Tuesday, August 26, 1890

Burlington Hawk Eye

Location: Burlington, Iowa

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - August 26, 1890, Burlington, Iowa TABLISHED PARTIAL JDSTICE TO All Vance Proposes an Amend entioihe Tariff Em under Consideration in the Jie Boose Ont of JiMt to KejnesentatHe Senator Broposedan amendment to the unl providing as it was desir Kao impartial justice to all indus and to give to no one advantage r the and inasmuch as there ao other way by which agriculture to compensated for its contribn totne support of that Si cases where it can be shown by IMT satisfactory to the secretary of the Ssnry that any raer imported into this country purchased abroad by any citi the United States by the exchange iarm products grown in the States for such or such goods have been purchased tho proceeds or avails of farm products in foreign coun such wares or merchandise lo imported at the following rates jty Onehalf thc present duty on maiiifactures of iron and steel forty cent of the present duty on all woolen M cotton or articles of which L or cotton moy be the component iiterisls of chief value onehalf the Lent duty on china and Sore thirty per cent of the present of duty on all material usedbyfer jkersor in the manufacture twentyfive per cent of thc present tied duty on jute bagging and farmers lading The Land agrec iaitTOS finally reached by the sundry iVflservice bill conferees upon the para npns relating to the irrigated and pub Tho sole object of the jimte between thc two houses was as jtite repeal of the law of providing withdrawal of public lands from which the state insisted conferees recommended the adop of a compromise providing that roir sites heretofore located or sc shall remain segregated and re from entry as provided by said until otherwise provided by person who shall after the passage tie aet enter upon any of the pub lands with a view to entry d settlement under any of the land lire shall lie permitted to acquire a title more than three hundred aud twenty in thc aggregate under all of said but this limitation shall not operate turtail the right of any person who heretofore made an entry for settle it on public lands or whose occupar entry or settlement is validated by act Provided that in all patents lands hereafter taken up under any Ites of the United or on of claims validated by the act of the onehundredth it be expressed that there is reserved the lands in said patent described right of way ditches or canals con by the authorities of the United Help for in of the committee on territo ioday laid a letter before the sen from Secretary transmitting a from message stair fully that twothirds the farmers need seed many are now in want of with no nothing to The prospects Secretary Noble says the apartment has no resources witli which irelieve the and therefore laid the information before te message was signed by tho repre intative of the interior department who id been sent to investigate the Hatter of Hiring Armed In the house ulay Representative of New offered for reference a resolution roviding that the committee on tor he instructed to inquire and report I bill or otherwise what legislation Shin the province of the federal gov nncnt may he proper and necessary to rcvcnt corporations in interstate com srce traffic from employing unjustifi large bodies of armed men denomi Ked but clothed with no Eal The Silver Four hundred nflfuty thousand ounces of silver were Debased by the government today at fas ranging from 119 to THE ITrojioMtion That a Vote hiTaken on Hie Turiffllili In the senate MS morning Aldrich asked unani Mns consent that general debate on the bill shall close September 3 that rate on the amendments continue un atnc five njiuuto rule until September final voting shall then Proposed that the last six hours J to A t the request of fJluiKO the matter went over until tariff bill was then taken the question being that of imposing K J I CCIltS lOUUd drois Providing that silver rea other ores containing lead cents per pound ined according to topic and assay at the port of Coke moved to amend by striking wtae and inserting a proviso silvcr and lcad Is of less value than free of He said ge of the bill as would works in Ctagoand StLouis renl orc refractodes of New and Tcxaslhrow enoutof employment thc Uuitcd States the wllicl1 was valuable in ferican but Carlisle followed wit oathe same eDd lhc Pa the dutv instthe anieud Of thc on lead the adoption s between ti0n With tho miners of the llocky iners were fift of JCansas of Mexico to as aside formally in rela cases was re them to of IOWA Chances Made in Iowa for tho Week Ending August Special to The following postoffice changes were made in Iowa during the week ending August 1SOO i ostmasters Worth Kitterman Eagle Black Hawk Finch Garna Clayton Kuenyel Keokuk Solomon Kes ter Grundy E Hun Jefferson A Clark Wayne Wy Dickin son county Cerro Gordo HAWAIIAN Natives Organizing a Itevolt Against the of the flagship which arrived here from Honolulu last expressed his belief in an interview last evening that the next steamer from the Hawaiian Islands will bring news of a revolution and probably of the declara Jon of a He said Hitherto he Hawaiian government has been man aged largely by Europeans and Ameri but that educated natives are be finning to feel that they are competent o control the Hawaiian and that the part played by foreigners in the control of affairs was an unwarrantable nterference their sacred Accordingly their schooled natives have gathered around them a band of follow irs daily increasing in strength who lave raised the Hawaii for Ha The revolutionists want the iffices at the disposal of the gov The malcontents have in meetings with thc mechanics union passed resolutions asking that this patronage be given to the natives and members of their own This re quest has been ignored by the govern The United knowing the unsettled condition of sent the Charleston out there about three months ago to protect our citizens and our inter During all of my time there mat ers were becoming more and more pcr and an uprising by the revolu ionists had actually been planned for 4th of I learned it on the irst day of the month but we received ailing orders on tho second The lews of our intended departure evidently ed tho revolutionary party to until after wo the execution of their But I confidently expect to hear y the next advices from Honolulu that here has been an actual outbreak of the revolution if not really ac ATTEMPTED TUESDAY 189CL The House unanimous lutions expressive of which were unanimously and after tho fp po ntmont of a funeral committee the James Vanghn Attempts to Steal His Own com munity is all torn up over a sensational James who at divers imcs has been Insane and has served a in the Jacksonville has een separated from his wife for a long it has had a trong desire to obtain possession of his aged i Accordingly he ecured the assistance of Esquire Abner of Isabel and the wain came to where Vaughn is now living in order to secure better protection from her and he two men drove to Vaughns when Vaughn seized the vho is in mortal terror of its A ierce handtohand conflict then ensued ivcr the child between husband and n which the woman was badly Jassett stood by pretending to have a taper authorizing the seizure of the oliccmcn were who arrested thc men after a hot Vaughn has been incd S3 and and Bassett was fined 350 and aud in default of payment 10 was sent to This is the third at tempt Vaughn has made to kidnap the Once he attempted it in a leading tore in Lewistown and came near being jj BIG BLAZE AT The Ilanna Wagon Works Destroyed This oclock this morning the immense Hanna Wagon located in the extreme north end if this were destroyed by The aluo of the buildings was the machinery was worth at least with the lumber thc loss will aggregate nearly iuddeii IJcalh of Congressman ive Lewis of lied very suddenly this morning of heart He was attacked with the dis ease as he was leaving the Shoreham lOtel for the capital and died soon A Well Known Resident of Peoria Wellington au old and well known citizen f Peoria county for nearly fifty died last night after a lingering Mercer Democrats Special to Thc democratic Jercer county convention today nom nated exJudge of for county judge of or county clerk of for treasurer John of for sheriff Professor of for superintendent if The Bejiuhlicans Capture OKLAHOMA days election in this county does not change the political complexion of the Thc republicans have a majority of Idaho BOISE democratic state convention met this and effected a temporary or A Clond Burst In EL wcntyfive and thirty houses were vashed away last evening in the Jaurcz and sixty families were rendered home ess by a cloud Two persons only verc there be a full turn out of repnb ican voters to the primaries this cvcn ng llotcl 23 Queen hotel together with its burned this The guests escaped rith great want an A 1 Agent in this counry at to take charge of our anJcon duet the sale of ono the most men SusTand fastest selling im entlons ever offeroSto the American To tie right liberal salary oraUowa MarsnallvMlcn NO TIEUP TOE Result of the Deliberation of the Supreme The Knights of Labor t Commended and VicePresident A tons Winded Statement that Amounts to TEIUIE official statement of tho council given to the Associated Press representative is as fol lows HEADQUAHTEKS SUPKEME OF THE OIIDKR OF KAIIAVAY All Labor Organizations and Brothers On the night of August Ta strike began on the New York Central and Hudson involving about eight hundred men in the employ of the same road who were members of the great labor organization known as the Knights of Tho reasons set forth by chief executive of the may be summarized as follows The per emptory discharge of between fifty and sixty employes of the road and members of the Knightsof with out giving them any reason whatever for their Prior to the strike the men involved through represen tatives of the tohave their griev ances but their appeals being the strike was At this juncture grandmaster of the Knights of en tered upon the taslt of adjusting the dif ficulty and making such arrangements as would result in honorable peace between the employes and officials of thc but his efforts were comprehending the purpose of Walter third vicepresident of the to make war upon the Knights of and ul timately upon all labor organizations represented on his sought a con ference witn the supreme council of the United Orders of Eailway Tho request of Powderlywas granted to the extent that four members of the the chief executives of the federated orders met him in the city of VicePresident master of the Brooiherhood of Locomo tive Firemen and president of the su preme council George grand chief of the Brotherhood of Kail way Conductors and vicepresident of the supreme council grand master of the Brotherhood of Eailway and Frank grand master of the Switchmens Mutual Aid were present at the conference with Powderly at The members of the supreme council became satisfied the officials of the by every consideration of fair and honor able of the labor meet Powderly and adopt some just plan for the adjustment of the grievance of the striking This conclusion hav ing been the members of the supreme council in response to the re quest of extended their jour ney to New York to afford such aid was their power to bring about a settlement between Vice President an official laving full authority on all matters per taining to the and Powderly hav ing authority to negotiate such arrange ments for the knights as might end thc An interview having been se cured Powderly sought to have the men discharged heard in their own defense in the presence of Webb and This air and honorable proposition was re Powderly proposed which was also There were other made by Pow having for their object the honorable settlement of the existing all of which were refused on tho part of The members of tho su preme while in Buffalo and New had ample opportunity to thor oughly inform themselves upon all mat ters concerning the They saw and heard both They appreciated the gravity of the situation compre hending the impending consequences to deemed it advisable to convene the supreme council for de liberation and such conclusions as facts should In response tothe order of president of the su preme that body was convened at Tcrre the 23d of and remained in session until noon the In mak ing their report to the the mem bers who went to New York to confer with Powderly found all the statements made by him fully corroborated by the In an interview with lie refused to entertain any propo sition looking to a settlement of the He would not arbitrateany question or make any explanation or con cession whatever with regard to the dis charged He claimed tho right to discharge employes at without making any explanation or giving to the victims in his power any reasons for his despotic Ho would manage his road to suit without reference to any of tho rights claimed by its em ployes of any of tho rights claimed by labor organizations to interfere in tho matter to protect their Tho council having heard the statement of its members who had visited New York for the purpose of ascertaining the true con dition of exhaustively discussed every important proposition and arrived at the conclusion as follows the position of the Knights of Labor set forth by grand master workman and general executive of the board of Knights of meets with our unqualified course pursued by Webb towards Powderly and the Knights of notwithstanding his declarations to the evinces a purpose to disrupt and destroy labor organizations on the New York Central and Hudson River railroad as done by Austin Corbin of the Philadelphia and policy of Webb is despotic to the extent that he outrages every principle of American and if generally adopted if reduce the American workingman to a degraded condition of by the employment of Pinkcrton thugs and vile wretches from New York and other to kill workmen because they dared to protest against his rule and strike for their is a crime of such enormity as will associate the name of Wobb forever with dressed in a little brief have used their money to secure power to degrade their fellow the efforts now being put forth by AVcbb to destroy the Knights of Labor were circumstances in like manner bo made to stroy theorganizations of trainmen and if it is only a question of time when a similar effort will be made to sealthe fate of other la bor by the course he has pursued toward tho Knights of and the representatives of the labor or ganizations has shown a wish to disre gard those principles of citizens over desired by every American worthy that and considering only his money power and the corporate power of the company ho his which speak louder than say in tho language of once autocrat of the New York Central The public be seeks to support this arrogant attitude towards the working men and labor organizations by assuming that the New York Central and Hudson Oliver railroad is a private property and that his acts in the treatment of his em ployes is 111 no sense a matter of public concern that he can with impunity dis charge men and remand them to idleness and poverty and render them homeless disregarding tho fact that the corpora tion for which ho plays tho autocrat isa thing created by In the making ot which tho men they seek to dgrado have a voice onco will bring his corporation to the bar of justice where his millions and tho other millions ho represents cease to bo potetial in decid ing a question of this In view of tho foregoing facts the su preme council put upon the records its unanimous and unqualified approval of the strike on the New York Central and Hudson Kiver railway for tho cause set forth by as also the efforts made by Powderly to bring tho strike to an honorable In this gen eral expression of approval the action of the Knights of the course of Webb is unequivocally Tho power of the supreme council in tho matter of the strike has been exerted to aid tho Knights of through their repre to secure the recognition of their order by the official of the rich and powerful corporation to secure for the the victims of an autocrat a hear and to perform such other kindly offices as were proper under tho demonstrating sympathy and good and thereby aiding tho Knights of Labor to bring the strike to a close upon the principles of right and In this the council met with owing to the autocratic attitude It becomes necessary for the supreme council to say that owing to the fact that the order of the Knights of Labor is not a member of the federated orders of railway nor supreme council prevents itsdoing more than it has done to aid the Knights of and its inability to participate otherwise in the is now known and appreciated by Eeferrlng to the laws of the supreme council relating to the matter is concisely presented as follows If tho members of either on any havea grievance it is submit ted to the proper officers of the road by tho local grievance In event of a failure to obtain proper the chief executive officer of the having the grievance is called upon and in connection with thc committee seeks to amicably adjust the If failure still appends the efforts to adjust then the supremo council is convened at the headquarters of the railroad with whom the confer ence is requested and its influence is to be to obtain a just to all If failure still fol lows the efforts to remove the cause of complaint and the by unanimous decides tho grievance to be of such gravity as to justify a it is promptly in which event all of the members of tho various organizations employed on the road where the grievance fire trainmen and switch abandon their In tho supreme council places upon record its high appreciation of the manliness of the Knights of Labor employed on the New York Central in struggling to maintain the principle sa cred to every workingman on and to all who love justice and hope for the triumph of the right over wrong as flagrant as ever stained tho pages of his Signed FKAXK Notifying uiiiiE six oclock this evening the following message was sent out by the council of railway em signed by President Sargent and Secretary Sheehan To AT ALBAXY The su preme council adjourned this afternoon after carefully considering the strike in allits You will note tho result of our deliberations in tonights dis it is will meet with your The council was unanimous in considering your position and the grand executive board most earnestly hopes that the right of which you are champion in tho great on tho New York Central may finally and powerfully Meeting or District Assembly Assembly 246 went into joint session at Thc discharged men were present and each one of them was interrogated as to tho reasons which he believed led dis Just before one oclock the con ference took a recess until Sec retary Hayes said it looked as though the session would bo prolonged until to After adjournment Powderly stated he was convinced that all the men were dis charged simply because they were of and that Webb had started a crusade to down the He said everything looked and that no matter what decision tho su preme council at Terre Haute reached the strike on the Central would be fought out to the the af ternoon conference twenty of the dis charged men were closely questioned by Powderly relative to the causes which they thought led to their It is claimed many facts were brought out which tended to show tho discharges were the results of a preconcocted plan to drop all prominent leaders in the cir cle of A resolution was adopted calling on the state board of arbitration to order a prompt investigation saying tho strikers are ready and anxious for Before the meeting ly and Devlin addressed the outlining thc course which would be persucd in case the federation did not order a general strikeThe conference then adjourned sine Superintendent tendent of the Delewaro and said this morning We have commenced moving local freight with a third of our usual compliment of men whom we brought here from other points on our I have had more applica tions for work from men right here than would fill all the strikers I give the old men another opportunity to come back to I do not think a general strike will bo or dered on our as the joint meeting today will undoubtedly see that our position is the only safe and sound one that can be taken on the question in What Webb NEW reply to tho question What do you think of tho ac tion of the supreme council of the United Order of Eailway Employes at Terre Haute Webb said theirs was the only wise course to Whether the Knights Labor will now take further steps will make but little differ There are only a few Knights in the employ of the New York It is a queer commentary that council of federation can find no grievance upon which order a yet they censured the New York Central and its They also de cline to give any support to the but appeal to the public to furnish it A Monster Mass monster mass meeting held in the rink tonigut drew a larger crowd to that place than ever be fore entered the building at one Powderly entered the hall amid en thusiastic and prolonged a member of the gen eral executive referred to the lawful and orderly manner in which the strike was carried and the broad and vital principles for the perpetuation which was found necessary to order the He announced the endorsement of the Central strike bythe federation at Tcrre Haute reading a telegram from Chief He denounced Chief Arthur and his organiza tion unlesstho latter repudiated theposf tion now taken strike He saidtho position taken by Cen tral road if not only the Knights but was beginning a system of attacks on or ganized labor all over the United McGuiro then addressd tho He referred to the relation of Depow with the present was the next speaker and was received with a perfect tumult of He tho strike was al already won and proclaimed it a No man could saytho cause was He said thc loss on dressed beef alone on tho road was by actual while other accounts would foot up and so It was time for Webb to call off the Powderly then asked if any member of the Broth erhood of Locomotive Engineers was If there was one he spoke to and ho called upon the order to array themselves on the side of labor despite their unworthy It was not until Arthur charge that such nefarious doings were made The order must soon show its despite its The Central road was refusing although it Is the law of the state that they should take all freight The law should de scend instead of calling out the seize thc road for refusing to do its At tho conclusion of his Pow derly offered the following which was adoped amid a storm of unan imous approval That it is the sense of this the introduction of armed forces in tho state of New York in a time of peace is an outrage against the laws of our state is a violation of every law of humanity and should forever be stopped at the next session of the legis TRIUMPHANT The Stock Yards Company Concede Their Demands Higher two oclock this afternoon the strikers committee reported to the strikers that the switch ing association had decided to accept the proposition of the switchmen for an ad vance of The superintendent of the stock yards was then notified that every thing would be running in an If thc men should refuse to ac cept their own the rail way company will run the yards with their own The striking engineers and firemen of switchmen association promptly accepted the compromise of twentylive cents per hour for the former and eighteen cents for the latter and in an hour work was resumed as Waited for the From the Monmouth That was a mean joke played on Post master Lusk by Carrier Morelancl Satur The carrier has his horse trained to stop at signals given on a bicycle and nothing will Induce it to start until the signal is again given on the on Saturday the worthy postmaster being in considerable of a hurry to go somewhere borrowed the carriers rig and started up the Moreland saw him coming and stepping into a doorway blew the The horse stopped and so did the post He clucked and sawed on the lines but the horse knew itsduty and stood and not even an ear of corn held in front of its nose would induce it to start After enjoying the post masters discomfiture a few minutes and making him the object of the good naturcd gibes of the crowd that had assembled Moreland gave the signal and tho horse started all Warning is hereby given all young men who contem plate taking their sweethearts riding not as the use of this particular How Uncle Jerry Went Back on the Crowd From the Kew York Every boy of us in the village knew Uncle Jerry He was a dricd up old and never seemed to get any although always The form of salutation was invariably this Uncle How you feeling thank Ive heard that at least one thousand and never knew a deviation but A who used to come up occasionally from got one day when a dozen of us sat on the steps of the drug store Uncle Jerry was seen coming up the Isnt that old Crawford asked the as he shaded his eyes with his Hes the man who always replies that hes pretty praise God Hes the man who always replies that hes thank I may be but f dont think Of course you I hate to Ill bet twenty dollars that ho comes and you ask him how he is hel reply as I There were seven of us and all we could raise was sixteen We handed that out fast how and it had been covered when Uncle Jerry came We were all on the grin as the drummer called out Uncle Jerry yass How you feeling Pretty praise replied Uncle as he passed It was about two minutes before we could get and then the drummer had gone with the An hour later I asked Uncle Jerry what he meant by such and he replied Took me all day to learn and the feller gin me two big Railway Companys Excur SOTA STATE Minne August 27 to October Tickets on sale August 27 and Thurs days and Saturdays of each Also week of state All good to return Monday following dateof One fare for tho round SIOTOC CITY Coia September 25 to October Tickets on sale September 24 to October Good to return October One fare for the round HARVEST 9 and 23 and October to all stations on its lino north of and including Iowa Falls in Minnesota and Also to all points in Indian Terri New South and North One fare for tho round trip good thirty IOWA STATE Au gust 20 to September Tickets on sale August 2S to September One fare for tho round good for thirty IXDEPEXDEXCE DlUVEfO PAltK ASSO August 25 to Tickets on sale August 23 to One fare round Ana will also run spe cial trains each day during the leaving Cedar Rapids at Tickets on sale to all summer and tourists points at 103 Jefferson Call and see He Wasnt in grammar lesson to day Is on Nouns are names oE Small ghost a noun Small can it be They rint no such thing as a Military Drill Sergeant You you havent got anymore idea of the manual of arms than a saltencum ber has of yet you wear Vr f THE FATAL James With His Foot in 1 Vainly Struggles for Unable to Extricate Himself Ue a Ground to 1icces hy an Approaching En Serious Accidental Special to Tho DKS night while James a sectionhand em ployed by the Burlington was lighting a switch lamp at the junction of East Thirteenth hesaw a diagonal train approaching and stepped from the track to allow it to He did not see another train ap and his foot caught in the frog of the Whitty then saw the train approaching not forty feet away realizing his fearful made a desperate effort to get but he was securely fastened in the frog and a few seconds later the locomotive struck him and his mangled remains were found by an employe near the track shortly after An examination showed that his left foot was entirely cut his head badly bruised and mutilated and his body injured All night physicians worked with the injured but to no He died before He was unknown to those who first saw him and his wife knew the accident until this WRECK AT A Section Hands Forethought Ilays Havoc With a Freight afternoon at as a freight train on the Santa Fe was coming west at tho rate of twentyfive miles an one of a gang of section hands working at Niota thought the switch at that place was set wrong for the coming train and carefully proceeded to right as he In consequence of his knowledge the train was run on the switch and collided with several freight cars standing on the damaging them and the locomo tive The fire man and head brakcmau jumped when they saw the collision could not be avoid Engineer Gorham severely spraining his ankle and Brakeman Anglum bruis ing an Fireman Conley was not A switch and a caboose went over after the they being brought here about six Engineer Gorham was taken to his 322 Mar in the and Brakeman Anglum taken to the FIGHT WITH A SAVAGE An Iowa Farmer Has a Desperate Ku cbanter with a Strange Foib of a small town north of tells a strange story of a desper ate encounter with a mysterious wild an imal on the banks of the Des Moines On while Kobfirts was hunting for his he was attacked by a ferocious According to his account the animal bore a resemblance to a It sprang upon him from a bunch of weeds on the edge of an ad joining clearing ten feet at tirst knocking him down and covering his whole face with its enor mous displaying at the same time a huge set of yellow He says the animal was about six feet heavy in front but slim through the It was of a yellow gray color with black streaks over the The neck was thick and the head nearly as large as a He said the combat lasted nearly an hour during which time he walked backward in front of the ferocious beast for over eighty Ho was knocked down several times by the but suc ceeded in freeing himself from its grasp every Roberts called loudly for help and was heard for over half a Help came none too for he was nearly The animal escaped Into the A Arrest or a Teacher for Appropriating Various MiscellaLcous of the teachers normal institute which closed at Clinton yesterday developed quite a sensation when it was found that articles had been missed by various teachers from time to time through the session had been taken by one their own The climax was reached when Miss Grace of lost taining quite a sum of Miss Matilda Buchner was a search was and most of the in cluding the were fouud in her She will not be but has been refused a certificate and dismissed in Charitable people are inclined to think her a klentomaniac for her standing as a teacher was very Kobert Bissets Special to tho funeral of Robert wife of the foreman of the Burlington and Quincy machine shops in this city occured today and wasattended by The round houses and other depart ments conducted by Mri Bisset were The largest church in the city would not admit the vast throng that at tended thc Floral offerings of the most elaborate design were contri buted by various societies in the Inoculating Hogs Tor the wellknown Chicago grain who has a farm of ten acres near this city devoted to feeding this morning before a large crowd of farmers witnessed inoculation of young pigs as a preventive against the usually fatal ravages of the Seaverns is said to have great faith in inoculation a process discovered by Professor formerly a pro fessor of pathology in the Nebraska State A Serious Special to Tie HawkEycJ was an exciting and serious runaway this morn on the East A team attached to an express wagon became frightened at a passing train on the Rock IslandNo one was in the wagon which collided with another loaded with ties and knocked Hepner and New man from the Hepner was knocked his right ankle Tiroken and he was seriously if not fatal ly injured Newman was hurt but not dangerously a Wolf at His morning about eight oclock William Oldenburg upon coming out of his house spied a grey wolf near his home at the corner of First and Concert Picking up a stone ho hurled it at the ahimaland as his aim was hoV wounded thc beast so that it could not run and it was quickly Oldenburg will send the scalp to the connty supervisors and secure the bounty paid in such by a young named Charley son of an Albion grain was acci dentally shot in the face by a companion at short range last His mouth and nearly the entire right side of his face were torn inflicting fright ful from which it is feared the victim will hardly SpecIattothVllawkEyeJ and Sunday this section had a rainclearing up with which Insures with good fall pastures and sufficient moisture to fully mature crop which with two or three without a frost will give us an abundant yield of excellent FATAL Iluddeiuan In Instantly While Observing a Well Special to Tho IaV Sat urday evening as men engaged in blast ing to secure a bettor flow of water at the had a charge of dyna mite ready and had given orders for every one to get back Isaiah Hoddeman remained near so he conld tho charge exploded it threw out piece of galvanized iron tubing which had been used for The piece went high in the air and striking Hoddeman on the killing him in Hoddeman was a Mexican veteran and went Into that service from He was sixtyone years and leaves no The delegates to the tenth annual session of the National Farmers begins have already The business houses are elaborately deco rated for the occasion and has been done for the comfort and pleasure of the Accidentally Shot Special to THE Jxep f an orphan boy aged while playing with a large Colts revolver here accidentally shot himself through the breast and was Instantly Independence Special to The races were postponed today on account of the They will begin Axtel was greeted back to the old home with a brass band and many A Light light frost was reported on the night of the 22d on the river and creek bottoms in this but not enough to do any It has been very cold here for the past PARTY Why It IScen and Always Will be From the The questions involved in the prohibi tion of the liquor traffie are great ques The evils of intemperance are in No language can describe the horrors that come into the life of the But the question of prohibi tion is not a temperance though it has largo bearing upon the You cannot made a man temperate by but law can prohibit the put its whole influence against the temptation 10 drunkenness involved in the licensed A man not him self might be opposed to the Out from every open sa loon door streams influence of evil mani It is not merely a question of tem perance The saloon is a free school of Within its awful pre cincts no holy influence ever Purity is virtue is Religion is scoffed obscen ity and blasphemy are and the daily conversation going on in the saloon would shame a respectable Prohibition is not and cannot be made party It is too great for a par tisan As he belittles the Christian religion who makes its great truths a party so he belittles the doctrine prohibition who drags it down to be a political party Political par ties grow up around questions upon which men may rightfully the duty of all men in all men of all catholic and or thodox and and men of no re sceptics and to aid in its to labor to close up these holes out of which sweeps a moral a deadly The saloon has no good in absolutely noner it is evil and only and that contin It should not bo it should be It is a question of for woe is pronounced by the Eternal Jehovah upon him who putteth the bottle to his neighbors It is a question of good for every saloon is a manufactory of moral who graduate from its teachings and are turned out into the world moral either fiends or It is a police ques for it endangers the peace of soci It is not more fit for a party ques tion than arson or To reduce it to a party question is to belittle it and throw away its moral and religious Morals and religion cannot be submitted to a To attempt it is Hence parties built upjn and sought to be based upon moral and religious questions never suc Christs kingdom is not of this There is no place in Christs kingdom for the police power of For twentyone years the canse has been made a rallying point for a political Its success does not indicate that it is on the right path to bring success to What prohibition has won In the twenty years it has won against and in spite of the power and vote of this so called pro hibition It has a for the saloon ought to be It has a wrong for men who would gladly die to bring prohibition into power take no stock in this The demo cratic party condemns and yet in the very last general assembly in this state of there were more democrats who voted for a straight prohibitory law than there were members of the prohibition party in all the legislatures of all the states in the Antislavery men voted in an attempt to abolish slavery by political but tho party in power when the war broke out took its stand on the ground of resistance to the extension of the area of Abraham Lincoln in his debate said Though Pshould rejoice to see all men I am not a political Slavery could never have been abolished by a mere political It became a pivot upon which the destiny of a nation was to who had not been abolitionists aud hated the very name were made to sec that the slave must be or the nation must Then not as a party not as a civil but as commander in chief of the armies of the United and as a military he who had always been opposed to slavery and never a po litical abolitionist Issued Gods great proclamation of The light against thc saloon is Gods Vic tory will come to but after twentyone years of political party pro it is very evident that not by party but by thc act of all par ties and all religions and all by the action of God con perhaps by a socialist or an anarchist prohibition will Today every saloon is a stronghold of resistance to law and tends to Political parties art not the instruments by which God brings in his No political party is a means of No large plan is given to a political party in bringing In the era fast hastening on when he shallreign whose right It The times of the Gentiles during while Gods and Its capital city are troddendown near their Gods law is not to be setup in this world by the countof heads and the clack of Prohi bition is coming when It comes by the movement of Gods spirit upon mens hearts and the powerof Gods provi dence over7 schemes Is and when incomes sit LABOR ANPCAPITAfi Prospects of a Determined glein Great Both letting Gloomy OutVpl look for Strikes and William anil the Other ing anxious over the laborquestion cholera scare and the uneasiness the general European situation do notS give the average intelligent half so ranch concern as the prospect a protracted war between labor and capSi ital which is now looming The Welch railroad strike Is practically but another trouble of far greatecJ immediate interest to London is daily The dock laborers and the shipowners and dockers have not fS locked bnt are like twoarmies maneuvering for position and afraid to attack until they have secured The shipowners are attempt ing to make a combination will practically Include all the proprfer tors of vessels in the British empire so as to fight both dock sailors and ship officers to the bitter endrif essary The program includes laying boycotted vessels and compensating the after the plan of the Irish land Their hope of success is based upon the large number of laborers 41 and sailors who are not connected with any union and on the mass of cheap for 74j eign labor which is A private police force like the Pinkertons is also included in their plans but no English government tolerate such an in The trades which are a great political power in are getting ready for a big and the prospect of striks and lockouts is The scenes reported at the departure of Emperor WIHIan from Bnssia arc re garded here as indicating that an under standing has been arrived at between Germany The general belief among wellinformed men is that William has succeeded In winning over the czar from the French alliance by giving him practically si free hand in the Balkans and in ArmeniaThis would the tripple alliance by giving Austra solid ground of the restless and energetic young kaiser is about to confer with the emperor of Austria and reports are in circulation that the czar will be with him to make arrangements satisfac fA tory to all three If that is effected it is believed that the next step will be the withdrawal of the large armies now massed on the frontiers of the three empires and a proposition for a general European This idea would be formulated by means of a European congress in which France would be and would mean the serving of notice on the republic that she must either submit to the will of the triple disguised under the form of a decision of the combined powers of X or face them in the field without the aid of The tone of the Rus sian press is the only thing that throws any doubt on this The meeting in Limerick yesterday to sustain John Dillon In his controversy with Bishop ODwyer over the Persico which involves the whole ques tion of papal interference in Irish poli was an overwhelming evidence of the strength of the popular Fully thirty thousand including the organized workmen of Limerick and contingents of farmers and laborers front Tipperary and marched in procession and gave evidence of entire unanimity of Such a demon onstrasion has never occurred in Ire land Dillon and OBrien are about to start for and the demS onstration was in thc nature of fare FOREIGN NEWS Assemblage to Ratify the GuatemalaSal vador Peace Crrv OF plenipotentiaries assembled yesterday with President Barrillas and his cabinet and representatives of Salvador to ratify the treaty of peace which has been in preparation for some Barrillas signed and as the treaty is very hon orable to Salvador it is thought Ezeta will readily sign Stanleys Stanleys agent says Stanley is very far from being restored to perfect Minister Lincoln Denies United States strongly denies the re port that he is about to The Coal miners Strike in strike of coal miners in the Eorinage district continues to Today more men qnitr The UiHarpe EDITOU Sir Why Is it that Burlington people do not pat ronize our fair If your people will come we will show yon one of the best fairs in the both in live pac ing and with all lines of exhib its in perfection such has been our past and there is a still abundant prospect for this this fair being for the counties of McBonough and and our people feel that the trade given by all hands to the houses whole sale and retail should be reciprocated by a large attendance once a year by Bur lington even it only for one trains leaving Burlington at and leaving here at giving plenty of time to see all which are called promptly at ono oclock each Match games between Carthage and Colchester Base Ball called at three oclock Wednes day and Yours Vitus nervous ness and hysteria are soon curedby Bn Miles Free samples at H Wittes drug Benton Township Old As the old settlers of Benton township will hold a reunion this Easters near Latty The date for the reunion is w tember There will be a basket somu talks by and a social good The younger men ot the have organized to lend zest to and will present with elaborate tinutness and attractiveness a and vivid panorama of Braddocks Indians and the layof ground being very if not similar to the contour of the Benton township old settler meetings always attract agood attendance from all over the county the one this be no The pleasant gentle net and soothing effects of of FIgsv when in need of a father or mother be costive or most gratifying results followltst that It best famity every familyxshonldhavea s Visitors froriYNew Fall ot i Oakland otv FJranfc5i5 itJsarliUle towriioniith shore Island Hanged I see where thisi is easily obtlune

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