihe Oliver Iron and Steel company were en dorsers on notes from the bridge com pany which were to fall due at diflereut The bond given was that in case of failure to pay iet on certain checks as that of the pris oner who opened an account with the mperial bank on the 10th or llth of He identified also let ters as those of the On cross examination by the chief counsel for the the witness aid the account was opened iu the usual way and checks drawn as He had no reason to being an old resident of and as he had not seen the prisoner that the prisoner had just arrived iu town when he opened the aank chief counsel for the wanted to put in as aud have entered en the certain letters to through whom the prisoner and lienwell were brought hut Blackstock strongly objected on the ground that though the handwriting was proved the fact of mailing the letters or their receipt by Mellerish was not This point was noted by the who said that if he decided that the evidence should not be received he would so instruct the The letters were They state that the prisoner had seen young Benwell and his and they had decided that the young man should come to They wanted him to go for three and to pay for his bargain if he liked it after a trial of that The letters the skeleton of the correspond ence which took place from the time the negotiations were entered upon with telegrams sent ostensibly from the Staf ford but really from the telling him at Niagara Falls to ship heavy baggage to Niagara The effect of these telegrams was to show that the prisoner had carried on a systematic deceit on Beuwell and his and after the young mans dis appearance on young who was with and very anxious about Ben well not During the reading of these telegrams exposing his fraud Birchells usually pale complexion was suffused with a slight flush of He made notes occasionally during the read ing of the Conductor Poole of the Grand Trunk railroad testified that to the best of his knowledge there were only two passen gers on his train for Eastwood on Feb ruary He thought they came through from Suspension They he thought at the English and answered in appearance to the prisoner and He saw that one had very high boots of English with the trowsers rolled This he bore a strong resemblance to the though he could not swear to his His evidence was in the main the same as he had given at the in quest and at the preliminary investiga In reply to questions by Black Poole said he traveled an average of over a thousand miles a and handled in a year hundreds of thou sands of Blackstock read from the evidence of the witness at the first showing that his present testimony was different on some Miss of said she was traveling February from Paris past Woodstock she saw two pas chain has recently had as his life is heavily heis of the opinion that his taking off has been THE CORDELL MURDER has again flowed in Ireland and police bludgeons have been used on the heads of unoffend ing Tipperary ib the scene of the and prominent Englishmen whose testimony will be believed by their countrymen were witnesses of the dis graceful London is already ex cited over the news of the bloodshed pub lished in the afternoon papers and the most sensational reports are In circula Telegrams from Illingworth and others received at the National Liberal club leave no room to doubt that the attack on the people was deliberate and When the people were attacked they defended themselves vigorously and many of the police were severely Troops have been ordered to the scene and it is believed by the liberal leaders that everything possible will be done by the castle officials and partisan magis trates to provoke a further conflict that would enable them to strike terror by ordering the troops to fire on the The people in Tipperary are excited enough to do anything and it requires the utmost efforts of their leaders to them OBRIENS reaches New York the head of the Bour bons will hear a chorus of disapproval that will astonish GENERAL FOREIGN insurance Iolicyilolders Warned to lie pose tlie Suspected Mur ously with the publication of the detec tives reports in the Ella Cordell case have come anonymous warnings to policyholders in the Industry Mutual Fire Insurance company that unless they depose Creel from the company secretaryship their barns will be Creel is unpleasantly connected with the Cordell murder and indignation against him is OLD SOLDIER BOYS AT The Sixth Annual Military Tract Keuuloii sixth annual reunion of the soldiers and sail ors of the military tract was formally opened here yesterday by Commander of The address of welcome was delivered by Mayor Bur The city is crowded with old and all the business houses and dwellings are handsomely The veterans are encamped at Camp in South tents are pitched for that Several addresses were delivered by prominent recalling war life with its hardships and A display of fireworks concluded the exercises of the A big nearly were present The cold and rain kept a large number The features of the day were the grand parade in the morning and addresses by John Block and Ike of The day closed with a rousing camp RAILROAD Movement Scotch home rule movement was formally launched at a conference which commenced its ses sions In Edlnburg The plans of the leaders look to the eventual estab lishment of a federal system for Eng Scotland aud with a central Imperial parliament for the whole Sir George Otto Trevel formerly of Gladstones cabinet and one time chief secretary for is making a tour of Skye and incident ally making to the unfor tunate dwellers in that beautiful and fertile These which are not calculated to add to the peace of mind of the are enthusiastically received by the peo Trevelyan warmly advocates the establlshmentut a peasant proprietary the only just and feasible remedy for the distress which exists among the who have been forced out of their land holdings by the great The occasional reference to Joseph Chamberlain never fail to evoke hisses from his THE1PRISON Twentieth AnnualNational Con vention Opened in Kloquent Addreia by exPresident Preildent of the j Views on Ail criminal denies tfieviiory wascc Positively Asserted That the Santa Fe llan 1urchased the Colorado Evening Journal asserts that the Santa Fe offi cials admit that their corporation has purchased the Colorado Midland road will also have control of the Rio Grande and while negotiations for the purchase of the latter may result in fail ure to secure a direct the Journal asserts there is no doubt the Santa Fe in connection with the operate it under a longtime DEATHS Professor of the Notre Dame NOTKE sengers get off at East On seeing Birchell afterwards in jail she identified him as the one who had sat before her on the The other she recognized in the body of Benwell when On crossexamination by Blackstock she acknowledged that through the reading of an account of the finding or the body she notes as they due a judgment by the Olivers of came was bridge to be entered against the This company de bad not for some time connected this in cident with the Something said in Birchells evidence first brought the connection to her on a pre vious occasion she had stated that she had takeh little notice of the but her evidence of as Black stock did not agree with Alfred an old miller living at saw on February 17th two men passing by his one of whom he thought was the On pre vious examination Heyward would not swear to identity of the prisoner as one of these His testimony was weakened by Attorney Blackstock point ing to a man in the gallery and asking witness if he could see a man there among the Witness said he but couldnt tell who he Yet you said to recogJJEW faulted on the first due September 19 hence the The Oliver company has issued an attachment professor of civil engineering at Notre Dame died this even Professor Stace was born in Sus in 1S3S and has been con nected with the university of Notre Dame since He achieved distinction asa literature humorist and mathema He was one of the commissiojiers to the Paris exposition in llurviird and Yale Collesea opened today with a freshman class numbering the largest in its The of new students enter ing advanced classes this term was par ticularly NEW freshman class that will enter Yale today is the largest that ever The academic freshmen class will have two hundred and fifty and the scientific class will numben ond hundred and making a total of four hundred and ten ludignatiouut news of the attack of the police upon the people of Tipperary in which Timothy Har rington received a serious aud that John Morley narrowly escaped aroused intense indignation among the members of the national council of the Irish league now in session in a cablegram to Harrington The Case Opens at Tipperary Amidst Much was much surprise of the authorities who were taking Patrick OBrien to Tipperary for hearing today when a large delegation of prominent nationalists boarded the same Among them were John John Alfred Illings member of Harrington and sev eral On the arrival of the train at Tipperary the nationalists started for the court house in a They had not gone far when they stopped at a street corner andentered into conver While they were standing there in no way disturbing the they were ordered by the police to move John member of took very vigorous exception to this order and showed his contempt for the police by calling upon the which by that time had become very to give throe cheers for John The cheers were given with good much to the exasperation of the who thereupon charged upon the crowd and attempted to force it to move In the melee that followed the police men did not hesitate to use their One burly constable aimed a blow at John Morley but John OConnor who stood warded it The na tionalists then continued their way slowly toward the court As this was the day fixed for the trial of the arrested the streets of Tipperary were full to overtlowing with people interested in the Early in the day it became known that still another arrest had been The vic tim this time was Thomas mem ber of parliament for Tipperary He was taken this morning at Limerick and brought to When court opened the authorities decided not to open the doors to the general but to admit only those who were imme diately interested in the But the crowd pressed to force their way into the court The po lice stoutly charging repeatedly upon the crowd and using their clubs At last the crowd was gradually forced back and the police succeeded in maintaining a clear space in front of the court During the conflict many persons were wounded with blows from the policemens Among the wounded were Timothy member of parlia ment for and a Both received heavy blows on the head which bled They made their way Into the court room as soon as they The Sydney Ltibor labor congress representing the trades unions In all the Australian colonies his lust concluded its sessions in It WAS decided to make a final appeal to the employers to confer with the striking and in the event of their refusal to play its trump card by calling out the sheep shearers and shedmeu throughout Aus In the course of a few there will either be a settlement of the trouble or buch a gigantic strike as the world has never seen The Scotch furnace men still hold out and the au thorities at Southampton ara vigorously preparing for the advent of the German nonunion it is will be the signal for The strike of miners in Silesia is not expected to as sume very large The de mand made is for eight hours as a days and only a comparatively small of men are It is thought that a speedy settlement will be The Pope an interview with an English Catholic nobleman the pope said he fervently hoped for a re newal of permanent diplomatic relations with Under the benefit rule of he the church en joyed throughout the British empire substantial He had thedeepest personal regard for the whose thoughtful care for the poor and suffer ing had won golden opinions throughout the Caused a Profound excitement when the arrest of John Dillon and OBrien were made has its counterpart in nationalist circles The dis patches from Tipperary created a pro found The fact that John Morley is present at the trial is consid ered a subject for much It is thought the trial will afford him more insight into the true inward ness of the Irish problem than weeks of ordinary travel and but by that time their hair and coat collars were saturated with blood and they presented a pitiable Their appearance in court created a pro found sensation arid lent additional em phasis to the complaint which William OBrien was making to the court as they of the brutality of the John Morley then arose and addressed the manifesting great He pleaded with the court to protect the populace against the wanton use of the club by the Meanwhile the nationalist leaders con tinued to protest against the exclusion of he general public from the court Xhe authorities at last yielded and the doors were thrown Authors of Scurrilous Discov police have discovered the authors of the circular distributed yesterday assailing the sta bility of wellknown banks with the ob ject of creating a politicofinancial A Socialist Sentrnceu for Slandering the a has been sentenced to three months imprisonment because he re marked that Emperor William himself would some time become a Fought a a duel at Hatz burg today between Blethstasser and the former was The duel was the result of a quarrel in a Appointed Minister of Post announces that General Leszeynsk has been ap pointed minister of war to succeed The Maharajah has been restored in The Maharajah has abdicted in favor of his twentieth annual convention of the National Prison congress held Its opening meeting Campbell was unable to be and the welcoming address on behalf of the state was made by John An address was also made on behalf of the city by the city When the president of the exPresident arose to respond there was a warm and continued tribute of General Hayes in his ad dress referring to the work of the congress We cannotescapeour neigh bors Wherever any stratum of society Is wronged or sooner or Society is so compacted together that a crime of any kind is in some sooner or a mischief to The crimes of today are due to the business and social spirit of There are two classes of crime in all ctvilked countries and especially in our own The crimes of capital crimes of sudden wealth the crimes of those avaricious for gain avaricious for always for but for power ambition for power that money gives power over over over over over over legislative bodies I hope not yet over the But the power of money gained not always by the purest is that spirit which leads to Of those who are at the top of the wheel of fortune manyare not al ways not always con With this haste to get rich comes anxiety in the com munity lack of lack of opportunity in the thou in the In the masses to whom the path to these great prizes is And there comes again the stimulus that increases most of the crimes In the country where there Is a large mass of people without hope and in Nothing U more true than that the ideal community with reference to with reference to continu ation and perpetuity of free insti in that community in which every human feels that with virtues of temperance and it is within his at to own a humble to educate his to lay by something for a wet to pre pare for old age and that community in which there are large masses of people who have not that hope is one where the free institutions are not safe where vou may predict with utmost confidence that crime will continue to We the productiveness of this country brought to it from abroad more than a fair share of criminals That is one But the op portunities here by speculation by by every description of illegi timate effert to make great leaving others without that is the great cause of crime in this coun What is the remedy If I have a great if all iny victed for good f Medical medical colleges opened the winterter yesterday Theolderlsnan the College ofPhysicians and Surgeon and today its fifth yearwas begnni Ivcokuk Medical College Is thenamec the other this being fir year of its About the time oC the close of the last session of theColIeg of Physicians and Surgeons the member of the faculty bad some trouble thi resulted In the doctor and starting college oE their The new college wttn over 100 while the other one has about widow of Andy an Omahaand St Louts who was killed near th city last June by an caused by the breaking of a flange on one of the locomotive has sued the company for for the killingof he A Serious Railway Wreck Special to the HawfcEyeJ serious wn occurred on the Keokukand DeasMoinesKJ division last The regular j running into an extra freight ing considerable Several were badly smashed but fortunately r one was ItuyliiffCp the IowaHay FOKT western Iowa is being thoroughly can vassed by of an Illinois t which is buying up all the hay they JJ In Webster and adjoining counties r it has contracted for thousands ottons from 33 30 to 34 per The hay is be shipped to tha droughtstricken tricts of where the hay crop has been a total failure Cholera at death cholera is reported at A DOUBLE from sympathy and horror at the deed and of the council for the admiration Uoncicaulttt The Strange Union of Infants of a Fair and Lon Weaver yesterday became At the outset Dillon objected to being lne parents of a wonderful curiosity in tried before the resident magistrate The grounds of his objec tion were that he had had a personal en counter with Shannon on one occasion at At that time he asserted that Shannon had grossly insulted He the form of twin boys united in one body and in every other way They are fully formed in every par except that they are having upper and lower hands and ffngers naturally business is is it not largely because of men working for low wages under and is it not well for the business men to pause and Must I not share a portion of the profits of this prosperous business who make it prosperous This is but a part of the consideration that may be called the the the idea at the bottom of this whole business in I have believed for some years that we are passing on to wards a Niagara on this It is quite certain that running backward along the line of history we see every where that the the conditions as to the welfare in all of the men who the the labor of the country is the is the mark of true civilization in every Today the laboring men of the United States are in a better condition than the laboring men ever before anywhere upon the face of the Let us see to it that we continue that condition that what ever may be done by may be done by social customwhatever may be done by business shall be to give to every man what Lincoln desired and that every man should have in this country a fair start and an equal chance in the race of With that condition crime will General Hayes passed to the consider ation of the practical in which he made a point against the system of making our jails and lockups academies of crime by young offenders where they are subject to the influence of professional He spoke strongly in favor of severer treatment of the incurably criminal MINTOSH WAS HAWKEYE A XEW court house in has been declared and the people will vote this fall on the proprositlon to build a BINDING in Lucas county farmers are cutting and binding their corn with harvester This is a pretty strong bnt the papers say 1C is THE FIKST Council Bluffs Wednesday Mary Leonard was granted naturalization papers and Is said to ha J the first of her sex to take that step in this SODAY SCHOOL thirteenth annual Sunday school convenS tion of the Reformed Iowa classis vened at Lisbon Tuesday It lasttwo or three days WATEKMELOX THAT catur countyfarmer raised a C this year that weighed 53 measured 3 inches in Who says southern v raise watermelons q LAROEST HOUSE nr THE horse that is being exhibited as the largest horse in the was raised Madison county by horse weighs pounds and is 2 hands or 7 feet 2 inches WANTS A Madison Is thinking of starting a ferry to ply bev tween that city and the Illinois The complaint is made that the Fe bridge is used so much by trains that Hi Illinois farmers dislike to risk RED OAKS sewer is to be built from the business center of Red1 Oak to the It will pass the court and the board that there would be formVd and way twelve They manifest impropriety in Shannons sit ting at the present Shannon refused to admit the validity of Dillons He knew of no reason why he should not go on with the He declared that he would per form his duty without OBrien also objected to Shannon The last time he saw he Shannon was at the head of a body of have an abundance of hair an inch and a half One Is of a light and the other of a dark They are united from near the top of the breast bone to the lower part of the stomach or navel and have one breast bone in from which the ribs of each The connection of flesh is in such manner as to make a single body of double The collaibone of police who were using their clubs on the eacjj joins the one making The Colored Minstrel Performer an Iiiault to HU scene oc curred behind the scenes at the Grand vlll of nize the prisoner asthe gentleman who Dion jouctcauit was offered for probate company against everything possible due the bridge company and say they are amply passed twelve yards Ticket Agent Drego swore to the sale f two tickets to most un sual Mluliter Abbotts Secretary has received from Minister Abbott ti a translation of the extract e message of the minister of for DEXVE Colorado democratic uuuvcutiou this morning nominated Judge Caldwell of for after which a recess was taken go until a englishmen on the governors He dentified the prisoner as one of the men nd swore he saw the other one dead in le Princeton cemetery the day Ben wells body was Crosby ainted during the cross tcket was completed as follows Platt Rogerssec William F LUG asn affairs at Columbia to the nations concerning the recent inter national American The JWmter declares the results of the con will be to the lasting glory and ion of all who took part in the He recommends to the congress the adoption of many of the Plans proposed by the conference and Immediate action with reference appropriation for an interconti unal railway and appointment of the TOmbcr of the commission soon to meet The minister expresses conference did not take the Monroe doctrine declare it to be the universal policy tte American A Branch Mint In bill was In in the house today by Hop branch mint IHETiKTILOTTERY Vf lern Kewspapers Containing Lottery Advertlsenieuts rn Chief Inspector seized all of the issue of i this date rery o Carlisle Skeltou attorney superintendent of public instruction N Cory 0 T3 of house of condemns the election demands a lower duty upon the necessities of life condemns the republican administration for a reckless and unnecessary waste of public demands free and unhm ited coinage of renews the pledges fofbaUot reform based on the Austra ian system The remainder of the plat form was devoted to state Ohio this morning wl this It bequeaths all property to his Josephine Louise Thorndyke It is expected objections will be filed immediately on John Crosby swore to meeting the two Of the actors divorced Agnes Shannon had already tried him three times on similar His sitting in the present OBrien was indecent and an a solid and immovable The twins face each and are of equal height and The child having a dark complexion died ten minutes the attending phy says that owing to circum The favorable Impression produced on the first appearance of the agreeable liquid fruit Syrup intcd during the cross i flrmed Mrs Ferguson saw two Englishmen years ago has been more than confirmea ully with that of Birchell and Several other witnesses swore to eeing two men going toward the swamp on February 17 to seeing tracks in the George George arid George Higginson swore tors and fornla Fig Sy manufacturers the The magistrate answered OBriens of strangulation at the other objections in the same way that he dis posed of r counsel for the asked permission tomake some slight altera stances t was impossible for them to be tionin the charges against the Dorn The bodies are now in alco1 Although the latter protested vigorously in DoSsession Of Snyder of Fair blood of the haughty end man surged tn d 1rhe children have large and well dinantly through his veins and he went developed heads which are of excellent after his revolver in hand he r I TMon1 tlio Hroeeinff opera house at the performance of lands Colored Minstrels on Monday which came near ending the minstrel showin a Tom the star end man of the was married one night last week to a dusky belle on the stage of a Milwaukee Mclntosh is accompanying her liege lord on his trip and was with him The entire troupe stopped at the Lorimer while One of the other stars of the troupe is Jim At the supper table on Monday night Jim Bland did or said something which insulted the newly made Mclntosh did not learn of this until the curtain was nearly ready to rise at the Grand opera Then hot agreed to pay S550 to tap This sewe is to be the beginning of the regular syss tern of sewerage RED OAK FIREMEN Oak firemen carried off the honors at the southwestern Iowa firemens at Corning Tuesday 5100 prizes and the gold medal in the chiefs y Next years tournament will held in Red THE LAW OVERTOOK of is in receipt of wordjf that the Tom whom he arT rested in a box car at the depot In thatr on July plead gnllty to ing into the postoffice at and was sentenced to five years in the at a recent session of the court in THE NATIONS years 1S63 and 1S64 seventeen dead from a hospital that was estabJ lished in the Summit house at Towa City were buried in the cemetery atthapi Eight were knowa and were The war has arranged to have the remains moved to the National cemetery and this will be done after October unless friends or relatives of those were known do not desire the removal A GOOD advertisement of the coal belt of south era is the lump of coal on the depot5 platform at right in line ofTi march leading from the depot to the Coal and where passengers onj the train can see The lump UV placarded and shows that it weighs tons Is the product of the mines afi this and is of a body against such the court per mitted the Crown tomake the desired Ronan then proceeded with the case for the He re viewed the circumstances which led up to the arrest of the Three Million Feet of Lnmber Hurned at Bay BAY to hearmg two shots m the Iwampon the million feet of lumber on Eddy Bros afternoon of February Higginson wharf burned a a o came here from to nearly covered by insurance Coal Will Go NEW Eastern and western coal agents at a meeting in tins Logan met a man walking alone Eastwood February near the TO th western coai agents am uieonuB and identified Birchell as the flay that western agents per ton at Chicago and other lake ports Halsontified thepnsor Alice Smith testified that she knew Birchall as Lord Somerset in She was then living with her grandfather near She saw the prisoner on October THE COMTE DE PARISFATAL lie Admits All the Charges of French Intrigues comte de Paris has created a sensation just as he started for America by throwing a bomb It was alined at the but has fallen in the midst of his own fol lowers and caused confusion and dismay in their His letter to which he intended as a manifesto to the French people and Is published as such by the royalist is the worst political blunder of the many committed by the royalists since the comtes grand Louis King of the fled from the wrath of the in HOB Cholera In cholera is raging severely in the eastern form and The monstrosity has excited the and the village of Fairland has been crowded to day by persons who desired to see the wonderful The mother is do ing She is a small thirty three years of age and less than one hundred She has four chil dren The father is a small man and by occupation a Nerve and Liver An Important They act on stomach arid bowels through the A new They speed ily cure bad torpid piles and Splendid for women and 30 doses for 25 Samples free at Wlttns drug store A Trouble Over Wages compromise has chased Bland through the dressing rooms and up into the flies and out of a Elandwent up town after his but the manager learned o the difiekilty and managed to calm down the SIOUX CITYS surgent populace of having time been effected between the Illinois Cen r February 17 at Eastwood station and part of the It is reported to be reuruau lost Ull had a conversation with She next saw him in UiU eeklv of week and all other papers coming and for Change of monthly ir hot D Miles Free samples at Wittes drug city this was reuom Fears CONFESSED TO ARSON John Arrested for SettlnE Fire to a Implicates Two of an in cendiary origin was discovered m the barn of but by prompt work it was extinguished be fore much damage was Several fires of similar origin having occurred John Grim having been pectedof a hand in he was ar rested and put through a course of L Several farmers have lost nearly all of their I After scarlet or any other severe there is no better tonic than Hoods Belle Marie John Jay Knocked Down by a NEW John exminister to was knocked down by a cab today and seriously in This evening he is resting Jay Is seventythree years of Garluna Stoves and Kanges cook food and warm rooms for many to take only a silk hat and an in The cynical admission that his action In the last elections was dictated by a desire to divide the so as to prepare the way for the restoration of the regarded here as simply It fastens the last nail in Boulangers political coffin and is a tacit confession of the truth of all the charges of conspiracy to over throw the republic by force which have pierces Favorite Prescription a positive uuiwn fdmiilwi mil been recently brought against the fallen It places the radicals and so cialists who supported Boulanger m a most humiliating and effectual ly destroys all chance of future coali tions between the royalists and the radi cals In the chamber of That the verdict of men who By the time the Orleanlst tral railroad and the trainmen who made the deman a few weeks ago for an in crease in The matter was set tled both parties conceding The Ladles The newest fasbionin ladiesbats will doubW less cause a nutter ot pleasureable excitement among the fair Ladles are always sus ceptible to the a fashion plate and the more startling the the more earnest the gossip over the rite Prescription positive cure the Ulswhich allllct females and make their sovereign panacea can be relied on in case of displace ments and nil functional It builds up the haggardand draggedout and gives her renewed hope and a fresh lease of It is the only medicine for womans peculiar weiknesses and sold by under a positive guarantee the that It will give sut IsfactioajUi or Hardly Keady the Corn Palace U Sioux fourth an nual corn palace festival opened this evening with a The building was not fully but every one is working hard to get things in the best shape A modification has been made in the general Labor day is changed to October and October is made old set tlors The exposition continues un til October STOLE HIS LAWYERS Honr a Special to The At torney who defended Charles Newell for the crime of burglary today insisted upon the pay ment of his Shortly afterwards Newell paid who congratu lating himself upon his good thrust the money in his vest Uponleaving the court room he discov ered his bill containing money am valuable papers carried in his hip pocket was and evidence points con clnslvely to the fact that his client picked his pocket while consulting him upon a underlying acres owned by the Vapello Coal and the affgret ate Of coal in this mine reaches 00 There is probably not lody of coal in the state fully contains so large a body of SIXTH EOWA Sis Iowa Infantry held their annual reunion Tuesday and Wednes4 The weather was supnrb and j soys enjoyed themselves Their headquarters were in the court A stand and seats were erectei in the court yard where the speecT camp fires were the storie told and the jokes Bannei inscribed with Welcome to the Iowav were displayed and over speakers stand was a banner were inscribed the battles participated in by the gallant The tendered them a banquet in the of halt Wednesday was at tended by a large It wasaa finely gotten up affair and hugely en joyed by the coffee IOWAS MEANEST meanest man in Iowa is said to live in According to the Reporter ofthatj says that a man named 1 two horses In a barn that he was starving to The matter became and a body of citizens They found the animals Jn ready to fall nothing ai and ravenous for having gnawed great barn and It was thaf hey had not out the stalls or weeks at only watered onceae sometimes going without and three days at a and dom having a bite of rough verefedbythe citizens and are ng taken care They were fine and it is hard to what kind ot a heart a who will perpetrate such fiendishcrae point in the case and paid him with his The lottery Ilcenne eral today gave Audib man an opinion on the standingo Frankfort and Henry county letter He holds the license lotteries claim to operators void left fortheprosecutinfr close the general ofAthjj under the new Bead printed guarantee on bottle towns H Twenty POKT Twenty Chinese were yesterdayby customJnspectpcsjw tempting to i

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