Friday, August 29, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - August 29, 1890, Burlington, Iowa jjjtrjvj T1BL1SHED aSflNAl Biters m House Somewha liven Up md to the TarllTBUl gdll Under Consideration In the the house IfnWection was made to the reading o ETlonnial in the usual abridged form sneaker stated the pending question sa vote on sustaining the decision o Jriuur ruling that the lard bill was risled Notwithstanding ral the speaker directec voll ca to The decision o gchairwas Yeas 130 nays was tlicn passed by a i of 120 yeas to 31 question of the Cannon resolution aln brought forward by a persona imation from of oiras mentioned in the preamble re clis absence He then I to comment upon a member of the committee on was called to order by tho ier who requested him to confine If to the question of personal prlvi of rising to a nf ncrsonal said he fo icmporanlj absented himself for of breaking a quorum and Satins a bill he could not properly inctcrizein parliamentary of 1 said he desired correct the miprpsiou that had grown Sol lie remark ho made a few days the gentleman from Iowa linger lad caused a delay in the house reiving certain evidence from the post Ice departmentHe did not intend gfconsrnction should be put on his jrfc He had no opportunity of ap JHng before the committee on agricul n1o be heard on this On this i lie had made the best fight lie measure that he of suggested that itleman had discussed the whole Mason said he had discuseed some sol the but he had had jrtunity to discuss the new ele 3Bf tlie He was Interrupted nntton amid a good deal of confusion Funston continuing ffilis despite the ehair jifs declaration that he was out of protested against being upon by the gentleman from 1111 If the gentleman stated the com on agriculture had not given him importunity to be he of called on to the scene in the house yes and suggested the gentlemen en in the altercation should be ai led an opportunity 10 explain their lint the suggestion was not Finally the personal cxplana osand questions of privilege being posed of for the the house icecdcd to business and in themorn ilour resumed consideration of the for the adjustment of the claims of ircrs under the eighthour Hie morning hour soon expired and bill went The house un special proceeded to the slderation of the bill called up under special order by of Ne constituting eight hours a days for all workmen and ine ciniiloycd by or on behalf of the ocnl or by contractors doing or furnishing material for the gov mt ami providing a penalty for Ions ot its Cutclicon moved to strike out the ise rticli provided that no contractor ill permit any laborer to work more in eight hours agreed 3n motion of an amendment s adopted striking out the clause re taug contracts for furnishing material the government be on the basis of the The bill then I conference report on the bill for the M of Uic sufferers in Oklahoma was tattled and agreed THE of the Tiirlfr BUI Disposed ofTlie Bill In the senate i conference report on the railroad J forfeiture bill was presented and toed The tariff bill was a taken gave notice of two amend ut he would offer to the and Hi were read for the information of One of the amendments ip reciprocity The second proviso lo the fish paragraph and it ijects fisli to a duty of only 1 cents Jound exported from or the tort of any whenever and I so long as American fishing vessels UK admitted into all ports of such Wncsto purchase supplies iucluding ijandto land fish for shipment in c United States without re He consideration of the bill was re Mtttlit paragraph relating to the amendment by the finance it bcins to reduce the duty rice from 2 to 12 cents per on miclcauei rice from IK to 1 and on rice rice broken rice from K to Jf of a Finally the paragraph by making the duty on i ccnts lcr on uu incd rice on paddy H of a wi rice jf of a centner ta bcmS a modification of the lttees amendments were offered to the relating to rye tlOUI butteri cheese and iSlP1mOVid to strikc out the to condensed milk sugar of milk S cents per The committees tfetOStrlko out the proviso for Won sugar was agreed nt laragraph 135 which its order lalcs to railway bars which Jf Thepara n Shot suus Schwas 11 Wltuout was on the finance committees f rate of 35 W with specific to values with 35 per com was Codified by re flrstdass shotguns more tbal tbebm waS5c heading farm and field seeds f busllel at fionGorman having on hop The next Ver ad valorcm re was tin 1t of Refinance lor Ti uw OI tnelinance to the many republican Ing against the co the clause that shall Include the extract of frt f Parflsraph relatine to salt the finance committee rernm mended striking out the proviso for rl McPherson moved to strike out the whole paragraph taxing salt 1cents SVff Packases aud V ie committee on after which the senate ad foa AldrlUra Amendment to the Tariiritill in troduced in the follow ing is the text of the reciprocity amendment to the tariff bill iu the form of the new section proposed by Aldrich Section That the exemptions from duty on sugar tea and hides provided for in this are made with a view to secure reciprocal trade with countries producing these articles and for this on and after the first day of whenever and so often as the president shall be satisfied that the gov irnment of any country pronucingand ixporting tea and raw and or any such impose duties or other exactions upon the agricultural or other products of the United in view of free introduction of such mo tea and hides into the United states he may deem to be reciprocally un equal and he shall have the power it shall be his duty to suspend by iroclamation to that effect the provisions if this act relating to the free introduc Jon of such tea and the production of such coun for such time as he shall deem just ind in such case and during such suspen iion duties shall be collected and 3aid upon tea and tho product of or exported from inch designated as lamely All not above thirteen dutch standard in shall pay a duty on heir polariscopic test as namely Syrups of juice or of beet concentrated concrete and concentrated testing by lolariscope not above seventyfive de seventenths of one cent per ind for every additional degree or frac Jon of degree shown by polariscopic wohundredths of one cent per pound All sugars above Xo 13 dutch standard n color shall be classified by duties tandard of colors and pay duty as fol ows All sugars above 13 and not above 1C dutch standard of one and threeeighth cents per All ugar above 1G and not above 20 utch standard of one and five ighth cents per All sugars ibovc 20 dutch standard of wo cents per Molasses testing hove 50 four cents per Sugar drainings and sugar sweepings hall be subject to duty either as molasses r sugar as the case may according o polariscopeic On three ents per On ten cents per raw or whether ry salted or pickled Angora goat aw without wool manufactured asses raw or and xcept sheep with wool one nd onehalf cents per EXPLAINING THE SILVER The Director ot tlte Mint Corrects a Gen eral Misapprebengion as to Its Opera view of the eavy speculation in silver reported nd the condition of the money je director of the mint desires to correct oinc misstatcments that have recently ppeared In the There seems to said the director a general misapprehension as o the operation of tho new silver law in case the price of silver should ad ance to Some of the papers tate that in such case the gov rnment will cease while thers hold that we will then have free If silver should reach its old the government would continue o buy ounces a or so much thereof as might be offered under 10 provisions of the present The ew law does not provide that purchase sail cease when silver reached its but that the government shall not ay in excess of SI for 371K grains of uro what is the same hall not nay in excess of Sl2929 per fine the amount of pure silver in the ivcr dollar being 3713f If the government paid per ne ounce 4SO grains it would bo pay ng exactly SI for is o the market value of the pure sil er in the silver dollar would be exactly qual to the par value of tho so lat the government could lose nothing y continuing to buy at that which 10 law While this would ot be free and in the absence f future legislation there is no provision or free it would be practically rce coinage for ounces of sil er a That wo would receive rom depositors ounces of silver nd give them for it tho cxict amount of ioncy which ounces would make in Of the government ould not pay in excess of that be cause if it did the value of the siver in ic silver dollar would be greater than value as a which would a losing Resigned as the rc ucstof the secretary of tho Governor Wolflcy of Arizona resigned his fflce and the resignation was n response to tho request for a state icnt as to the cause of Wolfleys retire Secretary Noble tonigt said Wolf eys personal or official character had ot been brought into Ho was u honorable gentleman and he the scc etary had been for many and was till his Yet while this was e believed with the president that a liange in office will be to the interest of 11 A Compromise crces on the land grant forfeiture bill ave agreed upon a compromise t is the house bill with some modifica ons providing for a general forfeiture f unearned the principal fea urcs of which have been given An Important They act on stomach and bowels through the A now They speed y cure bad torp d piles and Splendid or women and 30 doses for 25 amples free at Wlttes drug store Fatal Train Wrock at in oming freight on the oming ircignt on iuu Western at four oclock this got beyond control and crusnea nto an engine in the Engineer Amos of this was calded to and both engines badly at the IARSHAIING THE Reports From Various State Politi cal Michigan Republicans at Detroit Com mend Harrisons Nebraska Prohibitionists f Political morning the state republican convention was called to After the various committees were reported Governor Blair was made permanent The resolutions adopted commend Harrisons administra tion and the course of Speaker Reed de clare for a free ballot and a fair but was silent on the force The silver Wll was endorsed and tho course of tho party on pension legislation was The position of tho repub lican party heretofore expressed in its state platforms of 1SS6 and 1SS8 upon the temperance was Those features of the McKinley bill which provide for the protection of farm as w ell as manufactured arti were James of was nominated for Tho ticket was completed as follows Lieutenant of Saginaw secretary of Washington of Battle Creek Joseph of Detroit Theron Gidding superintendent of public Professor Schurtz state board of James Bal Alkegan county justice of the su preme Justice Edward of Adjourned sine South Dakota re publican state convention reassembled The platform endorses Har risons administration asks tho govern ment to assist in the establishment of Irrigation demands expansion of the currency to meet the needs of the in creasing population favors protection against foreign competition endorses the disability pension bill and the Aus tralian ballot system pledges the party to a strict enforcement of the prohibitory law now in The ticket was completed asfollows Lieutenant Hoffman secretary of Eingscnd renom of Ecdfield attorney PLObert Dol Bonhbmme superintendent of public Cortez of Turner commissioner of schools and public Thomas Kingsbhry commission of labor and of The republicans re nominated Congressman Pickler and sub stituted John of for Congressman Missouri republican state convention met today at Jefferson with Senator McGInnis as temporary After the ap pointment of the usual commi ttee a recess was taken until three this Upon the temporary chairman was made The platform endorses the present adminis tration endorses the wise and business ike course of the Twentyfirst congress n its work in crystallizing into law the principles of the party enunciated in LSSS on the currency regarding the farming interest as laying at the base of all business prosperity and declaring it to je the primary duty of our national and to foster that interest so far as it can be done by legis opposes monopolies or affirms confidence in the republican con gress keeping the pledge made in the national platform that it will pass a tariff measure that will meet the condition of all classes of industries and and will enable tho by adopting the suggestion of Secretary to obtain among our sister republics that re ciprocity in trade and internal good feei ng that must in a short time make the western hemisphere tho market of the Tho course of Speaker Reed is A resolution was offered by one of the negro delegates endorsing the orcc bill and urging upon tho senate of he United States the necessity of pass ug so honest and fair elections may e held in the and it times discussion The resolution was finally adopted In a modified The nominations were James of Pettis railroad commissioner Frank of Newton superintendent of noosler demo cratic state convention was called to order this with exGovernor 5ray as The which s very declares that the electoral vote of Indiana obtained for Harri son and Morton by the most flagrant crimes against the ballot ever per etraled in an American commonwealth hat these crimes were committed under he direct auspices of William Wade Dud treasurer of the national republican and by the procurement and connivance of the leaders in this state and nation that the administration of Benjamin Harrison has made itself ac cessory after the fact to those crimes by shielding the criminals rom punishment and even by re varding them for their and that the brazen prostitution of the machinery of the federal court for the district of Indiana by its judge and at torney to the service and protection of those conspirators against constitutes one of the most infamous chapters in tho judicial annals of the re The force bill and McKinley ariff bill are denounced in tho bitterest Governor on taking the spoke for over an deal ng principally with state His reference to Cleveland was received with Claude Matthews was nbmin for secretary of state on the second He is the most extensive farmer n tho state and his nomination is some thing of a tribute to the Farmers Alli editor of the lokomo was nominated for state Nebraska state rohibition convention resumed work liis morning and adopted a platform de claring adherence to the principles of the national prohibition platform of Among other things it favored were the Australian ballot a reduction of lours of woman suffrage state wnership of just pensions and he election of the vice presi dent and United States senators by a A supplementary resolu was adopted asking tho directors of the worlds fair to prohibit he sale of liquors on the fair while one to close the exposition on Sunday was of was nominated for overnor George a colored of Douglas for lieutenant governor Sichas of Douglas for secretary of state of auditor of state treasurer Judge of attorney general of and Mary of state superintendent of The convention closed this evening with a mass meeting at the opera Che afternoon was spent in arranging letails of the Two congres sional conventions were held during the resulting in the nomination of of for congress in the second district and if in the first demo cratic state convention today completed 71 Jy its ticket by following nominations Thomas of ChippewaEall37 secretary of state John Hunnerrof Eau of attorney of superintendent of public in struction Thomas Eau railroad and of insurance com North Carolina J lican state convention met r Mrv exminister to wasse lected as temporary Charles Price was nominated for chief and Faircloth for associate Will Form an effort to form an alliance of labor and social reforms resulted last night in a large gathering of trade Knights of notionalists and single tax The purpose of the proposed alliance is to bring about a batter that more practicable and effective work may be planned and carried to a success ful A committee was ap pointed to formulate a policy looking to tho union of all the organizations repre Dcmucratic Senatorial rspeclol to The DALLAS democratic senatorial convention for the twentyfourth district met in the opera house here A full delegation was reported from the three counties compos Editor of the was chosen and Ton candidates were put in Amos Edmonds and both of Henderson were nominated on the ninth No resolutions were SONS OF Drill Prizes Awarded and Officers first business before the national encampment of Sons of today was the election of national officers for the ensuing For colonel of the Kansas colonel of the Ohio were the After several bal lots Colonel Webb secured the The election of other officers was post poned until The judges of the prize drill awarded prizes as follows Paul first Deeatur Illinois second Springfield Illinois third The ladies aid society this afternoon elected Ella Jones of Pennsylvania and Hayes of Illinois vice DIDNT WANT TO A Boston Itroker Who Declines All OHers of news agency hero says it is reported of the Lovell failure The business of the house was most largely the sale of com mercial It dealt liberally with Its customers and with was prompt in all its and there has been no more popular note brokerage concern east or It has annually handled since its corporate organization in 1SS5 from to of commercial It was not a borrow er upon its own or an indorser of paper it and its out standing liabilities are secured by com mercial It was customary for this firm to advance money on paper ahead of to carry such paper in bank as collateral for loans to the com During the past ten years it has been called upon and met of call Upon a capital of the company has accumulated a surplus The success of the firm in duced outside ventures by Walter mostly in Texas in connection with Chi cago and London and in these a fortune is probably locked Walter Potter declined any He says If people will pay their debts to him he will pay but he will not borrow of his friends to carry his mercantile asso He could probably have had or more if ho had not declined all Walter Potter says no failures of cou sequence are likely to follow on account of Lovelle The banks will act liberally in helping where money is absolutely needed by the firms that are The business amounted to sixty million dollars a Potter declines to state the amount of direct or before the assignee makes his Evidence is coming to light that the real cause of suspension dates back to the big Shaw CHICAGO PARTIES trouble of the Boston firm of Lovell is largely caused by the failure of the Bra zor river scheme to establish a deep water harbor in Texas on the Gulf of Congressman Abner of is interested through endorsing notes of its Farwell are interested through having some of their commercial paper in the firms This paper is all amply secured and Far well are not at all WONT HANDLE THE Chicago Switchmen Refuse to do the Work of the Stock Yards Twentyseven switchmen in the employ of the Lake Shore road went out on a strike last completely tying up all the busi ness of the road so far as Chicago is con Thetrouble grew out of the stock yards Superintendent Amsden took a crew of men down to the stock yards yesterday and when they reached there the men de Another crow that was sent there also abandoned the Sup erintendent Amsden then discharged all the men had left their This precipitated a night At a meeting of the switch men held this at which Super intendent Amsden was thirty four of sixty men present signed a agreeing to stand by the company and go to work wherever the company The remainder decided to go with the Sorry They of the Switchmens Mutual Aid associa tion are meeting this morning with the grievance committees of the switchmen on all the roads running into The meeting was called to devise if to settle the difficulties which are now threatening the railroad traffic of the Before the meeting opened Grand Organiser John Hall said to a re porter Tho situation is just If any road to compel its switch men to handle freight from the stock yards it will be very speedily have a strike on Its In this way tho mater will be brought to the attention of tho association which will make the fight its In way a general tieup of all roads may bewome a Every thing looks as if the Alton strike may be settled by twelve oclock Tho men are holding a Many of the men now claim that they are not dissatisfied with the new yard and are sil rry they struck at Vitus nervous ness and hysteria lire soon cured by Miles samples at H Wittos drug desperate duel Marsh Turner and Steve jjast resulted in the death ofWaTnick andthe fatal woundingof Turner a revolver and WarnicH a bowle ft r Beccbami Pills cure ot Uoui and nervous 11J HODSSA r v BeliefThat He Has Gone to Prepare War With Little Vet Known About the Kaisers Visit to the off In the Pet Irish J tho Kurdish chief who recently underwent a mock trial by a friendly Turkish tribunal on the charge of murdering has mysteriously Tho gen eral belief is that he has gone to prepare the Kurds for tho war with Russia for the possession of which every one in Constantinople believes to be coin The liberals are seeking to make jiome political capital out of the Turkish persecution of the Christians as they did years ago out of tho Turkish Atrocities in With this end in view a movement has been started for the giving of a banquet to the principal Armenians at present In among yhom arc some prominent citizens of that country who have lately fled to avoid becoming victims of It is intended to have the banquet take place at theXationalLlberal club and to have addresses delivered by Glad stone and other eminent liberal who may be relied upon to give due em phasis to the fact that Lord Salisbury has failed to throw the influence of the great Christian nation of England into the scale on the side of the Armenians by omitting to remonstrate with the porte against the continuance of the out Still In the real result of the interview between the czar and tho kaiser vviirhot be known for some but little scraps of information as to what took place are beginning to leak As they are filtered through Rus sian and German official channels they throw very little light on the situation except in so far as they admit that the peaceof Europe was the subject discuss Tho Petersburg and Vienna cor respondents of the London papers are beginning to send a stream of this kind of but tho sum of their discoveries is that they are still in tho The Standards Petersburg man ventures the statement that the czar declined to consider Emperor Williams that the latter got wasimpatient to get and that the military maneuvers had to be hurried up to enable him to There was some ground for believing that the czar was put in bad humor at the very outset by Williams disregard of his request to steani clear upto Petersburg in his instead of as he at in the German Baltic where he received an ovation the Tho one fact that seems to be that no agreement for of tho forces which the three powers kept massed along the frontiers was arrived the idea uppermost in Europe is tho possibility of a meeting between the three emperors during the German maneuvers in 1ulllng Oir In Ieterd advices from the believed to be entirely report the pope as healthy and vigorous to a remarkable considering his advanced His holi seems to be much worried because of the steady dimunition of the Peters pence The amount of these voluntary offerings be ing a the condition of the church universal at any given the marked falling off now exhibited does not fail to receive the anxious attention of the head of the The falling off is most notice able in the Irish and American contri His advisers endeavor to ac count for the situation on tho theory of the poverty of the masses rather than on that of their diminishing zeal for the welfare of the but this ex planation affords but cold The decrease of revenue has become so marked that his holiness has found It necessary to withdraw certain invest in order to meet the expenses of tho establishments whose cost has here tofore been defrayed out of the Peters This enforced conversion of the opcrc pic causes unmistakable anxiety at the The Irish prospect of a famine extending over a large portion of Ireland is The contlnuad cold and rainy weather of the last few weeks has lessened the chances of a fair crop of wheat aud and near ly half the crop of hay has already been The tory and unionist papers are trying hard to make it appear that tho reports of crop failure are grossly exaggerated by the priests and the nationalist papers for political The same course has been fol lowed by a portion of the English press on all similar but the report of the land a body that cannot be suspected of nationalist set tles the matter in the minds of tho ma jority of the English The Times and unlike the other unionist admit the gravity of the situation and Urge the government to which the ministers give no sign of tak An Attempt to Settle the Strike conference was held here today to endeavor to set tlo the differences between the striking miners and the but The strikers have resumed their attacks on the The Boriuage Coal total number of coal miners on a strike In tho Borinage district is sixteen thousand eight hun the novemont is still The Peace Stipulations CITY OF Guate mala dispatch received today by Senor the Guatemalan an nounces that Barillas last night ratified the stipulations of peace with Salvador presented by tho diplomatic which stipulations wore approved beforehand by General The principal condi tion is that the gov ernment binds immediately to con voke the legislation assembly which ex isted before July This assembly will decide on the presidency of This proves that Ezeta has accepted tho Guatemalan intervention in the Salvadorian In this ho did well because this affair is uot a local but is a Central American assembly is not a but is an ordinary legislative body and as such can only decide questions in compliance with tho Genonimo the Salvadorian agent says he has received no news regarding EXCITEMENT Hf BUENOS A Movement to Secure the Resignations tf Ministers Rocca and BUENOS meeting has been called by the Union which is expected to formulate a request that Ministers Rocca and Lovalle resign their This proposition causes great in tho political circles of the the provincial chamb ers of La Plata a bill to authorize a new issue of cedulas has been in The amount proposed to be issued is A general amnesty law has been passed by the i Devastated by quarters of the town Kineshma has been by Is three In oftheir homesthe suffering fiom lack of food greatest distress prevails Serious fires Ore rANatha vessel bnrnedat wharf at and the captain and two sailors killed A5D Effect of Felt Iu 4 7 4 hotel of boarding houses and their dependencies Ing ot the strike of theswitch mcu in The jjnce of Chicago beef has advanced from fitty cents to SI per it Is that If the strike is not soon broken tho price wil 1 go There ar o sivagencies in this city which handle the western and the average daily sales are about five carloads This week tho highest number received by any one was two Webb and Lee Cited to J was served upon Vice President Webb of the New York Central railroad and upon Master Workman Lee of the District As sembly Knights of Labor citing them to appear before tho state board of media tion and in New York when an investigation ot the prcent strike will be THAT KAIN OP Another Siimo readers wilf remember an account sent from Here of the cloudburst that deposited largo numbers of fish that are known to natur alists as natives of Mctican Ukes Taylor Urge general stock secured four live and your correspondent in terviewed them They are something like a have four same number of fingers and toes as an alt equally happy in waterorout of One of them walked across the rstore floor as lively as a and on being returned to water swam equally Another thing about they changing their personal When captured each had a row of or something like around the or w here the gills ought to These have disappeared and they have changed or shed their and are now becoming spotted As Artemas Ward one of them is an amoosin1 little having swallowed whole his little brother or and the twin thus sallowed was only an inch shorter than the Live flies and chopped liver are the chief of their diefc have a faint idea that they are raising young THE BOY WAS An nilnolrt Farmer Satisfactorily Ills Hartgroves owns a large watermelon patch and has a chronic fearof the perennial melon Monday night he loaded a big duck gun with a heavy charge of shot and gave the weapon to his twelveyearold son with instructions to watch the patch till daybreak and shoot any one he saw in Theoldman wondered if the boy was dead and whether he would really So Johnson dressed himself and sneaked melon just on the point of devouring a luscious melon when the boy emptied both barrels into the old mans Jonathan is hurt and may V the Chatsworth the and Western and the herb of the Chatsworth visited friends in He chatted at some length with the survivors of the wreck who lives and also save to an in terested circle of listeners Some samples of the ludicrous and wholly untruthful stories circulated about himself and the Stillwell does not show any effects of his terrible experience and has wholly recovered from his injuries He does not favor a public reunion of the Chatsworth but says it would bo pleasant and proper forihe survivors to meet at the home of one of the mem bers and have a social Still well has some curious relics from the one being a silver that is badly defaced by thefirel He says there is no foundation in the report the Santa Fe has secured control of the To Tcoria and Two the boy murderer of was hanged first in the Annex penitentiary shortly after The drop fell at His neck was In less than twentyfive minutes Smith was on the He admitted his It twenty minutes of one and he The neat pieces of Leuth and Smith bore themselveswith great courage up to the timethe trap was A Worlds Fair latest site offered to the Worlds Fair directors Is n the northern part of the city and borders on Lake It was formally offered today by tho committee of the North Side and besides containing four hundred and fifty acres of available is only five and one half miles center of the It Is the property citizens who have formally agreed to relinquish it for the period of the Worlds Fair Stabbed With a Special to Tho McGee and Seymour residing south of this had some difficulty over a busi ness transaction which culminated in an altercation in which McGee seized a corn knife and struck Brown on the right arm with entirely severing tho biceps muscle of the The wound is a dan gerous one and may result in a total loss of the use of that Tho grand jury will probably investigate the Valuable Horien Special to tho HawkEycJ 28 Coleman and farmers residing one mile north of Aledohad two fine mares stolen from their pastures last Tuesday No trace of the animals or thieves has been This makes three horses stolen inthis vicinity within There is strong talk of organizing vigilonce A liberal reward is offered for any informa tion leading to the recovery of the stolen animals AWayward Girl JEBSEY a fourteenyearold girl from Des who ran away from home With a man and fobbed her fathers money is held at the Jersey City police Word has been received from the chief of police of Des Moines to hold the girl until an officer can1 be sent for tlcir toa Steven a widow livingon Julian in this In poor Is proba bly heir to a fortune of She today received a letter from her James of Chickasaw stating that the death of a relative had left their now living in Ireland at the ago of ninetyseven sole heir to immense are three Kicked to Death a Special to The HawkEyeJ r aged John Grun of Sonera the region of the heart earlythisV ing anddled of Two JCandi i I Whjr Cable Was Xominated for Congress a TTecessItr Eleventh District Correspondence of The ROCK contro versy is going on at present be tween our republican and democratic papers as to the merits of the two candi dates for and the reasons why Gest should be and why Cablo was affords to a casual ob and particularly to one who knows a little ot the workinjrs of the democratic considerable amuse It Is quite to see the indignation of the democratic organ whenever the Cable barrel it men particularly when it is well known that Cable owes his nomination and almost solely to the pos session of a when one of the democratic pillars in our county was asked CableovaM if the very ele ments against which the the selfstyled poor mans made war on monopoly and the latter the result of the he said There has not been any money iu the eleventh congressional district for aud we mean to have some this Sow If the democratic leaders openly that Cables wealth was the con trolling influence aud reason for his nom why should this argument not be repeated and used by the republicans Hit a dog and ho will It is simply the which in this case has on a democrat the effect ot a red cloth thrown to a Cable is without question a pleasant and an agreeable afterdinner but las it ever been claimed by hisown party that he possesses any other qualifications for the high office to which he Has he shown business ability his own father told and that he was not fit for he shown any interest In the welfare of our dis trict while he was traveling over the civ ilized world for ten years he has all that time probably failed even in which is the first and most sacred duty of an American to cast his say that he during all that time educate and school to fit himself for the high office for which he was What manner of school does a congressman Give us the the the inde fatigable tenacity and stern sense of of a man like and we can achieve more than by collecting armsof every nation on the globe or pictures and only to pile them up in a barn after having grown tired of looking at or of books whereby to earn the name of bibloman or babbling aud what But there was another reason why Cable had to be and which our Rock Island demo cratic moguls state with an admirable and delightful When a repre sentative of the the democratic evening was asked Why in the name of sense did you nominate Cable when you koovv he can uot be elected He answered Potter got even with Neece the owner of the was a candidate for the Rock Islaud and Congressman Neece ignored Potter and recommended Potter Is bound to vget even iwith Now is the In telligent the free and independent citizen going to stultify himself by satis fying the greediness of the one and the spite of the other and by voting to send a doll to the lofty halls of a boy reared in pleasure and ex perienced only in dancing attendance on European aristocracy and upper when we want a man to champion the vital interests of our district in the law making chamber of our country What has Gcst done is a question often asked by his opponents in the ab sence of any other or better argument against Go through the and there is not a hamlet which yon will not find a crippled a widow or orphan of a defender of our land whose home Gest has not brightened by a timely and energetic appeal In the halls of our who bless him and include his name in their What would their pitiful peti tions be to the who today lives and feasts on the toil of the poor workers Go to and there you will nos find a member who will not emphatieally declare that Gest rightfully and deservedly bears the name of an indefatigable the zealous champion of the Hennepin canal at last crowned with the back pay about to be passed by the the viaduct at the bridge In Rock and other measures of vital importance intrusted to his But a man cannot achieve so much in a comparatively short without tireless work and But for the man of who has never in all his life done a days and who per haps could not if he was not Cubic the Rich earn a days living Not being able to contradict all this the opposition says all this has been accom plished for this but Gest has not done it he has had help General Henderson and others came to his assist What a small attempt to deny a man the credit due to his efforts and his what a mark of base and con temptible ingratitude to belittle a mans honest and unceasing after it had been accompanied by signal Considering the fact that democracy has achieved so little for our public and by grace of God and tho strength of the republican will not have another chance to demonstrate forcibly its incapacity to ac complish anything and Its unfitnessto wo cannot wonder at its want of appreciation ot the work and success of But has it ever occurred to what it would mean to ac complish anything without tho help of in a body composed of nearly 330 representatives ot a country like where each one has the In terests of his own constituency to and in his efforts to do so is al most a stranger to those of other dis tricts It would mean abso lute power and control over the will and Interests and the vote ot all the power almost of an absolute But it Gests influence in congress was not strong enough to all this his influence was strong enough to enlist others in his to get the help he and to his work and ability to make friends is due the success Ask Joe Cannon or Thomas strong and Influential friends of if they would not do all iu their power to help him in his efforts to serve his district who are influential men in congress Those who are sent there tho first without experience or knowledge of the routine and workings ofthat granc body Certainly they are those trusting In their honesty ability and deter mination to do good and represent then worthily them to r congress agaii and again and this is why we willssonu Gest time Be second to noneininfluence nd power friend of but akloastoathisipbint just for Islander has voiced not in his prlvatelyvthesentlmentTof our people by J at but my hatred niansS caused me to hide the3 pabliegthe credit Jir And now one word tothc Waldnanr UB forthethlrc time to make capitanagafnst lathe first place democratic candidate for dongress ha nothingto tho matter and th ittempt bythe democratic papers give credit for the generosity l of his fatherls sfmply oneof themany ind falsehoods to butf twill prove again abortive the same as This thing was the district four ago and could not prevent tha election ot McS and will not do so this Ben4 Cable had nothing to do with the killing of old Waldman and the daughS er of the victims ot the accident and lad nothingto do with the Jest out of a portioa ot his just egal The facts are simply P Cables f killed Miss Wale atherand mother whci were crossingJs the tracks in their MfssWald man presented the mjtter to aud after a careful ot acts and circumstances Gett came to the conclusion that it was a clear I of wanton recklessness and liability the part of the and two sultsrfor each for the killii Miss Waldman could not ee and so made an arrangement Gesttopay onethird of all that would be realized from the two which is usual in Anything wrong in this Xothtn ex cept tho that frequently In such the client breaks faith with his or ler settles the matter with the defendant without the knowledge orcou sent of the attorney and against his ad vice and beats the Utter out of his fee and interest in the who was a lawyer without regard ot Guests position as an attorney nterested party and m utter disregard of professional instead of deat ngor negotiating with Gest as a man w ith a man or a lawyer would have done with a probably well know ng thit he could not succeed with hid the an unsophisti cated German come to his and imprestns her with the idea that the railroad company not liable or responsible for the killmgof her ihat the wauld fail in her suits and that le was doing a big thing for her In set ting at suceeded it settling with her or hundred dollars for the killingand mangling ot both her parents Gest was nformed of this and being convinced that the girl had a good case and that he railroad was liable and should respond n damages heavily and the fact that Cable offered settlement as he did show that he also believed wonldJ iot countenance such an ant urged an energetic prosecution of the suits for the full Never leyi the settlement between the girl and Cable was consummated with out the consent and against the advice of a very unfair proceeding the part of Cable as well as ot the both know ing the position and In terest of Gest in the and Cable obtained of Miss Waldman a power of attorney authorizing him to dismiss tha suits against In the opinion of Gest and others conversant witE tha facts of Cables beat the sirl out of which Gest1 ihought she was entitled to and he was determined to obtain for and also Mr Gest out of a good portion of his But not satisfied with Cable never liked Gest went step settled with the for but let it appear Gests benefit of he had paid her only of which she had to pay Gesc onethird under her and that he then gave her 5300 more as simply for the purpose of Gest out of his share of that m fact telling her In so many But the girl w as I have said unsophisticated girl and came to Gest and told him what was done and why it was told him the whole thing and the scheme of ignored in the settlement ot the beaten out of his just or at least the greater portion of the of course demanded the that the onethird of the Anything wrong in this matter Nothing except the duplicity and underhanded dealing of Cable and Gests client as against the beating of the girl out ot the for the killing of her and of Gest out of his just fees by This indeed was generosity with a vengeance Now we do not visit thekilling of the Waldraans nor the beating of Gest out of hia fees on Ben but why are the democratic papers determined to visit the gen erosity of p Cable on Ben These are the facts and you may ask any of the old lawyers of tho Rock Island county w ho practiced there at the time they will tell you they know them and remember their inr dignation ai the and the two col umns of stuff and the affidavit by the hano value at all as a legal instrument under the statutes and is a snare for have pub lished the other day is bosh and not worth the paper on which it is Enough for this time We here firmly believe in Gest and his reelection next fall we do not believe that Cablo will carry either the city of Rock Island or nor our and as for the rest of the after the election Cable will not know that he has been running at SettlersMeettaK Spectnl to The old settlerspicnic was held here A great many old pioneers of county wore m The following pro gram was carried out callfd to order nt Dudsnaat by the J obn of by by Albert tind Basket Orator oC the Charles Sic Miscellaneous lucmdingletters front V old settlers not by t by the Glee Short tJ Report oE tho 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