Thursday, September 18, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - September 18, 1890, Burlington, Iowa ientative Cheadle Argues in favor of Purchase of Bonds the house T contested election and the democrats resorted the chamber whei called on but finally managed to note a quo ind of pro ne the opposed the ma and declared that the olunon an f of Virginia was rcliablj Midi I It Had been carried by the because of the popularity Xwland or unpopularity of hMBeof the irreconcilable differ republican It had nee division with all that Mich a could imply the It al for the republican par n who led the Dolt against TesulaTrepubhcan He HdJJtberewas a little law and less sus B re istain the contest there S itill He int that there never could and effective republican tlie oulh Ulltil wcre mcu in it to make it strong Senator Mahono and the nVfflcn made the republi SdnrtT in thal slate aud election of six republicans to Tlie flying in the SaoTllie existing had nisdarace Issue and the result had El that Virginia bad now only two re Ignorance dominate and overrule iutelli republican party in the Lit could not be built upon ucgro He Chcadle could not un jtrlls oath and with his knowledge of vote to seat the contestant aud Moped for the good name of the house uilhe good name of the great party to t belonged that there would be republicans voting with him to Tenable in his He eulo Sf eiSenaior Mahoneand predicted his leadership was followed Virginia in a few be as rellbly re rllican as When Cheadle W he was greeted with ap ite hy the jbe case then went over until tomor slating he would call the jerioiB Question at two He speaker announced his signature o the river and harbor bill aud the use took a Julie evening session of the house a umber of bills were including senate bills transferring the weather to the department of agriculture amendments and providing that lotion to every grade in the army the the rank of brigadier general abject to examination be made accord ijto The house bill was issfd autloriziug the secretary of war uppointa board of re view the Wings and sentence of any courtmartial the trial of commissioned officer or enlisted man the accused has honorably E TEE Bills Insscd in Thirty MJn nlHOtlier Itills Blair ad teed the senate on the joint resolution an amendment to the consti confcrring representation on the of Columbia in congress and in electoral The senate then to the consideration of the ootlie Ihesenate bill appropriating a monument iu Washington to the ry of John and the Ml to amend the act of February so as to entitle men who have thirty years iu the army and navy nirine corps to be placed on the re i list 75 per cent of their pay were 31e senate resumed consideration of senate bill to establish a United ales land and provides for the Sfanent ot private land claims in the Colorado and Wyoming fuhe territories of Xew Ari Biand After a long discussion the bill was laid aside tout Plumb offered a resolution to re the house bankruptcy bill to the Blair with instructions to so as to provide for a system of rj bankruptcy and gave notice would ask for a vote on the reso Meprivate pension bills on the calan taken up and eighty were latmity KENNEDYS Honw Committee Decide il from 1 he meeting C e committee todav to consider the resolu n llls speech against the senate VMyandto expunge it from the as Bended by all the niem nennedy was present and made a derensc 0 Ms action and an Li prove lhal the speech as was within the r Iarliamentary The decided to report a resolution the public printer to omit the the permanent copy of the BE BAM 1 tolloaujr Cooper and tho first witness today committee investigating the Commissioner was both sides disclaimed 4wPad him aild there was a examination but finally consented to cxarnin him Fitch had not told or I Ianuerliau given the names kdiu i office employes Hat m stockWitness re fitch had said Witness jn article on the subject I in an Indiana paper and information to a Louis 11 sevea Sood men besides cd witness with m beiuB pension office ein nisstcraer sought to get their Cooper and Lewis Maying the evident purpose mL with the Piled that he de 5m beforo tne said ho sent the Sinfnrm ult with him and to He Flem nse H in his newspaper JW in WaS n0t ibutinS Case on tne commis get at the He had was going after the com ouU useof Ms in with theman It Jllrh JbeD Postmaster at Tr whether been Involved in some MpIIed le wanted was want to of Men who think i as glassy as anybody TOUr housc I 1 defy you As the commissione Reference having been had in his pocket a leSIroml genTe man who stated that the wUmls Ws suspected of the robbery was At this point 1he committee insisted on cutting off the examination into this ma and there being no more the case was GENERAL WASHINGTON A BIB Four Cent My the Treasury reply to circular of the treasury depart ment on September mh inviting proposals for the sale of SI worth of four per cent the treasury department has received offers about SS of which were par chased at prices from to Thelargestamouutof one price beiue SS at 74 the next highest Ss at aud next at An official of the treasury de partment this afternoon called attention to the fact that including thepurchase of bonds today the disbursement at the treasury iu the thirtytwo days had ex eeded the receipts by Census The popula tion of the state of Connecticut as given ay the census bureau is increase 12 THE ANTILOTTERY Why It Went Through Without Amend ment or The Washington orrespondent of the Tribune explains why there was no visible opposition to he antilottery bill upon its final passage by the Several senators had vanted to make speeches either for imenduients or on the constitutional as ect of the but Senator of by his private talks con them that the country did not care to hear from them on the Xobody called for the yeas aud aud he bill went through without t would not be true to say that no oppo ition but that opposition kept quiet and for a good The lot ery vultures in their desperation made t impossible for any however to oppose the bill without put ing himself under the gravest sus Perhaps it would not be pos ible to show any outright attempts at yet circumstances enough were mown among the senators which made hem anxious to keep clear of possible eflection on their The lottery stood ready to debauch ongress as it has already debauched the tale of Louisiana and as it sought to de auch the state of Xorth Know UK all these there was a feeling f relief when the bill went through this fternoon wthout It is the iost important piece of legislation in the merest of public morals enacted at this It is also important because of he emphatic way it stamps the reckless artisan lies that the lottery had made with the republican national ommittee by which it was to be guar nteed Under its workings 5ostmastcr General Wanamaker is con dent that the postoffice department will e able to do much towards stifling the vhole lottery It will assuredly pre ent the prostitution of the mails and encourage state and municipal legis ation against the whole horde of lottery EEPOET ON he Utah Commission Ad vise Further Islutiou in Support of the SALT Utah com ission has forwarded to the secretary of he interior a lengthy report on its oper tions and proceedings during the past The principal feature is the rcc mmendation of further legislation in upportofthc In reviewing the ituation tho commissioners say Dur ng the year there has been frequent cx ressions of hope that the church would i some authoritative and explicit man or declare in favor of the abandonment f polygamy as one of the teaching of the but no such declaration was o complete Is the control of the church ver the people that there is little reason or doubting if such declaration wcre lade it would be accepted and followed y a large majority of the membership nd a settlement of the question would oon be On the in 11 the teachings in the tabernacle and hurch organs every effort of the gov rnment to suppress this crime is still enominaud as The church to grow more united from day to ay under these At the aen ral conference last Wilford the disfranchised polygamlst as chosen revclator and president of the church of Jesus Christ of Lattnr Day Saints in all the This is the first time since the of John in that the ffice has been At the same time Cannon was chosen first coun ellor and Loreenzo Snow president of he twelve these also being isfranchised A large por ion of the twelve apostles aud high iigniiaries of the church are polygauiists reputed to be open believers iu the The report further says he commission has returns from thu cgistration officers which enumerate ortyonc male it is be have entered iutopolygamousrela ion since the June revision in he belief is expressed that only a small iroportion of polygamlst marriages are as many of the registrars re members of the Mormon he commission recommends that ts powers be enlarged to enable it to ssue instructions which shall be binding pon registrars also recommends the en ctment of a law similar to the Idaho test aih believing it would do more to jut an end to the teaching and practice f polygamy than has yet been accom plished by the partial enforcement of the In conclusion the com nissiou repeats what it said in its last that in this latter the govcrn ient and congress should take no back vard or even wavering The favorable Impression produced on he first appearance of the agreeable iquid fruit Syrup of Figs a few rears ago has been more than confirmed y the pleasant experience of all who lave used and the success of the pro prietors and manufacturers the Cali ornia Fig Syrup Commission CBESSOX resident signed the commission of of to be register of the and office at Patricks Pills give entire satis I have used them in my They are tho best Lever used for the adian For sale by all Floods In SOUTH frcat quantities of rain fell in the last ortyeight The streets are some factories and much damage Patricks Pills have given me bet ter satisfaction than any or sale by all THmiSPAY EASTERN Massachusetts State Republican Rcpnbllcan State Convention In necthut and World8 Fair Caimuiiwlouers 1 Session republican state convention was called to order Burdett was made tem porary The usual commit tees were A novel feature In the platform arrangement was the plac ing thereon of three ballot boxes pla carded respectively Attorney Auditor and Secretary of There being no contest for the head of the Brackctt and Hall will be renominated by accla Tho ballots for the other state the nomination in all of which will be will be deposited at one voting to be done by This system is designed for the purpose of expediting business and will also have the effect of preventing a great deal of Brackctt was nominated for governor by William Halle for lieutenant George Harden for state Olin for secretary of Albert Pillsbury for attorney J H for The committee on resolutions pre sented the which was adopted The platform approves the administration of President Harri son praises Blaine andthe other mem bers of the cabinet Speaker Reed is heartily thanked for his course iu the and the work of the majority en dorsed and the minority The McKinley the Lodge election bill aud the disability pension bill are mentioned as especially worthy of New Hampshire state repub lican convention was called to order this Joshua Bellows was elected permanent The usual com mittees were then Hiram Tuttlo was nominated for Senator Chandler reported the plat form which was It reaffirms allegiance to the republican which stands for the protection of American Citizens of every class and color Harri sons administration is heartily endorsed the republicans iucongressarcapplauded Tor maintaining the rights of tho ma jority Speaker Reed is endorsed the McKinley aud pension bills approved aud he veterans that their Grovcr is no longer in a position to defeat the just an generous purpose of a grateful nation reciprocity Is also The platform also demand the speedy enactment of the federal election Connecticut NEW republ ican state convention reconvened this United States Senator Orville Platt was elected permanent chair Samuel Merwin was nominated or George secre tary of state Stevens treas urer Lyman The platform endorses the administra tion of President Harrison declares in avor of protection and reciprocity ad vocates the passage of national election aws endorses the action of the house in upholding the right of the majority to Colorado republican itate convention met here this morning ind after perfecting a temporary organ zation took a There is a bitter actional fight in the one party being termed the Gang aiid the other Gang There are contesting delegations from several When the convention reassembled the com mittee on credentials was still unable to report and an adjournment was taken until West Virginia ourteenth annual reunion of the society of the Army of West Virginia began to ExPresident who is acting since the death of General delivered an address this after loon at the grove before a vast n the afternoon General if aud others Tonight a monster campmeeting was Nominated for Charles Foster was nominated by ac clamation in the eighth republican con gressional district THE WORLDS Executive Committee Announced by 1retddtmt Worlds Fair commission met this morning and Presi dent Palmer announced his selection of the executive This coinmit eo will name the director general and by virtue of its position will be the most mportant in connection with the exposf The committee will no doubt be accepted by the commission without op position as named by the The committee named Is as follows Mark McDonald of Kerns of Henry Exall of Wldencr of all of whom are commlssionersatlarge John Harris of Sewell of Xcw Smalley of Martindalc of John Boyd 1hatcher of New Adlai Ewlng of King of 31app of McLaws of Breed of Euclid Martin of Price of Kan Harrison of James Butt of West Williams of Joseph Hirst of Sauuders of Jershfield of Goodell of Brittan of the District of James McKenzie of Ken The committee is composed of thirteen democrats and thirteen The salaries are fixed as follows Pres a year director It is believed here today that George of will be made di rector as his supporters claim a majority of the local directors as well as support of President and other influential members of the national ONE HUNDRED Arsenic Placed In llarbecned Fork at a Negro hun dred negroes were poisonod Sunday last near Dallas Two of died that and six others died The latest news from the neighborhood is to the effect that many others are dangerously ill and their deaths hourly A big revival lad been going on for a week at a negro near which is In a re ote section of Dallas some twen ty miles from A huge barbecue of xrk was served last Sunday and the assembled throng ate heartily of the meat and shortly afterwards many of the dinners were suffering All the physicians In the neighborhood were and at once pronounced sickness the result of The barbecue pork was examined and physicians found traces of arsenic in The symptoms of all those taken ill werethose of arsenic Every thing possible was done by the physi but two children diedin a short The next day six grown Four women and two died great No less than twenty persons were in a critical condition and expected to die at last Others are not cousidered entirely out of An investigatian is being made by the cor but so far he has not learned who placed the poison in The negroes of the neighborhood are much believing there is an enemy in their midst who is determined to destroy THEY GOBBLE THE The Chicago and Louis Leased njr tho Jacksonville and new railroad deal was made today in which the Chicago and Louis a line running from Springfield to Mount Olive through has been ab sorbed by a lease effected by the Jack sonville and whoso head quarters are iu this The Hue is composed of the Peoria and Louis which runs between Jacksonville and Peoria aud from Peoria to Springfield by way of Havana and Is now building from Litchfield to St the Louisville and which runs be tween this city and Ccntrilia through Litchfield the Louisville and Louis that runs from Centralia to Mount aud the Carrolton and Western that runs from Litch field west through The new lease will give the line direct communi cation between Springfield and js well as the use of the Clover Leaf tracks from Evansville until Its own are WANT A Petition from Warren County Board of the state board of equalization Case presented a petition from the board of supervisors of Warren asking that theassessment of that county be reduced from 33K per cent of the fair cash value of the property assessed In accordance with the The petition was referred to the com mittee on lands and towns and It is probable that a great many petitions of this sort will be presented to the board in the next few The chief object in the adoption of the Scott resolution was to tix a basis for the assessment of railroad property and capital stock of the but an impression has got out that its purpose was to fix a standard for the equalization of the real and per sonal property in the BIS CRASH AT Gardner Krokers anil Fall with supenslon of Gardner bankers and is announced in the stock At the office of the concern the failure is but no official statement can be as all members of the firm have left the office for the James assignee for Gard ner says The concern has as signed to mo and the liabilities are about 52 I shall make a statement as soon as A bank president said I dont think any banks will be I think it an honorable fail George son of the senior member of the house and chief aid this afterpoon The trouble was due wholly to tight Calls upon us have been greater than we could AMIDST WRECK AND President Harrison Views the Knitis of Johnstown anil Grand View train bearing President Harrison and party ar rived here at A large crowd bad gathered to greet the chief 3ver an hour was spent in driving through the devastated Mayor Rose jointing out the interesting scenes of the The president and party then re turned to the station and shortly left for A trip was made to Grand View where the unknown dead ie buried and here Harrison and other members of ths party placed a tribute of flowers to the memory of the unknown TRAGEDY AT A Man and Wife Found Dead In Their House Yeftterday and Gee wcre found nead at their home n Normal this They had pre Darcd breakfast on a gasoline stove and the prevailine opinion is the gasoline in the reservoir suddenly changed to asphyxiating It is believed by a ew that something poisonous was eaten or They came from Woodford a yearago for the pur lose of educating their daughter at the state Normal The coroner Is balding an RAILROAD The Atchlson Secures the Colorado NEW announce ment was made today that the Atchison lad bought control of the Colorado Mid It is said the sum paid per The Colorado Midland operates 270 miles of main line running rom Colorado Springs to New 234 and the branches to Spring Gulch and Arkansas ICailroad annual re port of the Paul and Duluth railroad shows gross earning of an in crease of expenses and a decrease of net an increase of At the annual meeting of the Soo road the old directors and officers were The annual report of the Northern Pa cific shows gross earnings of an increase of an increase of net an increase of STRIKERS GIVE The Trouble on the New York Central 4 Knded at order declar ing the New York Central strike off was read this morning in every local assem bly between New York and It emanated from the headquarters at dis trict assembly Cornlields sentative who is an exten sive farmer returned from a tour of inspection of the cornfields this coun and he furnishes a surprising He says that the frost of Friday night gave corn the worst cooking It ever had and that the damage to the crop will be at twenty per cent in central and west ern Iowa and still greater further The fields were found to be much greener than at first supposed and the mercury was down to twentysix that We find Patricks Pills to be very extra and to give splendid They are now about the only kind called For sale by all Spring Valley Miners Threaten to Sritrxc Knights of Labor here are preparing to issue a review of the treatment of the miners by the Spring Valley Coal com of which exCongressman of is Many serious abuses are charged and the workmen threaten to It is claimed Scott has failed to keep his Nervous poor dif sexual cured by Miles Samples free at Wittei drug MAD WITH Jack Sevans Murderous Infatua for He Deliberately Planned to Kill the Woman he Loved and Then Commit ted Storybf Lang don passed through this city last night accompanying the body of his who was murdered at Grand by John of to her former home at Tears glistened in young Langdons eyes when he stood on tho platform watching the baggagemen transferring the pine box containing his wifes remains from a hand truck to the express The story of the double killing was most graphically told by young Langdon while wailing for tho departure of the train that bore Langdons remains back to the home of her which she so recently he had an insane idea that my wife still loved He could not day or until he found the opportunity to see her ouco more and ask her face to face If it were not Several days ago at Grand Mound an anony mous telegram containing a warning in a brief It said out for I have since learned that this dispatch came from Eugene of who is engaged to marry Miss Minnie a my dead and to whom Bevan had declared before leaving for Iowa that his love for Langdon was deep and inextinguish and that without the companion ship of the idol of his heart there was nothing left for him to make life worth the in leaving whither he had gone iu the hope of find ing not kuowing that she had joined me in told Rowley that he was going backto watched him and saw him board a train for Rockford evidently bound for This was on Friday of last The next thing I heard was that Bevan had made his appearance in the town of De in the same county where we were On about 11 when I was out a short distance from the house of where we engaged on the work of the railroad which my father and myself are building for the Northwestern between Clinton and Cedar Bevan sud denly walked up and spoke to I hardly knew He wore hugegoggles aud appeared to be a dis I feared the though was armed and prepared for He asked me to step aside and talk with Before complying I said in a low voice to one of my fellow workmen That man will cither kill me or I will kill I have come to see your said Bevan in peremptory at the same time nervously clutching a revolver which he carried in his outside coat Iu reply I told him that he could not see her that it would be wrong to grant such a request after he had been following us around like a crazy man and making threats against her He had repeat edly written her in letters that she would not be Langdon very Bevan being refused began to act It then occurred to me that I should run to the house and warn my wife of his pres I feared that he would shoot me before I reached the and I gave a loud whistle to attract Langdons She heard me and appeared at the I reached the house in Bevan saw her face at the win He came nearer to the like one attracted by some strange power of fascinatiou he could not For an hour or while we remained in he wandered about among the bushes in the At wearying of this fearful I went out and urged him to go away and leave us in He refused unless he could first see my said if she will see will you consent to being searched and disarmed said I have never sub mitted to anything like but I will be I with not use my But I must see your I would will ingly cross the ocean or go to the end of the world to see Give mo the op portunity You dare not put me Foolishly relying on the promises of the insane whom I ought to have killed on tho I yielded and went iu to request Laugdon to grant the I told her that he had prouiised to go away and cease troubling u if it were She cheerfully As she walked out into the frout yard to meet her jilted lover my fears were greatly Something seemed to tell me that she was going out to meet death in an awful Then came the most exciting and trying ordeal of my I went up stairs and took down a rifle from its accus tomed With this weapen I went to a window where there was a hole in the Through this aperture I had a full and fair view of Bevan and my wife where they stood talking in the front Bevan was facing but the screen secured me safely from ob Then and there with my rifle I drew a bead on Bevan and kept him covered till the Interview appeared to bo at an end and Bevan turned as if tn During the awful minutes of suspense I supposed that Bevan had his revolver In his hip where I had seen him place My resolve was that in case he made a motion toward that pocket to send a bullet through his why did I not do it without waiting till it was too late and save my darling wife I relaxed my fears at the wrong I did not know that Bevan had changed his weapon from his hip pocket to the iuside pocket of his Instead of as I he still He took Which he I down stairs and out into the yard leaving my rifle behind and taking my I As I drew near I over heard my wive saying you are no It is time for this to I At this moment Bevan stood with his coat buttoned up by the lowest while he grasped the lapels with his I was still watching fora motion toward his hip He let his right hand slide down his breast under his in a listless Like a flash his revol ver was out and leveled point blank at my wifes There were two sharp reports in rapid With a little seream Langdon fell on the and the blood trickled from two bullet wounds down her It was over before I could get my revolver out of my coat the ham mer catchingon inclining as I attempted to jerk it Bevan turned upon me We fired at each other almost my shot a little in ad vance of I Mine took effect and his did Then he began to reel and but he managed to fire Whether at himself or at me I cannot I was terribly Be fore he fell I rushed upon him and shot him five Four bullets went Into his where they were found at the and the fifth entered his He fell dead beside my Crazed with I carried dying as she into the She spoke The whole neighbor hood soon became aroused by the awful tragedy and the excitement was very LAJfODOX GKAJTD community is still excited over the Be vanLangdon As a matter of form Langdon was arrested pending tho At four oclock yes terday morning the coroners jury re verdict exonerating him from all Soon afterward hestarted forvChicagowith his wifes Deep sympathy was expressed for the younghusbandby all the people In the neighborhood1 of Grand The coroners investigation was conducted through the night to accommodate him in making a start for and ho felt very grateful for thoconsideration shown Bevan was buried in the potters field of Clinton LANGDOXij MOTHER RECEIVES THE will go to Aladison tonight In a Bevatfhas five bullets in his Willis is but may be I will come with With trembling fingers George wife of a respected citizen of opened a telegram that was brought to her Monday night and read the contents quoted There was a womans scream and then a physician labored for hours with the unconscious POLK COUNTY KntliuniaKtic Opening r the Campaign at UeH Special to The Young Mens Republican club opened their ag gressive campaign this evening by a large and enthusiastic meeting in the nature of a reception to Thuy had alreadyorganized two clubs ill the each time adding freshj laurels to their many Last night twenty went to Tonight their spacious hall was crowded with a large The Ideal MadoIIn composed of young opened the evenings exercises with some splendid after which Frank who is one of the most prominent members of the made one of his aggressive and eloquent He was followed by one of the rising young republicans of Polk Will iam the next secretary of spoke for about an hour upon the issues of the McFarland is a forcible carrying con the minds of his audience and charming the cars of all with his elo He was frequently interrupted Between the speaking the glee clubs rendered several songs which set the audience The meet ing was a great and was a strik ing contrast to the caucus of the east side democrats held this where dissention and discord reigned CEAZT FOR A Strauee Freak of Mind of Stoniirt Ander son ut Mimou Special to THE MASOX of the strangest freaks of mind was that of Stewart AndersOus walk of On Monday as he was eating his supper all at once he seemed to have lost his mind and arising from the table he went out of the door without his vest or coat and was not again seen for twentyeight The family became aroused the neighbors and search for him was at once It seems that after he got up from the table he litout over the country as fast as he could and when ho became himself he was over forty miles from He is a single man about thirty five years of of good steady and this strange act he nor his friends can account He is a man of good A FATAL Georgia Smitll Terribly Hurt by Frightened Georgia daughter of Dwight manager of the Consolidated Tank was seated in a buggy in front of her fathers office last evening when a run away team attached to a lumber wagon came down Main street Miss in the excitement of the jumped directly between the runaway She was caught and dragged down the one of the horses step ping upon her kicking her teeth out and cutting her It is feared Miss Smiths injuries are THE LAST Biahop of Receives Word of His Mothers Hen of the Catholic diocese of received a cablegram Monday announc ing the death of his mother in Yesterday morning solemn memorial services were held in the where pontifical requiem high mass was Over thirty priests and hun dreds of Catholic school children were THE FIRE Mysterious Burning of the 31 IU and Special HawkEyrJ Win field mill and elevator burned this morn There was about two thousand bushels of grain The origin of the fire is The loss is ten thousand dollars with an insurance of Rare for the Coal Special to tUo town in which this town is has sent a two horse wagon load of stuff to exhibit at the Coat Palace in consisting of egg radishes and other Plank Sons send a nice lot of samples of their flour and also two books printed in the year and a gun that was carried during the invasion of Russia in 1S12 by one of the German troops in Napoleons and was carried by the same man during the Invasion of France in and was carried by one of the Prussians soldiers at Waterloo on June 1S15 also a book owned by printed in the year This was owned by Planks and was smuggled over Into this country to gether with his wife and was sold to pay their Lumber Suit luvolviug lumber suit involving has been sub mitted to Judge Shiras in the United States circuit Several years ago John Robeson of Winona contracted with the Mississippi River Valley Logging company to tow his logs down the Chtp pewa No date was fixed for the termination of the but the com pany has refused to longer tow his and he brings suit to recover Struck Special to Tho Wil living two miles east of struck oil while drilling for at a depth ot one hundred and eighty There is a strong flow that shows no signs of Tho people are greatly excited over Ills Itlglit Leg Stone a in making a coupling between cars here yesterday fell across the track and his right leg was crushed above the rendering amputation Railroad Conductors MASON is re ported here that a number of the con ductors on the Iowa Central railroad were discharged The trouble has not yet been Reward for a DES governor has offered a reward of for the ap prehension of the person or persons who on September at murdered George PRTUCAMAY REVOLT Stormy Scene in the Cortes Fol lowed by Popular The Bay Cession In thaCausn of the of tliu Cabinet General News anil center of European disturbance has for the mo ment changed from the Balkans to Por The stormy scene in the cortes on Monday has been followed by popular excitement and commotion that have al ready forced the ministry to resign and threaten the very exktendo of the mon The reports which come from Lisbon show that there Is serious danger of a revolution in which the sympathies of the array would be largely against the if not the dynasty The cause of the trouble of the agreement made by the ministry with England by which large tracts of African territory in thuT region of Delagoa which for centuries have been regarded as Portu are ceded to The min isters have a majority of the chamber at their but the minority Is very strong and includes many dbie men and apparently has thomajority of the people behind That certainly Is the fact in Lisbon and in the larger AThe popular ferment is such that a revolution that would establish a republic would surprise no Portu gal has been making steady strides to ward republicanism for many years and the entire success of the re publican experiment in which is closely connected with has given a great stimulus to the This is particularly true of the How this could remedy the grievances in Africa it is not easy to Portugal is not a match for England on land or but a repub lic in Portugalwould undoubtedly hasten the downfall of the monarchy in aud that might mean five hundred thou sand more men behind France in case of war with the triple A revolu tion in Lisbon would unsettle the whole European and Lord Salisbury does not want to push matters to ex tremes if he can help officers and crew of an English manofmar were hissed and stoned by a mob while landing at Lisbon and were finally compelled to THE BARRtTNDIA An Details the Clrcuin Connected NEW purser of the steamer upon which General Barrundia was butchered by soldiers of in the harbor of San Jose de is He witnessed the He says several Guatemalans whom Barrundia recog nized as enemies were on the One of these hired a negro boatman to send a telegram to the authorities at Chatuperico so that Barrundia might be arrested when the vessel landed The vessel reached Champerico August Commander Telefenis came aboard and demanded that liarrnndia be turned over to Captain Pitt of the Acapulco Captain Pitt sent a telegram to Lansing United States minister at asking him to send the American manofwar Ranger from San Jose to prevent Barrundias enemies from taking him off the The Acapulco left Champerico at August and arrived at San Jose De Guatemala seven Tho Amer ican vessels Tetls and Ranger were lying That night captain of the visited the Captain Pitt explained the situation and said he hoped they would not allow Barrundia to be taken from the Captain Reiter replied I am sorry we cannot do anything for you without orders from the Later the Acapnlco was boarded by General Torreilleand five policemen from Guatemala to arrest Torreille showed Pitt a letter from saying that it was the captains duty to surrender Barrun who would not be harmed except for his political When Barrundia discovered what was np he jumped back into the pulled two and fired point blank at the men before They Barruiula at their firing as he Missing the men he ran around on the outside and fired a bullet or two into every hoping to hit some Pushing forward he came unwittingly within a half dozen feet of five special All five blazed away at Barrun who fell dead at the first The officers stood over the body and emptied their revolvers into Nine bullets en tered his Leaving his five officers began to search for his Posita and the first had locked them in a stateroom and stood guard at the door with a re peating The murderers were The dead body was wrapped in a dragged by the heels along the deck and down the gang plank into the boat and carried it Ameri can naval officers on land heard of the killing and went on board the Acapulca to get the but they made no FLOODS IN Four Million Made Cholera SAX steam ship City of Rio Janeiro arrived early this morning from Honjr Kong and Yoko homa via She brings Chinese advices to August and Japanese ad vices to August The Yellow river flood and other floods continue to absorb attention in In the province of Chihli are four million people and the misery in Shantung is almost as Cholera is prevailant in Shanghai and the northern and several Europeans GENERAL FOREI8N The Fire In the Palace the Work of dispatch from Granada reports that the fire in the Al hambra palace was the work of to screen of someof the works of art in the The palace was damaged The Chotera hot weather has increased the number of cholera vic tims in Toledo and and has caused the appearance of the disease in many In Castellon de la Tarragona and To ledo the epidemic is attacking the upper Most of the victims are women and have been received confirming the report of the prevalence of cholera at Traffic between Massowah and Suakim is absolutely Minister Kibeiro Ribeiro minister of foreien has resigned in consequence of opposition to the AngloPortuguese treaty relative to the territory in East The Brazil Rio elections are now known to be in favor of the gov Revived at slavery proclamation was signed by the German commanders of the The brokers houses are now full havingbeen German license to recover runaways lead tomuch kidnapping coi ty hogs topk more at the seau fair last week than all theballanced the state SPACERS fcpencer business are taking suaof thecity at their The official count failed to figure up more than and it is thought the newf count will show a population of CKBAB RAPUM Efoo Raolds packers have salted about more hogs this year than they didj for the correspondingmonths of rapid advance in the price of corn I given as one ot the reasons for the ia AGAWSC A DIREC4 members of the CouncilBlnffsS school board who are opposed to intendent McSaughton against charging him with iug his public duties by running mortgage business In addition position as school Jf A RELIEF Soc EXT BISBASJJED Deutsche as It stands in the German SIcfe lief It was or Ranked In sands of bnt lately has ing both In membership and in There was enough money in the treas ury left to give each member RACE meut on the horse racing ran so during the Sibley just that Iu been staked on a race owned by of f thio and owned by George of The race s to come off at the Independence race ourse on the 2Cth of October A DEATH BED Fri day evening route agent the American Express and Miss Airess were married at Cheney at Missouri where Rees has been lying sick for several weeks not expected to They are among the elite of society and it was would have been married some time is very low at the present GAS who lives five and southwest of in Keokuk town has struck natural While dig ging a well last week he struck the gas He had dug down nineteen At this point the drill struck the gas The gas blew out with great violence and there has been no ditnunitlon in the volume Reece has not lit the which he expects to have tested by an He says the roaring of the well heard for quite a HE ISA has a jewel of a street The Journal says Commissioner Strong is an inval uable factor in our city He is the right man in the right placed Fairfield streets are the best graded and smoothest of any In the state that are not paved or Strong always sees that repairs are done on side sewers and roads as promptly as is and he keeps them The prospect at the first of the week was that the streets in the city would be rough during the but a force work with the scraper and in a short time all the principal streets iu the route to the fair ground and city were as smooth as could be pffree lamation has spread coast and tha traffic has revivedsto extentunknown HAWEETB Why Women Ought to Robert Why am I a woman saff ragist Be cause 1 Because a woman has hard common than a Because she doesnt give for an ar ticle that she knows vejy well she get for 75 Because she doesnt stalk loftily away f torn the counter with out her if the robber behind is a little reluctant about it out Because she is too independent to pay the landlord for her and then pay the head waiter SI to send her a waiter who will bring it to her for fifty Because one day a Pullman por ter complained to no money on this boss too many women on Dont never get nothin out of a womanv eeptin her regular I had paid him 25 cents of my boots and losing the and when he said when I saw for myself the he roic firmness of those women traveling alone and refusing to pay the salaries of the employes of a rich I aid These women have a right to To vote By all that is brave and selfreliant and they have a right to run the They couldnt do it than men The Same Old Froin the Dubuque Dnbuque Telegraph How to main tain white supremacy In Mississippi and at the same time avoid a diminution of representation in congress is the princi pal problem now puzzlingthe constitu tional convention of that How to maintain a reputation for respectabil ity aud ac the same time make a big steal is the principal problem ot every respectable rogue in the Can Curry All the Districts Save From the Gate Democratic fighting in Iowa this year will be practically confined to the con gressional republi can forces properly organized every dis with one can be carried by the party of progress and Why Tfrom the Sioux Why dont the democratic call for the resignation of Cal Brice thes senate and from the chairmanship of democratic national J Is precisely as branded crimlnatSS as JIatt Qujty i f A Defuuitiuc Railroad f perintendent of telegraph of the Louis and San Francisco railway com at North a The amount involved tsT not definitely known but will exceed George Andrews as FraDiav Friday Army of the Cumberland of the Army of the Cumberland began J reunion at Memorial hall this J In the evening General Yates of delivered nnal cured by Miles Samples free at WIttes drug Special to The a brakeman on the Ro Island and was knocked down ur a low bridge and seriously hurt last A handsome complexion la one ofTthe est cbnrms a em Complexion Powder nives Happy Golden SepiC Griffith and wife celebrated their golden wedding tonight largely attend The remarkable fact their fifty married been spent J 8500 dollars offeredfor Incurable caseo bvf the proprietors ot Fifty by as r Asa pcfcmevnTnse Kodrnuus nendticnePowders lathe silli

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