Friday, September 19, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - September 19, 1890, Burlington, Iowa DOOR of an Exit from the D Had Been Ordered Locked of the Uou8Ci But E Bn Kefnsed to He Made There was a nt on the repub the house this election case was the un but the house was en l proceedings trying to ys journal Democratic Vere endeavoring in every way onsideration of the election 1 unrsM nee of this policy almost left hal1 lo breab a n the question of approving the J call was ordered which it in a number of democrats and a rtniiv vote taken on a motion to ith further proceedings under the democratic members iiaran o attention of the 1 if the t obtrs present could uot be obliged to replied tliat the rules in c this He added he Mtsce why they should not be ob j Accordingly the assistant door that all doors leading in Ttanbe Hardly had this before Representative 5 presented himself at a door at and sought to go out He found the door trf and a door keeper in to unlock Unlock door demanded the stal doorkeeper moved whereupon iwpivc a sudden vigorous kick and baize structure flew and riore strode He was followed in the same fashion by Representa afrB of Texas of New and of who n forced the lock open without ition from the ritWng impossible to retain a quorum Si house THE Offers Kenolutiou Coneeriiinc I Ibf IarMBUt of Silver ttulllou resolu m offered yesterday by Plumb to re mi the bankruptcy went over jlr Piumb offered a resolution direct Ik ihc secretary of the treasury to in n ibe senate whether the policy of t which requires the pay Wot checks for silver bullion over t counter of the subtreasury instead ihronzh the proper clearing jonotresultin the payment out of notes larger denominations instead of those ted for circulation aud use in ordinary aud whether such of payment does not result in the t of gold instead of treasury As a reason for offering the reso itotion Plumb sent to the clerks desk and read a letter from a member of a York banking house statiug the lltls as to the payment of such U venturing the prediction that rthe silver question was not finally and that the New York peculation and the accumulations ll silver threaten to arouse The kt withdrawals of treasury gold the niter says will be seized upon by cer lii InEueuiial journals here unscru Plumb spoke of the conspicu that had taken place with tiie last few days of the impolicy of the treasury department to ob nrm or accelerate the business of the For years the treasury de partment has hoarded money and during 111 that time the volume of currency has Itmquenlly been decreasing on account c the withdrawal of national bank MIS The secretary of the treasury kdsecu the business of the country tampered ou account of that lack of but he wailed until a panic was a stock brokers ins stringency of money tliat affected Ik tanks of all dties and seriously in Weredwith the operations of ordinary and then the secretary had moiiy to holders of govern ment under such circumstances liiocnablc them and not him to cou tol the supply of the country at far The money which a few toyago had been iu the and tilth could have been put out at the 1 Jill o tic was today in the tads oi the men who owned the lie amount of twenty million Jtaspcrfectly safe to say the men hav tliat would use it to the beue and 1101 to the interest the Nothing but an ovcr welming calamity would ever diverse treasury from such malicious inter Brencewitli the business of the Sherman while he had no ob Mioniothe that which had was in strict execution of the the secretary of the treasury had no forsihcr bullion in anything treasury notes Those treasury tehad been issued in large denoinina There had been only a short time lor the execution of the law sufficient amount of treasury notes denominations could not bo pre Those large Ml enter into the general circulation me Hc Sherman doubted of the payment of a years iu bonds in The financial manufactured It had up by the by the and various kiuds s who practiced their in the exchanges of New he a great demand ooney now for moving cotton and and perhaps to pay for an in Quamity of foreign goods im in order to evade higher duties he tariff All these would settle themselves in There was no real fiuan Mbancc in the It was cily of Sew He h secretary of the treasury permitted to use his discre Plumbs reso was agreed President announced that the the rivcr taken up and o among were Mil to amend the articles ihment on con II5 f senate bill to 5 inspection of live and the products mchllre subjects of interstate ei ate bm to revlse the grade ilted general in the army of the vmnc scnate for the relief llcd as arnly nurses a mouth women who lo BOIllus rendered actual ser Sia I camP or general Who Me to earn their l0uto commence from aPPHcation after the sublish a land court ersn Presented a resolution of Representa emarks by Paddock VICTIMS OF and liarbor bill as he had told the dem ocrats ho would do when that MnoSn of affairs was and not before Tho democrats did not intend that a quorum should be made up by the aid of votes of theirs but they fell victims to a lonsumiug xhc election jase was called and the question of con sideration led by of Geor took place to get outside the bar of the house before their names were called a bakers dozen were left on uard to ook after their interests and Tho speaker had the clerk proceed leisurely with the and some of tho demo impatient at the unexpected delay peeked in to discover tho As thcv did so the speaker noted them one by and before they kuew it the quorum lad been counted aud the election case taken It is said that a resolution had been drawn up aud was ready to be intro duced directing the speaker to sign the river and harbor bill at but this was Jiot heard of until the bill had been when it was said the speaker had ust saved himself from a humiliating ex perience by his Speaker Reed said last night he thought congress would adjourn about 3ctober He was asked what uieas dne r Seed Was EnaWe In the House We u the If to business and yesterday signed d to Count Speaker Presence of a and seen them nVenable the river tim 01 lad wnitii meas would be disposed of in the mean He answered that he could easier what one should be disposed He niind tho election The only neasures that stand any aside rom the tariff and election are the Chipping and utterworth options t is no likely the resolution relating to the redistrictiug muddle in Ohio will be owing to the failure to obtain a quorum of republican THE SDGAK A Oueiitlon That Will Mother the Tariff Ilounty confer on the tariff bill appointed to rep resent the republicans of the house are aid to be strongly in favor of the reci rocity amendment proposed bv tho There is no difficulty antici mted in coming to an agreement ou the Aldrich proposition ou that but Micro will be trouble over the sugar ichedule One of the probabil ties is that the senate and house mav have an opportunity to vote eutly on the sugar duties In j hat the advocates of 13 as the I dividing line of free aud dutiable ugars say that the house will agree with the senate by a large majori There is a difference of opinion be ween the house aud senate conferrees as to the time when the bill will be re torted back to the The latter say hey will have finished by Saturday or Monday at the while the for ner are of the opinion that an agreement cannot be reached by A basis of agreement that has an air of proba rility about it is as follows The house to agree to the senate amendments respect ng reciprocity and and the senate o restore certain reductions made by it n the iron and glassware and linen chedules bindertwine to pay a duty of cent a instead of as fixed by the When the committee on ways and means proposed to give the sugar pro ducers a bounty of two cents a pound iu ieu of the tariff duty of that same their representatives in Wash ngton protested most They aid that such an arrangement could not e made for the reason that ut one article being selected for en couragement in this way it would be the ubject of constant attacks by others less avored and by those who oppose the ystern of Some figures that are given by the representatives of the I Sugar Haulers associai now in the of the probable operation of the bounty clause are striking and when they are published will doubtless attract such neasure of attention as will vindicate the ears expressed before the committee on j vays and means last One of the j sugar delegates here is a manj of He i owns a large plantation in and vill grind five million pounds of sugar He will be a creditor of the reasury to the amount of but lis is not the largest crop by any ne planter will turn out fifteen million i entitling him to Said one of the sugar men Dont you think when the public sees that list runj niug down from to and amounting to several millions j that there will be a big kickV I tell you j that I am afraid of GENERAL WASHINGTON A Favorable Keuort ou the Itarrundia Shooting house committee on foreign affairs today di rected a favorable report on the modi fication of McCrearys resolution calling on the president for all official informa tion respecting the killing of General Barrundia by the authorities of Gua ProgreHS of the Tariff con ferees on the tariff bill had a meeting morning and reported to have made substantial Tho most impor tant action was the acceptance by the j louse conference of the senate of the reel1 irocity It Is understood the senate increases of duties on wines and pirits have been abandoned by the senj ate members of the conference com Figuring oil H caucus of the republican members of the this found there are now iu Washington one hundred and fortyfive republican twentyone less than a Consequently there are now twentyeight republican The caucus resolved to make every effort to secure the attendance of these mem It was stated that if these ab sentees return to Washington the re maining business of the session can be closed up in a few while a failure to secure the attendance of a republican quorum will tend to protract the session HE WANTED HUSH MONEYS Interesting Developments in the BevanLangdon latrlffuo With Bevnii The Threat of a Traceily In uf of the firm of Bullen who employed murderer John says that it was the young mans inten tion to kill Langdon as well as his not so much from a feeling of ballled affection and unrequited as out of revenge for having been refused his price as hush Wo hired Bevan about the middle of said Bullen Hissalary was SS a He was not a but ho did some weighing and recorded the He was not of much use to but he attended to his duties all right up to about July when he first began to ap pear I being nearly of the same age as he confided his troubles He told me he was engaged tt be married to a girl in Miss Ho also furnished me with all the details of their first acquaintance at and how acquaintance had ripened into intimacy and a promise to He showed me letters written by the from which it clearly ap peared that a too intimate relation had existed between the two for a short time at Then ho showed me a letter from her in which she told him she was going to be married to Langdon two days As soon as he received this letter he wrote to the father of the girl in Madison and also to her her brotherinlaw and the telling them that he held in his posses sion letters proving the girl to have been unchaste with him and strongly hinting that it would take considerable money from somebody to purchase his When Langdon received Bevans let ter demanding money as the price of his silence the young husband telegraphed Will be in Chicago When Bevan read this message he immediately prepared for He possessed an old but fearing to rely upon it he asked me to lend him my I re The following day Langdon came to As he appeared in the door of our office Bevan saw Him and rushed to his desk for his which he shoved in his For a moment the two men glared at each and then like a flash each had his pistol aimed at the others I had been watching for some such move and before either could fire I commanded them to at the same time covering them with my own revolver and threat ening to shoot if they did not instantly put up their Their faces were white and set in hard lines and murder glared from taeir Slowly the two men lowered their and then Lang don hoarsely asked Bevan if he possessed letters written by Bevan went to his drew out a packet of letters and with Laugdou standing rigidly at his side read them Langdon made no attempt to deny their but turned and without a word wheeled around and left the A few days after continued the brothurinlaw of Lang a came down from Madlsou aud had an interview with He asked how much he wanted for those compromising Bevau demanded The lawyer offered S500 which Bevan That was the last of the So far as 1 Bevan stopped writing threatening letters to the girl and her But he kept on hoping that his price of silence would finally bo paid As time went by aud no money came Bevan became more and more neglected his work and seemed to be completely He often made threats in my hearing that if he did not get his he would expose the girl and the whole one of the most highly respected in I be I strongly advised him to accept the 5500 offered him and bo satisfied with But he was stubborn and would uot do As he kept on neglecting his aud finally became my father discharged him one week ago last He theu went straight to evidently with the intention of murdering both Langdon and her I had heard him make fre quent threats to do this many FUXEUAL OF three oclock yesterday afternoon the funeral services over the remains of whose young wife was cruelly cut short by an assassins bullet at Grand were held at the home of the and within this There was a very large attend The casket was nearly hidden in a sea of floral offerings which came from a score of sources There were no musi cal exercises either at the home or at the this feature being omitted for fear of too greatly agitating the broken hearted who was tossing about on her sick bed in another part of the A large procession followed the remains to Forest home The husband of the murdered woman broke complete ly down into a faint just before the ser vices Tonight Eusene Crow ley and Miss Minnie the only unmarried sister of the dead were The wedding invitations had withdrawn and no one was present except relatives of the bride aud Rowley is the young lawyer who last July prevented Bevan from shooting Langdon by seizing his arm as he was in the act of pulling a revolver from his pocket in the Smith home A PERSECUTED iudefinitely The favorable Impression produced on the first appearance of the agreeable liquid fruit Syrup of Figs a few years ago has been more than confirmed by the pleasant experience of all who have used and the success of the pro prietors and manufacturers the Cali fornia Fig Syrup Soutli Dakotas cham ber of commerce today issued an ad dress setting forth the fact that many newspapers during tho past year had been printing damaging statements as to the failure of crops in South Dakota and especially regarding the southwestern portion of the The address pro tests earnestly against these publications and says while a few counties in the northern and central portion of the state have suffered from drouth the past two years the general average crop of the state is not surpassed by Indiana or nerv ous blues cured by Miles Samples free at J Wlttes drug The Presidential CKESSON presi dential party spent a quiet going In Beechams Pills act like magic on a weak Heavy Kalns In rains for ten days have caused a great rise in the Immense quanti ties of logs are in nil derangements of the liver ana chools of the state as possible to adopt ueir books on a five year con hoping to settle the school book controversy or that It is simply a scheme to heckniate state it will oublless be But very few ounties in the state will adopt county In order to do this it is lecessary that a petition asking for tho anie be signed by onehalf of the di ectors In the and filed at the ounty superintendents office thirty days aefore the annual election in March Vithin fifteen days after filing the the county board of onsisting of the county superintendent s the county auditor as and the board of will iicet and provide for submission of the luestion to the vote of the Should majority of the electors voting favor for a uniform series of text books or uso in the county board wil meet nd adopt the books to bo used in the They will then also make ar angcmcnts for the purchase of the books and furnished to the district at ost and the money will be turned back to the contingent COULDNT SiVE HER George llazeltou Delies nis Mother anil llniigs CENTER place s excited over the suicide by hanging of Jeorge son of a armer living about two and a half miles rom The young man was about nineteen years of been in ill calth for several months and had jeeoinc exceedingly For omo days ho has been acting quite and his people kept close vatch of him in Yester ay afternoon all were absent from the arm except the young man and his About three oclock she ob erved him going toward the barn and ollowed He climbed up iu the lay but when she attempted to fol ow he brandished a pitchfork and hreatencd to kill her if she horoughly she started for he nearest neighbors for but vhile she was gone the young man fas ened a piece of rope about his neck and o a beam and hanged He was lead when help FORGED AN Young Man AVorkii the Detective Racket on UnijUKpectlng Keokuk young man ailing himself Daniel Killeher registered t the Pacific house aud announced him elf as a detective sent here to appre icnd and arrest Will Hovey for com plicity in the mail robberies and that 10 would get half of the money for lis his commission and badge icing furnished him by a Kansas detec ive Last evening after sup ier he banded Clark an order for purporting to be signed by some one con iccted with Andersons canning Clark accepted the order for board lue and paid Killeher Sl00 in cash as This morning the order was ent to the daughter of taking it and presenting it for It was at once pronounced a orgery and the matter placed in the lands of the No trace of the fel ow has been Styre Maliciously Charged TVlth Iveeplnc Kace IDA days ago there appeared a dispatch or correspon dence from to the effect that a boy had been killed while riding a race horse owned by Jt Is not known whether it was a mis take or some lying on the but the fact Styre does nor never own a race and knew nothing of the affair until he received a letter from the dead boys asking him to come down and preach the funeral Styre is pastor of the church at Ida and he has been annoyed very much since that item ap peared by the receipt of letters from min isters throughout the district reprimand ing him for owning and running race and it has caused so much feeling in the district that It is likely to be brought up in the which meets this week but it is hoped when the facts are known that the matter will be IOWAS SCHOOL BOOK Ilowlt is Expected to Relieve Parents Some Snags are In the MASOX school book enacted by the last general as providingforauniformityamong the schools in text has also put in the hands of the school boards the power in controlling the exorbitant prices here tofore and which has proved such a burden to patrons of the schools For the school population o Iowa is today upwards of and careful statisticians place the averagr price of school books per capita at which includes students of high schools This would make tho annual expenditure for school books Under new contract law school books are toda retailing at a price 40 cents lower than a year making a saving to the state on the price paid for school books o per The American Pub llshing company are getting as many THE OIL Considerable Stir Occasioned in Adah County Over the Special to The the wotuousand acre farm of Jerry n the edge of Adair at a depth f one hundred and fifty feet oil has been There is quite an amount of t In the It has no odor whatever mt it burns of has examined it and says It s a new kind of It was discovered t a strata of poroJs rock something like he coal oil rock in The discovery has created quite a stir in the idge of Adair but there is no ex iteinent whatever as reported by dis patches sent from POLK COUNTY OLD hcir Annual Ilciilc at Des Molncs Largely fSpeclul to The DES Old Set association of Polk county held its annual picnic at the state fair grounds There was a large attendance of both members aud The sec was busy enrolling more names to the There are now about twelve hundred reelings of the heartiest kind were the order of the day and age was forgotten n the recollections of 21app was elected A TERRIBLE While Playing iu a Mill a Young Child Is Fatally Special to The about noon yesterday while tho two children of proprietor of the New Sharon roller were playing up the clothing of the youngest aged about two by some unknown way took The older child started to notify the but before she could render assistance the tlames had so turned the child about the faco and breast that it died at ten oclock last COUNCIL BLUFFS A TIeavy Rainstorm Accompanied by Lightning Does Considerable SpfOial to Tho COUNCIL very heavy accompanied by visited this section about noon many cellars iu this city were flooded aud the damage to goods stored iu cellars of business houses will be quite A large volume of water on the streets caused a suspension of travel for over an Several buildings were struck by and three persons were severely A FATAL An Independence Jockey DaHhed Over a Precipice by Ills Special to THE a was the victim of a runaway this His hors dashed down a rocky precipice anc rushed to tho throwing him on the He sustained serious it is fatal injuries about the A FAIR NEW strange double uicido occurred hero this morning at At hour the wellknown crayon as ended the steps to the Canal street sta on of the Fourth avenue elevated alked to a point in front of the second tory of 140 Canal nodded and aid Yes I have Emilie are ou ready Her answer was uot ut Koch drew a revolver from his pock t and shot himself in the dying As he fell there came what eemed an echo of his shot from the di cction of the window towards which he ad and in a few minutes a mes enger came running saying a woman ad shot herself at HO Canal An nyestlgation revealed the fact that Emi e an actress aged lay a orpse in bed in her room with a bullet n her She attired in a night obe with a bunch of heliotrope pinned o the It was evident she bared er bosom for the fatal for the gar icnt was There was nothing oshow the cause of except a ttle red spot over the with a hole n the for not a drop of blood owed from tho Deaih was evi ently as instantaneous as in the case of It was evidently prearranged mt they should take themselves out of IB world Tho girl evidently uade every preparation for the n a chair by the window lay her cloth ig carefully smooted She had been writing and a table was covered with mall sheets of paper filled with her noughts as she sat The hand a neat feminine one and did not ap ear to be the least They vere The cause of the tragedy to be the opposition of the irls mother to the Emilie Rossi had been the stage nee Her father and mother ved in He was an Italian tenor nger of but is The girls who is still is the German riter and novelist Emilie The nother was ambitious for her child and oped she would make a good girl came to this country two years go and played prominent parts In the Amberg Theater THE PENALTY IS Mary of Sioux Veen Slumbering for Ten Hour aged ten living several mile west of this was taken ill two week ago and soon fell all efforts tc awaken her being unsuccessful until yes when she roused having been asleep nine during which time no a morsel of food had passed her She Is now but very and he physicians fear she will not A Xevr Court lloune and Special to board o supervisors this morning by an unani mous decided to submit to th voters at the regular November electio a authorizing the board t build a new court house and jail a at the expense of Ther is in money and th county Is to be bonded for Sweney Nominated in the Fourtl Special to Tap HawkEyeJ NEW fourth district congressional convention assem bled here today with every county rep The slight splits In the Fay ette and Winneshiek delegations wer harmonized when the convention organ Colonel Sweney was unanimous STRANGE iJODBilSDlCK ustaye the Emilie Rossi Die lie Opposition of the GlrlH Mother Their Marriage Supposed to Ue the Canttebf the Melancholy Trajf Girls V V Verdict of Guilty Rendered in theHol denRugsell Murder great loldenRussell murder trial ended here esterday at 8 The court con and Judge Vail called on the ury for their Perfect stillness eigncd as the judge read the fhich was as follows the find the defendants uilty of murder in the manner and form s charged in the and fix the enalty of Calvin death Vlbert death nua Eliza twentyfive years in he penitentiary Edwin fifteen ears in the They received the verdict calmly at Then came a Hoi en began a tirade of charging iiat the judge had been bought and tiat the jury had been and de ounced them as She also as ailed the witnesses for the prosecution nd called them all kinds of until he judge had to order the sheriff to re move her fromthe court which vas The verdict gives universal THE Harlcy a younpr nrnn twentyfour Mirs was returning to his home from the Ity of MouticuUo on June 21 lust about nine clock sitting in n fouirtry by his young When he bud reachtd the city south of where the Holilens heover ook two muu who provtd to be Calvin ntilden nd Albert Dunham seized his orse and held while Tioldcn drew a 44call cr revolvcrand said ou nd shot The bull penetrated the ody between the seventh and eijrhth ribs and tossing through his liver and left cut licspiniil column and lodgred In his left tusselllived enoughto tell all ubout the hootlngr and who It was thut shot tussell also recognized Holdens and Dun nmB cout and The two men were Imme iutely placed iu and Dunham told enougrh o implicate Holden and Edwin were and all vero indicted by the grand jury with the above This is the llrst time the death penalty has teen placed upon any person in Platt Calvin Holden and Albert Dunhams will te the first hungingr to occur in Platt The Instance aud the date of the ex xiutionwillnot be announced until A FAMILY One Member Shot to Death and Others Dangerously Sand the Mcur and Blevins families en gaged in a bloody riot this in vhich two of Meurs family were tacked with an and Rufiis Blevins vas shot and instantly while his brothers were dangerously The riot grow out of a family feud of ong THE PIKE Two People and a Number of Horses Ilurnud to neath lit New NEW a fire here today two people were burned to several badly injured and thirteen horses From 530 to 534 West Forty irst street is used as a stable and cooper The cause of the fire was the ex plosion of a pitch Train Wreckers is under stood that Cain and it was had confessed to wrecking the express train on the New York were indicted by the grand not for train but for in terfering with a switch a mile from the It is understood no evidence was found against Kiernan and the other alleged An Idiots Horrible Loxo a shot the wife of a last He then cut the ears from the head of the mur dered woman and then returning to his own house When a party won out after body of the unfortunate hogs had eaten the face 1au is supposed to have been Gold Heaters the gold beater in the to the number of one hun struck as part of a national move Tho men are now paid sixtyfive cents a pack they want It is said most of the Boston employes are willing to accede to the Lights for city o Atlantic has contracted with the For Wayne electric company for in cadescent lights for commercial am street The plant will be ii operation in sixty A Boston Silk 3S Bedford has assigned liabilities The trouble is due t complications arrising from the Potter Lovell Change of monthly ir hot are cured by Dr Miles Free samples at I Wtttes drug Threatening Freshet iu New rains in this vicinity created a threaten ing freshet in various parts of the coun At Stockport and Stn y vesant f ear reeHtertaincdthat Illibffi if not swept buildings are moving Ith water is higher than nee BY THE Cycloiie lcviistiiten the Kegion Xear Word has ist been received at place that a rclpnebf considerable power swept over country four miles south of How bad the storm was cannot o fully but the messenger says wo persons were killed and a limber others severely he storm appeared in the west three oclock In the Iternoon and swept down upon the dis Icewithout demolishing orn hay stacks and Sev ral houses that the informant knows j of asunroofed and the inmates badly although none seriously in ired the names of the two victims could ot bo The injuries of the wouud of broken bruised bodies ud internal Some of the wildest eaks of thewind were appar nt to the observer who was irtunate enought to be at a afo distranco from tho central one Instance a calf was picked up odlly by the twisting monster and car ed a considerable distance and dropped ninjured to all A narrow Jcape was experienced for John Ehein ergers huge tree was torn om its roots and set down at his door carcely scratching the paint on the although had it gone a foot irther would have crushed into 10 sitting room where his wife and hild were Our informant bored under considerable excitement hile telling his story and it is difficult 3 gain a clear account of the essenjrcrs have been sent to the scene destruction and possibly more reliable iformation can be sent later THE POLITICAL State Democratic Conven tion at an Collins called the democratic ate convention to order this he usual committees were ohn Russell was elected permanent hairman without any The illowing ticket was nominated For William of Cam ridge lieutenant John Corco of Clinton secretary of El ridge of Lake Village treas William of Marble ead of Holyoke itorney Elisha of The platform renews with ore emphasis in view of the approach the passage of the republican tariff ill our demand for free raw articularly coal and iron ore for wer duties on the necessities of life and or wider markets for American products nd we emphasize the importance of re Iprocity with Canada as a means of pro loting the commercial and industrial elfare of this The cKInley bill is denounced as the most niquitous piece of legislation ever at ernpted in this The platform ontinnes We observe with interest IB recent attempt of the secretary of ate to secure an amendment to the IcKinley bill by incorporating it ome provision looking towards more in mate commercial relations with the six ecu sister republics of Central nd South which the democratic ommittee demanded in and we re ret the failure of this The ederal elections bill is condemned at ength the financial policy of the pres nt administration is condemned as lortsighted and dangerous the admin stration is condemned also for violation f the civil service law the course of peaker Reed and the shameless parti anship of the republican majority in ongress is declared to be without par Colorado republl an state convention reassembled this The committee on credentials ot being ready to report the convention djourned till This evening ie convention adopted a platform en orsing the administration of President also endorsing Senator nd demanding the free and unlimited oiuagc of The remainder of the latform was principally devoted to state demanding certain forms and assage of certain laws by the next legis including the creating of a rail oad revision of the irriga ion Hosea Townsend was ominated for congress and the convan ion adjourned until he Mississippi Constitutional the con titutional convention today the report f the committee on suffrage was prac ically The education qualifi atlons provides that every qualified ilector shall be able to read any section f the constitution of the state or be able o understand the same when read to him ir give any reasonable interpretation rouble Carolina Republ re mblican state convention effected an irgariization this by selecting Murry colored as Jrayton being The latters riends therefore determined to put him n the field as a candidate for congress against in the only republican district in the This will Insure the election of the democratic General Kosecraus Society of the Army of the Cumberland today re elected General Rosecrans as president NEW ROUTE TO SIOUX John DillonjlWilliarn OBrien arid OtherlNoted Irishmen The Rock Islands Blow nt Competitors for Northwestern Rock Island road has formed a new route to Sioux City to competing wil prove a demoralizing factor in all bus ness from northwestern The route consists of the Rock Island Cedar Rapids North ern and Sioux City Northern Under the mileage tariff of the Iowa commission the length of this route will extend the Sious City rates to a point within fifteen miles of Sioux This point has always taken rates eight per cent higher than Sioux but owing to the Goats Hor route of the Rock the rates mus be practically the Consequently the Illinois Central road has given notici that on September 22 it will apply Siou City rates at Sioux On being notified of this action the lake Siiperio lines immediately took steps to meet th reduced rates via Paul and Duluth and the consequence will be a reductioi of eight per cent and upwards from a Dakota and western A FLIMSY Billion was rrestecl this morning near this He as conveyed on special trains to Tippe accompanied by a large military William OBrien was arrested at lengariff and taken to Warrants ave been issued for the arrest of Sheedy nd members of the house of mmons Patrick OBrien and avid of The barges of which Dillon was arrested are jnspiracy and Inciting tenants not to ay The arrest of William OBrien as made a tthe Glengariff MrsJ Brien was Charges against Brieu are similar to those on which illou OBrien was im ediately carried to In addition those already mentioned it Is ascer ined that a warrant has been issued r a man named Dal ton who has been ctive in the work of the land Up to this evening no definite Informa as reached here of the specific utter nee of Dillon and OBrein for which icy were It is supposed how the ostensible grounds of OBriens rrest are the speech he made last Sun Speaking of the failure of he potato crop and the gloomy he the tenants should meet and consult s to what porportion of rent they should ay and abide by the If he would absolutely refuse ay a penny of rent until every family hat tilled the soil was placed beyond the ach of then if the govern ent evicted the starving people it would e swept out of existence by a torrent of nglish indignation and the whole civil ed world wonld send money and assist Michael Davitt takes a hopeful view of he situation and says the effect will be avorable to the he has never made a greater ILLON AXD OBRIEX ENTucsiASTiCALLr and wife rrived at Tipperary They ere enthusiastically Dillon as also received by a large and fter giving bail addressed the people rom the steps of his The warrant cntioned the offenses occuring between arch and A constable rved a summons on Sheedy but did not rrest A Surprise to while really surprised at the arrests in Ire nd are not cast The r theory of he arrests at this is that the overnment decided on them to prevent he departure of Dillon and OBrien to because they feared the effect the speeches by the Irish orators in merica would be to create fresh out urst of American sympathy with Irish ome rulers which would be of great oral help to the liberal cause chain ioned by T WILL ONLT EXASPERATE AMERICAN of the Irish National League eceived a cablegram today from imothy Harrington informing him of he arrest of Dillon and Har ngton added it was evidently to pre ent a visit to America and exhaust our Presiden Fitzgerald says such actics will only exasperate the Irish in America and make their contributions enfold larger than It Bursts Xear New i Floods the dam a the outlet of the a Bonested six miles northeast o gave way this morning The water rushed down through th valley tearing up trees and carrying awa everything standing in Its Si bridges were swept All the bulk ings on the line of the stream wer washed and three sawniills de The streets of Barbervtlle an Poestenkill are TETTER CORED BY used Swift Specific about three years ago for u aggravated case ot nndwas cure sound and well with three I have ha nonreturn of annoyingdisease tried various other remedies before using but they failed to cure or benefit me any Otis FocLEj ieIrAfIvIeeto Tenants Xot to Fay Kent Causetl the Surprise 1 Y Massacre V the Caroline panTgi were vappointed a eolninltteeft represent stocfcholdersTai others send ject is of capita management economy inaccount of the road and op pose costly I f TO A DOUBLE Tne Worlds yalr I xmnul the Use of Parlr todays tion of the national worlds fair commis sloners and f rom ii canvass of the commit slon it can bo stated that a majorityot1 that body is finally and posed tba doublesite for the worlds fafrv ahd that on Saturday next a will be offered and the Chicago directors to tender Washfnf4 ton park or what Is generally known South park as the In this is refused the commission will report to Washington thatJ no adequate site has been There are also Indications of a change sentiment In regard to the director gen eralship from indications the local directory win elect one man director probably while it Is thought the national commis sion will elect a commission of their with the title of commissioner and place him in charge of all foreign and interstate exhibits In connectloa the of curtail the powers of the director meeting of the commission was an ing Soon after the body was called to order a resolution was offered by Mer of which had already been agreed upon by the It sets forth the act of congress pro vided for the tender of an ade quate site and whereas a adopted by the eoniinisMOn at its first session implied by the adoption of two resolved the former action be reconsidered and the Chicago called upon for a site adequate and in one compact Mercer and Mc of California of New Jersey of Virginia of Indiana and others spoke in favor of the resolution and the comments on the action of Chicago so far were Finally the matter was laid over until the committee on titles The reso lution was passed calling upon the local directory for an immediate report as to what extent the consent or the authori ties having jurisdiction over the Lakfv Front and Jackson Park as the sites had been the cost of preparing both places and out of what fund they proposed to pay this MARRIED AT errible 3Iasaacre by Natives of the Caro line SAN Ow a merchant of Manilla arrived ere and says that a terrible massacre ccurred August 10 in the town of n the Caroline Spanish soldisrs ere building a fortress outside the town nd left in the fort a number of Vugust S the natives overpowered tho seized the guns and attacked the Thirtytwo Spaniards were everal Spanish menofwar were sent rom Manilla to quell the crisis is reported at The emp and sugar the two prinei al industries of the Phillipine re in a demoralized Getting Ahead of the McKluley merchants of lelfast are making every endeavor to lace as much linen as possible in the United States before the McKinley bill oes into The Times Is Times is skep ical about the German denial in regard o the alleged slave dealing Emin Pashas Pasha hoist id the German flag at captured a lot of ivory and cattle from Sol an Sike and then proceeded to of in report is cur ent thatserious fighting occurred at Jisbon between the police and mobs in enc upon creating and that the government has proclaimed a state of iege in the A Fight is reported that a ight has occurred between the infautry aud people at Mandrisio and that a sol dier was Auuouuces His CITY OF via Diaz Tuesday received a elegram from announcing his election to the presidency of San Sal TAMING Son of Judge Romantic ally United at Special to The HawkEyeJ nights midnight train from the west brought to this city Judge Samuel of Iowa his and Samuel both of the same The train was and it was evident to the other oc cupants of the sleeper occupied by this party that father and especially the were very When a couplftof miles out of Jndge Fairall could stand the strain no but got off the car and went forward to the Addressing the engineer he told him that he had an important engagement with the west bound train at and wanted him to make that the meeting point if it were possible to do The engineer said he would do the best he and Invited the judge into the cab with him to watch him while he did The lost time was and the west boundi train was caught As the lowal City party alighted from the train from the west they met a lady who debarked from the train from thai She was Miss Florence daughter of James formerly of Iowa City but now of She had come all the way and here she met this train and her lover at It was between twelve and one oclock when the little party gathered in the par lors of the house and the knot was The engineer who had split the atmosphere wide open inhis endeavor to unite the happy pair as per arrange ment was hurried off his the right side of the locomotive and asked to witness the marriage which he did with great The trains went their way bat Judge the clergyman and the bride and groom stayed at the KImball this when they all returned to and Fairall will live He is in the employ of the States Express company in the capacity of running between Iowa City and Clinton on the IOWA CITYS The Contract is tet and Work Will Be gin Within Ten con tract for the construction of a which its projectors hope will make Nia ara Falls the greatest manufacturing center on was let to Rogers last The contractors are on the Within ten days they will begin Two hundred men will be given employment to begin Said Contractor Rogers We shall start three shafts at One will be located near the mouth of the one near the corner of Erie and Third and the other nearly opposite the old Erie The center one will probably be begun These shafts will be ten by twenty feetaud two hundred feet Two hundred men will be at work night and day until the shafts are which will take about three and then as we shall go both ways from each fully one thousand men will be RAILROAD A Gay Day Spent at Their Special to THE IOWA Sept city presented a gay appearance It was the occasion of the annual parade of the Iowa City with their admirers and a goodly number from including the entire de partmeut of that have made things lively A bright day greeted the participants and promised the complete success of their The parade took place as announced at ten headed by the Athens Carriages in the column contained the city officials and those of our neighbor ing while the new hook and ladder truck and several welldeco rated hose carts added much to the beauty of the The parade the assembled throng listened to addresses by Mayor Mayor Schmidt of Attorney Judge Fairall and This afternoon was given up to sightseeing this evening a grand firemans ball was Ij DEATHS The Milwaukee and Pur chased by the ana Evening Wisconsin prints an authoritative an nouncement of the sale of the Milwaukee and Northern road to the Mil waukee and which will take possession October The actual amount of cash involved Is little In excess of Illinois Central Sept meet ing of dissatisfied stockholders of the Illinois Central road here today was largely Francis ex president of the Travelers Insurance and James presi dent of the National Fire Insurance com Dion the Playwright and SEW playwright and died this evening after a lingering He had caught a cold some time ago which developed into which finally resulted in his Boucicault was born in Ireland De cember and was educated as a civil engineer but devoted Mmself to the In March 1S11 he produced the comedy don Assurance which met with great his plays the best known are Louis Faust and Mariruerlte V A Dark Nights The Dead SecretJJ T The He dramatized van winkle which was rendered famous by S Joseph Jeffersons of KEW Franklin Peixott died today after a President Grant appointed consul at Burcharist iu he to this country in lS7t and in 1S77 appointed consulat po he retained until Peixott wast especially a man of mark among cpreligionist of the Jewish A CLOUDBURST AT Considerable Damage Done to People DES special says About this evening a cloud burst thi doing considerable Th roof of the Hanford block blown into tho The Vmton Ha Woods drug store and other stores suffered injury from Numerous chimneys blown dbw and trees There were sever narrow escapes but no one was Injured tTfe Chapter no Chapters ChnpterS meel could tell wewere maa Jwifjo my the wav v

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