Wednesday, September 10, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - September 10, 1890, Burlington, Iowa P Bill PASS Question Concern ihe Tariff Third Beading iaoitodTlie In the senate TUe 1end tlnnon Gibsons amendment to sucar test from SO degrees as Ingtlto ruled that the off debate today from ovod to striks out of the paragraphs relating oved to strike out the en and substitute the sugar o the Mills till yeas iS Enstis cd TO insert a provision wthe bounty apply on all sugar pro SKr moved to amend the para idating es b fixin to oranges by fixing rates lor oranges imported in February or March to insert a proviso merchandise deposited in narelionse prior to the first may be withdrawn for at any time prior to the of Xoxcmber and goonthepay at of the duties in force prior to the aze of this r Hnml moved as a substitute to f Sato for withdrawal to one iCTlrom tlie passage of the act ro naP1 34 tilt Bum moved to insert the 1st of tuo 1st of So AWrich then moved thercciproc proposed ter and the question was stated to Tie Shall the bill pass Aldrich thereupon an ad but withdrew the motion so as to allow an executive soon after the senate TEE Appear and other Election the of New rose to cor rect the Yesterday Cummings had asked that the Maine delegation be excused on account of political In view of the fact that the Maine dele especially the was in robust he thought some mistake had been of the Virginia election case of Langstou against of raised a question of consideration and the vote resulted yeas nays no A call of the house was A bare was disclosed and the question was recurred upon question of consideration pending which OFefrall moved an The motion to adjourn was nays On the question of considera tion the quoram the vote standing yeas nays and another call was No quorum Haugcn offered a resolution directing the sargeantat arms to summon the of to lay Haugens resolution on the table nays Haugen said it was evident the news from Maine had so demoralized the democratic friends as to render them in capable of doing anv business He therefore moved that the house which was agreed THE EACH by him on Evarts moved as a substitute for amendment which merely directed tresldcnt to communicate the facts nays Tlr Gibson moved to insert wool In f jWrichsameiidnient Gray moved as a substitute for Al Ijrichs amendment a section directing liheircsident without further legislation Btelarethe ports of tbe United States jieejnd open to all products of any onniry of the American hemisphere mm which ao export duties are imposed itoever and so long as the government of 1 country admitted to the ports there Irce of duty all jaicipal and other on corn preserved agricultural vessels or boats of iteel or proeuced in the lulled States III Aldriehs amendment was then nays All the dcmo oils voted reciprocity anenflment and two and Aldrich offered an additional providing that the Ufa schedule and the bounty paragraph dull take effect on the 1st of and that prior to the 1st of Febru sugars may be refined in bond irilhonv payment of duty agreed were offered t Aldrich and agreed including the Mowing Declaring that all special lues shall become due on the 1st of and on every 1st of July thereafter mating the proviso in paragraph 437 on the free list animals 1m porlcd specially for breeding purposes ipplytofemales filling blank for dates on which the duties shall be levied on theariicles exempted from duty as the 1st of The committee amendment to para graph placing upon the free list all ilc sugars not above 16 Dutch standard which had been passed over without was taken The amendment to substitute 13 for 10 Jaeed nays Lamb offered an amendment for lie appointment of a commission of five disinterested persons to be known as commission with a permanent xhe city of Washington agreed nays The commission be composed of five disinterested persons to be appointed by the president with the advice and consent of the to continue in office six years un less sooner removed for Kflectof duty or malfeasance in Xo more than three of them to be from ike same political party the sal to be with travel ing expenses and they to have a messenger and such otber clerical assistants as they may re The provisions for duties of com missioners arc lengthy and oilier things they are to ialoaod ascertain the average prices of commodities imported into the United both at wholesale and retail in United States and in foreign places sale or shipment fortwelve nuts previous and six months follow wy change in the and this in be carried back twentyfive i fisable bvthe comtnis wnaud shall extend to all the facts wing upon mattcr jn any the Wis of rates of general to ascertain the quantity or similar commo iuthe United States dur 8 the same and to as whether any particular operated to increase production in the United ascertain in what par Tlie Commissioner Objects to Having His Private Aflulrs Subject to Com missioner Charles Lincoln was today before the Baurn investigating commit He testified that the completed files system recommended by Lemon didirt commend itself to his Claimants without attorneys were placed by it at a Probably less than five per cent of the original claim ants were without Witness did not think any particular attorney had been benefited by the Wash ington attorneys as a whole might have been benefited for a time because of the He did not believe the slightest degree of partiality or favoritism had been shown by any officer or employe of the pension bureau towards an The DCW order was giving more satisfac tion to the country at large than the original plan and had considerably ex pedited the although some in justice was worked perhaps toward the claimants with a mechanical started in to tell how he met in several years Frank he had been was the patentee of the Universal Commissioner Raum objected to this line of Cooper insisted he could prove by the witness that Smith was working on the citizens of trying to create a corporation just as had been done here that the citizens of Memphis invested and the patentee decamped just as he had done afterward in He next came to the pension office as the best place to work and organized a with the aid of the head of the that was a Commissioner Baum interrupted to say that Cooper took his refrigerator charges from certain newspaper The men who wrote those articles knew they were lies and Cooper today knew they were Ho had not proven his charges and now sought to throw out a dragnet to bring in other things so as to break down the enterprises in which he Eaum was He did not propose to have his private business sub jected to investigation unless the house directed Lewis argued for a full and fair If the invention was im practicable and worthless the country ought to know because he believed an officer of tbe United States should not use his official position to boost any worthless In answer to a Cooper said he did not know that he could prove that General Eaum knew the invention was a He could prove he ought to know After further discussion the matter went over and Smyser was Cooper asked if he had not told Lewis a member of the committee that he had no money Interest in the Smyser replyed he had told Lewis while the stock was entered in his name he did not own all of it but represented some gentlemen in This brought Lewis to his feet and there wos a wordy war between himself and Smyser for some Lewis finally admitted he might have misunderstood The President Coneratulates Sept following has been received from Pennsyl vania To THE very heartilv congratulate you and your col leagues in congress from Maine upon the generous popular endorsement you have BENJAMIN EVERYBODY ASTONISHED At the Overwhelming Republican Victory in It Is a Regular Campaign Fought on National TarilTand Election taws Ku magnifi cent victory in Maine yesteiday is the subject of general conversation In po litical circles The general ver dict is that it is a gratifying indoisemeut of the w ork of the present aud that its effect upon the November elec tion must be very Eepub Hcans who had practically given up carrying the next house are uowveiy Elaines followers are not so as they see clearly that it makes Eeed a very important presidential It is now very evi dent someiinforseen occur rence cnes Eced will be very promi nent as a presidential candidate two years The Republican Larger aud Sept Journal has returns in from 2S5 towns for which give Burleigh republican plurality against republican plu rality in Vote of Maine lu Former republican republican republican republican republican republican fusion democrat plurality 18 republican republican republican republican Times special from commenting upon the Maine says It is clearly evi dent that the democratic campaign has becu awfully In Biddc where the democrats have usually had a majority in excess of the figure is cut down to owing to the dropping of the French voters from the by order of the federal It was de cided by this it will be remem that the municipal court not being a court of could not legally perform the function of natural a decision which bore especially hard upon the democrats and oue had Eceds plurality been would probably have been used as a basis for a Contest of his seat in the next house of Upon the recom mendation of the William every disfranchised voter was brought to the polls and a record was kept of all who were refused the right to Contrary to expectations there was In Biddeford no repetition of the riotous proceedings which characterized the local election last There is great rejoicing among republicans here over Eeeds The republicans are extravagaut in their jubi They had not predicted more than plurality at the and they are wild with The speaker himself is He will go back to Washing ton in the morning fuller than ever of the idea that ho is tbe whole and that he is to be Harrisons a deliberate to enact into a law the monstrous turning the election laW of states de mands a reduction of to the lowest rate compatible with a charge of the obligations of the govern ment congratulates the republican party upon the recent concessions to the demo cratic policy involved in the advocacy by certain leaders of reciprocity denounces the McKinley bill believes in the eleva tion of labor extends cordial greeting to Grover assurlmg him universal regard of the people favors free binding twine practical temperance laws exact justice in laws governing common carriers and public warehouses endorses liberal pensions but censures wastefulness in that Among the nominees for governor was of who is now the candidate of the Farmers A letter was read from him saying he was a candidate of a party fighting for not for office and he could not permit himself to be brought before the democratic The first ballot resulted Thomas of 305 of 104 Durant aud Kelly one Wilsons nomination was made of Brown was nominated for lieutenant gov ernor aud a recess was then At the evening session the ticket was completed as follows Secretary of of Stillwater Adolph of Olmstead county Charles of Minneapolis Cal of Cloud clerk of the supremo of Traserse New Dainnalure prohibition state convention assembled this fore After the appointment of the usual committees a recess wastaken un til when a permanent organi zation was effected with of as Joshia of was nominated for Congressional nominations were made as follows First Frank Dovcrs Resolutions were pledging loyal tyto the national prohibition party de manding a prohibition of the manufac ture of intoxicating beverages in prohi bition slates and a strict enforcement of all prohibitory The resolutions further assert that the prohibition party is a true friend of the laboring man aud calls upon the laboring men to array themselves with the The Maiuu Advertiser estimates the legislature will stand Sen republicans democrats 3 republicans democrats THE DUAL SITE The Massing Troops I w jt England Watching Closely that the Will i Milt lu an Invasion Troubles men are watching Russian military move ments with much Many things are known to them which do not appear in the but oven the scraps of news about movemcntsof troops which are allowed to leak out have a peculiar A Gorman military jour nal of high authority a few days ago an nounced its belief that the maneuvers got up for the entertainment of Emper or William around Narva were only farce and werelntendcd to rather that the strength and efficiency of the Russian the real man euvers would take place on an enormous scale In the and that no foreign spectators would bo allowed to be pres The inference was clear that there was to be something about thescH southern maneuvers the government wished to conceal and which would be worth The prepara tions for this display of military force 0 ascertan n watpar customs the duties existing from time operate injudiciously or American manufactures the effect of customs tao Drice of agricultural of tbe their sale in the United States to ascertain the effect of such the employment and comparison with other Commissioner of the District of Colombia The nomina tion of Ross to be commissioner of the District of Columbia has been con The following Iowa postmasters were confirmed Dewitt Cor demanded a separate vote amendment striking revenue sections in rela The amendment was the sections struckoutr aa vote was on reciprocity Sored by Aldrich for the agreed M was on the amendment 03lowering tie sugar free of duty greed toTeas jUIen But Cameron Faulk The President at CKKSSOX president remained in his cottage all forenoon attending to It rained here most of the day and kept the presidential party within The young lady graduating class of the con vent of Alysius called on President and Harrison in the hav ing driven over from Lorretto to express to the president the respects of the insti tution and wish that he would visit the convent if he has an The president this evening received a telegram from of saying Full returns show a majority of nineteen the largest since at a state national Maine stands by your Eussell Harrison and daughter left here this evening for Omaha to visit her of McMil i Stock Pugh TVil of Maryland Wol The favorable impression produced on the first appearance of the agreeable liquid fruit Syrup of Figs a few years ago has been more than confirmed by the pleasant experience of all who have used and the success of the pro prietors and manufacturers the Cali fornia Pig Syrup Company Frank Collier the attorney who has been on trial for In sanity before Judge was discharged today by order of the judge and the case officer now before the were offered and grossed and ordered On m a strict party ieid a third time Vitus nervous ness and hysteria are soon cured by Free samples it Wittes drug Boston Woollen Dealers Bloom dealers in assigned Lia use Pozzonls It produces a son anu Tjeauaful Democrats at IVushlncton Washington correspondent of the Tribune telegraphs that the democrats there disappeared early Monday night after getting the news from They had been mak ing a possum campaign in Jlaine and thought the speaker would really have less than one So confident were they that the plan of a contest against Reed in case the next house be democratic bad been all worked A dozen or more ambitious mem bers had begun to quarrel among them selves as to who should rise in the house tomorrow and sarcastically ask to have the news from Speaker Eeeds district The republican congressmen from what they had heard thought the speaker would have a plurality of or For an off year they believed this would be an excellent Nobody in Washington looked for the majority to come close to the figures iu the presidential The sur prise with which the returns were received was therefore genuine In both Early in the evening Secretary of the congressional received a telegram from Joe Stanley saying that Reeds plurality would not be less than While waiting for confirmation of this good news the press dispatches came saying that the majority would be greater than in aud the figures were close to As It kept rising the spirits of the republican con gressmen rose and a good many of them joined in telegrams congratulating Reed on his success in counting a Though the democrats slipped away early tonight they will be con fronted with their empty boasts to the house What Reed Says About In conversation last evening with a news paper said I confess to having felt a deep solicitude as to the result iu this So great a plurality was given me at the last owing to local causes which our own people will that almost any reasonable result was liable to On our off year men do not come out on the majority and the very short campaign we have had could not have reached them in the regular To have in such a so large a plurality is something which has more than personal There have been cast for me many democratic I do not in the least flatter myself that they were cast for me They were put into the ballot box to show the world that some men outside my party applaud the idea that the house of representatives ought to be a business carrying out the wishes of the American When you consider how hard a thing it is for a who still means to stay by his party to vote against it you will see the significance of the I could even into clearer relief this result by stating other but the case doeshot need Delaware republican state convention met here Will iam Spruanco was chairman and committees The platform declares for protection to American industries the enlargement of our foreign trade by reciprocity and endorse Senator HIggins and the admin istration of President of was nom inated for and Henry Can of for A Wrangle Among Minnesota democratic state convention met here this inorning Up to yesterday the leading candidates for governor were Judge Thomas of Winona and Mayor Robert A of Last night Smith was in duced to There is a wrangle over the temporary John of was named by the Kelley and Doran wing and Judge Henry Wells hy the The convention Chicagos Great Fair to be Held at Lake Front and Jackson directors of the worlds fair at a meeting this after reaffirmed their choice of some months ago aud selected the dual site of the Lake Front and Jackson Park as the place for the location of the great expo The Lake Front is a long grass covered common on the edge of Lake and bordering the business centre of It contains at present about ninety It is the design to place thereon the grand entrance to the exposition and buildings for fine arts and kindred Jackson Park is also on the lake about five miles from the court and is to have the agri live and other exhibits of that besides others of general Four hundred acres are avail able in Jackson and the wide ap proaches which were recently added to the original The two sites are to be so connected by rail and water accomodations that but a few minutes will be spent in passing from one locality to the The final and de cisive ballot on the site question resulted Lake Front and Jackson Park North Side West Side The choice of the dual site was then made from on resolutions I f a platform to the full com On reassembling the democratfc Convention made the temporary organiz ationpcrmanettand adopted the Itjdeclared opposition to paternalism in state and the tendency manifested by prohibition politicians who pose as lead ers of the republican party in this state to make religious belief a test of eligicil ity for political declares the federal election bill a legitimate offspring ofjho party which filched the presi dency favors a tariff based upon the the free coinage of pension laws expresses sympathy with labor iu its struggle with the insatiate money power whether in factory orfarm oppose sumpturity legis lation and demands an early resubmis the prohibitory amend prohibition has brought upon the people of the state incalculable evils and declares in favor of high license and local option and the exercise by legislator of its power to regulate the operation of rail roads in the Another plank asks the people of Kansas to repudiate Sena man who denounced reform in politics as a declared the decalogue has no place in politics and expressed the belief that the use of A PRETTY GIRLS Llllle Young Jumps from the Back of an Kxcurslou NEW the npper deck of the Iron steamboat Cepheus there was a jolly party from the Pearl of Pekln company when coming up from Long Branch on the first trip In the company was a handsome twenty Lillie and the sandwich Lillie Young turned to the sandwich man and said airily Shall I jump Swinging his hat about his head Slade shouted dramatically Let her to his sur Lillie did jump far out into the and as a vision of crinoline flew past the people on the lower deck and a woman was seen struggling in the water there was great The Cepheus passed on several hundred yards before By that time the girl was picked up by a passing She was taken to Chambers Street hospital charge of attempted She was somewhat but will bo well In a few BMDtiinVi cure ucrvoui lUi was called to order at eleven oclock when a temporary organization was effected with Judge of Pres After the appointment of committees a recess was In the afternoon the platform was It denounces the attempt of the republicans to usurp power to inspire unjust taxation to stifle a proper discussion of public meas ures to substitute the of Ys Consumption Read the following says Was down with abcess of the and friends and physicians pronounced me an incurable Began taking Kings New Discovery for Consumption am now on my third and able to oversee the work on my It Is the finest medicine ever Jesse says Had it not been for Kings New Discovery for Consumption I would have died of bing Was given up by Am now in best of Try Sample bottles free at Henrys drug AIIalf Million llunhels of Grain Burned at Ogdensburg and Lewlstown railroad ele with half a million bushels of was burned loss will bo half a million The fire was burning fiercely at three oclock and threatened the coal and lumber yards in the Miles Nerve aud Liver An important They act on stomach and bowels through the A new They speed ily cure bad torpid piles and Splendid for women and 30 doses for 25 Samples free at Wittes drug store Mysterious Ueath at onearmed painter named who has been working here some was found in a pasture south of town in great agony and died before he could be or account for his He was about fifty years old and at one time claimed to have been a member of the Sixth Mas sachusetts volunteer and that he had two brothers He has for some time been drinking Three Harvest The Burlington will sell from principal stations on its on September 9th and and October Excur sion Tickets at Half Kates to points in the Farming Regions of the South west and tickets and further information concerning these ex cursions call on your nearest ticket address General Passenger and Ticket are now going ou actively and on an enormous Local railway traffic in Russia is terribly blockaded and in many places wholly stopped owing to the monopolization of the lines by the mili tary authorities for transportation of troops tp the scene of the southern man Every effort is being made to determine how speedily the forces could be mobilized in case of the sudden break ing out of The latter point is just what is excising the minds of English and there is a growing belief among them that massing oftroops Is done with a view to an actual move ment It is remembered that for months previous to the outbreak of the last RussoTurkish war a great camp was ostensibly for the purpose of training the troops at ICIscheneff in southern and that when all was ready a large army was pushed immediately to the frontier and war was As Russia is now much better equipped with railroads an army could be hurled on Turkish either in Asia or much quicker than and wellinformed military men are therefore watching anxiously for the next In the meantime the action of the Turks in Ar menia continues to supply Russia with pretexts for The latest advices from Armenia the Kurds are destroying crops and raiding while the Turkish authorities remain making no attempts to protect the i The Labor public inter est still centers in the labor There is again a tendency to strike among the London and a por tion of them have already An other strike has broken among the coal porters and others at Cables from Austral la in dicate that the great strike which paralyzed many trades and nearly brought business to a shows signs of The inconvenience and even actual suffering caused throughout the country is so great that the strikers are deprived of public sympathy and and it is im possible for the present dead lock to continue much Cardinal Manning declares himself unequivocally for an eighthour day for the ex clusion of women from the observ ance of Sunday and the adoption of a sliding scale of The scheme for a general labor based on an amic able combination between employers and employed Is receiving careful attention by prominent business men and states men in It is announced that leading employers have signified their approval of the Some Astonishing Paris Figaros revelations about Boulangers intrigues against the republic containsome as tounding which have all been allowed to go Among them is one that after the re establishment of the i which was the real aim of the and Uoulauger was placed at the head of the was prepared to sacrifice Roche Laguerre and other radi cals and socialists who had helped him under the mistaken idea that they were only overturning one kind of republic to set up and to consent to have them imprisoned or shot according to the wish of the new But general was counting his chickens before they were and there is now no doubt that General Saus the governor of had the most elaborate perfected to effectually suppress the first attempt at an outbreak and could count on the loyal support of the It also appears that Minister of the Interior Constans was fully cognizant of Boulangers and that the sudden fight of the general alone prevented his being ar rested and shot within tweutyfour who has been abusing and satirizing the bourbons and the imperial ists all her is said to be the most dis gusted man in moneyJand the employment of hired Hessians in campaigns TUB KElUIILICAX The conven tion selected IX AT of Great temporary and this Organiza tion was soon after made About three hundred delegates were The resolutions committee re ported a platfoi m pledging loyalty to the principles of the national republican par ty favoring demanding the free coinage of such modification of the tariff would give equal protec tion to agriculture and an equitable bankrupt liberal appropri ation for a deep water harbor in the Gulf of liberal pension On the question of prohibition the platform says We arraign the party managers iu this state as disloyal to the principles and unfaithful to the interests of the republican We charge that they have put the party in Kansas out of harmony with the national republican party and thereby absolve us from all ob ligations to no longer acknowledge their leadership lured by the seductive wiles of impractical visionaries they have com mitted the party to extravagance and follies which checked will bankrupt and depopulate the These things impel usasthe only method which promises to sink party preferences to state for the time and unite with such of our fellow citi zens of the state as share our convictions without regard to party for the purpose of correcting the follies into which we have been betrayed and thus preserve the good name and insure the future prosperity of the We are opposed to Ten years trial has demonstrated its total WEAVER Jhe Polilicaf f fuses a Union Labor Terrible a Mine at State Politics and General J Special to Ther General Wea ver declined the union labor con gressional nomination In the district In a saying that tion is Dondj andt ETV Muscatinei seventh this ac Walter IK Butler Nominated the JTonrtb Special to TheHawlcEyeJ DES democrats of the fourth in at Xew today nominated Walter Butlery of Fayette Old Will Special to TUe SEW old settlers of this county and vicinity will hold their annual reunion here Satur day Arrangements are being made to give them a warm Killed In a Special to Tbe OSKAIOOSAT Eong of the firm of John Long was in stantly kilted in a coal shaft vt Longs mines last near this He was about thirtyfive years old and leaves a wife and four His father and two brothers also reside Jrandview and hurin Clulow Smith Letovilte Johnson avy tone John DavispMarengi Brooks ards Wilson Mo ine SwarU Pleasant DaleyjJUversldeJl Brykit Sweetland ichreckengastf Tiffiny to be Swain ArraacostrWest Williamsburgv Thomas OsornyjwnS Adams a agent Sunday School union of Washington quarterly cpnferenee inefficiency It Is as a temperance meas revival of the obsolute CornerKtoneA Siocx First Congregdtfdnal church here was dedi cated Sunday by President Gates of Grmnell The Catholics laid the cornerstone for a Monday aft ernoon the Methodists laid the corner stone of the College of Salt Acainrft the the dis trict court William Sheridan has brought suit against the sisters of his dead wife to recover the custody of his daughter whom they havernaintainedinthe Sisters Academy in Chicago for three years Two anil a Half for Mor rison was sentenced to two years and a half m the Tort Madison penitentiaryfor the Eldon committed last Morrison escaped jail once in Iowa and came hear doing the same thing in Illi An Eloping Couple DES a bakery man of came to Des Moines Sunday night in search of his who had run away with one of his taking with it is the contents of the money The eloping couple were found at a hotel and form of paternal government and is en tirely opposed to the genius and spirit of theage it is at enmity with the funda mental principles of our civilization and destroys that inalienable right of citizens to secure his own happiness without in terference with the rights of which principle is the basis of our liber ties and the hope of our institutions it Is unrepublican and un democratic and not in harmony with the purposes and spirit of our institutions and laws the existence ol the prohibitory law is a perpetual menace to the material interests of the it burdens us with taxation and deprives us of all control of the liquor traffic and the revenue there from drives away population prevents immigration makes the building of large cities within the state impossible en courages perjury makes more hypocrites than all other agencies combined does not lessen crime nor pauperism does not empty penitentlarier nor lunatic asylums and believing that any public measure in the hands of enlightened peo ple Is absolutely we demand that the question of a repeal of the prohibi amendment to the constitution be sub mitted to the people at as early a date as The platform further declares In favor of high license and strict laws for regu lation liquor and in it Texas who moved south to Tama brought with him a cow supposed to be diseased with Texas At any rate the disease Is spread ing in that section and Charles who owns a large has already lost thirtythree during the past week and it still Much alarm is felt by the farmers of the A Grotesque Otis Pierce was recently declared insane by the commissioners at from which decision he appealed to this dis trict court He has filed a grotesque petition for damages in the United States court here against a news paper and numerous other defend He sues the state of Iowa for and makes Grover Governor and a number of prominent people Keoknk FfaC i l ThornUsy iding1 elder Bine presiding elder First Hilton ieter to be supplied Brooklj Boatman WEambei Ottot WJ Praker Kei Haines Dav Phillips Eight Mont Tnttle Xew Loveall Lewis Xewtoi Weese Deep Rl Collier What K Pickworth Wesley Yoonkfn Thoma Ottnmwa J McDonald presiding elder Agency Smith Boydd Bieafcsburgi Patterson Moon Piper X Coughlan suppliedjFrj Hill G ton Hackley Lovel non Davison Ma Carkeeff First chc Stafford and Groom Wilson CKet dric PACEWOOD invites corporation of liberal minded men throughout the There were two candidates for gov ernor ExGovernor Charles a and exGovernor the only democratic governor ever elected in the When the determination to fuse with the resubmissionists became evident Glick withdrew and Robinson was nominated by He was the first governor on the greenback and was one of the leaders In forming the resubmlssion re publican The ticket was com pleted as follows Lieutenant ofGreat Bend Thomas of Abilene Joseph of Kearney countysuper intendent of public of chief justice of the supremo of Geary YESTERDAYS BALL The ISurrundla NEW Panama special says the following Is Minister Mizners letter to Captain of the Pacific mail steamer in regard to the Barrundia case UxiTED STATES your ship is within one league of Guatemalan terri tory and you have aboard General Bar it becomes your duty under the laws of the nations to deliver him to Che Guatemalan authorities upon their de allegations having been made to this legation that said Barrundia Is a hostile enemy to this lIouliuiKera the anti Seniltic declares the Compte do Paris has in his possession a letter from Boulangcr in which the offers to restore his monarchy on condition that he be promoted to the rank of marshal and created a duke with an allowance of francs Amenlans Crops Burned by Kurds have set fire to the crops of the nians in many places in the vicinity of The Porte had dispatched troops to Ismfndt in consequence of the receipt of reports of several conflicts there be tween the Armenians and At New York At game post poned At Philadelphia Cleveland National At Chicago At New York Boston At Cleveland At Brooklyn At rause Columbus At Louts At Louisville lowaJUlluuU Specials to The HawkEyeJ At Cedar ItapidsL At Ottumwa At Burlington At Dubuque Western At Paul Denver At Kansas City At Oinnha At SlouxCIty Xlow They The Wapello Special to THE county fair opened here today under flattering and the outlook promises one of the best displays and largest at tended exhibitions ever siven by this so the gives three exhibitlonsr the first tomor Several good races are booked for The new floral hall pre sents a magnificent appearance filled with Its many pieces of Mllltla Officers Special to The DES Boies has commissioned of Cen brigadier general of the first ade of Montgomery first lieutenant and Joseph Whe of Montgomery second lieu tenant of company Fifth regiment Alexander of Polk as sistant surgeou of the Third regiment witt the rank of captain John Mqf Walter Jeffers Erst lieuten ant and of sec ond lieutenant of company First reg iment of Montgomery first lieutenant of company Fifth Policeman Tlngley Ting the Cedar Falls policeman who shot and killed Dexter Jones and also shot Miller a few weeks was indicted by the grand juryiu this city Saturday for When his case came up ic was discovered that the three who were the only ones with the excep tion of who was whom thestate could produce who saw the had and ic is not known where they Tingley was in dicted on the transcript of the testimony given by these witnesses before the pre liminary A Disastrous and r Special to The nefgl borhood has again been by i other disastrous this time a mile from The large bank Stephens caught fire Saturday night aud burned to the It covered by Stephens about tweh but nothing could be donati stop the By hard work they san the ten head of horses that wereml barn and also some of the while about seventy tons of all their irrt and this years some new buggy and a large cattle joined the barn on the south were sumed in the The loss about with Insui When the fire was first discovereoVftl whole top was H originated is not Curtis is oft for thai this week with his fine Quite a number of Paekwood peopla a tended the state They att rer agood Roth daughter arrive home from Colorado Sunday corn pamed by reports having a good time and he health is much Baker and family have i to Indiana to visit friends where i will spend the T J Hinsoais our new telegraph i Snyder has sold his Horton and John Mnrpher will commence wbrlqoi his new house this Work will also commence on Cyrkendalls new store this Chandler is Fairheld this week and Is allsa attend the county of to his home this Al Clark Bro will put stock of goods on the 9th of is DOT w resident of Paekwood where he wHfcoi tinue to practice TEE tbe speaker lor the considerate action of Bardowiky General Bardowsky died suddenly today from you want the bestBalttmoreoyster in the the Champion brand ion of at Copeland Henry Parry or Henry Parry Pauls died suddenly DEMAND AntlProhlbltlon Democrats and Repub licans Convene at democrats and resubmissionists state convention met The resubmissionists are com posed of a faction of the republican party which opposes favors high license and is striving to through the a resubmission of the prohibitory amendment to a vote of the To attain these ends they formed a separate party and with the Both conventions met at the same in different The democratic convention elected John of temporary and a recess was cess a conferradiwitbfone o ROBtnn Boston New Buffalo City Omaha IOWAItLINOIS 33 51 48 Monmoutb 55 45 2 2 7dr Kapids 55 45 43 53 46 43 57 SHALL THEY SELL LIQUOR Consternation Among Boone Caused by the Law anil Order con sternation was caused among the drug gists of Boono fourteen in num all of have applications on file before the district court now in ses sion for permits to sell intoxicating by the action of the Law and Order which has filed remon strances against getting any A separate protest is filed against each The druggists are circulating The league will con test the matter in court and has employed attorneys for the SheepsheauV Bay 1 SiiEEPsnEAD upw futurity about Ballyhoo Harrison second lago third Second futurity 1 fourths of a milei Sallie Castalia Sir George third time Third one mile and Fonso Masterlode third Fourth one mile Kingston third Fifth mile Los Angeles secon Tristan third f Sixth mile and qua the turf r Macbeth Luke third OUR NEW Full List of Appointments Mude by the Grinuel V one of the men accused of participating in the train wreck last was in jail here In conversation with friends he said I dont propose to have thorn saddle this thing on they It is believed from this and other things that have been learned that Cordial has confessed all he knows about the Free samples of Miles Restorative Nervine Cures 9rThe Method ist conference closed at a late hour last Coxe addressing the audience in the interest of the Sunday School Following are the appointments Burlington pre siding elder PughV First to be supplied Stcyk er Payne Bur lington Potterj Columbus W Thomas DanvL nlsrFort drick Fort Santa George Slenerker to be supplied Me Mairf Morning Mount G ThornsMount Pleasant Smith Mount Londoner Ethell Bridges iWay John Lacornnp tendance at the state Woodbine won the Eddie Hayes Alexthlrdfnot The trot was Eliza The mile in Beppo third no County Sept2f Sh thousand beenVniad Warroa county wbich be Each day one of the three celebrated speakers iWillT engaged la this morning became nvolveclju eral ThomasVBucknefJ aj was were seriously others badly e partment has nouncing the arrival of Zetlowvocmhatze ZfrbaMbuKuatnotat zusamaheall Birmingham

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